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Creation I
---------------The world of Seleria was formed with the combined powers of eight Deities who then went on to
sow the seeds of life on this planet. Seleria was much like Earth during it's creation, although each
deity took it upon themselves to create life.
Septim, the most powerful of the eight, God of Creation & Destruction created a race of Dragons.
When Seleria was covered in fiery torment due to it still forming, this allowed the beings to roam
free. They adapted, and flourished in this harsh environment while feeding off of elemental fire and
Nefria, Goddess of Light and the wife of Septim, created the Celestials. They are winged beings and
were significantly weaker than dragons. The Celestials were an experiment to see how a deity would
fair creating a humanoid. She gifted them with magic, magic so powerful that it made them above all
other species,except for the dragons, and their nemesis, the demons. Celestials were used by the
other deities as messengers and servants. Even as the world was cooling, the world was inhabitable
only by the Dragons, so the Celestials were kept in the deity's realm.
Zephioron/Zephiron Nefria's Twin Brother and God of Darkness, not wanting to be outdone,used the
Celestials as a framework and created the Demons. Although he has used the Celestials as a basis, he
could not stand the goodness they brought with them and his intentions wanted for something
darker;: entertainment. His minions, being his own creation, had no better purpose other than to
serve him.
The Demons, having been a constant source of trouble in the Realm of the Deities, were banished
from the realm by Septim and were sent to live in Zephioron's own sub-realm. Zephioron, who saw
this as unfair, demanded the Celestials be cast out as well. He saw this as Septim favoring his wife's
creations over his own.
The deities, Septim included - who sought balance and not to show favoritism - agreed that when
Seleria was habitable, the Celestials would leave for Seleria and live upon it with the condition that
the Demons would also be cast out of the sub-realm to live an unspoiled lifestyle and to fend for
Lenaya, Goddess of Nature, created the Sylphs. These beings were a little special as Lenaya, having a
love for a variety of flowers and trees she had in her sub-realm, wanted this same variety in her own
race. Sylphs were born in 2 varieties - it did not matter who the father or mother was, it was given to
The Elven variant were gifted with knowledge and agility and were more accepting of other races.
The Fairy variant were gifted with wings and an adaption for magic unlike their counterpart. They

were tasked with spreading the forests and flowers Lenaya loved so much and when their journey
came to an end they were to take up residence where ever they saw fit.
Mallaku, God of Ferocity and Power, created the Beast tribe. Although he was accused by Zephioron
of just wanting to create a humanoid that he saw attractive to copulate with. He counter argued that
Zephioron had done the same. Before the two had a chance to fight each other on the lands of
Seleria, Septim ordered them to stop or he would have them both remake their races. The two
eventually stopped fueling their suspicions that they indeed loved their own created race.
The Beastmen would live in the plains and mountainous regions. He went down a path from
Lenaya's variants that were created to be different than each other. For the BeastMen, parental
bloodline was set in stone when it came to birthing, unlike the Sylphs.
If two members of Dog tribe copulate, it would not result in the conception of a Feline tribe child.
Races like these looked similar to how an Human on earth would imagine them - humanoid with
accentuated and animal like features (ears, claws, feet, etc.) along with an increase in muscle mass.
Tialoc, God of Water and Rain, created the Sea Tribe who were tasked with exploring the oceans of
Seleria as it was forming and to make sure none of the other races would ruin such a beautiful thing.
Tialoc's philosophy was that water is life itself and thus had his own race to enforce it.
Gravuna, Goddess of Wind and Freedom, created the Avian Tribe - enjoying both Lenaya's and
Mallaku's ideas - she created humanoid bird variants. Having plans to craft them an island in the sky
so that they may live in harmony with the clouds and wind and also feel closer to her.
Unfortunately, she was never talented with creating life and these creatures turned out uglier than
any other race, and they were bird brained. Septim considered having her start again if not for
Lenaya convincing him that all life is valuable and it shouldn't be judged on it's appearance. After
thinking it through, he agreed and apologized to Gravuna. As a token of repentance he helped her
create the floating islands upon which these creatures would live.
Ishana, Goddess of Knowledge and Freedom Created Humanity to be more careful, thoughtful as
well as more intelligent than the other god's and goddess' races. Humanity was however physically
weaker thaen the other races as well as not as adaptable to magic. Yet, they showed more promise
than any other race.
It took 800 years as each god and goddess was given 100 years after the other to create their own
race. This was also used as time for them to prepare Seleria. A magnificent crystal of green and blue
similar to Earth although without pollution to ruin its purity.
The Dragons spread out as they pleased, having lived longer than any other race, they saw the
others as nothing important and decided not to meddle in their affairs unless it benefited them or
involved them in some way.
The Celestials, after Septim had given the God of Darkness his word, were forced to leave. They saw

this as an opportunity to teach the other races and also spread out to find them as well as admire
the creation of their masters.
The Demons on the other hand, chose the Zephiron named after their master. It is the Western
Continent located in a somewhat dark spot - a barren wasteland that suited their personality as they
plotted on the subjugating of other races.
Lenaya's Tribe had gone to do as their goddess decreed and set out to plant trees and flowers in
hopes of winning more favor with her. It had taken them 150 years even with the help of Tialoc and
their own goddess as well as Septim to speed the process up so that the world would feel more
After having finished their task, they left to live in the Southern continent as it had the most affinity
towards nature. It spread North to the central continent's Southern tip where the Sylph race had set
up an embassy for the other races as they were not allowed to enter the Southern continent of
Agrianea with the exception of the Sea tribe as they saw them as part of nature and had the most
friendship and familiarity with.
The Avian Tribe had several large islands in the sky (Think large scale Laputa) to live upon - past the
clouds they were most friendly with the Celestials and the Fairy Variant of Sylphs as they could both
fly freely. Although they were not fans of the Demon Tribe, who refered to them as Buzzards - a sort
of scavenger in there own lands as they could also fly.
Mallaku's Tribe chose the Eastern Continent as their main hub but also decided to live in the central
continent. They had no quarrel with the Sylphs nor Demons and they rarely saw Avians but those
who did say they had a beastial feel towards them. The beast tribe's main quarrel was with humanity
as they would only see the beast tribe as a product to exploit.
Which brings us to Ishana's humanity the most curious race of them all, taking up the central
continent for themselves. Apart from the few beast villages, humanity showed more promise then
any other race without the physical help of their own deity. They were gifted with knowledge and
Septim was urked by this as humanity although not as powerful by themselves would create marvels
when together. Humanity created kingdoms and technology to harness their environment for
The creation of Seleria had taken 200 years. 800 years for each deity to form their own race. Another
400 years for the races to firmly grasp themselves in there respective lands and 1400 years had
passed before a war was waged.
The instigators were the Demon Tribe who had gathered power and grew bored in there own lands
and had decided to spread to the Northern, central, and Southern continent in an effort to rule the
3 before moving onto the Eastern as well as the Avian lands. The Demons had done well,
overwhelming the 3 races with ease as they could not compete against their strength.
4 years had passed since the war had started and humanity as well as the Sylphs, Sea tribe, Avian

and Beast tribe came togher in a mutual effort to stop the Demons. The Celestials had also stepped
in but their main worry was that they had not had enough time in one place like the Demons so they
were vastly underpopulated.
Before the war had started and the Tribes were put into their places, the deities agreed that they
would not interfere, as this would ruin the balance. That being said they could only watch as the
Demon tribe, under the grin of their god, waged war on the others. Their magic was fearsome
compared to the still developing tribes and humanity was still young and had not the technology nor
skill in magic to fight.
The Sylphs had no desire to fight and had no experience. The beast tribe had always rushed in
without thinking. The Avians put up a good fight as they had not been on friendly terms with
Demons and flight was a fair advantage as not all Demons could fly. They had used the Celestials as
their commanders to guide them. Although it was looking grim they had no choice but to ask for the
help of the Dragons.
On their journey, the Celestials could not find many Dragons as they were overwhelmingly stronger
than them as if comparing a human with bug spray to a fly. As they were close to losing hope they
were given advice by Ishana. Using her knowledge to find a loophole in the rules and spoke directly
to the Celestial Archangel Abaddon who followed her advice.
Taking a path discovered in the central continent in an enormous cave that led straight down to
Seleria's crust and a lava flow where the Dragon Fafnir - a Dragon although not as large as it
counterparts - boasted more agility and ferocity than the others.
Abbadon pleaded with the beast to assist the races in fighting the Demons but Dragons, having little
to no care of what the others do, could not care less. Abbaddon continued on with the Dragon for a
week depleting his own stamina aswell as a weeks worth of time - despite being a drop in the river
for the age of a celestial. In the end, Fafnir agreed on the condition that it would be built a lavish
home in it's cave filled with valuables. As powerful as a Dragon was it lacked the creativity of the
As Fafnir entered the fray it tore through the Demon ranks - anihilating them with his abilities - a
cast of it's magic would destroy city's with ease. Using this fearsome creature the Demons were
pushed back to their own continent and were forced to give up as they begun to lick there wounds.
The Celestials paid close attention to them, to make sure it would never happen again. The instigator
of this war - Demon King Azrael was chained using metal forged from Fafnir's flames and was bound
in a Rift. The Celestials managed to create, in an effort to mimic a sub-realm of their Deity's, the
knowledge of it's whereabouts being known only to the Celestials and Fafnir.
It was time for Abaddon to keep his promise. Although the continents were in ruins and shambles
after the now five year long war - for the Demons, having no care and loving the destruction of
others, it was as if 100 years of destruction was frenzied away in only five. The humans were tired
and wanted to fix their own homes even after listening to Abbadon's words. Fafnir grew mad at the

humans who would not build his home to look as lavish as it could be to allow him to brag to other
dragons as he comes across them.
Before Fafnir had gone on his rampage, the deities (apart from Zephioron who welcomed it after
seeing his race lose the war) all agreed that another race was to be made. One who exceeded the
humans in creavity and knowledge in metalwork. The Dwarven race was to be made on Septim's
It had taken him, Ishana and Gravuna 5 days to complete their race. Septim gave them the ability to
create masterpieces in any metal crafting or building work. Ishana gave them more knowledge of
Seleria's terrain and precious metals aswell as how to forge - her knowledge adding onto Septim's.
Gravuna on the other hand could not give much she was tasked with shapping the dwarf's form.
Unfourtently the deities cannot predict the future well and had to make do with what she gave
them. The dwarven race was sent to Fafnir's cave, the mighty dragon was on his way out when a
bright pillar of light shined from the heavens infront of the cave as it transported the dwarves there.
Fafnir was stunned at the turn of events as such magic was only usable by the gods themselves. He
had then heard Septim's voice as he explained the purpose of these new creatures. Fafnir could not
be happier as he took the dwarven race into his home for there protection aswell as to allow them
to craft his home.
Another five years had soon passed and the world was now looking closer to what it felt like during
its glorious age before the First War or as it was came to be known as "The Chaos Era" . A short five
years was given the title of Era as to those who suffered it, it seemed like an eternity.
The Dwarves on the other hand, being the newest race, had played their roll without a hitch as they
had lavishly adorned the cave which would act as their home for years to come. Fafnir was quite
pleased with the work the Dwarves had done - the cave had been fortified with marble pillars which
featured carvings of the great dragon while the floor of the cave had been dug out and replaced with
large slabs of tiling made from a mix of quartz and fine iron.
A subtle shine against the lava river beamed from a finely carved dragon's head - the eyes of which
were made from diamonds, while the horns were carved from a cave crystal which glowed. It was
also adorned with sapphires and rubies. Fafnir in fact was so overjoyed, he declared he would
protect the dwarves should they require his help. This of course was done in the year 1407AC (After
chaos). The humans had managed to rebuild but trouble was stirring....

--------------It had started in the year 1486AC, the humans fearing another attack not only from the demon s, but
from the other races had rallied their kingdoms together under the banner of Emperor Siegfried II,
who had lost his Father Siegfried I during the Chaos Era. Maddened with revenge for non-human
creatures, he spread rumors that the other races were plotting to take control of humanity as slaves
and steal the central continent. Of course this did not go unnoticed.
Ishana was worried at how the minds of her creations had wandered off her path of knowledge and
kindness. She tried in many ways to influence the open minded ministers and king s, but the
Emperor had risen to powerful a position politically and had assassinated or threatened those that
did not agree with his views. Ishana saw there was no way out, and could only watch in sadness as
she knew, no matter what role she played, many would die. This man’s rage was too much to
control without many dying.
In 1499AC the Emperor began a campaign after having rewarded those who had children, as he
wanted soldiers for his army. This campaign was to first head east and capture the eastern
continent, before having no name, but now known as A’tiel in beast language and translated to
Brave in human.
The emperor’s goal was to subjugate the hated east continent. Prior to invading he had ransacked
and killed many of the tribes in the central continent, either sending them running in fear or
disappearing into hiding. Slavery, of course, profited well, as many nobles and merchants wanted
the attractive beast tribe females as their plaything s.
It had become so public that, without fear, the main slaver organization, known as Shade, put a
bounty on the Beast Tribes main chiefs daughter for 100,000 gold coins to capture her alive. The
following year was no longer branded as AC, but was now referred to as PC or, as the humans called
it, the Purging Crusade.
1502PC was when the humans managed a foothold on the Eastern continents shore s, after many
battles with the beast tribes that left countless humans or beastmen dead. Of course, past the sandy
shores was a mountainous, plain-like area and the humans had little to no experience with such
terrain. In fact, it had taken four years of shore battle for the Emperor to come up with an idea. He
forced the mages in the human kingdom to use slaves they had captured and mind-controlled them
to attack their own tribe.
Unfortunately, it had proven effective in three ways. Not only were the beastmen killing each other
without human lives being lost, it had proven effective mentally and allowed the humans to set up
many forts along the mountain lines they were able to access using their new found distraction s.
The war raged for 13 more years and by the time the emperor was 76 years of age, he had done his
best to influence his sons mind and they were winning quite well. They had managed to capture

roughly 89% of the Continent, the humans had done well in their prior-to-the-war fear campaign,
allowing them to hoard as much as they could, the beast tribe was not faring well and were soon to
crumble and become slaves, or even worse, extinct. These mortal events caused a ripple over the
years in the realm of the deities.
Mallaku was furious and intended many times to split the central continent in half if Septim and the
others had not reasoned him against it. He was gravely mad at Ishana for not controlling her pets
and she agreed that something must be done, but the laws of the gods were absolute.
The beast tribe chieftain had secretly set out and sought allies in the celestials who were always
watching and were in fact preparing to assist. This in turn convinced the sylphs to also assist, leaving
the dwarf s, who were uninterested, as well as the sea tribe, and demons to not participate. In the
year 1518, the Emperor died, leaving Prince Vers to be crowned the new emperor.
His coronation was soon coming, and the other races took it as a chance to attack the main kingdom
while everyone was mourning the death of an emperor and the coronation of a new one. Prince Vers
was 18 and had, more or less, been alive during the main segments of the war.
He would, in fact, be remembered as a prince of misfortune. He never became Emperor, as the
celestials – even more prepared since the demon war – as well as the now experienced and powerful
sylphs had invaded the central continent.
Humanity was weakened greatly due to its main forces being on the Eastern Continent. The prince
had to be shoved aside and nobles took it as a chance to grab power. They formed a council of ten; a
king from each kingdom that had overruled the prince and set him aside.
As the years went by, humanity began to retreat, causing celebration for the Beast tribe, but it was
not over yet. Their numbers dwindled, but they thirsted for revenge. They set out to join the others
in a three way assault and it had, in turn, proven greatly effective. Humanity’s greatest fear had
come to fruition, but not because they waited – because they had brought it upon themselves.
They hid in their walls as the forces of three races surrounded them using magic and siege
weaponry. The celestials could have ended it quite quickly, but they had decided to make humanity
suffer. Unbeknownst to them, all four races – especially humanity – would suffer terribly under the
anger of a sleeping tyrant.
The year was 1529PC and the races were close to seeing humanity surrender. Many had already died
and the smell of death had plagued the continent. The pure celestials had been saddened, but saw it
as necessary, and the Sylph race sympathized with them, not wanting violence. The beast tribe, on
the other hand, loved every moment of their revenge, having taken human soldiers as prisoners and
executing them or leading them to even worse fates.
Under the kingdom, humanity had built its main city of Fira Upon. It was fortified prior to the war
after Siegfried II saw it as necessary to hide a dark secret passage for the royal family. Under the
main castle was Cerulium Ore, which held powerful magical properties prior to the AC. The main

royal family had used it to gain power after they discovered it.
From peasants, to merchants, to Royalty. But what they discovered further was enough to shake
humanity’s spirit. The source of Cerulium was the crystalized aura of the dragon, Tiamat, who had
been slumbering since he had been free. Humanity had built its foundation on Tiamat’s spirit, so to
speak, and the war raging above was slowly but surely ruining his slumber.
During the year 1530MM, Memento Mori, was the year Tiamat woke up in a rage at the mortals
ruining his slumber. The first to feel was Fafnir, who ordered the dwarfs to seal off the cave. The
second were the celestial s, who ordered a full retreat, but it was not until a few minutes that they
detected the dragons presence from a Terror Burst, a powerful, beam-like weapon channeled by
dragons alone, as they are the only creatures (other than the deity s) on Seleria able to channel it
with their large quantity of mana.
It had been said that the weapon of fear split Fira in half, killing the council, as well as the prince
inside the main castle. Tiamat was said to have burst out from the ground, causing tremors that
shook the depths of mortals to the core, and proceeded to destroy every living thing he had set his
eyes upon. Memento Mori, the celestials called it; "Remember that you have to die". All things come
to an end.
It was said that Tiamat then proceeded to use the remnants of these death lands to cover himself as
he slumbered again. To him, it was as if getting up to kill an annoying pest before heading back to
bed. Humanity had suffered greatly. They had lost their pillar of support.
The sylphs had lost thousands and the beast tribe had retreated. The celestials knew the suffering
this had caused and the innocent lives that had perished in the city. In fact, it was the reason they
had not entered yet, as they did not want to kill those who were not involved.
In 1565MM, humanity had barely begun piecing itself back together and a silent truce was formed.
The celestials picked a leader for humanity, named Leo Zircus, or Leo the Divine. His title originated
from an ability to communicate telepathically with celestial s. He had been a defector during the
War, as he knew humanity had done poorly. He was tasked with leading his people to restoration
and making sure this would never happen again.
Prior to the restoration, during Tiamat’s awakening, the gods were quite shocked at Septim’s
creation being born while Seleria was forming and adapting had made them all powerful. As a result,
they all demanded they be controlled. Septim agreed. In the year 1570, Septim created eight sigils of
protection for each race.
Archangel Abaddon, who was not present during the war because he had been ordering his
celestials from afar, was summoned to the deity’s realm. To his surprise, he had fallen to his knees in
worship, begging for guidance as the gods were silent in speaking to the celestials since they had
been placed on Seleria.
Septim obliged Abbadons request, gave him the eight sigils and tasked him to hand each races

leader their respective sigil of protection. He explained that it was magically altered to take the form
of any object within a 2x2 expansion rate that its wielder desired. Only creatures of that race may
use it. Abbadon, having taken this all in, was sent back and explained everything to his fellow
Celestial s.
Having to test the celestial sigil, he formed it into a sword Known as Twilight; a sword capable of
combatting a dragon. Split in half, the sides of the sword represented light and darkness,
alternatively. Then again, all of the sigils were capable of being light or dark in the right hand s.
Humanity’s sigil was given first, as Abbadon found Leo to be quite fond of the celestial s. Leo
welcomed it after the catastrophe of Fira and formed the Duel Set Aegis, a shield with the face of a
divine being and adorned well with jewel s, and Caliburn, a sword of white metal that had a heavy
blue glow. Together, they made a fearful combo. Leo used this as a sign of true leadership, rallying
his people under its strength and rebuilding humanity.
The beast tribe was next, as they had suffered the greatest after the human s. Chieftain Giron of the
Feline Tribe, a muscular man bearing many scars from the war, used his sigil to form Ursa, a Double
Sided Great Axe. One side was blood red, the other prismatic white.
The sylph tribe were still mourning their dead, as they lived longer than any other race after the
celestials and demon s. Their sigil was given to their Fairy Priestess and Elven War Maiden. The two
decided to create something special, unlike Leo who used his sigil to form two powerful objects that
he wielded together to bring out their full power.
The Fairy priestess, Myra, created Moon Wing, a staff that had no combat power whatsoever, which
was dedicated to healing, cleansing, and protection. The Elven maiden, Syrana, created Eclipse, a
large Warbow that did not use normal arrow s. Instead, it generated magical arrows using its own
power, the power of its wielder, as ammunition.
The Sea tribe sigil was given to King Tryil. He formed the mightiest lance, Gungnir, a spear of thunder
that was most effective underwater, but would not harm anyone he deemed as not an enemy. It was
a truly potent weapon.
After the sea tribe received their weapon, Abbadon had then proceeded to give the avians their sigil,
but their leader, Matriarch Skraw, decided it best to not form a weapon, as they wanted to be less
inclined to violence. So it was said and done.
Abbadon went to the demon race immediately after setting off from the avians. Seeing that they had
thrived well after their restoration, he gave the sigil to the Demon Queen, Driada, but not before
warning her carefully that the other races each wielded weapons equal to the one she was about to
create and for her to not get any ideas.
Abbadon had set out leaving Driada to form the most fearful magical grimorie, known as Void
because of its ability to generate an assortment of a thousand catastrophic spells and ritual s. The
downside of the book was the spells required Mana. The demon queen had not acquired it yet,

Abbadon had known of the dwarf existence for quite a while, and wondered why they did not
receive a sigil. He then thought that Fafnir, being their eternal protector, possibly acted as one of the
dwarfs. After all, dwarfs were the most careful of all the races and chose to keep to themselves.
In the year 1965MM, there were a lack of advancements in the field of technology, considering this
universe had a lack of the physic laws. Instead, they were bound together only by the true god’s
strength. When it came to the field of magic, however, much had changed. In response to Septim’s
sigil s, the other gods were annoyed that he had given out benefits to their races without it being
imbued by them. So, he allowed them to send one angel to take a fragment of their power to add to
a sigil that would absorb it. This would lead to quite a stir...

