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Matthew Johnson

235 E Thomas Drive
Thomasville, NC 27360
(336) 884-2829

Technical Skills

Abstract Data Types

Microsoft Powerpoint

Algorithm Analysis and Design

Microsoft Visual Studios


Microsoft Word

Artificial Intelligence

Object Oriented Programming


Assembly Language (Sparc and





Building PCs






Human-Computer Interface




Microsoft Office

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Outlook

PC/Laptop Re-Imaging







Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7



Professional Experience
6/15/2014 –

Desktop Support, Lincoln Financial Group

8/13/2013 –

Access user accounts through Active Directory
Created batch file to change windows settings to company
standard through registry edits and running company software
Image HP desktops and laptops
Provide support for employees
Setup Company Email through Microsoft Outlook
Setup HP printers
Setup network drives
Setup PC hardware in employee’s assigned location
Setup Unified Messaging
Test hardware in computer lab for faults
Troubleshoot employee PC issues
Troubleshoot printer issues
Work through HEAT (Queue system)
Worked with managers from other departments to push proper
software and network drives

Java Tutor / Lab Assistant, University of North Carolina at

Assist instructor during Java labs
Assist students in debugging Java code
Help students design algorithms
Teach students concepts of Object Oriented Programming
Teach students how to use logic
Teach students Java syntax
Teach students structures, variables and conditionals of Java
Although the title of this position is Java Tutor many students
came seeking help with other assignments such as ASM, C++,
Python, Prolog, Javascript, boolean algebra, and more

Aug. 2012 –
Dec. 2014

B.S. in Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
3.67 GPA
Graduated with Honors
Chancellor’s List
Dean’s List
ACM Programming Competition Competitor

Aug. 2009 –
May 2012

A.S. in Science for Transfer, Davidson County Community College
3.60 GPA
Dean’s List

School Projects
Project Title: Math 4 Kids (Previously Teaching Kids to Learn Math Good and Stuff) //Group Size - 2
Class: CSC540 – Human Computer Interaction
Description: This project was coded in Java using AWT and Swing to create an interface that
would promote learning in
young children. Questions were presented in JLabels and
JTextAreas and a JLabel with an image that would be
updated when the user answered a
question correctly. After completing a series of questions the user would
“level up” and the
screen transitioned to a new JPanel where the user could use the arrow keys to move an icon
up, down, left, and right and press space-bar on JLabels that had the numbers that
summed up to a randomly
generated value displayed at the top. When all of the labels
disappeared the user would return to the question JPanel with more difficult concepts.
Project Title: 2-3-4 Tree //Group Size - 1
Class: CSC330 – Advanced Data Structures
Description: This project was coded in Java and the purpose was to create a 2-3-4 Tree from
scratch that ran in O(logn)
time. By using a Tree class and Node class a working
implementation was designed where each node class had an array of nodes stored to represent
possible children along with an integer representing its current number of
children. In the
tree class methods were made for inserting, deleting, and modifying values while maintaining
the properties of 2-3-4 trees.
Project Title: Pathfinder Player Tool //Group Size – 2
Class: CSC490 – Senior Project
Description: This project was coded in Java using the Android SDK. The purpose of this project
was to create an application that represented all of the character information in the tabletop
game Pathfinder for a person. Much
of the design of this project included the interface design
using XML. Sharing of character files were included by
Bluetooth sharing.
Project Title: Operating System //Group Size – 1
Class: CSC562 – Principles of Operating Systems
Description: This project was designed for graduate students, but optional for undergraduates for
extra credit. This project required use of assembly language, C, and any language after booting
that became functional. The
purpose was to create an operating system that would boot in a
virtual environment and perform some
operation. After creating a bootable operating
system it displayed a string of text.
Project Title: Plinko //Group Size – 1
Class: CSC130 – Intro to Computer Science
Description: This project was designed to teach students use of the Random and Array functions
in Java. Given input of
board height (the triangular plinko board, like from “The Price is Right”)
and number of balls played it returned
the final position of each and the number of balls in
that position represented by a string of “o”s.
Project Title: Prime Numbers //Group Size – 1
Class: CSC261 – Assembly Language
Description: This project was coded in Assembly Language and its purpose was to determine
which numbers, out of 100,
input were prime numbers and valid prime numbers were input
into an array and displayed back to the user.
Project Title: Prime Numbers //Group Size – 3
Class: CSC340 – Software Engineering

Description: The purpose of this project was to thoroughly design 3 classes of a gas station
before implementing them
independently. The three classes were user, manager, and store
clerk. I designed the manager class which was
responsible for adding fuel to tanks,
reviewing purchases saved in a file from the store clerk, monitoring fuel
levels, adjust fuel
prices, and change what type of fuel was stored in any number of gas tanks. The UI design
used Swing and AWT JLabels, JTextAreas, JRadioButtons, JComboBoxes, JSpinners, and
more including a loading bar to visually represent the fuel level of each tank.

Customer Service Experience

6 Years in Customer Service
2010 –

Cashier, Thomasville Business Center

2009 –

Dish Washer, Pennybyrn at Maryfield Inc.

2007 –

Cashier / Food Handler, Burger King Co.