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Batch 2010-13
Session 2012-13
Submitted by:

Supervised by:
(Amit Kumar)
Asst. Professor -Dept.

Mr.Anubhav Goyal
BBA V Semester
Roll No:104100010

of Mgmt.

GLA University,

This is to certify that the summer training project report entitled
“The Study of Marketing strategy adopted by Daikin airconditioning at Lucknow”, is submitted by


Goyal, student of BBA V Semester of this institute, under my
supervision for the partial fulfillment for the award of the degree
of Bachelor of Business Administration, Session 2012-13, Batch

Place: Mathura

(Name & Signature of Guide)



I Anubhav Goyal, student of BBA (V Semester) Session 20122013, Batch 2010-2013 hereby declare that my work entitled“
The study of Marketing strategy adopted by Daikin airconditioning at Lucknow ”, is the outcome of genuine efforts
done by me under an able guidance of Mr. Amit Kumar and
being submitted to GLA University, Mathura as summer training
project report in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Place: Mathura

Name: Anubhav Goyal

BBA (V Semester)

Roll No: 104100010




A single person alone can never be credited for performing any
extraordinary work successfully. It is only possible with the
continuous and constant help and guidance that they receive from
I would like to thank our guide Mr. Amit Kumar for guiding
us which helped a lot in carrying out this project.
I hereby acknowledge that this project has became possible by
the whole heartedly guidance and intense support from

Dr. Somesh Dhamija, who is head of BBA Department, has
given his most precious time for helping in making this project.
I would like to thank my friends and employee members of the
Daikin Air conditioning India Pvt ltd.(Lucknow), who have given
their precious and valuable time for bringing this project to the
possible extent of completion along with extra corporate
knowledge which will be beneficial in future.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The project deals with the Study of the marketing strategy adopted by Daikin Air Conditioning in the Lucknow Air-Conditioner Market. General etc. Whereas. 28% and 34% in the respective categories. The attributes. The strengths of L. The study of report states that L. 5 . The report consists of the primary data obtained from the dealers. on the negative side the claim that LG is not as durable as other brands & has a life expectancy less than other brands like Daikin. were Shelf Space..G. Dealer Preference.G. The data has been collected from various outlets spread all over Lucknow (includes dealers and retailer). Although diakin is No. and Finance Schemes Offered. Dealer Interface. was undoubtedly the market leader. 44% claim L.G. after which the inferences were drawn.G. which defined the data. Prices Given. also leads in the other categories like the window display (40%). Data thus obtained was then grouped and analyzed. General Positive and Negative Attributes for various Brands. who dealt in air conditioner. lie in its low price and good quality whereas Hitachi’s strengths lie in its superior quality and post sale service. shelf space (50%) and while Daikin cassette share of 7%. Of the outlets visited. Material. Window Display. In Lucknow AC market LG has the highest penetration. to be the top Brand whereas Daikin has 21% of the outlets claim it to be the top Brand.2 brand in Lucknow region but it has the highest corporate customer or we can say. as it is available in almost 75% of the outlets while Hitachi is present in only 64% of the outlets. institutional sales in comparison to other AC brands. L.

Researcher recommend that customer awareness about Daikin star rating mode has to improve. which works against Daikin.For Daikin the most spoken about negative is its high price . Based on this data collected. Next there was the classification of the demonstrator/salesperson for the outlets visited. 6 . so that it will be a lot easier to convince the customer that price difference. can be negated in the electricity bills.

ii 1. No. Executive Summary v 5. Introduction to the Topic Need of the study Objective of the study Scope 45 48 CHAPTER – 4  Analysis & Data Interpretation of the report  Findings 8. 32 37 41 43 CHAPTER – 3  Research Design  Data collection Method 7. Particulars Page No. Declaration iii 3. 2 3 6 11 26 29 57 67 CHAPTER – 5  Conclusions 69 70 7 . CHAPTER – 1     Preface Air Conditioning Industry and history Company profile Product Portfolio  CSR of the company  SWOT Analysis 5. Acknowledgment iv 4.TABLE OF CONTENTS:Sr. CHAPTER – 2     6. Certificate 2.

 Limitations of the Study  Recommendations 71 Bibliography 73 Annexure 75 8 .


It also provides knowledge to the readers about customer preferences & competitive analysis between various competitive firms. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. 2 .PREFACE This project has been taken with a view to make an in depth analysis of latest & unique marketing strategies employed by Daikin Air conditioning India Pvt. with special reference to Air conditioners & thus uncover the reasons that have propelled the company to retain its position as leading company in AC Industry despite of stiff competition from other competitors. The present study creates awareness about the product quality & unique features put forth by Daikin Air conditioning India Pvt. The present is an effort to formulate strategy to boost up the market share for AC’s for Daikin Air conditioning India Pvt.

car air conditioners. Air conditioner comes in various sizes and shapes.Introduction Air Conditioning Industry Air Conditioners give respite from summer heat and have become a necessity. In this scorching heat it is only an air conditioner that can give you some respite and make you livelier and energetic. India you desperately need an air conditioner. They have their own store and shops selling air conditioner of all types. Daikin. After a hard day's work you return home and switch on your air conditioner and let the fresh air relax you and rejuvenate your spirits. General etc. Sanyo. Once again you are ready to shop out with your family or help your spouse in household work or spend some quality time with your kids. Earlier buying an air conditioner was not easy. Onida. split air conditioners. There are various companies offering air conditioner like LG. ductless air conditioners. There are room air conditioners. It was very costly and middle class families can't afford but now purchasing an air conditioner in India is no more tough and expensive. Bluestar. Godrej. These companies have various offices all over India. Voltas. Carrier. Some air conditioner does not even look like an air conditioner especially ones offered by LG. air ceiling conditioner mount system etc. Amtrex. They have made our lives comfortable. Samsung. 3 . Their surfaces are too good looking and look like a beautiful scenery.

This is just one example of ancient air conditioning. In the 1800's one man came close to inventing what is similar to modern day air conditioning. His invention was designed to improve the manufacturing process of a printing plant. John Gorrie. a medical doctor discovered that he could use compressor technology to create ice to cool his patients rooms in Florida. In 1820 British Inventor Michael Faraday discovered that ammonia could chill the air when compressed and liquidized and then allowed to evaporate. the processes were made more efficient as the paper size and the ink alignment were consistently maintained. The ancient Romans used aqua duct water to circulate through the walls of the wealthiest homes. His first pro type leaked and was unsuccessful. He was also known as the Father of Modern Air Conditioning. The Chinese were also were also obsessed with cooling the air through water and wind. The commercially available of air conditioning applications started based on the need to cool air for industrial processes than for personal comfort. He came very close. In 1841. 4 . This discovery gave Gorrie the great aspiration of inventing the first air conditioning unit. He secured funding and his patent was approved in 1851. He later died in 1855 and with him his vision of indoor air conditioning died as well for the next 50 years.HISTORY OF AIR CONDITIONERS Air conditioning as we know it today is a rather new technology although different form of cooling air and dehumidifying the air has been around for centuries. By controlling the temperature and humidity of the plant. The first electrical air conditioning was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier in the year 1902. His funding partner died and he lost the money to see his dream realized. They used various methods to cool their interior buildings and stay cool during the hot months.

