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Dovahzul Dictionary
Fourth Edition

The dragon language is a creation of Bethesda Softworks, LLC. The Elder Scrolls®, Skyrim®,
their logos, branding elements, and artwork are intellectual property of Bethesda, LLC. Any of
these featured herein are used for noncommercial, educational purposes. This dictionary is
unofficial and does not claim any ownership of the above or any affiliation with Bethesda
Softworks, LLC.

Dovahzul Dictionary

The dragon language, commonly referred to as Dovahzul (“dragon-voice”), is a fictional
language featured in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This dictionary is the fourth compilation of the
work done by the fan community at It contains all known words featured in
Skyrim and its supporting material, in addition to a supplementary lexicon invented by the
community. In total there are more than 11,500 entries, with over 5,000 Dovahzul words and
translations for over 6,500 English words.
Words are listed in English alphabetical order and written in both dragon runes and
their transliterations. Canon words are official words featured in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or its
supporting material including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition: Prima Official Game
Guide. Semi-canon words are invented words that stem directly from canon words. Non-canon
words are invented words that do not stem directly from canon words. Modern words are
invented words for things or concepts that would not be found in The Elder Scrolls setting.





Alphabet & Pronunciation Below is a brief list of the dragon language’s 34 runes with their transliterations and typical IPA pronunciations. see or u’u /u/. sometimes /ɑx/ b /b/ d /d/ e /ɜ/ ei /ɑɪ/ ey /eɪ/ f /f/ g /g/ h /h/ i /i/ ii /i/ ir /ir/ j /dʒ/ k /k/ l /l/ M N O 8 P Q R S T U 5 6 V W X Y Z 6 Transliteration Pronunciation m /m/ n /n/ o /o/ oo /u/ p /p/ q /qw/ r /r/ s /s/ t /t/ u /u/ uu. Rune A 1 4 B D E 2 9 F G H I 3 7 J K L Transliteration Pronunciation Rune a /æ/ aa /ɑ/ ah /ɑ/.php. or /uʔu/ ur /ur/ v /v/ w /w/ x /ks/ y /j/ z /z/ . For more details.

aan 1N aavlaas 1VL1S ● adj. From "Aak. email. aar 1R aak 1K ● n. — v.” "guide. ● v.” Co-authored by Numinex.” "hound. Edited from "Ahlzon.” aadok 1DOK aanwo 1NWO ○ n. servant / slave.” aakit 1KIT ○ v. Expanded definition to include "guidance.” and "Aak. agile. aadiik 1D3K "Aank" with the suffix "-kei.” — n." "slave/servant. bondage.” ○ pron.” ● v. Literally translated. Based on "Dok. erase. "Quick. servitude." Edited from "Anahlrii. slaver. ● v. From "Aar. slavery.” aas 1S aal 1L — adj. aaskraan 1SKR1N aalkos 1LKOS + n.Dovahzul-English The articles "a"/"an" and "the" are rarely used in the Dragon Language. sneeze. may." "to join. Derived from Aas. A aand 1ND aad 1D — n. anxiety. From "Aav.” Noun and a verb. join. duck.” aarot 1ROT ○ n. aank 1NK aadak 1DAK — n. maybe / perhaps. invader. anxious. aanvorey 1NVOR9 "Aad" with the suffix "-iik. elephant. A compound of "Aak" and "Fus. dexterous. acute. invade. guide dog." and Deykraan. juncture junction.” "guide. Edited from "Ahrsun. A compound of "Aar" and "Gron. Derived from "Aak" and "Su. ● v. a/an. someone.” aaksu 1KSU aarzul 1RZUL ○ v. "Aar" with the suffix "-iik.” ○ adj. Edited from "Aaktir.” forms equivalent to "-er.” aavin 1VIN aam 1M ○ n. liegeman . escort.” aargron 1RGRON ○ n. invasion. stress. ○ n.” aalzon 1LZON aav 1V — n. aankei 1NK2 "Aad" with the suffix "-ak. another. "Parchment.” "guided air" (on the analogy of "Aakfus" . aariik 1R3K ○ n. joint. serve.” — adj.” aakfus 1KFUS ○ n.” "guided force.” aagis 1GIS — v. somebody." Means "servant voice. ○ adv. Derived from "Aan" and "Wo. cough. — n. unease."Sneeze"). A combination of "Aan" and "Vorey.” "slavebind. vassal. guide / guidance. 7 .

” ○ n. Used as a insult. "joined essence of sorrow.” and "Rii. — v. marry.” ○ v. condolence. ahkol 4KOL ○ adj." For "excessively. harm." "to be.” aaz 1Z — n. charcoal.” Edited from "Akriim. hunter. From "Koraav. usually self-destructive. capital. "Aaz" with the suffix "-aal. aavrosii 1VROS3 ahgraat 4GR1T ○ n.” agzii AGZ3 ahkril 4KRIL ○ n. A combination of "Aav" (Join) and "Laas" (Life). sympathy.” "with or having mercy.” ahgreld 4GRELD aax 1X — n.” ○ adv.Dovahzul-English ○ v.” "battle. agnaar AGN1R ahkos 4KOS ○ n.” ahkriis 4KR3S — n. impulse.” ahkriim 4KR3M agoor AG8R — n. "Too" meaning "as well" or "also. "I see a mortal in need of burning.” ahgil 4GIL — n. exhibition.” "Zii. Edited from "Aakiis. damage. From the Old English Word "Afysan. Derived from "Ag" burn and "Joor" mortal. aazrii 1ZR3 ahkon 4KON ○ n. merciless. also. marriage." see "Rem. too. Related to "Grah.” ahkoraav 4KOR1V ag AG ○ v. Lit. exceptional." "burning tower.” "essence.” A consuming passion. mercy. fervid.” ahkrin 4KRIN ah 4 ● n. "Courage" + -aal." Portmanteau of "Ag" and "Angaar. burn.” "spirit. Literally "Burn(ing) Spirit. exist / existence.” — n. ahkrinaal 4KRIN1L ● n.” — n. aazaal 1Z1L — adv. Can be used as the verb "to wed." Related to "Kos.” ahkaan 4K1N aaznu 1ZNU — v. courage. merciful. fervorous.” "mercy. literally meaning "with courage.” — adj. See also "Frinzii" and "Yolzii. ahgrun 4GRUN Edited from "Arx. pyre. ○ n.” "to see.” — v. Modified from "Ahkrin" and "Kril. fervent. rip. ahdinaak 4DIN1K ○ adj.” or the noun "wedding. ahk 4K ● n. fervor. exhibit. Edited from "Agos. clay. chasm. gallant. vanguard. Gallant. impel. "Aaz" with the suffix "-nu.” Edited from "Aavriiso. From "Aaz. Edited from "Hutok. pity. trouble.” ○ adj. a mortal in need of burning. special.” ● v. Edited from "Arokon. bravely. ahfiz 4FIZ 8 . wed. acorn. wedding.

Edited from "Arahst. ahleksevmah 4LEKSEVM4 ahnaar 4N1R + n. notice.Dovahzul-English ahkrinaar 4KRIN1R ahmiliik 4MIL3K ○ n. A compound of "Ah" and "Miin. — v. ahpaan 4P1N Related to "Lor.” "service. Related to "Ahmul. either. shave. torture.” — n. alertness. wound. hire. ahniif 4N3F "Ahlon" with the suffix "-nd.” "Gallant. employ. smirk." "both.” ○ n.” — v. "Ahlond" with the suffix "-ein. ahraandon 4R1NDON ● n. "wound-cover." From "Kron.” — n.” — n. groom. bandage.” "to know. Ahmil with the suffix "-iik. injure. appreciate.” ahmik 4MIK ahreyn 4R9N ● n. ahmil 4MIL ahreyt 4R9T ○ v. prevail. ahkron 4KRON ahminaal 4MIN1L ○ v.” ○ n.” ahlon 4LON Can be used as both a noun and verb. aware. ahlek 4LEK ahmun 4MUN ○ n. Lit. torturer. Ahmin + aal. ahkt 4KT ahmul 4MUL — v. noticeable. hurt.” — n. attention. scrape.” ahlond 4LOND — n. gallantry. "bottle mat. abrade." Related to "Niif." Edited from "Hjane.” — v. lily.” "husband. canteen. hello.” ahnok 4NOK ahloriiv 4LOR3V — interj. ahlondein 4LOND2N Can also be used as a noun. Edited from "Hiniif. boss. Based on "Ahmik. Edited from "Ahwald. ahkrop 4KROP ahmol 4MOL — v. relation / relations. — n.” "thought. employer. service. alert / ahraan 4R1N vigilance.” ahkrol 4KROL ahmin 4MIN ○ v. From "Mindok. soothe. From "Ney. crawl. sneak. Lit.” "hunter eye" or "hunter-eyed.” "someone who is hired/employed. employee. creep. ○ conj." "to win/conquer. vigilant. bottle. relate. coaster. — n. Modified from "Akrinaal. brace.” ahmilaat 4MIL1T ahrii 4R3 ○ n. "Ahmil" with the suffix "-aat. sneer." "smile. bag.” ○ adj. having notice. awareness. hi. value. ahrk 4RK 9 .” — interj. worker. husband. ● n. relationship. ahmiin 4M3N ○ n. injury. ahney 4N9 — v. — v. attentive. alas. swan.

” ahvit 4VIT ahst 4ST — v.” . plant. errand. task. lit. — adj. circumstance.” ○ n. ahroldan 4ROLDAN ● n. ahstiroz 4ST7OZ ahzidal 4ZIDAL — n. whiterun. ● v. somewhere. — n. separate.” ○ adj. Derived from "Aan" and "Sul. ● n. ahrolsedovah 4ROLSEDOV4 Not the verb "to separate. h'roldan. ahvulon 4VULON ahstaadvoz 4ST1DVOZ ○ n.” ahsul 4SUL ahzidhes 4ZIDHES ○ adv. hill. 'to plant. old hroldan inn. chant. From "Sod. novice. Inspired from Swedish (avskyvärd) and Norwegian (avskyelig). goal.” . bitter.” ahstaad 4ST1D ahvos 4VOS ○ adv. assassin.” literally "at a place. The Dragon name for Whiterun. elsewhere. From the Icelandic for "situation. sometime. A combination of "plant" and "eat.” Can also be an adjective. From "Ahstaad" and "Voz.” "abominable.” ahstiid 4ST3D ahvus 4VUS ○ adv.” "situation. A compound of "Ahst" and "Staad. turnip. bittersweet. situation. Edited from "Ahqor.” literally "at a time.” — n. amateur.” ahvakaar 4VAK1R — n." "deed.” "hunter of the night. A compound of "Ahst" and "Tiid." "aðstæður. harvest. "bitter-sweet." From "Rot. Can also be used as a verb.” ahrot 4ROT ahvakiid 4VAK3D ○ v. Known as H'roldan before Old Hroldan." "word. herbivore. at. abominable. To wear with time. — v. ahsit 4SIT ahvaruz 4VARUZ — n. From "Ahvakiid.” "somewhere-else." Edited from "Hesk. 10 . erode. ● conj. and. "bitter Related to "Ahstiir. wear. dragon priest name. mission. ● prep. Shortened from "Ahsevulon.” ahtamun 4TAMUN ahzidhonaat 4ZIDHON1T ○ n. — n.” ahzid 4ZID ● adj. Also can be used as a noun." imposing one's word or rule. impose.” "man.” ○ adv. adultery. controversy.” destroyer. abomination.” ahvusnaak 4VUSN1K ahstiir 4ST3R ○ n. ahtiv 4TIV — adj. Literally.” ● n. someday.Dovahzul-English Related to "Mun. ahrol 4ROL ahtiid 4T3D ● n. weather. meaning "Hill of the Dragons. Edited from "Ahlag. ahsod 4SOD Inspired from the Old English word "æwbryce.

