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Life in the Spirit Guide
for Teens

What is a Life in the Spirit?

The retreat consists of talks, skits, small group
discussions, and prayer for the baptism of the Holy

When did the Life in the Spirit Seminar
The seminar began in February 1967 when a group
of students from Duquesne University met regularly to study scripture and pray. After two years, the
group created a weekend retreat. At the beginning
of the retreat, they surrendered themselves to what
God wanted to do in their lives. One student explained, “Jesus was asking us to let him reign, not
simply to acknowledge him as an important person,
but to allow him into the very center of our lives.”
This was the foundation for the retreat now known
as the Life in the Spirit Seminar. The same retreat
was created for teens in 1984.

“...I ask each and all of you that as part
of the current of grace of Charismatic
Renewal you organize seminars of life in
the Spirit in your parishes and seminaries, schools, in neighborhoods, to share
Baptism in the Spirit; it is catechesis…it is
catechesis so that it produces, by the work
of the Holy Spirit, the personal encounter
with Jesus who changes our life.” -Pope

Life in the Spirit Guide for Teens

Life in the Spirit Guide for Teens

The Life in the Spirit seminar (LITS) is a retreat to
bring teens to a personal relationship with Jesus
Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, based
on the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit found in 1 Cor.

Retreat Goals

Life in the Spirit Guide for Teens

“What we learn in the New Testament
on charisms, which appeared as visible
signs of the coming of the Holy Spirit, is
not a historical event of the past, but a
reality ever alive. It is the same divine
Spirits of the Church, that acts in every
age and those mysterious and effective
interventions of the Spirit are manifest
in our time in a providential way.” -Pope
Emeritus Benedict XVI

Teach about the Holy Spirit’s role in your life
through talks and teachings
Perform skits
Lead small groups to facilitate thoughtful dis
Pray for participants during special prayer

Life in the Spirit Guide for Teens

The mission of the LITS team is to

God’s Love

New Life


John 3:16
For God so loved the world that
he gave* his only Son, so that
everyone who believes in him
might not perish but might have
eternal life.

John 10:10

John 15:5


Baptism of the Holy

Colssians 1:13
He delivered us from the
power of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of
his beloved Son

I came so that they might
have life and have it more

Acts 19:6
And when Paul laid [his]
hands on them, the holy
Spirit came upon them, and
they spoke in tongues and

I am the vine, you are the
branches. Whoever remains in
me and I in him will bear much
fruit, because without me you
can do nothing.

Philippians 3:12
It is not that I have already
taken hold of it or have already
attained perfect maturity,* but
I continue my pursuit in hope
that I may possess it, since I
have indeed been taken possession of by Christ [Jesus].

Receiving God’s
John 7:37-38
Let anyone who thirsts
come to me and drink.

Life in the Spirit Guide for Teens

Life in the Spirit Guide for Teens

Topics of the Life in
n the Spirit Retreat