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Foreign friends’ impressions of Ho Chi

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - 15:54:50
(VOVworld) – President Ho Chi Minh is a name that kindles respectful feelings among Vietnamese people and good
impressions among foreign friends. Around the world, especially in places he traveled to, people remember him as
an outstanding leader of the 20th century.

A book by historian Pierre Brocheux
“From the bottom of my heart, I think Ho Chi Minh is a man of great humanity and strong determination to pursue his
goals.” said French historian Pierre Brocheux.
Pierre Brocheux is the author of two books about President Ho Chi Minh and several notable books on Vietnam’s
history. While he was studying Vietnam’s history and President Ho Chi Minh, Brocheux met a friend of Ho Chi Minh in
France. The man told him stories about Ho Chi Minh’s humanity. Brocheux told VOV reporter: “I met a typesetter
working for L' Humanité who was also a member of the Socialist Party together with Ho Chi Minh. At a referendum on
the establishment of the French Communist Party, President Ho voted to form the Communist Party from the
Socialist Party, which his friend was against. It didn’t affect their friendship. They maintained regular contact. When
President Ho Chi Minh died, his friend called him the most loyal friend he had ever met.”
Foreign protesters against the war in Vietnam, who had met Ho Chi Minh, said he was friendly and warm. Raymond
Dien, a French woman who lay across the tracks to prevent a train from transporting weapons to Vietnam,
remembered the day she met President Ho Chi Minh in October 23, 1956. She was moved to tears when she
recalled her 15-day trip with Henri Martin from France to Hanoi to attend a National Youth Congress. “Prior to the
Congress, I saw President Ho Chi Minh. He called me to sit next to him. I was surprised because I didn’t think an
ordinary person like me could sit next to the great leader that the whole world admired. He was a warm, modest, and
dear man. I told him I was from Tours and he said he knew the city because he attended a Congress of the French
Socialist Party there. He gave me an ivory bracelet. The next day he invited us to his house and it was an
unforgettable day in my life.”

American historian William Duiker spent 35 years studying Ho Chi Minh and published a 300-page book entitled “Ho Chi Minh. China. Russia. He was able to appeal to all Vietnamese people almost like an uncle or a father. The book consists of interviews with several people who knew and worked with Ho Chi Minh. He was able to combine revolutionary trends while at the same time symbolizing too many Vietnamese. Duiker said Ho Chi Minh impressed him as a modern revolutionary with noble goals for changing the nation and a typical Vietnamese citizen.Raymond Dien in an interview with VOV Countless studies and international conferences on President Ho Chi Minh have been organized. the UK. a life”.” .“The deepest impression that I have of his life is he’s a simple-minded and particularly his talent of leadership. It was a major biography of Ho Chi Minh. and the Communist International. documents and intelligence records of France.

His name is regularly mentioned and a lot of Russian people remember Ho Chi Minh.La Monde's special edition about Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts in the past struggles for national liberation. and socialism and in the contemporary era have attracted young researchers. foreign media are running many articles honoring President Ho Chi Minh and the value of his thoughts in the new era. St Petersburg University. Russia. . a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Oriental Studies.” On his 125th birthday. Galia Kolupaeva. reunification. But his name is very popular among people of my generation although they don’t study Asia. “Few young Russians know as much about Ho Chi Minh as I do. is doing a thesis on the Communist International and President Ho Chi Minh’s career.

Christian. May 19 th .43 month(s) ago 10 readings PANO – Ho Chi Minh Museum has been a familiar venue of people in Vietnam and from various countries around the world. After living in Vietnam for years. in particular. Not only Vietnamese but a large number of international tourist delegations came to show respect to the late President – the hero in Vietnamese people’s heart. Roberts added that displayed photos and documents in the Ho Chi Minh Museum provided viewers with further understanding about the Vietnamese people’s resistant wars led by President Ho Chi Minh against foreign invaders. President Ho Chi Minh is one of the greatest heroes in the world. Dale Roberts and his wife. and Vietnamese people. where they could learn more about the life and the career of late President Ho Chi Minh.President Ho Chi Minh in international friends’ eyes Read the original news Báo QĐND English . in general. respect him. Facebook Twitter 0 vote(s) Comment Save this news The Museum is more crowded today. when the Vietnamese people are celebrating his 122 nd birth anniversary. For him. a Scotsman. who has been living and working in Vietnam for years. . confided that they knew about President Ho Chi Minh and his idealism through documents relating to the communist movement. he actually knew what President Ho Chi Minh did for Vietnam and its people and why people around the world. said that he had read about Ho Chi Minh when he was a student but not in detail. Visiting Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh Museum for the first time. who had devoted all his life for Vietnam’s independence. President Ho Chi Minh devoted his life to bring about equality for the toiling class. from the UK.

the Deputy-Head of the Education Office of the Ho Chi Minh Museum. He Yun. the Museum received around ten thousand foreign visitors. Peter Cushman. was also very impressed with what he had learnt about the history of Vietnam through visiting the Ho Chi Minh Museum. said that through exhibits. . a Canadian engineer. Most of them expressed their love and respect for the late President Ho Chi Minh as well as wanted to learn more about his life and career. According to Duong Thi Hai Linh. in the first 18 days of May. This helped him understand the needs of the people. For him the Vietnamese people have been excellently promoting and carrying out the idealism of President Ho Chi Minh who had wholeheartedly worked for the cause of national liberation. Cushman added.Peter Cushman is visiting Ho Chi Minh Museum Another foreign tourist. The exhibits also explained why such a small nation like Vietnam could persevere against giant foreign invaders. Coming from China. he could feel that Ho Chi Minh is very close to his people. aged 33.