” ahzukus 4ZUKUS alun ALUN — adj.” alunlaag ALUNL1G ahzul 4ZUL ○ n. A portamenteau of "Al. Compound of "Al" and "Dwiirok.” Edited from "Nawah. freak.” ○ n. "Ahzul" with the suffix "-kei. malicious.” 11 . raze." "destroycarve. From "Alun" and "Rinis. The apostrophe is removed in ○ prep. monotonous. necromancy. amativ AMATIV ● adv.” "Du. ● adv. alikr ALIKR amiv AMIV ● n. "Aluntiid" with the suffix "-uv.” dull. boring. malice.” alunrinis ALUNRINIS ahzulkei 4ZULK2 ○ adj. lion. arise. razor. ● n. Related to "Ahzid. dissonance. Edited from "Ald" to canon "Al. future. freakish. jagged. "bitter sound" or "bitter-sounding. Literally 'ever-wander'.” alzah ALZ4 — n. destroy. The dragon language does not have a separate name for Alik'r. destroyer. onto / unto. alunrovaan ALUNROV1N akor AKOR ○ n.” ● n. ever." "Zu'u fen al. ○ adj. destruction." "I will destroy.” aldwiirok ALDW3ROK am AM ○ v. — n.” "bitter. Lit.” ahzur 4Z6 — n. lemon.” ● n.” — adj. dissonant.” Edited from "Aluntidiil. Refers to the musical term. aluntiiduv ALUNT3DUV al AL + adj. "Ahzid" with "dremhah." "ever-sleep. "Bitter Harmony." lit.Dovahzul-English ○ n. From "Ahzuk" with suffix "-us. ○ n." "ever-the-same. Edited from "Aldak. deface. coma. From "Amativ.” al AL ● v.” "onward. Possibly related to "Lok. alok ALOK ● v. unchanging. alik'r.” ahzidremhah 4ZIDREMH4 alok-dilon ALOK-DILON + adj. "ever-time.” ahzuk 4ZUK alt ALT — n.” "of or pertaining to the future. rise. vagabond. futuristic.” ○ n.” and "Yol. minor (music). Edited from "Aldin. From "Alun" and "Laag. guitar. freaky.” transliteration. stern.” Edited from "Ahrzuk. onward / forward.” Lit." Edited from "Unos.” akwaar AKW1R + n. A phrase that means "arising-dead. rather than the adjective meaning "serious. rear. aluntiid ALUNT3D Referring to the stern of a ship. aldol ALDOL alzit ALZIT ○ v. ounce. "Ahzid" with "Honaat.

gloomy. dexterity. like. toward.” "ásamt.” "city.Dovahzul-English amokriin AMOKR3N — n.” ankid ANKID — n. ○ adv.” Edited from "Stenfal. arrival. — n.” Edited from "Aroniil. despair.” angaar ANG1R athus ATHUS — n.” literally "a thing.” — n. sled. sleigh. gloom. hurry.” Edited from "Wapur. arrive. griffon." "tower. gryphon. aros AROS — v. compund of 'Am' and 'Okriim'.” ativut ATIVUT aronuv ARONUV ○ v. herb.” — n. andiir AND3R — adj. "despair-request.” . progress. implore. Based on "Arov" with the suffix "-nuv. advancement. lit. asamit ASAMIT amvit AMVIT — prep. the act of despairing.” "branch. Related to "Ativut. along.” "side. Based on "Reid. desperation. ahead. Ath + aal.” asnir ASN7 andag ANDAG — v. icon. Reverse derived from "Amativ.” Edited from "Drahsk. silt. griffin. Lit. amriis AMR3S "Aas" with the suffix "-aar. or pertaining to herbs. andraas ANDR1S athlaan ATHL1N — n. proceed. tower. beside. From "Amativ. Based off of "Andel. ○ pron. — n. agility.” arov AROV 12 . The dragon language does not have a separate name for Atmora. ○ prep.” From "Ath.” From "Hiim.” — n.” atmora ATMORA ● n. Derived from "Aan" and "Truk. ○ v." "forward.” — adv.” "onward. citadel. something. victim. Ath + end. antler. keep.” Shortened from "Aasaar. rush. "Aros" with the suffix "-end.” meaning "of. andel ANDEL Derived from Old Norse "aethra. atmora. Edited from "Angar" and "Ahngaar.” "gloom" with suffix "-us. promote.” athaal ATH1L — n.” From the Icelandic word for "along.” anhiim ANH3M ativ ATIV — n.” "the act of arriving. anchor. arosend AROSEND atruk ATRUK — n. advance. ativaal ATIV1L areid AR2D ○ v. asaar AS1R ○ n. ath ATH — n.” From "Ativ.” Edited from "Stenfah. — adj." "toward. branch. desperate." Edited from "Prazan. with despair. “lion eagle. move forward. herbal." and "Ahngaar. — adj. athend ATHEND andiiv AND3V — n.

absolution. From Atum. absolve. "less.” baar B1R avmaad AVM1D — adj.” Edited from "Bahsus.Dovahzul-English atum ATUM ○ prep. sculpture. ● adj. eyebrow.” Edited from "Bansfir." "Balaan" should normally be used.” Edited from "Laarom. — adj. lisp.” and "Alok. splat.” — n. peanut. worthy. art. Edited from "Bahk. lower. A compound that means "above-eye. — v. From "Maad. artistic. Alternative spelling of "Balaan. afloat. ○ n. Edited from "Baarkei. Literally. above / over. evening. Edited from "Bahs.” "down.” "arise. inferior. avond AVOND bahlaan B4L1N — n. splatter. obvious." "nut. avtoknun AVTOKNUN — n. From "Avok.” "up. annul. clear.” avodalend AVODALEND — n. artsy. — n. superior. greater.” baarkei B1RK2 avodal AVODAL — adj.” baas B1S avokdil AVOKDIL — n.” "sky above and earth below.” baansir B1NS7 ○ n.” "Baas" with the suffix "-us.” ○ adj.” avoktum AVOKTUM baat B1T ○ adj. Literally.” to be above or higher than something. bottom. sufferer. Derived from "Baar.” aus AUS baakrit B1KRIT ● v. — n. higher.” Edited from "Bahsegolz. sausage. punch.” "clear. Based on "Vok. Based on "Tum.” baasegolz B1SEGOLZ avokei AVOK2 ○ n. suffer.” . ausiik AUS3K Edited from "Baakriin. avok AVOK "Baar" with the suffix "-om. 13 . wrath. below. bah B4 ● n.” ○ prep. baasus B1SUS avokmiin AVOKM3N — adj. "above. lesser.” Lit. uncurse. "art of stone.” to be below or lower than something. "suffer eternity. apparent.” "above. ausul AUSUL — n. — v. Edited from "Laar" to avoid conflict with possible canon word "Laar.” — v. baarom B1ROM "Avodal" with the suffix "-end. "Akovtum lok ahrk gol. clarity.” being clear or full of clearness. ○ n. above and below.” "deep.” B atumei ATUM2 baag B1G ○ adj. hell.

Based on "Bal. accustom.” From Old English "bewuna. bahnu B4NU batak BATAK ○ adj.” bahwun B4WUN begron BEGRON — v. "Bel" with the suffix "-end.” bel BEL ● v. banana. lowlife. hunger. "Bel" with the suffix "-iik. altar. belvut BELVUT 14 .” Edited from "Bahl. Swedish and Danish.” bahlok B4LOK banaan BAN1N ● n. conjuration. Edited from "Bahvlir.” beliik BEL3K baliis BAL3S ○ n.” a practitioner of the Conjuration school. — n." From "Bahlok. edgy." "to find. alright. Lit.” "worth.” Edited from "Bahliis. pepper. baviid BAV3D Based on "balsam" which doesn't differ in Old English. superb. squid.” bahyek B4YEK bein B2N — n. scum. button. ● adj. hungry. sublime. admire. bek BEK balaan BAL1N — interj. ○ n. ● adj. banlak BANLAK ○ adj. infect. bang. worth. balm. restrict.” — n. thirst. "Bahlok" with the suffix "-us. Edited from "Grent" to avoid closeness with canon "Krent. "wrathless. Derived from "Balaan. summoner.” ○ n. belend BELEND balaas BAL1S ○ n.” Edited froom "Bahlaas. foul. Edited from "Begriin. esteem." "bottom-feeder.” belur BEL6 balkus BALKUS — n. conjurer. ○ adj. couth.” From the words "Eyvir" meaning "Well" and "Bahd" meaning "Manner." Related to "Gron. Both a noun and a verb. okay.” ○ v. bahlokus B4LOKUS — n. shrine.” Edited from "Bequn. Related to "Bal. sure. — adj. Related to "Bal. bau BAU bahsam B4SAM — v. avail." Edited from "Baanahk.” Edited from "Bahlaar. balsam. coconut. bavir BAV7 bahvit B4VIT — v.” ○ v. summon.” "worthy.” banaak BAN1K ○ n.” — n. From "Baakrit" and "Naak. brook.” "worth. beku BEKU balaar BAL1R — n. admiration.Dovahzul-English bahlaas B4L1S From the word "Valk" meaning "Nervous. skittish. stream. rescue. creek. benign. — n. — adj. ○ v." "hunger. worthy. bal BAL beinoz B2NOZ ○ n.

● v. bank." "to summon. scorn / scorned.” beyl B9L biirn B3RN — n. bestandii BESTAND3 beznanus BEZNANUS — adj." "treachery. willow. — n. From "Beyl. century. A compound of "Bex" and "Yol.” "hundredyear. "Beznan" with suffix "-eyd" that which resembles an ellipse/oval. mug. beyliir B9L3R From Old English "byrne. conjure.Dovahzul-English ○ v. ellipsoid. beymur B9M6 — v. biijen B3JEN ○ n. ellipse. pay.” "open lute. Edited from "Beyr.” Edited from "Bexnowaas.” "cup. hundred." Related to "Tahrovin. From "Beyrovin.” benix BENIX beyzol B9ZOL — prep. campfire." "blue-purple. From Danish "bestandig" and Swedish "beständig. 15 . cooper. ben BEN beyn B9N — n." "ellipse-like" or ellipse-shaped.” beylund B9LUND — n. elliptical." "The Hundred Towers." Edited from "Eir.” a repairer of barrels and casks. guilt. From "Dwiin. bronze. among. beznaneyd BEZNAN9D bes BES ○ n." "lure. From "Bii" and "Jen. bex-yol BEX-YOL ● adj. lyre. oval. benangaar BENANG1R beyraal B9R1L — n." "guilt. cup. — n. From "Nix. — n. motivate.” — n.” — adj. guilty. blue. Based on "Mahran.” biirzah B3RZ4 — n. chainmail. bonfire. noose. — n.” beneruvos BENERUVOS beyrovin B9ROVIN ○ n. Can also be used as an adjective.” ○ n. motivation. open." and "Horvut.” — adj. mail.” bexnauaas BEXNAU1S biin B3N ○ n." "steel. From "Bex" and "Nauaas.” ○ adj. A compound of "Ben" and "Eruvos.” "between. indigo. druid. biis B3S beylsaak B9LS1K — v.” beznan BEZNAN bentmezaar BENTMEZ1R — n. From "Ben" and "Angaar. — n. bex BEX bii B3 ● v. crop.” Derived from "Beyl.” Edited from "Benex. nchardark. centimeter.” "motive. tankard. amid. bemahraan BEM4R1N Related to "Lund" (Nature). amidst.” "cup.” "open fire. "Beznan" with the suffix "-us.” ○ n. constant. From "Bel. — n. glass.

Lit. Edited from "Bodein. flow move. From "Bodiis. bildiik BILD3K Based on Bidung (Old English.” "Birgah" with the suffix "-niir. "with radiation.” bodiir BOD3R bildrun BILDRUN ○ v. From "Bo. movie. bodilir BODIL7 birbahlok B7B4LOK + n.” bodoraal BODOR1L — adj." The verb "to patrol" and the noun "patrol/vigil. consumerism. ● v. "abode"). lit." and "Dein. the blue stone lapis lazuli.” and "Bahlok. supply. Can also be a noun. Lit. "moving-picture-box. cabbage.” blad BLAD + n. go.” bodukaag BODUK1G + n. house. quince.” — n. provision. patrol. "moving picture game. bizuryuv BIZ6YUV "Bodukaag" with the suffix "-aal." "guard. + n. — n." "move. bil BIL bo BO — v. defend.” bodilirkred BODIL7KRED birgah B7G4 + n. radioactive.” bodilirpok BODIL7POK birgahniir B7G4N3R + n." "that which is supplied or provided. video.” bodukagaal BODUKAG1L — n. film.” bodein BOD2N ○ v.” bild BILD — v. flight.” "to buy. "Bild" with the suffix "-iik. — v. movement.” bod BOD bilbus BILBUS ○ n. Lit. abode.” Edited from "Olvkei.” bodiis BOD3S bir B7 ● v.” "to fly.” From the Old Norse "birgja. From the words "Bii" meaning "Blue" and "Vild" meaning "Rock. "nuclear flow. defense. provide. motion. A combination of "Bizur.” "to borrow. borrow.” "to open. monitor. fly. cudgel. supply. pry. "Bil" (Bump) with the suffix "-us.” — n. buy / purchase.” — adj. birvog B7VOG Related to "Bodoraas" (Irony). bump. Edited from "Olv. bizur BIZ6 Lit. home. Based on "Bo.” From "Bir. pear. From "Bex. video game. "moving picture. lazurite. irony. bumpy. ironic. defender. television.” "pear" and "Yuvon. Based on "Bild. arrive.” bodzah BODZ4 16 .” — n. vigil. From Old (and new) Norse "blad" ("leaf").” "defend. club.” Pronounced with a short "i. ○ v.” "hunger. + adj. — n. — v. radiation. Pronounced as "build" or "billed.” boden BODEN — n. lend.” rather than "beeld. bodoraas BODOR1S bix BIX — n.” ○ n. residence." lit.Dovahzul-English biivild B3VILD "golden.

