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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

53 / Monday, March 21, 2005 / Notices 13459

minimis. We have made no changes to result in the Secretary’s presumption Diameter Circular Seamless Carbon and
Stelco’s margin for these final results. that reimbursement of antidumping Alloy Steel Standard, Line and Pressure
duties occurred and the subsequent Pipe from Brazil, 70 FR 7243 (February
Final Results of Review
assessment of doubled antidumping 11, 2005) (‘‘Final Results’’). We are
As a result of this review, we find that duties. amending our Final Results to correct
the following weighted-average This notice also serves as a reminder ceratin ministerial errors alleged by the
dumping margins exist for the period to parties subject to administrative respondent V&M do Brasil, S.A.
August 1, 2002, through July 31, 2003: protective orders (APO) of their (‘‘VMB’’) pursuant to section 751(h) of
responsibility concerning the the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (‘‘the
Margin disposition of proprietary information Act’’).
Manufacturer/exporter (percent)
disclosed under APO as explained in EFFECTIVE DATE: March 21, 2005.
Dofasco Inc., Sorevco, Inc., Do the administrative order itself. Timely
Sol Galva Ltd. ....................... 2.31 written notification of the return/
Stelco Inc. ................................. 0.02 destruction of APO materials or Helen M. Kramer or Patrick Edwards,
conversion to judicial protective order is AD/CVD Operations, Office 7, Import
Duty Assessment and Cash Deposit hereby requested. Failure to comply Administration, International Trade
Requirements with the regulations and terms of an Administration, U.S. Department of
APO is a sanctionable violation. Commerce, 14th Street and Constitution
The Department shall determine, and Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20230, at
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) This administrative review and notice
are in accordance with sections (202) 482–0405 or (202) 482–8029,
shall assess, antidumping duties on all respectively.
appropriate entries. The Department 751(a)(1)(A) and 777(i)(1) of the Act.
will issue appropriate appraisement Dated: March 14, 2005. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
instructions directly to CBP within 15 Joseph A. Spetrini Amendment of Final Results
days of publication of the final results Acting Assistant Secretary for Import
of review. Furthermore, the following Administration. On February 11, 2005, the Department
deposit rates will be effective with published the Final Results of the
Appendix—List of Issues administrative review of the
respect to all shipments of certain
corrosion-resistant carbon steel flat 1. Surface Type Characteristics for Model antidumping duty order on small
Match diameter circular seamless carbon and
products from Canada entered, or
2. New Assessment Policy for Resellers alloy steel standard, line and pressure
withdrawn from warehouse, for 3. Treatment of Channel ‘‘2’’ Sales
consumption on or after the publication pipe (‘‘seamless line pipe’’) from Brazil.
4. Calculation of CEP Profit
date of the final results, as provided for 5. Sales Subject to Review
See Final Results. In accordance with
by section 751(a)(2)(C) of the Act: (1) 6. Margin Program Adjustments section 751(h) of the Act and 19 CFR
For Dofasco, the cash deposit rate will 7. Normal Value Currency Conversion 351.224(c)(2), on February 14, 2005,
be the rate indicated above; (2) for 8. Identification of DJG in Customs both United States Steel Corporation
Steloco, the rate is de minimis and Instructions (‘‘petitioner’’) and VMB timely filed
therefore, there is no cash deposit 9. Inclusion of Importer in Liquidation allegations that the Department made
Instructions ministerial errors in the final results. On
requirement; (3) for previously reviewed
or investigated companies not listed [FR Doc. E5–1218 Filed 3–18–05; 8:45 am] February 22, 2005, we received
above, the cash deposit rate will be the BILLING CODE 3510–DS–P
comments from both the petitioner and
company-specific rate established for respondent, rebutting each party’s
the most recent period; (4) if the alleged ministerial errors. In accordance
exporter is not a firm covered in this DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE with section 751(h) of the Act, we have
review, a prior review, or the less-than- determined that certain ministerial
fair-value (LTFV) investigation, but the International Trade Administration errors were made in our Final Results
manufacturer is, the cash deposit rate margin calculations. For a detailed
will be the rate established for the most discussion of the ministerial error
recent period for the manufacturer of Notice of Amended Final Results of allegations, rebuttals and the
the subject merchandise; and (5) for all Antidumping Duty Administrative Department’s analysis, see
other producers and/or exporters of this Review: Small Diameter Circular Memorandum to Richard O. Weible,
merchandise, the cash deposit rate shall Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Director, through Abdelali Elouaradia,
be the ‘‘all other’’ rate established in the Standard, Line and Pressure Pipe Program Manager, from Helen M.
LTFV investigation, which is 18.71 From Brazil Kramer and Patrick S. Edwards, Case
percent. The deposit rate, when Analysts, regarding ‘‘Antidumping Duty
imposed, shall remain in effect until AGENCY: Import Administration, Administrative Review of Small
publication of the final results of the International Trade Administration, Diameter Circular Carbon and Alloy
next administrative review. Department of Commerce. Steel Standard, Line and Pressure Pipe
SUMMARY: On February 11, 2005, the from Brazil; Alleged Ministerial Errors
Notification of Interested Parties Department of Commerce (‘‘the in the Final Results,’’ dated March 14,
This notice also serves as a final Department’’) published the final results 2005, which is on file in the Central
reminder to importers of their of its administrative review of the Records Unit (‘‘CRU’’), room B–099 of
responsibility under § 351.402(f)(2) of antidumping duty order on small the main Department building.
the Department’s regulations to file a diameter circular seamless carbon and In accordance with section 751(h) of
certificate regarding the reimbursement alloy steel standard, line and pressure the Act and 19 CFR 351.224(e), we are
of antidumping duties prior to pipe from Brazil for the period August amending the final results of the
liquidation of the relevant entries 1, 2002, through July 31, 2003. See antidumping duty administrative review
during this review period. Failure to Notice of Final Results of Antidumping of seamless line pipe from Brazil to
comply with this requirement could Duty Administrative Review: Small correct these ministerial errors.

