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Basic Computer Concepts Evaluation Test

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How do you open a program such a Microsoft word when there are no icons on the desktop?
a. Double click on the desktop to reveal hidden icons
b. Click the start button and select the program from the menu
c. Use a keyboard command
d. It's not possible to open a program when there are no icons on the desktop
How do you save a document to a flash drive when you are working in Microsoft Word?
a. Click the "X' in the top right corner of the screen
b. Use the start button to locate the flash drive. Right click on the flash drive and select "Save."
c. Click "File" at the top of the screen and select "Save As." Select the flash drive, type a file name and click "Save"
d. Restart the computer
All computers must have:
a. Word processing software
b. An operating system
c. A printer attached
d. A virus checking program
Which hard disk will be able to store more information?
a. 24 MB
c. 24 GB
b. 2400 KB
d. 240 MB
In order for your computer to play music you need:
a. A network card and speakers
b. A sound card and speakers
c. Nothing more than the internal speaker
d. A CD-ROM drive
Which Windows program do you use to manage folders and files?
a. Windows Explorer
b. Windows Accessories
c. Microsoft Office
d. Windows Control Panel
Which media holds more information?
a. Floppy diskette
b. DVD
d. Zip drive
What is it called when you remove some information from a file or remove a file from the disk?
a. Save
c. Edit
b. Delete
d. Open
What do you do to get rid of a window that you've opened?
a. Delete
c. Trash
b. Close
d. Kill
What do you do when you make changes to a document?
a. Drag
c. Click
b. Edit
d. Change
What menu command do you use to give a file a name and a place to live?
a. Save
c. Rename
b. Creating a file
d. Close
Where do you move icons when you want to get rid of or delete them?
a. Recycle Bin
c. Document Files
b. Folders
d. None of the above
What do we call those small, pictorial representations of objects we see on the desktop?
a. List View
c. Icons
b. File Menu
d. Start Menu
What do we call it when you "lose" all the work you've done since the last time you saved?
a. Crash
c. Close
b. Hang up
d. Recycle Bin

Monitor .15. Microcomputer. People ware d. Laser Printer. What is the meaning of CPU? a. hi-speed computer 16. Black and White Printer 17. Mouse c. CD and DVD stores the same amount of data c. Inkjet Printer b. Liquid Printer. Hard disk 19. System Unit b. CPU d. CPU c. Large scale computer. Hardware c. Centralized Processing Unit 18. Computer Drive 23. Mouse c. Macro computer. Powder Printer d. Center Process Unit b. Scanner 20. a. Printer c. Which of the following is an output device? a. Which of the following is a true statement? a. Design Video Disk 24. All of the above 25. Keyboard b. Micro computer. DVD stands for? a. Monitor b. Digital Versatile Disk c. CD stands for? a. Software b. a. Computer Disk d. Printer d. Mouse b. CD stores more data compared to DVD b. Monitor 22. mainframe. mainframe computer. Microchip computer. Dot Matrix Printer. It is a small device used to point to and select items on your computer screen. Powder Printer c. a. Desktop computer. Color Printer. Digital Video Drive d. USB d. Digital Video Driver b. minicomputer. Malware 21. Central Processing Unit c. Which of the following is an input device? a. It is the physical part of the computer. Laptop computer. Keyboard d. Macro computer. Central Process Unit d. What are the two types of a printer? a. It is the core of the computer system. Compac Disc b. Compact Disk c. mainframe computer. DVD stores more data compared to CD d. supercomputer d. supercomputer c. What are the four types of a computer? a. supercomputer b.

USB stands for _________. Macrosoft Disc Operating System b. Computers are used in guided missiles. A part of the computer system that transfers data from a computer onto paper. Monitor b. Computers have become a household article. Universal Storage Bus 28. Notebook computer offers the convenience to work while away and also allows carrying work back home. MicroSafe Disk Operation System d. keeping eye on enemy movement and training. Information and Communicating Technology c. Information and Communications Technology b. 1 megabyte is equal to 1024 kilobytes c. USB d. Mouse c. d. None of the above. research and education. Scanner d. Keypad b. Modem d. LAN stands for ________. a. except _______. a. Printer c. 1 kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes b. a. Notebook computer is commonly used to make presentations in meetings. None of the above 33. Computers have changed the war strategy altogether. ICT stands for _________. Keyboard 27. Notebook computer’s parts are harder to find and more expensive. Microsoft Disk Operating System c. None of the Above 31. b. Union Storage Box d. Local Area Network c. Land Area Network b. Transmitter b. All are applications of a computer. 35. a. A device that sends and receives computer information over a telephone line or high-speed cable. a. Keyboard 29. Which of the following is not a true statement? a. d. None of the above 32. a. Satellite Receiver c. including entertainment. MS-DOS stands for __________. Not just reservations of air tickets but even the schedule of flights is maintained with the help of computers c. . 34. b. Which is not an advantage of using Notebook computers? a. Local Access Network d. Universal Storage Box b. a. Universal Serial Bus c.26. None of the above. it satisfies the needs of different persons. 1 gigabyte is equal to 1024 megabytes d. Information and Corporation Team d. c. It is used mainly for typing text into your computer. a. None of the above. LAN card 30.

