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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

67 / Friday, April 8, 2005 / Notices 18055

MT20030001 (Jun. 13, 2003) may be ordered for any or all of the six may notify Patricia D. Batie, at (202)
MT20030007 (Jun. 13, 2003) separate volumes, arranged by State. 295–1500.
MT20030008 (Jun. 13, 2003) Subscriptions include an annual edition
MT20030033 (Jun. 13, 2003) Dated: April 6, 2005.
(issued in January or February) which Victor M. Fortuno,
OR20030001 (Jun. 13, 2003) includes all current general wage
Vice President for Legal Affairs, General
Washington determinations for the States covered by Counsel & Corporate Secretary.
WA20030008 (Jun. 13, 2003) each volume. Throughout the remainder
[FR Doc. 05–7262 Filed 4–6–05; 2:15 pm]
WA20030009 (Jun. 13, 2003) of the year, regular weekly updates will
WA20030011 (Jun. 13, 2003) be distributed to subscribers.
Volume VII Dated: Signed in Washington, DC, this 31
California day of March, 2005.
CA20030001 (Jun. 13, 2003) John Frank, AND EXCELLENCE IN NATIONAL
CA20030002 (Jun. 13, 2003) Acting Chief, Branch of Construction Wage ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY
CA20030004 (Jun. 13, 2003) Determinations.
CA20030009 (Jun. 13, 2003) FOUNDATION
[FR Doc. 05–6727 Filed 4–07–05; 8:45 am]
CA20030013 (Jun. 13, 2003)
CA20030019 (Jun. 13, 2003) BILLING CODE 4510–27–M Notice of Federal Advisory Committee
CA20030023 (Jun. 13, 2003) Meeting
CA20030025 (Jun. 13, 2003)
CA20030027 (Jun. 13, 2003) Authority: 5 U.S.C. Appendix; 20 U.S.C.
CA20030028 (Jun. 13, 2003)
CA20030029 (Jun. 13, 2003) AGENCY: U.S. Institute for
CA20030030 (Jun. 13, 2003)
Sunshine Act Meetings of the Board of
Environmental Conflict Resolution,
CA20030031 (Jun. 13, 2003) Directors
Morris K. Udall Foundation.
CA20030032 (Jun. 13, 2003)
TIME AND DATE: The Legal Services ACTION: Notice of meeting.
CA20030033 (Jun. 13, 2003)
CA20030035 (Jun. 13, 2003) Corporation Board of Directors will
SUMMARY: The National Environmental
CA20030036 (Jun. 13, 2003) meet by telephone on April 13, 2005 at
4:15 p.m. (e.d.t.). Conflict Resolution (ECR) Advisory
CA20030037 (Jun. 13, 2003)
Committee, of the U.S. Institute for
General Wage determination LOCATION: Legal Services Corporation, Environmental Conflict Resolution, will
Publication 3333 K Street, NW., Washington, DC. be meeting by teleconference on
STATUS OF MEETINGS: Closed. A portion Wednesday, April 27, 2005. The call
General wage determinations issued
under the Davis-Bacon and related Acts, of this telephonic meeting of the Board will occur from 2 p.m. to approximately
including those noted above, may be of Directors may be closed to the public. 4 p.m. eastern daylight time. Members
found in the Government Printing Office The closing is authorized by the of the public may participate in the call
(GPO) document entitled ‘‘General Wage relevant provisions of the Government by dialing 1–800–930–9002 and
Determinations Issued Under The Davis- in the Sunshine Act [5 U.S.C. entering a passcode: 8072291.