VerDate jul<14>2003 18:36 Mar 18, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00017 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\21MRN1.SGM 21MRN1
13460 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 53 / Monday, March 21, 2005 / Notices

The revised weighted-average DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE and the Reliance Industries Ltd.
dumping margin for the period August (Reliance) verification reports on
1, 2002, through July 31, 2003, are listed International Trade Administration January 25, 2005. See Memoranda to the
below: [C–533–842] File, Countervailing Duty Investigation
of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Final Affirmative Countervailing Duty Resin from India: Verification of the
Manufacturer/exporter margin
Determination: Bottle-Grade Government of India’s (GOI)
(percent) Questionnaire Responses (GOI
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Verification Report); and Countervailing
V&M do Brasil, S.A ....................... 7.96 Resin From India
Duty Investigation of Polyethylene
AGENCY: Import Administration, Terephthalate (PET) Resin from India:
Cash Deposit Rates International Trade Administration, Verification of Reliance Industries Ltd.
Department of Commerce. (Reliance Verification Report). The
The following antidumping duty
SUMMARY: The Department of Commerce Department issued the Elque, Futura,
deposits will be required on all (the Department) has reached a final and SAPL verification reports on
shipments of seamless line pipe determination that countervailable January 26, 2004. See Memoranda to the
products from Brazil entered, or subsidies are being provided to File, Countervailing Duty Investigation
withdrawn from warehouse, for producers and exporters of Bottle-Grade of PET Resin from India: Verification of
consumption, effective on or after the (BG) Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Elque Ltd. (Elque Verification Report);
publication date of the amended final Resin from India. For information on the Countervailing Duty Investigation of
results of this administrative review, as estimated countervailable subsidy rates, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Resin
provided by section 751(a)(1) of the Act: please see the ‘‘Final Determination’’ from India: Verification of Futura
(1) The cash deposit rate for the section of this notice. Polyesters Ltd. (Futura Verification
reviewed company will be the rate EFFECTIVE DATE: March 21, 2005. Report); and Countervailing Duty
listed above; (2) for previously reviewed FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Investigation of PET Resin from India:
or investigated companies not listed Douglas Kirby or Addilyn Chams- Verification of South Asia Petrochem
above, the cash deposit rate will Eddine, AD/CVD Operations, Office 6, Ltd. (SAPL Verification Report). In
continue to be the company-specific rate Import Administration, U.S. Department addition, on February 14, 2005, the
published for the most recent period; (3) of Commerce, Room 7866, 14th Street Department issued a memorandum
if the exporter is not a firm covered in and Constitution Avenue, NW., containing our preliminary analysis of
this review, the previous review, or the Washington, DC 20230; telephone: (202) the Export Oriented Unit (EOU)
original investigation, but the 482–3782 or (202) 482–0648, programs which we had noted in the
manufacturer is, the cash deposit rate respectively. Preliminary Determination were
will be the rate established for the most programs for which additional
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: information was needed. See
