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MATLAB Application in Power System
and Power Electronics
18-20 January, 2013



About the School
The School of Electrical Engineering
The School of Electrical Engineering, KIIT University
started as Department of Electrical Engineering of
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology in 1997 with
due approval of AICTE, New Delhi. The Department
become a constituent of the KIIT University in 2004.
The School
M. Tech.
and Ph. D.
in Power
and Drives,
& Power and Energy Systems. The academic objective
of the school is to create Electrical Engineers for the need
of the globe. The school has various laboratories such as
basic electrical engineering, circuit lab., measurement
lab., electrical machine lab., power electronics lab.,
control system lab., power system lab., energy system
lab., simulation lab., and project lab. The state of the art
simulation lab., consist of software such as Matlab,
Simulink, ETAP, PSCAD, and LABVIEW. A number of
aluminous of the school are pursuing post graduate or
doctoral studies in IITs, IIMs, IISC, NITIE, and premier
Universities/Institutes abroad.

About the Workshop
Application in Power System
& Power Electronics

The School of Electrical Engineering
KIIT University, Bhubaneswar-24
Odisha, India


Automation is performed based on computer
programming. To program a programmer must take
the help of some language like C, C++, Matlab etc.
This workshop going to gives you hands on
experience in Matlab Programming (Simulink/ mcoding) which will help the participants to enhance
their knowledge in Matlab. The Workshop is
specifically designed for engineers, and it is rightly
balanced to provide trainees a jump start in using
the MATLABs.
This Three-day course describes techniques for
applying Model-Based Design in a common design
workflow. It provides guidance on managing and
sharing Simulink models, and teaches techniques
for formally verifying model behaviour.
The workshop will provide fundamentals of
Matlab, various application of Matlab (both
Simulink and M-file) in different electrical
engineering field such as power system, power
electronics, drives, machines etc. This course is
intended for intermediate users of Matlab. Further
suitable audience will include B. Tech, M. Tech &
Faculties having less than five years experience and
Scholars doing Ph.D. in Electrical and Elect.& Etc.

kiit. of  Eminence & Rescarch chair S. C. School of Electrical Engg. The filled registration form along with the Demand Draft should reach the contact person on or before12th January-2013 (12:01:2013). K.: DD No. KIIT University. S.. Saratswain132@gmail. Nayak Dr. control system & in other field of engineering ™ It helps to do software project for B. Coordinator Dr. Sharma Emeritus Professor and Advisor.Patrons Dr. P. U. K. Nanda  Prof. Fax. Chief-Advisor Prof. Tech. Dasgupta Dean. Such as in power system. D. K. Rout   Dr. Bank details: E-mail id. Bhubaneswar-751024 E-mail id.D. payable at Bhubaneswar. KIIT University.P. scholars to do research ™ It will provide knowledge in formulation of research projects and its wide applications Registration The registration fees can be paid by the way of a Demand Draft in favour of “KIIT University”. Chairman Prof.  Objectives of the Workshop ™ Strengthening the knowledge in MATLABbase programs & Simulations ™ Applications in the field of Elect. Samanta Registrar. KIIT and KISS. KIIT University. Samanta Founder. Signature of Participant Contact Person Co. Maharana Dr. D. S. Registration Fees Rs. A. B. Engg. S.:scs_132@rediffmail. (The announcement of the workshop and the registration form is available on the KIIT University website: www.. Number: Patron Prof. KIIT University. A. M. Swain Dr.Mathur Vice Chancellor. Tripathy  Pro‐Vice chancellor (SoT)  Dr.2000/ only per participant (applicable for all) Topics to be Discussed ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ Introduction to Matlab (fundamentals of simulink and coding) Applications of Matlab in power electronics Application of Matlab in power system Application of Matlab in drives Application of Matlab on load-frequency control Simulation of power system stability by using Matlab Registration Form Name of the Participant: Affiliation: Contact Address: Mobile Number: Chief Patron Dr. Swain Workshop Coordinator The School of Electrical Engineering KIIT University. C. . Tech. students & for Ph. power Mobile: 9861632998 Kindly fill the registration form and send us via post/hand by hand along with DD on or before 12/01/2013. K.