” bol BOL bormah BORM4 — n. next. Literally "going now. beg. bonaarom BON1ROM bosgolz BOSGOLZ ○ n. ● v. Inspired by "Bodein" and "Zah." "next. also used by dragons to refer bolaav BOL1V to akatosh." "to fly. pendulum. bologin BOLOGIN ○ n. swing. slice. 'movement. "Flowing light. — n." Edited from "Bonau. "table-ball. borodon BORODON bonaar BON1R — n. Compound of "Bos" and "Golz. Derived from the phrase "flowing passion. ● adj. Bord: table. grant. dragon break.Dovahzul-English ○ n. Edited from "Bohaan. paternal.” styled after "Tiid-Ahraan. Rohd: wheel. father. borii BOR3 bokun BOKUN — adj. humility.” bomas BOMAS borod BOROD ○ v. — n.” bormahus BORM4US ○ adj. referring to flight. begone. stall. gesture. From "Bo. beam. ○ v.” Reference to Akatosh.” ○ n. fare.” ○ n. adjacent. sweep.” ● n. yew. billiard ball(s). ● v.” used to describe a beam of light rather than a physical beam. table. particularly reproductive. — n. age. billiards. bormah-kren BORM4-KREN bolog BOLOG ○ n. any small shop. "Father-break. wagon. An alteration of "Bolog. — n. bord BORD 17 . From "Borii. "fly now. beggar. Don: to cover. bok BOK Lit. Lit. ray.” bonu BONU bost BOST ○ v. booth. a beam or ray of light.” — n. pool.” "time-wound. the father of dragons and god of time. consecutive.” "swinging stone. humble. store. yew tree.” Edited from "Bokrii. "Bormah" with the suffix "-us. botikah BOTIK4 boraas BOR1S — n. esp. ○ n. calf. secretion.” From "Bo. bord-niiv BORD-N3V + n. "Bonaar" with the suffix "-om. tent. swoop.” boriigaar BOR3G1R — adj. A noun only.'. Based on 'Bo'.” akin to "Qahnaarin" from "Qahnaar. waist.” bonit BONIT bosit BOSIT ○ v. fatherly.” Edited from "Bos. ● n.” Derived from Old Occitan 'botica'. Rod: wheel. Edited from "Borask. humbleness.” "to move. Lit.” bonu BONU bosmoliin BOSMOL3N ○ interj. bonaak BON1K Pronounced "bore-ode. carriage." ." meaning "residence" and "finite.” From Bord: table. boutique.

” bovit BOVIT bozuv BOZUV ○ v." literally "fly beyond. "Fellow Nord" "A Fellow Dragonborn. useless. fluency. A compound of "Boviir" and "Veirey. — n.Dovahzul-English boviir BOV3R — n.” brahnuv BR4NUV bovun BOVUN — adj. use. Edited from "Braht.” Based on "Brah. bozul BOZUL boviirey BOV3R9 ○ adj." "to fly. bovultiin BOVULT3N brahnu BR4NU ○ n. — n. ○ n. flee / fled. pitch.” braat BR1T bovoz BOVOZ — v. ○ adj. ○ v.” Edited from "Brahniil. switch. rather than the verb "to bow. venture. beckon.” it literally means "Flow or move through. From "Bo.” "cow. fellowship. From "Bo" and "Vortii." "to switch. daunt.” — adj. "Bovit" suffixed with "-aan." Edited from "Bratahn. "flyktning.” — adj. switch.” — n. boldness. cow. bid." "to fly. bovitaan BOVIT1N braan BR1N ○ n. From "Braat. deck. permeate.” bovul BOVUL brah BR4 ● v. bozikaar BOZIK1R The deck of a ship.” braag BR1G — v. fellow.” "flow. customary. as opposed to a deck of cards. usual. dive. A compound of "Bo" and "Zeim. Edited from "Boziil. "Brah" with the suffix "-nu. branaat BRAN1T boz BOZ — n. surpass.” — n.” bovit BOVIT ○ n." Related to "Bo.” and "Vun. bozok BOZOK 18 . The bow of a ship. bow. — v. venture.” brax BRAX — n. Based on the Norwegian word for refugee. percolate. Literally means "flowing-voiced. refugee. fluent.” — adj.” "Braan" with the suffix "-dein." "to fly. bold / boldly. Related to "Bo. exceed.” — n.” boziik BOZ3K brek BREK ● adj. adventurer. Edited from "Skirn. bull." Edited from "Undoriik.” "tongue. eloquent.” bremaan BREM1N — n. Based on "Boz.” "to flee. filter.” and "Bovul." "Boz" with the suffix "uv. pants. adventure.” from "Bo" and "Zul.” braandein BR1ND2N bovortii BOVORT3 — n. — v.” bovut BOVUT brak BRAK ○ v. "Boziik" with the suffix "-aar. trousers. sload. eloquence. Based on "Bo. bovine. tight-fit pants.” "to use.” bozeim BOZ2M ○ v. swap.

Literally "nord king. nordic. bead. ● n. Related to "Brii. ocean.” From "Bremaf. not used to mean "path" or "road. From "Brom" and "Grindol. Translates to "Ocean Elf. jarl. brenok BRENOK Inspired from the Old English word "abbodrice. bromjunaar. Bracelet.” "beauty. solitude.” ● n. beauty.not just any king." "of or pertaining to a tribe. sisterly." "clan. maormer. jewel. "Brendon" with the suffix "-us.” brijaal BRIJ1L bronjunaar BRONJUN1R — n. Specifically Jarl .Dovahzul-English ○ adj. the city of solitude. bronen BRONEN briinahus BR3N4US ○ adj.” brenhof BRENHOF ○ n. brod BROD — n. brendon BRENDON brodaan BROD1N ● n. "Northwater.” "home.” "slug. ○ n. A city street. ○ n. picturesque . briinah BR3N4 ○ n. kidney . sister. shed. Lit.” briin BR3N bromlom BROMLOM — n. street. bron BRON briinahmaar BR3N4M1R ● n.” ○ adj. Inspired by the dovahzhul words for beautiful and metal: brit and gelt. tribe. brilaas BRIL1S 19 . breyl BR9L — n. "north-guide. From "Brod.” bremaf BREMAF brit BRIT — n. ○ adj.” "North Cliff. barn.” ○ adj. beautiful. "Bron" with the suffix "-en. breach. nord. ● n. tribal. northerly.” brii BR3 bromen BROMEN ● n. north. jewelry.” brigelt BRIGELT ● n. sea elf. specter. "Brodaan" with the suffix "-uv. clan. northern. brenaak BREN1K ● adj. ● n. brom BROM Edited from "Gruld. briik BR3K bromgrindol BROMGRINDOL — v.” brolor BROLOR — v. abbot.” brodiir BROD3R — n. spectral. bracelet.” brendonus BRENDONUS brodaanuv BROD1NUV ○ adj. Based on Old English "bern" and the word "Hofkiin. dawnstar. Lit. compass. "Briinah" with the suffix "-us. strip.” bronjun BRONJUN briinfahliil BR3NF4L3L ● n. bromaak BROM1K ○ n. slug.” ○ n.” — n. ○ n. sisterhood.

shape / form / formation. sandwich. bear. — n. a thing in that shape. college. foggy. Edited from "Brod" to "Brot" to avoid conflict with the canon word "Brod.” — n. bru BRU Noun and adjective.” bruniik BRUN3K — n. — n. From "brud" meaning "to carry" and "mun" meaning "man.” bruhus BRUHUS bulned BULNED — adj.” bros BROS brulost BRULOST — n.” — n. From "Ag" and "Brot. monolith.” — n. pouch. pyramid. conflict. or to describe something that is that shape. From "Buruk" and "Suleyk. misty. — n. "Bruh" with the suffix "-us.” budiik BUD3K brud BRUD — n.” "to bear or carry. Shortened from "Bruu. From "Brutsal.” ● adj. rivalry.” "addict. breadstick. not a salutation or a verb meaning "to toast. — n. fog.” buldus BULDUS bruh BRUH — adj. comely. dough. fragment.” Edited from "Burzah" to avoid a homonym with the word for "puzzle. Related to "Brot. ○ n. — n.” bulnedak BULNEDAK bruleyk BRUL9K 20 . mist. bread. pie. brunikaar BRUNIK1R brotaag BROT1G ○ n. buf BUF "Brud" with the suffix "-aat. savagery. shapely. Means "North Kingdom." "that which is carried/bared. savageness. toast. brudmun BRUDMUN Derived from Old Norse "bufe. criticize. porter.” buld BULD ○ n. struggle.Dovahzul-English ○ v. berate. — n. — n. Can also be used as a verb. burden. pumpkin.” Former capitol of Skyrim and center of the Dragon Cult. brotor BROTOR bruzah BRUZ4 — n. budlaak BUDL1K brudaat BRUD1T — n. toasted bread. livestock. "Buld" with the suffix "-us. "Bruniik" with the suffix "-aar. shard. can refer to the shape. brutul BRUTUL brothal BROTHAL — n. soup. addict.” brotumkip BROTUMKIP bu'ul B5L ○ n. — v. feud.” Edited from "Bruniikom. savage. addiction. carry. elbow. deliveryman." Refers to bread.” ○ n. Literally means "bread around food. university.” brutsal BRUTSAL brotaan BROT1N — n. carrier.” brothuz BROTHUZ bruz BRUZ — n.” Together they literally mean "carryman. brot BROT Based on "Brud. "to shape / to form. — v.

hazard. puzzle. dah D4 Edited from "Boosh. daak D1K dahmaar D4M1R — n. beverage. daarz D1RZ Derived from Old Norse "bord. reason." "return-trade. ● adj.” — n. rim. astound. hard. — n. reprisal. means "return-strike.” . From "Dahmaan.” ● v. — n. Edited from the incorrect "Daanii. clue. to dahral D4RAL retaliate against.” "with/having reason. — adj. difficult. ○ v. remember. retaliate. daal D1L dahmin D4MIN ● v. clueless. because. Lit. remembrance. D dahmaan D4M1N ● v. clang.” buush B5SH daazun D1ZUN — v. reciprocation.” "Mu daalnos niin" = "We retaliate against them.” dahrin D4RIN daaltun D1LTUN — n. ○ adj. ○ n. brim. — v.” daan D1N dahrm D4RM ● v.” buruvaan B6UV1N — n. this / these / those." "to remember. alloy. doom.” daalnos D1LNOS ○ v. burkaar B6K1R Can be also used as a verb.Dovahzul-English — n. remembered.” bunzit BUNZIT ● pron. daarznu D1RZNU buruk B6UK — adj. criticism. bounce. return. Compound of "Daar" and "Mindin.” "Dahrin" with the suffix "-aal. Derives from "Dah / Push. clash. reciprocate. retaliation. hood/hat/cowl. daarmindin D1RMINDIN burdah B6D4 ○ prep. push. daar D1R "Bulned" with the suffix "-ak. doomed. From "Daal" and "Tun. the sound of metal. surface area.” daasin D1SIN Edited from "Burk. daazrii D1ZR3 burzah B6Z4 — v. — n.” the "-ii" is actually a possessive suffix. clamor. — adj. brush.” Can also be used as a verb. confirm. hint. — v. "Daarz" with the suffix "-nu. dahrinaal D4RIN1L ○ v. Derived from "Vodahmin. — n. hereafter. amaze. dahik D4IK — conj. surface.” dahst D4ST daanik D1NIK 21 . — n.” "unremembered. reciprocity. Verb forms are "Daazriaan" and "Daazriin. testify. affirm. risk. reasonable.

