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emember fun filled days as a child swimming in your family, friends,

or neighborhood pool? Back then having fun came easy, but now
there are so many choices in pools you may feel overwhelmed by
trying to find just the right type to suit your needs. Relax, Crystal Palace
Pools has everything you could want; thoughtfully designed pools built for
a multitude of uses, all within your budget. So go on, feel like a kid again,
because at Crystal Palace Pools we don’t just build pools, we build fantasies.

A pool can be more than just a backyard retreat. Studies have proven
the benefits of water therapy and experts agree that it improves
strength and mobility. Swimming is one of the few exercises that is
considered to be safe for people of all ages and activity levels, and a
swimming pool provides an excellent forum for total body fitness.

Family & Business…..
The course of business has changed over the years,
making it necessary to entertain clients at our
homes. What client wouldn’t be impressed with
the contemporary elegance that a pool provides?

There is just something about water that naturally soothes the mind, body and soul. Whether
you’re reclining pool-side reading a book, soaking up the rays on a floating lounge, or taking a
cool dip on a hot summer day, a pool provides a lifetime of private get-a-way’s…right in your own

W hether you’re looking to create a tropical haven, a beachfront inspired seascape, or a
contemporary re-creation of your last getaway, Crystal Palace Pools has a design to create
the pool of your fantasy.

Many people choose to make their backyard blend seamlessly with their home, creating an extended
living space, while others create a backyard fantasy limited only by their wildest imaginations.

After you design your fantasy pool you’ll be happy to know that the typical installation time is just
a couple of weeks. This means that you can take a cool dip in your little piece of paradise sooner
than with a vinyl liner or gunite pool. And talk about getting a return on your investment – owning
a swimming pool can increase your property value while being enjoyed year after year after year.

Don’t spend another moment dreaming about the

hours of relaxation you could be enjoying from a
Crystal Palace pool. Stop fantasizing about all the
entertainment possibilities available to you if you
owned your own pool. Start feeling the almost
immediate therapeutic benfits of our luxurious
spas. Turn your fantasies into reality with one of
our beautiful and affordable Crystal Palace pools.

Don’t spend another moment daydreaming,

because your fantasy pool awaits with
Crystal Palace Pools.

Crystal Camper
Crystal Palace Pools Sports Car Luxury Boat Cabin Time Share
Palace Pool Motor Home
Purchase Price $15,000 and up. $35,000 and up. $30,000 and up $25,000 and up. $75,000 and up. $15,000 and up
Use every day and/ Weekend and
or night, from vacations. Yearly
Weekend and Weekend and Limited times and
Usage Spring thru Fall or Anytime
vacations. vacations.
use if surrounding
length of usage.
year round /in some activities can
locations. support it.
Great gathering
place for a nearly
unlimited amount Limited amount Limited amount
of friends and of people. Shop to of people. Shop to Shop to stock up Shop to stock up
Entertaining family. Home
Only seats two.
stock up for food stock up for food for food and drinks. for food and drinks.
already stocked and drinks. and drinks.
with food and
Storage Costs None if indoors. Winter storage. Winter storage. Winter storage.

Regular Regular Regular

Heavy maintenance
Maintenance Issues Low maintenance. maintenance and maintenance and maintenance and
inside and outside.
unexpected repairs. unexpected repairs. unexpected repairs.
Time spent
Minimal to Minimal to preparing to go Minimal to
Maintenance Time Minimal.
extensive. extensive. and cleaning after extensive.
returning home.
Yearly dues of $400
Maintenance Costs Minimal. Expensive. Expensive. Expensive. Expensive.
to $1000
Additional Insurances None. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. None.
Exposed to theft Exposed to theft Exposed to theft Exposed to break-
Theft Problems None.
and break-ins. and break-ins. and break-ins. ins.

Early return home Early return home

Stuck inside during
Travel Issues None. High gas prices. due to bad weather. due to bad weather.
bad weather.
Airport hassles.
High gas prices. High gas prices.

Heavy traffic on Heavy traffic on Heavy traffic on Heavy traffic on Heavy traffic on
Traffic Issues None. weekends. Road weekends. Road weekends. Road weekends. Road weekends. Road
construction delays. construction delays. construction delays. construction delays. construction delays.

Exsposed to the Exposed to the Exposed to the

Might have high
Public Exposure Your fantasy awaits. public. Crowded public. Crowded public. Crowded Varies by location.
tourist population.
roads. water ways. roads.
A fiberglass pool
can be relocated
to your new home. Great for bachelor/ Fiberglass never A way to see the Quiet escape from
Other Items of Interest Qualifies for a bachelorette. deteriorates. entire country. home.
Planned getaway.
home improvment






Lengths, widths, & depths may vary up to 3%; measurements are to largest section on each side of the outside edge. All Pools are NON-DIVING. Use of diving equipment is prohibited.






