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Sulzer India Limited

Job Description Form – Direct/ Indirect
A) General Information:
Job Title: Assistant Manager –Applications and Technology
(Refinery )

Created Date: 10.02.2014
Updated Date: 10.02.2014

Incumbent Name:
Required Qualification: Graduate in Chemical Engineering

Required Experience: 5 years to 7

Department: Sales & APT

Grade: G4

Supervisors Name and Title:
B) Job Purpose:

Responsible for carrying out Hydraulic Design Calculations and Process simulation of
Refinery applications

C) Reporting Structure of the Position:

D) Communication:
Critical Communication – Internal/External OR Local/Global
Internal / External
Interaction with




Sales department / Engineering
Customer / Detailed
engineering consultant

Reason for Interaction
Sales – Handling customer
Engineering – Post order order
Sales – Handling customer


-Carry-out column hydraulic designs using proprietary Sulzer software Win Projects on Technical Preference ground -Perform Technically convincing activities for customer for the proposal that sale has made. Accuracy of Design calculations Timely and accurate submission and approvals from customer Timely and accurate submission and approvals from customer of -Collect operating data from client for improvements. .Prepare Preliminary Sketch /revamp arrangement Sketchof distillation column and it's internals for Engineering Department -Ensure that other departments get the requisite information / assistance in time CheckGA drawings made by Engineering Department before sending to the customer from Process fitment point of View . Training /Knowledge upgradation E) Key Accountabilities: Key Accountabilities Major Activities Key Result Area -Preparation of Technical Proposals -Simulate customer's Refinery related enquiry.Fulfil customer requirements as Agreed in contract in terms of Process documentation Design verification and validation -Commissioning assistance distillation column at customer's site.Carry-out liquid and gas (vapour) distributor and other column internals designs for given vapour and liquid loads using proprietary software .Assist Sales Department for pre-order technical information as required by customer In house Documentation Enhancement of Design Know how and data Base . help on case to case basis as and when required.Handling customer enquiries Sought Technical Help /approvals.Ensure that supervisor's approval is sought for guarantees committed to the clients.Co-ordination and approval of design / calculations from client / consultant as required . . trouble shooting of distillation columns .Seek Principal's guidance. using PRO-II Timely /accurate and comprehensive Proposal . advise. -Support sales department in developing New applications 1 HR/015-00 .Sulzer India Limited CTxx locations Principal Global CTxx locations .

Sulzer India Limited Training and development of co-works and Junior Conduct training Programs for coworkers Sub ordinate development 1 HR/015-00 .

1. 2.Sulzer India Limited Side Job Functions: F) (if Yes. Please specify in detail) G) Competencies: Functional/Technical Competencies Managerial/Leadership/Behavioural Competencies Advance Tray Hydraulics Proficiency Communication Skill Study report effective drafting proficiency Continuous Improvement Refinery applications knowledge Decision making LEAN Management Customer Focus Safe Behaviour Program Planning & Organizing QMS/IMS TeamBuilding *Above competencies will be reviewed on the basis of rating scale mentioned in Competency Assessment Form H) Authorities: Decisions to be taken Independently Decisions to be taken with peers: Decisions to be taken with Seniors: 1. 3. Routine Hydraulic guarantees 2. 3. 3. Prepared by: Verified by Reviewed & JD status: Active / Inactive Approved by: 1 HR/015-00 . Critical Process guarantees 2. 1.