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M.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO.


Semester: 1
Academic Year: 2015-16
Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the
Requirement for the Award of the Degree of
VIPUL KESHWANI (ROLL NO.27) Accountancy)

M.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. 27


M.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. 27


This is to certify that the project titled “RESEARCH, STUDY AND ANALYSIS ON
INTRODUCTION OF OYO ROOMS. Is an original work of the student and is being
submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of the Master’s Degree in Advanced Accountancy

This report has not been submitted earlier either to the university or to any other
University/Institution for the fulfillment of the requirement of a course of study.


SANTOSH GHAH Signature of Coordinator Date: Place: MUMBAI Signature of External Examiner Place: MUMBAI Date: COLLEGE SEAL Signature of Supervisor Place: MUMBAI Date: DECLARATION I hereby declare that project entitled “RESEARCH.M. Associateship. ASHOK WADIA Signature of Principal Date: Place: MUMBAI Prof. I further declare that the information has been tapped from the primary and secondary sources of information which have been properly accorded.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. STUDY AND ANALYSYIS ON INTRODUCTION OF OYO ROOMS . 4 .Submitted for the M.COM (Advanced Accountancy) Degree is my original work and the project has not formed the basis for the award of any Degree. Fellowship or any other similar titles. 27 Dr.

COM STUDENT) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I wish to thank professor AMIT PRAJAPATI for his encouragement and support throughout the project it is due to his best efforts and continuous guidance and that I was able to prepare this project.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO.. 5 . 27 Place: Mumbai Vipul Keshwani Date: (M. I would like to thank our Principal MR. I would also like to thank the University of Mumbai to give me this opportunity to explore the valuable information related to this project. I would like to thank coordinator professor SANTOSH GHAG for his constant support in the process of making the project.M.ASHOK WADIA for giving me the opportunity to work on this project.

M. 27 6 .COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO.


to luxury features like en-suite bathrooms. Facilities provided may range from a basic bed and storage for clothing. a hotel is required by law to serve food and drinks to all guests within certain stated hours. Inns began to cater for richer clients in the mid-18th century. For a period of about 200 years from the mid-17th century. One of the first hotels in a modern sense was opened in Exeter in 1768. Hotels proliferated throughout Western Europe and North America in the 19th century. Most hotels and major hospitality companies have set industry standards to classify hotel types. function. Timeshare and Destination clubs are a form of property ownership involving ownership of an individual unit of accommodation for seasonal usage. The precursor to the modern hotel was the inn of medieval Europe. Extended stay hotels are small to medium-sized hotels that offer longer term full service accommodations compared to a traditional hotel. and the highest level of personalized service. and cost. and luxury hotels began to spring up in the later part of the century. coaching inns served as a place for lodging for coach travelers. In the United Kingdom. Full service hotels often contain upscale full-service facilities with a large volume of full service accommodations. 27 CHAPTER 1 1. Boutique hotels are smaller independent non-branded hotels that often contain upscale facilities. Economy hotels are small to medium-sized hotel establishments that offer basic accommodations with little to no services.M. capsule hotels provide a minimized amount of room space and shared facilities. An upscale full-service hotel facility offers luxury amenities. full service accommodations. Some hotels offer meals as part of a room and board arrangement.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. on-site full service restaurant(s). Hotel rooms are usually numbered (or named in some smaller hotels and B&Bs) to allow guests to identify their room. childcare. In Japan. Small to medium-sized hotel establishments offer a limited amount of on-site amenities. Hotel operations vary in size. A motel is a small-sized low-rise lodging 8 . on-site full service restaurant(s). conference facilities and social function services.1)HOTEL-DEFINITION AND DESCRIPTION:A hotel is an establishment that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis. and a variety of on-site amenities. business center. Larger hotels may provide additional guest facilities such as a swimming pool.