Lengths, widths, & depths may vary up to 3%; measurements are to largest section on each side of the outside edge. All Pools are NON-DIVING. Use of diving equipment is prohibited.




Lengths, widths, & depths may vary up to 3%; measurements are to largest section on each side of the outside edge. All Pools are NON-DIVING. Use of diving equipment is prohibited.




Lengths, widths, & depths may vary up to 3%; measurements are to largest section on each side of the outside edge. All Pools are NON-DIVING. Use of diving equipment is prohibited.

D ue to the non-porous finish of our pools, fewer chemicals are needed because algae is less
prone to attach to smoother surfaces. Additionally, less cleaning will have to be performed
using automatic pool cleaners saving electricity. When automatic pool cleaners are used, the time
it takes to clean the pool will be reduced saving additional energy.

As fiberglass pools do not rely on steel panels or steel mesh/rebar for

structure, they do not have the potential to leech chemicals and rust back
into the groundwater as a more conventional constructed pool would.

Fiberglass pools in general act as a natural insulator. Your filter and

heater will potentially run dramatically less than equipment on
vinyl/gunite pools. Depending on the climate and size of the pool,
a homeowner can save up to $225.00 per month on their pool
maintenance with our pools versus other types of pools (vinyl/
gunite). With more and more people concerned about our
environment, our Eco-Friendly pools are already the pool
of tomorrow. Not only do our pools use less chemicals
and energy, our pools never need to be re-plastered, nor
do they have a liner to replace – thus resulting in less
waste in our landfills.

Azure Maya Persian

T he color and finish of your pool sets the mood for your pools overall appearance. It’s important
to choose a color that will further enhance the look and feel you are trying to achieve. Since
the sun reflects the water, naturally giving it a blue look, changing the surface color of the pool
affects how the water appears. Our custom Diamond Series™ finishes make the water sparkle and
shine. Or if subtlety is more your style, try our choice of Pearl or Topaz Gel-coat finishes.

Pearl Topaz

Y ou can add character and style to your Crystal Palace pool with coordinated perimeter and
inlayed tile. Perimeter tile is installed along the outer perimeter of your pool and is available
in a multitude of colors and designs.

Martinique Botanical Travertino Blend


MAR-95 MAR-33 BUE-22 BUE-40 BUE-44 BTV-Pattern

Caribbean Blue Ocean Blue Royal Blue Navy Blue Lake Blue Mosaic Blend

MAR-95 MAR-33 TK-560 TK-1341 TK-1344 BTV-1 Blend

Caribbean Blue Ocean Blue Royal Blue Pacific Blue Lake Blue

MARF-295 MARF-233 HM-206 BX-21 BX-44 From BTV-Pattern

Caribbean Blue Ocean Blue Cobalt Blue Olive Green Lake Blue

Coordinating inlayed tiles are available as 2”x2” diamonds or as a continuous pertimeter tile,
which can be placed on the steps, benches, convenience ledges, or floor of your Crystal Palace pool
for safety and beauty.

Aztec Blends Series


AZ-603 AZ-606 AZ-601 AZ-608 25953 25950

Barley Cobalt Peacock Ash Nero Camel Mix Cobalt Mist

AZ-203 AZ-206 AZ-201 AZ-208 25953 25950

Barley Cobalt Peacock Ash Nero Camel Mix Cobalt Mist

AZ-203 AZ-206 AZ-201 AZ-208 25953 25950

Barley Cobalt Peacock Ash Nero Camel Mix Cobalt Mist
Deco Accent


Barley Cobalt Peacock Ash Nero

W hat better way to add character and charm to any
Crystal Palace pool then with the whimsical beauty
of custom inlayed mosaics from Artistry in Mosaics.

Artistry has several different standard lines to choose from

including Aquatic, Shadow, and Garden – or you can have
your own design custom created to further personalize your
backyard haven. Mosaics can be placed anywhere on your
Crystal Palace pool – walls, floor, steps, and benches. The
mosaics are actually part of the manufacturing process and
lay flush with the pool’s surface.

W ith the use of fiber optic lighting you can enjoy your pool
during the day and the night with perimeter and under
water lighting from the industry’s leader in fiber optic lighting
– Fiberstars. Fiber optic lighting is one of the most visually
stimulating options that can be added to your pool or spa.

