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analyzes and communicates up-to-date energy information at the enterprise level. It offers a full-featured access control system and intrusion detection. Moreover. and because WEBs-AXTM Security is modular. WEBs-AXTM Security may be applied as an integral part of the WEBs-AXTM architecture or as a standalone security system. To help you analyze where and when energy is being used. analyze and reduce energy costs. Honeywell WEBs-AXTM Security: Easy to set up and manage. it lets you do this in real time from anywhere in the world using any standard Web browser. Honeywell WEBs-AXTM Energy Analytics: WEBs-AXTM Energy Analytics is an advanced. no special software or dedicated PC is required — just access the system from a local network or the Internet using a standard web browser. WEBs-AXTM Integration controllers are capable of serving real-time graphics to the user via a network browser. WEBs-AX allows for consolidated control and support many of enterprise systems. archiving. WEBs-AXTM Energy Analytics provides graphic or numeric reports. and determine how building characteristics such as size. True Integration Honeywell open integrated solutions include a range of system elements that allow you to put together exactly what you need for the ultimate in energy efficiency and cost savings. TM TM Honeywell WEBs-AX Video: WEBs-AX Video integrates the functionality of video surveillance with other building systems. you can start small and grow. products from different manufacturers that communicate using different protocols. validate bills. equipment type. Plus. Since WEBs-AXTM security includes both embedded configuration tools and a user interface. WEBs-AX integration controllers and software provide the backbone for building management and integration control needed by today's smart (intelligent) buildings. You’ll have all the tools needed to gather. surveillance. oBIX and SNMP. the industry’s first software technology designed to integrate diverse systems and devices into a seamless system. Equipment costs are lowered by using alarms initiated by Industries Commercial Malls Offices IT Parks Hotels Airports Stadia Data Centers . WEBs-AX TM Supervisor provides a comprehensive. It also provides server-level functions such as centralized data logging. metering devices. Modbus. It is an open solution based on the NiagaraAX platform that allows for integration of diverse systems. WEBs-AXTM integration controllers are powered by the revolutionary Niagara AX Framework®. security. Solution for every building type Energy conservation and efficiency can be realized by linking all of the buildings' control systems with WEBs-AX. Modbus. graphical engineering toolset for application development and supports open protocols including BACnet.Web-Based Solution Honeywell WEBS-AX is a web-enabled integration building solution for small to large facilities. Honeywell WEBs-AXTM Integration Controllers: A family of controllers designed to integrate a variety of devices and protocols into unified. TM Honeywell WEBs-AX Supervisor: A flexible network server used in applications where multiple WEBs integration controllers are networked together. including HVAC. master scheduling. distributed systems. building owners and facility managers can easily monitor. or networking to the WEBs-AXTM Supervisor for enterprise level applications. BACnet™. WEBs-AXTM Supervisor serves real-time graphical information displays to standard web-browser clients. schedules and climate correlate with energy consumption. analyze and aggregate loads. Internet-enabled energy management solution that gathers. alarming. benchmark facilities. oBIX and SNMP. manage and optimize their operations remotely using a webbrowser. WEBs-AXTM supports a wide range of protocols including LonWorks™. system-wide database management and integration. Best of all. and third party devices.