The use of ammonia. The first air conditioners proved to be hazardous to human’s health when the toxic gases leaked. This was found to be much safer for humans but had disastrous effects to the environment. The modern day air conditioning is affordable to everyone. was the first to create an air conditioner that used Freon. Willis Carrier took the term air conditioning and put it into his companies name as he used evaporative cooling to provide a cooling effect in the air. The term air conditioning was first coined by Stuart W. Modern day air conditioning has improved over the years.The Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America was established by him to meet the demand of better productivity in the workplace. Cramer used the term Air conditioning in a papers filed to the patent office for his invention of a water conditioning unit which was required to control the humidity in textile plants. Cramer was trying to create ways to add moisture to the air in his textile plants. Cramer of Charlotte. The modern day air conditioner can come with all sorts of bells and whistles and most importantly is that it is available to just about everyone. Jr. Carrier Corporation is the biggest air conditioner manufacturer and marketing corporation in the world in central air conditioning. 5 . These toxic. North Carolina in 1906. flammable gases tended to leak causing fatal results. Today. The emphasis these days are on energy conservation and efficiency. In 1928 Thomas Midgley. methyl chloride and propane.

India. Facing the global demands on C02 reductions and the serious energy issues facing the world. Daikin was founded as a chemical corporation. Illinois. In January 2011. Southeast Asia. China. however. It has operations in Japan. In 2008 Daikin purchased a 75% share of All World Machinery Supply based out of Harvard. is a Japanese multinational air conditioner manufacturing company headquartered in Osaka. and is the inventor of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning systems (These systems are called Variable Refrigerant Volume or VRV by Daikin). Daikin announced plans to buy Goodman Global at around US $4 billion. 6 . Daikin developed the hybrid hydraulic systems using technology from their Air Conditioning division. Ltd. Daikin Industries. Daikin co developed a R-410A refrigerant with Carrier and is an innovator in the Split System Air Conditioning Market. The company was founded in 1924 by Akira Yamada in Osaka. This made Daikin the second largest HVAC manufacturer in the world after Carrier Corporation. It has since diversified its manufacturing division to take advantage of experience in fluorine chemistry. the plans were put off following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. with a focus on air conditioning systems.COMPANY PROFILE Daikin Industries Ltd. Europe. Australia. In November 2006 Daikin purchased OYL Industries. and North America. Japan. this product aims to cut energy consumption in the manufacturing sector.

ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Nakazaki- nishi Nichome.160. PROFILE Industry Electronics Founded Osaka. March 2011) 7 . .In August 2012 Daikin agreed to acquire Goodman Global from the San Francisco-based private equity firm Hellman & Friedman for $3. CEO) Yukiyoshi Okano (president. Osaka Kinzoku Kogyo Limited Partnership) Founder(s) Akira Yamada Headquarter Umeda Center Building. Kita-ku. Osaka. 75. Japan Key people Noriyuki Inoue (chair. 1924. 4-12. COO) Products Air conditioning systems Revenue 1.455 million yen (consolidated.7 billion.330 million yen (consolidated March 2011) Operating income . Japan (February 11. . Daikin is the official sponsor of Galatasaray Daikin women's volleyball team. The acquisition will expand Daikin's presence in the United States and in duct-type air-conditioners. and will make Daikin the world's largest maker of heating. .

. as of March 31.872 million yen (consolidated.Net income 19. March 2011) Employees 41.132. which our customers and dealers believe in DAIKIN BUSINESS 8 . March 2011) Total equity .com CORPORATE VISION Come first in customers’ mind as the most trusted air-conditioner brand. 50. March 2011) Total assets .569 (consolidated. 1. CORPORATE MISSION To contribute to the society by providing the most advanced airconditioning solutions.Daikin.928 million yen (consolidated. To ensure continuous customer satisfaction. To establish Daikin Brand as a brand of trust and confidence. 2011) Website www.506 million yen (consolidated.

split and window air conditioners. Ltd manufactures and markets a wide range of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and products. These include large central air-conditioning plants. packaged air-conditioning systems. Daikin Air conditioning India other businesses include marketing and Daikin has eight separate industrial and management divisions focusing on the corresponding fields of:  Air Conditioning  Chemicals  Transportation & Refrigeration Systems  Semiconductors  Hydraulic Equipment  Hybrid Hydraulics  Electronics  Defence  After Sales Service  Oil Chilling units  Core pull units for the Plastic Industry INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS 9 .Daikin Air conditioning India Pvt.

10 . the safe refrigerant . The Company actively promotes wider use of large refrigeration systems using ammonia as the refrigerant. All Daikin reciprocating chillers already use HCFC-22 refrigerant.It is a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd. ECO FRIENDLY Daikin Air conditioning India Pvt. Daikin also markets absorption chillers. As a matter of fact. Ltd has made significant progress towards minimizing and even eliminating the environmental hazards resulting from CFCs in certain refrigerants used for cooling. Daikin has already introduced 'ozone friendly' centrifugal chillers. which use water as refrigerant. It was launched in India in the year 2000 in a joint venture with Shriram Air conditioning and targeted the Premium sector market and positioned itself as an Elite Product. which is more friendly to the environment than the older one.

such as the 11 . Air conditioners are divided into Ducted Systems and Non-Ducted products(unitary products). These two units are connected by refrigeration tubing and electrical wires that pass through an opening in the wall. Ducted systems are normally chosen for air-conditioning large spaces like office floors. split air conditioners are split into two basic components -the indoor unit (IDU) and the outdoor unit (ODU). By keeping the relatively noisy components.TYPES OF AIR-CONDITIONING The diagram below gives a broad idea of the different kinds of airconditioning systems available in the market for various applications. Whereas non-ducted products (split air conditioners and window air conditioners)are mainly used for air-conditioning smaller spaces like individual rooms in an office or residence. etc. showrooms. in diameter. departmental stores. As the name implies. barely 10 cm. restaurants.

The motor moves the piston through the crank shaft and each time the piston moves down. Split. One of the spiral 12 .compressor and condenser fan in the outdoor unit. These include reciprocating. Different types of compressors are used in Window. These compressors are available from a small fraction of a ton up to 10 ton capacities. and Packaged Air conditioners. Scroll compressors These compressors are a recent innovation and are extremely energy efficient. All these compressors are hermetically sealed which means that the compressor consists of a gas-tight steel shell within which is housed an electrical motor and a compressor unit. Scroll compressors use two interlocked spiral-shaped members. When the piston moves up the gas is pushed against the discharge valve which opens to let the compressed gas out. Split air conditioners are relatively more expensive than window air conditioners but are preferred for spaces where there is no window or which require a quiet environment. b. the air-conditioned space tends to be quiet. refrigerant gas is sucked into the cylinder. TYPES OF COMPRESSORS As mentioned earlier the compressor is the heart of an air conditioner. Reciprocating compressors These compressors typically have one or two pistons mounted on the crank shaft extension of the motor. a. which enclose the refrigerant gas in pockets between them. They have only three moving parts compared to fifteen in reciprocating compressors and are eight times less noisy. scroll or rotary types.

