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GNS 1204 Assignment 1

Report on Stress and Time Management
1. Introduction
One of the most frequent concerns and complaints of people today is that they do not
have enough time to do what they or their bosses want them to do. As a result, they
started to stress up. In fact, time management and stress management are closely related.
People often experience stress because of a lack of time management skills and feelings
of being overwhelmed by all they have to do. However, they can lessen their stress by
using smart time management techniques to help them get their work and other
responsibilities completed in a more timely fashion. Thus, a research has been conducted
on the college students of GNS 1203 to study about how they manage their time and
stress while carrying out their daily routine.
2. Background
The purpose of this report is to analyze on the relationship between time management and
stress management. Two sets of questionnaires which focus on time management and
stress management will be carried out towards the students. In the questionnaire, the
students’ daily routine and also how they manage their time in order to cope with their
daily routine will be asked. In addition, the other set of questionnaire helps to understand
the biggest stress that faced by those students and how they cope with their biggest and
unnecessary stress. On the rate 1 to 10, the students will have to rate their stress level
based on their current situation.
1. What are you going to do everyday?
2. Do you have a fixed daily routine?
3. How do you manage your time?
4. What is your main cause of stress?
5. How do you cope with your stress?
6. On the rate of 1-10, how do you rate
your stress level?


3. Discussion
Based on research, 60% of the students interviewed have a fixed daily routine which
means they have attended class, eat and sleep. However, 40% of their daily routine
includes working as a part timer. By having the same daily routine (attend class, eat,
sleep), those students who work have a slightly higher stress level compared to those
students who do not have to work. Nevertheless, 80% of the students who have planned
their daily or monthly schedule have a much lower stress level compared to those who do
not plan. The other 20% of the students have the highest stress level which is 8 out of 10
due to unplanned daily schedule. They do not have a fixed and systematic schedule for
daily routine to refer to so they do not know how to prioritize the urgent things and the
unnecessary things.

As for those who do not work. Based on research. This is because those students are experiencing the stress beyond their ages.Besides. 20% of them are unable to manage their time well due to unplanned daily schedule. 60% of the students claimed that their main cause of stress is due to external factors which include their work. time management and stress management are closely related. this report has shown that although those students are clear of their daily routine. This is to make sure that they are able to manage their time and stress while coping with their studies and work at the same time. shopping to get away with their stress. some of them prefer to sleep. 40% of the students faced stress due to internal factor. This is because they have been forced to work due to problems like financial problem. Besides. . Those students who faced stress due to external factors have a high stress level compared to those who faced stress due to internal factor. they will have to learn to have their daily schedule as well in order to ensure their time has been used wisely. colleagues and financial problem. Conclusion In conclusion. Unexpectedly. their own expectation for the studies which is considered normal for a student. For example. All in all. 4. i would recommend that students can consult lecturers or parents to have a more organized and systematic master schedule of their daily routine. research has proven that 60% of the students are no longer facing the stress as a student but also as an employee or part timer. Research has also been found that 40% of the students prefer to share their problems and stress with their friends while 60% of them choose to use other methods which they feel comfortable and satisfy to cope with their stress.

This eventually has led to a build up of stress. therefore. I truly believe that our health is the most precious treasure in this world. After all these years. By having this. I will fill up my free time with those part time jobs that I am interested and able to cope with. Although some of the people will rather prefer to spend a few more hours of their free time to earn a little bit more money. By doing so. Whenever I receive the assignment given by lecturers. I will bring along my “To-Do-List” whenever I go. leisure. Hence. and exercising. spending time to relax ourselves is also one of the best way to release stress. As i have been working part time for quite some time. I will revise the plans and have a contingency plan as well. I will usually work for half day during weekend. as a student. I will fixed a date which is usually a week before the actual dateline for myself to complete the whole assignment. At first. i truly agree that time management skills are valuable in not only job hunting. but also in many other aspects of life. my second priority will be given to Y-MAD community. Lastly. This will ensure that I am able to complete and hand up my assignment on time. I will write what are the things that I have to do tomorrow and the dateline as well so that I will not miss out anything important. For instance. I set a clearly defined goals of what I wish to achieve by doing all those activities. I will make sure that I spend some of my time to relax myself and use the time wisely by doing something meaningful. earning money and job hunting. I will give priority to my studies. In my opinion. Then I will start to break the tasks down into steps and do one task at a time. I will also estimate and make a remark on the week that I will possible to have my small test so that I am able to allocate some time for my revision. I am able to differentiate the urgent tasks and the important tasks. no matter how pack is my timetable. I have begun to learn to adjust my routines and patterns of behavior to reduce any time-related stress in my lives. The other half day I will spend my time with my friends or family with activities such as shopping.Self reflection In my opinion. After that. Nevertheless. For example. I am able and to money and at the same learn new things every week. Besides. I used to face problems like not having enough time to do everything I need to do. I will usually participating in Marathon as volunteer during weekend. I will also spare some precious time with my family to relax myself and to have a good bonding with them. I will set a dateline for myself. Everyday before I go to bed. . First of all. it is important that we develop effective strategies to manage our time to balance the conflicting demands of time for study.

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