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Since quite some time, the activities on the exchanges had been undergoing
a tough time, especially on the retail players participation’s front. It has been
observed that during this cut-throat competition arena, the idea to ‘expand
the size of industry’ has been overlooked to some extent.
We Believe that an industry can expand only when:

The intermediaries have confidence to grow themselves through a
sustainable business model.

The end users have faith that their need (Financial Objective) will be
fulfilled by participating in the industry

It is with this background all our training programs are designed with the
intention of:

A) Building the confidence among intermediaries that this industry is
capable of providing a flourishing business opportunity.
B) Generating the faith among the end clients that capital market can be
a reliable investment avenue.
We are equipped with competent team having good experience of training
several member brokers, sub-brokers and clients. We also have reasonable setup with necessary infrastructure.

Collectively. with hands on experience of trading and are now full-time traders with sizeable proprietary funds)  Jayesh Patwa (Trainer) (B. CFP)  Rakesh Doshi (Trainer and Marketing Head) (B. D. Khusbu Bhesawalal (Marketing Co-ordinator) (B. MBA – Finance.Com. this team has more than 50 years of experience in the Capital Market  Asit Mistry (Partner) (BE. based at vast experience in the market and passion for Training and Education. MBA Finance) Our Infrastructure: . We have sound educational background. CFA)  Vivek Jain and Vikas Jain (Partners) (B. in “Traders Psychology”)  Ms. TMT-Hub Team: The Team at TMT-Hub consists of experienced professionals from different fields like Engineering. MBA . Pursuing Ph. MBA & CFP. Gujarat.Mentor for the Trading Community Our Introduction: Trade Mentor Techno-Hub (TMT-Hub) is an organisation dedicated to the education in the financial market.

Mentor for the Trading Community Purpose of our Existence: Creating a community of successful and enlightened traders Our Goal: Making traders successful through Mentoring and High-Tech trading tools: Creating 1000 successful traders by 2017 Our Activity:  Conducting Training Programs  Designing Trading Systems and developing trading softwares. space is dedicated as a Training Room. Of which around 650 Sq.We have an office space admeasuring approx 1400 Sq. . This training room has the capacity of around 20-25 students. ft. ft. We have facility of large screen for making power point presentation along with Whiteboard. Fundamental Analysis. All these computers are connected with internet. We have many software to teach the subjects like Technical analysis. Options Trading etc. We have around 10 Computers to train the students for skill development.

 Promoting Financial Literacy Mentor for the Trading Community Some of the Financial Literacy Awareness programs conducted by us:  Talk on the ‘RICH-DAD POOR DAD. an interesting address for the college student of Sir.  Importance of Being an Entrepreneur. BY CA Jai Chhaira and Dr. Choraria. KP Commerce College. Anil Roongta for the trading community. a public seminar. an interview with Trader and The NSE Member broker Mr. Nirmal .com and M. (B.  ‘Becoming a Successful Trader’.com Students)  Developing the habits of Savings and Investment through the game of CASH-Flow (Developed by Robert Kiosaki).

(An NSE member broker in Surat)  Have addressed a group of ladies.  Becoming Successful Professional Trader. . The topic was ‘financial independence for women through participating in financial market’. (with the key focus on the applicability of the Technical Analysis)  Beyond Technical Analysis. called 'Active Women's Club'. Mentor for the Trading Community Some of our Key Courses. Soumyajyoti Guha) on the topic of Opportunities in financial markets. (Our flagship course based on the 3Ms theme)  Basic Technical Analysis.  Session in Sir K P Commerce College with the support of NSE’s Ahmedabad office (Represented by Mr. ‘The Importance of Rule based Trading’. Conducted for the Sub-brokers of M/s Jainam Share Consultants.

Baroda MBA in Production and Quantitative Technique ICFA part 1 and 2 Certification course in TECHNICAL ANALYSIS by ICFAI Hyderabad. Later on expanded the institute to undertake the development of ‘trading software’ . Co-Promoted an institute for traders under the name of “Institute for Traders and Analysts” in 2011. B. MS University. Had rendered a service as a faculty member to the FTKMC (Financial Technology Knowledge Management Company) for Technical Analysis.  Capturing Intra. USA) India Chapter. Was Member of MTA (Market Technician Association. Options Trading and designing trading strategies. Tech (Text). Has experience in training on Subjects like Technical Analysis. (Program in association with Delta Guru. Mumbai) Brief Profile: Asit Mistry Graduate in Textile Technology. Mumbai) Option Trading and Delta Neutral Strategy. (Program in Association with M/s Yashodhan.Day Profits with Chart Reading Techniques.

