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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

64 / Tuesday, April 5, 2005 / Notices 17265

Signed at Washington, DC, this 28th day of who became totally or partially separated effective instrument for providing
March 2005. from employment on or after September 2, assistance, advice, and counsel to the
Elliott S. Kushner, 2002, through September 29, 2005, are Secretary of Labor and the Assistant
eligible to apply for adjustment assistance
Certifying Officer, Division of Trade Secretary for the Employment and
under Section 223 of the Trade Act of 1974
Adjustment Assistance. Training Administration in the
and are also eligible to apply for alternative
[FR Doc. E5–1523 Filed 4–4–05; 8:45 am] trade adjustment assistance under Section development and implementation of
BILLING CODE 4510–30–P 246 of the Trade Act of 1974. administration policies and programs
regarding apprenticeship.
Signed at Washington, DC, this 29th day of
March, 2005. Members are appointed for one-year
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR or two-year terms. Ten members
Richard Church,
represent labor, ten members represent
Employment and Training Certifying Officer, Division of Trade
Adjustment Assistance. employers, and eleven members
Administration represent the public. The National
[FR Doc. E5–1524 Filed 4–4–05; 8:45 am]
[TA–W–52,833] Association of State and Territorial
Apprenticeship Directors and the
The Owenby Company Including National Association of Governmental
Workers Whose Wages Were Paid By Labor Officials will have representation
Skilstaf, Inc., Blairsville, GA; Amended within the public group of the
Certification Regarding Eligibility To Employment and Training Committee. The Secretary shall appoint
Apply for Worker Adjustment Administration one of the public members as
Assistance and Alternative Trade Chairperson of the Advisory Committee.
Adjustment Assistance [TA–W–56,773] A representative of the U.S. Department
In accordance with Section 223 of the Ruskin Company; Clayton, OH; Notice of Education and a representative of the
Trade Act of 1974 (19 U.S.C. 2273) the of Termination of Investigation Department of Commerce will be
Department of Labor issued a invited to serve as non-voting ‘‘ex-
Certification of Eligibility to Apply for Pursuant to Section 221 of the Trade officio’’ members of the Committee. The
Worker Adjustment Assistance and Act of 1974, an investigation was Assistant Secretary for Employment and
Alternative Trade Adjustment initiated on March 16, 2005 in response Training shall be a member ex-officio.
Assistance on September 29, 2003, to a petition filed by a company official The Designated Federal Official for the
applicable to workers of The Owenby and the United Steel Workers Union, ACA is Mr. Anthony Swoope,
Company, Blairsville, Georgia. The Local 4545 on behalf of workers at Administrator of the Office of
notice was published in the Federal Ruskin Company, Clayton, Ohio. Apprenticeship Training, Employer and
The petitioners have requested that Labor Services.
Register on November 6, 2003 (68 FR
the petition be withdrawn.
At the request of the State agency, the Consequently, the investigation has
Anthony Swoope, Administrator, Office
Department reviewed the certification been terminated.
of Apprenticeship Training, Employer
for workers of the subject firm. The Signed in Washington, DC, this 25th day of and Labor Services, Employment and
workers were engaged in the production March 2005. Training Administration, U.S.
of tee shirts. Elliott S. Kushner, Department of Labor, Room N–4671,
Information provided by the State Certifying Officer, Division of Trade 200 Constitution Avenue, NW.,
agency shows that Skilstaf, Inc. was Adjustment Assistance. Washington, D.C. 20210, telephone:
contracted by The Owenby Company to [FR Doc. E5–1528 Filed 4–4–05; 8:45 am] (202) 693–2796 (this is not a toll-free
provide payroll function services to BILLING CODE 4510–30–P number).
workers on-site at the Blairsville,
Georgia location of The Owenby SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
Company. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR following is a list of the committee
Information also shows that all members by group:
workers separated from employment at Employment and Training Represents: Employers
the subject firm had their wages Administration
reported under a separate Mr. Robert W. Baird, Vice President,
unemployment insurance (UI) tax Appointments to the Advisory Apprenticeship and Training,
account for Skilstaf, Inc. Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA) Standards and Safety, Independent
Based on these findings, the Electrical Contractors, Inc.,
AGENCY: Employment and Training
Department is amending this Alexandria, Virginia.
Administration, Labor.
certification to include workers whose ACTION: Notice of ACA appointments. Ms. Linda Bien, President and CEO,
wages were reported by Skilstaf, Inc. at North East Medical Services, San
The Owenby Company, Blairsville, SUMMARY: The Employment and Francisco, California.
Georgia. Training Administration hereby Ms. Phyllis Eisen, Vice President,
The intent of the Department’s announces the appointments of 31 Manufacturing Institute, Washington,
certification is to include all workers of members to fill vacancies on the DC.
The Owenby Company who was Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship
adversely affected by increased imports. (ACA), an advisory board to the Ms. Julie A. Flik, Executive Vice
The amended notice applicable to Secretary. The ACA, which is President, Compass Group, North
TA–W–52,833 is hereby issued as authorized by Section 2 of the National American Division, Bion Island,
follows: Apprenticeship Act (29 U.S.C. 50), Mamaroneck, New York.
All workers of The Owenby Company, complies with the requirements of the Mr. Fred Haag, Senior Vice President-
including workers whose wages were Federal Advisory Committee Act (5 Electrical, Infrasource Inc., Madison,
reported by Skilstaf, Inc., Blairsville, Georgia, U.S.C., App.). The Committee will be an Mississippi.

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