manage fire/life safety systems and resolve alarms from any web browser. access control. UPS. you can detect and contain air quality and other problems before they do damage to your business or harm occupants. Elevators You can interface with elevator systems from any web browser for real-time maintenance and monitoring. DB2 3 TM WEBs-AX supports integrated real-time management and control over your building access. surveillance and visitor management systems. track visitors. after-hour lighting and tenant lighting overrides . flexible Intelligent Buildings that drive your strategic success with higher efficiencies.1.g. Webstation ONE SOFTWARE PLATFORM 2. • Support for all widely used open standard network protocols • Easy to use flexible driver for simple command and response protocols enables rapid driver development Serial or IP connected drivers Metering Fire Panel Packaged Plant Lighting System UPS • Wide range of legacy drivers available . parking lot access gates. lightings. interoperable solution that meets the complex challenges of building integration and enterprise connectivity … Transform conventional facilities into dynamic. All environmental and mechanical systems can be integrated and controlled with complete interoperability so you can monitor multi-system performance. energy. standby generators. and override control in case o f e m e r g e n c i e s . occupant and business dynamics. This includes automated parking systems. intrusion detection and visitor management systems so any situation can be handled quickly and with maximum protection of people and property. security and operational systems in real time using a standard web browser from anywhere at any time . outdoor surveillance cameras and security.Perform overrides 8 .Monitor site and system status . environmental.with point-andclick ease using automated lighting controls.such as holiday lighting. control room access. anywhere. Reduce your utility costs. outside lighting and landscape systems. These can include air handling units. SQL. you can manage all of your exterior systems in real time to create a new level of efficiency and cost control across your entire site. which avoids the need for external gateways. Integrate all of your devices and equipment (regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol) into a unified. With continuous monitoring. ! Convenient place for web–serving graphics for visualisation ! Archive logs/ histories ! Manage alarms ! Back-up JACE configurations ! Link to databases e. 6. fire.View alarm status • Interfaces directly with WEBs-AX Controllers through an RS-485 port – achieves network independence 2 • Customised buttons and navigation from WEBs Supervisor (WEBStation-AX or WEBPro-AX) Third party system A world of opportunity Manage all of your building automation. life safety and HVAC systems. Oracle. chillers. HVAC/ Mechanical Reveal™ 5 Managing the systems that manage building comfort and performance has never been easier. 7 12 5. Bldg Access/Surveillance/Life Safety These flexible network server are designed for applications where multiple WEBs-AXTM -based JACE controllers will be networked together or will provide a central monitoring station in multi-site projects. re-systems and other building equipment. Gas/ Contamination WEBs-AXTM supports seamless communication with smoke. Manage your interior lighting schemes . contamination monitoring and biological detection devices. maximize daylight harvesting and integrate the perfect lighting for card access. 1 3. identify and resolve issues and change operational parameters in real time to respond to shifting climate. . Yo u ’ l l a l s o h a v e simultaneous access to lighting. lower costs and greater returns … WEBs-AXTM can integrate a wide variety of third party HVAC system types and items with their own on-board controls via software drivers. supervise credential enrollment. You can observe time and attendance of people logged into your facility. Interior Lighting Optimizing your lighting for energy conservation and comfort is easier than ever. • Reveal™ is a Touchscreen LCD display (480x272) that connects to any WEBs-AX controller • Compact system interface to: 4 . Exterior Systems TM With WEBs-AX ®.Change setpoints 4.

8. reduced energy costs. • Based on Niagara JACE (Java Application Control Engine) • Provides server and internet power at the building level 6 • Compatible with open and legacy protocols • Modular distributed embedded servers 9. including the ability to: • Preserve existing investments in control and monitoring devices and integrate them with new standards-based technologies. benchmark facilities and analyze rates for electricity. weather patterns and cyclical occupant needs. track re-supply consumables and monitor maintenance alerts to ensure that every restroom is operating properly. 10 • Real time control engine • Web server 9 • Uses email for alarm notification 11 Spyder Unitary Controllers • Fully programmable • Color coded terminals • Internal DC power supply • VAV with integrated actuator • Patented advanced control algorithms • Controllers include on-board LON jacks • On-board service light • Reliable micro-bridge airflow sensor Using digital signage to broadcast real-time life safety and emergency communications throughout your facility is vital in the protection of occupants and tenants. Utility Monitoring TM WEBs-AX in Building Automation With the intelligent utility management capabilities of WEBs-AXTM. Intelligent Restrooms • Converts protocols • Connects different physical layers WEBs-AXTM works tirelessly to help monitor and manage your entire facility. WEBs-AXTM range of system products lets system installers create cost-effective controls solution for managing all aspects of buildings’ environmental systems. Intelligent Kitchens • Removable terminal strips • Internal real-time clock 10. even the restrooms. • Integrates protocols via drivers in the embedded server • Supports common GUI for alarming.7. Central Control WEBs-AXTM is the cornerstone of a powerful new era in Intelligent Buildings. water. supporting a complete IP-based information network for real-time management and control across a single facility or multiple facilities. there’s no limit on how intelligent your buildings can be. IP Connectivity WEB -201/ 600 TM With the WEBs-AX open framework. You can monitor flush values and water consumption during occupied and non-occupied hours. Monitor ovens. so any IPconnected device can become a facility operations and management terminal for the entire Intelligent Building. With WEBs-AXTM. manageability and security of your building operations 12. lower operational costs. refrigerators and hoods to make sure everything is running smoothly. increased occupant/ tenant satisfaction and greater control. thereby reducing vendor lock-in. scheduling. all facility systems are converged on an open. 11. The ability of WEBs-AXTM to integrate with other manufacturers’ products maximises choices and flexibility for the building owner. interoperability. voice. analyze rates and reduce costs with unparalleled efficiency across the enterprise. You can also track energy usage to reduce consumption and lower your utility bills. connectivity and ROI. You can even forecast consumption and costs based on historical usage trends. WEBs-AXTM makes it easy. general emergency preparedness and company/ tenant announcements with instant impact and unsurpassed efficiency. improved facility operations. You can remotely monitor and control your entire facility from anywhere at any time while ensuring complete real-time access to your data. trending etc. energy/green building awareness. . video. WEBs-AXTM gives you the ability to monitor the kitchen equipment and systems within your facilities in real time for both safety and hygiene. interoperable IP network. Proactively manage your energy budgets. you can manage usage. You can also distribute meeting room schedules. gas and other utilities. Digital Signage Intelligent Buildings powered by WEBs-AX T M offer compelling value to building owners and facility management. • Access and control all of your diverse systems through a standard web browser. databases and enterprise applications. beverage dispensers. • Obtain financial paybacks. It’s the one software platform for total integration. • Combine information from different systems to support better overall facility management. • Specify interoperable systems and applications from multiple vendors.