-------------Each angel, after being given the fragments by Abaddon, who had again been summoned only to
return with said items, had instructed them to deliver these fragments. Go forth and bless the
creatures of this world with the will of the gods. The angels, in their divine mindset, had done so,
heading without question. Of course, the sigils were already formed.
Who knew what sort of change would be undertaken? Of course, no one predicted what would
happen, but it seemed a being took notice of such power, and his gluttony got the better of him.
This being was Orochi the eight headed serpent dragon. This dragon took it upon himself to hunt
down each angel as they traveled and devour them along with the fragments.
Each one of Orochi's heads gaining a power symbolizing the eight deities. The gods were furious at
the creature for devouring a part of them. Septim acted quickly, as a pillar of light descended from
the sky, engulfing the creature only to transport it to a prison, deep below the earth where it would
not have the chance to use its new found powers on the living. It was banished until otherwise. The
gods, fearing the dragons might do such an act if they had given another fragment, looked to Septim
to bind the dragons from interfering.
But Septim had already explained that, with the sigils, it was as if he was favoring them over the
dragons and had angrily ordered the other gods to not give any more fragments, as he explained. If a
hero and his companions shall take the challenge, then they shall challenge the great serpent Orochi
to recover the fragments.
Until then, we shall not grant any more power to the mortals on a whim. The gods could not argue
the logic, as it did indeed sound more exciting as well as handing their own power out, as if it were
nothing, was not very god like.
As time went on, the world entered a peaceful state for a fair amount of time, but humanity, as well
as other races, grew bored with their wealth.
This would be called HA, the Heroes age. The birth of a new era in 2000 was when the Beast, Human,

Sylph, and even the Demon race formed a council. The main three races sought the guidance of the
angel leader Abbadon, who acted as an elder and structured this council even more carefully, since
the demons were involved at the behest of the gods.
After praying for guidance, he was given an idea which he took to the leaders of the four races that
would join. Build an academy, not for learning the way of the pen, nor the way of common build, this
academy was for learning the way of magic, the way of the sword, and the way of life and death, and
used to create heroes that could lead generations to come. As if related by blood to their creators,
the other races were also excited by this idea and wasted a glorious amount of worth and time to
fulfill this.
Thus was born the Gaia Academy, as well as its branches, which extended to the demon, beast,
elven, and human continents. This would also be used to strengthen their bonds. The sea tribe
declined joining giving the excuse that they needed to heed the call of the ocean and would not fare
well on land. The avians were more so nomads and loved being in the sky at all times.
At the start of the academy, all leaders of the respective races attended a ceremony located in the
human kingdom. Abbadon used this as a method to keep peace, and the ceremony went on for a
couple of weeks, as it was a start of a new age.
The world has truly found peace....or had it?

-------------"Ahh...I wonder how this happened to fast....seems like they were all but happy to capture me." A
man on his knees was being dragged by two individuals in military-style uniforms with a space
themed look, the glowing material fitting tightly against their bodies.
They continued to drag the man who was contrastingly dressed in nothing but a tight grey shirt and
damaged black suit pants, until they reached a dark clearing with one spot of light. They dropped
him in the light before backing away into the darkness that surrounded the area. A voice called out
quite fiercely,
“You are accused of killing millions, and even had the bravery to admit it openly, without fear!
General Avrin Sygin you are accused with crimes against humanity, so severe I’m surprised that you
were not killed by the guards on the way here." Avrin, the man on the ground, tried to regain his
stance. He was covered with bloodied bruises that accompanied an unkempt and unshaven look,
as if he had been in prison for decades with no shower. After a moment, he lifted his head and
“I never knew you had a sense of humor, Judge Dere. Then again, I never knew you and the others
would betray me so easily. Just for a position of power"

"Quiet mongrel!" Dere spoke fiercely, before another voice spoke out in the room of void and
"Avrin, due to the evidence of murdering so many innocent lives, as well as admitting to it, and that
no one has come to your defense as this trial is 100% certain of your guilt, we will humor you. Do
you have anything to say before we announce the verdict and punishment?" It was a female voice
that spoke out, Avrin noted.
Usually in a trial, there wouldn’t be a punishment stated before announcing the verdict, but as she
said, it was certain that he was guilty. Avrin took a deep breath and released it in such a way that it
appeared he was glad to let the carbon dioxide out – as if he took pleasure in poisoning the air.
"You are all a gutless bunch. Millions died so that billions could live! Each individual that died was
infected with the Ziox Virus and those who weren’t would have been. I did what I must, so that
humanity could live, and here I am in ion shackles in front of a court accusing me of genocide for
saving humanity!" He spoke while spreading his arms, the shackles making an electric sound at the
"Enough!" Dere spoke loudly and the room shook slightly, but this was not due to his presence, it
was due to the sound of the voice coming from the speakers that were surely hidden around the
dark room. "That being said...those lives could have been saved. A cure was on the way."
Avrin grunted quietly, then spoke. "Not quick enough to save billions more from being infected.
Enough of this stupid bullshit – get on with the verdict! Your sense of justice to save millions at the
cost of billions is irritating." Avrin snarled angrily.
"Very well." The unnamed female voice spoke again. “For the genocide of 87 million lives; women,
children, and men both infected and not infected with virus 877.43, also known as Ziox," At this
point Dere spoke alongside the female’s voice, almost perfectly in sync "We find former Earth
alliance General Avrin Sygin....Guilty."
Their words spoke firmly and clear and Avrin could have sworn he heard cheers from outside the
room. He wasn’t sure where he was, as this facility was not known to him. Possibly one of the moon
prisons. He was sure no one wanted him near earth after what had happened.
“Obviously, considering the verdict was predictable and you even found me guilty before I came into
this room." He chuckled to himself as he spoke. This seemed to annoy the two unseen judges as they
continued, Dere speaking first.
"For being guilty of the genocide of 87 million lives." Dere clarified the amount again, as if to irritate
Avrin. He stopped before the unnamed female joined in, then they both continued in sync. "We
sentence Former Earth alliance general Avrin Sygin to death by de-particlization.”
Avrin was more annoyed at the fact they kept saying his former title, instead of the fact that he was
about to receive the harshest death penalty in existence, a method reserved only for the worst of

the worst, not even criminals who killed hundreds were subjected to such a high level of painful
"Very well," Avrin spoke quietly. "So, when’s the big day?" He spoke as if making a joke out of it, but
the faint smile that had appeared on his face turned to one of shock as Dere chuckled and gave him
the answer:
"Right now."
The room began to brighten up, but not before the walls began to sound as if they were shifting, and
a large machine-like sound was heard, as if something was charging up. This made Avrin slightly
scared, but he already knew he was to accept his fate. It wasn’t as if he felt sorry for killing so many
people, but it was too late to save them at the cost of more lives.
The room was now lit up fairly well, its interior consisted blue walls and white carbon infused steel
specially coated with special particles for resistance against explosions and lasers alike. A perfect
execution room. It also had an array of patterns, with bumps and curves that had holes in them.
From these holes, a beam of light fired that began to bounce around the room, purposefully missing
the middle where Avrin was standing by a narrow margin. "Well, at least I’ll be going in a fancy way."
He spoke as he began to laugh quietly, the beam forming a cocoon with a height of 8 meters and a
width of 5, as it circled the middle, it began to slowly get smaller.
Avrin began to chuckle quietly, but steadily grew louder as the cocoon of energy grew closer
"Hahaha......HahaHahaha...." This was quite a worrying sight, if the people were watching from
inside, they would indeed gaze with nervousness and fear at this insane man’s laughter. The beam
cocoon was now only a meter away and a half a meter tall, as he began to laugh while standing
firmly, as if ready to take it.
" least I won’t be seeing any of you bastards again! HA!" At that point in
time, the cocoon, almost as if it were a predator pouncing on its prey, closed in an instant, encasing
him in the energy and perfectly keeping his form.
It was as if he was a sculpture carved from light. That being said this so called sculpture of light
began to disintegrate into smaller specks of light, as if particles, hence the name de-particlization.
The room grew dark as every speck vanished and the machine turned off.
The space is empty and void of anything that could represent something no feeling but pain no sight
no hearing not even able to think properly one could only be in misery.
"It hurts! It really hurts so fucking much!! Argh! M-make it stop!” he spoke in a demanding
tone, to which a voice replied.
"Well, I guess I can do that, but you owe me something in return."
"An...any...anything..." Avrin replied, as he couldn’t see anything or feel anything but pain.

------------"--I’m trying to piece together what happened after the pain vanished from my body. I’m a little
dumbstruck, considering I couldn’t move any of my limbs before, but here I am perfectly fine. Well, I
guess being completely naked is a little embarrassing. I remember on Vega IX I had to commando it
after a rebel faction surprised us when I was in the shower. Ahh...good times but I guess I should
continue on. I’m not sure where I am exactly other than a somewhat bright white room... I think
whoever made this needs to fire their interior designer.--"
A voice echoed softly in reply to his personal thoughts. "I heard that. I’m sure it’s not that bad."
"Ah...there it is again, that creepy voice. It has a ghostly, yet powerful way of speaking. Somewhat
intimidating, I must say. He must have been watching me but, hmm, mind reading." Avrin spoke to
himself plainly, as the voice could obviously read his mind. He then rubbed the top of his head, his
hair ruffling slightly.
"So, I’m sure you’re the one who saved me, as well as took away the pain. That, I’m grateful for...but
I’ve been here for a little bit now and I’m over this situation. I don’t like being naked in a white room,
it makes me feel like I’m being experimented on."
To Avrin’s surprise the voice replied “I see. I knew I should have moved on with our conversation,
but I wanted you to become used to being alive again. I suppose it wasn’t necessary since you were
only dead for a few seconds."
Avrin's eyes widened at the last words. The voice spoke in a manner that made it seem quite
uninterested, as if he was used to situations such as this. This made Avrin more cautious. He had
been in the military for quite a long time and conducted many interrogations of prisoners, as well as
being interrogated by the enemy.
Emotionless or not, he could tell the voice wasn’t lying. He also felt a weird sense, as if reassuring
him it was the truth. "Great," he spoke out softly. “Now I’m dealing with someone who can bring the
dead back to life. I’m sure many people would think magic, but I thought we were over that way of
thinking." Avrin pondered the situation carefully.
"Would you like me to inform you of what happened, what is going on, and who I am?" the voice
calmly asked. Avrin listened, before nodding. It seemed that all three questions were ones he was
going to ask anyway. It was somewhat creepier that the person behind all this came up with the
three questions Avrin surely wanted, before even he had time to think them up.
"Well then, before I do…" A small bright light encircled Avrin before dissipating just as quick as it had
engulfed him. After it had all but completely left Avrin was covered in a white shirt, white trousers,
and what seemed to him to be like some sort of slippers. "You should be more comfortable in that."
Avrin chuckled quietly to himself. Again the voice had somehow managed to read his mind about the
clothing, before he even had time to ask. Was it intentional or just pure luck? He refocused after

hearing the sound of the voice.
"During your trial, you died. There is no other way to put it. But I brought you here, instead of letting
your spirit move on. As for why I brought you back, it is because your species has been doing so well
that they have all but forgotten me, minus a select few who continue to worship me. I had intended
to let the apocalypse happen but I felt that humanity had slowly begun to show that they were
learning to do better and I decided to postpone it for a few thousand years and not cancel it out
completely, as I am saddened that I have been nearly forgotten."
Avrin was a military commander, a genius in his field, hardworking, intelligent, a brilliant tactician,
and a black belt in Aikido, but the words the voice spoke made him feel as if he was too dumb to
understand it. But he slowly pieced it together before widening his eyes at his own answer.
"S-surely you’re not saying that you...."
Before he could fully speak the words on his mind, the voice spoke out and interrupted. "It’s exactly
as you’re about to say. I am him, he is me, there is only me and no other. The creator. I am creation
and creation beyond creation. God.”
Avrin began to rub the sides of his head, as it had begun to hurt. Surely this being was not lying, but
why did he find it hard to believe? Half of him told him he was telling the truth, the other half
couldn’t understand it. There was no ounce of him that thought he was lying, the only doubt came
from an inability to understand, so Avrin quickly moved on to ease his mental pain. "Why am I
here....surely one of the millions that I killed would of been better than me. I’m sure you know that I
am a murderer, apparently." Avrin couldn’t help but laugh to himself, it also helped ease the pain.
"True, you did indeed kill millions, but you also saved billions. Still, taking a life is a sin no matter how
justifiable. If you were smarter, you would have realized that the virus, over the span of its years, has
shown a weakness to Lithithied dark matter. I even tried hard to make it obvious to you. Somewhat
disappointing, though, that in the end you didn’t pick up on the clues. Well, I knew you wouldn’t, but
still disappointing." Avrin sunk to his knees, as he did indeed remember some occurrences of it being
eradicated, but he had not known the cause.
In that near instant, he remembered that in 100% of those cases it was around the presence of
Lithithied dark matter cores used in Energy cores of facilities, as well as large battleships. He placed
his hands on the side of his head as his eyes began to shake violently. "T-then I could have saved
those lives. How could I miss it? They were right! I am a monster!" Avrin felt a more sorrowful surge
of emotions, as his heart felt like it would fall through his body with the guilt and weight of the lives
he had purged.
"Do not despair, Avrin." The voice spoke his name for the first time. Avrin looked up, somewhat
unimpressed because he most likely already knew the being knew his name and it already read his
mind before. God is God after all. "If you were to discover a cure, you would have been ordered to
purge the infected because it would have been too late to administer the cure and they would still
have blamed you. You simply choose the shortest path to death."

Avrin took in the words of the being and clenched his fists into a tight ball, the skin on his hands
turning a pale white as he listened to those words. It seemed the higher-ups didn’t really care if
those people died, but a cure was found and they needed a scapegoat to keep their position and cut
the cause of riots from the stem if they had ordered him to purge them. Avrin, doing what he did,
took the personal path. They couldn’t have been happier. It saved them time and in the end he
would have been able to escape his fate unknowingly, even if it meant the end result would lead to
his death at least it was done by his own free will.
“I see...." It seemed if he had decided not to purge them, he would have been ordered to. In other
words, he had worked up a high position only to be blamed and used as a scapegoat. What brought
him relief was the fact that he at least had chosen his own path.
"If it is to make you feel better, humanity will prosper for 2000 years before encountering an alien
race. Humanity's main force, as well as rebels and bandits included, shall unite to fight the menace
and come out victorious to prosper for another thousand years, after which will come the
apocalypse. The universe shall retrace its infant steps back into the ball of energy I created. Of
course, I might postpone it again.
That is, if they show they are truly worthy to add more years onto their specie’s life" Avrin kind of
felt down, it seemed he quickly got over not discovering the cure. He was not one to despair for
long, after all, he was listening to God’s words he was, in fact, sadder that he would not get to fight
aliens and lead humanity on to fight, but hearing they would be victorious made him wonder at the
cost of lives.
The last galactic census put humanity at 54 billion, spread around the universe. 7 billion were
constant military, while 4 billion were reserves – quite large numbers considering the era of 2000's
as opposed to the current era of 3010. But the spread of humanity in the space age allowed them to
colonize worlds and happily give birth with no fear of wasting resources. There were many earth-like
planets, even more so after terraforming.
Avrin built up the courage to ask god being, making sure to hold his attitude back, knowing he could
be killed in an instant and not realize it. He most likely knew god understood already what he was
going to ask, but he could not see him, only hear him and it didn't seem like he spoke yet, so he took
the chance to speak for himself. "So, I’m sure you didn’t bring me back to tell me humanity is better
off without me..." Avrin had a slightly smug smile on his face before the omnipotent being replied.
"Correct. I’m here to give you a second chance to live." He seemed to have spoken those words
slower than his usual speech, probably because he wanted Avrin to understand the sentence
carefully. Avrin had a pondering look on his face. It seemed reincarnation was plausible, then again,
what religious event wasn't after all? Here was god bringing him back from the dead, but for how
long? He was also reading his mind, and offering him a second chance.
Then again, Avrin figured he would not see his own universe in the same light. What would he do? It
seemed he was lost in thought, contemplating a different path to take. Would he help humanity, as
he assumed it would be a quick resurrection? Then again, would he even be alive before the aliens

were discovered?
“I see you’re deep in thought. Let me clarify it for you. What I’m offering isn’t reincarnation down to
the letter, but more so skipping the infancy state...and, yes, you will be able to remember everything
in your past life, as well as what happened here." The voice spoke reassuringly and Avrin smiled and
He would definitely use this to get revenge on the people that got on his nerves, and surpass himself
in his former life. He then tilted his head. "So, what’s the catch?” Avrin grinned, as he was truly
expecting to be reborn having skipping the stage of infancy, he could probably get the people before
they died of old age. Those were his thoughts, until the voice spoke again, almost crushing what
little meaning he was putting together and replacing it with shock and awe.
"It’s simple really. You won’t be born in the same universe as the one you parted with your former
life in." Avrin's jaw dropped at the words. This being had created another universe? Avrin wondered
if it would be identical. What was it like? Were there humans there too and what other mysteries
surrounded it? The being responded, as if to quench his thirst for information.
"Apart from your own I’ve created hundreds of other universes as is my gift for letting being’s live
their lives." Avrin was still quiet, but he definitely took those words to heart. This being was truly
generous. He paid attention while waiting to hear what god would speak of next. He felt like a
messenger speaking to god. Of course, maybe he wasn't the best person for the job, as he was quite
crude and war monger-ish, as well as already dead in a way. Add onto that all the lives he killed and
he was surprised he wasn’t in hell, burning for his sins.
"Tell me, Avrin, before we continue. I already know what you know before you know it." The being
seemed to talk in riddles, at least, that’s what Avrin assumed, but who would argue with god? “But
sometimes it's better to hear it from the mouth,” God spoke before he continued on.
"Avrin, what do you know of magic?”

----------Avrin was quiet for a few moments after god asked the question, as if expecting god to come up with
Avrin's own thoughts. The expectation died out as it seemed he was also silent. It didn’t seem like he
wanted to help Avrin with any clues regarding the question. Avrin finally spoke up. "Not much I
didn’t really think such a thing existed. Then again, here you are, the one god talking to me. Uhh, you
mentioned aliens so I thought we were the only beings you created."
God replied in kind, first answering his last words I created many creatures to inhabit your universe
but only humanity is special enough as to receive my full attention"
Avrin dared not bring up the evil that had plagued humanity for thousands of years, as well as the
world, and why god didn’t interfere. He tried hard, in fact, to not think of it, but god knew of his
intentions and did not reply to it. In fact, he continued on to Avrin’s answer regarding what he knew

of magic. "Magic is indeed a reality, but it does not exist in your universe to the degree as shown in
cartoons. Only those who I have tasked with bringing change were able to use it in some shape or
form. Some call them messengers other's call them prophets and even angels."
Avrin carefully listened, as he was getting some valuable information that no one would ever hear.
Then again, what use was it to him as he had no way to use it or even anyone to believe him? Avrin
clicked his tongue quietly as he spoke. "Judging by the way the conversation is going, I take it the
universe I’m to be brought to has magic in it?" Avrin listened hard for gods answer.
"You catch on quickly, Avrin, and you are correct with your assumption that this universe has the
freest reign of magic that I have created, to a degree. If a being becomes powerful enough in
harnessing it, it isn’t too far to say they can create planets."
Avrin's expression turned to one of interest, as it would be incredible to be able to do so. He
wondered if anyone in this universe had ever done such a thing. "You seem curious regarding what
sort of beings exist in such a place. Well, I must tell you, unlike your own, there are no beings that
you would refer to as aliens and this universe is much much younger than your own.
In fact, humanity's interest with other deities, witches, and magic inspired me to create such a
universe." Avrin chuckled softly, as he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Imagine, inspiring god.
Before he spoke, god replied, "Oh, don’t think too much of it I know all of humanity's intentions, but
sometimes it's better to play the not all omnipotent being. It is more interesting."
Avrin nodded, even though he could not see god. He also wondered if he had a form of his own,
curious to know what he looks like. In the bible it was said that man was shaped after god himself.
He brushed his thoughts aside and continued to listen. "Moving on with your curiosity of these
beings, yes, there are no aliens. Only one planet is inhabited.
When I created the big bang that made his universe I added what you call magic into the mix and
what came out was interesting." Avrin's face showed his eagerness to know what it was. He wasn’t
the type to wait hundreds of years for an answer and, knowing god was ageless, he was worried he
may have to wait as such, but was told otherwise.
"Fear not Avrin. I will not make you wait. From the birth of this universe, the first sentient life forms
– if humans were to meet them and see what they could do and taking mythology from humanity
into account you would refer to them as "gods". God spoke that last word in an almost ironic tone.
Avrin spoke up. "But aren’t you the only god? Surely you wouldn’t create such powerful beings
without reason?" The room began to shift, as it seemed to vanish instantly to that of nothingness. In
the dark distance a small point of light seem to grow before exploding into a bright cosmic sight.
Avrin swore he would have went blind had, if it not been for the feeling that he was somehow
protected from it by god. "Are you enjoying the birth of a universe Avrin? You are the only person I
have ever shown such a sight."
Avrin smiled, as he felt quite important "I’m honored you think me worth seeing something as such,

but why show me?” Avrin spoke curiously.
"Watch closer..." god spoke firmly, urging Avrin to continue to watch, and he did so after nodding
randomly, knowing god was all around him as such. Avrin saw the stars form the galaxys in the far
distance, but from the source of the point of creation there was something luminescent, as if a mold
being formed before it burst out into hundreds of incredibly huge rainbow like comets shooting in all
directions. Avrin's curiosity got the best of him as he spoke "W-what are those?" God then followed
with a reply,
"Those are the beings known as gods in this universe, born from the condensed remnants of
creation due to magic being included into the mix."
Avrin quickly paid attention. As he watched, he saw eight lights in different colors heading in the
same direction as each other, before continuing on in the distance. "Why are those the only gods
that are following each other?" He spoke before seeing two of the transparent lights collide with
each other, one turning dark the other turning white, before continuing on for what seemed like
eternity. God then ending the waiting Avrin endured “Because I willed them to meet. Those are the
gods that created the world you will be going to. With their powers combined, they were able to
make a planet and make it habitable. The two that you saw colliding are known as Zephioron and
Avrin did well to try and remember those names; however, he did not push the others’ names. It
seemed if he was heading to their world he would know who they were soon enough. Avrin then
tilted his head as he watched the hundreds of lights collide with each other before vanishing into
nothingness. Many seemed to disperse or continue on into the darkness with incredible speed until
they became dim lights that soon vanished, melding with the stars.
"These gods are not willed, unlike the eight, and a majority of them will die by colliding with each
other. The eight were special and fit well with each other Avrin." He spoke, as Avrin indeed wanted
to know why it had happened. "So those gods, taking what you said before, aren’t powerful enough
alone to make their own race? What do they do?" The question brought his curiosity out into the
"The gods know there are others like them out there, but they do not meet. They wander around in
their own toys and marvels which they’ve created, some sleep while other's eat, some destroy while
other's create – even if what they create isn’t life." Avrin blinked and asked, "Why don’t they get
together to create life?" The scene then shifted to an empty one showing a planet that began to split
apart and crumble in on itself, before exploding into a rocky mess. Avrin even felt the shockwave –
one that could easily have ripped apart a ship – hit his body, but yet again, he knew he was
"When two gods try dominating a planet their egos collide and their powers don’t match well. In the
end, only disorder and chaos can follow. What you see here is one who favors destruction with one
who favors darkness, similar likes, but with no balance. The area around the planet could not
withstand the magical imbalance. There is no darkness without light and vice versa. The best way to

describe it in terms you understand is the yin yang balance." Avrin instantly understood from the
talk describing balance. He figured that a god who favors destruction would not get along well with
one who favors otherwise.
"But why do these gods not go to where the eight are?" he spoke quietly.
"Because the gods here are sensitive to detecting energy but when you are surrounded by stars and
things alike, as well as other gods with a limitless space of creation in their range, their ability to
detect dulls down. That, and the eight use their combined powers to hide their presence, so as to
not attract unwanted visitors."
Avrin chuckled as he crossed his arms. "Sounds like an exclusive club."
God replied, "Precisely, although nothing is set in stone unless by my will. Even these gods will
discover the planet of Seleria." Avrin blinked as he heard the name of the planet he was most likely
going to. Judging from information, he wanted to ask again what would happen when they did meet,
but was cut off.
"Now that you have seen the origin of this universe, as well as the gods, I allowed to be born it’s
time for some clarification." The scene that had shown the explosion of a void abyss was now a filled
up with a marvel of wonder almost like his own universe, but the scene soon changed back to the
white room. The change was different this time though. No there was a chair in the middle and a
round blue table. Neither piece of furniture appeared to be anything special. Avrin went over and sat
on the lone chair as god continued to speak.
"The magic in this universe lives alongside the laws of physics, to a certain degree. There is gravity
and magnetism in the laws of physics and also in the laws of magic. The difference is something you
will find interesting. Listen carefully, Avrin, as I refresh your mind. 68% of the universe is dark
energy. Dark matter makes up about 27% of humans in your universe discovered in your death year
14%, while only managing to travel less than 1/4 of 1% of that 14%. In this universe, instead of dark
energy and dark matter, it is replaced with Magical energy or mana, as it is referred to in "video
games". 85% of this universe is made up of this mana and every living being is able to learn to
harness it in different ways.
Avrin was interested in the way this universe was formed. Of course, he figured the reason the
universe was still dark was because god willed it as such, even though it was filled with mana
particles "So, I guess that’s how magic is made? The gods, better than anyone, are able to use the
mana around them to make magic and the lives they make are helped by them to use it?” Avrin
spoke his question quickly knowing god would be able to understand.
"Correct. The creatures the gods created are able to harness this energy, but they themselves are
not perfect. Some of the beings they make are capable, with hard work, of even battling them to a
degree and have abilities the gods themselves aren’t capable of."
Avrin snickered to himself as he spoke, as if referring to god that was cautious of being over thrown.