” daput DAPUT deykraan D9KR1N — n. scrap. For Joor." "container. A portamenteau of "daar sul. encyclopedia.” demdriik DEMDR3K — n. in original Dov-language. butterfly. del DEL ● n. crust. soil.” "push. 22 . shun.” — v. daedra. dasmah DASM4 From "Deykraan.” ○ adj.” "out. From "Dah. trashcan. dahstin D4STIN Del + -aal.” devaak DEV1K dahzunt D4ZUNT — v. honest. print. ○ v. Meaning "book of knowledge." Related to "Dah" and "Zun. Literally "soon-falling. bombard. domain.” "group. tonight. garbage bin. dahstoskad D4STOSKAD delahiik DEL43K + n. A portamenteau of "daar vulon. dahsul D4SUL denaak DEN1K ○ n. book. dein D2N ● v.” det DET dahvulon D4VULON ○ n.Dovahzul-English delaal DEL1L ○ v. educator. Derived from the words Dii and Lok. soil. trash. — n.” "match. Related to "Dah. — n. decline. Edited from "Kunz. estrange. It refers to a book or a regular scroll.” ○ n. it is equivalent to 'territory'. arrange. guard.” ● n. From "Dahst. discipline." and "Oskad. today. parchment. trainer. junk. imminent. presently.” and "Ilir.” deykel D9KEL ○ n. See also "Tahlon. put in order.” — adj. alienate. educate. realm." "soil.” dahtiris D4T7IS denek DENEK ○ v.” and "Tir. shortly. From "Dopaan. keep. deyradul D9RADUL — n.” ○ n.” "to push away. any form of writing. denos DENOS dahvol D4VOL ● v. doomed. garbage. soon. with honesty. From "Dah. deinmaar D2NM1R deyra D9RA ● n.” ○ v.” ○ v.” "image. it literally means My-Sky. scrap.” deylok D9LOK ○ n.” "paper. daniik DAN3K deykelsemindah D9KELSEMIND4 ● adj. territory. Verb form of "Denek." "to throw away. das DAS deykrilir D9KRIL7 — adv. besmirch. From "Dahst. Derived of the word Kel (which means Elder Scroll). Alternate spelling of "Daanik. + n. delah DEL4 ○ n. paper. damdriik DAMDR3K — n. set. honesty.” and "Met. barrage. catapult. written word. to throw away or aside. photograph. scroll. keeper. train.” "to push.

” + n. "someone or something that is mysterious. diin D3N deytonik D9TONIK ● v. casino.” A compound of "Dez" and "Mi. indigenous. cryptic. deytaan D9T1N digoliik DIGOL3K ○ n.” deytaak D9T1K digol DIGOL ○ v.” deyvaaz D9V1Z — v.” dez DEZ diipah D3P4 ● n. ○ v. — n. Derived from "Dezahrel" (Gamble). A combination of "Sahrel" (Tempt) and "Dez" (Fate). cryptic. fateful. Lit. burrow.” "fatebringing. From "Deyto. soda. disrupt. undead. Ordinal of "Gein. deytoniir D9TON3R diil D3L ○ n. — n.” "to bury. my.'." Edited from "Osgor. Derived from "Diist" and "Staak. stalemate. From "Deyra" with the origin suffix "-en. bury. burial. mine. diistaak D3ST1K From "Dez.” it literally ○ n.Dovahzul-English ○ n." "frozen battle. freeze. "Deyto" with the suffix "-niir. predicament. fate.” "water. accumulate. 23 ." "fate.” dezahrelin DEZ4RELIN diipahus D3P4US — n. ominous. + n.” dezahrelstaad DEZ4RELST1D diirz D3RZ + n. gamble. From "Deyto. ● pron. From "Diin" and "Grah. vault. ○ adj. plight. From "Diipah. bubble. cola or any type of carbonated drink. Lit.” diinaan D3N1N ○ adj.” diingrah D3NGR4 ○ n. From "Deyto. shovel. "a burrow or tunnel. immerse. aboriginal. pop. enigma.” "something your bury with. bubbly. foreboding. mysterious. daedric prince.” — n.” — adj.” Means "burying crab. ○ n." "to bury. dezmi DEZMI deyren D9REN — adj. sinister. The past participle of "Diin." "gamblingplace. immersion. Edited from "Prasmik.” ● adj.” deyto D9TO dii D3 ● v. first. daedric. "bubble. interrupt. diinek D3NEK deyvut D9VUT — v.” diist D3ST deziirukt DEZ3RUKT — adj. poker.” Literally 'fate-fall. native." Also a noun. dezahrel DEZ4REL diipahlom D3P4LOM ○ v. From "Dezahrel" and "Staad.” "bubble" with suffix "-us. From "Deyra" and "Du'ul. mudcrab. — adj. frozen. gambler.” dezmah DEZM4 — n. dig. spade." "to bury. tunnel. mystery.

dilaar DIL1R — n. — n. Based on "Kinz.” "problem." "finger. Translates literally to "death of time. "problem).” diistkiin D3STK3N dilosikin DILOSIKIN ○ n.” ○ n.” "to pierce or puncture. dirkah D7K4 . swallow. "First Spirits. dimaar DIM1R diistus D3STUS ○ pron. Is its own plural. A compound of "Dir" and "Sul. priority.” ○ n. dwemer. firstborn. Based on "Dinok.” diitak D3TAK dinok DINOK ○ n. digit. From "Sinak. dice. diistiik D3ST3K dilos DILOS — n. tomorrow. ● adj. caution. ○ n. death. — v. end times. pioneer. problematic. lich. A compound of "diist" and "kiin.” From "Dilah.” ○ v. — n. it literally means Deep-Elves.” diivon D3VON ● v.” dirsul D7SUL dilfahliil DILF4L3L ○ n. dead. — adj. diiv D3V dinokaar DINOK1R ● n. wyrm." and the noun "dispute/argument. dimbakey DIMBAK9 From "Diist" with "Us. From "Diron.Dovahzul-English means "First inhabitant.” dironzaar D7ONZ1R dilahiik DIL43K — adj. urn.” dir D7 dil DIL ● v.” death. low-elves.” diistmaas D3STM1S ○ n. Edited from "Molfahliil. deep. protrude.” 24 . march. vulture." "first-before. first seed. myself. problem.” dirun D7UN — n. dinoksetiid DINOKSET3D dikinz DIKINZ ● n. dilon DILON Edited from "Djun.” ● n. deadly. disuputer. dinaak DIN1K ○ n. Derived from the words Dez. Orin and Deorf (Old English. slaughterfish. diron D7ON dilah DIL4 — n. A compound of "Dilos" and "Ikin.” "someone who is the first.” "dispute" with suffix "-iik. fatal. lethal. — n. giraffe. dwarf.” "death. Composed of the words Dil and Fahliil. lit. Derived from Old Norse. Expanded definition to include "lethal" and "fatal.” ○ n.” ● adj. dispute. The verb "to dispute or argue. die. argue. die.” "deadly fish. argument. causing "Diist" with the suffix "-iik. et'ada. disputant. Derived from "Dinok" and "Aar.” diistzii D3STZ3 — n.” literally means "Death-Servant.

From "Doliiv. Related to "Don. doliiv DOL3V doruvos DORUVOS ○ n. dortiis DORT3S — n. Can be used as a noun or adjective.” Edited from "Djunkei.” dorok DOROK dol DOL — n. From "Dok. ● n. "Dirun" with the suffix "-kei. learn. dolkeyven DOLK9VEN 25 . "to truck or pull something along. — v. Related to "Ronth.” Noun only. From "Doj.” Edited from "Graaz. Literally. iron.Dovahzul-English dirunkei D7UNK2 + n.” "year. ● prep. of / about. — n. mustache.” A combinationof "Hadroz" (weave) and "Oskad" (container). predator. puppy. group.” ○ n. array. group of objects. blanket. — n. grid. but not a verb ("to iron" clothes. sheet. research. basketball. As in train track. The comma is in place to give you a pause in pronunciation. donin DONIN dograan DOGR1N — n. mouse. pup. anniversary. train. truck. conductor.” dolok DOLOK diwaan DIW1N — n.” ○ n.” doruz DORUZ doliivus DOL3VUS — v. rust.” dosk DOSK — n.” donth DONTH doj DOJ — n.” "to learn. benefit.” + n. — n. cautious. dog. rusty. domiit DOM3T do DO — v.” "rust" with suffix "-us.” doriik DOR3K dokraas DOKR1S — n. hound. "ironwither. Based on the Old English word "dollic. seethe.” Edited from "Dojrah. audacity. train track or rail. or "to iron out" something). Expanded definition to include "dog. where "Se" is used most often to make compound words. "Dor" with the suffix "-iik. scintillate. — v. dor DOR dok DOK — n. domor DOMOR — v. coruscate. lit. dolkeyin DOLK9IN + n.” "vehicle. From "Eruvos. railroad." "hound. doskad-niiv DOSKAD-N3V Lit. basket. Can be a noun or a verb. This word is used more commonly in sentence structure. merge. Means "iron horse.” dojuk DOJUK dopaan DOP1N — n.” "to cover." Edited from "Vaas.” — adj. means "train master. means "train path" or metaphorically "train wind.” — n. pull. trim. cart. ○ adj.” Can also be used as a verb. prey. dolkey DOLK9 doskad DOSKAD + n.

crap. ○ n. dragon. — n. draan DR1N dovahkiin DOV4K3N ○ n.” — n.” — n. "Draaf" with the suffix "-us. from "Dovah" and "Zul.” ○ v. tool.” dovahik DOV4IK ○ n." "to do." literal adaptation. A compound of "Dovah" and "Nor.” — n. device." See also "Sossedov. Compound of Dovah(dragon). — n. Yol. dovahmiin DOV4M3N Edited from "Dahn" to avoid homophone with canon "Daan. blades. quicksand. drake. dragonguard.” draak DR1K — v. "Dovah" with the origin suffix "-ren. bit it refers to the crimson gemstones that mortalkind call ruby . prayer.” ○ n. Composed of the words Dovah and Miin. Literal compound. dragons-eye. Is expressed as two words in-game. draaz DR1Z — n." referring to the Akaviri Dragonguard. Sos. rather than the number. dovahkendaar DOV4KEND1R draal DR1L ○ n. dragon speaker. opinion. draconic. Refers to second in time. dovahgolz DOV4GOLZ draaklo DR1KLO ● n. draaf DR1F ● n. ○ n. dov DOV The name for a speaker of Dovahzul. the race of dragons. draazog DR1ZOG — v. Dov. dragon knight. crimson gem. can create." "to do. dragon language.” the "Dragon-Voice. fiendish.or at times. crappy. shitty. devise. dostozuv DOSTOZUV — adj. akavir. fiend.Dovahzul-English From "Doskad" and "Niiv. pray." Edited from "Rothaar. dragonkind.” Edited from "Dostoziil. akaviri knight. draafus DR1FUS dovahdaan DOV4D1N — adj." Both the noun "device" and the verb "to devise. ● v.” dostoz DOSTOZ dovahzul DOV4ZUL ○ n. dragon slayer. it literally means Dragon-Eye. From "Dreh.” "like a fiend. pillage. and kriid(slayer). drahvut DR4VUT dovahsos DOV4SOS ○ n. commit. dragonblood. ● n. that dragons. "Dragon-Doom.” ● n. second. ruby. The name of the language itself." . shit. Compound of "Draak" and "Klo.” ● n. dragonstone. "Dovah 26 . dragonborn.” "drowning sand." "to pray.” "Dragon Land. poop. drown." Edited from "Ahndah. Related to "Dreh. dovahzulaan DOV4ZUL1N "Dostoz" with the suffix "-uv. The latter refers to the fire. From "Draal. dovah DOV4 Also a verb. dovahren DOV4REN drahlun DR4LUN ○ adj. dovahkriid DOV4KR3D draat DR1T ○ n. dovahnor DOV4NOR drah DR4 ○ n.

