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ALSTOM - Metropolis™ Metros and Citadis™ Light Rail
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ALSTOM is the leading supplier of products, services, and systems to both urban and
main line rail transport providers around the world. The company offers its customers
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full ranges of rolling stock and equipment, and among the extensive range of products
and services available, are our metro (METROPOLIS™) and light rail vehicle (CITADIS™)
METROPOLIS™ - one in four
ALSTOM in transport has over 25,000 employees in over 60 countries world-wide, and
annual sales which exceed €3.5 billion.

metro cars in service
worldwide is ALSTOM built.

Over 40 major cities around the world, including Hong Kong, New York, Paris, and
London, use our metro systems. One in four metro cars in use around the world today,
have been built by ALSTOM.
The METROPOLIS™ family offers modular and flexible transport solutions for urban
mass transit. This impressive system is the result of ALSTOM’s long-standing
experience and leadership in urban mass transit solutions. The world’s first choice in
metros, METROPOLIS™ is a pleasant, modern, and efficient means for moving large
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amounts of people around the city. For mass transit operators, its 50% improvement in
reliability over previous generation metros is a major factor in their satisfaction.
The complete flexibility of the METROPOLIS™ family enables customers to tailor their
trains according to their individual needs, for example:
Train dimensions (length, width, height, and floor height)
Train configuration (2-9 cars)
Train monitoring architecture
Manned or unmanned operations

medium size vehicle,
16-20m long and 2.6–3.6m
wide can carry up to 1500
passengers and runs on 750
and 1500 V DC voltage.

Not only does METROPOLIS™ offer a flexible solution, but also a modular one, thanks
to a complete range of service proven equipment and sub-assemblies, which
contribute to lower life-cycle costs and high reliability and availability. In addition,
METROPOLIS™ trains can be manufactured either in one of ALSTOM’s world-wide sites,
or in partnership with local industries.
METROPOLIS™ is available in the following designs:

Mid sized vehicle
16-20 m long and 2.6-3.6 m wide
Train capacity: 1000-1500 passengers
750 and 1500 V DC voltage

Wide vehicle
20-25 m long and 2.9-3.2 m wide
Train capacity: 1500-2200 passengers
750 and 1500 V DC voltage

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wide vehicle, 20-25m long
by 2.9-3.2m wide has a
capacity of 1500-2000 and
runs on 1500 V DC voltage.

Warsaw metro (108 cars)
Singapore metro (150 cars)

The CITADIS™ family offers modular and flexible transport solutions for urban

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