such as the Ritz Hotel in London. and line-level supervisors. The organizational chart and volume of job positions and hierarchy varies by hotel size. Most hotel establishments consist of a General Manager who serves as the head executive (often referred to as the "Hotel Manager"). and is often determined by hotel ownership and managing companies. 27 with direct access to individual rooms from the car park. administrative staff. 9 . A number of hotels have entered the public consciousness through popular culture. department heads who oversee various departments within a hotel. function.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. Some hotels are built specifically as a destination in itself. for example at casinos and holiday resorts.M. middle managers. Boutique hotels are typically hotels with a unique environment or intimate setting.


not only for the income from the stagecoach operators but for the revenue for food and drink supplied to the wealthy passengers. with the kitchen and parlour at the front and the stables at the back. began to spring up in the later part of the century. Traditionally they were seven miles apart but this depended very much on the terrain. later changing its name to Claridge's. with a regular timetable being followed and fixed menus for food. and luxury hotels.4)GROWTH OF HOTEL INDUSTRIES:11 . Inns began to cater for richer clients in the mid-18th century. One of the first hotels in a modern sense was opened in Exeter in 1768. In 1812 Mivart's Hotel opened its doors in London. USA. coaching inns were being run more professionally. including food and lodging. a roadhouse).COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. By the end of the century. coaching inns served as a place for lodging for coach travelers (in other words. A typical layout of an inn had an inner court with bedrooms on the two sides. 1. the first to provide indoor plumbing Some English towns had as many as ten such inns and rivalry between them was intense. Hotels proliferated throughout Western Europe and North America in the 19th century. Tremont House in Boston. Coaching inns stabled teams of horses for stagecoaches and mail coaches and replaced tired teams with fresh teams. During the Middle Ages various religious orders at monasteries and abbeys would offer accommodation for travellers on the road. For a period of about 200 years from the mid-17th century. These would provide for the needs of travelers. 27 Facilities offering hospitality to travellers have been a feature of the earliest civilizations. although the idea only really caught on in the early 19th century. In Greco-Roman culture hospitals for recuperation and rest were built at thermal baths. including Tremont House and Astor House in the United States. catering to an extremely wealth. stabling and fodder for the traveler's horse(s) and fresh horses for the mail coach. Famous London examples of inns include the George and the Tabard.M. The precursor to the modern hotel was the inn of medieval Europe. a luxury hotel.[4] Savoy Hotel in the United Kingdom and the Ritz chain of hotels in London and Paris. possibly dating back to the rule of Ancient Rome. and consequently grew in grandeur and the level of service provided.

LEASED HOTELS 4. FRANCHISED HOTELS 2. 27   The below mentioned graph shows the Growth of Number of Hotel in OPERATIONS and UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Even budget hotels are charging USD 250 per 12 . MANAGED HOTELS 3.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO.M. It shows the number of Hotels divided into different categories:1. OWNED HOTELS 1.5) HOTELS IN INDIA:Over the last decade and half the mad rush to India for business opportunities has intensified and elevated room rates and occupancy levels in India.

when Delhi hosts the Commonwealth Games.000 rooms fueling hotel room rates across India. 27 day. Government has approved 300 hotel projects. Five-star hotels in metro cities allot same room. demand is going to exceed supply by at least 100% over the next 2 years. The successful growth story of 'Hotel Industry in India' seconds only to China in Asia Pacific. more than once a day to different guests. Sources estimate. With tremendous pull of opportunity. The World Travel and Tourism Council. nearly half of which are in the luxury range. more than 50 international budget hotel chains are moving into India to stake their turf. 4. the manpower requirements of the hotel industry will increase from 7 million in 2002 to 15 million by 2010.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. Sources said. India ranks 18th in business travel and will be among the top 5 in this decade. demand will soar to 10 million in 2010 . 'Hotels in India' have supply of 110. 'Hotels in India' has a shortage of 150.000 rooms. more and more IT professionals are flocking to Indian metro cities. 'Hotel Industry in India' is set to grow at 15% a year. 'India Hotel Industry' is adding about 60. MNC Hotel Industry giants are flocking India and forging Joint Ventures to earn their share of pie in the race.000 quality rooms. the rating on the 'Indian Hotels' is accommodate 350 million domestic travelers.4 million tourists visited India last year and at current trend. currently in different stages of planning and development and should be ready by 2012. data says. This figure will skyrocket in 2010. India. With the USD 23 billion software services sector pushing the Indian economy skywards. over the next two years. receiving almost 24-hour rates from both guests against 6-8 hours usage. According to the tourism ministry. However. 1. With demand-supply disparity. India is a destination for hotel chains looking for growth.6) PROFIT CRITERIA OF HOTELS:- 13 . Already. 'Hotel India' room rates are most likely to rise 25% annually and occupancy to rise by 80%. Therefore. 'Hotel Industry in India' is eroding its competitiveness as a cost effective destination.M. with opportunities galore the future 'Scenario of Indian Hotel Industry' looks rosy.