. deed. engage. driik DR3K dremjaar DREMJ1R — v.” "peace-souled. dreugh. dreniir DREN3R dreh DREH ○ n. serenity. implement.” dren DREN driivoh DR3VOH ○ n.” and "Met. A happening of some sort." lit.” — n." Edited from "Dremseik. to partake or join with something. drey DR9 drem yol lok DREM YOL LOK ● v.” — v. loiter.” literally "with or dro DRO 27 . dremiik DREM3K drezujah DREZUJ4 ○ n. drezig DREZIG dremhah DREMH4 — adj. Accidental or purposeful. amble. theory. cervine.” Edited from "Semjah.” drendiir DREND3R — n. complement. compendium. drehlaan DREHL1N "Dreh" with the suffix "-niir. feat. "the acts of a foe. Based on "drem" (peace) and "jaaril" (to protect).” Inspired by Old Norse "drjúgr" ("ample"). "peace-seek.” ○ n. healthy. ○ n. negotiate. — n. driinuv DR3NUV dremyah DREMY4 — adj. incident. refuge. From "Drem." "inborn action. dome. operative. action. ● v. "peace-mind. From "Dren" and "Kiin. manual. driin DR3N dremsil DREMSIL — n. ○ v. Lit. Not to be confused for "to compliment. conduct. ○ n.” ● n.” drelaaz DREL1Z ○ n. do / does.” "to do. Lit. From "Drem" and "Sil. tool. did. "someone who is peaceful. harmony. instrument. tranquility. ○ n. active.” From "Driin" with the suffix "-uv. deer. ○ adj. "Dren" and suffix "-aal. dreyvgir DR9VG7 dremet DREMET — n. instinct. zone. act. treat. greetings. pacifist. benevolent / kind. Edited from "Stig.” drensepaal DRENSEP1L drem DREM ○ n." Edited from "Driniil. ample . utensil. drenkiin DRENK3N Means "have done" or "is done. ○ adj. functional.” The Dov-word for the Dreugh. ● n.” "peace.Dovahzul-English draknah DRAKN4 having action. done. Lit. From "Dren" and "Paal. a race of sapient watercreatures that are well known throughout Nirn. hostility. hearty.” As in "a hearty stew. drik DRIK drenaal DREN1L — n.” — n.” meaning "that which someone does something with.” Can also be used as a verb. peace.” "match. aggression. circumstance.” driinod DR3NOD — v. From "Dreh.

" "press-writer. abdicate. — v.” druf DRUF — n.” as opposed to "Prunt" which is the antonym of "fail. usher. From "Du'ul. lordly." "fame. drul DRUL — n. undoing. dukiin DUK3N ○ n.” drun DRUN ● v.” From "Frah.” drogus DROGUS dubah DUB4 ○ adj.” drokpeliik DROKPEL3K dufrah DUFR4 + n.” "crown. grapefruit. redo. dishonor / dishonored.” ○ n. also to cause.” Edited from "Duaniik.” "blood. ridge. devour. lord. Means "to succeed or inherit. keyboard. "devouring star. "Drun" with the suffix "-iik. typewriter. Based on "Du.” Edited from "Kofrahkei.” ● n.” "to do.” "to devour. chair.” Edited from "Freiz. nuke. From "Frahkei. infamy. infamous.” and "Sos.” ○ n. "Drog" with the suffix "-us.” means "crown-fall. grape. Literal translation.” something that will make you "unborn. Based on "Dreh.” Lit.” Edited from non-canon "Liig. devourer. crown. nuclear weapon. hoax. bringer. — adj.” — n. ○ v. Edited from "Forson. affect. druk DRUK duliig DUL3G ○ adj. nuclear.” Someone who has active influence in something.” — v. Based loosely on "Dreh. duaan DU1N drogsenir DROGSEN7 ○ n. + n. du'ul D5L drog DROG ● n. dulmah DULM4 From the Gaelic word 'Druim' meaning ridge.” dukaan DUK1N ○ n. relinquish rule. demise. From "Dreh. From "Kiin. delicious. droz DROZ Lit. Literally.” "famous.” Can be either the noun "result/effect" or the verb "to result in or affect.” "to do. royalty. — n. result. black hole. From "Drok" and "Peliik.” du DU 28 . ● n. druniik DRUN3K dulsos DULSOS ○ n.” "devour. Lit.” droliik DROL3K dufrahkei DUFR4K2 ○ n. drufruk DRUFRUK dulgahvon DULG4VON ○ v.” Derived from "Du'ul" and "Mah. agent. player. "crown-yield. trample. succeed. actor. succession. hircine.” "to do. or make happen. "devouring blast. josh. effect. rag. dufil DUFIL drok DROK + n. "Lord of the Hunt. bring/brought.” — n.” drovaz DROVAZ dukaag DUK1G — v.” ● v. press. Inspired by Norwegian "deilig" and "Du.Dovahzul-English ○ v.

grind. cursed. difference.” Alternatively. — n. Derived from the composition of the two words Dwiirok and Siinda. dumed DUMED duyiiv DUY3V ○ v. abjure." "fury. From "Zun. dunaak DUN1K dwiin DW3N ○ v. inscription. desolate. variance. vary. Composed of the words Dwin and Aar.” "having royal blood.” not the simple past tense of "to curse. Edited from "Dufrah.Dovahzul-English dulsosaal DULSOS1L ○ v. From "Med. Can also be a noun. ○ adj. duzrah DUZR4 dumos DUMOS — v.” dum DUM duvoziir DUVOZ3R — v. neglect." and the suffix "-kei.” literally "unswear. Lit. — v. "crown-bleeding.” ○ n. dunarand DUNARAND + n.” — adj.” "weapon. duziirah DUZ3R4 From "Dumed.” — v. differ. From a combination of "Du.” duviin DUV3N ○ v. fire / shoot. disavow. deprive. "Devouring Growth. royal. "Dun" with suffix "-kei. The adjective "to be cursed. curse. From "Viin. dejected.” "like.” — adj. grace. renounce." "devour. despise.” "like. ." "devour. recant. despoil. dwiirok DW3ROK dunahkei DUN4K2 ● v. "Vaat" with the prefix "Vo-.” dumor DUMOR — n. insolent. thought it could be both. cover. rejected. it literally means Steel-Servant and directly refers to all and any 'living' Dwemer-construct. engulf. edil EDIL duvaat DUV1T 29 . automaton.” E dustraan DUSTR1N ediin ED3N ○ v." "Nah. tumor. Plural is Dwiisindarre.” — v.” Edited from "Freiziil. Edited from "Dun." "devour. . it means Inscription rather than Carving. carve. — adj.” Related to "Mos. accursed. duraal D61L ○ adj. word-carving.” "to shine. steel.” dunkei DUNK2 dwinaar DWIN1R ○ adj." Related to "Du. disarm.” ● n. "Dulsos" with the suffix "-aal. ravenous. steel-servant. tarnish.” "insolent. gracious. dur D6 ● n.” ● n.” duzun DUZUN dun DUN ○ v. Related to "Du. duziir DUZ3R dumedak DUMEDAK — adj. insolence. cancer. Based on "Duziir." "to differ.” dwiisinda DW3SINDA ○ n.

acknowledge. The noun form of "Ediin. From "Nahkip. arouse. — n. eight. personality. moose. — v. From Old Norse "edthli. Meaning "eight-side. according to. smack.” edrah EDR4 elaas EL1S — n. — v. goddess.” eiziid 2Z3D — v.” — v.” egnah EGN4 elkroz ELKROZ — v. acceptance. dip.” ● pron. volume. beeswax. em EM eimindak 2MINDAK — n. collection. chocolate. shot. A compound of "Em" and "Ronk. — v. realize. spoon. her. edun EDUN eldraag ELDR1G — n. eh EH eln ELN + interj. — v. acknowledgement. emronk EMRONK eitah 2T4 — n. — n. prefer. beehive. animate. bee. accord. — n. elz ELZ "Eim" with the suffix "-end. realization.” emtiin EMT3N Removed the double "tt." "deep. again. "Emtiin" with the suffix "-nd. fancy. surprise. slender. annex. ah. octagon. opal.Dovahzul-English ○ n.” ek EK enahk EN4K ○ n.” embodein EMBOD2N — n. elnreid ELNR2D The interjection "Ah" or "Aha. — v.” enfan ENFAN 30 . stimulate.” Can also be used as a noun.” — adv. cherish.” "god. ekrah EKR4 Related to "Dil. — adj. adore. fact.” "arouse.” eimend 2MEND elskah ELSK4 — n. — v. to be fond of.” "feed. Based on "Rah. The reflexive of "Rek. "Eimindak" combined with the suffix "-dak. emtiind EMT3ND eizurik 2Z6IK — n. character. nature.” — n. eliiruk EL3RUK Comes from the Old English word "æfter. — n.” egiis EG3S — adj. einzuk 2NZUK Literally "Bee-Home. accept. hers. erotic. ○ n.” eim 2M — n. ekmaar EKM1R endil ENDIL ○ pron. herself. From "Eliir. eftiir EFT3R eliir EL3R — v.” eimindah 2MIND4 — n. — v.

prairie. eyfur 9F6 — v. asleep. "to become knowing of. "Eyra" with the suffix "-en.” "with.” "one. grassland. disperse.” "to give. evenaar EVEN1R — v.” with the prefix "En-" from "Ensosin.” and "Enfan. read.” "bewitch. ivy. species. annual.” erei ER2 ● conj. Expanded definition to include "every" in place of non-canon words.” ○ adv.” — v. everywhere. Based on "Deyra. "Evgir" with the suffix "-uv. "shh. dissipate. Based on "Eruvos" with the suffix "-us. year. each. ascend." "of or pertaining to the seasons. beholder. From "Reyliik.” and the prefix "En" from "Ensosin. ember. Based on "Ofan. envok ENVOK enfavoth ENFAVOTH — v. bestow. shush. eylok 9LOK enookstaad EN8KST1D ○ n.” 31 . hush. indent.” "conquer. ● adj. season.” ● v.” es ES enlaag ENL1G — interj. befall.” ○ v. ○ n.” from "Ensosin" ("bewitch"). eyren 9REN enshar ENSHAR ○ adj. cousin. seasonal. evenik EVENIK ○ v.” Edited from non-canon "Svaanveyn. subjugate. erkriin ERKR3N — n.” "up. Literally. From Kii (Ash). scatter. Based on "Kron. Added suffix "-in.” eviin EV3N enook EN8K — n. ○ v. bewitch. kind. accompany. contribute.” and the prefix "En. enlahvraan ENL4VR1N — v. — adj.Dovahzul-English ensosin ENSOSIN ○ v.” etaak ET1K — adj. evgir EVG7 enmindok ENMINDOK ● n.” "daedra. belong.” "bestow.” "eachplace.” denoting origin. engein ENG2N ○ v. Formed from "Gein. Based on "Vok. aedric. sort." "race. extinguish. eruvus ERUVUS enkron ENKRON ○ adj.” enmindokin ENMINDOKIN ○ n. until. A combination of "Mah. yearly. aedra.” Derived from "voth. Altered from "Enst" to match the canon word. — v. breed. behold.” — n. Based on "Shar. enmah ENM4 ● v.” eyra 9RA enriik ENR3K ○ n. gather together.” "loud. eruvos ERUVOS enkii ENK3 ● n.” evgiruv EVG7UV ○ adj. every. Compound of "Enook" and "Staad. aloud.

or tail. fearless. explore. faast F1ST F ○ n. — n. — adj. valenwood. faaniik F1N3K fah F4 — n. slander. cuddle. ○ n. husk. faaz F1Z faadus F1DUS ● n. for. fadaav FAD1V faan F1N ○ v. competition.” ● adj. offend.” and "Rot. appendage.” something that "has pain" or is "with pain." Edited from "Varn. friend. limb. tall. compete. friendship. Means "High Tree.” fahbo F4BO faant F1NT ○ v.” faadhalriiv F1DHALR3V faath F1TH ○ n. eyzan 9ZAN From "Faar" with the suffix "-om. nuzzle. Edited from "Fahdonein. ● prep. level. Literally.Dovahzul-English eyron 9RON faar F1R — n. mitten. fear. sport. continue. sauce. panic." "warmthhand-cloth. emergency. the leg. Unt: to try." "to fly. faal F1L ○ v." From "Bo. scout. Sometimes used with proper nouns. eytaag 9T1G faareyth F1R9TH ○ n. -ak: -tion. — n.” fahdon F4DON faantak F1NTAK ● n. From "Faad" with the suffix "-us.” Edited from "Faarlen. warm. eytik 9TIK faarom F1ROM — n.” "word.” — n. "Faaz" with the suffix "-aal. the (formal).” faak F1K — n. fahdonmaar F4DONM1R ○ n. snuggle. Derived from Fah: for.” faad F1D faastiid F1ST3D ● n. range." "Haal.” — n." and "Riiv. faas F1S ezil EZIL ● n." "to join warmth. tallness. Edited from "Sahrx. From "Faad. faasnu F1SNU ● adj. ranger. wing. warmth. snack. pain.” compound of "Faaz. "fear time. Derived from "Faas.” ○ v. Edited from "Fahnt. ○ adj. Edited from "Fahntak. insult. Unt: to try. donkey.” faazaal F1Z1L ○ adj.” "pain.” "fear. floor of a building. hysteria.” — v. faazrot F1ZROT Meaning a body part.” — n.” Closely means 32 . Related to "Faad" and "Aav. alarm.” ○ n. Derived from Fah: for. painful. "Faan" with the suffix "-iik. arm. crisis. Edited from "Bahzim. resume. flood.