"God 101," Avrin said. "Never make a being capable of beating you." A voice chuckled quietly
"I know your thoughts, Avrin, whether I can make a being as powerful as myself, I shall not reveal.
But if humanity had knowledge of everything in existence and beyond, as well as an infinite amount
of time to live, they would be as close to over throwing me as an immobile grain of sand against the
world. I suppose even that is an incredible understatement."
Avrin blinked in surprise and shivered in fear as he remembered he was talking to a god that could
make a universe without any effort. He rubbed the back of his head and cleared his throat as he
spoke. "My apologies....uhh, moving on." He spoke worryingly.
"Good idea." God knowingly spoke, as if he had been waiting for Avrin to speak those words. "Let’s
move on to Seleria itself." A large, solid sphere that seemed like an incredibly detailed globe, similar
to how earth looked, but much different, appeared above the desk, floating clockwise. "This, as you
already know, is Seleria. Your new home. We will discuss how you will be transitioned there and
what I will allow you to have.
Avrin grinned to himself as he thought, maybe I can be as powerful as the gods in this universe.
Then, god himself spoke.
"Only if you work hard enough." On the table in front of the globe appeared five wooden boxes
shaped like mini chests. Avrin was curious to see what they were for before his thirst for information
was quenched.
"You are to choose one of these boxes. In each one is a power capable of making you the strongest
being in this universe. With hard work, of course. Nothing I give you is instant, nor is to reward you
for anything you have done."
Avrin gulped as he looked at the boxes, each one capable of outmatching the gods here. Who knew
what any of these boxes had inside of it? Before he made his choice though, he had one last
question. "I understand that you know what I will ask but.....why me?"

---------------"Avrin, such a curious creature you are." God spoke as if amused by Avrin’s curiosity. "The reason I
chose you, and no one else, is simple. Out of the billions of humans alive, as well as the newly dead,
you are the most qualified. Your mindset is always open to improving yourself and you’re
unpredictable to those around you, which makes it quite entertaining. Even more so when I decide
not to foresee events."
Avrin was still confused, but began to slowly put things together. "So you picked me because I was
entertaining to you?” Avrin shivered slightly, as his thoughts on God lowered slightly.

"Do not get the wrong idea, Avrin. I’ve asked many humans who are already dead, but each one of
them preferred to stay in heaven and be close to me at all times. How bothersome, as they do not
even think twice for a request from me. I suppose being near the creator only to be taken away from
him is agony." God seemed to ponder this to himself while Avrin just listened with his mouth slightly
open, wondering if this being truly was God.
Avrin's words left his mouth in an attempt to confirm something. "What exactly do you want me to
do on this planet? If you were looking for someone qualified, it doesn’t seem like it’s a kind gesture.
And why do you, as God, need someone when you could poof it and make it happen." Avrin’s
question was clearly logical.
"Ahh. Indeed, your question is certainly called for. There is no special reason as to why I’m allowing
you there. I only wish to see what happens when two unknown's meet without using my
omnipotence." He spoke soundly. It seemed like God's words hinted that this was also
entertainment for him.
" seems like being god is pretty boring if you pull things like this." The room shook slightly.
Avrin got scared, wondering if he had angered god, and not wanting to incur his wrath.
"Hmmmm." It was God, thinking to himself, his thought had shook the rooms core. "Not as boring as
you think. I am everywhere and anywhere and also nowhere. I see everything, hear everything,
know everything. I am always thinking, always doing something, and always watching something."
Avrin nodded randomly in the direction he faced. He didn’t want to push further, so he gazed at the
boxes on the table in front of him.
"Well, I guess it’s better then dying again or ending up somewhere I don’t know about," Avrin
admitted, begrudgingly. At least he had some knowledge of his destination. "Uhh, I’ll choose
number... "
The room shook again with a sort of laughter that could only come from God. "Ha ha ha ha. I never
thought you would pick that one. I only put it there so I could see the look on your face if there was
some chance you might pick it. It is even sweeter when I purposely did not foresee it."
Avrin was nervous, wondering what sort of down-played, stupid thing was in the box that would
cause god to laugh at him.
"Very well." The other boxes dissolved into the table, leaving only the box Avrin picked. It began to
open. A bright, black light covered with white spiralling in the center, floated out. Avrin nervously
looked at the foreign thing he, and most likely no one else but God, knew about.
"You have chosen the gift of dark matter. Truly, so very truly, a foreign thing in this universe. It was
such an entertaining thing, considering the method used to kill you originates from this field of study
and also the cure you never discovered. Such an unlucky creature you are, Avrin. Or maybe you are
lucky. I suppose the only way to tell will be how you use it."
Avrin's right eye twitched at the name of the gift bestowed on him. It seemed like, for better or

worse, he was stuck with it. For some reason, he had a feeling God wouldn’t let him draw again. He
was indeed curious what things were in the other boxes. "Well, I guess it can’t be that bad. I mean, I
can make stuff as well as do god-like things correct?"
God spoke in a confirming tone. "Do not get the wrong idea, Avrin. As I have stated, I have no
intention of giving you an unfair advantage. It is true, any of these abilities can make you godlike, but
that’s only if you put in the effort and use it wisely. I’m sure being all powerful will be the least of
your worries." God spoke the last words in a prophetic tone.
"Dark matter." Avrin gazed at the spiral, then his eyes widened. The same spiral he was gazing at had
suddenly impaled him and entered his body, right where his heart was located. Of course, it hurt him
in an intense manner, but there was no blood. Avrin nearly sunk to his knees, but instead he
clutched his chest and coughed in a fit. "Gah! W-what happened?"
"Well you can’t expect your power to work if it isn’t a part of you now can you?" God responded as if
it was nothing.
Avrin's eye twitched again. It would have helped if he had been told about it, but somehow he knew
God purposely wanted to see how Avrin would react. Truly a cruel god. Avrin took a deep breath as
he began to recompose himself before speaking. "How do I use this ability?"
God responded with an all-knowing tone. "You think about it and will it as it is a part of you, like a
limb. It converts mana into dark matter for you to use. Keep in mind that whether you use magic or
create objects by using it, the dark matter that made up either will linger in the universe like waste,
but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As you grow, you may come across a way to harness this dark
matter waste, although I’m not sure if the gods will react kindly towards such an enigmatic creature
like you."
Avrin was worried. The last thing he needed to hear was that the gods in that world would attack
him because of his unusual ability. "Well. I guess I’ll have to be careful. I’m sure they won’t mind me.
If it’s a world of magic, I’m sure there are stranger things, right?"
God gave a quick 'Ha' before continuing on. "Very smart, Avrin. Indeed. And that is a good way to
think to avoid danger. That reminds me, I have one more gift for you"
Avrins body began to slowly solidify in a metallic ooze that seemed to form out of nowhere from his
skin. It made him worry as he tried to get rid of it, but it didn’t do much. It only seemed to spread
until his entire body was covered. God then spoke. "An enigmatic creature with an enigmatic ability.
I think I have the perfect name for your new race. I’ll name it 'Spectral' a being I have created with
the potential to be the most powerful of my creations."
God went awkwardly silent before speaking. "Oh, my bad." In a flash of light, Avrin, who was
basically a metallic statute, began to move as the metal disintegrated into nothingness, revealing a
tall human-like creature with long ears and long silvery hair that slid down to his lower back. A 6.1
tall being that seemed slim, but was indeed of an athletic build with not an ounce of fat. It was Avrin

in his newly made form.
I don’t know what happened. First I felt grossed out, but then I couldn’t move or see, I could only
think...think what was happening....think ‘why me’. That was before I was freed and revealed in this
form, though. It felt so different from my old body, like I was being held back, but now I can move so
well. It feels good - I feel so powerful - like nothing can stop me. Avrin smirked in a dark manner to
himself as he moved his hands in front of him, before opening them and willing his ability energy, in
the shape of mist, to form in either of his hands. It looked like a mini nebula with electricity running
through it.
"Do not get drunk on power, Avrin. You might feel and think you are strong, but as you are now,
there are many things on the world that can kill you. So work hard and prove me right for picking
you as one worthy of such a gift the likes of you had indeed not deserved"
Avrin was truly thankful, and God was right. He didn’t deserve it - he was already intoxicated by this
form’s feeling and power. He didn’t want to lose it. He was glad it felt somewhat easy to get used to,
and he didn’t have a mirror to see his face, but he could see his skin was slightly pale and flawless. It
felt like silk, but was rough and flexible to a degree. Avrin smiled, eager to get things started.
"I guess I should thank you again." He smiled randomly before gazing at the planet-like object
floating on the table."So, when do I start?"
God responded soundly, "Since you don’t need time to get used to your form, and you have the
clothes I’ve given you, I think now is a good time." The floor in the room began to turn black as if
collapsing in on itself, before it completely changed into a sort of worm hole object that drew Avrin
"W-wait – at least give me time to brace myself!"
God chuckled before replying, "Be well, Avrin, and remember your creator is always watching.”
To Avrin’s shock a humanoid-like being was walking across the table with a rainbow like aura
emanating from its skin that seemed to reflect the stars and the cosmos themselves. This being had
no eyes, but did have a mouth with a wide grin. It waved at Avrin then, kicking his hand away from
the table, allowed the wormhole to suck him to his destination. Before it was over he gazed at the
being "’re— " before he could finish, the wormhole closed after completely, taking him
In fact, he knew what had happened. The being that had kicked him was indeed him. His words, if
uninterrupted, would have been: "You’re God.”

--------A beautiful, pristine lake surrounded by an equally beautiful green forest, with frog like creatures

croaking and birds singing their morning tunes. While nature was taking its course, a man was
leaning back against a mighty oak-like tree trunk. He was quite handsome and unique. He looked like
an elf but had a presence about him that would tell a wise person he was one that could match the
gods themselves. This man, wearing white slippers, white pants, and a white shirt was in a slight
slumber, stunned from his entry into a foreign world. It was none other than Former General, now
Spectral, Avrin Sygin.
He slowly opened his eyes, then coughed quietly and clutched his chest. His pupils were a patterned
black and shaped like a T, with a line at the bottom. His sclera were a deep, light azure and his irises
were almost non-existent, with a yellow tint around the pupil. Avrin slowly recomposed himself. He
stood up while stretching and looked around carefully. "It seems to be like earth or a fully
terraformed planet. Quite interesting...then again I’m sure the gods have a love for this sort of feel."
Avrin continued over to the nearby lake and kneeled beside it to look at the nearly completely
reflective water. He slowly touched his cheek and felt his ears nervously. "W-well this is different."
Before he could continue, a frog-like creature with one eye looked in his direction and began
"Bleh...blehh...bleh!!" Avrin gave the creature an irritated look, as it seemed his ears were
somewhat sensitive. He stood up and glared at the frog and then he kicked it. It gave a squeal as it
flew over the lake. It was quite a sight. Especially when a large shark-like creature jumped up and ate
the frog before it even hit the water.
Avrin tilted his head. “I guess I have a habit for accidently killing things. Sorry little guy." Avrin spoke
in a half-hearted tone before gazing around, using his hand to block out the residual sunlight.
"Hmm. He could have at least put me near a village or something." Avrin began walking, just as he
had when wanted to explore his surroundings in the military when using foreign lands as a resting
spot. It was imperative to scout around before letting your guard down, that way it lessened the
chance of something bad happening. Avrin had been walking for five minutes through the forest,
which seemed to have gotten denser, when he found a small clearing. He was about to step into it,
but then he stopped and hid behind a tree trunk. He saw two little creatures cutting up an animal
that looked like a deer. They were disembowelling it – one chewed on its innards.
Both creatures were small, about three feet tall, almost like children, but skinny. They were hunched
and had monkey-like faces, but long pointy ears. Avrin quietly narrowed his eyes. "For now I’ll refer
to them as goblins." He was about to walk away, when he heard a large roar coming from near the
corpse. A large four armed gorilla-like creature came charging towards the goblins, smashing its
hand down towards one and squashing it like a fly. The other tried to quickly scamper off, but the
gorilla grabbed it and wasted no time eating it. The sounds of bone crushing and blood splattering
echoed around the area. Avrin quietly walked off, quietly whispering, "Survival of the fittest. There
isn’t a universe where this doesn’t apply. He reminds me of a Hecate, so that’s what he will be."
Avrin knew that he was lucky to not have come across such creatures when he had arrived to begin
with. He figured God had some role in it, but at the same time, he doubted he was so kind as to do

that. It was as if he wanted Avrin hardened in this world’s natural way and Avrin had no choice but
to go along with it. Avrin's small journey, lasting of only an hour, led him to a small mountainous
area inside the forest, littered with cliffs and rocks.
Avrin spotted a narrow passage that was natural and wide enough for him to fit, so he wasted no
time cautiously entering it. It seemed to be quite spacey inside and it didn’t appear to head
anywhere else. It looked to be an opening were rocks were pressing against the mountain to form a
natural manhole-type shelter. Avrin was thankful that he had come across such a thing.
"First thing's first, I need to get facts straight." Avrin began talking to himself, considering he was
alone. It was a method used in the military when soldiers were stranded alone on foreign planets.
They would talk to themselves, even though it sounded crazy, and they would set priorities and try
to establish a base.
"One - scouting is done. Two - the creatures are indeed hostile. Three - shelter is secure. Four - fire
wood, and five - a food source. Six - which is important, is to get used to my abilities. I have no
weapons, so it will be a sort of gun that advances at my leisure."
Avrin rubbed his head as he stood up. Thankfully his clothes, although they seemed common, were
quite comfortable. He made his way outside, but not before slowly checking his surroundings. He
spotted a small rabbit-like creature with two hands, which was eating some leaves. It would have
been quite cute if not for the donkey-like face it had. Avrin somewhat pitied this world. He had
hoped the gods of this world were not talentless when it came to creating life.
He casually gathered small fallen branches and thin logs that were laying around the area, while
observing the wildlife, wanting to understand how the pyramid of this forest worked. Little did he
know, he was being watched by a carnivore’s eyes. A creature, hiding in the bushes with its fangs
bared and saliva dripping down, growled lowly.
Avrin blinked before gazing towards the direction of some dangerous feeling he had. “I don’t know
how I know, but I’m sure something is there." He held up a large stick that could be used as a
weapon and called out only loud enough for whatever was watching him to hear. “I know you’re
there! Come out!"
Hearing his words and seeing that it had gotten his attention, the creature casually strolled out from
the bushes. It stood on its feet, a whopping four meters tall, with bulging muscles that would put a
body builder to shame. Its skin was a dark red and its head looked like a lion. Avrin stared in a daze.
His mouth would have dropped if he was not used to composing himself in dangerous situations. He
had a feeling this creature would destroy the Hecate gorilla if they fought, so he took the only action
he knew worked in situations where you were out gunned and out matched – especially in a new
foreign world that you knew nothing of.
"He who fights and runs away may live to fight another day," he whispered, eyeing the creature
carefully as he brandished the stick. "But he who knows true dismay may choose to run away today."
After ending his words, Avrin bolted towards the area where his small shelter was located.

Obviously, when he looked back, he saw the creature rampaging around as it followed him. It didn’t
roar and kept quiet, its eyes focused on him, which made it scarier – a silent hulk predator. "FUCK
THIS WORLD!!!" Avrin jumped into the hole, barely missing the snatch of the lion-like creature that
was indeed angry such prey got away. It slipped his head down to look inside and saw a panting, but
grinning, Avrin.
"Think I’m some meal for you?" Avrin jabbed his stick into the creature’s eyes and it roared and went
off into the bushes and out of sight. "I have a feeling he will be a bigger problem now that I’ve pissed
him off."
Avrin sighed as he went back deep into the small cave-like shelter. It was quite dark, apart from the
small cracks above that brought light. He didn’t feel tired, at least. In fact his, panting was because of
the rush he had experienced. He was glad that this body was fit – it would help a lot later on.
"I suppose I’ll take a step up on things and work on my so-called magic." Avrin held his right hand
out and began to form the nebula-like mist that he had done in God’s presence, but this time he
tried to will it to do things by using his mind. He took his experience from anime he had watched,
trying to use their methods of using your mind to will your power to help. Thankfully his efforts were
somewhat rewarded. The black mist formed into a black, condensed object and solidified.
Just like how Avrin's new form was born, the black solidification that the object went through, began
to disintegrate, revealing something needless. It was a tennis ball in every way shape and form, from
feel to look. Avrin stayed silent as he processed what this meant. “Incredible. Even in my world we
weren’t able to freely create objects without using raw materials and energy. If this means what I
think it does, then I’m a walking factory."
He grinned, before realising something "i guess it’s my fault that such a thing had happened. I did
recall that galactic tennis championship between Yuri Cortinov and Li-Jin. I guess that means
thoughts influence what it forms...truly interesting.”
“I wonder..." He raised his hand again and formed the same black mist. As he solidified it again, it
formed the same black block with a metallic look. Then it began to slowly blow off into nothingness
before revealing what was inside. It was like waiting for a prize. It was something Avrin hadn’t had
the chance to get since he was captured and sent to his cell. What had formed was a roll of melon
pan/bread. He drooled a little as its scent captivated his nostrils.
It was a little hot, but Avrin only took it if it was just freshly cooked. He raised it cautiously to his
mouth and took a slight bite. He would have been deterred more if he had not been hungry, but he
wanted it quite badly. It was his favourite sweet bun.
He happily chewed as it was completely identical to what he would usually make. No, if he was to
say something in comparison it would be that his was better. He pictured a perfect melon bread and
it seemed he got one. While eating, all these thoughts of what he could do came to his mind. He
huddled against the wall in a slight sitting position his arms over his knees as his face darkened in the
near lightless room, his eyes emanating. Showing his appearance, one would instantly think of the
words fear and evil.

"I wonder if I can make an A1 mech. That would save time and I could let it go around killing
everything...hmm." Avrin contemplated his futuristic thought before shrugging it off as a joking
"For now, I need to experiment more with this power. Clarification though 1 - after 2 uses I don’t
seem to be exhausted in any way. 2 - I can create food and objects, as for the variety that is still
unknown. 3 - I need to experiment on more things. What happens when dark matter is introduced to
already made objects? But for now..." As 15 minutes went by, Avrin formed, with trial and error, a
small cache of military rations he remembered.
This way, he wouldn’t need to hunt. He also used the wood he got, as well as trying to form his own
pieces of wood. While doing so one accidently formed into piece of metal combined with the wood.
It was a truly weird sight but he at least knew that he could make steel.
As 20 more minutes passed by with his rations and supply of fire wood, as well as his now small lit
camp fire – not so big as to cause a lot of smoke. He created a sleeping bag. It seemed with more use
of his ability he was slowly able to make the mist as large as he pleased. Although his limit so far was
over 2 meters, anymore and he would feel a strong disorientation, almost as if it telling him he
wasn’t skilled enough. He also wondered why he didn’t feel exhausted.
God explained that he could convert mana into dark matter, so was it possible, considering this
universe was created with mana, that he was converting the mana around him into dark matter. He
hypothesised this before letting it go for the moment. He went over to the sleeping bag and laid
down on it. He didn’t feel tired, but he knew he needed rest and it would help calm him down.
“Tomorrow I’ll make traps and try to make myself a weapon. I’ve got to see this body's physical
prowess." He slowly shut his glowing eyes as he fell asleep. As if his body was automatic, it let him
do so without irritation. Perhaps it was a trait of being a spectral....
---------------------------Avrin was dreaming of something he considered personal. But, because it was his first time sleeping
in this world, he could only consider such a dream as irritating.
"Avrin..." a voice called out, but he didn’t respond, as he was still in a daze. He then heard it again.
"Avrin...General Avrin, sir. Are you awake?" Avrin was seated behind a sturdy oak desk in a
reasonably sized office room with a single window. It didn’t have much other than the essentials one
might think were important for the military. Gazing blankly Avrin shook his head as he gazed at the
man in uniform in front of him.
On the right side of his jacket, he had several medals, but it looked like nothing compared to Avrin,
who had medals on both left and right sides of his uniform. "Uhh, I’m fine." He shook his head
slightly and blinked. "Something feels off. Was I day dreaming?" he mumbled to himself, before the
man responded in a worried tone.

