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Child education is function and responsibility of parent. inside of child education
many work and effort for can do between take care, exercise, invest of discipline, custom and
conduct child inside work growth and development they to maximum. Take care of child
involve development and growth phisical involve problem health and free of diseases also
involve problem of discipline and life adjustment. In the side other guidance child mean also
helping for can have behaviour its can accept in social. (Rifai, M. S. S. 1997 : 42)
Nursing of child last on start begin since baby there inside in womb. Mother is eat the
food nutritious, automatic the baby inside in her womb will get food is nutritious. Nursing of
child inside womb periode live don't to chil but to her mother. (Rifai, M. S. S. 1997 : 45) The
mother needs to be done:
• Maintain cleanliness of the physically and maintain health as nutritious food
• Do movement accelerate blood circulation with breathe the fresh air
• Maintain atmosphere of psychological social life
• Keep away from things that make a surprise, anxiety, sadness
• Organize and maintain an attitude behavior
• Seeing beautiful things are calming and fun
At time born, condition of child very weak, not useful and needing help of the mother.
at this time, problem of breastfeed the baby will be very important. At time the baby
breastfeed at her mother, happen contact of heart between child and mother. Love between
mother and child are matter for sure and protect to child and mother. At time baby, baby need
the attention about problem of nursing and guidance involve movement, saying, and
discipline. (Rifai, M. S. S. 1997 : 46)
The first years of child development is one of the periods of the most dynamic and
exciting, a lot of major changes in this period. However, each baby has its own pace in
growth, therefore it is important for parents to recognize the growth and development of their
children. (dr. Anung) in (Kementrian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia, 2014 : 1)
Parents have a strategic role in educating and helping the growth and development of
children. Some information is known and it is important that parents do to support optimal
growth and development for children are:
1. Meet the needs of children for food that meets the gold standard of Feeding Infants
and Children, namely: conducting early initiation of breastfeeding, exclusive
breastfeeding, giving food companion asi from the age of 6 months and continuing
breastfeeding up two years or more

2. Maintain the health of children
3. Interacting with children with loving care through a variety of activities that fit the
child, the parents can give caresses, smiles, cuddles, awards and play, storytelling,
singing and giving examples of everyday behavior is good and right to the child.
Being a parent is not about who we are, but what we do. Parenting includes not only
the action but also about what we want for our baby to understand and live their lives. Home
environment other than as a shelter, preferably serves as a place to get the necessities of life,
hang out, and where to get a sense of security, self-actualizing, and as a vehicle for raising a
child to adulthood in the development of psychology. Parents should not discriminate baby,
there must be a sense of justice, parents should not be favoritism, because it would create
jealousy among children, and the child will think that they are not loved, even they would
think that they were not the children of parents them. (Husnuz Nunu, 2012 : 1)
According to Rifai, M. S. S. (1997 : 49) explain that at general, work guidance treatment the
child there are some behaviors that are expected from side the parents such as:
• Understand child in terms of the reality growth and development in an environment that is
how it is life
• Understand the purpose of education
• There needs to harmony between the mother and father of wisdom
• Parents must provide minimum means for can take place guidance care child without forget
psychological tools such as self-control with full authority.

Child is defined as a person aged less than eighteen years in the future growth and
development with special needs either physical, psychological, social and spiritual. The child
is an individual who is in a range of developmental changes starting from infants to
teenagers. Childhood is a time of growth and development that starts from infants (0-1 years)
age play/oddler (1-2.5 years), preschoolers (2.5-5 years), ion. school age (5-11 years) to
adolescence (11-18 years). The range is different between children with one another given the
background of different children. In children there is a range of changes in growth and
development is the range of fast and slow. In the process of developing the child has a
physical, cognitive, self-concept, coping patterns and social behavior.