BANQUET AND CONFERENCES 4. 27  The Following PIE CHART shows the different ways by which a HOTEL makes MONEY which is divided into following divisions:1. FOOD AND BEVERAGE 3. OTHERS CHAPTER 2:LATEST TECHNOLOGIES INDUSTRIES:14 USED IN HOTEL .M.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. ROOMS 2.

mobile-friendly website with a simple interface.2. informed and valuable relationship with their customers. The common attribute that they all share is the fact that they allow businesses to have a more convenient.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. This brings a new dimension to customer service and marketing. stock. 2. or the way that it will be done in the near future. In addition. or any other time when calling is not convenient. allowing hospitality venues to operate more efficiently and provide better customer service. with many restaurants also beginning to accept them as their popularity increases. loyalty programs and more is accessible at the touch of a button.) EPOS Electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems are becoming more and more sophisticated. bookings and payments directly from a tablet. By integrating with CRM. 15 . cloud-based POS applications are becoming more common. which means that staff can process orders. and the hospitality industry is no different. but online booking systems mean that customers can reserve a room or a table outside the venue’s business hours. 27 Almost every industry is undergoing a technology-driven transformation. reservations. which also requires a well-designed.1) Online booking systems Online bookings are now extremely widespread in the hotel industry. so businesses will need to choose based on their individual needs. There will always be some people who prefer to pick up the phone. This affords them greater mobility and adds another level of convenience for the customer. There are a number of solutions that have already begun to change the way that business is done. An important decision for many hotels and restaurants is whether to use a third party online booking service. Both approaches have their own pros and cons. information on capacity. Here are seven areas in which technological advances are transforming the hospitality industry and enabling a new level of customer service: 2. inventory management and other tools.M. as many industry insiders now consider it essential to have an online booking service. or to develop their own customised system.

6) Smartphones The proliferation of smartphones is yet another opportunity for hospitality businesses to improve customer service. 2. 27 2. While this may be out of reach for restaurants and smaller venues.5) Social media A social media presence is crucial in the hospitality industry.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. However.3) CRM Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows contacts and information to be organised and managed in one place.4) Marketing automation Marketing automation allows personalised emails to be sent to customers and prospects based on their activities and personal information. many larger hospitality businesses could benefit greatly from monitoring and nurturing their prospects to encourage repeat business. Businesses should also choose their social media platforms carefully based on their target audience. as well as making important details easily accessible to all staff via a cloud-based application. A basic example is to automatically send a discount email to customers on their birthdays.M. so restaurants and hotels should take the opportunity to share beautiful and interesting photos of their food and their facilities. An effective CRM makes it easier to build ongoing relationships with customers. such as emailing customers who have been visiting or clicking on certain areas of the website or social media pages. 2. particularly given that Facebook is a popular platform for check-ins and reviews of restaurants and hotels. advanced marketing automation software allows much more complex tasks to be performed. Hilton Worldwide has taken advantage of this by offering guests the ability to 16 . 2. Attractive images are usually the most popular type of post. rather than simply joining all of them.