"Sir, are you ok? You don’t seem all that well." Avrin gazed at him with an emotionless look. He was
often known as the scary general to those who didn’t know him well, but to his subordinates he was
a respectful man who provided for his troops.
"No, I’m fine. I just feel out of place." Avrin looked at his desk and, seeing several papers, his eyes
widened at the man’s next words.
"That’s because you are out of place sir. You did kill millions after all." Avrin raised his head and
gazed at the man that would be known as his right hand. His name was Captain Fredrick Page, also
the man who helped rat Avrin out in hopes of taking his position. "What did you say?" Avrin
responded calmly, but he had an aggressive look in his eyes.
Fredrick grinned as his face darkened. He took a step back before the doors of Avrin’s office burst
open, revealing an empty black space that Fredrick vanished into. Avrin stood up to ready himself,
but the door seemed to get closer before it engulfed him in an empty darkness that felt like it was
crushing him "W-what is this shit?!"
The sounds of people moaning in sorrow and pain, as well as the screams of women and children
who Avrin felt no longer lived, haunted him. That was until Avrin fell onto a solid surface his eyes
shut. Then he opened them slowly in horror. Around him was a limitless amount of charred corpses
and dismembered bodies, as well as burning ruins of a city.
It made him want to puke. Not even he could withstand such horror or senseless murder. That was
until he realized something by looking up at the dark sky lit faintly by the roaring flames engulfing
the area. "Those moons....Cryos I and Cryos II....that means this planet...”
He quickly stood up in horror as the planet’s identity was none other than Votera Prime - the planet
Avrin condemned for a purge of millions. He hunched over as he began to puke violently, then
stopped at the feeling of something grabbing his ankle. He looked down to see a small female child
with her arms missing. She cried out to him in a miserable, fearful voice.
"Mummy! Where’s my mummy?" Avrin's face turned from horror to stunned shock as he gazed at
the child. Although she was burned and was missing a limb she indeed had the signs of Ziox virus.
This didn’t deter Avrin. He fell to his knees and embraced the child in a tight hug as the girl
continued to cry.
"Forgive me! I took all that you cared for away....I’m sorry!" Avrin spoke in a near crying tone. The
ground slowly shook as the corpses of the dead began to make their way towards Avrin and the
child. Avrin looked up to see them approach and let out a pained gasped as he stood up. He felt a
sharp pain in his chest and slowly turned to see the source. It was a black dagger-like blade and
attached to its hilt was the remaining hand of the child.
What shocked him more was the expression she gave. One of evil and vengeance for his blood, as
she gave a wide grin, mouth open to reveal sharp razor-like teeth that were definitely no longer

human. Her eyes deformed slightly as she began to melt, while the corpses latched onto Avrin's
" this hell?" Avrin called out. As the dagger remained in his heart, it began to glow. His chest
also glowed as it formed a hole inside of his body. It was as if it had devoured the left side of his
chest. He felt a surge of pain and weakness that preceded a strong pull from where his left side used
to be. It seemed a metallic dark ball had formed and it was sucking everything inside of it as if
wanting to devour all. Avrin slowly felt its pull. Then he smiled.
I guess it’s my fate after all. Who else would have such a black enough core as to kill so many
innocent lives?" In a single second, Avrin was covered by the living corpses that seemed to also be
pulled in by the metallic sphere's intense gravitational pull before an explosion of darkness occurred
from inside the mountain of corpses.
At that moment, Avrin quickly woke up panting and sweating all over. He quickly looked around
while his body shook nervously, but it was eerily quiet with nothing but the fire he had created, the
dim moonlight outside, the howling of some sort of wolf-like creature, and insects outside. Avrin
gazed at his hands as he placed them on his face feeling only his uniquely shaped eyes.
"A dream...yes a couldn’t be anything else. A shitty nightmare." Avrin was annoyed that he
had dreamt up such a thing. Maybe it was god’s way of telling him to never forget his past and that
he was still being punished in some way for his murder of millions. While thinking of it, Avrin sighed
and rubbed his face with a nearby cloth-like towel he had newly formed to wipe the sweat off his
“I can’t believe that little crone stabbed me.” Avrin chuckled quietly as he tried to cheer himself up
with a cruel joke. Then he stretched and went over to eat some ration's which consisted of a sort of
dried beef jerky that had a spicy scent and water. He was glad his dream wasn’t real. He was mainly
disappointed that he couldn’t determine reality from a dream. He would have to try harder next
Avrin began to tinker around with his ability, as he had gotten some fair rest and felt energized. It
seemed like there was one moon for this planet. If it was in his universe it would be considered a
jewel in the universe. Earth-like planets with one moon were incredibly rare and usually reserved for
high ranked officials.
Avrin began to create his first trap using his ability. He had decided to call this skill of his 'Dark
Manifestation', as he figured people on this planet tended to name their own skills, he thought it
would be weird if people had seen it only to find out he didn’t know what it was called. It may seem
suspicious. He began to create a sort of landmine known as PermaFrost.
In his universe, this was an illegal item was used during WWIV, a little low tech, but it would get the
job done. The permafrost mine would use Basic Liquid Nitrogen and inject Special Particles that were
kept in a sort of glass cylinder inside the mine. By doing so, the liquid nitrogens make up would
change in a near instant and create a giant icicle over the top that would usually engulf the leg of the

poor sap that had the unlucky event of stepping on it.
This usually resulted in an intense pain, as the ice would usually pierce through the body and into
the blood and arteries due to the effect of the particles speeding things up and changing its makeup
by doing so. If one didn’t die from the pain or a clot, it would usually need to be amputated straight
away as there was little to no chance of successfully restoring the leg. Its violent nature caused it to
be outlawed greatly, but bandits tend to use it to protect their hideouts.
Avrin was careful to look around while carrying four of these ten-inch spherical disks in his hands. He
formed a small hand shovel in his right hand to dig with and felt proud of himself for the fact that he
seemed to get used to his basic ability and was now able to freely make simple objects. Of course,
the mine's themselves took five minutes each to create. It seemed objects requiring a sort of energy
used a bit more mana to make, as he felt the atmosphere around him turn a little thinner. It was a
weird, Deja vu feeling. He contemplated if it was indeed mana, but just decided to go along with it.
He would have to investigate further.
He began to dig the ground up quietly and placed a mine inside before moving along to the next one.
He made sure to mark them in a way that he would know something was there just in case he forgot
its location. He grinned to himself as he remembered the creature that attacked him. "This will teach
that wild bastard who’s boss. I wonder if I can eat it."
Avrin contemplated changing his diet to eat creatures on the new planet. It was a unique
opportunity to experience a different variety of tastes. Before he went off, he spotted what looked
like a donkey faced rabbit approaching. He tilted his head and it gazed at him and made one of the
weirdest sounds he had ever heard.
"Arurrrr....arurrrrrrrr." Avrin felt a little disgusted at this pitiful creature and just shook his head.
Then he saw it get closer. He blinked and quickly spoke. "Don’t go there!!!" Of course, for a creature
that didn’t understand language, especially language from a different universe, it was no use. The
poor, pitiful creature stepped on one of the mines and in a near instant turned into a beautiful shiny
icicle. It seemed its small body let the large icicle-like spike engulf it completely in a state of freeze.
But Avrin knew the creature was indeed dead.
"These creatures are quite dumb. Poor things organs must be in shambles." The icicle, prior to
engulfing the rabbit, made a large ‘ching’-like sound that echoed around. In the near distance, a roar
echoed that made Avrin turn from admiring the frozen rabbit. It was a familiar sound. "Don’t tell
me..." In the near distance. A large sound was heard, as if a creature was charging towards his
direction. The trees shook and birds flew away as the creature approached.
"I’m sure it’s that thing lion thing!” Avrin's thoughts were put to rest as the creature burst out of the
tree line and onto the ground ten meters from him, but eight meters from the nearest mine. It was a
Hecate gorilla." Avrin blinked as he stood still and thought to himself, these things may not seem as
bulky as the lion, but they sure as hell have good agility.
Avrin grinned, as he wanted to test his mines out on something large. So he opened his hand and
formed a spike ball that was showing itself after the dark matter had dusted itself off. He was careful

to not injure himself with it. He threw it at the creature, which responded by trying to back hand it
away, but not before the spikes penetrated its skin and, with a larger roar then before, it gave a
maddened look as its red blood began to seep down its arm.
"Dumb gorilla, you should be more careful next time." Avrin began to chuckle and, as if the gorilla
could tell he was laughing at it, it began an intense charge.
"Oh crap." Avrin quickly backed away as it seemed to cover a few meter's in a near couple of
seconds. As Avrin was turned away from it he heard the same ca ching sound the permafrost mine
let out before it took the rabbit by surprise. It made him turn around for a glimpse only to see the
gorilla’s right foot was completely covered in the ice-like spike. Avrin smirked at the creature and
began to tease it again before forming more steel spike balls.
He began to throw more at it and, surprisingly, his body showed more superhuman-like prowess, as
his average throws seemed to be like that of an incredibly well-trained fast baller for baseball. The
creature was covering itself with its arms and the spikes got stuck in its forearms. Blood began to
slide down its fur, covering it in a crimson red which made Avrin somewhat pity the creature.
The gorilla continued to approach before its lower right hand had hit a mine. It was able to barely
drag along one icicle spike as it was a one meter in height with a ten inch diameter – just like the
mine’s disk shape. The ice spike pierced the creatures arm and it screeched violently, struggling to
The smell of blood was somewhat thick as Avrin sniffed a little. It seemed his sense of smell was
enhanced. Avrin put the thought aside as he watched the gorilla scurry away into the bushes. Avrin
went back into his shelter and began to think to himself.
If it wasn’t for those mines I probably wouldn’t have made it back there. I need something to protect
myself with. He began to wonder regarding the applications of dark matter, but decided to go with
his priorities. For instance, what happens if he tries to focus dark matter over an already made
He found a large rock that seemed perfect for experimenting on. He approached it casually and knelt
down beside it then moved his right hand a few inches above it. He began to focus in his hand. As if
feeling a static in his body, the rock began to give a faint glow before black lines of what seemed to
be energy emitted from it as bits and pieces of the rock broke off and turned into nothingness while
its direction was Avrin's hand. He continued this for a few more seconds before the rock had a large
chunk of itself missing. Avrin felt somewhat replenished. He was a little hungry and thirsty before
trying this experiment but it seemed both his hunger and thirst were quenched well.
I see. So, if what I felt and saw is correct, I can deconstruct matter and take it into myself. It also
appears that I can use this as a sort of way to feed myself." Avrin was beginning to cherish this ability
more and more, but he decided to focus on manipulating his ability for a more combat purpose.
He approached a small clearing in the shelter and sat down in a cross leg position, willing his ability

to form something that could be used as an attack. To his surprise, it felt easy and fluid as a pulsing
purple sphere formed in his hand. It was around eight inches in all directions and was pressing
against his finger almost like a balloon. It also had jet black edges that seemed to glow with static.
Avrin felt a slight pull towards it. He wondered what sort of thing it could be.
He aimed it towards the exit of the cave and focused it into the darkness outside. As if willed by its
creator, the sphere fired off like a bullet, stretching slightly before shooting off and giving a ghostly
sound. Then it smacked into a large tree outside and left a large black scorch mark and a purple
discoloration that began to make the area where the tree was hit turn into dust and vanish. The
tree’s weight was unable to hold itself, as half of it had been eaten away, and it tumbled over,
making a large snapping sound as it hit the ground. The process seemed identical to how Avrin's
created objects dark shelling would disappear off.
Avrin, of course, could not see this process, as he didn’t bother going outside to check. At least he
knew he could throw something at an enemy that wasn’t a spike ball. “I wonder..." He began to
experiment more and tried to form another weapon. It slowly took shape and a long sword the same
colour pattern as the 'void bolt' eventually appeared. Avrin checked its edges. They seemed sharp,
but gave a dangerous feeling. He swung it around a few times. It gave a lighter ghostly sound than
his void bolt.
"Well it looks good and feels as if I’m not holding anything. But how does it fair against something
solid" Avrin, without hesitation slashed it across the shelter wall. The tip of the blade skimmed it as if
slicing through butter, leaving a five inch deep gash that spread a little disintegrating some of the
surrounding rock.
Avrin grinned menacingly, as he had many theories to test. What if he channelled his ability into his
own limbs? It was risky but he decided to sacrifice his pinkie for the sake of his own experiment.
He closed his left hand, brandished his weapon in his right, and raised his pinky upward. As he began
to feel for his own body and feel for the energy in his chest, he willed it towards his left pinky. To his
surprise it responded kindly as his pinky turned a metallic purple before being engulfed in a faint
black aura. He wondered what sort of things it could be used for, but just like the blade he
approached the shelter wall and pressed up against it gently. It was as if he felt nothing there. In
fact, he would say the wall felt more like paper, so he decided to try something similar to the sword.
He quickly smashed his pinky towards the wall in a sort of slashing motion. To his surprise the effect
was similar to the sword, but it sacrificed slashing power and left a one inch gash. However, it also
spread more of the black aura that began to disintegrate the surrounding wall. "Incredible! It seems I
can enhance myself. Well I would have to test how far it can go, but it’s confirmed at least. I’ll have
to be careful not to use the inside of the cave as a test area for weaponry. It would be just my luck if
it caved in on me.”
Avrin watched the black aura disintegrate the wall as if eating it. Finally, it dissipated completely, as
if it had been melted by a sort of acid.

"That must be the dark matter waste that god was talking about. I’ll have to be careful with how I
use my ability. It may have negative side effects for this environment. For now though, I’ll need more
mines." Avrin walked off to a small corner and began to create more Permafrost mines. It took two
for the gorilla to scurry off, so more were needed before he could decide to attack anything with his
abilities still in their infant state. As he was focusing on the creation of the mine, he pondered softly
as to not interrupt its creation too much. "Void bolt, Void blade, and Dark Augmentation. I guess
that will do for now." He grinned proudly to himself.

-------------Avrin had spent a few hours practicing his so called magic. Over the course of time, he found little
need to waste mana to manifest food, so he just devoured chunks of the nearby rock that he
experimented on to quench his hunger and thirst. He didn’t know how it also quenched his thirst,
but he theorized that objects alive and inanimate were made of particles that held them together
and these particles were made up of a unique sort of mana that he could deconstruct and absorb
into his body and somehow from there it would reconstruct into sustenance. It would just mean that
he would never have to go hungry or thirsty again.
His progress had gone fairly well. He was practicing outside the shelter as proof of his training,
though it had been short, he felt courageous enough to protect himself to some degree. He could
now form void bolts in both his hands and fire them at will in quick succession or rapid fire. These
bolts, though, were aimed towards the sky, as he did not want to leave Dark Waste, as he had
dubbed it, around the area or on trees. He also managed to summon another void blade, although,
when brought near each other they would meld together, as if trying to devour each other to
become larger.
He figured that it would be possible to create a great sword and just pushed the thought of the
combining weapons as something similar. His most significant progress that he focused towards was
augmenting himself in his dark aura. He managed to engulf his entire hand in it and the difference
was impressive. He was able to crush rocks with as much resistance as clasping his hand in water.
The resistance was nearly non-existent. But engulfing his hand proved to show an interesting
The longer he let the aura cover his hand, the more it began to change into something nonhumanoid. It didn’t hurt him at all, but he was cautious regarding the change. It seemed like it
melded well with him and even enhanced him further the more it stayed on his hand, the stronger
the augmentation became. But this wasn’t without negatives. He found his hand was subconsciously
absorbing anything he touched, excluding himself. He figured that for it to hold its form it needed a
great amount of dark matter.
He was currently allowing the two void blades to merge with each other, as he was now curious
towards the result. unlike his first thoughts of it forming a two handed blade, they had formed a

single long sword with two blades in a sort of two pronged fork that emitted black and purple
electricity from between the two laser like blades. He figured it was a sort of enhancement in cutting
power but was proven wrong.
When slashing to practice his new sword it released a wave of black lightning that scorched the
ground while cutting across it. It seemed to continue on for a good 100 meters across the forest
before stopping. This also left him panting and dizzy. It seemed he experienced his first case of
backfire. He wasn’t used to the amount of dark matter the weapon consumed to use such an attack
and it stung his body as if distorting it slightly. But he quickly began converting the ground for
sustenance, which seemed to work like medicine.
"I’ll have to be careful. Although it will be good if I’m in a tight situation. It seems one shot is all I’m
able to use. I wonder what else I’m capable of..."
Avrin finished speaking to himself and gazed around. Prior to his training, he had laid a new total of
nine mines, all also marked. He was interested in the icicle rabbit that was still there, so he decided
to try something different. He engulfed the ice spike in his aura and the blue ice began to turn
purple, while the rabbit inside of it turned black. Before it began to disintegrate, the ash like energy
was attracted towards Avrin's augmented hand like a sort of vacuum.
Avrin thought to himself, as he saw the difference in colour regarding the inanimate and organic
object, but it was a thought that would be considered quite lucky to have come up with it. He
headed over towards a large rose-like flower coming out of a bush and began to absorb it as well. It
turned black too. He figured that the difference in colour for absorbing things was organic material
would turn black and inorganic would be purple.
An hour later Avrin began to feel somewhat unbalanced until he realised. It seemed without even
remembering it his augmented hand had grown three times in size and was somehow demonic as
spikes came out from around it and his fingers were now razor sharp claws that appeared to be
sharper then the void blades he had formed. He decided to cancel it out and his hand slowly began
to disintegrate, as if using dark manifestation, until his normal hand was revealed underneath.
“I see. So its effects are indeed strengthened augmentation as well as changing the shape of the
Avrin considered trialling a full body augmentation. He figured he spent six hours in total with a hand
augmentation and he did not feel his body was exhausted. He also figured a full body augmentation
would be significantly more beneficial, but for safety purposes, he headed towards his shelter and
devoured the remaining boulder that was so unfortunate as to become his food.
He shut his eyes as he thought a sort of standing meditation-like pose would help him concentrate.
He pictured himself in a bubble that slowly began to grow smaller until it stuck to his body like glue.
Every inch of his body in a weak augmentation, being sure not to make it as strong as what he used
on his pinky. He was slowly but surely getting better with this ability what made him wonder even
more so was that he had hardly failed when creating new abilities it seemed something was letting

him adapt and quickly learn things he would have to find out later otherwise.
The black and purple aura slowly covered his body just like the ooze used to convert his human form
to that of a spectral. It was transparent somewhat. It had taken a few seconds for it to completely
engulf him and the effects were better than he had expected. He opened his eyes which now had a
purple black glow and a purple smoke-like aura emitting from it. His skin was a sort of scaly metal
black with a purple tint. His white clothing had become more of a purplish white. He clenched his
hands feeling his grip much stronger then prior to the augmentation. He smirked.
"Enhanced strength..." he quickly dashed towards the exit and kicked up dust. The narrow entrance
broke off easily as he stood outside and gazed back to see the rock crumbling slightly. “Enhanced
speed.." he gazed around in the forest and at the sky he spotted two bird-like creatures deep in the
night sky and in the forest he could see large and small creatures alike. Not only was his distance in
field of vision increased, but he could see an aura emanating from these creatures. Some were
green, some were red. The green ones were the small critters. The red ones seemed more hostile
and predatorily.
He raised his hand and began to form a void blade. In a near instant, the weapon formed. It was
much quicker than if he wasn’t in this aura engulfed state. It seemed the more he was attuned to it,
the better he could manipulate it. The weapon also seemed to change. It had turned a deep black
colour with purple edgings. He began slashing away. He wasn’t skilled in swordsmanship, any master
would see he was an amateur, but to an untrained eye he was slashing in a near unseeable pace –
like the wind.
When he was finished, the ground he practiced on was left with deep slashes across it – 26 in only a
few seconds. Of course, he was careful to not hit the mines he had dug in.
"This will truly be something that will help." As he complimented himself, he turned and looked to
the side to see a large, deep red aura a few meters away from him. This creature did well to make its
presence unseen, but its blood lust was all but obvious to Avrin, who had felt it before, as well as the
feeling of vengeance. But what caught Avrin's eye was the identical figures slowly appearing from
behind the creature – a total of five.
The shape was obvious, the build even more so. It was the lion-like creature Avrin had been hunted
by before. He had managed to wound it in the eye, but it seemed it went back to get help and
return. Avrin was quite worried as he wasn’t sure how it would hold up against these creatures
before he knew it as he took up a defensive stance. He noticed another blood lust and turned to his
other side. This time it a foe who ran from him. It was the injured Hecate gorilla, but this time it
seemed it had brought its whole group – a total of 15! They hung from the tree branches and made
their way closer into view.
"Shit....just when I thought things couldn’t get worse." Avrin decided to conserve his energy and
removed the aura from around his body. One might think it was a dangerous move, but instead of
letting himself be hunted, he was hoping to make the best use out of his mines. He also didn’t want
to have to rely on his augmentation ability. This body had potential to be godlike in his mind, so he

wanted to work on his own physical prowess.
He gazed at both groups, who eyed him and even eyed each other, as some roared and some
screeched trying to claim Avrin as their prey. "Caught between a rock and a hard place...but I’m sure
I can manage." He gazed behind himself. He was three meters away from the shelter and nearly
surrounded by mines. He grinned before bolting towards his shelter while the roars grew larger and
the screeches came closer. The creatures of this forest had made their move...

