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<h1>VTSP Foundation (2015) - vCenter Overview</h1>
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<p>Q: Which vCenter Server license is suited for running a virtual infrastructur
e that supports twenty or fewer workloads?</p>
<p>A: VMware vCenter Server for Essentials kits</p>
<p>VMware vCenter Server Foundation XXXXXXXXXXXXX</p>
<p>VMware vCenter Server for Essentials Plus kits</p>
<p>VMware vCenter Server Standardxxxxx : How many virtual machines can the VMwar
e High Availability and DRS clusters support in a vCenter Server architecture?</
<p>A: 8000</p>
<p>10,000 Q: Which Auto Deploy component allows you to define vSphere Installati
on Bundles to boot ESXi hosts?</p>
<p>A: Auto Deploy Server xxxx</p>
<p>Image Profiles</p>
<p>Answer Files</p>
<p>Host Profiles</p>

Q: Identify the functions of the platform services controller. (Choose three.)</

<p>A: Auto Deploy</p>
<p>Certificate Authority</p>
<p>Update Manager Q: What are the benefits of enhanced linked mode? (Choose two.
<p>A: Increases vCenter security</p>
<p>Enables single vCenter server appliance to manage multiple sites</p>
<p>Increases vCenter reliability</p>
<p>Provides support for vCenter server appliance Decreases the configuration eff
ort required to establish linked mode</p>
<p>25xxx23XXXX Q: What is the minimum license required to set up a host profile
in a vSphere environment?</p>
<p>A: Essentials XXX</p>
<p>Standard xxxx</p>

Enterprise Plus</p>
<p>Desktop Q: What are the key features of Virtual SAN? (Choose two.)</p>
<p>A: Supports up to 500 virtual machines per host.</p>
<p>Provides rack awareness to tolerate rack failures.</p>
<p>Works with vSphere DRS to identify and remediate storage issues.</p>
<p>Provides All-Flash architecture. Stores ESXi state on host disk.</p>
<p>25XXX Q: Which of these is a key feature of the High Availability service?</p
<p>A: Automatically restarts failed VMs on other production servers</p>
<p>Automatically restarts a failed server</p>
<p>Migrates VMs to running servers by using vMotion</p>
<p>Offers clustering solutions to vCenter Servers : Which vSphere infrastructure
management feature is used to manage multiple automated processes across hetero
geneous systems?</p>
<p>A: Resource maps</p>

<p>vCenter server plug-ins Q: In which phase of the vSphere host lifecycle is an
ESXi image installed for provisioning or re-provisioning large number of ESXi h
<p>Q: Identify the tasks that require the use of VMware Endpoint Certificate Ser
vice for certificate management. (Choose three.)</p>
<p>Create Certificate Revocation Lists</p>
<p>Create trusted certificates</p>
<p>Sync trusted certificates</p>
<p>Store certificates and private keys</p>

Sync Certificate Revocation Lists</p>

<p>124XXXXX Q: Which vSphere feature is used for configuring an ESXi host in a v
Sphere infrastructure? (Choose two.)</p>
<p>Auto Deploy</p>
<p>Update Manager</p>
<p>Host Profiles</p>
<p>vSphere Client</p>