Lighting.) GRAPH PRESENTATION ON HOTEL RESERVATIONS 17 . the truth is that they are there to enhance.7) Smart appliances Advances in smart appliances and home automation are beginning to reach the hotel industry.8. radio and room service will all be controlled from a single tablet device. And an even more revolutionary service will soon be made available. check maps and make extra requests or purchases all from their smartphones. Top quality food and customer service are still the fundamental pillars of the industry. not to replace. alarms. or from a single app that guests can download and login to from their own device. blinds. and will no doubt have a greater influence in the future. the core offerings of a hospitality business. temperature.M. Despite the many changes that are being brought on by these technologies. 2.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. using security technology that allows smartphones to function as room keys. TV. but the technologies discussed above can make it easier for you to consistently deliver a memorable experience to your guests. 2. select their room. 27 check in and out.



Gurgaon-based OYO Rooms. OYO Rooms currently operates in more than 120 Indian cities including Delhi. Guests can use the OYO Rooms App for booking rooms on the go. Mumbai. a beverage tray and so on. Chennai. OYO’s budget stays range from 999 ($16) to 4. OYO Rooms is among the companies that may be the next start-up unicorns. Jaipur.However recently OYO has changed its policy and allow you to spend only 25% of your hard earned referral money when you book a hotel. OYO Rooms partners with hotels with the aim of standardization on various measures in each room including free wifi and breakfast. the rest must be paid by the guest from his pocket.1)BUSINESS MODEL:OYO Rooms is an online aggregator of budget hotels. Hyderabad. regional hubs. OYO provides property owners with support such as quality standardized supplies and service training. OYO boasts of a 24x7 in-house customer service center. He 20 .” Ritesh Agarwal. which made me realise how difficult it was to get a pleasant and reliable ‘consumer experience’ in this segment. leisure destinations and pilgrimage towns. Hotel owners who partner with OYO Rooms are connected via world’s first tablet based property management App and become part of the OYO brand. spotless white bed linen of a certain thread count. The company is backed by investors like the Softbank Group. I travelled across the country and stayed at more than 100 budget hotels. OYO is present in major metros. Availability of good quality hotels is a priority for travellers. According to a research carried out by CB Insights for The New York Times. OYO Rooms provides standardized hotel rooms with features such as an air-conditioned room. Gurgaon. 6-inch shower heads.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi with 24x7 customer service support. a complete "U-turn" from their initial model. Kolkata and others. Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed India. 3. They can also order beverages and request room service through the app. “During my student days. Bangalore. Green oaks Capital. 27 OYO Rooms is a branded network of hotels in India. Goa. Since a certain standard can be expected only in star hotels.000 rupees ($66).M. Concerns about hygiene and cleanliness are uppermost on one’s mind. The standards are audited every few days so that the customers are assured a quality experience. flatscreen TVs. resign themselves to compromising due to budget constraints. travellers end up spending more or. Founder CEO. branded toiletries.

