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The group has to develop all the parts of the activity, you can divide the parts
among you.
As a suggestion you can complete the chart:

Students name

Part to develop

Jhon Freddy Gonzalez

Part one

Silvia Johanna Ruiz

Part two

Andres Felipe Bernal

Part three

Eduard Enrique Colina

Part four

Juan Miguel Mejia

Part five

Jhon Freddy Gonzlez


Part one
Answer the questions according with the picture.

1. Who is coming round the corner?

In a corner is coming a deliveryman and the other corner are coming
two clowns.
2. What is their secret?
The two clowns are going to scare the deliveryman.
3. What are they carrying?
The deliveryman is carrying a car with cakes. The two clowns are
carrying big and colored clothes with long shoes

1. Why did Peter lose his temper with Joanna?

Joanna couldn't get the tickets for the concert.
2. Where did he go after he stormed out?
He went to the mall to buy tickets for the concert
3. What happened to him when he got there?
There were many people and the tickets were expensive.

1. What building can you see Rose leaving?

She is leaving an old and brown building
2. What is she wearing?
She is wearing boots, a coat and scarf
3. Where is she going?
She is going to work

1. Where did the accident happen?

It was at the airport
2. Who was hurt?
Nobody was hurt
3. Who helped?
The firemen helped in the accident

1. Who closes the window?

Their parents closed the window
2. Why?
Because the children can fall through the window
3. How old are they?
The boy is five years old and the girl is four years old

Part Two
Complete the sentence
To begin simply answer the following questions and see what happens. The
answers to the questions are entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong only
ideas. Once an idea appeals to you, follow it through. You will be pleasantly
surprised at how quickly a story will emerge from the answers you give.
Jenny slammed the door in Johns face because She was angry with him
The plane crashed because. A monkey was driving it
Paul read his wifes diary and discovered that She damaged the controller
of his xbox console, playing Street Fighter.
The small girl ran away from her home because she wanted to play
guitar with her friends.
Travis had never seen a Mutaracha (mutated cockroach) look so scared
It was time for leave her fears and work for her yearnings
Her arms ached but she couldnt stop swimming because she wanted to
finish at first position
Ben climbed the tree and he found a beautiful kite.

Story without a middle

There are three main parts to a story:
The BEGINNING says where and when a story happens and who the people or
characters are.
The MIDDLE tells what happens to these people.
The CONCLUSION tells how the story ends.
Read the story below. It has a beginning and a conclusion but no middle.

Sally sat at the back of the classroom, looking out of the window. She didn't hear
what the teacher said because she was thinking about her big problem .........
Sally jumped up and ran to the phone. She just knew everything was going to be
alright again.

Now write two ideas what Sally's problem could be:

1. Sally had a big problem with her parents because she wanted to go to the
school travel but her parents had a serious economic problems.
2. Sally was going to lose her school year because her parents were going to
be divorced.
Choose the idea you like best, and write about it. Write the story again putting your
middle between the beginning and the end of the story of Sally's problem.
Sally sat at the back of the classroom, looking out of the window. She didn't hear
what the teacher said because she was thinking about her big problem .........
At the class ending when all students go out, the teacher went close to
Sallys desk and teacher asked her why she was sad and thoughtful, she
answered that she was sad because she cant go to the school travel and her
friends was going to tease her and she had a big problem with her parents.
The teacher asked to Sally, Why cant you go to the school travel? Sally said
that her parents had serious economic problem and for that reason she had
discussed with them.
The teacher said to Sally that she understand her sadness but the family
should stay together in the bad and good moments and she will have several
opportunities to travel. Now you should help your parents with your
understanding of that problem. Sally smile and hugged her teacher.
Sally jumped up and ran to the phone. She just knew everything was going to be
alright again.

Part Three
Book review
A book report gives the author's name, the book title, and says what the book is
Read this book report by one of last year's students.
AUTHOR: Robert Benchley
TYPE OF BOOK: Adventure
CONTENT: It's about a big shark which eats people when they are swimming.
OPINION: I liked the story. It was exciting and a bit frightening. I've seen the film that was good too.
Answer these questions about the book report.
1. What is the book about? Its about a big shark that eats people
2. Who wrote it? Robert Benchley
3. What did the student think about the book? He liked the story and he
thought It was exciting and a bit frightening.
4. Was it a love story? No, It was not.
Now read this book review by another student.
"I didn't like the story about the ship; it was boring and the pictures in it
weren't very good. J.R Smith wrote "The Sinking of the Titanic" because his
father was killed when the ship hit an iceberg. More than 1,000 people died
when the ship sank. I don't like True Life stories - I prefer adventures."
The book review is a bit mixed up. Rewrite the information under the headings
TITLE: The Sinking of the Titanic

TYPE OF STORY: True Life stories

CONTENT: It's about a sinking of the titanic. The ship hit an iceberg and more than
1,000 people died when the ship sank.
OPINION: He doesn't like True Life stories: He prefers adventures.