Bacon And Related Acts’’. This 552b(c)(10)] and the Legal Services During this teleconference, the
publication is available at each of the 50 Corporation’s corresponding regulation Committee will discuss: the
Regional Government Depository 45 CFR 1622.5(h). A copy of the General Committee’s final report of
Libraries and many of the 1,400 Counsel’s Certification that the closing recommendations and strategy for
Government depository Libraries across is authorized by law will be available distribution and next steps for a future
the country. upon request. Committee. The final report by the
General wage determinations issued MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED: Committee can be viewed at http://
under the Davis-Bacon and related Acts
Open Session Members of the public may make oral
are available electronically at no cost on
the Government Printing Office site at 1. Approval of agenda. comments during the teleconference or
http.// 2. Consider and act on whether to may submit written comments. In
they are also available electronically by authorize an executive session of the general, each individual or group
subscription to the Davis-Bacon Online Board to address items listed below making an oral presentation will be
Service (http:// under Closed Session. limited to five minutes, and total oral of the comment time will be limited to one-
Closed Session
National Technical Information Service half hour at the end of the call.
(NTIS) of the U.S. Department of 3. Consider and act on the Written comments may be submitted
Commerce at 1–800–2068. This Corporation’s appeal of the District by mail or by e-mail to
subscription offers value-added features Court’s Decision in the matter of Written comments received in the U.S.
such as electronic delivery of modified Velazquez/Dobbins v. LSC. Institute office far enough in advance of
wage decisions directly to the user’s 4. Consider and act on other business. a meeting may be provided to the
desktop, the ability to access prior wage 5. Consider and act on adjournment of Committee prior to the meeting;
decisions issued during the year, meeting. comments received too near the meeting
extensive Help desk Support, etc. CONTACT PERSON FOR INFORMATION: date to allow for distribution will
Hard-copy subscriptions may be Patricia D. Batie, Manager of Board normally be provided to the Committee
purchased from: Superintendent of Operations, at (202) 295–1500. at the meeting. Comments submitted
Documents, U.S. Government Printing Special Needs: Upon request, meeting during or after the meeting will be
Office, Washington, DC 20402. (202) notices will be made available in accepted but may not be provided to the
512–1800. alternate formats to accommodate visual Committee until after that meeting.
When ordering hard-copy and hearing impairments. Individuals FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Any
subscription(s), be sure to specify the who have a disability and need an member of the public who desires
State(s) of interest, since subscriptions accommodation to attend the meeting further information concerning the