--------Avrin had made a mad dash towards his shelter, but a Hecate gorilla was closing in fast. Before it
could reach out and grab him, a lion-like creature pounded its hammer-like fist into its gut which
made the Hecate vomit blood onto the floor – truly a sight to behold. Avrin had jumped into the
shelter before the lion creature could grab him and yet again barely managed to make it in. He rolled
around the inside of the stony ground then leaned up and chuckled. He somehow avoided death yet
again. He wiped the dirt from his face as he listened to the sounds of the ferocious battle outside.
From here, he could see one lion creature dismembering a Hecate as its blood almost shot out from
its arm sockets like a mini jet, while the same lion also nearly bit the head off of another. He also saw
four Hecates doing the same to one of the lions, each one grabbing a limb as they tore it off. Truly a
frightful sight, but Avrin just smiled as he pondered what to do now. Before he realised it several
ching-like sounds echoed and he laughed to himself, knowing what they were.
It seemed an unfortunate lion had stepped onto one of his mines and a gorilla, taking the chance to
attack the injured lion had also stepped on one. The creatures, figuring something was wrong
stopped their assault as they looked around, wondering if another creature had joined the fray.
Avrin talked to himself. "How disgraceful.” His face covered in darkness, his blue eyes were revealed.
“I think I won’t run anymore." He stood up and walked out of the entrance, the smell of blood thick
in the air, but he gazed around. He spotted the lion that he had injured in the eye currently pounding
the face of a Hecate. It gazed at him before roaring and charging at him.
"How fitting for you to be my first proper kill in this world." Avrin’s heart beat with nervousness and
excitement as he charged, a void bolt aimed at the lion
The lion creature knew something was wrong, as it felt a killing intent emanating from Avrin. It was
somehow like this: This man creature ran away and injured me pitifully but now he is showing so
much intent to kill me...what changed? Before he had time to reconsider his plan, Avrin had fired a
speedy void bolt. The lion creature barely managed to dodge from its intended direction of his chest,
but the bolt hit his arm, blowing it right off. As if to add more fear to the creature after losing its
arm, the arm that was swinging around began to turn black in a near instant and disintegrated into

The creature didn’t even roar. It just turned to look at Avrin, wondering what the hell had just
happened. Except Avrin was giving a wide smile as his eyes were narrowed like a demonic clown that
wanted to play some more jokes on someone. He began to fire more bolts in all directions. The other
creatures had just seen what happened and knew one bolt would mean certain death. They began
to flee, but not before some had their legs blown off or arms lost.
"Aww, it’s no fun if you run bastards were so intent on killing me. I’ll show you that I’ll be
the one doing the fucking hunting from now on!!" He raised his hand to fire a single bolt toward a
Hecate gorilla. It was the one he injured prior to the battle and was skittering about. It looked
behind in fear and saw the hungry void bolt head towards it.
"And for you, my dear predator lies nothing but darkness." Avrin had been holding out for quite a
while during his training with void bolt's he discovered he could manipulated them by using the
mana in the air as a sort of chain frequency that led to the bolt. By doing so, he could disperse the
bolt or feed it. In this case he expanded it and hollowed out the middle before capturing the Hecate
in the middle of it.
"Such an adorable pet... but I was never good at keeping my pets alive." Raising his right hand, which
was opened he clasped it firmly which signalled the void bubble bolt to close in a second. It shrunk
as the Hecate inside of it turned black and struggled violently as if being ripped apart. The bubble
filled with a black liquid that Avrin knew was blood before shrinking out of existence with the gorilla
inside of it. “I’ll call that the Void Wrap." Although Avrin showed killing intent around him, his face
was somewhat red with embarrassment for his crappy naming sense.
Although not all the creatures were wimps. After all, they did live while constantly fighting for
survival. One of the lion creatures charged at Avrin, but instead of a bolt hitting it, Avrin decide to try
out a different weapon and so he had formed a void blade. In one quick movement he tried a
technique he developed by using the weapon a lot, it was the ability to extend the blade to a certain
degree and widen it.
This allowed him to effortlessly slice across the lion creature’s waist in just under a second. The lion
creature stumbled forward before its torso split and its upper half came off, as blood shot out from
its lower half, one could see its internal organs spreading out from the open wound along with
disgusting smoke and the remains of its last meal.
Avrin was panting as he looked around, only to see the corpses of the remaining creatures that
couldn’t run away and the lone injured lion creature that had kneeled down as if knowing it couldn’t
run. Avrin felt battle in this world and for the first time it felt somewhat more intense and hands on.
After all, magic existed in this world. Avrin gazed at the lone lion creature, which seemed to stay
silent as it looked at him. "And now my dear hunter what do I do with you?"
Avrin approached the weakened and stunned lion with the same demonic grin as he gazed over it.
"Ahh will be my experimental subject... there is no animal protection agency in this
universe, which is unfortunate for you my friend." The lion, as if understanding its fate was sealed,
lowered its tail and its ears dropped down. It gave a worried expression while gazing at its first and

only owner.
Avrin began to form a large steel cage around the creature while brandishing a void bolt threatening
it to not move. The maximum size he could now form from his Nebula mist was a stunning 14 meters
in height and six meters in length. He used his ability to finally form the steel cage around the
creature, being sure to make it sturdy enough for it to not move. The creature grasped one of the
bars and tried to bend it, but it didn’t even budge.
Avrin took the opportunity to absorb the lifeless organic bodies that laid around. For some reason,
he felt better absorbing organic material rather than inorganic. It made him feel somewhat stronger,
as if he became what he ate, so to speak.
Avrin began planting more mines, this time in a sort of circle around the clearing, so unwanted
visitors would be welcomed with an icicle spike. This way he would finally claim the clearing as his
own. He figured the creatures wouldn’t show their faces here again as they acknowledged him as
the stronger opponent.
Avrin decided to head back to his shelter and take a nap, but not before tormenting the creature in a
humane way. He gave it a slab of dark manifested meat and a large water bowl. He also formed a
dark bubble over the creatures arm socket and messed with it until it shut in itself to stop the
bleeding, even though the act caused the creature to screech in agony. He wanted it alive for the fun
he planned to do after he rested.
It was strange, though, he didn’t feel tired or exhausted, but it seemed his human habits of resting
had caught up with him. In the military, he often rested whenever he could even if he hadn’t been
up for a full day. He would have to break this habit as soon as he could.
"Tomorrow I’ll experiment on that Nemean," Avrin spoke in reference to Hercules vs the Nemean
lion. It was perfect, considering it was a lion and was most certainly of a build that resembled
Hercules. "I’ll also have to start working on my physical training. I feel as if I’m underestimating this
body. I wonder if I could augment my muscles down to the cellular level to become stronger." Avrin
brushed the idea aside. He knew he wasn’t skilled enough to even attempt such a feat.
"For now though,” he walked over to the sleeping bag cautiously as he remembered the torturing
nightmare he had before. Laying down on it, his back against the wall just in case he was attacked,
he finished his sentence, "I’ll get some rest." He could hear the Nemean outside giving a pitiful roar
as if crying to its kin for assistance, but Avrin knew they wouldn’t dare come. This thought made a
prideful grin stretch across his face before he shut his eyes completely and fell asleep.

--------------It only took a few hours this time for Avrin to wake up, the reason most likely being he was excited
to progress. It seemed he was slowly becoming accustomed to this body, as well as the abilities. He
woke up and ate a few rations that he hadn’t had the chance to touch. It would be waste to just

absorb his food and let it rot. He also began a series of exercises, ranging from push-ups to sit-ups.
He even formed a railing bar and stuck it into the ceiling of the shelter so he could do chin-ups.
It wasn’t good if one got lazy due to their own blessed abilities. You could only get the best out of
your body and your genius once you combined it with hard work. This personal philosophy worked
for him in his old universe, so he decided to adopt it again and embrace it as his way of life. After a
good solid hour of working out he had built up a sweat.
He gazed at his clothes only to see that they had become quite dirty. He frowned, as he felt like it
was just like the time he had been imprisoned with a lack of hygiene. So he decided to do away with
them, even though they were made by god. He felt little attachment to them. He began to try
something new.
Placing his dirtied white shirt on a flat stone with little bumps, he began to focus his aura around it.
It began to engulf the object until it was completely covered. Its colour turned purple. Instead of
absorbing it, though, he tried something he just thought of on the spot. This idea was changing an
already made object into something else.
He slowly began to think of a differently shaped piece of clothing, something that would fit in this
world obviously they weren’t modern and, considering its one of fantasy, he figured something from
a fantasy video game would do. But also something that would hide his appearance and help him
blend in.
It took a good half an hour before Avrin finally managed to succeed. Unfortunately, something that
required more detail needed a better trained mind to completely get it right. But thankfully, he
managed to lessen the aura that coloured the shirt so that he could see how it was turning out. After
getting the right size, determined by sight, he finished with a purple and black undershirt and a deep
black leather cloak to go over it.
With some brown straps across the chest and shoulder area, he also attached a hood to the back of
it and made sure it would be long enough to cover his hair and face correctly. The cloak also had a
long wrap and could cover the body completely, like a cape. It would prove useful later on when
running away, if trouble was met.
Avrin continued on with the rest of his clothing until his entire set was finished. That being said, he
was still dirty and didn’t have the confidence to clean himself with his ability, so he decided to
continue outside naked for the moment while carrying a sack containing his clothing. As he stepped
outside, eating some jerky he gazed at the cat-like creature that seemed to be sleeping before it
raised its head to gaze at the naked Avrin, a little confused, but still worried. After all, he was the
man that killed both the Hecates and the Nemeans.
"I’ll be back for you later. I have a lot of fun things in store." He chuckled while walking off, as if the
Nemean he captured understood his words, it growled like it was trying to form some sort of

Avrin’s destination was the lake he had arrived during his first time on Seleria. He intended to wash
up there. And it didn’t take long, as he had figured where it was to begin with. That, and he
augmented his right eye. He figured that a small augmentation would prove useful as well as easier.
It seemed augmenting himself didn’t damage or injure him in any way, only cause a slight distorted
feeling that he was slowly becoming accustomed to.
So, with one eye with normal vision and the other seeing the mana of other living creatures, he
made his way towards the pristine lake. It seemed the predators around him were purposely
avoiding him. "Word goes around quick even if it’s the law of nature. The top predator is always
known by others." He spoke quietly to himself before gazing around the lake. Then, he widened his
eyes in a deep state of surprise as he spotted humanoid life forms across the other side of this
gigantic lake.
There were around 17 of them. He couldn’t see them exactly but he knew they were humanoid.
"Humans?" Avrin took a chance and decided to augment his right eye even further. The patterned
pupil dilated in on itself until it gave a needle like sharpness and he was able to see their auras as if
they were as bright as a light and could see much further as if the people were right in front of him.
"What the hell....those are…"
The creatures Avrin had spotted were quite unique. They had athletic builds, were somewhat as tall
as or even taller than normal humans, and they had long hair and pointed ears like Avrin. He recalled
his experience with fantasy creatures. In his universe the way of the so called "otaku" would prove
priceless as there was no doubt that these creatures were the Sylph race's Elves.
It didn’t take a moment longer for a small winged creature half the size of the elves to point in the
direction of Avrin. It had a different sort of mana flow. The elves had a blue aura with green hues.
The fairy-like creature gave a white aura with purple star-like hues.
Avrin quickly hid behind a tree and walked off in the bushes, knowing he had been spotted.
"They might take me as a hostile, but I’ll ignore them for now." Avrin continued to walk down the
narrow lake's edge before he came across a cut section where it went down a small hill, like a
waterfall. He placed his clothes down before carefully approaching it and gazing around. It didn’t
seem like anything was near and the elven creatures had actually gotten closer to where he was
spotted. It seemed he had got away from this one.
Avrin moved under the cold waterfall as he shivered while washing himself. He felt comfortable
enough to form soap with his ability to help better clean himself. He had spent two days in Seleria
and it seemed he was getting more accustomed to way of life.
He needed to figure out his intentions, though, and there was a saying that people come up with
their best ideas in the shower. But in Avrin’s case, a shower was replaced with a mini waterfall and
instead of being at home he was on a different planet, in the wild. The thought almost made him
laugh at his misfortune – or was it luck? Either way, he did indeed intend to head back and
experiment on that creature. It’s not as if he wanted to torture it.

He indeed wanted to test his ability to see if it could heal wounds or modify them without having to
wait until they slowly modified themselves. His augmented eye kept on, he gazed around himself. It
seemed the elves were heading this way. He had no intentions of meeting them any time soon, even
more so knowing they may be dangerous. It seemed the predators of this forest kept away from
them as well, possibly because of that very reason.
Avrin finished and headed over to where his sack of clothing was located before he realised
something. He looked at the elven group with his eye and widened it. "Where is it? I can’t see that
fairy." He then heard a little scurrying and what sounded like objects being thrown about.
He turned to look at his bag only to see that there in front of him was the fairy he had seen before,
halfway inside of his bag and rummaging through it. He had no idea what to do in this situation.
Would he let himself get mad and remove the fairy from it? Should he kill it so it wouldn’t alert the
others? Or should he run off and hope it didn’t see him? He chose his final plan and that was to bind
the fairy or knock it out. Avrin raised his palm toward the creature and spoke out as if acting in a
play, it also seemed to help with the ability casting.
"Void wrap." An empty void-like bubble fired towards the fairy and engulfed it in a bubble along with
his sack-like bag. The creature was shocked as it popped its head out of the bag and squealed and
clawed at the bubble that didn’t budge. Avrin took the clothing the fairy had thrown away and put it
on himself.
The fairy looked at him confused. What it saw was a unique elven-like humanoid that couldn’t be
called elven, exactly. It worried this fairy. Was he possibly a dark elf, with this dark feeling of magic?
But it didn’t seem to hurt her, so it thought maybe it was going to sell her?
Avrin had finally put his clothing on. If one were to look he would appear to look quite handsome
and mysterious, but a trained eye could tell he had a menacing feel about him, even if he wasn’t evil
at the moment. Avrin clicked his tongue quietly and rubbed his head as he gazed at the creature. The
elves were getting much closer and it worried him as he had no intention of confronting them. He
decided to leave the bag and the fairy as they were. He sighed as he walked off this way. At least it
wouldn’t follow him and it bought him time.
As he got further away the elves saw the fairy banging against the bubble. It didn’t seem like it could
break through and the elves themselves were looking at it, frantic to get it out. They began to attack
it with their weapons, but it didn’t budge. He took this as a sort of trial for protecting himself in a
sense that their weapons would be ineffective against the bubble. What if he used it as a shield?
From what Avrin saw, he somewhat felt sorry for the pitiful creature. It made him smile and he
raised his hand, his fingertips emitting a faint purple aura before the bubble he could see with his
augmented eye burst and the fairy fell on its butt before scurrying into the arms of a child like elf.
He turned away and continued on in the direction of the shelter. "I’ll have to be extra careful from
here on out. That fairy has seen me. It will most likely notify the others of me." Avrin planned for the
worst. It wasn’t good if one was always positive. Avrin made his way back, dodging the traps he had
set. He then looked at the traps with a slight sense of worry. He realised that if they did follow him,

they would most certainly fall to this traps and lose a limb or even die. He had killed many and didn’t
want to necessarily kill anything that was human, or resembled one, without reason. Then again… he
thought carefully to himself.
It can’t be helped. If they come looking for me, it may only mean they intend to be aggressive and
capture me after what I did. That fairy has tracking abilities, judging from how it found me from so
far away. It’s worrying, but I’ll have to be careful from here on out.
He continued walking in the clearing as the Nemean gazed at him, even more frightened than before
due to his clothed appearance, but it gave only a low growl and backed off as Avrin approached the
"Well now, my dear guest, who was after my death. A no good eye and now a missing arm. Maybe I
should help you."
The creature stayed silent as it didn’t understand what he was saying. It only grunted at him and
growled some more.
Avrin tilted his head as his hand moved up to rub his own chin. "You’re most likely thinking of ways
to get revenge, but I’ll tell you now. There is no longer any way that you will have it. After all, you’re
now my pet." Avrin chuckled quietly, as he enjoyed degrading this former hunter. He seemed unlike
the calm composed general that was thoughtful but tense in dire situations. He was now more free
and intoxicated with his newfound power and possibilities. He gazed at the creatures wound before
raising his hand towards it. The creature instantly got in a defensive pose before Avrin's nebula mist
seeped through the cage and latched itself onto the creature’s missing arm socket.
The creature grew wild as it moved around, but Avrin made sure to keep it still by willing the nebula
mist to be strong and immovable. Thankfully, his ability was stronger than the creature’s physical
Firstly, Avrin began to form the shape of an arm using the creature’s remaining one as inspiration.
He was also feeling nervous, as it was his first time attempting something such as regrowing an arm.
He pictured the nerves and muscles forming and joining with the creature’s socket and damaged
nerves and muscles. He pictured the creature having the ability to freely use its hand like the
original. Then, he also decided to modify it a bit as the arm was taking shape. He gave the creature
the ability to form that arm into something similar to how his own hand looked when it was
augmenting itself.
He figured the new arm would be nowhere near as powerful as his Void Claw, but it would still be
significantly better than its counterpart or the creature’s other arm. The creature shrieked in agony
as it tried to move. It seemed having something so fine and precise being regrown took a toll on it. A
creature so large seemed as if it wanted to cry and rip the new arm out. Avrin had hoped he
wouldn’t need to regrow one of his own and experience the same thing.
It took a total of two hours just to regrow the arm. Avrin was feeling distorted, so he used his free

hand to absorb the ground below him while channelling the nebula mist to the creature. It was
finally down before the mist completely engulfed the arm, forming a large rectangular box. The
creature fell to its knees, clearly mentally exhausted from the pain. Avrin somewhat pitied it. It
wasn’t like he was doing this out of good will though, it was here for his experimentation.
It was finally completed and Avrin seemed to have absorbed a few feet of the ground to feed
himself. It seemed converting something into a different sort of energy took its toll on his body,
especially if it was something he wasn’t trained for, but he felt his capacity grow significantly with
every use.
The box on the creature’s arm began to disintegrate before revealing the newly formed arm. It was
jet black and seemed more alien with the spikes across the muscle as well as the semi-claws on the
knuckles and the larger razor claw-like nails before showing the fingertips, which seemed to be able
to easily crush a stone.
"Hmm, I must say, for my first time regrowing a limb I did pretty well designing it. Now the real test.
Hey you, move it! I want to see if it works." He gestured to the creature, which didn’t respond for a
few seconds it looked at him then growled quietly before moving both its hands onto the cages
bottom. It blinked before feeling a familiar, yet missed feeling. Its arm had grown back. As it turned
to look at it with an eager face it gave a small frown. What had been felt was this monstrosity
attached to it.
The creature was not impressed at its sight. It made it look weird and unlike its other kind. It was
starting to go crazy as it looked at Avrin, who went quiet. It charged at him and, as Avrin jumped
away from the cage, the creature swiped at the steel bars with its new arm. An astonished look
crossed its face as the bars effortlessly broke, bended, and snapped apart at its strength. The cage
was open and both Avrin and the creature stood quiet.
That was until the creature looked at him then at its arm then at the cage. Avrin looked at the
creature then at the cage then back at it. Avrin took a defensive stance immediately as he formed
two void bolts, thinking it might attack him, but instead the creature ran off in the direction of the
forest. It remembered the ground that turned into ice spikes and jumped up into the air and into the
forest avoiding them all.
Avrin clicked his tongue as the bolts were reabsorbed "Tsk. Damn thing got away. I wanted to
remake that eye." He sighed before heading back to his shelter. "I’m no longer satisfied here. I know
I’m capable of defending myself and I can’t seclude myself here forever – I’m no hermit. I’m sure I
will learn more if I explore, not to mention I’m probably no longer safe here since elves and a fairy
tracker are around."
"It’s settled. Time to pack up and head out." He gave a smile before heading to manifest some
supplies and objects to use.

--------------Avrin's supplies consisted of a melon pan, a military standard water bottle filled with water he had
formed, some protein rich jerky, and fruits and vegetables, all in one large sack he could hold over
his shoulder. He was whistling as he continued to pack his things. He felt as if he was freer than ever
to decide for himself. No military, no prison, just a world that gave him a new start.
Although he was sceptical of his true intentions here, which was to entertain god, he had no
intention of letting himself be used in such a way. Then again, god probably knew this but it didn’t
seem like he interfered. Avrin started to think that this was also something god predicted, but he
shrugged it off.
Avrin had intended to leave in the afternoon, but something uncalled for happen. Thunder began to
echo around the area. It shook the earth and a downpour of rain began to engulf the landscape.
"What?” Avrin held his hand outside of the entrance, only to be welcomed by the cold water that
slipped down from the sky. I can’t be helped. I’m not god – I can’t stop it from raining," he
jokingly said, before heading back into his shelter. He began to practice his ability. He was engulfing
his hand in the aura he tried before and would strengthen the aura while willing it to change.
Unlike his prior augmentation, now that he was forcing it to modify itself into claws, it gave him a
sharp pain and he clenched his teeth while watching it form the very claw he had seen before. "Five
seconds instead of several hours, accompanied by a sharp knife like pain. Hopefully that side effect
will vanish once my body is used to this sped-up augmentation." Avrin began to repeat the process
several times with both hands. He would start by keeping them normal then let his aura flow around
it, waiting for it to change the colour of his skin before willing it to augment quickly.
It was a disturbing sight, seeing a normal hand turn into something considered an abomination. He
wondered if there were creatures that looked more hideous than his own hand that were
considered normal and accepted into society. He pushed the thought aside, thinking there was no
way the humanoids on Seleria were that forgiving. After all, from what he could tell, the gods of this
world didn’t seem so perfect.
Avrin decided to spend the next few hours working out. For some reason, he was able to do double
the amount he did last time. Was this an effect of his body? The ability to quickly grow and adapt to
physical need and stress? If that was the case, Avrin welcomed such a useful ability it would only
mean that he would get stronger quicker. He also pondered if this applied to his own dark matter
While continuing to work on improving himself, the rain continued on in a violent torrent. He
wondered if this was the natural weather of the planet. If so, it would prove bothersome, especially
considering the rain droplets managing to get through the cracks in the shelter. Avrin was doing a set
of chin-ups, making sure he had removed his clothing and replaced it with something fit for exercise.
He contemplated what would work well before realising gym clothing was obviously the best.
He decided to wear tracksuit pants with white lining that fit well. It was something that he created
using dark manifestation. But he would leave the top half of clothing off his body as he wanted to

see the effects of physical stress on it to see if it grew or changed. From the entrance, looking into
the cave one could see a elven-like creature with weird pants and no shoes or socks, using a piece of
metal stuck on the caves ceiling hoisting himself up before letting himself down. Although the very
same person who would think this would also see the creature had incredible muscles that no elf
could surely have, not to mention the arm strength. If they had watched from the beginning they
would know Avrin was on his 21st set of a constant rep with no breaks that consisted of 50 chin-ups
and increasing.
Avrin was surely improving. He wasn’t sure why he didn’t notice the difference when he had
exercised before but every time he felt pained in his muscles, he also felt a feeling inside his body, as
if something was changing or adapting. The pain would vanish a few seconds after the feeling, but
then come back as he pushed himself further. If it was like this, he would be able to exercise forever,
but for now his body had reached its limit. He reached 34 sets of a constant rep consisting of 50
chin-ups before he felt exhausted and hungry. It seemed his body's supply of fat or energy or
whatever was used in this world was exhausted out.
He placed his hand on the ground and began to absorb the matter into himself. As he did, he gazed
at the wall and heard a large pitiful roar outside of his shelter. It was faint, but it sounded clear to
Avrin’s sensitive ears. Avrin got up after he’d finished absorbing the matter of the ground and gazed
outside. He widened his eyes, stunned, as what he saw was indeed more pitiful then the last time he
saw this creature.
He stepped outside in just his track suit pants and his long silvery hair waved around in the heavy
wind. The rain water itself cleaned his body somewhat of the sweat formed from his workout, the
water trickling over his abs and toned muscles, but his sight was focused on what was in front of
It was the Nemean, his first enemy, its fur ruffled greatly and its body covered in wounds. Its
unchanged hand appeared broken, while its other was covered in blood and pieces of flesh that did
not belong to itself. It was also holding an object. Avrin judged this cautiously as the lesser dark claw
of the creature clasped tightly the fingertips digging slightly into the eye sockets. What shocked
Avrin wasn’t because it returned, it was because the owner of the head it belonged to was one of its
own kind. Avrin gazed at its wounded body again then at its demon arm before putting the pieces
together. He chuckled softly before approaching it.
“I see. So that’s how it is. They saw that arm of yours and figured you were no longer one of them,
even you at first hated that arm. So it makes sense they wouldn’t let you off with a goodbye. I’m
sure they saw you as an enemy and tried to kill you. I wonder how many of your own people you
killed. That arm is strong enough to effortlessly break double layered steal which your other arm
can’t even budge an inch."
The creature’s eyes seemed dark, as if it was listening to Avrin talk, even if it didn’t know what he
was saying. This made Avrin feel even sorrier for the creature. Avrin watched as it bled steadily even
in the torrential rain, it didn’t stop. The large puddle of blood under the creature grew. Avrin knew it
was his fault. Maybe it would have been best to kill this creature and save it some face in front of its