Reverse-derived from "Fahluaan." Edited from "Ves. gardener. competitor.” fahluaan F4LU1N ● n. From "Fantiik" and "Zin. respond. — v. fluff.” fautiid FAUT3D fahrax F4RAX 33 .” — adj. fortune. spot. From "Fahin" and "Bo." "competitor's honor. color / colour. reply. sportsmanship.” fariik FAR3K ○ adj. valuable.” "road/way. elf. fahdonus F4DONUS fahvos F4VOS ○ adj. "soft-bench. answer.” ○ n. why. friendly.” fantiikzin FANT3KZIN fahinbo F4INBO ○ n. From "Strah.” ○ n. "Fahliille" equally used for "elves.” Edited from non-canon "Vahr. -iik: -or. garden. gentle.” "gardener.” faskah FASK4 — n.” "gardener. ocarina. Strictly a noun. the verb form is "Fahral.” faraanus FAR1NUS ○ adj. elven / elvish. Edited from "Faain. answer. elves. Unt: to try. Lit. "garden (of) prayer.” "soft. see "Fahrald. jaguar. From "Faraan." "color-flow. scenery. — n. From "Fah" and "Fos. gradient. faskom FASKOM fahmeykaaz F4M9K1Z — adj. wealthy. response. fask FASK fahludraal F4LUDR1L — adj. fahmey F4M9 From "Fask.” faskiis FASK3S — adj. vista. cleverness. Lit. fuzzy.” fastrah FASTR4 fahrald F4RALD + n. ○ adj. faraan FAR1N fahliilen F4L3LEN ● n." Edited from "Ahfiik. ○ n. From "Fahmey.” fahin F4IN — n. rosary. Related to "Fifiik." "spot. ○ n. reply. Combines "Fahdon" (friend) with the suffix "us.” fahfiik F4F3K fahzon F4ZON — n.” "flute. slyness.” faskpravoz FASKPRAVOZ fahral F4RAL + n.” fahliil F4L3L far FAR ● n. fahluzok F4LUZOK From "Fask. speckle." "cat. deviousness." "wealth.” "Fask" with the suffix "-om.Dovahzul-English "friendhood. delicate. soft. view. precious. delicateness.” — v. softness. subway. Derived from Fah: for.” "for what. — n.” fantiik FANT3K ○ n. wealth.” . "Fahliil" with the suffix "-en. couch.” Cannot be used as a noun. Edited from "Fahntiik.” ○ adv. gentleness.” — n.” "soft." and "Kaaz. track. Based on "Fahluaan.” fahlu F4LU ○ n. "Faraan" with the suffix "-us. agriculture.

rabies. than. commodity. ferviit FERV3T feimaan F2M1N — adj. it means Forest-Elves and refers to the Bosmer race. feln FELN — n. From "Feykro.” — n." "rabid. Zii and Golz. Lit. shall. referring to the green colour that emeralds posses and often connect it with the forest and life. Also used as a verb.” + n. sly.” "forest. Based off of "Usnutiid" or "Past. feyl F9L felniir FELN3R 34 . ferocity. felniirus FELN3RUS — adj.” adjective form of "Felniir.” ● n. huddle. feinrolt F2NROLT As opposed to "Dopaan" (group).” Edited from "Fund" to "Fend" to avoid conflict with the existing word "Fund. fent FENT feim F2M ● v. stay.” Can also be used as the verb meaning "to gather or crowd together.” felhah FELH4 feykro F9KRO ○ adj.” "shall. From "Feyal. to huddle together. From "Fel. fax FAX Combination of "Felniir" and the suffix "-us. wood elf. current.” feid F2D — n. felhahlun FELH4LUN feykros F9KROS ○ n. bosmer.” — v. Based on "Fent.” — n. wintry. will. faziigolz FAZ3GOLZ feluk FELUK ○ n. material." "crowd.” Directly translates as "Fresh Time. emphasis.” literally means "faded. feral. ethereal. From "Felhah. this would be a "very big group. winter.” and "Fau" or "Fresh. mob.” Edited from "Fjal." "with. it literally means Forest-Spirit. rabid. Composed of the words Feykro and Zii. fen FEN ● v. horde. "feral-mind.Dovahzul-English ○ adj. — n. ○ adj. era. — n. "Zulot fein" = "greater than.” felaan FEL1N ○ n. hibernate.” feliig FEL3G feykroziis F9KROZ3S ○ n.” fey F9 fein F2N — v. gather. Derived of the composition of the words Feykro and Fahliil. ● v. fade. dell. feyalvoth F9ALVOTH felaag FEL1G ○ v. ○ n. curious. feyfahliil F9F4L3L Derived from "Felniir" and "Laag. its literal meaning is Forest Spirit Stone. clever. emerald. forest. should.” — adj. crowd. feyal F9AL — conj. fel FEL ● adj. flank. fend FEND ○ v. devious. Derived from the composed words Feykro. mass. spriggan.” — v. recent. emphasize. newly-passed." and "Voth. From Reid (Side). partner." "feral. Derived from "Feim.

” "time.” "to hurt. mirror. "star explosion. morning star. Edited from "Fiid. — n. — v. A combination of "Feyl" (Morning) and "Hahnu" (Dream).” fiiz F3Z feylil F9LIL ○ v.” "mirror. philosophy . bite. From "Fey" and "Mah. fig.” ○ adv. — v. escape.” — v. filok FILOK From "Fiik" and "Meyar.” Derived from "Fiik. Literally means "Star-Child.” fifah FIF4 filkaagend FILK1GEND — v. — n. philosophical . meanwhile. fifiik FIF3K Lit.” and "Tiid. "Star Ghost. + n. filkiir FILK3R Referred to "Fifah" ("Whistle"). solar flare.” Edited from "Filhaan. planetary nebula. filreid FILR2D fiilosuv F3LOSUV — n.” fikon FIKON — n. Lit. "Star Flare. ○ n. stardust.” fiizkei F3ZK2 ○ adj. fiit F3T Lit. daydream. nova. starboard.” "when. From "Fiiz. A compound of "Fil" and "Klo. morning." "mirrored self. whistle.” + n. filkun FILKUN fiikath F3KATH — n. send. meantime. — adj. flute. feyz F9Z fildinok FILDINOK — v. meteorshower. From "Fod.” Edited from "Fiilosiil. starfall. A compound word of "Fil" and "Kun. frown. ayleid. set forth. A compound of "Feyl" and "Fil. + n.” Edited from "Jol.Dovahzul-English — n. strain.” fiilos F3LOS ● v. fid FID Lit. hurt. january. A compound of "Fil" and "Reid.” + n.” feymah F9M4 ○ v. settle. feyn F9N fil FIL ● n. "star-death.” "starside. nebula. star.” fiikmeyar F3KM9AR filmah FILM4 ○ n. whiffle. bane.” "of or pertaining to philosophy. scowl. starlight.” — n." See also "Fildinok" for "supernova.” filklo FILKLO ○ n. mirage. "whistler. + n. supernova. illusion. — n. hurtful.” Edited from "Fjerd" and "Ferd.” 35 . clone.” fiik F3K ● n.” fiid F3D ○ n. filgaaf FILG1F From Old Norse "foera. feylhahnu F9LH4NU fiivut F3VUT — v.” filrith FILRITH "Fiilos" with the suffix "-uv. struggle.

bastard. From "Folook. ○ adj. flogah FLOG4 — adj. bacon. Fil "star. sunday / sundas. Derived from "Fo" and "Ag. flesk FLESK folov FOLOV — n. Also serves as the noun. ● v. From "Fo" and the suffix "-us. rectify. Based on "Fo" with the suffix "-us. remedy. earlier. frostbite." "wrong. stellar. fin FIN "Folhet" with the suffix "-iik.” "star sign. while. clumsy. alchemy. wrong. folus FOLUS fod FOD ○ adj. ripple. folul FOLUL fo FO — n.” ○ adj.” ● adv.” — adj. not used to mean excellent or extraordinary." "to hunt.” fir F7 folom FOLOM — v. Expanded definition to include "Hoarfrost. correct.” filuv FILUV folhet FOLHET — adj. firok F7OK folookaal FOL8K1L — n." Edited from "Fosuun. constellation. astral." As an adjective.” Siin "sign. october. fol FOL + n. galaxy.” ○ n. Of or pertaining to the stars.” folhetiik FOLHET3K — n.” fley FL9 — n. whilst. frosty. "right or correct. frost. hoarfrost.” fomah FOM4 ○ n. right. hoar. "Star Day. haunted. frost fall.” not the simple past tense of the verb "to haunt. fine. fon FON 36 . From Ufir: respectable. ● adj. haunt. armada. fodiiz FOD3Z fomus FOMUS ● n. when. firig F7IG "Fol" with the suffix "-om. previous.” flaar FL1R — n. former. the. Edited from "Filiil. "star wheel." Edited from "Geges" and "Ges. — n. alchemist. Expanded definition to include "while" and "whilst. fokaronahs FOKARON4S ○ n. ripeness. This word and other articles like it are rarely used.Dovahzul-English filrod FILROD Alteration of "Murakonahs" (Atronach) . From "Folaas." and as a verb. respect. filsiin FILS3N folaas FOL1S — n.” ● adj. frost atronach. The adjective "to be haunted.” folag FOLAG filsul FILSUL ○ n. ● n.” folook FOL8K — adj. haunter. Lit. folokaan FOLOK1N ○ n." referring to clumsiness and numbness from being cold. — n. tile. ripe. ○ v. fleet. "to right/correct/remedy. Lit." "frostburn.

Derived from the words Dii. — v. Derived from "Rahgol. depict. "Fraan" with the suffix "-end. ○ n. forokir FOROK7 Derived from the words Fel. "Frah" with the suffix "-kei. Lit. rejoice. perceive. "Name list.” Related to "Zok. fetish. refer. — adj. 37 . — n. index. fost FOST fonaar FON1R — n. . frah FR4 foruniis FORUN3S — n. abstain.” "friend. refrain.” Edited from "Fahdiin" to avoid conflict with "Diin" or "Vahdin." "name.” — n. lit.Dovahzul-English fosrik FOSRIK — v. A combination of "Fraan. foraan FOR1N fozok FOZOK — n.” "joy. for FOR fozir FOZ7 — v. congratulations. name. foraankeitz FOR1NK2TZ fraadgolz FR1DGOLZ + n. fraanend FR1NEND Edited from "Fokmir. Fen and Scridefan (Old English. reference. forvoth-rot FORVOTH-ROT frahkei FR4K2 + n. name. — adj." "warmth. feeling. utmost. debt. The verb "to allude" and the noun "allusion. to set a table. to feel joy or great delight. fantastic. bridge.” and "Jiik. ease. synonym. Comes from the words "For." and "Voth.” "to name or call. — n." "with. hearthstone. effigy. frahdin FR4DIN From "Forun. fraan FR1N ○ v. which.” forgen FORGEN fraakar FR1KAR — v. congratulate. Noun of "For. ○ n.” Comes from "foraan" (name) and "rot" (word).” — v.” forahgol FOR4GOL fraajik FR1JIK ○ n.” — n. ● v." A like-named word. famous. congratulation. lit.” "most. "To seem"). Aan and Felan (Old English. allusion. call. perception." literal translation.” "Rage. laud.” "to congratulate. temper.” — v.” something that is frozen in time. what. look like. — n. enthusiasm. charge. From "Fraad" and "Golz. From "Faad. seem. hearth. "to feel"). fame. be like. feel. befriend. pronoun. — adj.” forun FORUN — n.” forveyk FORV9K ○ v. fotiid FOT3D fook F8K ○ n." Edited from "Reist. fireplace.” foraan-rot FOR1N-ROT fraad FR1D + n. reproduction. allude.” "feel.” fos FOS frahraam FR4R1M — adv. forhah FORH4 — v. From "Fahdon. A compound of "Fo" and "Tiid. easiness. "Nii foraan" = "It is called.” — v. image.

