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Semester : 101

: Accountancy

Discussion Questions
1. Why is selecting a systems development approach an important business decision?
Who should participate in the selection process?
Because organizations are being faced with the requirement to meet higher quality
standards, but often with fewer resources. This trend forces organizations to find simpler
and more efficient methods for performing their work. Hence, the company has to keep up
with the technology that changing very fast to make sure that the systems they're currently
using is more efficient and can enhance the quality of work in the company.
A systems development approach should be done by the functional office in conjunction
with technical personnel, so that current technology can be considered as the business
processes are reviewed. We also have to remember that a decision on the selection of a

installing. For example. which means the costs will reduced since it needs minimal or no technical assistance. such as :  Whether packages are available on the market that can satisfy at least 80 percent of the functional requirements of the system. large transaction-heavy applications are not suited to end-user software tools.development approach often is dependent upon the system itself.  Whether the overall cost of purchasing. Therefore. complex system simply cannot be done using a quick prototype method. and maintaining a package will be no more than (and preferably less than) the cost of custom development and maintenance.  Whether or not the vendors for the packages have a proven track record of installation and support and can show evidence of financial stability (this is particularly critical for large systems). Part of the decision has to be how important the system is. Some have said that the best way to reduce system development costs is to use application software packages or fourth-generation tools. then the purchase of a package is likely to be more costly than custom development. note that the software packages or fourth-generation tools really depends on the type of the company. 2. However. and if it is important. . business and functional managers should participate in the decision along with IT personnel and managers. Do you agree? Why or why not? Yes. if less than 80 percent of the requirements are satisfied. But. While it may not be possible to find a package that exactly matches the specific functional requirements. I agree because end users in the company can build it themselves.  Whether available packages are compatible with the organization's current technical environment (or planned for installation in the immediate future). there are many issues to consider when deciding whether to purchase a product or develop a custom system. A large. what will be the quality of the system if a particular method is selected. for example.

skills.On the whole. and organization. we are redesigning the organization. . management. System builders must understand how a system will affect specific business processes and the organization as a whole. end-user-developed systems can be completed more rapidly than those developed through the conventional systems life cycle. fourth-generation tools still cannot replace conventional tools for some business applications because they cannot easily handle the processing of large numbers of transactions or applications with extensive procedural logic and updating requirements. Allowing users to specify their own business needs improves requirements gathering and often leads to a higher level of user involvement and satisfaction with the system. When we design a new information system. It also includes changes in jobs. Why is it so important to understand how a business process works when trying to develop a new information system ? The introduction of a new information system involves much more than new hardware and software. However. 3.