race. He clicked his tongue again before turning away to walk back to his shelter. Then he stopped
and gazed back.
It seemed the creature had gone silent. Maybe it had died from blood loss or had fallen unconscious.
He raised a brow as he noticed rustling in the bushes. Without hesitating, his left eye augmented to
see what it was. So obvious and common the figures were. There were 18 Nemeans who slowly
shuffled out of the bushes. They didn’t seem to be in an attack position towards Avrin, they were
walking casually and surrounding the immobile Nemean covered in a puddle of its own blood.
Avrin watched as a larger than usual Nemean stepped forth, its mane was thicker and it had healed
scars across its body as well as a necklace of what appeared to be Hecate skulls. It stood behind the
fallen Nemean and held its hands in a fist tightly as if waiting for the kill. It completely ignored Avrin,
knowing that he knew they weren’t there for him.
Avrin watched for a moment as the Nemean raised its hands ready to strike. It then struck down
quickly and stabbed the motionless Nemean in the chest towards its heart. The nearly dead Nemean
let a pitiful, whimper-like groan before growing silent. That was when certain things dawned on
He spoke in a stutter to himself. It seemed something had dawned on him after hearing the pitiful
whimper. I am responsible for how it was persecuted. Not only that, it came here fleeing from them,
asking for my help.” Avrin’s body began to shake slightly. “And when I thought it was dead, and then
realized by some glimmer of hope, it wasn’t, I still ignored it and let it die by the hands of those who
persecuted it. After it sought help from me. Does that mean I have not learned from letting helpless
die? "
The Nemeans left the motionless corpse of their fellow former tribesmen and slowly headed off. The
rain at that moment, as if on cue, stopped and before they had gotten even close to the mines that
they knew were definitely there since the rain had washed the soil on top of them away and those
who lived definitely informed the others. Avrin spoke out in a double tone as if possessed by a sort
of demon. His face darkened as his eyes turned a deep crimson red and black smoke emitted from
"Not one...."
He bared his teeth, which seemed to have sharpened, giving him the appearance of a being
dedicated to evil. One might think he was the devil himself as his skin began to change into a
reflective black.
"Not one of you...."
At this point the Nemeans felt the intense bloodlust emanating from Avrin. If they could see it, it
would form the shape of a blood red aura that would engulf ones soul. They looked nervous and
took a battle ready stance the head Nemean that struck the motionless one looked frightened, but
still kept face to its other followers as they watched the creature they couldn’t comprehend in front

of them. A creature that was filled with a frightful vengeful rage.
"Not one of leaving here alive!!”
His body burst with a powerful, pitch black aura that seemed to completely engulf his body,
revealing only his crimson eyes with half purple, half black patterned pupils in the form of spheres
with thorns growing from them. It seemed that, instinctively on a rage, he engaged a full body speed
augmentation. Meanwhile, several miles deeper inside the forest, in a large city built into trees that
would put redwoods to shame was a large hut in the centre where two creatures sat in comfort.
The fairy creature fell to her knees and clutched her staff that resembled the moon. The creature
shivered with a face full of fright. The other, a beautiful elven female was wearing what appeared to
be leather armour that adorned her body well while showing her perfect natural curves and
complimenting her pale complexion and white hair that slid down her back. Her hair, tied with two
ribbons in a sort of braided style, reached the curve at the bottom of her spine. She seemed to care
deeply for her fellow sylph and was already helping her up before the fairy spoke.
"W-what is this feeling? A monster...a true monster. I haven’t felt such ferocity in many ages. It
resembles that of Tiamat's awakening. S-Syrana, we must go to its location. We must try our best to
stop this creature. I’m not sure what sort of disaster it may bring."
"Myra, surely such a thing cannot be possible. That is to say a dragon slumbers in this forest?"
Syrana grew intensely nervous at the thought of there being such a powerful creature in their haven
of peace. Even though they would both be capable of fighting the dragon, their weapons were two
halves of one power. They would need each other to be able to fight it and Syrana had not seen a
dragon ever – not since Tiamat’s awakening. The mighty creature had killed her father the herald
and former leader of the sylph people. At that point, she was still a child of 67 years of age, but now
she was more mature and had experience under her belt.
After recalling her feelings, she wanted revenge on a dragon and wanted to show she wasn’t weak.
She helped the priestess up while calling out to the elf who looked worryingly at them both. He was
adorned in plate armour, tinted green with blue hues.
"Summon our strongest hunters....” she grinned, before speaking in a hushed and vengeful tone "We
have a dragon to subdue," she said, flashing a mischievous grin.

"Killing one of your own, just because he is different..." the voice spoke out in a demonic tone as the
shadow-like aura engulfed Avrin, revealing only a deep metallic blue set of eyes. "I’ll make sure not
one of you leave here alive." The Nemean tribe gave frightened looks to the point of their tails rising
up, completely stiff. Avrin took a step forward, still engulfed in this aura and then another step. The

Nemean tribe was completely in shock as they tried to comprehend what had happened.
Avrin focus, on the other hand, was clear. He was going to kill these creatures for making him
experience such a helpless feeling he would have preferred to forget. His footsteps left black scorch
marks on the ground that began to eat away at it. It was clear that whatever form Avrin had taken
was not good for the mana around him.
One of the Nemeans slowly built the courage to try and move a muscle and it slowly took a step back
before turning around. Avrin saw this and glared. In a split second he vanished above the Nemean
before pressing his open palm against his head and pressing down on it with his immense strength.
The Nemean looked like it imploded with its organs and brain matter splatting everywhere including
on its fellow tribesmen.
This surge of power didn’t come without a downside. Avrin's body felt like it was being devoured
from the inside and every time he moved it hurt even more. He coughed up blue blood that seemed
to glow. Little did he know that his blood was nearly identical to liquefied mana.
" not as what you made me...EXPERIENCE!!!!" With a slash of his
converted demonic claw, engulfed in this shadowy aura, it sent out a wave of dark energy that cut
across four Nemean's as well as trees in the vicinity almost identical to the lightning attack that had
exhausted him, but stronger and even more exhausting.
"Argh..." Avrin fell to his knees, panting heavily as the area around him began to slowly break down.
Rocks, leaves, earth, and even the bits of flesh of the dead Nemeans began to float up and slowly
break down as Avrin began to absorb it.
"My body can’t handle this.” Avrin knew he had bit off more than he could chew with this form. It
was as if he ran before learning to walk and so he decided to end it quickly. In a few quick moments
he went around dismembering the remaining Nemeans and executing them gruesomely, while
leaving the leader alive who seemed to be sweating a little too violently as it fell to its knees.
"That look exactly like him." The Nemean didn’t understand Avrin's words but they
would not have reached its ears even if it did. After all, Avrin to it was a shadowy figure of death that
killed its tribesmen in a few moments of him willing it.
"And I’ll return the favour..." Avrin stabbed his hand into the Nemean's chest as he opened it. As it
pierced through the Nemean's rib cage ignoring the lesser organ' as well as the blood, his hand was
now opened and ready to grasp at its heart.
Avrin gave a cold, grin-like smile before he began to disintegrate the Nemean's heart and devour it.
The Nemean's eyes began to violently shake as it began to spasm, blood coming out of its mouth.
Then it went limp
It was finally over. Avrin panted heavily as he tried his best to release whatever power he had just
used over himself, but it was like removing four layers of clothes that were wet with energy. He felt

his body heat up as he coughed out more of his mana-like blood before falling to the ground. As
blood came out of his mouth and his eyes, the aura began to dim down and seconds later it vanished
completely, leaving Avrin in this slightly grotesque demonic appearance.
"It hurts. I can’t breathe.” Avrin panted and tried to gasp for air. He figured, from the feeling inside
as if lava had been poured in his body, his own organs were going haywire and his regeneration was
trying to deal with it
Avrin remained quiet as the entire area followed in this hushed feeling. Nothing but the smell of
blood and a strange ash filled his nostrils. As he looked up in a daze, he seemed to hear something. A
pitifully weak thumping sound.
"Did one survive?" Avrin stood up even though he was about to keel over and looked around for the
source. He wanted to keep his word and kill all of them. Even if it meant nearly killing himself. He
didn’t know why he went through all the effort, but it was obvious that feeling such anger and
anguish over emotions enraged him in this state.
Avrin looked around for a little bit then widened his eyes as he stood above the source of the
thumping sound. It seemed, since he was in this augmented form with the aura removed, his senses
were still heightened even more so then his single augments, allowing his hearing even in this neardeath state to pick up the delicate sound that was emanating from the chest of the fallen Nemean
that Avrin had thought he failed to save.
"He’s alive?" Avrin fell to his knees as he tried to think of what to do. He figured that this creature
most likely didn’t have much time left – seconds, minutes, who knew? So he decided to risk it. He
moved his hand inside the open wound of the Nemean caused by its thought out execution. Just like
how Avrin executed the leader of the attack, Avrin's hand was opened over the heart of this
Nemean. He shut his eyes, trying to feel for his energy. Of course, this was more to reassure himself
that maybe it would help by doing so.
With one hand on the ground, absorbing it, and another over the damaged heart of the Nemean he
began to try and reassemble it the best he could. Avrin was no doctor, nor did he know directly how
a heart worked, he just inserted energy with the wilful feeling of repairing and enhancing, and hoped
for the best.
As the dark matter entered the Nemean's body and into its heart, the flesh around it began to
reshape and deform slightly and it seemed like it was working. It was like a carapace over the wound
that would continue to grow around the heart itself. It felt easier than growing an arm.
Is this because of my current form? he thought to himself, before ignoring his own thought, as he
figured being in such a near death state would just remove that positive.
"Come" Avrin desperately tried to revive this Nemean, even though it had tried to kill him
before. In the end, it came seeking help and in Avrin's past he could not help those he had left to die
and even killed himself in the purging. He at least wanted to save one life. Even if it meant that he

would not continue to fulfil whatever goals he might have had here.
Avrin slowly let out a sigh in relief as he felt the carapace encase the heart and felt it thump quicker
and better than before. The Nemean's wounded body even reacted by moving slightly as he felt it
breathe better. Avrin carefully removed his hand and stood up. It was good that he had finished
because he felt himself about to fall unconscious. But the spirit of the general within him didn’t let
him. He felt that he was still in battle and it wouldn’t be wise to fall here and be easy pickings for the
Especially the Hecate gorillas, who would love to devour him. Avrin blinked as he felt movement
rushing towards him. Not one, not two, not 15, it felt like there were dozens of these quick moving
figures heading toward him. They felt much quicker than the Nemean's and Hecates. He gazed in
their direction with his unfocused eyes barely able to make out the aura of the creatures heading his
way. They seemed unshaped in his exhausted state.
"I’m too tired to tell." He coughed up more blood and fell to his knees. Then he stood up with a
stingy looking voidsword that seemed as if it would eat itself, as it was made using weak dark matter
that was nearly depleted. Avrin could absorb dark matter around him but he could not use it to heal
himself yet, as he was not skilled enough.
It took a few more moments before a figure jumped out of the trees while the rest stayed behind. It
was an elven female, baring a large bow. If Avrin could see better he would call her beautiful, but
instead he just saw the blurry figure and only knew it was humanoid and smaller than the Nemean.
Little did he know, in front of him was the elven maiden Syrana with an angered look, as if she was

-------------------------Avrin chuckled quietly, as he figured he would die here. He spoke out, knowing nothing in this would
probably understood him, but it made him feel a little better. "Don’t know who you are,
creature....but I’m warning you, come closer and you’re dead."
Syrana tilted her head curiously and blinked a few times, ignoring his words which she found strange
considering she knew many languages. This demonic-shaped creature was brandishing a distorted
energy like blade and pointing it towards her. So she took it as a threat.
She didn’t know what to think. Myra had said there was a feeling of rage rivalling Tiamat’s and here
was a demon-like creature with a broken body and different sorts of blood covering it. What caught
her eye was the glowing blue metallic blood, but she shrugged it off as she looked at the dead
carcasses of the Nemeans. She widened her eyes further and spoke in a rage.

"Have you no sense of order, demon? Killing these creatures of the forest who only wish to live and
hunt to feed themselves? And you have mangled their bodies in such a disgusting manner!"
Avrin cringed slightly. If he didn’t know better, he would’ve thought she was lecturing him in an
angry manner, but he wasn’t sure what to make of it. His vision was becoming more blurred when
he chuckled.
"Shut up," he spoke, as he could at least tell her voice felt somewhat clear and feminine. “I don’t
know what the hell you’re saying. Don’t they teach English here?" Avrin stupidly blurted out to
himself even if they couldn’t understand a word he said. " That’s right...I’m on this stupid
magic planet. Either way." Avrin was at his limit. He was running on willpower and his body’s natural
strength. "Please go away." Avrin converted the weak void sword into an even weaker void bolt as
the process of converting in such a shabby manner made a lot of the dark matter turn into waste
that went back into the mana stream of the area like a virus.
He would fire this bolt towards Syrana, who blinked curiously.
"What is this dark magic?" she asked, before calming down, as it felt incredibly weak. She grinned
before grabbing the void bolt barehanded and using her own energy to crush it with ease. Avrin
could tell it didn’t work since the figure was still in front of him. He chuckled to himself before
roaring and charging towards Syrana. "Ha!!!!!" Syrana couldn’t decide whether this creature was
stupid or just insane.
Regardless, she decided to not take the situation easily, as he had murdered all these creatures. He
was the only one to blame being covered in their blood and being the only one around, as well as
firstly being aggressive towards her. She pointed her sigil warbow Eclipse, pulled on the warbow’s
ethereal string and a small energy line began to form and take the shape of an arrow. Thankfully for
Avrin, she used a weak arrow, but unlucky for him, it was still intended to kill.
The Mana arrow fired off with a loud screeching sound that let a small shockwave out from Syrana's
location blowing the leaves of the trees and even the nearby trees themselves. Like light, the arrow
pierced through Avrin's right side completely blowing it off along with his arm, leaving a large hole
that slowly grew larger from the blow.
Avrin's face was still focused on charging his enemy, as the shock hadn’t hit him yet. But it was at
that moment he felt death was whispering in his hear, telling him he was screwed and to pack his
things. Avrin stood still before the demonic form around his body broke up like shelling and
converted to dark matter before quickly stopping the hole from growing and covering the wound
completely. Unfortunately, it didn’t save his right arm nor the pain or exhaustion.
Avrin fell to the ground unconscious, although he could easily pass as a corpse, it seemed he himself
didn’t save his own life if he would live. But his Dark matter heart had glowed a deep black as if it
knew he was about to die if nothing had happened and with a will of its own, it used Avrin's own
demonic form as the source of its energy. And just like how Avrin had built a carapace around the
Nemean's heart, a carapace-like shell was covering his wound.

Syrana's grin turned to a surprised glance in shock as the demon seemed to change and heal
itselfThe arrow had curved up into the sky as to not damage the forest the sylphs loved so much.
Syrana was contemplating whether to finish this now elven-looking creature that was laying on the
ground motionless.
"It’s settled...such a strange being should not live. He uses strange magic." As she spoke, the ground
around Avrin began to emit a black look, as it was being absorbed by his body to fuel his recovery.
"Evil creature! Even as you lay limp, your presence destroys this sacred forest!" As Syrana was about
to charge a more powerful mana arrow, a voice echoed.
"Syrana enough!" This sound alone caused the mighty maiden to freeze and stop her actions. She
gazed to see her partner. It was the fairy priestess Myra, who had a worried look. It seemed she
wasn’t gazing at Syrana herself, but at the surroundings and even Avrin who laid limp.
"Such a waste of life. No more life needs to be taken tonight." Syrana glared as she clenched the sigil
weapon. "Then let me kill this demon – he is clearly dangerous and will most likely continue to kill!!
Look! Even now he defiles this forest!!"
Myra gazed and widened her eyes slightly as Syrana seemed to be right. “I’m sure there is a reason,
there always is. For now though," Syrana raised the sigil weapon Moonwing and chanted. "Oh great
spirits of nature who are plentiful in this forest, please grant your servant some of your power so
that I may protect you." As if the trees heard her calling, they reacted, as well as the leaves and the
remaining grass. As small specks of green energy came and built up to Moonwing before Myra spoke
again. "Gaian shield." A heavy glow of mana appeared around Avrin and turned a deep green as well
as a faint hue of blue that completely covered him. He floated to the centre of the sphere-like shield
that gave of faint sparks of electricity.
"With this shield, he should not be able to injure the forest anymore. We must seal him in our city
before he awakens." Syrana widened her eyes at her suggestion. "Our city?!! Myra we have grown
up together – we are like sisters, but I must disagree with you. It’s too dangerous!"
Myra gave a sad, pitiful look at Syrana. "Please. I feel that there is something about this creature we
are missing. I saw his magic from afar as weak as it looked I’m sure there is more to him than meets
the eye." As Myra pleaded, Syrana gave in and nodded.
"Very well. But if anything should happen, friend or not, I shall uphold our laws."
Myra nodded before speaking. "Very well." She had gambled an awfully large amount on this
enigmatic creature she had just seen, even more so considering it seemed Avrin appeared evil by
killing so much.
Syrana folded her arms after putting the sigil weapon Eclipse on her back and began to order the
elves and fairies who had shown themselves.

"We must properly bury these poor creatures. If you find anything that is alive, please do your best
to save it. As for the mess, the forest itself will slowly clean it, but the stain of death here will linger
for years." She spoke fiercely those last words as her orders were followed while the Sylph group
consisting of its variants began to do their tasks. Syrana herself sighed as she glared at Avrin, who
was unconscious inside the floating gaian shield that followed Myra as she headed back towards the
direction of the Sylph City of Kaendra.
Syrana silently whispered to herself "Myra, I hope you know what you’re doing. That being is
obviously dangerous."
Myra was walking alongside her escort of elven warriors and sylph mages as she gazed behind to see
the floating sphere with Avrin inside of it. It was faint but she could feel the shield itself was slowly
being eaten away. It worried her and she shut her eyes for a moment before speaking.
"We must hurry. The shield won’t hold long!" The group of 11 began to quicken their pace as they


It took 20 minutes for Myra and her group to reach the elven city. The sphere itself was now nearly
completely eaten apart from the bottom, which held Avrin, and his left hand dangled off the side.
Myra had underestimated this being’s power and as she continued on into the city's streets, many
sylphs watched with curiosity. Some hid behind trees to peak at what their priestess had brought
back. The fairies screeched quietly, as they smelled death emanating from the stranger on the mana
shield that carried him.
The elven watching gave glares towards his direction, even though he was not awake to see. They
knew whoever it was, he was dangerous and they didn’t want to bring him in.
The group escorting Myra caught glimpses of their fellow sylphs gazes towards Avrin and they
twitched slightly they knew no matter who interfered in the priestesses’ affairs they would protect
her even if it meant protecting this deadly being.
Myra smiled and called out, as if to calm her people. "My sylph brethren please calm down. This
being is near death and unconscious. He will harm none of you nor bring destruction to us. If he as
much as gazes at anyone with intent to kill, I shall personally destroy him."
Her words seemed to work as the careful sylphs shrugged it off nervously and went back to their
tasks. It took another 15 minutes for the group to go deeper in the insanely large forest city and
continue down through ruins entangled with vines. At the entrance were several elven guards who

seemed to have seen their share of battles.
The city's size was based on the fact that the entire sylph race lived within its walls, minus the few
that ventured off. It was somewhat uncommon to see adventuring elves or fairies, as they loved
nature and their own kind.
Myra gazed at the guards who eyed Avrin with caution, even more so than their other fellow sylphs.
One of them then spoke. "Priestess Myra, I know you have led us to many victories and prosperity
along with maiden Syrana, but this one. It feels like I’m going to be killed, even if I can see he is
unconscious. Are you sure it’s safe?"
Myra just smiled. It would be a waste to summon another gaian shield if what she needed was just
under these ruins, so she put the guard's worries to rest. "Rest assured, he will not harm anyone. I’ll
make sure of it." The guard shut his eyes, then nodded and smiled. "As you wish, my lady." He stood
aside along with the other guards and their group passed inside.
It seemed dark and dim with a few blue candles that were almost surely lit by magic. This gave the
feeling of a place that wasn’t for sylph and none of them lived down here. The walls gave patterns of
wars previously fought. And even images of when the dragons first settled on Seleria. Truly an
ancient place. The group headed deeper until they came across a hall with several rooms and celllike cages that seemed to hold prisoners or criminals. The feeling felt slightly at ease considering
even here there were several elven guards who smiled at the presence of their priestess. She smiled
Myra, after passing through many cells and hearing the anger and murderous threats on her life, as
well as perverted comments by some, had to calm some of her group down as they were about to
massacre every prisoner in the area. They came across a large stone door with a pattern and some
engravings upon it. Myra touched Moonwing against the centre of the stone door and it shook
One could tell it hadn’t been open in centuries, as small debris fell to the ground and it gave a weak
moving sound before it opened. Inside was a large green magic circle that gave off a feeling of power
and security. Most likely the only sense of hope in this damned place other than the guards. Myra
turned to see the gaian shield was about to give way as Avrin's body was dangling slightly. She
moved the sphere over the centre of the circle before placing Moonwing down onto the ground. A
circle appeared under the staff's end then a large amount of power left it and entered the circle.
Moonwing was incredibly powerful, but as powerful as it was, Myra had a feeling it wouldn’t be able
to contain this creature’s powers enough, so she needed a magic circle to increase its effectiveness.
This magic circle was meant for beings that were deadly on the level of the former demon king. She
never thought she would have to use it on a strange demon-like creature such as the one she had
just encountered nearly an hour ago.
The magic circle was called Etilith Binding of Lenaya. As the name of the circle suggested, it was a
hidden blessing given to them by their goddess, a permanent magic circle created by her to protect

them, even as powerful as to contain a dragon. But it had to be used secretly as to not let the other
gods and goddesses become aware of its existence.
Lenaya truly cared for her children, and she would not let them die helplessly. The magic circle
began to glow many colours, in a sort of rainbow, and then a large column of light engulfed it. At
first it looked magnificent, but a more knowledgeable person could tell that it was there to seal Avrin
and he most likely couldn’t escape.
Myra smiled as she turned away and spoke. "My dear creature, rest well, for when you recover there
will be a lot to discover and ask from you." Myra gave a sterner look, almost like Syrana, as her
subordinates gulped quietly at her words. As they continued to the exit, Myra widened her eyes as
she felt something was off. She turned to see that Etilith was very slowly but surely being devoured,
even though the circle drew power from the forest above it. It was frightening to know such a
creature could so something to a shield intended to stop a being of dragon level.
Myra shivered before she continued outside. Thankfully, unlike the gaian shield, for as long as the
forest stood the binding would remain. Meanwhile, back at the location of the massacre Avrin had
caused, it seemed the sylph had come across the Nemean that Avrin had used and then saved.
Syrana was gazing at it curiously.
“I can feel that vile magic from this creature. It seemed he tried to do something to it and even then
it looked like he wasn’t satisfied, but it's alive...barely but it’s alive." Syrana pondered the situation
and sighed. "I’m sorry you have suffered and it seems like you will continue to suffer, if left with such
a limb and I can even feel it inside you." Syrana unsheathed a short sword that gave a silvery glow
and she approached the unconscious Nemean lying on the ground with intent to do harm, as her
eyes reflected a fierce warrior.
A few days had passed since the incident and the bodies of the Nemean's had been removed. The
blood that had stained the ground had been absorbed by the grass as nutrients. The sylph had found
Avrin's hideout and had taken all his things. Considering the sylphs had used the trees to jump into
the surrounding area that allowed them to avoid the permafrost mines and Myra's group itself
barely avoiding one by nearly a foot. One of the elves wasn’t as lucky, as his foot was engulfed in one
and he screamed in agony.
It alerted the others, who thought they were under attack, but they saw that it was a strange
mechanical disk of some sort, buried in the ground. The poor elf had fainted from the pain and was
taken away by the fairy mages to be healed. It had taken effort and patience to dig out the rest of
the permafrost mines and they weren’t sure if they had gotten them all, as they couldn’t be
At closer inspection, one of the fairy mages told Syrana that it was weird because she couldn’t feel
magic, but something different. Little did she know, what she felt was a foreign energy from a
different universe. They were careful with Avrin's belongings, as they saw he had the strange shaped
disks in his bag. They knew he was the one who set them, probably wanting to use to ambush any
creature that came close him.

