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Case Study for Chapter 1;

Corporate Social Responsibility

Coca Colas Christmas Happiness Truck Campaign

Prepared by: Julie De Guzman

Florenz Lazaro
Ronnie Montoya
Jhonalie Rejano
Justine Salvador

Coca-Colas New Happiness Truck

Case Study; About Coca Colas Happiness Truck Campaign
Coca Cola just ran a new campaign as a sequel to their famous Happiness
Machine that generated over 3 million views. The new Coca-Cola Happiness Truck
takes on a more international approach as it drives and spreads happiness in Rio de
Janeiro in which the truck gives out free Cokes, soccer balls, t-shirts and other free gifts
to all those who press the large button on the truck. The Coca-Cola Company just
launched their new video on its Facebook Page today.
Coca-Cola, whose Happiness Machine video became a feel-good hit for the brand last
year with 3 million views, is back with a sequel that offers more of an international flavor.
Allen Adamson, managing director of Landor Associates, says Happiness Machine
was brilliant and fits in well with the brands image. It was an unexpected moment of
joy and surprise around one of the most mundane touch points there is a vending
machine. Adamson favorably compared the viral videos with Cokes Super Bowl spots,
which he said were good, but didnt get the water cooler buzz of, say, VWs The Force.
This marketing stunt is simply brilliant as it associates the brand with spreading
happiness. Although its not quite guerrilla marketing, it is still a very effective marketing
campaign that I felt needed to be shared. Let us know what you think by commenting
and spreading the word!
Inspired by the vending machine that dispensed Coca-Cola and other doses of
happiness on a college campus in New York and quickly became a global viral video
sensation; a specially rigged Coca-Cola delivery truck took to the streets of Rio de
Janeiro recently to spread refreshment and smiles to passers-by.
All the action is captured in a two-and-a-half-minute film. In the video, several
unsuspecting Brazilians push a button on the back of the truck to dispense Coca-Cola
and other fun items such as soccer balls, surfboards and sunglasses.
Happiness Machine connected with so many people because the emotion was
authentic, unscripted and contagious, said A.J. Brustein, Global Senior Brand Manager,

Coca-Cola. We wanted to inspire that same feeling again by creating something

consumers would respond to and want to share with others because it put a smile on
their face.

Happiness Truck is one of many videos that can be found on the Facebook
hub for Where Will Happiness Strike Next?. The hub features more than 25 films from
around the world that have been created by local Coca-Cola teams to continue the
theme of the award-winning Happiness Machine, which has generated more than 3
million online views. The interactive site lets consumers search for videos by country
and even vote for where theyd like to see happiness strike next.
We werent trying to replace Happiness Machine with the Happiness Truck,' said
Christy Amador, Digital Marketing Manager, Global Content Excellence. We wanted to
build on this great idea and continue to answer the question, Where Will Happiness
Strike Next? by spreading a message of happiness around the globe. These videos
from markets all over the world help us to do just that.

Two of the new films on the hub include a version of Happiness Truck filmed in
the Philippines and Happiness Store, where convenience store customers in Rio are
surprised with confetti, lights, live music and more upon grabbing a Coca-Cola from the
cooler. Happiness Machine which cost very little to produce proved that we dont
need to spend millions to produce winning creative, and that great ideas and content
can be sourced from anywhere.

A Coca-Cola delivery truck is converted into a happiness machine on wheels

delivering doses of happiness in the streets of Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal,
Canada. After a full day of sharing happiness, the experience culminated in a 3-city
simultaneous musical celebration featuring Kardinal Offishall in Toronto, These Kids
Wear Crowns in Vancouver & Duke Squad in Montreal, to celebrate Coca-Colas 125th
Anniversary. Where will happiness strike next?

This time, Coca-Cola outfitted a special red truck with a recording booth and has
been travelling around Argentina collecting the cheers of football (or soccer depending
on where you are from) fans to support the Argentinean team. Fans are encouraged to
record their cheer to be heard by millions.
The truck drove through 19 different provinces in Argentina as it collected the cheer of
over a million different voices. On the day of the match, the Coca-Cola Cheering Truck
drove into a stadium that only had room for 50 thousand fans and played the recordings
of over a million fans chanting and cheering for the team. Way to rally the troop CocaCola!
Coca-Cola has been doing some really creative marketing campaigns that have
utilized a traveling truck concept (see The Happiness Truck). Its their way of spreading
happiness throughout the worldnot to mention strengthening their brand!

Reflection about the Case Study

This Corporate Social Responsibility of Coca Cola Company starts in the

Christmas Celebration worldwide where they distributed their coca cola trucks in
different countries to give a wonderful happiness that every people needs to achieve. In
this campaign many are amaze on what would be the truck will give them after they
push the button even an expensive things the truck would give it to a specific person
and will fill the happiness that coke shares to anyone in the specific country.

In the Philippines, Coca Cola Company executed the campaign of Happiness

Truck Campaign, the truck goes on nationwide and they will stop in a certain place that
has a large volume of citizens like public parts, barangay, and a place that has an
massive people surrounds them. This activity of Coca Cola will give other people a
chance to feel that anyone in this world will feel happiness everybody needs it. The
company are not particular in the attendees but they will only stop on a certain place
and after they stop many people will fall in line and they will push the button, after that
the gift of coke will be given to the citizens. This is an essential corporate social
responsibility because even if they are not the particular customer to give back their

support or giving thanks to their consumer market they will try to enhance their
marketing strategies to create the best plan to reach their valued customers.

This CSR stunt is simply brilliant as it associates the brand with spreading
happiness. Although its not quite guerrilla marketing, it is still a very effective marketing
campaign that I felt needed to be shared. Let us know what you think by commenting
and spreading the word.