You can communicate ideas. Reduction in costs 37. Expansion Card b. Speaker d. LCD and Flat screen 42. Which of the following is a presentation software? a. a. Microsoft Excel c. Microsoft Word b. except one. None of the above 41. Microsoft PowerPoint d. Which is not a group of keys? a. Desktop and Hand-held c. Fetch b. Cartridge b. Recode c. Arrow c. Adobe Photoshop d. CPU 38. All are functions of the CPU. None of the above 46. Number d. Keyboards are divided into different groups of keys. Internet Explorer 45. While walking inside a computer store. a. Motherboard d. Writeback 40. Hard Disk b. Esc 44. Storage Capability d. High Speed Computation b. Laser printers use a fine powdered ink. Terminal c. Which is NOT a characteristic of a computer? a. It is a large board which contains a number of tiny electronic and other components inside the system unit. What are those? a. Desktop and Flatbed b. Personal Digital Assistant(PDA) d. d. Which is not an application software? a. LCD and CRT d. called? a. Workstation .36. Windows XP c. Prone to error c. Microsoft Word b. USB Flash Drive c. Alphabet b. Execute d. Laptop b. messages and other information to a group with the help of presentation software. What are the two types of scanners? a. Powder Carriage c. Lina observed that there are two types of a monitor being sold. a. Flatbed and Hand-held d. Toner d. Touchscreen and Plasma c. d. Memory Board 39. A ______________ is a portable computer that is small enough to fit in your hand. Which of the following is not part of the system unit? a. CRT and Touchscreen b. System Unit c. Press Powder 43.

Entrance 51. What is the name of the most widely used operating system for personal computers? a. Pressing the mouse button twice in rapid succession is termed as ______? a. None of the above 48. a computer software program b. Click d. a type of UFO(Unidentified Flying Object) c. There are 700 MB in a CD. UNIX d. 5120 kb d. Launch b. How many kilobytes are there in 5 megabytes? a. the University of Michigan 56. MS Word 52.S. Toward the Ground d. search engines c. 1 GB is 1024 MB.9 GB 49. Which is the best search tool for finding Web sites that have been handpicked and recommended by someone else? a. Librarians’ Index to the Internet 58. To the right c. Google c. a business corporation c. a vast network that connects millions of computers around the world d. an acronym for Unlimited Resources for Learning . Which way should the "tail" of the mouse point when you use it? a. discussion groups 55. 0. Toward the sky BASIC INTERNET QUESTIONS 53. Super Click 50. The Internet was originally developed by whom? a. 1024 GB d. the address of a document or "page" on the World Wide Web d.68 GB b. Macintosh c. a computer game b. What is a URL? a. What is a synonym for "Opening" a program application a. What is the World Wide Web? a. the U. Away from your body b. Double Click b. and the World Wide Web b. 1 GB c. meta-search engines d. LISTSERVS.47. Windows b. 5020 kb c. subject directories b. 0. computer hackers b. a public network neither owned nor run by any one group or individual c. Which one of the following is a search engine? a. Right Click c. Macromedia Flash b. another name for the Internet 54. a software program c. Drag d. How may GB are there in a CD? a. an interconnected system of networks that allows for communication through e-mail. Department of Defense d. Which description does NOT apply to the Internet? a. Delete c. the part of the Internet that enables information-sharing via interconnected pages d. Netscape d. 1024 kb b. a catalog of information organized and fact-checked by a governing body 57.