which slide to form a continuous seal for the refrigerant gas. Daikin systems offer the kinds of innovative and unique product features that deliver the optimum in air conditioned comfort and control. Each system uses specific outdoor units. yet powerful outdoor units to our quiet concealed or wall-mounted units.shaped members is fixed while the other orbits causing the refrigerant to be squeezed into ever decreasing pockets until it reaches the centre of the spiral from where it is discharged. 13 . PRODUCT RANGE Split Systems From our compact. They are highly reliable and save up to 15% on power bills. Choose individual components. These compressors are not repairable and have to be replaced in case of a breakdown. At the beginning of the cycle a volume of refrigerant gas enters the chamber and as the cycle progress the nature of eccentricity squeezes the gas thereby compressing it. c. Rotary compressors This type of compressor has a rotor eccentric to the cylinder housing and blades. Rotary compressors are considered unsuitable for areas with high ambient temperatures and are limited to use in window and mini split air conditioners.

décor-blending form and easy installation in new or old buildings.Ceiling mounted cassette type Quiet. Models : Cooling Only: FHC 18/21/26/30/36/42/48 Heat Pump FHYC :35/50/60/71/100/125/140 Floor Standing Type FVY 14 .

The floor-standing configuration means the FVY is easy to install and maintain. 15 . greater energy savings. easier installation. The system offers large outdoor capacities. FVY125 VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) VRV is the latest and most revolutionary technologies used for large sized buildings. FVY100. longer actual and total piping. Models : FVY71. It can also be installed under high ceilings. and more.

The Daikin Inverter Ducted
The Daikin Inverter Ducted line is a cost-effective alternative to
traditional high-efficiency gas furnace/AC systems. These new Daikin
products provide more comfort because they are equipped with Daikin
Constant Comfort inverter technology. Daikin Inverter Ducted systems
offer up to 100% heating capacity when the outside temperature is as
low as 14°F (systems can operate in heating mode down to 0°F),
making them cheaper to run than traditional heat-pump systems in
most climates. They are also more compact and quieter than traditional


Window ac's - turbo rotary deluxe model
Daikin ACs come in innovative capacities. Like 1.25T. Which means that you
don't have to compromise and settle for an AC of higher tonnage, and
consequently, higher power consumption. Both these models are fitted with
Mitsubishi compressors for virtually silent operation and come with anti-bacterial
filters, corrosion resistant blue fins and full function remote (optional). All in all the
best AC deal you're likely to get.


VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume)II & III.
VRV is the latest and most revolutionary technologies used for large
sized buildings.
The system offers large outdoor capacities, greater energy savings,
easier installation, longer actual and total piping, and more.



Daikin Industries Limited
Founded in 1924, Daikin Industries Limited is the global leader in the
manufacturing of commercial and industrial air-conditioning systems.
Being the world's sole manufacturer capable of developing a full line
of dynamic products from refrigerants to air-conditioners, Daikin has
built a well-established and strong presence in Japan, China, Southeast
Asia, Europe as well as North America.
Daikin Air conditioning India Pvt. Ltd
It is a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd It was launched in India in
the year 2000 in a joint venture with Shriram Air-conditioning and
targeted the Premium sector market and positioned itself as an Elite
Product. After introducing its superior air-conditioning solutions in
India in the year 2000,Daikin is repositioning itself as Product for
common man in the Indian market with the launch of its residential
ACs (0.75-1.8 tonne) which will go by the FTE name. This is in direct
competion with the existing players in the market, mainly Toshiba. It is
test marketing these products in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai and may
then do so in 19 Tier-III towns and cities such as Ludhiana, Jalandhar
and Raipur.
Corporate Profile:
•Established :4 April 2000
•Location :Head Office : Neemrana town, Rajasthan

Its products range from the Residential Split Air conditioner to Dutiable Units and the Centrallized Air-conditioning VRV systems (aircooled and water-cooled) to the Chillers (air cooledand water-cooled). the residential market as well as the Industrial market. sales and related services of air conditioners and chillers. the VRV (air-cooled and water-cooled) and the Chillers (air-cooled and water-cooled) is sold mainly through the Opinion leaders like Architects and the HVAC consultants. Products: It serves both. 20 . Marketing Strategy: It sells the residential air conditioners mainly through its Channel Partners (dealer network). The centralized air-conditioning systems.•Global philosophy: Quality First •Business range :Manufacturing.

The ad contributed in a large measure to Daikin commanding a heavy premium in the Indian air conditioner market. The ad also won recognition at Cannes Advertising Festival. 21 .Commercials aired on TV targeting the Consumer: Segmentation and Targeting : Premium market Customers Positioning : Elite Product 1. This advertisement was launched between the end of the introduction phase and before the beginning of the Growth phase. It positioned the air conditioner firmly as technological wonder that offered complete silence. Ad Club of India and the Effie Awards.Daikin Air conditioner 1(Monkey ad): This was Daikin's TV ad in India during 2003-04.

4. This advertisement was launched during the early growth phase. it fits into their lifestyle wherever they may go. Mumbai and Chennai and may then do so in 19 Tier-III towns and cities such as Ludhiana. It is test marketing these products in Delhi. This advertisement was launched during the growth phase Repositioning for Residential Use: Daikin is repositioning itself as Product for common man in the Indian market with the launch of its residential ACs (0.8 tonne) which will go by the FTE name. 3. It also differentiates itself from the others by the fact that it makes no noise in operation. Jalandhar and Raipur.75-1.Daikin 3(Relaxation): This ad stresses on the feel of relaxation and comfort that the customer will enjoy. This is possible because Daikin has recently acquired Greed. 22 . Thus it gives a strong message that it is distinguishing brand and that the customers should take pride in themselves.Daikin Air Conditioning 2 (Service Focus): This ad tries to explain the importance of the timely Service and its Quality and thus differentiates itself from the rest.Daikin 4(lifestyle): This ad differentiates Daikin by way of the fact that inspire of the various lifestyles that people lead.2. This advertisement was launched during the growth phase. and will be using their resource base for the further development of the ACs it will produce in India. the Chinese AC major.

fresh. 23 . Impact (I) : The qualitative value of an exposure through a given medium (thus a food ad in good housekeeping would have a higher impact than in the police gazette. CONSUMER AWARENESS OF ADVERTISING The effects of exposures on audience awareness depends on the Reach. this dew droplet represents the "fresh as morning nature" of Daikin's new range of air conditioners and air-purifiers. Frequency (F) : The number of times within the specified time period that an average person or household is exposed to the message.Introducing Pichon-Kun: A mascot that will now represent the Daikin's innovative thrust into the future is called "Pichon-kun". Frequency. natural and eco-friendly. Piton-kun symbolises the best of nature -. The new mascot of Daikin is so named because of the sound it makes. and Impact:- Reach (R) : The number of different persons or households exposed to a particular media schedule at least once during a specified time period. The Company still is in its Growth Stage of the PLC. Created in Japan.

