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A Classic Greek

Student: Nicolas E. Roman Gonzalez
Professor: Summer West

Hero of the Troyan War Ulysses is the translation of the greek name Odysseus into Latin. .

is difficult to know the real author of this work. Even thogh. he is the main character of “The Odyssey” written by the greek poet Homer.Ulysses is a classic hero. Ulysses is one of the characters of “The Iliad”. in this epic poem are narrated in a fictional way the events of the Troyan War. by this reason is attributed to Homer. . In other hand.

This was a war between brothers of culture. wife of Menelao the king of Sparta. . She was kidnapped from Sparta by Paris. who lived in both coast of Aegean Sea. Helen was the most beautiful woman in the greek world.The Troyan War was caused by the kidnapping of Helen. prince of Troy.

it was composed near the end of the 8th century BC. . This work describes the life of Ulysses after 10 years finished the Trojan War. He couldn't back to his homecountry after the war due to the opposition of Poseidon. In this 10 years Ulysses try to going back to his home in the Ithaka Island.The Odyssey is an epic greek poem. The God of the Sea it was against Ulysses destiny because He blind Polyphemus with a wooden stick. Polyphemus was son of Poseidon and he was a cyclops who lives alone in an island Ciclops: an one-eye giant.

The Odyssey: the long trip of a Hero. .

. he is a western Hero because his characteristics and features embodies the main concerns and challenges of Human Race. His family suffered during twenty years his abscense: ten years fighting in the war and ten years sailing without direction in the Mediterranean Sea. values and believes of a the Greek and Western Culture. He tried to come back.Ulysses. but he has to confront a lot of obstacles and mythological entities. Likewise Ulysses represents a Greek Culture. was husband of Penelope and father of Telemaco. king of Ithaka. The Odyssey becomes a classic book by these reasons. This narration concentrates and represents the life. His importance is registered till nowadays and his readers are surprised by his cultural richness. The Odissey is a fundamental book of the Western Culture and the oldest literary treasure.

presented as gift at the doors of the city. This was the Trojan Horse. . Ulysses propose attack Troy with an woodden horse full of warriors. with help of his intelligence and trincking his enemies.Main Episodes and Features • Cleverness of Ulysses Trough his skills Ulysses can overcomes obstacles and adverstities.

he was a sheperd who lives alone without contact with any kind of society. • Oblivion and Lotus-eater/ Lotophagi • Circe's Island .• Polyphemus and his blindess • In this Chapter Ulysses is punished by Poseydon. Also. Polyphemus represents a pre-political world.

This picture shows Ulysses tied in the mast of his boat. In this way He heards the pleasants songs of T Sirens but at the same time he avoids be enchanted under their voices. Scila and Charybdis .The Sirens.

Two explanation about the role of Ulysses in western culture Theodor W. the opposition between work and pleasure. Adorno: The sirens. Auerbach: Ulysses and the conflinct of self counciense .

title of the novel of Santiago Gamboa. main character of the novel “Wild Detectives”. James Joyce´s novel. Ulysses syndrome. Problems and challenges about Ulysses syndrome .Legacy and Influence Ulysses (1922). Latin American Literature Ulises Lima. Stanley Kubrick's film. colombian writer. Movies 2001: a space odissey (1968).

Without her you would not have set out. not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.P. Translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard. But do not hurry the journey at all. you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean” (C. She has nothing left to give you now. Arriving there is what you are destined for. Princeton University Press. Wise as you will have become. Cavafy. so full of experience. so you are old by the time you reach the island. Collected Poems. 1992) . And if you find her poor. wealthy with all you have gained on the way. Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey. Better if it lasts for years. Ithaka won’t have fooled you.Ithaka Constantine Kavafis “Keep Ithaka always in your mind. Edited by George Savidis. Revised Edition.