recent period for the manufacturer of
the merchandise; and (4) if neither the Case History Memoranda to the File from Sean Carey,
exporter nor the manufacturer is a firm Acting Program Manager, through Dana
On August 30, 2004 the Department S. Mermelstein, Acting Director, AD/
covered in this or any previous reviews, published the Notice of Preliminary
CVD Operations, Office 6, to Barbara E.
the cash deposit rate will be 124.94 Affirmative Countervailing Duty Tillman, Acting Deputy Assistant
percent, the ‘‘All Others’’ rate Determination and Alignment with Secretary, for Import Administration,
established in the less-than-fair-value Final Antidumping Duty Determination: Countervailing Duty Investigation of
investigation. These cash deposit Bottle-Grade Polyethylene Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Resin
requirements shall remain in effect until Terephthalate (PET) Resin from India, from India: Preliminary Analysis of the
publication of the final results of the 69 FR 52866 (August 30, 2004) Export Oriented Unit (EOU) Program on
next administrative review. (Preliminary Determination). Since the Duty Drawback on Furnace Oil Procured
issuance of the Preliminary from Domestic Oil Companies Program
Assessment Rates Determination, the following events and Purchases of Materials and Other
In accordance with section 19 CFR have occurred. Between September 9 Inputs Free of Central Excise Duty (EOU
356.8(a), the Department will issue and November 17, 2004, the Department Program Memorandum).
appropriate assessment instructions issued supplemental questionnaires to On February 4, 2005, case briefs were
directly to U.S. Customs and Border each of the respondent parties and all filed by the Petitioner, the GOI,
Protection (CBP) on or after 41 days parties submitted timely responses to Reliance, and SAPL. On February 9,
following the publication of these the questionnaires. On September 29, 2005, the Petitioner, Reliance, and SAPL
2004, the United States PET Resin filed rebuttal briefs. Neither Futura nor
amended final results of review to effect
Producers Coalition (Petitioner) Elque filed case or rebuttal briefs. On
the Final Results and these amended
requested a hearing pursuant to 19 CFR February 11, 2005, the Petitioner
final results.
351.310(c) and the Department’s withdrew its request for a hearing.
We are issuing and publishing these Preliminary Determination. The Department also allowed parties
amended final results and notice in From December 2 through December a separate opportunity to file comments
accordance with sections 751(a)(1), 17, 2004, the Department conducted and rebuttal comments on our EOU
751(h) and 771(i) of the Act. verification of the questionnaire Program Memorandum. On February 17,
Dated: March 14, 2005. responses provided by the Government 2005, such comments were filed by the
of India (GOI) and the four respondent Petitioner, the GOI, Reliance and SAPL.
Joseph A. Spetrini,
parties: Reliance Industries, Ltd. On February 22, 2005, the Petitioner
Acting Assistant Secretary for Import (Reliance), Futura Polyesters, Ltd. submitted rebuttal comments. Also, on
Administration. (Futura), South Asia Pertrochem Ltd. February 17, 2005, Reliance requested
[FR Doc. E5–1223 Filed 3–18–05; 8:45 am] (SAPL), and Elque Polyesters Ltd. that the Department proceed with a
BILLING CODE 3510–DS–P (Elque). The Department issued the GOI hearing. On February 18, and February

VerDate jul<14>2003 18:36 Mar 18, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00018 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\21MRN1.SGM 21MRN1