get irritated by it. they either act on it. Weighted number of exposures (WE) : this is the reach times average frequency times average impact. Others doubt the value of high frequency. 24 . They believe that after people see the same ad a few times.The relationship between reach. that is E=R*F This measure is referred to as the Gross Rating Points (GRP). or stop noticing it. frequency and impact is captured in the following concepts: Total number of exposure (E) : This is the reach times the average frequency. that is: WE = R * F * I Many advertisers believe a target audience needs a large number of exposures for the advertising to work.

for 0. Only after 1993 did the government liberalize its attitude towards white goods.000/. Till 1994. which means they cannot be imported without licenser as baggage.5 tonne models. the govt. The excise duty was reduced from 80% to 60% in1994-95 and from 60% to 30% in the following years and in 2011-2012 budget Full Central Excise duty exemption for air conditioning equipment & panels of 3 Tonne air-conditioning capacity and above.5 tonne AC’s to Rs. AC’s continued to be in the negative list. In the 199495 to 1996-97 budgets. 25 . gave considerable relief to the Air-conditioning sector.000for 1.The Government Policy Regarding AC’s The attitude of the government to the industry in general has been influenced by the perception of white good as a luxury item.7. 9. excise duty on AC’s varied from Rs. In the EXIM policy.

National Association for the Blind (NAB). Energy Conservation goes beyond using efficient products. Daikin helps deserving institutions such as hospitals and colleges to save power by conducting free walk-through energy audits. Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work. amongst others. water and energy management services as well as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) consultancy for Green Buildings have been part of its business and practices. JJ School of Architecture and Dilkhush Special School.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Daikin's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy is built on three pillars namely: •Environment protection •Energy conservation •Community development around its facilities. St Xavier’s College. A huge amount of energy is wasted nationally due to sheer ignorance and lack of awareness. In its 26 . Energy efficiency of its products remains a corner-stone of its research and development efforts Air. Bombay Natural History Society(BNHS). The Company has also been contributing in the technical domain in the use of eco-friendly refrigerants in its products. The Company has conducted several such audits with energy recommendations for Jai Hind College. The Company is highly committed to the cause of protecting the environment.

the Company sponsors various philanthropic activities through its Trust. KSWA in Wada. the Daikin Group has used the air conditioning and chemical expertise it has built 27 . and companies defence systems business. Ever since developed Japan's first air conditioner in 1951. Vocational training and health emerged as pressing needs in this underdeveloped region. Regular visits by the Company's employees have aided in technical support to KSWA for conducting the courses. In addition to the above CSR efforts.efforts towards community development around the Company’s facilities. This centre was set up to support a vocational training initiative for school and college dropouts to make them employable contributing members of their families and communities. which has been supporting several Daikin has made global warming prevention one of its top priority issues and actively pursues environmental impact reduction in all business activities. which encompasses energy-efficient technologies cultivated in companies air conditioning business. Daikin also contribute to sustainable development of society through proprietary advanced technologies and advanced R&D in companies oil hydraulics business. the Company has initiated and sponsored a study in the villages around its Wada Plant to understand the immediate needs. The Daikin Group offers products utilizing technologies in both air conditioning and flouro chemicals to provide living spaces with comfort. Daikin has sponsored the vocational training courses offered by an NGO. Daikin Foundation. which provides a wide range of products from aerospace parts to home medical equipment.

distribution. Daikin thus do all that can to reduce environmental impact in all areas of business. The structure of companies business necessitates that Daikin made it mission to help prevent global warming. Of all companies businesses. Companies aim is to be an environmentally advanced company by developing and marketing environmentally conscious products and services and by reducing emissions of fluorocarbons and CO 2 in the production.up to bring comfort to people around the world. companies proprietary cutting-edge technologies and R&D capabilities have advanced industry and improved people's lives. Air conditioners use large amounts of energy. and fluorocarbons are greenhouse gases that cause global warming. those with the greatest impact on environmentally are the air conditioner business and companies fluoro chemical business. In the fields of oil hydraulics and defence systems. and marketing stages. 28 . which makes the fluorocarbon refrigerants for air conditioners. whether they are at home or at work.

ceiling suspended and unitary.  Air-conditioning of the largest number of synthetic fiber plants in India exceeding25. double skin.RBI Note Mudran Private Limited: Rs. LTD. vertical.SWOT ANALYSIS OF THE DAIKIN INDIA PVT. manufactures air handling units with dependable ratings to factory precision and the widest choice with single skin. COMPANY Strengths:  Only Dakin manufactures open-type centrifugal chillers with ozone friendly refrigerant HCFC 123  Only Daikin India Pvt. Ltd.000 Tons and 36 customers  Largest Industrial air-conditioning contracts in India . manufactures variable air volume systems for economic localized cooling control  Only Daikin India Pvt.  First to manufacture semi hermetic reciprocating compressors in India to international standards 29 . Ltd. horizontal.40 cores.

Willis Carrier Engineering Centre.  Low qualities resulting in exports prices being non competitive. First air-conditioning company to introduce the concept of a Comfort Shop. to provide technological support to develop new products and upgrade existing ones.  Opportunity to influence Growing Indian middle class in influencing their decisions with regard to the products offered by DAIKIN through comparatively lower prices.  Although DAIKIN protects its Position in Domestic AC market but is regularly losing market share. 30 .  It has successfully introduced finance schemes that have taken air-conditioners out of the luxury category and made it affordable for the homebuyer. Opportunities  Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has urged the government to reduce special excise duty (SED) on air-conditioners from 16% to 8% in the forthcoming budget. Weaknesses  Considered as premium brand so middle class people think it is unaffordable.  Market penetration is still very low.  It has a strong setup.

an extensive distribution network and better insights about the local market conditions. 31 . Carrier. Carrier. Hitachi. thus providing an opportunity for upgrading the quality of manufacture in the country. THREATS  Likely to face fierce competition from domestic companies as they have wellacknowledged brands. LG. Advent of Internet provides an excellent opportunity to reach to a large base of customers and cut costs. especially from China  MNC’s like Samsung.  The increasing presence of multinationals in India for manufacturing be it Samsung.  Increased threat from cheaper imports. LG and Voltas are continuously raising their share while Daikin despite of increasing sales is losing its market share.


GENERAL INTRODUCTION Indian Consumer durables market used to be dominated by few domestic players like Godrej. India being the second largest growing economy with huge consumer class has resulted in consumer durables as the fastest growing industries in India. Consumer durables major Daikin Limited will invest nearly Rs 250 crores in India this year in research and development. Godrej. and Aiwa came into the picture. besides launching new platforms in information technology and related areas. Whirlpool. Daikin. Allwyn and Kelvinator. Then. and Daikin were the major players in the consumer durables market. AIR CONDTIONERS AND WATER COOLERS. only a few companies like Kelvinator. is investing Rs 250 crores on brand-building and other marketing initiatives and around Rs 150 crores on research and development. Before the liberalization of the Indian economy. brand-building and other marketing initiatives. after the liberalization. Samsung. accounting for no less than 90% of the market. The company. these players control the major share of the consumer durables market. 33 . having a turnover of Rs 500 crores and market share of 9per cent. Today. But post liberalization many foreign companies have entered into Indian market dethroning the Indian player and dominating Indian market the major categories in the market REFRIGRATOR. Allwyn. foreign players like LG. Daewoo. LG &SAMSUNG the two Korean companies have been maintaining the lead in the industries with LG being leader in almost all the categories .