Market Hub Stock Broking Pvt. Submitted the Synopsis for Ph. (Like M/s Jainam Share Consultants Pvt.) Brief Profile: Rakesh Doshi Education: Graduate in Bachelors of Commerce. Has designed the unique and in-depth training program based on 3M (Method. Has been active promoter of the concept of ‘Money Management’ and increasing the R-Multiple in the trading.along with training. Post Graduate in Master of Business Administration (MBA) Finance. . Ltd. Have been invited as speaker by various Member brokers in Surat.D. The new institute is ‘Trade Mentor TechnoHub”. Ltd. on the subject of “Trader’s Psychology”.. Money and Mind) for professional traders in the market. Had been active for promoting the Financial awareness through CASH FLOW game in various colleges and corporate.

Had Under gone training on “Functioning of Capital Markets” with UTI Institute of Capital Market. Completed the “On-line Trading Academy Graduation” (OTA) course. Had under gone training on “Portfolio Management” with UTI Institute of Capital Market. an Institute for training in Financial markets. Experience: Has the extensive experience in stock broking industry. . in 2011. Mumbai. A leading Chartered Accountancy firm in Surat. Was awarded as Official Trainer for Depository by NSDL. Undergone the mandatory training and passed the exam conducted by IRDA for Life Insurance Undergone the mandatory training and passed the exam conducted by IRDA for General Insurance. Surat Got the training in ‘Taxation’ at M/s Natvarlal Vepari & Company. Passed NCFM: o Capital Market Module o Derivative Market Module o Depository Module Got the training in ‘Finance and Corporate Accountancy’ at Garden Silk Mills Ltd. Mumbai. Set up the “Cash Flow Club” in affiliation with the . USA. Participated in “Extended Learning Track” with Online Trading Academy (OTA). Was a regular speaker for CNBC AWAAZ and Radio Mirchi for stock market discussion. Mumbai.. Have been providing consultancy services to M/s Market Hub Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd. To promote the financial literacy. Joined M/s Trade Mentor Techno-Hub. a Surat based company into financial services.

colleges. Was selected as the speaker for “the 10*10 Event” by the Surat Productivity Council (SGPC). Achievements: Was awarded the 'Out Standing Young Personality' by Jaycee. Chamber of Commerce and Productivity Council. Brief Profile: Jayesh Patwa Education: . Was awarded 'Surat na Sapoot' by Channel Surat. Invited as guest lecturer by various Corporate. Delivered guest lecturers in various colleges and universities.Footprints: Is a Co-Chairman in capital market committee of the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) Was a member in capital market committee of the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry Was a member in selection committee for Admission into MBA program of Universities in Gujarat Invited as a jury member for inter college (MBA) completion on union budget 2012-13 by Bhagvan Mahavir Institute of Management.Surat. Surat. Clubs.

1st L. Achievements: 3 Times MDRT (Multi Dollar Round Table) in Kotak Life Insurance Footprints: Family Patron Member of Southern Gujarat Commerce Member of Surat District Cricket Association Member of the Surat Tennis Club Making Significant Contribution to the world of Trading in the Financial Markets. CFP CM (Certified Financial Planner) NISM Level-1 for Mutual Funds NCFM Capital Market Dealers Module NCFM Derivatives Market Dealers Module IRDA (Life Insurance) Undergone training at NIA PUNE and cleared the examination for Insurance Broker.L. Co-Promoted an institute to mentor the traders under the name of “Institute for Traders and Analysts” in 2011. Chamber of . Experience: 20 Years experience of selling Financial Products.Graduate in Bachelors of Commerce . 5 Years Consultation of total Financial Planning including Insurance Have been a regular speaker on ‘Channel Surat’ on Financial Planning.B.

MBA. Promoters: Mr. Who we are? We are passionate about 'The Rule Based trading' and we aim to promote the 'Trading as a Business for Living. Making trading a dignified profession by Developing High-Tech Trading Tools and by Providing Training and Mentoring to the traders. CFA and an astute learner having dedicated his career to the trading. Skill oriented training and high-tech trading tools. are full time professional traders and Technocrats having rich experience of managing proprietary funds on a large scale. Trading is also a profession that needs formal education and specialized skill. To develop 1000 individuals as successful traders by providing knowledge.Creating a Community of Successful and Enlightened traders As medical is a profession. Asit Mistry. We aim to develop an insightful training program called 'Trading Vipassana' to develop the Enlightened Traders. Along with imparting the Knowledge our prime focus is Skill Development. Thus our ultimate aim is to develop the community of traders who are not only successful but also humble human beings.' With our in-depth research on Trading Technology we aspire to help traders to survive and to succeed in the market. is an engneer. Mr. Vivek Jain and Vikas Jain. .

We intend to offer: WISDOM OF MENTOR Organogram Divisions/ Departments SWOT Market Position .