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11300 Gainsborough Road Potomac, Maryland 20854 301-469-1200 February 16, 2010 Dear Parent/Guardian of an Advanced Placement Student, The expectation is that all students who take an AP course will take the AP exam in May. In order for an Advanced Placement (AP) student to be exempted from an AP course’s final exam, the student must take the AP exam in that course. Furthermore, the understanding is that the student will thoroughly prepare for and actively engage in taking the AP test. If the student is not actively engaged in taking the AP exam and becomes a distraction to other test-takers; for example, if the student falls asleep during the AP test, the following will happen in accordance with the College Board’s AP test regulations: • • • • The test administrator will take the test from the student. The student will be sent back to class. AP Services will be notified to cancel the student’s score on that AP test. The student will take the final examination in that AP course.

Additionally, students agree to comply with test-day terms and conditions outlined in College Board’s “Bulletin for AP Students and Parents.” Winston Churchill High School’s staff is committed to providing a high-quality AP program to its students. We thank you ahead of time for your support of the AP program in this endeavor to ensure the best effort on the part of our AP students and to an AP test-taking environment that is as free of distractions as possible. Sincerely,

Dr. Joan C. Benz Principal

My AP student and I have read this letter and understand the expectations for an AP test taker. Student’s name: __________________________ Grade ____ (Printed) ________________________ Parent’s/guardian’s signature _______ Date ID#_________________

_____________________ AP student’s signature

______ Date

Return to Mrs. Zimmerman with your AP test registration form.

All students enrolled in advanced placement courses are expected to take the advanced placement exam. It is not, however, necessary to be enrolled in an advanced placement course in order to take the exam. Exams will be administered Monday, May 3, 2010 – Friday, May 14, 2010. The schedule is indicated on the registration form on the reverse side of this paper. Some students will have conflicting testing times; alternate testing days and times will be scheduled once the registration is closed. Please advise Mrs. Zimmerman in writing if you have a conflict. The cost for each exam is $86.00. Payment by check is preferred. If a student needs financial assistance with the exam fees, he/she should contact his/her guidance counselor. If a registration is cancelled after March 25, a partial refund of $50 per test will be issued by check in June. Any students requesting accommodations must attach a copy of the College Board/ETS letter to the registration form.

Registration will be accepted March 9 – March 19.
A $39 late fee (per test) will be assessed for any registration received after 3/19.
Registration checks, along with the registration slip on the reverse side, should be submitted, in person, to: Mrs. Zimmerman, AP Test Coordinator College/Career Center room 105 before school, after school or during lunch.

Make checks payable to Winston Churchill High School On the face of the check include: Student’s name MCPS ID# Name of test(s) requested

Questions should be directed to Mrs. Zimmerman, College/Career Center room 105,
301-469-1242 or by email Luana_P_Zimmerman

LAST NAME___________________________________FIRST NAME____________________________GRADE_______ID#__________________  Type or Print clearly.                                                         Indicate class period of instruction when asked.   


Week 1 Monday, May 3 Morning Session 7:25 a.m. ___Government and Politics: United States Class Period______ Afternoon Session 12 p.m. ___Government and Politics: Comparative ___French Language ___Statistics Class Period_____

Tuesday, May 4

___Computer Science A ___Spanish Language Class Period______

Wednesday, May 5 ___Calculus AB Class Period______ ___Calculus BC Class Period______ Thursday, May 6 ___English Literature Class Period______ ___German Language ___United States History

___Chinese Language and Culture

___Japanese Language and Culture

Friday, May 7

___European History ___Studio Art (portfolios due)

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Week 2 Monday, May 10 Morning Session 7:25 a.m. ___Biology Class Period______ ___Music Theory Tuesday, May 11 ___Environmental Science Class Period______ ___Chemistry Class Period______ ___Psychology Class Period______ Teacher____________ ___Art History ___Microeconomics Afternoon Session 12 p.m. Afternoon Session 2 p.m. ___Physics C:Mechanics ___Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism

Wednesday, May 12 ___English Language Class Period______ Thursday, May 13 ___Macroeconomics ___World History Class Period______ Friday, May 14 ___Human Geography Class Period______ ___Spanish Literature

___Latin: Vergil


Advanced Placement (AP) exams will be administered at Churchill May 3-14, 2010, according to the schedule established by College Board. A qualifying score on an AP exam may give a student college credit or advanced standing in the subject in many colleges; in addition, the College Board recognizes students for outstanding performance on the AP exams through the National AP Scholar Awards. The College Board designated fee for each exam is $86.00; financial assistance is available to students with established need. Parents should contact their student’s counselor to request financial assistance. Registration fees for the May AP testing will be accepted in the Churchill College/Career Center March 8-March 19, 2010. A late fee of $39 per exam will be charged for any registration submitted after the March 19 deadline. If an exam is cancelled after registration, a partial refund of $50 per exam will be issued by check in June. Students who are registered for Advanced Placement courses are expected to take the AP exam (as stated in the Churchill Parent/Student Handbook). Registration forms will be distributed to students through their AP classes during the week of March 8. Registration forms will also be available on the Churchill website beginning March 8.
Morning – report by7:25 a.m. Monday, May 3 Tuesday, May 4 Wednesday, May 5 Thursday, May 6 Friday, May 7 United States Government and Politics Computer Science A Spanish Language Calculus AB Calculus BC English Literature and Composition German Language United States History Afternoon –report by12 p.m. Comparative Government and Politics French Language Statistics Chinese Language and Culture French Literature Japanese Language and Culture European History Studio Art (portfolios due)

2010 AP Exam Calendar - Week 2
Morning – report by 7:25a.m. Monday, May 10 Tuesday, May 11 Wednesday, May 12 Biology Music Theory Chemistry Environmental Science English Language and Composition Italian Language and Culture Macroeconomics World History Human Geography Spanish Literature Afternoon – report by 12 p.m. Physics B Physics C: Mechanics Psychology Art History Afternoon – report by 2 p.m Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

Thursday, May 13 Friday, May 14

Microeconomics Latin: Vergil

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