MNC's major target is the growing middle class of India .Consumer durables market is expected to grow at 20-25% in 20112012. It is growing very fast because of rise in living standards. as many foreign players are entering in the market . increase in consumer awareness. However. easy access to consumer finance. Products like washing machines. discounts. their wellacknowledged brand name. and introduction of new models. there are still very few players in categories. and wide range of choice. microwave ovens. However. the penetration level of the consumer durables is still low in India & there is a yet a huge untapped rural market waiting to be exploited. The market share of MNCs in consumer durables sector is 65%. air conditioners. Consumer durables sector is characterized by the emergence of MNCs. easy availability of finance.MNCs offer superior technology to the Consumers whereas the Indian companies compete on the basis of firm grasp of the local market. the demand for consumer durables has increased significantly. and intense competition.With the increase in income levels. and hold over wide distribution network. exchange offers. Few years ago liberalization was not there in the Indian market. But slowly and gradually scene changes and liberalization paves its way in 34 . colour-televisions (CTVs) are no longer considered luxury items.

Thus this leads to birth of new industry known as AC Industry.the Indian market. Rising temperature and unexpected climate has lead to the invention of Air-conditioner system. They are market focused and customer driven. The most wrenching change that the business scenario is experiencing involves acquiring a strategy to cope with liberalization. today's winning companies are those who succeed best in satisfying target customers. rather than solely product focused or customer driven. Advantage of liberalization policy has changed the whole scenario. 35 . In other words winning companies are those who provide value for money. Therefore.

Ltd.This project report is made by conducting a Market research on Daikin India Pvt. 36 .P. Air Conditioners. It was also analyzed that this research design is relatively inexpensive as compared to other research designs. The Exploratory studies are used to seek small-scale information rather than definite results. The main focus of this report is to study the marketing strategy adopted by the company and customer satisfaction level with the product performance in Lucknow (U. Ltd with special emphasis on Air Conditioners and use of selected exploratory design to conduct the market research because it is the most sound research design that is likely to achieve the research objectives. Ltd.). It was interested in knowing the expectations and apprehensions people have from the company. The goal is to explore rather than conclude on the level of awareness that people have about Daikin India Pvt.

The window and split AC have a current market of Rs. 900crores and the central including Chillers command a market of Rs. split. 600 cores. Rs. 37 . 1500 cores.NEED OF STUDY The air-conditioning industry has a total market size of approx. The split is divided into ducted and non-ducted. It can be classified into windows. packaged and Chillers Air-conditioners.

We aim to serve the Indian market with locally manufactured products as much as possible. Initial project investment of about Rs. Through our quality control system and corporate activities. It is supported by a network of production bases throughout the world and showcases the application of advance technology and equipment. 210 Cores 38 . Our comprehensive quality control system features centrally computerized management of quality and production data to facilitate timely production that bears the stamp of excellent quality. as we are of the firm belief that a superior working environment is essential to produce superior products. By reducing the supply lead-time and meeting market needs in terms of product specifications. due care is taken to create a pleasant working environment for the employees. we ensure compliance with international quality checks and environmental management standards. Rajasthan aims at creating products that will make people's lives more comfortable. Moreover.Daikin's manufacturing plant at Neemrana. Daikin India plans to strengthen is leadership on the Indian terrain.

Daikin Neemrana facility incorporates Daikin's global Environmental Management System (EMS) that has been implemented in the factory promotes adapting procedures for refrigerant handling. Important Factors The important factors that govern profitability in the Air-conditioning Industry are Product Technology. This is well suited for the Indian conditions where dust and ambient 39 . However margins in the window segment are the least. Margins are highest in Central and Packaged Air-conditioning segments ranging between 20-24%.000 VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) units 1. Even then. More than 50 percent of the open area is left as green area & 34 percent area is treated as green area with trees & plantations. resource conservation & waste management. Volumes. The most common type is reciprocating compressor. which contributes about 40% of the total cost. But these are reasonable in the case of Split AC’s. Distribution Network. Profitability Margins in the industry vary depending upon the segment. between abroad range of 10 to 20%. After Sales Service and Aesthetics.Spread across a sprawling area of 160. margins are higher.000 sq. model and sizes. for players who have their own Compressor Manufacturing facilities. Projected annual production capacity: 20.800 Chillers units The manufacturing facility follows Daikin's Global Philosophy of being an organization committed to the environment and is designed to fully recycle water for its operations. mtr. Most critical in the Product Technology is the Compressor.

Beyond this. Hence it is suitable for coastal areas like Mumbai where temperatures are low as compared to central and northern India. Voltas and Daikin India Pvt. Recent Developments  The technology (called variable refrigerant flow or VRF). so companies have to manage inventory with minimum cost. which are common in India and once spoiled it cannot be repaired. The latest compressor technology is the scroll compressors. Being a consumer durable industry the activities aspect too is important. which can cause wear and tear. It has no part. consuming less power with negligible wear and tear problems. is very efficient under variety of conditions and can be repaired instead of being replaced. Since this is a volume driven business in the window segment and technology driven in the package segment. invented by Daikin of Japan. But the advantage is that it is much more efficient than the reciprocating one at moderate temperatures. While 40 to 45% of the sales in the window segment come from first three months of April to June and the rest from the other months. Also it cannot withstand voltage fluctuations. there is no such seasonality in other segments. The rotary compressor is suitable for conditions where temperature does not exceed 55degree Celsius. Ltd. But the wear and tear is quite high necessitating frequent repairs. Bristol and Tacumbch already have a presence in India through their collaboration with Kirloskar. its cooling efficiency decreases.. is now being developed in India by large and established players including LG.temperatures are relatively high. 40 . The three world leaders in compressor technology Copeland. Carrier Aircon and SIEL respectively. distribution network and after sales services are the deciding factors in these two segments respectively.

Bombay Stock Exchange and Reserve Bank of India. finding loopholes and building effective marketing strategy for Daikin in Refrigerator. leaders in air conditioning. secondly through market mapping. Daikin. Like if LG. It is this very same expertise that goes into their new window air conditioners. Pune. have air conditioned many prestigious establishments such as Parliament House. and then comparative mapping with other major appliances players in the market. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: To study brand awareness for Daikin in the market place. To Study Daikin competitors marketing strategies. 41 . Daikin recently executed four major projects to set up perishable cargo handling refrigerated facilities at Ban galore.´ It gives valuable inputs regard to difference that the brand is dealing with their competitors. To analyze right strategic direction for Daikin firstly by the way of studying current image of the brand Daikin. SAMSUNG. Hyderabad and Chennai airports. GODREJ.

what is the difference in terms of product offering. technology of the products. satisfying same customer need.  To know brand recall of Daikin. direct dealers. pricing strategies of the competitors. This is also suggests competitors direct monetary pricing benefits to distribution intermediaries.e. dealers. Which clearly identifies the different requirements that customers look to be satisfied and at what prices.  To analyze the effectiveness of present marketing strategies of Daikin. i. and finally to the customers. The main objectives of conducting this project report “ The Study of Marketing strategy adopted by Daikin air-conditioning at Lucknow ” are following :-  To know the effect of advertisement strategy adopted by Daikin air conditioning india on consumers. 42 . distributors.  To know the perception of the consumer towards Daikin's advertising. to better access the segments and tune the product offers to suit the customer requirements and to the level of competition. These different requirements can then be used to develop the alternative strategies that need to be implemented.ELECTROLUX are present in a segment.