in 2013. This lesson played a big role in helping shape OYO Rooms –which aims to solve the problem of high-quality standardised rooms at budget prices. while this only made travellers know about budget hotels. OYO has 500 plus members today and employs people from several leading universities including Harvard. San Francisco based Greenoaks Capital and DSG Consumer Partners. HR.” he adds. “We have talent from across sectors like e-commerce. or hot water in the bathroom. Agarwal was bestowed with the Thiel Fellowship. Oyo Rooms is about creating a network of budget hotels with standardised rooms and amenities – so the travellers always know what they are going to get.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO.” he explains the nuanced difference between his two ventures. ISB and the IIMs. 150 crore from New Delhi based Lightspeed Venture Partners (LSVP). technology. which are segregated in various department like marketing. Each fellow receives a grant of US $100.a Silicon Valley investor and who was behind the success of companies such as Facebook. travel etc. supply. From three people in 2013. a technology-enabled network of branded hotels.000 and mentorship from the foundation’s network of technology entrepreneurs.M. Light on Feet 21 . product. “This was a huge contrast from the experience that expensive hotels provide – where guests always know that the basic amenities will be of a certain standard that they can rely on. IIT. he started Oyo Rooms. who took a lot of interest in teaching us the value of solving a big customer problem creatively. reservation.” recalls Agarwal. However. “One of the biggest takeaways for me as a Thiel fellow was direct mentoring by Peter. sales. “If Oravel was all about simply connecting travellers to budget accommodation. investors and scientists. If the same standardised experience can be offered at a pocket-friendly price. hospitality. a two-year program started by Peter Thiel . consulting. transformation. 27 founded Oravel Stays in 2012. This has helped the company realise its ambition of becoming the largest technology-enabled network of hotels in the world.” he points out. Tesla and others. operations. to help budget travellers find affordable bed-and-breakfast accommodation in major cities across India and was incubated at Mumbai-based Venture Nursery. IT. finance. The company raised Rs. there was no guarantee about the quality of the rooms – whether it would have a clean bed and linen. Bengaluru-based Sequoia Capital. And so. Starting Young During his entrepreneurial journey. The fellowship is bestowed upon 20 people each year. travellers will never hesitate to book and stay in a budget room.

Adding Rooms OYO Rooms currently has 250 hotels in more than 13 cities today and is adding about 20-30 new hotels every month. customer experience. status of basic amenities etc. We are bringing the same predictable experience to affordable price points. And if there are more than three negative customer feedbacks (reliable ones) about a hotel. their proprietary on-boarding process allows them to add new hotels within five to six days of signing the agreement. they came onboard. Highly optimised processes allow the company to scale very fast – for example. compatibility playbook wherein by entering information about the hotel. “We have built a very high quality.” points out Agarwal. though OYO manages and controls a few critical touch-points for the consumer. a clean and attached bathroom. OYO’s effort has been to ensure access to standardised budget hotel that offer predictable and high-quality stay with standardised amenities. amenities in the room etc. you always expect a predictable way of check-in. and a complimentary breakfast.000 room nights every month. WiFi. airconditioning. 27 OYO rooms are priced up to 35 per cent lower than similarly-spaced rooms by other hotels. manage check-ins and checkouts etc. Using this app. This. pilferage and customer experience. we can check our compatibility with these hotels. combined with the assurance of a comfortable and predictable stay managed by a fast-growing network of branded hotels. This process helps OYO select only those hotels that are perceived to be best for consumers in terms of location. A major share of hotel control is left to the management. The team carries out audits of properties on a regular basis.” he explains. “If you book a five star hotel. The biggest challenge initially was to get hotels onboard since hotel owners typically care about occupancy. and infrastructure among others. 999 and universally offer clean and comfortable bed. running a proprietary OYO ‘Property Manager’ app that ensures a superior. OYO Rooms has developed an asset-light business model.” explains he. “We believe there is no other competitor offering similar value proposition. The long-term goal is to create the world’s 22 . OYO Rooms start at Rs.” says Agarwal with confidence. OYO has a strong referral network as well as high repeat customers. “Once we were able to make them understand how Brand OYO caters to these needs. The hotels register 80 per cent to 90 per cent occupancy levels and are currently booking 50. It partners with hotel owners on a revenue-share basis. The app also helps a manager conveniently track payments as well as incidental expenses like F&B and laundry attributed to a guest. the owner’s background and other such details. OYO ends the partnership. is its USP. a hotel manager can track the real time status of bookings and room availability. hassle-free experience for all guests. to check on the condition of rooms. TV.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO.” says Agarwal.M. “We use various marketing channels online and offline both to promote our various product offerings. All OYO hotels are equipped with a tablet.