The PAL-2000 provides a totally new concept in underwater pool/spa and aquatic landscape lighting
design. Utilizing new technology molding materials it has been possible to produce a compact light
fitting with unique features that are not currently available from any other existing pool or spa lighting

L.E.D. Color Changing - 6 colors with disco mode, fully synchronized.

Color Change Digital Array - can be fitted with a 100,000 hour color change array with color lock on six
different colors or two color change modes.

Fiberstars perimeter lighting allows you to add charm and ambiance to any Crystal Palace pool or spa.

You can also highlight cascades and your

surrounding landscape to give your backyard
a unique ambiance. Fiber optic lighting
comes with a color wheel that allows you
to choose between white, blue, magenta,
or green, or set the wheel on rotate and
view a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors.

Jandy LED Light

Jandy introduces the SMALL LED color changing light that features 9 brilliant colors and 5
color shows. The Jandy LED light uses less than 50 watts of power and has a 5000 hour life. The
spa sized niche is available with any pool or spa and is available in 120 volt and 12 volt models
with 100 foot cord. Single switch on/off and color changing or advanced direct to color switching
is available through a Jandy Aqualink RS.

T he soothing sound of water has a natural calming effect on the mind, body, and soul. Let
your imagination flow with the soothing and tranquil affects of running water with our
custom cascades.

Crystal Palace Cascades are built into the perimeter of the pool and come in various sizes. Cascades
can be placed virtually anywhere along the pool’s perimeter in multiple quantities to create the
perfect waterscape.

Listen to the tranquil sounds of flowing

water with Crystal Palace Streams, which
are installed along the tile line of your
pool. Our streams are adjustable so you can
change their directional flow for the perfect
appearance. Choose from our four face
plates in black, white, grey, or beige.

T he X-tream Klean systems are unlike conventional
cleaning systems. The patented pop-up nozzles
on the pool’s floor open up and emit a powerful stream
Discover the X-tream
experience of Klean living.
of pressurized water, circulating treated, filtered water
through every layer of your pool. This “bottom-to-
top” circulation eliminates the areas below the surface
where bacteria and algae grow, reducing the amount
of chemicals needed resulting in dramatic savings on
chemical costs.

The X-tream Klean patented water valve automatically

regulates the nozzle sequence, throughout your
filtration cycle. A convenient pause control allows you
a manual override of the system. Maintaining a clean,
healthy, warm pool is easier and more affordable than
ever with the X-tream Klean systems, which provide
chemical distribution and heat savings through your
choice of four different cleaning systems.

Crystal Palace In-floor Circulation System: Includes two nearly invisible pop-up circulation nozzles in the
pool’s floor. This is the basic system to enhance pool circulation and temperature distribution.

X-tream Klean™ System: Designed similar to the Crystal Palace In-floor Circulation System with the added
benefits of a network of nozzles. This provides additional cleansing power for the bottom of the pool, forcing
debris towards the active main drain for easy removal.

X-tream Klean™ Plus: Enhancing the X-tream Klean system, extra cleaning heads are also placed in the steps
and seats for a more complete pool cleaning.

X-tream Klean™ Deluxe: The ultimate in cleaning system, this package incorporates cleaning heads on the
floor, steps and seats. In addition, a debris canister is installed to catch large debris. This package is perfect package
for areas where falling leaves will be present.
* Brochure Available

W e take great pride in producing the finest quality one-piece pool on the market today. We
use only the finest raw materials combined with sophisticated manufacturing techniques
to ensure that your fantasy pool withstands the test of time.

1. The first step in our unique

manufacturing process is the application
of gel-coat or our Diamond Series™

2. Next, the important corrosion

barrier is formed with the application
of an epoxy-modified resin called Vinyl
Ester Resin. This layer provides greater
impact resistance and optimum blister

3. Reinforcing layers of fiberglass and

resin laminate are applied by hand for
enhanced strength and durability. Gel-coat or Diamond Series™ Finish
Closed-beam construction

4. The final step in our manufacturing

process is to reinforce the coping,
by enclosing it with solid beam
construction. Convenience ledges and
vertical supports are also reinforced to
provide you with the best built pool in 4
the industry.

Vinyl Ester Resin forms a

corrosion barrier which also
Our pools are acts as an impact resistor
and anti-blister protection
ICC Certified. Fiberglass and resin laminate for
enhanced strength and durability

1. The pool layout is carefully 2. The dig begins the
marked for precision. process for perfection.

3. The hole is carefully prepared to 4. Now that the perimeters are correct,
achieve proper shape and depth. the pool is ready to be set in place.

5. The timely process of filling 6. The proper plumbing and

the pool with water begins. electrical equipment is installed.