battlefield. — n. Literally "Heated Spirit.” — n. aid. frilin FRILIN Based on "Frein. skillet. — n. fry. crave. heat. eager. frist FRIST friik FR3K — v. scabbard.” "serenity. fervorous.” "apology.” fril FRIL freind FR2ND ○ adj. eagerness. information. Both the noun and the verb. — n. fervid. assistance. A compound of "Fraan" and "Voth. It can also indicate the calmer waters around a geyser. From "Fridir.” ○ n. console. frinzii FRINZ3 "Frey" with the suffix "-iik. Based on "Friik.” "hot. Request. ○ n.” Edited from "Ulfriim. friisgelt FR3SGELT franvoth FRANVOTH ○ n. ○ v.” "to feel with. serenade. smelt. brother-in-law. Vah and Wuld. field. "frying-metal. enthralling passion.” friim FR3M frod FROD — v. fervor." "pan-bread.” and "Lovaas. Lit. ● n. lamentation. frinvahwuld FRINV4WULD From "Freydah.Dovahzul-English frahzogin FR4ZOGIN ○ v. it literally means Hot Spring Whirlwind. then referring to simply the hot springs. Alternate form is Frinvah .” "eagerness.Eagerness and Want. help. geyser.” freydaan FR9D1N — n. From "Frin. assistant. melt. referring to the occasional waterspouts that erupt from geysers. numb.” freka FREKA ○ v. freyend FR9END — n. sheath.” "hot. Composed of Frini and Laan .” — n. apologize.” friisgeltbrot FR3SGELTBROT freik FR2K + n. lament. help. pertaining to meat.” A noun only. helper. fren FREN frin FRIN — n. fervent. freydah FR9D4 — n. See also "Agzii" and "Yolzii. From "Friisgelt" and "Brot. Plural is Frinvahwuldde. freyiik FR93K — n." "to lament.” ○ n. Composed by the words Frin.” — v. friikir FR3K7 frit FRIT — v. friist FR3ST frein FR2N — adj. hot spring. sheathe. aid. hot. tundra. friis FR3S froiim FRO3M 38 .” ○ v.Hotspring.” "song. roast. pan. assist. heel. Lit. "kin-brother. farmer. Frey + -end suffix. apology.” fridirlovaas FRID7LOV1S + n.” "to melt. lament. Based on "Frini. pancake. frey FR9 frin-zeymah FRIN-Z9M4 — v. ● n. Based on "Frin.” Uncontrollable. spontaneous.

● v.” "time.” "fruit. Derived from "Fundein" "unfurl.” frolok FROLOK frund FRUND — v. A combination of "Frul" (Temporary) and "Rahzun" (Soldier).” frulrunir FRULRUN7 ○ n.” fundiir FUND3R frul FRUL ○ v. kin.” Both the verb "to forgive.” fuhil FUHIL — n. "to look"). — v. From "Frolok. frulahvu FRUL4VU fundol FUNDOL ○ n. glad." "kinsman. unfurl / unfurled.” — adv. frolaaz FROL1Z ○ v." Lit. verify. told.” fruksethok FRUKSETHOK fundein FUND2N — n. whisky. kinship. furl.” fruskah FRUSK4 — n. bean. by looking. "kinhood. fron FRON Edited from "Fuuskah. huff. extinction. forgive. Edited spelling from "Fhrolok. fruk FRUK fumrii FUMR3 — n. with excitement. tell.” "to look. — adj. Expanded definition to include "kindred. related. A combination of "Frul" (Temporary) and "Lahvu" (Army). Inspired by Swedish "forlata.” — n. leaf. ephemeral / temporary. Both an adjective and a noun. — v." and "relative. snort.” ○ v. eject.” ● adj." "ephemeral stronghold. sniff. Lit. would. grunt. From "Frul" and "Runir. fuh FUH relative. extinct. — n. — n. From Old Norse "frukt. fruit. General term for fruit. fronmaar FRONM1R Edited from "Duhilom. swoon. Kin or related by blood. — v. frondinok FRONDINOK Edited from "Duhil. From "Fron" and "Dinok. 39 . so. militia.” fun FUN frukilom FRUKILOM ● v. funol FUNOL frulahzun FRUL4ZUN ○ v. Based on "Fen.” ○ n." "kin-death.” "water. kindred. convey.” frolk FROLK frum FRUM — v.” Edited from "Foral" and related to "Aaz. look. "look.” "will. gladly. check. froloktiid FROLOKT3D An alteration of "Frund.” ● adv.” and the noun "forgiveness. lit. "leaf-drink.” and "Lom.” ● adj. clairvoyance.” ful FUL ○ n.” meaning "fruit-water. "Fruit of the dirt. tea. wrap. militiaman. forgiveness.” fuhilpiin FUHILP3N ○ adj. frundiin FRUND3N Based on the word Foreloce (Old English. fund FUND A modified compound of "Fruk.” "mercy. faint. redoubt. kinsman.Dovahzul-English ○ n. broom. ○ v. Lit. juice.

” G fusk FUSK gaaf G1F ○ v. banish. demand. fusriin FUSR3N gaansevah G1NSEV4 ○ n. throw. furgaan F6G1N ○ v. ghostly. cast. grenade. A combination of "Fus" and "Riin.” "to force away. ban. cast. throw." and "Vok. mandate. "Gaaf" with the suffix "-us.” Edited from "Dremah" to relate to "Fun." "to fail. toss. Lit. Derived from "Fustir. throw upwards. Related to "Gul. joust. 40 . To throw something down.” ● n.” "to banish. A compound that means "force of war. discard. force away. message.” fuskah FUSK4 gaafus G1FUS ○ v. ● n. roll. "force-join. Can also be used as a verb. kidnap. dismiss. fuskaag FUSK1G gaafilir G1FIL7 + n.” From "Fus" and "Rot." "to make words of force." "up. expel. exile.” literally: "Stamina of Mind. expel.Dovahzul-English From "Fus" and "Nol. failure.” fuskei FUSK2 gaal G1L ○ adj.” funrahiik FUNR43K fust FUST — n." "tell. From "Funt.” funrah FUNR4 ○ n.” fustir FUST7 funt FUNT ○ v.” ○ adj. messenger. "ghost image. fail. out.” funtaas FUNT1S A compound of "Fus" and "Tir. stamina. "Funrah" with the suffix "-iik. fusvok FUSVOK Inspired from the Old English word "forsecgan.” fussekein FUSSEK2N ○ n.” fustiroz FUST7OZ ○ n.” ○ n.” ○ n.” "explode.” "force. cast down. "Fus" with the suffix "-kei.” ● n. From "Gaan" and "Hah.” fus FUS ○ v. forceful. Based on "Fus. From "Fus.” "force. ghost. cove. "throw. force." Both a verb and a noun. Based on "Fus. military. hurl.” furah F64 fustum FUSTUM — n. abduct. yelp. fusaav FUS1V ○ v. libel.” fusond FUSOND gaan G1N — v. hologram.” Edited from "Dremahiik. army. shockwave.” fusrot FUSROT gaar G1R ○ v. literally "force ● v. Lit.” Lit. + n. "to demand" and "a demand / force-words. "to message." "force. — n. mentality.” ○ v.” "cave. — v.

gahvon G4VON From the Welsh for "nasty. torment.” and "Dahrin" or "Reason. yank. gaatrot G1TROT + n." lit.” gaat G1T ● v. release. stealth. boreal.” gahlaak G4L1K ● n. — adv. bastion.” "to throw or hurl. steal. get/got.” galv GALV gahnos G4NOS — v.” gahnosend G4NOSEND ganog GANOG — n. glean.” "to oppose. falcon. javelin." "cas. From Latin word 'Glannus' meaning 'Glean. 41 .” and "Fus." Related to "Gahrot. nasty. stampede. horker.” — n.” Edited from "Zrah. galik GALIK Edited from "Hjorem.” — n. gasving GASVING gahrik G4RIK — n. pressure. gahlot G4LOT ○ n. Edited from "Gaal.” gakrizar GAKRIZAR gahfustum G4FUSTUM — adj. "key-word. sanctuary. From "Gaar" and "Faaz. gauntlet. logic. logical.” From Old English word root 'Ä¡earc'. lit. From the Old English word "Gafeluc.” "yield. From "Gahrot. gahvraan G4VR1N Can also mean "vital" or "important. complain. gahrk G4RK gaarfaz G1RFAZ — v.” ○ n. horrid. gahziinuv G4Z3NUV gahfus G4FUS — adj.' 'to gather. groan.'. gahziin G4Z3N From "Gaat" and "Rot. Edited from the incorrect "Gah. — v. filthy. a boreal or coniferous forest.” and "Fustum. unleash. tonic. coniferous. pine. absorption. elxir. Gahnos (Absorb) with suffix "end" (tion). haven.” ○ n. larceny. agonize.” — v. absorb. Related to "Kriz.” and "Nahlot. potion. jerk.” gaav G1V — n.” ○ v.” galgur GALG6 — n.” Derived from "Galik" and "Feykro. "to obtain"). See also "Komeyt.” gaard G1RD — n. key. whine. galiko GALIKO — n. Loosely based off of "Greind" or "Intellect." "to steal. Drived from the words Geh.' and 'Lahvraan.” Edited from "Galikro. gahrot G4ROT gaas G1S ● v. password. — n.” "force." "to unleash pain. From "Gah. Aav and Geafle (Old English.” "to steal. ○ n.” "silence. enough.” "Pine forest. moan.Dovahzul-English gahritaar G4RIT1R ● v. Edited from "Aaran. gahgort G4GORT Inspired by Icelandic "Gullgerðarefni" Edited from "Galger. "Gahziin" with the suffix "-uv. — adj. reasoning. opposite. ○ v. yield.” ○ n.

Refers to emotional depression. unite. Composed by the words Gein and Golslen.” ○ n. gedrem GEDREM geikalstaad G2KALST1D ○ v. gefaas GEF1S ○ v.” "to make hungry. gebahlok GEB4LOK gegrun GEGRUN — v. Based on "Pahgein" and "Gein" with the prefix "Ge-. yes.” "Bahlok" with the prefix "Ge-. — n. scare. oneself. fortify. depressed." Shortened from "Gezofaas. hist. From "Gron. "to make (something) ended. one.” geid G2D geblaan GEBL1N — v. Composed of Gein and Fahliil.” — adj.” — n. communion. single. geind G2ND Refers to emotional depression. geikaal G2K1L ○ v.” — n. mead.” — n. brewery. Derived from "Geinrah" with the suffix "-aal. From Gein. it literally means One-Elf and refers to the time when the Aldmer encompassed all of the Elven-races. Literally. spigot. ○ n. geinmu'ul G2NM5L — v. geingolslen G2NGOLSLEN Based on "Gedrok" with the suffix "-end. ○ v. monotheistic. "Drem" (Peace) with the prefix "Ge-.” "Grun" with the prefix "Ge-. famish. A shortening of "Gegeinend. starve. one.” "Gegein" with the suffix "-end.” geinmaar G2NM1R gefask GEFASK ● n. "Fask" with the prefix "Ge-. gedrokend GEDROKEND — n. it is the Dov's name for the Hist. loan.” gegend GEGEND 42 . monarchy. geinan G2NAN "Gedrem" with the suffix "-end.” ○ adj.” "to make defended.” "bind. — v. rather than a physical depression or low area. unification. finish.” "one. who are said to be one of the first races on Nirn and one of only two of those races to still exist. "Faas" with the prefix "Ge-. gein G2N gedremend GEDREMEND ● n.” "to make one. ○ n. depression.” Refers to emotional depression. "one rule. unification. aldmer.” "to make soft. pacify. alcohol. gedrokaan GEDROK1N compound. ale. rather than a physical depression or low area. unify.” gegein GEG2N geinraal G2NR1L ○ v. beer. lighten. first-trees. pacification. ● adv.” gebild GEBILD geh GEH — v. complete.” "with or having one god. Formed from "Gein.Dovahzul-English gazviik GAZV3K ○ n. imprison.” gedrok GEDROK — adj. Literally. union. Based on "Bild" with the prefix "Ge-. rather than a physical depression or low area. geinfahliil G2NF4L3L "Gedrok" with the suffix "-aan" to form an adjective. depress. soften. frighten. ○ n.