irrespective of the manufacturer or communication protocol. Internet-connected. Beyond this. . AX web page creation Plus drivers are available for many proprietary protocols. including: WEBs-AXTM is powered by the revolutionary NiagaraAX framework and development environment that solves the challenges associated with internet-enabled products. Conceived from the outset as an open standards based framework. component model that transforms the data from many different external systems into uniform software components which are used to manage and control the devices in a consistent way. WEBs-AXTM offers a powerful and highly flexible solution for real-time control and monitoring applications. so can be deployed on Windows and Linux based servers and on small solid state embedded controllers called JACEs* AX rich display features *Java Application Control Engine (JACE) Unifed engineering tool ! Introducing the WEBs-AXTM Framework ! Configure control strategies. WEBs-AXTM has the power to unify the entire development environment used to build applications. web-based systems. device-to-enterprise applications and IP connected building automation systems. to enable the implementation of seamless. It normalises the data and behaviour of a wide range of devices. broadband. and GPRS Web services support with XML and oBIX *oBIX = Open Building Information exchange -open standard XML protocol Cross platform ! WEBs-AXTM is coded entirely in Java. create web page graphics and manage network devices all in the same graphical “drag and drop” on-screen environment Embedded engineering tool allows configuration through a web browser without special software Multiple protocol support ! WEBs-AXTM supports all the open standard network protocols used in buildings today. ! Extensible object model ! Powerful search features ! Graphical configuration interface ! Smart database for historical data management ! Modular scableable architecture ! Open standard support AX strategy Remote communications ! ! TCP/ IP. supporting remote management via the internet and seamlessly linking it to enterprise applications.WEBs-AXTM core features TM The central concept of WEBs-AX is its unique.

from one workstation. so you can make the most educated decisions concerning your building’s operation. efficient and productive surroundings for your most valuable assets . reducing training and increasing productivity. Proven: Backed by the Honeywell name. Modbus® and third-party protocols at the controller level. Save Money: There are no additional workstations to buy. when you create energy-efficient working environments that utilize energy only when and where it is needed.your employees. sirens or occupancy modes. Control costs: You’ll know the amount of energy your building is using and where it’s being used. Increase Flexibility: Communicate to LonWorks®.Parks Hospitals Industries Malls Some of our esteemed projects Commercial Buildings Offices IT Data Centers Hotels Airports System Architecture Stadia security or HVAC systems to control cameras as well as by using alarms generated by cameras to initiate control of lights. Increase Productivity: Provides comfortable. phone. With the Web-enabled user interface. your assurance of quality and reliability. move a department or make other changes and know that your facility can change as quickly as your business does. from HVAC and lighting systems to manufacturing operations. More Efficient Honeywell WEBs-AXTM allows you to get the most from your people and equipment. Access: Information access via the Web lets you easily connect to your building regardless of where you are in the world . More Control Enjoy more power to control your building needs. across all sub-systems. BACnet®. Integrated video allows archives to be quickly accessed from system logs or camera views to be displayed based on system events. You’ll be able to view and control cameras from the same user interface as your other building systems. . Security: Create specific secured areas to protect what needs to be protected and know that valuable assets and information are safe.the only software you need is your Internet browser! Alarms are prioritized and can be sent via e-mail. you can easily reconfigure a workspace. cell phone. to save energy and extend the lifetime of valuable equipment. Save Energy: Coordinate all energy-consuming loads in your building. Designed for change: As your business changes. PDA and remote printers. BACnet MSTP. Eliminate Needless Work: Manages activities and information in the most efficient manner. you can access the system via a browser from anywhere in the world.