“By the end of 2015. OYO Rooms today crossed an important milestone as it became India’s largest budget hotel chain.M.3)OYO ROOM HOTEL:- AS A LARGEST BUDGET Continuing with its rapid expansion drive. and Agarwal realised that technology can play a transformational role even in a traditional brick and mortar industry like hospitality. Ltd. Ritesh started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 17 years old. we are aiming to expand to 1. Ritesh Agarwal. Ritesh's story has been widely covered by the Indian media. “Our growth is simply a reflection of our vision to meet this demand.Oravel was designed as a platform to enable listing and booking of budget accommodation.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO.” Agarwal shares his vision. Therefore. The company is investing heavily in technology and people. 27 largest network of branded hotels. The greatest growth driver is an enormous demand for branded.500 rooms in 400 hotels 23 .000 hotels in 25 cities. a two-year program. with a network covering 4.” he adds. We are also looking to expand beyond the 13 cities we are in. And we are going to continue using technology to reinvent the OYO customer experience.000 to pursue his start-up idea. he soon realized that the budget hospitality sector lacked predictability. He has won Business World Young Entrepreneur Award[9] and the TiE-Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence Award. and we believe we have barely scratched the surface so far. Peter Thiel. in the year 2012.” says he. in 2013. predictable hotel experiences in the budget hospitality category. Being an avid traveler. “We have successfully used technology to create and provide a hassle-free and seamless experience to our customers. Through the fellowship Ritesh received a support grant of $100. 3. and open new OYO Rooms in smaller cities and towns to truly revolutionize how Indians travel on budget. He dropped out of college and launched his first start-up Oravel Stays Pvt.2)FOUNDER:21-year-old. he pivoted Oravel to OYO Rooms in 2013 with the key proposition of offering affordable and standardized accommodation. A program started by Paypal founder. 3. Ritesh was selected for the Thiel Fellowship. is the founder & CEO of OYO Rooms.

000 bookings have been made through the OYO Rooms mobile app within a week.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. Greenoaks Capital and DSG Consumer Partners. We are the pioneers in bringing the comfort and experience of an expensive hotel at a really affordable price and use technology to enhance customer experience. and at the earliest.4)FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT OYO ROOMS:Q. from one hotel in Gurgaon less than two years ago. Abhinav Sinha. Our customers’ feedback and loyalty encourages us to redouble our growth efforts as we are keen to bring the OYO experience to as many Indian travelers in as many different cities as possible. “India’s budget hospitality market is ripe for disruption and as the market leader. OYO Rooms is already India’s largest branded network of hotels.000 hotels in 45 cities by this year-end. COO of OYO Rooms said. having grown its network to 400 hotels in 16 cities today. Funded by Lightspeed. Founder and CEO of OYO Rooms said. The app has already crossed more than 100. “OYO Rooms started this segment and is ahead of other players who have recently entered this space. we are best poised to lead this change.M. more than 15.” OYO Rooms had recently launched its mobile app that promised a hotel room booking in less than 10 seconds.” 3.000 downloads within a month of its launch. It is their trust in us that has given us the confidence to continue to grow at such a rapid pace. Available on Android and iOS platforms. That is why most of our branded hotels witness more than 80% occupancy and our customers love us. The OYO Rooms mobile app is also the world’s first personal room service app that allows guests staying at an OYO to order room service directly from their smartphones. 27 across India. OYO Rooms also said that the company has set itself a revised target to expand its network to 2. Ritesh Agarwal. Sequoia.)What is OYO Rooms? 24 .

)Rooms start at Rs 999 only with no hidden charges.)OYO Rooms can be booked in various ways including through the OYO Rooms app.)OYO Rooms is India's largest branded network of hotels offering standardized rooms in different locations across the country. Q.)How big is the OYO Rooms network? A. free Wi-Fi and hygienic washrooms. one can book OYO Rooms through any of our partner online travel agents. Q. In short.)What are the key features of 'standardized' OYO Rooms? A. We also provide a toiletries kit in each room.)Does any payment need to be made at the time of booking? A. 25 .)The network of branded hotels currently includes over 2500+ hotels spread across 126 cities with more cities and hotels planned to come up very soon. Q. you get to stay in OYO Rooms and not any random XYZ hotel. Q. Q. when you book OYO Rooms. spotless linen.oyorooms. Q.)When you book OYO Rooms. 27 A.)How can one book an OYO? A. In addition.)How is OYO Rooms different from an online travel agent or an online marketplace of hotel rooms? A.M.)How much does an OYO cost? Are there any hidden charges to be paid? A.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. through the www. you get a guaranteed amazing OYO experience across all hotels under the OYO Rooms network unlike an online marketplace where the end-user experience is not standardized.)The key features include AC rooms with website and on phone by calling 9313931393. complimentary breakfast.)Customers have the option to either make an advance payment or pay at the hotel during check-out.