The consumer can also have a look at the market standings of each brand with respect to the sales in the current year.SCOPE This report will help: . as they are the ones who are going to be part of the industry and will have to apply their knowledge to carve out a niche for themselves and their companies in the market.The report can be of great help to any prospective buyer of an air conditioner. It is important for the students to know the changing trends in the market. The consumer can directly refer to the analysis of the print advertisements that will help him to identify what each brand has to offer to its consumer. 43 . Students-The report can be very useful to the students in understanding the concept of branding and brand positioning as it provides an insight to these concepts. . The report will help him to have a look at the various players in the market and what each one of them has to offer to the consumer. Consumers.

They can also have a look at the various aspects that govern this evergrowing industry. Also some suggestions have been offered in lieu of the analysis done in this report. The report is also based on some inputs provided by the consumers that will help the personnel to know what people think about their brands and what are their expectations from this product. . Executives can learn from the positioning of DAIKIN and have a look at the advertising strategies being followed by the various players in the market. CHAPTER :III RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 44 . The suggestions can be implemented if they gel with the management of the concerned brands. Executives – The report can be of prime importance to the executives working in the industry.

RESEARCH DESIGN A research design specifies the methods and procedures for conducting a particular study. such as—  Exploratory Research Design  Descriptive Research Design  Casual research Design 45 . Research design is the plan. structure and strategy of investigation conceived so as to obtain answers to research questions and to control variance. Types of Research Design Research design have been classified in different ways.

what. So. The objectives of such is to answer the “who. when and how” of the subject under investigation.Descriptive Research Design:- Descriptive research studies are those studies which are concerned with described the characteristics of particular individual. what he wants to measure and must find adequate methods for measuring it along with a clear cut definition of ‘population’ he wants to study. Descriptive studies can be divided in to two broad categories cross sectional and longitudinal. the researcher must find be able to definite clearly. The research design must make enough provision for protection against bias and must maximize reliability. with due concern for the economical completion of the research study. Since the aim is to obtain complete and accurate information in the said studies. here I have choosen a cross sectional study which is concerned with a sample of elements from a given population. Cross sectional studies are two types Field Studies  Survey 46 . I have choosen descriptive research descriptive research design which is well structured. the procedure to be used must be carefully planned. In descriptive as well as in diagnostic studies.

SAMPLE DESIGN To carry out the study- Market Area –Lucknow Sample Size – 200 Respondents Are chosen so that it could give a fair response to achieve our objectives and also could be finished within stimulated time limit Type of Sample Design The type of sampling that was carried out was probability (convenience) Sampling due to limited resources available. it is obvious that a sample survey needs less time than a census inquiry.I have taken survey research because a major strength of survey research is its wide scope. Detailed information can be obtained from a sample of a large population. 47 . Besides.

In non probability sampling. we have to organize a field survey to collect the data. On other aspect. we have to plan the following four important aspects. we have to identify and select which type of data is to research. One of the important tools for conducting market research is the availability of necessary and useful data.Questionnaires 2. to cover all consumers in Lucknow was easy task.Pie chart and Bar chart Questionnaires: 48 . Because this was best sampling method to do market survey. At this stage. Primary data: For primary data collection. DATA COLLECTION METHODS: After the research problem. journals and various literature studies are important sources of secondary data. I have choosen random sampling.  Sampling  Research Instrument Secondary Data: The Company’s profile.  Data analysis and interpretation 1.

The diagram bar chart can make comparison among the various components or between a part and a whole of data. Pie chart: This is very useful diagram to represent data. it consist of a number of whispered bar. Sampling Methodology: Details of the sampling methodology. No. used in questionnaire. As the name implies. A questionnaire contains question that the researcher wishes to ask his respondents which is always guided by the objective of the survey. The sample of the questionnaires is attached with the report itself. Bar chart: This is another way of representing data graphically. Preparation of report: The report was based on the analysis and presented with the findings and suggestions. of Customers interviewed: 49 15 200 . which are divided into a number of categories. The lengths of the bards are proportional to the value they represent. The total value is represented by the full create. This diagram consists of a circle of divided into a number of sectors. which are proportional to the values they represent. which originate from a common base line and are equal widths. of questions in questionnaires for Customers: No.This is the most popular tool for the data collection.

and their satisfaction level. Professionals. Employees. Students Primary Data This report has used personal interviewing where primary data could be directly collected from respondents. Ltd. the consumer personal survey was undertaken which was based on non-disguised structure questionnaire. To know the brand awareness. Researcher was keen to ensure that the respondent was taking interest while filling the questionnaire. Working women. The desired information was secured using Questionnaire. Information on the display of Daikin A.Sample unit: Dealers. The following are the heads. This ensured collection of unbiased and accurate data. Businessmen.C. which were given prominence during the primary data collection. consumer perception about Daikin India Pvt. House wife.s vis-à-vis competition: 50 . At times researcher also asked questions as to why the respondent has chosen AC of a particular company or what made him feel about that choice.

Godrej. The objective here is to verify whether all the support material is in place.1) Communication skills 2) Technical Knowledge and3) Enthusiasm shown. there will be rating of the demonstrators on three aspects.G. Kenstar. Blue Star and others including Videocon. 51 . Samsung. O-General. Sticker. Display and use of support material: The support material in the case is Carton Display. Leaflet. Apart from this there will also be a study of which brand the demonstrators/salespersons are pushing. making a note of how many Daikin units are on display and what is the strength of the competitors. Carrier. Information on the performance of the Demonstrators/Salesperson: Under this head the focus will be on the activities carried out by the demonstrators/Salesperson on the shop floor. The main focus when considering the competitors was on L.Under this head the objective was to understand the display allocation for air conditioners in the outlets and also making a note of the shelf space and the window display space allocated to each of the brands. Also. Working Window Display. Glow Signs and stands. Hitachi. what they have to say about Daikin. Dealer Certificate. Also.. How much support is given to the various brands at each outlet? The objective here is to check the effectiveness of the support material in increasing the brand visibility. Dangler. Poster. Onida Whirlpool and National. There will the top preference of demonstrators from every outlet which will give an idea of who is pushing what and what are the most talked about positives and negatives of Hitachi. awareness and in addition there would be a study of the various promotional activities by the competition to woo the customers and success rates of these promotional activities.

