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(20 marks)
(Time suggested : 20 minutes)
Question 4
Read the article on the effects of playing video games.
Playing Violent Video Games
Both children and adults love playing violent video games but very few realise the effects the games
have on children. Violent video games like Super Mario and Street Fighter, to name a few, have
affected people lives. One becomes mentally, emotionally and physically involved as they are totally
engrossed in the game. They do not realise the negative effects.
Video games affect a person’s health and overall social behavior and attitude. Boys more than
girls are addicted to these games. They tend to be very aggressive and violent like the games they
play. This is because the games encourage violence. Boys also find games like Super Mario and Street
Fighter to be very challenging. Besides acquiring violent behavior, they lack communication skills. They
are glued to the screen and lead an inactive life. They tend to spend very little time with friends, parents
and other family members.
Studies have indicated that playing violent video games can also have negative effects on a
person’s health. Their eyes will be affected due to excessive exposure to the flashing lights from the
screen. This cause eye strain and bloodshot eyes. Some children even suffer from headaches and
All is not lost. Some scientists say that playing video games can have some positive
implications. A person can improve his computer skills when they play video games. Besides they
develop good hand-eye coordination and also acquire problem-solving skills which actually help in the
personal development of a child.
To control children from playing too many video games, parents play a very important role. They
should determine and set rules on how much time can be spent playing these games. Parents should
also supervise and control the types video games their children purchase.

Read the newspaper article carefully and answer questions (a)-(i).
(a) State one video game mentioned in the text that has had negative effects on children.
(1 mark)

Trying to get Word/Phrase (4 marks) (f) What happens to a person’s eyes when he plays video games for a long period? ________________________________________________________________(1 mark) (g) Why do boys like to play violent video games like Super Mario and Street Fighter? _______________________________________________________________ (1 mark) (h) State two advantages of playing video games. Unable to stop doing something iv. Too much ii. (1 mark) (d) Why are children who spend a lot of time playing video games considered anti-social? ___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ (1 mark) (e) Complete the table with an appropriate word/phrase from the article. i. ___________________________________________________________________ (1 mark) . ____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) ____________________________________________________________ ii.(b) What happened to most boys when they play violent video games? _____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) (c) State two negative effects of playing violent video games. _____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) ii. i. Meaning i. _____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) (i) Suggest two ways parents can limit their children from playing video games. Too involved in a certain activity for a long time iii. ____________________________________________________________ (1 mark) ii. i.