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18056 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 67 / Friday, April 8, 2005 / Notices

teleconference or wishes to submit oral recordkeeping [16.45 hours per Comments and questions about the
or written comments should contact recordkeeper]). information collection requirements
Tina Gargus, Special Projects 7. Abstract: The NRC’s Enforcement may be directed to the NRC Clearance
Coordinator, U.S. Institute for Policy addresses circumstances in Officer, Brenda Jo. Shelton (T–5 F53),
Environmental Conflict Resolution, 130 which the NRC may exercise U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission,
S. Scott Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701; enforcement discretion. A specific type Washington, DC 20555–0001, by
phone (520) 670–5299, fax (520) 670– of enforcement discretion is designated telephone at (301) 415–7233, or by
5530, or e-mail at as a Notice of Enforcement Discretion Internet electronic mail to
Requests to make oral comments must (NOED) and relates to circumstances INFOCOLLECTS@NRC.GOV.
be in writing (or by e-mail) to Ms. which may arise where a nuclear power Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 4th day
Gargus and be received no later than 5 plant licensee’s compliance with a of April 2005.
p.m. mountain standard time on Technical Specification Limiting For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Wednesday, April 20, 2005. Copies of Condition for Operation or with other Brenda Jo. Shelton,
the draft meeting agenda may be license conditions would involve an
NRC Clearance Officer, Office of Information
obtained from Ms. Gargus at the unnecessary plant transient or Services.
address, phone and e-mail address shutdown, or performance of testing,
[FR Doc. E5–1616 Filed 4–7–05; 8:45 am]
listed above. inspection, or system realignment that is
Dated: April 4, 2005. inappropriate for the specific plant
Christopher L. Helms, conditions, or unnecessary delays in
plant startup without a corresponding NUCLEAR REGULATORY
Executive Director, Morris K. Udall
Scholarship and Excellence in National health and safety benefit. Similarly, for COMMISSION
Environmental Policy Foundation, and a gaseous diffusion plant, circumstances
Federal Register Liaison Officer. may arise where compliance with a [Docket No. 50–219]
[FR Doc. 05–6997 Filed 4–7–05; 8:45 am] Technical Safety Requirement or other
condition would unnecessarily call for a Amergen Energy Company, LLC;
BILLING CODE 6820–FN–P Notice of Consideration of Issuance of
total plant shutdown, or,
notwithstanding that a safety, Amendment to Facility Operating
safeguards or security feature was License, Proposed No Significant
NUCLEAR REGULATORY degraded or inoperable, compliance Hazards Consideration Determination,
COMMISSION would unnecessarily place the plant in and Opportunity for a Hearing
a transient or condition where those The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory
Agency Information Collection features could be required. A licensee or
Activities: Proposed Collection; Commission (the Commission or NRC)
certificate holder seeking the issuance of is considering issuance of an
Comment Request an NOED must provide a written amendment to Facility Operating
AGENCY: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory justification, in accordance with License No. DPR–16, issued to Oyster
Commission (NRC). guidance provided in NRC Inspection Creek Nuclear Generating Station,
ACTION: Notice of pending NRC action to
Manual, Part 9900, which documents Ocean County, New Jersey.
submit an information collection the safety basis for the request and The proposed amendment would
request to OMB and solicitation of provides whatever other information the delete requirements from the Technical
public comment. NRC staff deems necessary to decide Specifications (TS) to submit monthly
whether or not to exercise discretion. operating reports and annual
SUMMARY: The NRC is preparing a Submit, by June 7, 2005, comments occupational radiation exposure reports.
submittal to OMB for review of that address the following questions: The changes are consistent with
continued approval of information 1. Is the proposed collection of Revision 1 of NRC-approved Industry/
collections under the provisions of the information necessary for the NRC to Technical Specifications Task Force
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 properly perform its functions? Does the (TSTF) Standard Technical
U.S.C. Chapter 35). information have practical utility? Specification Change Traveler, TSTF–
Information pertaining to the 2. Is the burden estimate accurate? 369, ‘‘Removal of Monthly Operating
requirement to be submitted: 3. Is there a way to enhance the and Occupational Radiation Exposure
1. The title of the information quality, utility, and clarity of the Report.’’ The availability of this TS
collection: Notice of Enforcement information to be collected? improvement was announced in the
Discretion (NOEDs) for Operating Power 4. How can the burden of the Federal Register (69 FR 35067) on June
Reactors and Gaseous Diffusion Plants information collection be minimized, 23, 2004, as part of the Consolidated
(GDP). including the use of automated Line Item Improvement Process (CLIIP).
2. Current OMB approval number: collection techniques or other forms of The NRC staff issued a notice of
3150–0136. information technology? availability of a model no significant
3. How often the collection is A copy of the draft supporting hazards consideration (NSHC)
required: On occasion. statement may be viewed free of charge determination for referencing in license
4. Who is required or asked to report: at the NRC Public Document Room, One amendment applications in the Federal
Nuclear power reactor licensees and White Flint North, 11555 Rockville Register on September 25, 2003 (68 FR
gaseous diffusion plant certificate Pike, Room O–1 F21, Rockville, MD 55416). The licensee affirmed the
holders. 20852. OMB clearance requests are applicability of the model NSHC
5. The number of annual respondents: available at the NRC worldwide Web determination in its application dated
11. site: October 21, 2004, as supplemented by
6. The number of hours needed doc-comment/omb/index.html. The letter dated January 4, 2005.
annually to complete the requirement or document will be available on the NRC The licensee requested approval of
request: 1,991 hours (1810 reporting home page site for 60 days after the the license amendment in an
[121 hours per response] and 181 signature date of this notice. application dated October 21, 2004, as

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