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System Storage

IBM Data Center
Assisted Services Program
Guided management of your storage environment
IBM simplifies management of your storage environment with the
introduction of the IBM Data Center Assisted Service Progam, a
revolutionary combination of IBM expertise and lightweight,
comprehensive storage monitoring and reporting.

Low cost: more affordable than any
competing product or service
Quick results: The IBM Data Center
Assisted Services Program begins
providing actionable information and
results from day one
Dynamic approach: A unique service
leverages IBM service expertise and
state-of-the-art environmental analytics
to maximize the benefit
Customized service: Each service
offering is tailored to fit your environment
and your priorities to give you exactly
what you need at the right price

Start reaching your goals
today with the IBM Data
Center Assisted Services

A solution for today’s complex data centers
Data centers are growing more complex, increasing the demands on the
staff and the environment. The requirement for a solution that brings the
clarity and support necessary to meet the goals of the modern data center
has become apparent. The IBM Data Center Assisted Services Program is
a solution-based service that meets these goals by bringing the full storage
environment into focus quickly and clearly.
Combining the experience of IBM with state-of-the-art storage discovery
solutions, the IBM Data Center Assisted Services Program drives critical
efficiencies and project-based initiatives. Everyday operations are brought
to a new level of service and responsiveness, while long term management
projects are accelerated and made a reality.

Custom-tailored to meet your needs
Based on the information collected about the environment, IBM works
with you to ensure that each Services Program is uniquely focused on the
needs of staff and management and in line with the goals of the
organization. Quick results and complete flexibility ensures the program
provides affordable results in a package that fits any size data center.
Some of the goals that become a reality with the IBM Data Center Assisted
Services Program include:

Storage capacity and performance tuning
Virtual environment reclamation and mapping
Stale / duplicate data reductions and tiering
Environment resizing and migrations
Line of business tie backs to storage allocations and usage
Database application management
Cost charge backs to business users
Storage asset management and forecasting

Getting started is as easy as contacting your IBM representative or IBM
Business Partner and asking about the Data Center Assisted Services
Program. After a quick environment study and a complimentary initial
environment analysis, a customized Assisted Services Program is tailored
to fit your needs and your environment.

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