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Fathers Name : Iqbal Hussain
D.O.B : 30-3-1991
Nationality: Pakistani
Address: House no.6, street no.2, W-block Government colony,
Contact Number: +92-332-7434943

To secure a position in an organization that would fully employ my personal
skills, my experience as well as my academic training in a rewarding
career that affords professional and personal growth.

 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (2010-2014)
The University of Lahore.

 Intermediate (2008-2010)
Punjab College main G.T road, Okara.

 Matric (2006-2008)
Al-sadiq Best Way High School 2-4/L Okara.

For this project, 23 different construction sites were visited during different
span of time. During this project I collected data about:
 How many companies were conducting their operations according to
the safety standards and whether the manpower present on the site is
provided with safety equipment?
 How many companies are ISO-14000 certified.

Ensuring that the structures are constructed of a good quality with the  specification and good working practice. Keep record of material present on site specially steel Project: .       Preparation of bund walls. Removal of bund walls. Giving clear directions to workers as to what needs to be done to avoid repetitive    mistakes by the workers. Visited Ring road project in Lahore and had a detailed discussion with site engineers. Visited head New Khanki barrage and prepared a comprehensive report. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE SPARCO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY AUGUST 2015) (FEBRUARY 2015- Site Engineer I am working as a site engineer and my responsibilities are following. Visited Pakistan Metrological Department and studied on how they gather their data. Make sure the availability of material before working start.OTHER PROJECTS During the graduation span. Shift the water from canal to other side.     Visited different Solid Waste Management site in Lahore and prepared a comprehensive report on it. Lean the bed of canal. Deal with the consultant and talk them about the progress of work on site. I was involved directly in the following projects. Make sure the availability of manpower on site.

Order the material for shot Crete and checking that shot Crete is not extending from their required level. Preparation of rigid pavement under the deck slab. Assure that the work on site is according to approved drawings. Manage the material and order the material for coming two days which is required on the site. Checking that the steel cage is according to drawing or not and making sure the cage lowering. Excavation from the deck slabs to the required level and expose the secent piles. Fixing of tiles on the surface on wall of underpass for finishing. Filling of bores with cage and then with concrete. . Checking the sounding and make it sure that it is according to specifications. Fixing of curb stones according to drawing.                     Handle the problems regarding any type of issue on the site. Make sure the plaster on the surface of the shot Crete. Make sure the availability of manpower and machinery on the site so that our works could not stop in any condition. Preparation of guide wall to mark that on which point we have to make drill bores for the purpose of pilings. In preparation of deck slab make sure the availability of concrete. Deal with the labor and assign them their works. Make sure the cleaning of secent piles so that soil could remove from the top surface of piles.Improvement of LOWER BARI DOAB CANAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT (LBDCIP) SAHIWAL IKAN ENGINEERING SERVICES PVT LTD JANUARY 2015) Site Engineer (AUGUST 2014- I was working as a site engineer and my responsibilities are following. Make sure the curing on the plaster. For all stretches in underpass make sure the availability mesh reinforcement and placement of these meshes reinforcement on piles. Fixing of barriers.

. Scope of work includes: The total length of the road will be 3.8-km. whereas rest of the road. COMPUTER SKILLS      Microsoft word Microsoft excel Microsoft powerpoint Ms-project Autocad REFERENCES References can be provided on request. the length of new road within the Punjab University premises is about 1.4-km. Two underpasses will be constructed on this road. which is already passing through Allama Iqbal Town and connecting with Multan Road. will be reconstructed and renovated. Out of the total length. first at Lahore Canal Crossing and second at Wahdat Road Crossing.Projects:    Construction and Improvement of Maulana Shaukat Ali road to Multan Road via Kareem Market.