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NAME :Cong xiaoli 肖力
ADDRESS:4jennings road Wyong NSW
中国江省哈市道里区河川街10号 画室studio
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EXHIBITION PROPOSAL:oil paintings by Cong xiaoli, seven or eight pictures size 6
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With the advent of winter in late 2008, the subprime crisis finally broke out in
to a financial crisis sweeping the globe. The crisis’s fast speed, wide impact a
nd deep panic exceeded all the people’s expectation. Finally, regardless of the
evolution of the crisis, the future world structure will be a major change, and
the art is also the case.
The development of art is restricted by the environment and system. In a special
time background, the style and fashion trend of art will change, and particular
factor of social background is just one of the main causes. So the turning poin
t is inevitable. When The American economic crisis happened in 1929, many people
came to the fore and became the world’s impact on the artists. Pollock of creat
ing abstract expressionism is just one of them. And he would like to make the Un
ited States who wanted to get rid of the shackles of Europe culture for a long p
eriod get ultimate success. The new culture and aesthetic values were brought to
every corner of the world. The current financial crisis is far from the United
States in 1929 so serious, but equally has brought new opportunity and external
conditions to the artistic transformation.
"The times produce their heroes." Artist Cong Xiaoli explored in-depth the devel
oping direction of contemporary art, and finally got the conclusion of independe
nt relationship between figurative painting and abstract painting rather than mu
tually antagonistic. Before we often heard such a cry from the artist s Cong Xia
oli “I want to drink, and I also want to sleep,” Drink and sleep can not do at t
he same time, it appears to be a period of time he is full of contradictions, fu
ll of loss in his heart. He seems to be to explore, experiment inherent in the p
ursuit. Now Cong Xiaoli found independent relationship between figurative painti
ng and abstract painting and achieved an appropriate integration to create a new
history of painting forms—“blending of figurative and abstract” in one painting
. He can not drink and sleep at the same time, yet he did in figurative and abst
ract painting. If compared Pop music to Figurative Painting, compared Tchaikovsk
y Piano Concerto No.1 to Abstract Painting, the new form of painting—blending o
f figurative and abstract created by Cong Xiaoli seems to be the symphony as "Ca
rmen Suites" with such kind of title, ideas and story. Cong Xiao Li’s works prov
ide a unique function of painting to express the inner feelings of the character
s and details as the main means by which to feel from the heart, not as drama, l
iterature, poetry, film and television that provide the appreciation with specif
ic figure and plot by vision and language. If the appreciator understood the exp
ression of the artist, they will appreciate the painting of the painting of line
s, color and shape of changes in their mind and they will enter into the specifi
c artistic conception of the artist’s works and strike a responsive chord in the
hearts. So the new form of painting—blending of figurative and abstract in one
painting created by Cong Xiaoli is also called“figabstract”. Cong Xiaoli’s creat
ion of“figabstract” painting form has important and profound meaning for our und
erstanding to current world art, and for our how to grasp our creative language
and reflect the times change.
Throughout Cong Xiaoli’s painting, we can see that his pursuit has not existing
in appearing the shape of object, but to create. His “shape” reflects on the pai
nting, often has a attempt to subvert the visual habit whatever in the form or c
ontent. He makes authenticity of the real world as the focus of the work in orde
r to express the abstract concept hiding behind the figurative painting. His pai
nting has high degree of technical proficiency, with high independence. It is na
tural and unrestricted, appropriate light and dark、magically change in the atmo
sphere creating by the artist . As it were, Cong Xiaoli’s “figabstract”patining
has unique expressive function and aesthetic significance, and its influence is
inestimable. It not only trains and changes people’s appreciating habit, but als
o impact on people’s aesthetic consciousness to environment and life. For exampl
e, his painting” Financial Crisis” used extreme way to strengthen the images to
exceptional true, and then express his own abstract thought with this kind of un
ique art language. The black storm, the fission of structure, the collapse of th
e building, the spread of black net, the towering red line, supporting giant han
ds, the lives of people in a disorderly manner, and the orderly use of color, li
ne, and shape on the painting let people see and feel an unavoidable real world
of everyone living in. At the same time, it also indicates the political re-comb
ination, and economical re-shuffle and social order re-sort under the shadow of
financial crisis. All various structures are experiencing big changes. This pain
ting is called the first master work expressing the economical crisis sweeping t
he globe in the international painting circle, and it is the first work reflecti
ng the real world impacted by financial crisis.
Cong Xiaoli s work shows a new form of characteristics that he creates fully.It
is about color, rhythm, rhythm, space conversion, line movement, alternating lig
ht and dark, wet dry thickness of the evolution of bias, sharp light dignified c
haos or the coordination of the counter. The audience experience delicate sensib
ility of the visual arts dealing with the perfect combination of techniques brou
ght by Cong Xiaoli’s work. It is a real and new art feast of “figabstract” paint

June, 2009
Hope to cooperation with your company!
I am Congxiaoli,a fameous chinese artisrt.Miss Shao Lijing is my agent in Austra
lia. My major field is oil paintings.I would like to be in contact with you for
a show and sell of my works in Australia.
The following is an introduction about myself and my works as well as my website
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible!Thanks!
contact Numbe
r Miss Shao 0408779543
sincerely yours
______________ PREFERRED PERIOD OF HIRE (maximum 14 days)_______________________
Marrickville NSW 2204.
UP MEMBERS EXCLUSIVE USE: YES_____________NO_________________ NON - MEMBERS HIRE
: DEPOSIT PAID: REFUND PAID: NO_________________ YES_____________NO_____________
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• Pre-payment is required and a bond of $150 to cover possible damage or key los
s. Refundable on conclusion of the exhibition. • Exclusive use by Members is at
$10 per weekday or $200 for a 3 day weekend. • Non members $250 for 3 day weeken
d paid in advance. • A full 7 day week will be $240 for members and $290 for non
members. • Payment to be made by cheque or direct payment to Ultimo Project inc.
(full bank account information available on request.) Notes • The Ultimo Projec
t Studio provides members with exhibition space on a shared casual basis as well
as on a user pays basis for exclusive use. • The hirer may use the hanging syst
em, kitchen and toilet facilities. • The hirers are responsible for minding the
show and must contact the gallery committee if other person(s) are to mind the e
xhibition. • Installations on Fridays from 10am to 4pm for openings Friday night
at 6pm. Alternatively set up on Friday and opening Saturday afternoon from 4-6p
m. • No selling of alcohol allowed. • Art sales are the responsibility of the ar
tist. • No commission will be taken by the Ultimo Project. • The hirer will bear
the cost of insurance for their artworks.
• The removal of all artworks at the end of the hire period and the cleaning and
restoring of the walls for the next user is the responsibility of the hirer. •
A bond of $150 will be refunded after the exhibition space has been inspected an
d repairs and paint completed by the hirer if needed, after the key is returned
to Adam Laerkesen or Robert Hawkins.
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