Meanwhile, back in the elven city of Kaendra, deep in the ancient ruins, a certain someone was
slowly waking up. This being had been through a tough fight and even almost killed by an elf who
wielded a weapon he couldn’t comprehend. But he was there, slowly lifting himself up. With not just
one, but both of his hand's....

------------------Avrin slowly coughed as he looked around, vision still a slight blur and his body acting as if it had
reset and everything was being checked. His vision slowly recovered and he found himself in a dark
room with nothing but a column of light with many colours reflecting around and containing him.
When he touched the column it had a feeling of unmatched strength, as if he could never get
through it. He then remembered yesterday. He had fought someone although he didn’t know who it
was, he had attacked without waiting.
It seemed whoever it was had decided to keep him in here. He shrugged it off and sat down on his
butt with his hands over his knees as he tried to breathe a bit more, as if he felt he needed it. He
gazed at the right side of his body. His right side had a weird feeling, but his arm, oblivious to him
had regenerated. He had felt an intense pain before blacking out. After that he couldn’t remember
anything else.
He pressed his formerly lost right hand against his face as his heart was beating quicker at his
situation. He was captured. Would he be killed or experimented on or even sold? Who knew would
what happen? Little did he know, it was the same feeling the fairy he had captured before had, a
sort of karma had reached full circle.
"Where is this place?" He continued to look around, opening his eyes wider as if he remembered
something. “I wonder if he is alive. I’m sure I did something to help him. Speaking of which…" he
raised his hand and began to try and focus his power. It gave his body a slight pain, as if telling him
he hadn’t fully recovered. It also led him to cough in a slight fit before he calmed down and laid on
his back. "Seems like I’m stuck here for a while..."
Little did he know, a guard would enter just then and gasp before running off to inform Myra. Avrin
turned his head and barely saw him leave and kept cautious, as he most likely went to tell whoever it
was that caught him he was awake.
"Doesn’t seem like they’re going to leave me here with much free time. I need a plan." Avrin
continued to look around, desperate for an escape route, but he knew it was useless without his
abilities. After ten minutes, he leaned against the back of the Etilith binding shield and waited for
whoever it was the figure had went to get.
He didn’t have to wait long, as five minutes after that, a small creature similar to the one he had

caught appeared. She wasn’t tall and had four small wings on her back and she wore a white and
green robe with blue trimmings around the collar. It wasn’t a fancy robe, but enough to give the
impression of someone important. What caught Avrin's eye was the staff she held. It didn’t take a
genius to tell it was either extremely expensive or extremely powerful.
Avrin clicked his tongue casually as he wondered if this was the person who caught him. Myra began
to speak to him in a language he obviously didn’t understand.
"Ne arefu ti nieshuk caru isne me biastu?"
Avrin raised a brow as he scratched the back of his head and replied. "Look I don’t know who you
are, but I don’t have a clue what you’re saying. If you’re here to interrogate me, I don’t plan to tell
you anything. Nor is the language barrier going to help you to do so." Myra was taken aback. She
blinked as she gazed at the taller elven man who had a long beard and droopy eyes and held a lesser
looking staff. He then stroked his beard and talked to Myra in the same language, to which Myra
smiled and laughed, then nodded before looking back at Avrin.
Avrin felt impatient. Even though he was the one at their mercy, he felt like an animal locked in a
cage. Of course, he could never share the same feelings as the sylph who felt death around him. The
old man then threw a small round glowing crystal through the shield that rolled towards Avrin. Avrin
cautiously picked it up and looked at it. It had a swirling grey magic inside it, but that was all he
thought it could do. Avrin then looked at the two who seemed to motion to the crystal then at their
own mouths.
"You want me to eat this funny looking crystal are you out of your minds?" Avrin spoke in vain, as
they didn’t understand him. And continued to motion further for him to eat it. He sighed and went
along with it. Surely they wouldn’t keep him alive all this time just to poison him. He placed the
crystal in his mouth and it melted and the magic inside it turned into liquid that went down his
throat. He coughed again before almost vomiting at the weird electric feeling. He heard the voices
again in a more clear tone.
"Ho ho ho, my priestess, he ate it. It seems he isn’t stupid, to say the least."
Myra then replied happily, “I wonder if it worked. It was the first one produced. I’m sure using him
as a test subject was not wasted." Avrin felt irritated at their words. He then called out, slamming
the shield that stood between them and giving a glare. "Bastards! Who are you calling stupid? And
you, you damn little freak, I’m not a test subject!!" The two sylphs stood back in a slight fear as they
heard the words Avrin spoke, before looking at each other and dancing slightly in delight at the
success of their creation.
"It did work! Very good! We can make more now." The elderly man spoke to himself before Myra
gazed at Avrin and huffed angrily at Avrin's words. After the excitement died down, she recoiled at
what he had actually said. "I’m not a freak!!! And for your information I saved your life, more or less.
If not for me, Syrana would not just have taken your left arm...." she stood quiet as she gazed at his
left side, seeing it had healed, as well as his arm. She sweated a little. There was no magic that could

regrow a limb and some of the body within days. Something of that level required Divine magic at
least to restore it in a month. But for a few days, it was at least deity level.
Myra carefully looked at Avrin before she thought to herself, Could this man be wielding some
enigma level magic not seen before? I must find out. She cleared her throat and spoke, "You there.
You look like an elf, but also a demon. You also have some strange magic. Who are you?"
Avrin gazed at the small fairy and grinned as he folded his arms. Her sentenced referred to his left
arm being destroyed but his body had recovered it. Surely in this world there was nothing like that.
He felt special, somewhat. "Me? Why are you so curious and nosey? Don’t you know it isn’t polite to
ask others their names before telling your own?" Myra and the old man were again taken aback at
Avrin's words. In a sense, he was right, as it was the right thing to do, but logically he wasn’t in any
position to speak as such. But the sylph, as they were admiring order went along. Myra cleared her
throat again. “I am Myra, fairy priestess of the sylph." Avrin looked down at her as he made a quick
expression of awe. "Ahh, I see. So fairies do exist in this world." Myra was confused by his words
referring to this world, but shrugged it off. Maybe it was a foreign term. The man then spoke after

“I am Surven, Advisor to the Hierarchy.” Avrin didn’t hear the man call himself his own race, but he
had a guess.
"Are you an elf by any chance?" Both Myra and the man seemed confused, before the man spoke in
kind "Uhh, yes I am. Have you not seen one of us before?"
Avrin ignored the question. "Well, I guess it’s fair. My name is Avrin." Myra was delighted to be
making some progress and she sat down on both knees and poked the shield. She seemed childlike
when not around most of her subjects. Those close to her come to know this.
"Avrin, such a unique name. Interesting. What are you Avrin?"
Avrin couldn’t answer the question even if he wanted to. "I’m not sure I can answer a question I
don’t know myself." Myra was confused and her advisor even more so. Perhaps he was some sort of
unique being. Although the races of Seleria were created by gods, the gods also created the seeds of
life for naturally born races such as goblins, orcs, and even the Nemeans and Hecate gorillas seen
before. So it wasn’t strange to discover a new race, but one as unique looking and sentient as Avrin
was definitely on a different level.
"Avrin then. Can you tell me, when you were fighting Syrana, your body was different to how you
are now. And you used dark magic. What is that magic .and what was that form? There’s also reports
of one of our elves nearly losing a leg to an ice-like spell that was made by a strange disk. And why
did you kill those Leophats?" Avrin was facing away from them as he listened carefully. By asking
questions, he himself was able to get some information of what had happened since he was passed
out. Avrin chuckled softly

"Sorry, I didn’t think anyone other than a deadly creature would step on those things. I’m surprised
he even managed to keep the leg." Myra wasn’t impressed and she huffed again, wanting him to
answer more.
"Relax priestess." Avrin spoke half-heartedly, which made the man feel irritated at how rude Avrin
was. Avrin continued, "A lot of questions...but I guess I have nothing better to do. So those lion
things are called leophat's? What a shame, I liked the name Nemeans. The thing your friend stood
on is called a permafrost mine. A weapon designed for protection, so to speak. It wasn’t my
intention to use it to attack anyone other than protecting myself." Avrin spoke in a tone that made it
hard to doubt his words.
"Hmm, as for the fight, who is Syrana?" At that moment, a figure stepped from the dark entrance,
but not before speaking out. "The one who desperately wants to put you down for good." The
somewhat tall female elf, who could’ve put all human models to shame, revealed herself in the same
attire as before and glaring heavily at Avrin, almost as if she was about to kill him where he stood.

-------------------Avrin blinked a few times before gazing at the elegant female who obviously had the spirit of a
ferocious beast based on her threat. Avrin was a little confused but, judging by the elf and fairy who
gazed at her worriedly, she seemed as important as them both. "Uhh, do I know you? Can’t say I’ve
met anyone like you before. Perhaps an admirer of mine?" he teased, wanting to see how the
female who wanted his head would react.
On his half, it probably wasn’t a good idea. Judging from the reaction of the other two he talked
with, she most likely was capable of attacking or even killing him.
"You perverted bastard." Syranna glared, raising a fist, veins popping across her forehead. Although
she was still as beautiful as a flower when angry, it was a frightening sight. She took a step forward
and started banging against the Etilith shield.
Avrin took a step back and shivered slightly. "Are all elfin females this atrociously violent?" he teased
again. His words seemed to break the last delicate straw and Syranna took eclipse off her back in a
quick movement. Myra and Surven jumped at her, trying to restrain her while Myra shot a glare at
Avrin, warning him to stop.
It took a few minutes for Syranna to calm down. She leaned against the cold cobble-like wall with
one foot against the surface of it and her arms firmly planted under a large bust that would make
any male shiver with excitement. Her athletic legs fit tightly under leather pants crisscrossed with
several blade-holding straps. If Avrin was to put it into words, he would have said she was a unique
sort of beauty – a rose with more than the usual thorns.

Myra dusted her hands off and gazed at Avrin, pouting in annoyance. "Please don’t anger her!! I
won’t be able to guarantee your safety next time." Avrin gazed at the small fairy, then at Syranna
who grunted and looked away as he disgusted her. "Sorry about that. I was just curious. By the way,
I’m guessing she’s Syranna?"
Myra nodded happily, glad Avrin caught on fast. "Yes. Elfin Maiden Syranna. I am the voice of our
people, while she is the strength." Myra spoke soundly and it put Avrin's thoughts to rest. It turned
out he was right regarding his speculation of their ranks being equal.
Avrin was still curious, though. "By the way, why does she hate me so much? I can’t recall doing
anything to her."
Myra thought that surely he remembered the fight. How could he forget about being near death?
Syranna clenched her fists and spoke. "Geez Myra, this guy is stupid. Maybe I messed up something
in his head when I tore that hole through his left side." She grinned as if she knew she was capable
of defeating him.
"Ah, so you’re the one who nearly killed me. Didn’t do a very good job at it, did you?" Avrin
chuckled. Syranna looked livid and shot him a glare, inciting Myra to step between the two. It was
somewhat cute, considering her size.
"If you would like I can finish the job,” Syranna bared her teeth at Avrin, who smiled at how easy it
was to rile her.
Avrin looked away, dismissing her with a wave of his hand. "No need. I’m smart enough to admit
you’re capable of defeating me when I’m exhausted." He was making a point to let her know the
same wouldn’t be true when he was fully rested. She clicked her tongue and looked away. "By the
way, there was a leophat that had a black arm. Where is he? Did he survive?"
Myra raised a brow as Syranna had indeed notified her of the existence of the creature with a
demonic arm and the same sort of energy within its body. "Why do you care if it lived or died? Didn’t
you massacre its tribe and then deform its body?”
Avrin didn’t speak; he just huffed and stretched, trying to think how to explain himself. "I couldn’t
help it after all. I admit that it’s my fault the others attacked the creature because of my little
experiment. I figured I’d help the creature out by killing the ones who turned on him."
Myra sighed. It seemed this being had no sense of order and did whatever he pleased. Unfortunate,
though it was. Syranna was annoyed. "So you think you can freely torture creatures and then make it
up to them by murdering their attacker's without a care?" Avrin's careless actions obviously were
making her blood boil.
"Well I guess my curiosity got the best of me. I suppose it’s something I retain from my past world –
err experiences." Myra, being the more intelligent one, had clearly guessed that something about
Avrin was off. She seemed to know he was hiding a secret. "Please don’t lecture me as if you are

familiar with me,” he continued. “It was all done for survival. That is my top priority."

Syranna walked over to the shield and placed a hand against it, giving him a deep gaze. “Your own
survival? You may think the creatures in the forest are the monsters but the only one here I know of
is you. Even as you lay near death you devoured the land."
Avrin smirked and moved closer to the shield, right where her hand pressed against. “And I’ll be
damned if I let myself die again." This was a vital clue that Myra picked up on. Judging by those
words, it seemed he had experienced death once before, perhaps he was even more special she’d
Were his experiences in death so disastrous that it had warped his mind? Then again, could his
words be trusted? Syranna glared "Even if your deeds were somewhat meant for good towards that
one leophat, you sealed its fate. I had to make sure of that."
Avrin's eyes widened slightly. "What did you say?"
Syranna tilted her head and smirked "I said...that leophat was not going to live a normal life with
that corrupted arm. I had to take care of it."
Avrin's eyes turned a deep blue and he placed his hand against the shield in an impulse of anger. The
dark matter erupted from him and spread across the etilith shield, turning it purple and black. It
wobbled slightly.
Syranna quickly backed away and removed her bow as Avrin spoke. "If you wasted the life I put
myself at risk to protect, I’ll personally destroy you." Syranna couldn’t help but shiver at the being’s
threats, even though she had dealt with him once before. Doubt was running through her mind now,
though. Was he stronger when he was at his peak? Would she be able to deal with him?
But it was all an act. Avrin’s body hadn’t fully healed. The pain, as if a knife was being slit across his
organs, was unimaginably horrid. Still, he pressed against the shield and the blacked part began to
stretch with ease the longer he touched it. Finally, he stepped back and panted quietly, glaring at
her. The shield healed instantly in the part where the dark matter had weakened it.
Myra let out a sigh of relief before gazing at Avrin and Syranna "Please – enough of this!"
Syranna spit on the ground. "Don’t worry – I’m going." She walked off without so much as a
backward glance.
Avrin banged on the field, clutching his chest. "IF YOU HURT IT YOU’RE DEAD!" he yelled in vain as
Syranna vanished, leaving only the stunned Surven and the quiet Myra, who was even more worried
than before at this being’s ability to weaken the shield so easily.
"Avrin, please do not try anything like that again. I made a promise to deal with you should you pose

a threat. I have broken that promise many times already by letting you do as you pleased."
Avrin turned to face Myra. "Then let me go. You may think I’m violent but I’ll make a deal to never
enter this forest again if you show me the way out." Avrin wanted to exit this forest, already
understanding it was more dangerous here than in the open. Besides, he would also be free – killing
two birds with one stone. Then he frowned at the priestess’s answer.
"I’m sorry Avrin, but you pose a great threat with your enigma Level magic. I can’t let you out of here
until I am sure you are not evil."
Avrin's pain seemed to vanish only to be replaced with anger – a burning pit of white hot rage in his
gut. He clenched his fists. “If you think I’m going to stay here like some caged animal just to satisfy
your agenda of peace, then you are mistaken. Very, very mistaken.”

-------------Myra sighed as she clasped Moonwing, raising it as the tip began to glow a deep green. Vines shot
out of the magic circle, formed from the mana around them. They tied around Avrin's legs and arms
and forced him to the floor on his stomach.
"What the hell do you think you’re doing?!" Avrin glared at the priestess, which made her shake her
head in disappointment. "This is for the safety of the well as your own well-being, Avrin,”
she said in a calming tone, as if her choice was the correct way.
The vines engulfed Avrin as he shouted curses and threats until they completely blocked his sight.
Then the vines petrified into stone and began to emit a blue electric current. Myra appeared pleased
at the quiet sound of the etilith shield’s low, divine humming and the crackle of static from the solid
hard-as-rock vines.
Surven clapped quietly, complementing the priestess. "Ho ho! Well done priestess. This is the first
time I have seen a Grand Master level nature petrifaction" Myra sighed and turned to leave. "Thank
you Surven...I wasn’t sure if it would be enough, but it seemed to do the job well. When the time is
right I will question him more." Surven nodded and the two left to complete other tasks that
required their presence.
It seemed the etilith shield was powerful, as it had caught the presence of an angel that had been
passing through. Avrin had felt the surge a few days prior and had been looking for the source of it
ever since, eventually demanding to see the sylph leaders.
Myra was on her way to her workspace and the vine-like reeds retracted to form a sort of door. She
noticed a divine feeling – a very strong one. She had heard reports of the angel and had been doing
her best to avoid his presence.

"I welcome you my dear, divine being. It is an honour for one of your kind bestow us with a visit."
Myra spoke as if nothing was out of place. The angel turned to face her, closing one of the sylph
books. The sound was silent and not forced as he stood up, adorned in white robes. His wings were
hidden in his current form. The being’s face was somewhat hidden as well, only the lower portion,
from nose to chin was revealed. Myra was watching those lips when they began to move.
"Priestess Myra, I presume. I do not want to bother you for long, but I felt the radiance of deity-like
energy from this forest. It was brief, but it was there. I am sure of it." Lucky for him, he had not been
around when Avrin had entered his rage form.
Myra’s eyes suddenly twitched with nervousness. It seemed the etilith binding had been felt by
sheer bad luck. An item of this magnitude would cause conflict and disdain and the angels would feel
the ruined balance.
"I apologize. Syranna and I were sparring together and it seemed both our powers flowed out
against each other."
The angel raised a brow and turned away to look at other books. "My dear priestess, if that is the
case, why could I not find a trace of your battle?"
Myra smiled "This forest heals quickly. Especially the location we fought in. We had several of our
mages protect it.
The angel nodded, though there was still suspicion in his eyes. Surely it wouldn’t denounce her
words? "I see. And it doesn’t seem as if you’re injured. I suppose that is also the ‘work of your
Myra managed a nod. "We sylph are well prepared, especially with spars of this magnitude.”
The angel was silent for awhile. He had heard Myra was intelligent enough to match demons or
angels and he could not let his guard down. "I see. Well then, if it is ok with you, I am tired from my
journey and I wish to stay in this forest for awhile." The two exchanged a glance. They knew that
wasn’t the real reason he wanted to stay. He didn’t trust her.
A drop of sweat formed on Myra's cheek. It was a near checkmate. She could not deny this divine
being without caution being thrown into the mix. She contemplated telling him about Avrin but the
shield would be exposed – along with her lies.
"That’s fine. We shall treat you as if you are one of our own. There is a nice place at the edge of our
village I’m sure you will enjoy." She wanted him as far away from the ruins as possible.
The angel nodded. "I thank you for your hospitality, dear priestess." Myra nodded and called for a
guard who bowed respectfully towards the angel and led him to his temporary guest home.

Myra pressed her hands against a nearby table. Moonwing left her grip and floated by itself in the
breezeless air. Myra sighed. "This isn’t good. Surely he’s going to look into this matter further. I need
a plan to keep things steady. I can’t go to the ruins, though – he might follow me. Then again, Avrin
may surprise me and use that magic of his again. Enigma level magic.” She shook her head, still
unable to really believe it. “The most fearful thing after deity level magic," she muttered.
While Myra contemplated what to do, Syranna was checking upon her hunters in the training
grounds. "No! That’s wrong! You’re not pulling on the bow string enough. Are your forearms weak?
I’ll make you do push-ups until you can’t feel them anymore!" She was tormenting the trainees as
always, but then she felt the presence of something divine and different than anything else in the
forest. She turned to see the robed angel being escorted by the guard to the guest room.
"Tsk tsk. It seems we didn’t get off completely." She sighed and folded her arms as she gazed at her
troops. Syranna put up a hard exterior, but her love for her people and the forest was second to
none. All the more reason to be harsh in enforcing it. "I hope Myra knows what she’s doing. I’d hate
to fight an angel."
When the angel was let into the hut-like home, furnished well enough for even for a noble, he went
over to a desk and set down a cube shaped object with spheres on the edges. He slowly channelled
some mana inside of it and it floated up, releasing a strange light. Then a voice emitted from it.
"What is the meaning of this call? Surely you wouldn’t resort to using the Comtector without having
something important to say." The voice was stern and deep, even as it resonated through the
magical device.
The angel kneeled down in respect even though the man could not see him. It was even more
evidence to suggest of the being’s might. "My lord, I felt a strange disturbance in the Forest of the
sylphs. It was almost like that of a deity. Though I felt it only for a short moment, I am sure it was
"Assumptions do not provide results Neriel. However, you have served under me for centuries and
have yet to let me down. I believe what you say. Did you speak with the priestess?"
Neriel smoothed the front of his robes and responded. "That I have my lord. She claims it was the
result of a duel between her and maiden Syranna. But I am unsure whether to believe her. I have
never heard of Myra sparring with her counterpart."
The voice went quiet for a moment before speaking again. "Your claim is unshakeable. Myra herself
is a pacifist. I can’t recall her ever wanting to spar – even as a show of good faith for her people.
Especially in these times of peace. Very well, I’ll allow you to do as you please. I look forward to the
results Neriel. That is all."
Neriel smiled and nodded to himself. "Thank you my lord Abbadon." The comtector went silent and
landed back on the desk. "I will not fail you."