This can be adjudged by the location of display on the shop floor. the approach to the unit on display has to be tidy and easy in addition to the clean surroundings of the display unit to serve the purpose. which is overall second in the market today. All these factors combine together to Dealers Level Activities: Dealers are the main part for any product that can create and damage the image of a product. also what are the suggestions and recommendation from their side to increase the sales of the products.Cleanliness of the displayed product: A damaged or unkempt display unit will create a bad impression of the brand. Daikin Ltd. Also. Prominence given to Daikin Air Conditioners vis-à-vis competitors: For a brand to sell there is a lot of nitty-gritty that goes into it like the prominence given to a brand. the lighting. Secondary Data In this report the use of secondary data relating to Daikin Air conditioning India Pvt. So this project also includes the study at dealer level which includes the points like. As a result the condition in which the display units are is also one of the objectives of the project.C. on shelves the level at which the display unit is kept governs the visibility. is one of the major players in the highly competitive A. market today with the market share of 15 %. the space provided around where the product is centred. what are the issues which they are facing from product and company side. This project primarily aims to understand the marketing strategy adopted by the company at Dealer level & Customers Level. have collected following information about 52 . which kind of Daikin AC is doing well in the market. Ltd.

Annual report of Daikin Air conditioning India”. Advertising & Marketing. the technology being used by company. CHAPTER :IV DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 53 . etc. Daikinac. yahoo and various business magazines such as Business India. various internet search engines as Google.various range of air conditioners. All this information has been collected from the company website “www. the company has. their marketing strategies & information about the competitors . Ltd.

Table 1 : Gender Classification of Respondents PERCENTAGE GENDER Male RESPONDENTS 136 Female 64 32% 200 100% TOTAL 54 68% .

Gende r Class ification 136 140 120 100 Respondents 64 80 60 40 20 0 Male Female sex ANALYSIS:  Out of 200 respondents. Table 2 : Age Wise Classification of Respondents AGE GRO UP MA LE MA LE (%) 55 FEM ALE FEM ALE (%) . 64 are male and 136 are female.

50 6 9.35 55 10.37 0 - 64 100% 7.15 to 26 25 19.88 24 37.2 55 9 and abov e 136 TOT 100 % AL Age Wis e Class ification 50 50 45 36 40 35 30 30 26 24 Male Respondents 25 Female Respondents 20 14 15 10 6 10 4 5 0 15-25 25-35 35-45 Age Groups 56 45-55 55-above 0 .1 2 50 25 to 36.7 36 35 7 10 35 to 26.25 30 46.4 14 45 7 45 to 4 6.

 44 male and no female respondents lie in the year group of 55 and above.  50 male and 30 female respondents lie in the year group of 25 to 35. Table 3 : Users /Non user Of DAIKIN’ Products CATEGOR Y RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE User 44 22% Non User 156 78% TOTAL 200 100% 57 .  40 male and 6 female respondents lie in the year group of 45 to 55.ANALYSIS:  26 Male and 4 female respondents lie in the year group of 15 to 25.  36 male and 24 female respondents lie in the year group of 35 to 45.

Use rs of LG'S Hom e Products 156 160 140 120 Respondents 100 80 44 60 40 20 0 Users Non-Users Category ANALYSIS:  22% (44 respondents) are user of DAIKIN’s products.  Rests 78% (156 respondents) are non user of DAIKIN’s products. Table 4 : Source of Information SOURCES RESPONDEN PERCENTAG TS E Advertisement 158 79% Family member 14 7% Friend/relative/neighb 28 14% or 0 Other source TOTAL 200 58 100% .

 Third information sources are family members. Table 5 : Most Influencing Features of Ads FEATURE Message/concept RESPONDENTS 12 PERCENTAGE 6% Logo/slogan 36 18% Picturisation 28 14% Overall 124 62% 59 .Source s of Inform ation 158 160 140 120 100 Respondents 80 60 28 40 14 20 0 Advertisements Family Members Friends/Relatives/Neighbours 0 Others Sources Sources ANALYSIS:  Most of the respondents (79%) come to know about DAIKIN by the Advertisement.  Second largest source of information are relatives/friends/ neighbors.

TOTAL 200 100% M ost Influe ncing Fe atue rs of Ads 140 120 100 80 Respondents 60 40 20 0 Concepts/Message Logo/Slogan Picturisation Overall Features ANALYSIS:  124 respondents thinks overall Ad is influencing them.  36 respondents thinks.  28 respondents are influenced by Picturisation of the Ad and  12 respondents are influenced by the message of the Ad. Logo/Slogan is the second largest influencing feature in the Ad. Table 6 : Awareness of DAIKIN’ Ads CATEGORY Aware RESPONDENTS 184 Non aware 16 60 PERCENTAGE 92% 8% .

200 TOTAL 100% Aw are nes s of LG's Ads 184 200 180 160 140 Respondents 120 100 80 60 16 40 20 0 Aware Non-Aware Category ANALYSIS:  184 respondents have seen the DAIKIN’s ad.  While rest of the respondents have never seen/ not remembered at the time of survey. Table 7 : Recall of DAIKIN RECALL RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE 44 22% Message 74 37% Presentation of 70 35% 12 6% FACTORE Logo/slogan ad 61 .

Table 8 : Impact of DAIKIN’s Ad CATEGORY Impressive RESPONDENTS 36 Satisfaction 112 56% Unsatisfactor 52 26% y 62 PERCENTAGE 18% .  While rest of the respondents remembered the Model/Celebrity.  On the part of Message there are 74 respondents in favoring.Model/celebrity 200 TOTAL 100% Re call of LG 74 80 70 70 60 44 50 Respondents 40 30 12 20 10 0 Logo/Slogan Message Presentation of ads Model & Celebrity Recall Factors ANALYSIS:  44 respondents have responded that It is easy to remember DAIKIN logo/Slogan.  The presentation of ad suits more to 70 respondents.

TOTAL 200 100% Im pacts of LG's Ad 120 112 100 80 60 Respondents 52 36 40 20 0 Impressive Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Category ANALYSIS:  36 respondents think that the DAIKIN’s ads are impressive.  While rest of respondents (52) are unsatisfied with DAIKIN ad strategy. Table 9 : Effective Media to Giving an Ad SOURCE OF MEDIA RESPONDENT PERCENTAG S E 63 .  112 respondents favor it as satisfactory.

 Newspaper also has 16 respondents in their favor.Television 134 67% Radio 30 15% Newspaper 16 8% magazine 18 9% Banner/hoardin 2 1% 200 100% g TOTAL Effective M e dia 134 140 120 100 80 Respondents 60 30 40 16 18 20 2 0 Television Radio Newspaper Magazines Banners/Hoardings Source of Media ANALYSIS:  134 respondents seek that AC’S is the best medium to go through Ad.  While in against of it 30 are favoring Radio.  Rest of the respondents favor to Magazine (18) and Banner/Hoarding (2). Table 10 : Perception about DAIKIN CATEGORY RESPONDENT 64 PERCENTAGE .

65 .  Most surprisingly.  While 136 of the respondents seek it as Mid ranged product. none of the respondents seek it as Economical product.S Economical 0 - Costly 64 32% Neither 136 68% 200 100% economical nor costly TOTAL Perce rption about LG 136 140 120 100 64 Respondents 80 60 40 20 0 0 Economical Costly Neither Economical nor Costly Category ANALYSIS:  64 of the respondents seek that the DAIKIN Product is Costly.