No-gap Paragraph
The person typing the following text was too lazy to type capital letters or make
spaces. Try to read it.
Now write the paragraph above using capital letters, punctuation marks and
A man was walking along a busy shopping street in Manchester when
suddenly he was stopped by two police officers: You had better come with
us sir. We have reason to believe you were involved in the bank robbery that
took place in London, 4 days ago.
But it couldn't have been me, said the man pulling nervously at his long
black hair. Ive just got back from a 2 week holiday in France, he said and
took a photo out of his wallet, Look, here I am standing under the Eifel
One of the police officers looked carefully at the photograph and said: Yes,
you are right; but this picture could not have been taken 4 days ago. I think
you'd better come with us.
But, how did you know?, protested the man.
Well, replied the police man, The photo show you with short hair. It
couldn't possibly have grown so long in just 4 days.

Part Four
Advertisements are written to try and make us buy something. The words in an
advertisement give us a very clear idea of the product, and really make us want to
have it. Look at this example of an advertisement for ice cream:

"Cool, delicious Strawberry Surprise. What could

be nicer on a hot summer's day?"
I go with my friends to a pool party, in this place selling delicious cool
drinks, food and good company. I go for a walk to the beach.

Imagine that you are an advertiser who is trying to get people to try a new car.
Type ten words that can be used to describe cars (you can use your dictionary!):

1. Faster

6. Experience

2. Convenient

7. Summer

3. Fun

8. Night

4. Technology

9. Confort

5. Driving

10. Economy

Using some of your words from above and write an advert for a car in the space
It is faster, convenient and fun technology and comfort together to give
the best experience driving.
The new Ferrari, summer nights are no going to be the same.

Making sentences:
Some of the words in these sentences have been put in the wrong place. Can you
fix them? Write the words in the right order. The first sentence has been done for
(Hint: remember that sentences start with capital letters and end with full stops!)
Example: work Your days are and Monday, Wednesday Thursday.

Your work days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

are work of hours Yours nine oclock to five oclock.

nine oclock to five oclock are hours of work yours

get You lunch an hour for

You get an hour for lunch.

paid weekly You are

You are paid weekly.

to holiday You pay are entitled

You are entitled to holiday pay.

Part Five
Nicknames for New York

Use the words in the box to complete the text below. Write the missing words in the



newspaper recorded




community visitors


Nicknames are used to describe people, places or things. They can help create
identities, build unity and help people feel a sense of pride in their community.
Some years ago, marketing and advertising experts were asked to choose the
best nickname for an American cities. The winner was the nations biggest city,
New York. The nickname they chose was The Big Apple.
Where did the nickname Big Apple originally come from? In the nineteen
seventies, New York suffered from image problems. The number of visitors was
falling. A campaign was launched to give the city a new image and a new
nickname. The New York board chose the nickname The Big Apple
It was not the first time the nickname had been used to describe the city. A
journalist for a New York newspaper had used the name The Big Apple to
name New York in the nineteen twenties.
The Big Apple was also the city of a night club in the Harlem area of New York City
in the nineteen thirties, as well as the name of a popular dance and hit song
around that time.

The Big Apple is not the only nickname for Americas biggest city. Almost one
hundred nicknames that describe New York have been recorded. Some of the
best known nicknames for New York are The Capital of the World, Empire City,
Gotham, The City So Nice They Named it Twice and The City That Never


1. She wears black and rides a broom.

2. Trick or TREAT.

4. Spirit that says Boo! GHOST

3. Special outfit worn on Halloween.


7. Small animals that are black and fly on

Halloween. BATS

5. Connected bones. SKELETON

8. Month Halloween is in OCTOBER

6. Holiday on October 31st.


10. Cut this to make a jack-o-lantern


9. Light this and put it inside a jack-olantern. CANDLE

12. Popular Halloween color. ORANGE

11. Children eat this sweet treat on

Halloween. CANDY

13. Filled with ghosts. EDIBLES

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