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Read the sentences below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best
fits each gap.

I __live__ in a hall of residence at the moment, but I would prefer to share a flat
with some other students.
A live


B ’m living

C lived

D was living

She __writes__ English quite well, but her listening and speaking skills aren’t very
A write


B is writing

C wrote

D writes

Some university ___B_ are finding that a Bachelor’s degree is no longer enough
to get the kind of job that they want, and they need to do a Master’s.
A people


B graduates

C learners

D bachelors

My friend is studying in the USA at the moment. She says the course and the
people are great, but she ___C_ the weather or the food.
A not like


B isn’t liking

C doesn’t like

D don’t like

The university ____B a variety of online study courses at the moment and hopes
to launch them next year.
A is developing


B which

D developed

C whose

D who

We invited eleven other students, but we don’t know __A__ coming yet.
A who


C develop

That’s the student ____C sister I share a house with.
A who’s


B develops

B whose

C which

D who’s

In a study of the __ B__ of rats under stress, 80 percent responded positively to
being played classical music.
A behaving


B behaviour

C behave

D behaves

It can be particularly difficult to get your first job since employers are often
looking for people with at least some ____ .C
A qualifications

B skills

C experience

D expectation

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A ’m making B make C made D ’m going to make PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd 2 . A living 11 B surrounding C environment D inside This afternoon.10 Children need a secure home _D___ in order to develop their potential. I __C__ an appointment with my tutor to talk about my exam results.

A can 19 B has researched C is researching B takes C took D were taking The _D___ on foot across the Himalayas from Tibet into India was long and exhausting. A take 20 D was researching When I was a student. including tsunamis and a hurricane. is one of the causes of global __C__ . A disasters 15 B problems C events D happenings An increase in carbon emissions. but I can’t do that now. A will start 13 B is starting C starts Some engineers __B__ to update the system at three thirty this afternoon. particularly from cars and aircraft. A heat 16 B warmth C warming D warm Three years ago. A discovered 17 B discover C were discovering D have discovered He __B__ the effects of the drug on the function of the liver when he noticed that it also appeared to improve memory.12 Economists predict that the current crisis __D__ to lift in the second half of next year. scientists __D__ a new form of the virus which was resistant to antibiotics. A travel B voyage C walking D journey PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd 3 . which destroyed many of the historic buildings in the old town. A researched 18 B used to be able C could D able We would be much healthier if we __D__ more exercise. A will come 14 D started  B are coming C come D came The city has suffered a number of natural __A__ in recent years. I ____ to stay up all night studying.

A few 23 B many B small C a bit D little The terrible storm which hit the country last night was the ___B_ since records began. A bad 24 B worst C worse D baddest The __C__ showed their appreciation of the performance by clapping and cheering. there is very _D___ evidence to support this theory.21 We don’t have ___C_ information about this ancient civilisation. A a lot 22 C much D some So far. A people B watchers C audience D lookers PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd 4 .

A chances 31 C occasions D times The vegetables __D__ with low doses of radiation to kill bacteria. the government’s biggest challenge is to find new sources of __D__ . but the popularity of social media sites is rising. A place 29 B living C accommodation D roof As oil and gas supplies start to run out. A can 27 B activity B should C must D might It’s a real possibility that if the population of the world continues to grow at the rate it is doing now. A vegetables B production C crops D diet PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd 5 . A treat 32 B opportunities B treated C treat D are treated A few years ago. A might 28 B can C can’t D should It’s very difficult to find inexpensive student C____ in the city: student halls of residence are the best solution for most people. A fun 26 C hobby D entertainment Arctic researchers sometimes go for months without speaking to another human being: it _D___ be a lonely life.25 Television is still the most popular form of _B___ in most countries in the world. A petrol 30 B coal C heating D energy There are lots of exciting __B__ for computer programmers in educational technology start-ups. margarine _B___ to be a low-fat and healthy alternative to butter. we ___C_ be obliged to change to a vegetarian diet. maize and wheat. A considered 33 B was considered C were considered D have considered The three most commonly grown food ___C_ in the world are rice.

A have to 37 B can B can’t C couldn’t D don’t have to If you want to lose weight.34 The _A___ of meat and meat products is rising in developing countries with a strong economy. A couldn’t 39 D must to You __B__ decide now if you want to come on the trip. A competition B competing C compete D competitive PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd 6 . but there are treatments available that can be effective. A pills 40 B cure D medicines Anorexia is a form of mental _C___ which is most common in adolescent females. more and more people will be obliged to work beyond __D__ age. A the 43 C the Ba C those D– Businesses can only remain __D__ if they stay in touch with their customers’ needs. A sick 41 C drugs B unwell C illness D ill Fair trade projects can help _C___ farmers in poor countries to get a better price for their produce. you __B__ snack between meals. you can tell me tomorrow. A consumption 35 B consumed C consuming D consume As the population grows older. A some 42 B– D any One of __A__ benefits of regular exercise is that it helps improve your circulation.00 every morning to arrive at lectures on time. A retiring 36 B retired C retire D retirement He lives a long way from the university and __C__ get up at 6. A mustn’t 38 C has to B don’t have to C mustn’t D must As yet there is no _B___ for cancer.

A selling 50 B showing C advertising D informing McDonald’s is probably one of the best-known restaurant _D___ in the world. A earn 46 B produce B never go B worked C is working D works The company said they ____ that the products were tested on animals. A fast 45 B quick C speed D quickness Despite working 10 or 12 hours a day. A never went 47 C spend B isn’t knowing C haven’t know D hadn’t known We are going to need to spend a lot on ____C next year because we’re putting a lot of new products on the market. A doesn’t know 49 C have never been D am never going He __D__ for the company ever since he graduated.44 We don’t yet have the technology to travel at the _C___ of light. A makes B lines C labels D brands /50 TOTAL/50 PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2014 Pearson Education Ltd 7 . he finds it difficult to ___D_ enough money to support his family. but I hope to go there one day. A has worked 48 D save I __C__ to America.