27 Q.)The standard check-in time is 12 PM and the standard check-out time is 11 AM. you will receive an e-mail with the address of the property. Please note that PAN card does not qualify as an acceptable ID proof.)Can I get my booking cancelled? A. These include your passport.)What documents do I need to carry to the hotel to ensure a quick check-in? A.Bookings made through our app can be cancelled on the app itself.)Can I get my booking revised? A.)Of course! Simply call us at 9313931393 and our customer care representative will assist you with the revised booking. please tap on "Get Directions" on the "Upcoming Booking" card.)How do I locate the OYO Rooms hotel I have booked? A.)There are many ways to locate your OYO – On the app.)You need to carry the confirmation e-mail/ booking ID sent to you at the time of booking and any of your ID proofs that should have your address and photograph. Q.)OYO Rooms has a simple cancellation process. After a booking is created. Q. 26 . Q. You will also receive an SMS with directions to reach the hotel booked on the day of the checkin.M. Call us on 9313931393 to cancel your booking. The applicable refund amount will becredited to you within 3 working days. driving license and voter's ID card.)What are the standard check-in and check-out times? A. Q.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. Aadhaar card. After a booking is created you will receive a confirmation SMS that has a map link of the OYO booked as well the address of the OYO property.

Am I eligible for any special discounts? A.)I am looking for corporate bookings with OYO Rooms.)To join our ever-expanding network of hotels.)You could be eligible for a special discount based on the duration of your stay. How can I partner with OYO Rooms? A. CHAPTER 4 :CASE STUDY:27 or call 93 13 93 13 93 for details.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. Q. 27 or call 7503 222 333. Q. please send an e-mail to corporate@oyorooms.)I am a hotel owner. How should I go about it? A.)For corporate bookings. Please send an e-mail to bookings@oyorooms.)I intend to stay at OYO Rooms for a long period. simply call us at 70530-70530 and we will get back to you with all the details.

Zostel recently launched Zo Rooms. According to sources. CCTV footage and theft of its 'software' by few of its own employees who apparently left to join Zostel. The High Court in its stay order dated April 21. Oyo Rooms produced evidences such as emails.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. 2015 barred Zostel which recently started budget hotel aggregation business 'Zo Rooms' from using 'confidential information and software' of Oyo Rooms.M. which rival hotel room aggregation start-up Oyo Rooms alleges is based upon copied data. which alleged theft of its copyright material. "No illegality has been committed by us. The employees have been made a party in the case. 27 Startup Wars: Oyo Rooms vs Zostel case gets murkier in Courts The Delhi High Court has issued a stay order against backpacker hostel startup Zostel Hospitality Private Limited on a complaint rival Oravel Stays Private Limited. We are in possession of the material that would 28 .

six IIM Calcutta graduates. However." 29 . just to kill any competition.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO." an Oyo Rooms official told ET on condition of anonymity. Besides Zo Rooms. 2015. "We had tried to resolve the issue with Zostel amicably but failed to do so leaving us with no choice but to take matter to court. media agency for Oyo Rooms sent out a statement saying that: "Hospitality start up Zostel has received a stay order to stop using confidential information. The High Court has set September 2. Zostel was founded in 2013. Funded with Rs 125 crore from San Franciscobased Greenoaks Capital. cofounder at Zostel." said Paavan Nanda." Justice Indermeet Kaur said in her order dated April 21. "Access to confidential information such as documents for operations and central reservation systems software by external parties especially Defendant (Zostel) can impact revenue of plaintiff (Oravel). a number of branded budget hotel aggregation chains such as Zipotel and Awesome Stays have come up in the country. 2015 as the next hearing date of the case. Oravel Stays Private was founded in 2012 by college dropout Ritesh Agrawal. since last 18 months. 27 demonstrate how a false and fabricated story has been created by OYO only out of business rivalry.M. Funded with Rs 5 crore from Malaysia-based angel investor Presha Paragash.

