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How this entrepreneur from Jaipur is

helping to install solar power plants
across the country
Nandit Bindal, 27, was born and brought up in Jaipur. An MBA from ICFAI Hyderabad, starting up has always been on
the cards for him. “I was very clear, from my student days, that I wanted to be in the field of business, and start
something of my own,” he says. But what business? And how was he going to go about starting it? These were some
of the questions he didn’t have answers to back then. While doing his MBA, he spent a lot of time thinking it over. “I
observed many businesses in e-commerce, the KPO space and renewable energy,” he recollects. He worked on a
business plan aimed at extending e-commerce to the last-mile consumer with help of rural kiosks, and a business
plan for common admission forms for entrances to various colleges. He also keenly followed the solar space in India,
and noted how each and every major business house was considering investing in it.
In spite of having all these ideas, being a student, he didn’t have the financial resources to start or experiment with
them. “I also had an hefty education loan that needed to be paid off. I got placed in a job by my college, with CRISIL,
as an equity research analyst. This gave me some time to do some serious thinking on how I could begin,” he adds.
CRISIL turned out to be a wonderful launchpad, with its pleasant work culture and happy employees. All in all, it was
also a great learning ground. A year into it, Nandit realized that solar project advising was something that he could do
straight away, without much investment. His broader goal with advising was to gather more knowledge of the sector,
which he knew could help him identifying his correct place in the solar sector’s value chain.
The itch, and good relations with major developers, allowed Nandit to make a shift to the execution side of things.
Thus, SunTap was born. “My first major break came on a 25 MW project in Gujarat,” he says. He received this
contract more on the basis of the project owner’s trust in him, based on their earlier interactions regarding consulting
assignments (which never materialized). The experience taught Nandit early on that losing orders sometimes is okay,
far better than over-committing and losing relationships and goodwill.

SunTap TIF energy is a leading solar project developer and EPC headquartered in, Benissa, AlicanteSpain. The
company was founded in 2004. The founders of the company hailed from Germany, and have been constructing solar
PV installations since 1989. With modest beginnings in initial years, today the company has global operations and
has constructed plants across the world. Till date the company has installed over 160 installations across 12
countries. The total solar photovoltaic power base of the company is over 450 M.W and is growing rapidly. It includes
Key in hand construction contracts, development as well as engineering contracts.
We provide a comprehensive turnkey service for M.W Scale and KW Scale installations from site assessment and
feasibility, policy and financial advice through planning and certification to procurement, installation and
maintenance. The Indian arm of the company is SunTap TIF energy pvt ltd. However even before establishing
a dedicated India arm, the company had constructed 4 projects cumulating 4.5 M.W in India in the year 2012.