7. The concrete is poured around 8. Your pool is complete

the pool and its foundation. and ready to enjoy!

ith a Crystal Palace pool you have the added comfort of knowing your pool was built by
industry professionals with a commitment to quality and excellence. We are so confident
in the strength and durability of our product that we offer an
exceptional limited lifetime structural warranty in addition to
a 5 year surface warranty.

H ave a conversation with your pool provider about the correct use and installation of safety
devices like; safety ropes, child safety barriers, pool surface alarms and safety covers. Every
pool should be surrounded by a locked and gated fence in compliance with the National Spa and
Pool Institute’s guidelines, as well as with local building and safety codes. Safety should be the first
priority of any new or existing pool owner.

Make sure to take all the necessary steps to assure that you, your friends, family and anyone else
in or around your pool are familiar with the guidelines of its safe and sensible use. Smart pool
owners urge their guests to not use it under the influence of alcohol, drugs, stimulants, prescription
medications or anything else that could by any way hinder their judgment or abilities.

With your pool, you will receive a free pool Customer Information Kit, including:

• Safety Sign Installation/Illustration Sheet

• Signs & Labels
• “The Sensible Way to Enjoy Your Inground Swimming Pool” (NSPI Publication)
• Children Aren’t Waterproof (NSPI Publication)
• Inground Pool Owners Handbook
• Warranty
• “No Diving” Labels
• Use & Care Manual
• Warning Label

We strongly recommend the use and careful placement of all safety stickers and signs included in your
pool owner’s safety kit. It’s also a good idea to contact your local American Red Cross for available
CPR classes and other vital safety programs.

A backyard pool can be one of the best investments a family ever makes, but owning a pool is
more than just an investment, it’s a lifestyle. As our society continues to change, one thing
remains the same – family is the foundation of our daily lives.

Hectic work schedules and busy family routines make it increasingly difficult to coordinate lengthy
family trips. Combine this with the hassles and hazards that are associated with long-distance
travel and you have a perfect reason to create a paradise in your backyard where you can escape to
anytime you want.

Once you’ve decided to incorporate a swimming pool into your backyard décor, choose a
manufacturer that demonstrates quality products along with expert customer care. Crystal Palace
Pools is a leader in composite pool manufacturing utilizing resort style design concepts. All of
our pools are constructed to the exact standards of the ICC. We build our products in the USA
with only the finest raw materials on the market, and we stand behind our product with a limited
lifetime warranty. We take pride in our work with our stringent quality control process and our
dedication to perfection. When you choose a Crystal Palace pool, you’re making the decision that
quality does matter.

Choosing the shape and size of your pool is just as important as deciding where to place your
new swimming pool. It’s important to choose a design that suits your needs, from recreation to

Next, it’s time to outfit your pool to achieve the look and feel you desire.The overall appearance
of the pool is determined by your pool’s color and finish. Our Diamond Series™
finish is available in three different colors and gives
your pool a unique style.

You can also accentuate your pool with

perimeter tile, inlayed tiles, vanishing
edges, and built-in cascades to further
create your fantasy backyard haven. Since
pool maintenance is a major part of owning
a pool, Crystal Palace also offers the X-tream
Klean in-floor cleaning system to make your
pool virtually hassle-free.

Gunite Pools Vinyl Liner Pools

Approximate maintenance cost over 10 years Approximate maintenance cost over 10 years
At least 3 acid baths in 10 year period at $250 each $ 750 Chemical Cost @ $35 per month $ 4,200
Replastering (plaster lasts 6-8 years) $ 3,000 Electric cost - 1hp pump, 8hrs a day, $.12 kwh $ 3,504
Chemicals cost @ $50 per month $ 6,000 Patches (estimated 3 patches) $ 825
Electric cost - 1hp pump, 8hrs a day, $.12 kwh $ 3,504 Replaced liner (at least once in a 10 year period) $ 3,000
Pool service @ $25 per month (labor) $ 3,000
Total Maintenance Cost $ 16,254 $ 11,529
Crystal Palace Pools: Approximate maintenance cost over 10 years
No acid baths $ 0
No replastering $ 0
Chemical cost @ $25 per month $ 3,000
Electrical cost - 1hp pump, 4 hrs a day, $.12 kwh $ 1,752
No pool service $ 0
Total Maintenance Cost $ 4,752
Your total savings over 10 years is $11,502!

6000 : Revised 12/09

This brochure represents pool finishes as closely

as possible. (Due to the nature of photography,
raw materials and printing, variations in color
may occur.) Lengths, widths, & depths may
vary up to 3%; measurements are to largest
section on each side of the outside edge. Crystal
Palace dealers are independent contractors.