MHz c. Modulator Demodulater b. Monetary Demarkation d. World Wide War is a a. Chat service on the web 63. Google (www. World Wide Wares d. Kbps 65. Internet Explorer is a a. Number in Math b.59. ISP stands for a. Integrated Service Provider c. Megabytes d. The speed of your net access is defined in terms of a. Solve equations b. Monetary Devaluation Exchange Mechanism 62. Directory of images d. World Wide Web c. Internet Service Provider 61. World Wide Wait 64. Modem stands for a. HTML is used to a. Internet Survey Period d. Memory Demagnetization c. News Reader c. RAM b. Graphing Package . Web Browser b. Any person browsing the net d. Author webpages 60. Translate one language into another c. Internet Security Protocol b. Plot complicated graphs d. Search Engine "www" stands for a.

Go to FILE MENU. click SAVE. Set the document using following formats: a. Format this paragraph so that it is centre aligned. Format this line as Bold. type “WORD-Activity 2”. In some cases. Change the line spacing to double spacing. Change the word H2O so that it looks like H2O. dark blue colour Change the word 2nd so that it looks like 2nd. Format this paragraph so that it is centre aligned. 1. Format this line as Italic and Underline. Margins : 1 inch – all sides b.Word Processing Application Skills Evaluation ACTIVITY I. Paper size : Legal Go to FILE MENU. in the filename. Format this paragraph so that it is centre aligned. click SAVE AS. Format this line as Arial font face. in the filename. Orientation : Landscape c. the instructions are repeated for the purpose of providing more text in the paragraph. in the filename. Create a new document. Change the line spacing to double spacing. click SAVE AS. Close . Open Microsoft Word application. Encode the following paragraphs and follow the instructions in the following text to format each paragraph. Go to FILE MENU. Close 2. 1. Create a new document and encode the instructions below and make formatting changes within the text as instructed. Format this line as Times New Roman font Face and 12pt font size. type “WORD-Activity 3”. Open the previous activity. Change the line spacing to double spacing. ACTIVITY II. Close the document after your are finished. type “WORD-Activity 1”.

3 1. 2 Quiz No. Juan Cariño 90 88 87 2. in the filename. click SAVE AS. Student Name Class Standing Quiz No. Create the table shown below. Mike Hanopol 74 77 75 2. Go to FILE MENU.ACTIVITY III. Create a blank document. Close MS WORD. Pepe Smith 76 79 77 3. . 1. 1 Quiz No. type “WORD-Activity 3”.

Click “Click to add title” text box and type “Fifth Slide” 8. 16. Remove the last slide. Using the current presentation. Click the fourth slide on the Slide Pane. 13. Apply the transition “blinds horizontal” to all slides. Open Microsoft PowerPoint application. Click “Click to add title” text box and type “Third Slide” 7. 9. Go to File Menu. click SAVE. 15. Click “Click to add title” text box and type “Fourth Slide” 14.pot”. Click the fifth slide on the Slide Pane. 11. apply “fly in” entrance effect on the title. On the second slide. Click the third slide on the Slide Pane. Go to File Menu. Do not close the presentation. 3. Click “Click to add title” text box and type “Second Slide” 6. Click “Click to add title” text box and type “First Slide”. 10. direction: vertical and speed: medium on the title “First Slide”. Close the document and exit the application 19. 2.Activity 2”.Slide Presentation Application Skills Evaluation 1. click “Click to add title” text box and type “My PowerPoint Presentation”. Insert a blank slide after the fourth slide. Close MS Powerpoint . click SAVE AS and type in the file name “PPOINT. 18. Create a new document and insert four blank slides.(Total of five slides) On the first slide. place any clip art 12. 17. On the first slide. Apply “blinds” entrance effect. 4. Click the second slide on the Slide Pane. change the slide design to “glass layers. 20. Save as “PPOINT-Activity 1” as the file name. if not available then change the background color of all the slides to green. 5.

Go to File Menu. in cell B8. Enter the following data in sheet 1. Using the SUM function. Close Microsoft Excel. compute for the total of Quiz 2. compute for the total of Quiz 1. Compute for the average of each student using a formula.Electronic Spreadsheet Application Skills Evaluation 1. 9. 8. 4. In cell C9. Save as “EXCEL-Activity 1” as the file name. 10. Insert two blank worksheets. 2. 6. click SAVE AS and type in the file name “EXCEL. Using the current worksheet. Open Microsoft Excel application. Delete other worksheets aside from Sheet 1. Create a chart having the chart type “column” and chart sub-type “clustered column”. 5. . sort the record alphabetically. 7. 3.Activity 2”.