Table 11 : Reflection of Product Profile by The Ads DEGREE OF RESPONDENT REFLECTION PERCENTAGE S Yes 148 74% No 52 26% TOTAL 200 100% Re fle ction of Product Profile by the ads 148 160 140 120 Respondents 100 80 52 60 40 20 0 Yes No Degree of Reflection ANALYSIS:  52 respondents are in favoring that the ad doesn’t reflect the true value or information. 66 .  Rest of the 148 respondents denies the above respondents view.

 54 seeks for a complete change in that.  While 62(16 + 46) respondents says it as very good / good and promising.Table 12 : Perception about DAIKIN’s Ad Strategy CATEGORY Very good & RESPONDENTS 16 PERCENTAGE 8% 46 23% 84 42% 54 27% 200 100% promising Good & promising Good but need alteration Need complete alteration TOTAL Perce ption about LG's ad strategy 84 90 80 54 70 46 60 50 Respondents 40 16 30 20 10 0 Very Good & Promising Good & Promising Good But need Alteration Need Complete Alteration Category ANALYSIS:  84 respondents think there is some need to change DAIKIN’s ad strategy. 67 .

The slogan of DAIKIN is not so remind able by the consumers.  According to report 32% respondents think that DAIKIN’s brands are costly. I have found following facts:-  On the basis of primary data. it is 92% (according to survey).  Television is the most striking media for Advertising. we can say that 22% products of DAIKIN are existing in the houses. 68 .  If we measure the awareness of DAIKIN’ ad.  Samsung and Videocon are the best competitors in the same segment.  Logo/slogan is the main part. which makes an effective advertisement.  Most of the household are using the DAIKIN’s Ac’s.  The advertisement of DAIKIN needs some modification in it.FINDINGS According to A Study of Advertising Strategy of the Indian Corporate World.


• Through its strategic long-term tie-ups with key and critical auxiliary manufacturers. • In addition to corporate sector the company has the option to step into the local households by understanding their psychology. by providing comfort at its best. • The brand’s vision is to deliver excitement to the consumers. • Complete control over core components & technology. Daikin provides its customers many benefits. • The company has strong potential to grow & that through greater innovations. • Daikin is India's largest central air-conditioning company. 70 .CONCLUSION • Daikin is the largest single source for air-conditioning equipment in India. • In short it can be said that the company is still growing by making constant efforts. • Daikin is India's largest and most preferred air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration company.

3) Respondent’s lack of time to give information and their casual attitude was a big hindrance in the study. contactable person was not able to present a fair view. 2) Some of the shop owners were not available so. 1) A number of dealers were biased towards a particular brand which was giving them better returns.LIMITATIONS Some of the dealers as well as the customers were not forthcoming with information as they thought it to be a waste of time. 4) The dealers were biased by some recent experiences which they had with a particular distributor regarding the service or distribution. RECOMMENDATIONS 71 . Some customers were notable to respond due to lack of awareness.

Due to this scheme more and more prospects will enter into the customer base of Daikin. So Daikin should stress on electronic media to beef up its sales. Crucial role facilitates price control. In other words.  It was found that most customers owning AC’s were interested in an exchange offer. In the coming years competition will intensify more.  Company should also come up with the new schemes for the customers.  The Advertisement should be such that customer develops an emotional attachment with the product. 72 .  Electronic media has a very effective reach in each and every potential household.  Company should improve there after sales service & should go for warranties for long durations. lower down its cost of production. company can also consider exchange offer scheme to beef up its sales. but Daikin is not using this media. so companies will have to fight hard to woo the customers.  Company should come out with 0% Finance Scheme. This will help in attracting more and more prospects. So.

Such as Television and washing machines.  Last but not the least the company should introduce their consumer electronics products. 73 . The product must be available at most of the places keeping in mind that the distribution cost should remain minimum.


Daikinindia. First Edition (New Delhi: Sultan Chand & Sons) MAGAZINES/ JOURNALS:  Advertising and Gupta and V.  India 75 . Eleventh Edition (New Delhi: Prentice Hall of India)  Kothari. Ratna (2004) Advertising and Sales Promotion Management. www. C.wikipedia. Phillip (2004) Marketing Management.R (1999) Research Methodology (Delhi: Global Business press) S.scribd.BOOKS REFERRED:  Kotler.  Indian Journal of Management – Volume xxxv (March 2011)  Survey of Indian Industries – The Hindu (2010) INTERNET SEARCH:     www.V.encyclopedia.


1.000 to Rs.00. 60. Which Product are you Using? AC [ Oil Chilling units ] 77 [ ] .2.000 [ ] Rs.A Study of Marketing Strategies of the Daikin air conditioning.00. 1 Are you user of Daikin Home Product? Yes [ ]. 2 If yes.35 to 45 [ ] [ ] up to Rs.000 [ ] Rs. 2. No [ ] Q. 25 to 35 [ 45 to55 [ ]. Female [ ] ].20. RESPONDENT PROFILE Name:Address:Occupation:- Sex:- Male Age Group:- 15 to 25 [ ]. 55 and above Annual Income Group:- [ ]. [ ] Rs.000 to Rs.000 and above [ ] Q.PROJECT TOPIC :.

No [ ] Q. 6 What makes you recall Daikin ? Logo/Slogan [ ] Message [ ] Presentation of Ad [ ] Model/Celebrity [ ] 78 . 4 Which advertisement feature influenced you most in a particular Ad? Concept/Message [ ] Logo/Slogan [ ] Picturisation [ ] Overall [ ] Q. 5 Have you seen any Daikin ad? Yes [ ]. 3 By which Medium you come to know about Daikin ? Advertisement [ ] Family Member [ ] Friends/Relative/Neighbor [ ] Other Source [ ] Q.Chemicals [ Hydraulic Equipment [ ] ] Q.

Costly Neither Economical nor Costly [ [ ] ] Q. Newspaper [ ] Banner/Hoardings [ ]. Magazine [ ] Q. 9 Based on the price range what impression do you carry of Daikin product? Economical [ ]. Radio [ ] Internet [ ].Q. Yes [ ]. 7 What do you like of the advertisement of Daikin ? Impressive [ ]. 8 What do you think about the most striking media to advertise Daikin ? Television [ ]. 10 Did you went to go purchase Daikin product after watching the ad and ended up buying other product. 11 Did you went to go exclusive Daikin Showroom? 79 [ ] . Unsatisfactory [ ] Satisfactory [ ] Q. No Q. influence by the specific reason? Mention it.

Yes [ ]. 15 Do you want to give any suggestion for Daikin advertisement? 80 . No [ ] [ ] Very good & Promising [ ] Good & Promising [ ] Good but Need Alteration [ ] Need complete Alteration [ ] Q. 14 Which competitor’s ad do you like against Daikin ? ______________________________________________________________ Q. 13 The advertising strategy of Daikin is Q. 12 Does the advertisement reflect actual product profile? Yes [ ]. No Q.

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 81 .