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Organizational Behavior tools

Part II


Organizational behavior helps not only to learn how to act and fit in among the personnel within an organization. what will . There are different of motivation theories such as Maslow's basic needs of human beings in a pyramid with five stages: physiological needs. I'm planning to get MBA in accounting and get a job position in a large company. In the remain classes I had the opportunity to gain competences that showed me the type of organization I would like to work in. Moreover. achievement.Therefore. . growth) qualifies the hierarchy of needs of Maslow: we can try to meet several needs at once. Herzberg identifies factors of satisfaction (the work itself. but also to evolve skills of influencing.Mac McClelland identifies three basic needs (power. affiliation) that are more or less important to different people. There are many concepts of human behavior that allowed me to take this decision of working in a large company. selfesteem. which also makes it easier to recruit and retain qualified personnel. a frustrated need can be abandoned . In the first classes of this course I learned a lot about my personal abilities which helped me choose my major and the career I want to proceed in. social needs. safety. sociability. To start. relationships with colleagues. for Alderfer (livelihood needs. For me. All of these theories lead to one conclusion that work motivations differ from a person to another and they are considered as the reasons that keeps them working and doing their best in order to achieve their goals. the need motivates as it is not satisfied. ). . motivating and leading in an organization.Also. reporting relationships) and factors of dissatisfaction (the conditions and organization of work. salary. responsibility. it is likely to have more pleasant work environments with managers having good interpersonal skills. Work motivation is defined as the composition of energies that have a specific direction with a certain degree of intensity in terms of effort that an employee will dedicate to work. self-actualization.

So. Employees that can impact others . Another important concept is decision making. examine several solutions and retain the best. feeling part of the group and employee accept the decision when they are part of it. The process of rational decision making involves choosing criteria. information overload. When it comes to influence is having the ability to affect and guide a group of people even if this person doesn't have the authority or the power. Communication concept is defined as a bilateral process of exchange and understanding of information between two or more individuals or groups. control our voice tone and body language. its goal is to channel the movement of information within the company and informal network of communication that allows better coordination between the various businesses units of the same hierarchical level. I must work on using facts and logic more than depending on my intuition. group decision making can be more helpful due to information sharing. or person located at different levels with no authority link. According to emotion-based decision making test. not to mention cultural differences. difficulties in understanding one another. having peaceful and friendly relations with my coworkers and have the satisfaction of excelling at my job and performing my tasks efficiently. In order to have effective communication. it could create problems of conflict. evaluate. understanding: info must have meaning to the receiver). bias. we want to believe that our decisions reflect rational organizational behavior. we must learn to tolerate each other ideas and give everybody a chance to participate in decision making. (Exchange: transmitter transmits to a receiver.motivate me in my future work is the working conditions. I tend to use balance of logic and emotion when making decisions. Although. we also suffer prejudice. There is a formal communication network which considers all networks officially established during the structuring of the organization. In fact. we need to avoid misunderstanding.

). power . the more people will understand each other. hierarchical position . and employee performance to achieve organizational goals. there is a greater risk of error. Conflict can be dysfunctional or constructive. the reason of conflict (advantage. there are many sources of conflicts but what matters is to know how to deal with this conflict. I have this ability to influence but I need to develop it more because it would make it easier for me to work within a group...). One of the ways is negotiation which is the management of conflict. An organizational leader is an individual who influences the behavior. . I am person that prefer working in a group because it gives me the chance to learn more and share my ideas. attitudes. In my opinion working as team is more productive than working individually. Power can be attributed to a person. fast decisions taken by a team with members of types very similar will be more easily and in less time. Personally. the group is basically a collection of small individuals in situations of face-to-face that interact to achieve a task or to meet common goals..need to know how to use influence tactics on each person differently. also try to compromise and find a common solution in favor of the organization. it is a solution to reconcile the opposing points of views. More homogeneous the group is. by against. Furthermore.. I believe that every member of the organization need to respect and tolerate the ideas of others. Conflicts can be described in many ways depending on the actors involved (their number. so within an organization people have to be able to work with each other on good terms and avoid conflicts. In addition. because the points of view will be misrepresented. I have a huge understanding of others emotions and I can use this to work with them efficiently. age. In an organization the word conflict generally applies to blocking normal mechanisms of decision-making so that an individual or group has difficulty making the choice of an action. deliver my ideas to them and convince them with y thoughts.

I would like to work in a position where I can be a leader because I have the ability to understand people's emotions. * Determine the type of personnel required to perform each task. Also. The organizational structure can be defined as the way the authority is considered through the relationships of the hierarchy. and more innovative which is true I have always wanted to work in a such organization. and bureaucratic organizations and would be most comfortable in a more mechanistic organization. A leader is effective as it helps employees to work in accordance with organizational objectives and where it gives them a sense of immediate satisfaction. hierarchical. * Organizing these tasks in departments with an effective line of communication between staff and management. . taking into account the parameters of the company. * Establish the function of each task and how it will be linked to income generation within the company. the way activities are specified and distributed and yet how communication systems within organizations are established. however according to the test I prefer stable. I feel frustrated in an organization that is flatter. the skill to motivate. The steps of creating an organizational structure are: * Establish a classification of possible tasks. accept different ideas and the diversity of cultures. suggesting the behavior most likely to give him the desired rewards. with my confidence. unrelated to its hierarchical position (informal).which will be placed in a position of authority (formal) or result from specific person characteristics. Also. Organizational structure should be well defined and anchored in a realistic framework. more flexible. rule-driven. divide the tasks according to each person's capacity and the desire to work in a harmony and productive atmosphere. It exists many types of organizational structures.

perception and action with the aim of improving productivity. however. I have learned that before engaging with an organization I need to find out if my personal values. Moreover. being part of a team who has completed major projects is an invaluable opportunity for early career. use the same management techniques. Interest for an organization to focus on this dimension is firstly to allow a better understanding of their own culture in order to reorganize the resources of the organization function and thus achieve optimal overall performance (financial. this will help me develop my skills and have more experience. .. The communication technology invades our organizations and thereby changes positively and negatively the ways of thinking. The course of organizational behavior helped me to figure out the type of organization I would like to work at which is large company because a promotion in a large company does not have the same flavor that rise in rank in a small business. Two companies can follow the same strategy.Much is said about culture and we begin to realize that a lot of mergers and acquisitions failed for cultural reasons while on paper.The advent of computers gives birth to a new hybrid culture and the emergence of an artificial person. Also. we must find a balance between the technological dimension and the human dimension of the organization and to prevent the employee feel more identified with the organization that makes him sick.. Plus. have the same structures.). human. big difference in pay. responsibility and visibility which are considered as important motivations for me. Additionally. environmental. beliefs and goals fit with the organization's. etc. So. I can change job positions more often. it promised the greatest success. The culture is what makes each business unique. have their own culture and that is what may be the cause of success and a failure of one of them. in a large company there are many employees with different backgrounds and cultures which will let me apply my competencies and evolve.