CHAPTER 5 :OYO ROOMS QUESTIONNAIRE Name: _____________________________________ 30 ." the statement said. 27 "This is a reminder to the budding entrepreneurs that building a business around sound ethics is as important as great marketing.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO.M.

M. courtesy.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. how would you rate our staff's hospitality? (Friendliness.)Overall. condition of rooms and public areas? Excellent Good 31 .) Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor 2. We are delighted that you choose The Brooks Hotel as your preferred hotel for your travel needs in the Bakken area. 27 E-mail Address: _____________________________ Date of Birth: ________________________ Dear Guest.)Overall. how would you rate our décor. We strive to make each and every one of our valued guests have an unforgettable experience. responsiveness. Please complete our guest satisfaction survey to help us better serve you! 1.

how would you rate our room service. how would you rate our cleanliness (Room. 27 Average Below Average Poor 3.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. how would you rate the value for the price paid? Excellent Good Average 32 .)Overall. food quality and bar service? Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor 5.)Overall.)Overall. lobby?) Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor 4. common areas.M.

a log-in form that will have. (2) levels of access. 27 Below Average Poor CHAPTER 6:CONCLUSION :Based on the information stated in the INTRODUCTION OF OYO ROOMS is in need of a reservation system upgrade and have come up with the appropriate solution. 3. thus restricting unregistered members from reserving/booking a room or event.) Increasing the security and confidentiality of each files and report by providing a security module. furthermore the system will also provide an organized view of confirmed reservation. The proponents have devised a system that will streamline the procedure of processing reservations with an online reservation system with the following modules: 1.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. With this the admin can easily view which dates are available or unavailable for any event reservation.) The system will provide a monitoring module that will display an overview of the system which is accessible only to the admin. Each will have a unique username and password thus making the system more secured not only for the company but also to other users of the system. pending reservations. making their system more organized and efficient.M. The first will be the administrator of the system and the customer for the second level of access. In addition only those who are registered members of the system will have the privileged of reserving and booking of rooms and events. this will also indicate which room/function halls are available for reservation. not completed reservation and user’s overview and 33 .

Most of the Hotels provide goods and services using web-based system. and cannot be expected to be applied to the increasing demand for a higher and much better services. every reservation done will automatically be counted and will display the remaining available dates and room/function halls. 5. Enable editing of content for other modules. Include the company’s other additional services as part of the booking/reservation system. The proponents recommend to the next developer or future researcher to 1. Upgrade the system by including online payment through PayPal. Include an audit trail. 2. thus giving their client the ease of easily and immediately paying their reservation fee without leaving their own home. Recommendation:In this generation there is an increasing demand for a faster and more high tech way of processing or doing any kind of transactions. 34 . Upgrade the system to online inquiry. Femar hotel and garden resorts manual reservation and booking system old. to track the time of log-in and log-out of the user. 4.M.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL NO. Some companies are become fully automated while others strive for the manual procedure on making reservations. worn down. outdated. 3. It helps to perform task in an easy way with less time consumed. so that the client can easily get a feedback or answer once they send an inquiry or message. 27 since it is computerized and done in real time.

Pali Hill .html  Visit to a nearby hotel which carries OYO ROOMS facility (EXECUTIVE ENCLAVE .php    27 BIBLIOGRAPHY :      http://www.economictimes.M.thesmartceo.searchandgo. Bandra ) 35 .in/starting-up/a-business-model-for-budgethotels.indiatimes.COM -part 1 (sem 1) ROLL    http://tech.