Avrin lay inside the petrified vine encasing, his consciousness slipped away as if he had been put in a
temporary sleep. His body floated in a dark sky with no ground in sight, surrounded by the twinkling
of billions of stars. He swung himself around, wanting to hit something.
"Damn, damn, damn her!!! Damn these elves, sylphs, fairies – whatever the hell they are!! Treating
me like I’m sort of thing to study!" He stopped when he heard a quiet chuckle from behind him.
When he looked, however, there was no one there. The voice continued and it was unmistakeable
who it was.
"I must say, Avrin, so far you have been quite entertaining. If a little bit hypocritical. If I recall
correctly, you did the same thing to that leophat." Avrin ground his teeth. God. He had been
watching, after all.
Avrin sighed, crossed his legs, and sat down. It was embarrassing that he was still in nothing but his
tracksuit trousers – no top on. "Can’t you throw me a bone here and free me?"
God responded almost as if he had been expecting the question. "No can do. I told you before I
would only be watching. It’s more fun that way."
Avrin groaned. "That’s just like you. Even on earth you ditched people and let them suffer without
raising a single finger to help." The room shook quietly as if God was annoyed, but it turned he was
“Well, if it makes you feel better, the ones I failed to help have either been reincarnated to a lovely
life or are enjoying heaven while there oppressors have the opposite fate. And as for throwing you a
bone, I suppose it won’t affect the outcome, but you shouldn’t worry. You won’t be trapped for
Avrin smiled at the small piece of information he had obtained. "I’m guessing I can’t ask about my
power either? Or how to better control it?"
God took his time answering. "There is no need. Surprisingly, you are making more of an
advancement than I thought in my non-omnipotent state. It seems I was right in choosing you, but
you did overdo it at a certain stage..."

---------------Avrin was not one to be lectured, He found it annoying and demeaning that after reaching a near
peak in his life, that someone would dare to treat him like a child. What made it more frustrating
was that the one doing so was God himself, so it wasn’t like Avrin could ignore him. Every word the
being spoke was worth more to him than anything else he could desire. He knew that the words
were 100% correct in every aspect, no if's or but's.

"I apologize, but it wasn’t as if I could just not do anything. It seems my emotions run deep for
situations that I have failed in before." Avrin’s voice was laced with sadness.
God replied softly, "Well, it can’t be helped. You are, after all, allowed to do as you please on Seleria.
For now, take some time off to try and recover. This place has time that runs the same as on Seleria.
An hour here would do you a lot of good to relax Avrin.” He smiled. “Nothing too fancy.”
Avrin was intrigued by this demension to such an extent that he pondered asking God if it was
possible to recreate such a place on a smaller scale. It would give him extra time to train his body
and practice his ability.
"I’ll be sure to do so. You’re not staying then?" Avrin asked.
"Not at all. I have other things to do and, as I have stated before, I like to tend to them without
making it all happen in the blink of an eye." Avrin felt somewhat sorry for God. It seemed that even
though he could do anything he pleased instantly, he preferred the more hands-on approach.
"Very well." he said quietly and in that moment he felt god's presence disappear. "It seems losing
myself made me realise two things." Talking to himself, he could manage to keep some semblance of
sanity in the isolated, cosmic space.
"Firstly, I need more control over my emotions to avoid a situation like that happening again. I don’t
think such strain on my body would be wise until I have trained more. It also seems like I will attack
anything near me, regardless of the danger, which would be bad if I meet someone as strong as
Syranna. She didn’t hesitate to kill me." The mere thought of her name sent a flash of annoyance
through him.
"Secondly, I’ll only experiment on people who truly deserve to be used as test subjects: rapists,
murderers, and criminals of the worst sort. That way, I can better avoid the first thing. That will also
allow me to trial and error to my heart's content, as well as enjoy myself." He grinned menacingly.
He would have no mercy on such people.
"For now though..." He laid back on the motionless air, floating in space with his hands behind his
head, surrounded by the nothingness of the void, his right foot over his left. He shut his eyes,
wondering if he could fall asleep, but his mind wasn’t so forgiving and decided it was time for him to
experience a full experience of the past.
------------------------(FlashBack.)----------------------Humanity had struggled in the past wars, which were plentiful after the United States decided to
wage war on Russia due to their constant head-butting in affairs. Unfortunately, the real reason was
Oil had grown so scarce that the wars were supported by each country’s citizens to the point of
several protests being held, demanding for actions to be taken.

That being said, other countries were forced to take sides. China sided with Russia and India joined
them, because the U.S. never took the country seriously. The so-called BRICS coalition gained
tremendous wealth in 2092. This allowed those countries to happily advance their military might due
to the internal trading and deals between themselves. Of course, the U.S. was joined by France,
Israel, England, & Canada. They also increased internal trading with one another. Australia decided
to remain neutral after the prime minister decided not to kowtow to the U.S. anymore.
Prime Minister Alex Chevin had been the PM to put Australia in the neutral position. He had done so
to fix the struggling economy that had resulted from the spending done to appease U.S./Australian
relations. A reform was voted in by both opposing parties and was passed by the senate who in turn
allowed the people to vote whether to make Australia a republic. The vote was overwhelming, with
97% of people passing it through as a yes.
Alex Chevin then became President of The Republic of Australia and the country went on to become
one of the largest Exporter's of industrial goods and uranium.
That being said, the position of Australia did not lessen the advance of UFIEC against BRICS. Each
blamed each other for various atrocities, each supported propaganda against the another.
Unfortunately, the countries that weren’t independent enough to look after themselves were forced
to take sides in the conflict.
In 2099, just before the New Year, UFIEC declared war on BRICS and all nations that supported it.
This was a turning point and led to WWIII – the most devastating war to ever take place on earth.
By 2110, the war had raged for so long that the little resources earth had left were nearly depleted.
No group had made it to either capital. Jerusalem had been bombed by South Africa. Israel
countered by bombing back. With military technology advancing, so far there were not many soldier
casualties. Instead, the civilians were the ones to suffer the most.
Famine, drones, unmanned tanks, and trialled mech's were the source of multiple massacres. It was
horrifying and the only ones who benefited were the war mongers who sold weapons. In 2111, a
truce was formed by both groups and each leader stepped down to allow their own successor to
take his place. They were too shamed to continue on themselves. That and public demand for their
heads was plentiful.
The new leaders of these mighty countries were swift to act against the arms dealers who were not
just selling weapons, but keeping the fire of war burning with their own connections. A majority
were let go with warnings if they had deep connections, others were imprisoned for life. And those
who took the trade in the heat of the war were executed and made scapegoats to appease the
That being said, it did not change the situation. Earth's resources were nearly gone. So it was in that
moment a G20 summit that had ended abruptly in 2093 due to anger and had been put on hold for
17 years now took place. But unlike the past G20 meetings, this was the most important. Issues such
as global warming were solved in the 2050's and global famine was solved in 2040's. The problem

was the current state of things.
In the end, after an intense summit, with the world waiting for the leaders of their modern world to
save them, it was decided. Earth’s technology had advanced quite far and NASA worked with
countries such as Japan and Russia’s space programs.
They had rented out space in Australia’s outback to launch their newly formed rockets, as Australia
had also dreamt of its program. President John Edwards of Australia had even went as far as to
adopt all three agencies by giving them funding their own countries couldn’t afford at the time.
That being said, it was a life saver as "Brink" was formed by these three agencies and nearly all of
their scientists and technological personnel moved to Australia. The government was more than
happy to accommodate them all, especially with their neutral profits booming. Brink had made
many steps forward after they formed in 2038.
They had sent astronauts to Mars and back by 2043. This was due to the immense funding and
personnel from three countries and scientists around the world who were attracted to australias
offers. With jumps ahead and Australia staying out of the war between BRICS and UFIEC, they were
making enormous strides. It was then that then Brink Chairmen Matashi Hiriko attended the G20
summit and gave his idea.
By the end of that summit, it was decided that Brink would be given resources of all G20 members as
well as access to any facility that would help the effort. After all, earth's future was at stake. The
mission was to Colonize Mars and terraform it so that it could be used as a farm planet and its
resources transported back to earth.
By 2126, construction on the first ever large scale Colonization Vessel known as "Hope" (named for
the hopes and dreams everyone on earth had placed on it) had been completed. It was a whopping
14,000 Meters in diameter and capable of allowing over 400,000 people to live on it, taking into
account Resources.
Brink wasted no time in the recruiting effort, taking people with a fit background or useful talents
and careers, from chefs and doctors, to officers and maids. All sorts of people were hired to make up
the voyage. In 2128, after a two year long recruitment process, and with earth's resources dwindling,
Hope was launched carrying the dreams of billions of lives.
It had taken one year to reach mars due to the trial Warp Engine that had been somewhat
successful. Of course, it required the power of at least 10 nuclear reactors to keep everything going.
This was, after all, the first ship of its kind and no other job was more important on that ship then an

--------------In 2136, after Hope had landed, Terraforming was almost immediate and things were going
successfully. They used a process known as ‘Bubble’, which would require several people in
astronaut-like suits to venture around with a mechanical tank known as ‘Growth’. Growth was
designed to create a large Dome of energy that would mimic earth's atmosphere, act as an insulator,
and deflect all harmful rays and radiation.
Growth also had a second use. It could be filled with a chemical that was infused with synthetic
particles and Microscopic nanobots after the Dome was created and it be used to infuse the special
particles and nanobots into the soil of mars.
The nanobots, which contained a chemical known as I-20, would use the particles as an energy
source for a chemical reaction with I-20 that would allow a near-instant or accelerated growth of
fertile land that could be used for farming.
After continually repeating the process for five years, mars started to look as if it had been cured of
its desolate past. Civilisation began to spring up near Hope, which had landed prior to the
Terraforming. By 2148, Earth received the first of its shipment of supplies. However, Earth itself had
not remained idle. The people were trying to help in any way possible. The supplies were indeed
needed, though.
In 2159, technology had advanced even further, allowing light speed travel, and by 2464, the human
race had gone galactic. Hundreds if not thousands of planets were being colonized. Brink had formed
into the main technology dealer of the newly formed EUF (Earth United Forces) which lasted for
centuries to come.
Of course, not everything transpired perfectly. With newly inhabited worlds under the EUF’s control,
people on distant planets demanded autonomy and wars were fought on a planetary scale. With war
came crime and looters and with that came criminal organisations.
Even as newly terraformed planets were made, new species of creatures were found in some
environments. They were not dubbed as aliens, as they were not as sentient as humans, but life in
itself other then humanity was the latest thing for at least a decade.
Unfortunately, with the spread of humanity, narcotics and illegal contraband sprung forth like never
before and it became nearly impossible to deal with it in trade routes. Had it not been for the heavy
EUF presence and their warships designed by Brink, there would have been chaos. Brink was
profiting quite well.
In fact, after a few supply runs to earth, they had even paid off the Australian government, which
was no more. Earth had formed into one single hierarchy who also lead the EUF with an appointed
Overseer and under him were the judges. Judges could overthrow the overseer if they unanimously
voted to do so.

Under these judges were the generals and commanders of the EUF's forces. These individuals were
not plentiful. Only a handful was ever around at any given time in the EUF's centuries long history. In
the year 2999, a certain individual had just graduated from one of the EUF's academies (which
numbered in the thousands now, due to humanity being so widespread).
Avrin Sygin became an exceptional soldier. In his first battle on Iosa-II, he infiltrated a crime den and,
from the inside, ended every single one of those 234 lives using their own life support against them
as their hideout was on a non-terraformable volcanic planet.
He had made it so the life support system, instead of removing the carbon dioxide and putting it
outside, had would bring the extremely toxic gas inside. Without so much as a drop of blood being
shed, he had gained the rank of Lieutenant.
Avrin went on to do extreme feats, from obliterating crime organisations to saving platoons of
captured EUF soldiers. In 3007 he was promoted to a commander of the EUF. Unfortunately for him,
it was also the year the Ziox virus mysteriously appeared from one of Brink's under-the-radar
facilities that was experimenting with recoding human DNA in search of giving people superhuman
abilities without the need for cybernetic implants. They wanted to be gods and the EUF didn’t even
That being said, the Ziox virus went on to take the lives of billions. If you thought the black plague
was bad, it was a sneeze compared to the Ziox virus. This was due to humanity being so widespread
and constantly on the move. One person would infect someone on one planet while setting off a
chain reaction. Before the symptoms kicked, people would move to other planets for trading or
visiting and the process would be repeated.
The EUF had to cordon off sectors and enforce them heavily. Refugees were either destroyed in their
small ships if they did not listen or contained on single planets used as sick bays.
In 3010, the worst ever case of Ziox virus occurred on Votera Prime with 99.9% of the population
infected and cordoned off. Of course, people began protests and things became violent. The one
looking after the cordoned sector was none other than Avrin.
He knew the kill rate of the Ziox virus was perfect, with some cases being cured with no treatment.
You either had the luck to win a lottery a year straight or you didn’t – that was the chance of being
randomly cured.
Avrin figured that these people were as good as dead and what made matters worse, due to the
entire population being infected, he could not risk soldiers down there to police it all. It was a bad
situation, as the people of Votera Prime were starting to flee to the planet's ships. The planet itself
was earth-like to begin with, very popular, rich in resources, and had quite a reputation.
Avrin, instead of taking the chance of seeing these people flee, decided to end it and save them the
misery. He used a super weapon equipped only to flag ships that EUF commanders possessed. Its
nickname was ‘the Meteor’. It was an Ionic Burst Covered in layers of assorted unstable particles

with a dark matter core.
Avrin used it on Votera Prime and the giant mass of energy plunged into the capital of the planet –
Marleth, a sort of resort city near the ocean. The burst exploded sending a shockwave of flame and
lightning across the surface of Votera and destroying everything it engulfed in a near instant. No one
was safe unless they were deep, deep underground as the radiation sunk beneath the planet’s
surface as well.
Arvin’s own crew turned against him an hour after he had destroyed everything on the planet and
set off a chain reaction. Unfortunately for him, the moment he pulled the trigger the cure had been
Avrin had gone from zero to hero and now he was less than zero. Killer of millions, overthrown by his
crew, locked away, sentenced to death. Unluckily for him, he had no son or family to pass on his
name. He was the last of his bloodline. He was thankful though that he would leave no one behind
to be persecuted for his own actions.
------------ (The Present: In the unknown realm) ----------Avrin opened his eyes slowly after his somewhat rest. It had felt like a dream within a dream as he
remembered taking those lives and how his own crew turned on him for his actions.
"It seems it will haunt me for a while – if not for the rest of my life. I’ll have to find a way to stop it.
I’d rather not think about those shitty memories again." He frowned to himself and stretched, even
though he felt weird doing so. It was all in his mind, after all. But he felt extremely refreshed, as if he
had been healed and was now even stronger than before.
“I need to find a way out of here.” He looked around, trying to remember that vine-like magic that
had engulfed him. Sitting in the open void, his legs crossed, he let his body float randomly. He didn’t
know what was up or down –there was no gravity.
Avrin blinked as a crack appeared in the open void that leaked a white light. He was not so dumb as
to not approach. It seemed to be healing, but every now and then, it would crack again and turn a
bit larger.

--------During Avrin's mindful rest, Neriel had spent the night plotting what he should do and decided that a
grand master level shapeshifting spell would work wonders. Myra was powerful with Moonwing, but
only when she used it was she more powerful than an angel. This gave Neriel a chance to scope
things out.

Using shapeshifting, he managed to take the identity of an elf he saw guarding the entrance of the
forest city. This way, he would be able to enter while the guard was far in the distance. A blue light
engulfed him and poured a through the glassless windows as he transformed. He was now a 5 foot
and seven inch tall elven male in basic leather armour and standard equipment.
He used another grandmaster level technique to form a summoned weapon over which he cast an
illusion so it would appear the same as the spear the guard had held. It was a standard wooden
spear with spirals covering it the tip of it, four spiky curves, and an intricate nature pattern on the
He looked around to confirm no one had seen what he was in the process of doing. When he was
sure he was alone, he then used a spell called Phase Walk which was a master level spell that
allowed him to distort what he was walking through, almost as if it was ethereal, which allowed him
to part through. This was on the tip of being a grandmaster spell due to it requiring a lot of
concentration, but for an angel it was at least as much as he required.
He left his home from behind since he knew it was most likely heavily guarded from the front. Not
enough were there for him to detect their presence, but enough so they would not be able to see
him using magic or leaving a sort of presence on the edge of his ability to find life. It was harder since
there were hundreds of people in the streets, even at night.
He smirked to himself as he took the narrow vine opening and followed it until he reached an
opening to leave. From he jumped down and began his search for information.
As an angel, which were referred to as the chosen ones by some people in the other races, he was
widely respected and feared. But in situations like these, if he was to ask around in his normal
appearance it would arouse suspicion, as powerful as he was.
He was no match for a large group of sylph warriors and mages, especially since some were at a
master and even grandmaster level. He also knew he had no chance against either of the two
leaders: Syranna & Myra.
So it only made since that a covert operation was the way to go. As he entered the crowd of sylphs,
he admired how peaceful they seemed. They were truly a lovely creation and were indeed his
favourite, even more so then humans who he actually despised somewhat.
As he wondered around the area that was close to the near instant flash energy he had felt earlier,
he started to feel a speck of energy that was identical to it. Angels were second to none when it
came to detecting traces of magic – or magic at all really. What confirmed his suspicions was the
area appeared to be well guarded.
As he approached a large vine wall covered in trees and bushes, he put on an act and called over to a
single, nearby guard. The guard didn’t even hesitate as Neriel was dressed and looked like someone
he knew.

The guard rushed over, following Neriel around the corner. As the guard came closer, Neriel raised
his hand and used a master level stun spell that knocked the guard out cold.
Neriel then used a same level spell called ‘Binding Reigns’ which was produced ethereal chains to
bind a target to the ground and not allow them to move an inch. After Neriel confirmed the elf was
no threat, he used the same shapeshifting spell as before and took the stunned guard's appearance.
Neriel then went on to the front and what seemed to be an entrance in the wall of vines.
He passed through easily as no one was aware that he was an intruder. The closer he got, the
stronger the presence of deity magic became. That was until he reached the entrance of some
ancient ruins. As he stood in front, he was stopped by two guards who had armour that didn’t even
compare to his.
They wore what seemed like plate mail with intricate designs, half capes and hoods, and each
brandished a short sword on their waists and a lance in their hands, which they sued to block Neriel.
"What are you doing here? Who released you from duty?" one of the guards demanded.
Neriel just smiled and laughed. “I apologize sir. I was just checking to see if everything was ok."
Unfortunately, Neriel was not such a good actor and the other guard, who was more trained then
Neriel, swung his weapon towards the angel. He had obviously picked up that something was wrong.
Oh no, Neriel thought before raising his hand effortlessly and grabbing the spear as he raised a
brow. "How dare you?" he demanded in an echoing voice, releasing his shifted form. The guards’
eyes widen in fear. Even they knew that Neriel was an angel who was stronger than them. Neriel
also revealed his wings, which were white and quite large – each nearly more than half as tall as his
own height.
Neriel used his weapon and own power to deflect the other guard’s weapon who seemed to have
come to his senses and tried to hit him with the back of the tip. He also jammed his fist into the
guard who had first attacked him and still seemed to not comprehend what was happening.
In nearly two seconds after revealing himself, he had beaten two guards at a master level. Neriel
returned to his near emotionless state as it didn’t seem like anyone else was around. There were
quite a few trees and bushes blocking the sight. But he didn’t know how long he had until someone
He entered into the ruins and was greeted by the same candle light as Myra before. The presence of
the deity magic was stronger than before. He hadn’t felt someone like this since right after the
demon war.
Neriel noticed the many cells and the guards inside who turned to look at him. He was greeted by
surprised looks as they questioned to who he was. But he didn’t respond, he just went through them
using his superior power and knocked them all out.

The prisoners also seemed to fear the angel and crept back into the darkness of their cells. But then
one had reached out and grabbed the keys of the fallen main guard and began opening his cell.
Little did Neriel know, he endangered the elven city and caused an annoying skirmish. With all
guards dealt with, he reached a large stone door. He touched it, but grunted quietly as he realised it
was unique and most likely crafted by someone more powerful than him.
"A way to open this,” he muttered. “There has to be a way." He touched his hand against it again
and began to channel his energy into it, trying to overwhelm it. Even though he knew it was
hopeless, he was motivated by his promise to Abbadon.
Little did he know, that the door reacted to only the most divine. Moonwing was part of a sigil
crafted by Septim, and he was an angel crafted to be more celestial than anything else other than a
deity. The door responded to his divine energy. Not as quick as to Moonwing’s, but after channelling
his energy enough, it began to rumble and open.
As it opened, he widened his eyes as he was met with the force of intense magic that stunned his
senses. Little did he know, this room was meant to conceal all traces of the etilith shield. And since
the door was opened, it overflowed his senses.
"Incredible! This is truly magnificent." He walked in while speaking, admiring the power the shield
emitted. He was trembling with excitement and anxiousness. He went over and touched the flowing
and ever changing rainbow like shield as he felt its immense power.
Why do the sylph have something like this? he thought to himself. He then noticed something inside
the shield covered in what stone vines. "What is that?" Little did he know, it was someone capable
of changing Seleria itself and one day rivalling and surpassing the gods.
Neriel knew this shield had a magic circle, just by the look on the ground, but he had questions. Why
did the sylph have this? Why did they keep it a secret and lie to him? Who gave it to them? And
most importantly, what was inside?
He then began to hear roars and yelling. It was faint, but his sensitive ears could pick it up. He also
felt the faint magic over the etilith shield. It seemed like there was combat going on.
"Oh dear. It seems like those prisoners somehow got free. No doubt those two will show up now. I’ll
have to summon Lord Abbadon." He knew he had no chance against them and it was his only hope.
His magic weapon lost its illusion and began to trail along the ground in the shape of a spear of white
gold with unnatural designs. The spear left a glowing mark as Neriel trailed it in a pattern. He was
forming the shape of a summoning circle. He had one shot, as this was the highest grandmaster level
spell he could use at the tip of becoming hero level. He would waste all his remaining energy by
doing this.