” gekrin GEKRIN geinzahkey G2NZ4K9 ○ v. point. lift. — n. gelingrah GELINGR4 A portmanteau of "Gekenlok" and "Lom. raise. enchant. encouragement.” gekinzon GEKINZON gelok GELOK ○ v. clarify. Based on "Kahl. Derived from "Krin.” Derived from "Gekenlok.” "to make sick.” "to make sick. ○ adj. From "Gekras. — n.” Literally.” it literally means "One-horned horse.” gejeykaant GEJ9K1NT gelaar GEL1R — n. gelaag GEL1G gejeykaan GEJ9K1N — v. bewilderment. encircle.” gekahlend GEK4LEND gelah GEL4 — n. Derived from "Gein. smoke. moat.” "that which surrounds. enchantment. — n.” "encircling water.” Can also be used as a verb.” "Laar" with the prefix "Ge-. "Gelah" with the suffix "-iik. exhaust. A compound of "Gein" and "Rah.” with the prefix "Ge-. From "Gekrin.” Follows the same root as "zirokey" but with the number "gein. sharpen. sicken. ○ n. gekras GEKRAS ○ v.” "Gelaar" with the suffix "-end." "to encourage. "Kras" with the prefix "Ge-. environment.” "Kenlok" with the prefix "Ge-" . "Jahrii" with the prefix "Ge-. authorization. monotheism. atmosphere.” "to make courageous. gejahrii GEJ4R3 gel GEL — v.” "to make tired.” "to make sleep. ○ adj.” "to make full. tire.” ○ n. stretch. heighten. explanation. infectious. gekenlokin GEKENLOKIN gelahiik GEL43K — n. surround. 43 . ensorcel. From "Lingrah. elevate. clarification.” "to make long. explain.Dovahzul-English geinrah G2NR4 ○ v. enchanter.” gekenlok GEKENLOK gelahaan GEL41N — v. ○ v.” ○ v.” gekrintiil GEKRINT3L geivah G2V4 ○ n. — v. The noun form of "Gejeykaan.” gekahl GEK4L gelaarend GEL1REND — v. "Make confused. encourage.” — v. embolden.” "to make magical."Many gods").” "One god" (on the analogy with "Pogaanrah" .” "Gekahl" with the suffix "-end.” ○ n. "Laag" with the prefix "Ge-. "Lah" with the prefix "Ge-.” gelahuz GEL4UZ gekenlom GEKENLOM ○ n. bewilder. prolong. indicate.” "authority. unicycle. enervate. "Kose" with the prefix "Ge-. gekose GEKOSE ○ v. enchanted. fill. direct. authorize. milieu.” Edited from "Gejahr. — v. lengthen.” "Zahk" and "Key. envelop. unicorn. originate.” geinrokey G2NROK9 gekrastok GEKRASTOK + n. "Gelah" with the suffix "-aan.

wisen. gemindok GEMINDOK "Novul. Lit.” Edited from "Ligend. metal. liquify.” "ground. Related to "Golt. speed up.” geltlaas GELTL1S ○ v. expose.” to "make terror. strengthen.” "smoke" with suffix "-us. plane. abridge.” "to make high" or "put in the sky." "to make little. From "Genaz.” Nil "void. Based off of "Mulaag. relish. disclose." "that which is elevated.” "liquid.” gelus GELUS genel GENEL — adj.” ○ v. Lit. void." Edited from "Gekriis.” literally "to genul GENUL 44 .” "pleasure. — adj.” "strength. gemoguraal GEMOG61L From "Gelok" with the suffix "-aat.” geltlaas-mun GELTL1S-MUN — v. satisfy.” Means "to make liquid.” Ge. Composed of "gemogur". enliven. belittle. — v. airplane." "with or having pleasure. pleasant.” geltkey GELTK9 + n.” geltviing GELTV3NG genazaal GENAZ1L + n. pleasure. lower. hasten.Dovahzul-English From "Lok." "having satisfaction. empty.” "to please. automobile. shrink. + n. robot. glorify. impart. pleasurable. bask in. elevator. cyborg. "metal wing. revel. "metal horse." From "Genaz. wire.” gemal GEMAL genil GENIL ○ v."make. + n.” + n. satisfactory. Literally "to make void."satisfy" and suffix "aal.” "to make wise.” "to make happy. "Mindok" with the prefix "Ge-. please.” Edited from "Ligaas.” gemogur GEMOG6 gelokaat GELOK1T — v.” From "Geltlaas" and "Mun.” make known.” "to make glory of.” gelum GELUM genazend GENAZEND ○ v. From "Gel.” rather than the adjective "more low than.” "to make short in length.” with the prefix "Ge-.” gelt GELT ○ n." "robot-man.” gemalingren GEMALINGREN ○ v. From "Mal. smoky. elate. terrify.” ○ v.” genovul GENOVUL — v.” — adj. car. From "onik" with the prefix "Ge-. gemulaag GEMUL1G Lit.” "to please. divulge. "Moro" with the prefix "Ge-. gemaar GEM1R genik GENIK ○ v. aircraft. genaas GEN1S Literally translates to "metal life. delight. "metal hair." The verb meaning "to lower. quicken. "Maar" with the prefix "Ge-. minimize. Based on "Malingren.” Ge: to make. "Lum" with the prefix "Ge-.” gemoro GEMORO ○ v.” ○ v.” From "Unaz.” geltom GELTOM genaz GENAZ + n. From "Genaz.” — n. — v." Edited from "Gekrinil.” Edited from "Kirnd" and "Ligendaal.

lessen. instance.” ○ v. anger. free. to make angry.” — v. versus "Imzalo" which ○ v. Literally "make free/let free.” "to make late. nullify. widen. — v. gesahlo GES4LO "Vahk" with the prefix "Ge-.” ○ v. widen. weaken. abortion.” geqoth GEQOTH gespein GESP2N ○ v. instill.” gerik GERIK getiiraaz GET3R1Z — v. "Sahqo" with the prefix "Ge-. gevahk GEV4K "Saak" with the prefix "Ge-.” "to make bloody. unveil. appearance. "Tiraaz" with the prefix "Ge-. hallow. From "Spein.” Implies the taking away of strength. Derived from "Sahlo. impede.” getiid GET3D ○ n.” — v. gerevak GEREVAK ○ v.” gerahgron GER4GRON gesuf GESUF ○ v. moment. From "Urik. "Rahgron" with the prefix "Ge-. abort.” genun GENUN ○ v.” ○ v.” "to make simple. bloody. enrage.” "to make holy. improve. make better.” "less. enlarge. Based on "Son. delay. "Revak" with the prefix "Ge-. entomb.” literally "make less.” "to say. consecrate. simplify. genund GENUND Derives from "Saag. sanctify.” gerev GEREV gesus GESUS — v.” "to make large or big. show. display.” ○ v. cancel. From "Genun. decrease. slow.” ○ v. "Rahgol" with the prefix "Ge-.” — v. "Vahzen" with the prefix "Ge-. extend.” — n.” gerah GER4 gestahdim GEST4DIM — v. stall.” gestin GESTIN ○ v. "Qoth" with the prefix "Ge-. redden. gesiigor GES3GOR appear. "Pruz" with the prefix "Ge-.” "to make sad. gesein GES2N From "Genul. whiten. impart.” geson GESON ○ n.” "weak.” ○ v. gerahgol GER4GOL From "Stahdim.” "to make 45 . reveal.” "to make broad. frustrate.” "to make better. wide."make.” — v. "Sus" with the prefix "Ge-. Altered from "Get" to "Getiid." "to make sacred.” gesaak GES1K — v. vaporize. sadden. spread. expand." "to appear.” gepruz GEPRUZ gesot GESOT ○ v. inform. gesahqo GES4QO Literally "to make null.” gevahzen GEV4ZEN ○ v. to cause bleeding. prove.” Corrected from "Getiraaz. cancellation." Edited from "Dahvurd.Dovahzul-English implies sickness or illness. broaden.” "white.” "to make seen. — v. From Old Norse "seinn" and Ge. "Nun" with the prefix "Ge-. From "Sot. "Suf" with the prefix "Ge-.” genuld GENULD ○ v. loose. bleach.

blacken. "Voth.Dovahzul-English gezeydah GEZ9D4 truth. — n.” — n. ○ v. — n. — n.” "more.” "to make black.” with the prefix "Ge-.” "to make dark.” "to make shine. lucky.” gluuskei GL5SK2 geyt G9T — adj.” with the prefix "Ge-. geyal G9AL glakel GLAKEL — v. hamster. darken. space. light.” literally "to make on fire. larger than a fort or keep. — n. .” Derived from Old Norse. associate.” 46 . pump.” "to make with. glacier. energy. castle. "Gevoth" with the suffix "-end. listen. "to be full of luck or fortune. giigel G3GEL gevildseod GEVILDSEOD — v. ○ v. fortunate. sake.” "evidence. geyolkah G9OLK4 gluus GL5S + n. "Hold of Snow.” gevild GEVILD — n.” geved GEVED — v.” ○ n.” "with. deafen. fortune. vessel. "Zeydo" with the prefix "Ge-. gevoth GEVOTH girvoh G7VOH ○ v.” An "h" was added to facilitate verb suffixes.” geviin GEV3N gezuk GEZUK ○ v.” giiriz G3RIZ — v. kindle. "make more. narrow. elevated place. — n. "Voj" with the prefix "Ge-. "Ved" with the prefix "Ge-. winterhold.” Edited from "Geymaar.” glimrel GLIMREL geyol G9OL — n. luck. hold. — v.” — v.” "to make worse. justify. polish. worsen.” literally "make just.” girvestir G7VEST7 — n. example.” — n.” Pronounced "Geh-vild-sehode. ignite. ○ n. From "Volz. vase.” Literally. evidence. giwahdaal GIW4D1L gevothend GEVOTHEND — n.” "fire. warble. shade. spark. shroud. Ge + Yal literally "to make tight/thin/narrow. From "Giwahdil. gizan GIZAN ○ v. connect. gevoj GEVOJ ginun GINUN — v. thin. firework. gevolz GEVOLZ gir G7 — v. connection.” Edited from "Gevol" to avoid conflict with the canon "Vol. From "Vul. torso/chest. fortified.” literally. conjoin.” gloz GLOZ — n. increase. giif G3F Any large.” "ignite. From "Geyol. "Gluus" with the suffix "-kei.” giwahdil GIW4DIL gevul GEVUL — n. gallon. "Viin. tighten. grudge. "Yol. affiliate. Based on "Zuk.

” to "fall to earth. amber. ground. "to pause. goblin. bulldozer. crater. alphabetical.” place of burial.Dovahzul-English gobahron GOB4RON ○ v.” ● adj. Literally "ground digger. a stone writing tablet.” golgraad GOLGR1D goltin GOLTIN ○ n. amphibian. ingot. pole. A compound of "Gol" and "Staad. goltefend GOLTEFEND golgevild GOLGEVILD ○ n. raccoon. godaan GOD1N — n. crypt. stubborn. it means Treeblood Stone and refers to the fossilgemstone Amber. means "earth-castle. break.” it literally means "from earth and water. Compound meaning "earth-fall.” golsez GOLSEZ golahrom GOL4ROM ○ n. senseless. Lit. they would undoubtingly know of the precise origins of amberstones.” "earth-hole. Also verb form. Derived from the composite-word Golslengolz. as it's usually made from treesap. Gol: earth. Golah + -rom. earthquake. A compound of "Gol" and "Tef" with the suffix "-end. pause.” golklov GOLKLOV ○ n." Edited from "Hegem. Derived from Golz and Graad together to make "stone grave. any underground ○ n.” goltnu GOLTNU ○ n.” "earth. golgaaz GOLG1Z golt GOLT ○ n. groundhog. Most likely related to "Gol. "Ro.” golmah GOLM4 47 . bunker. stone / earth. Derived from "Gol" and "Lom" with the suffix "-en. A compound of "Gol" and "Raf." Edited from "Hask. golah GOL4 ○ n. Related to "Gol." "ground.” + n.” gol GOL golrosik GOLROSIK ● n.” ○ n. catacomb.” golstaad GOLST1D goldrah GOLDR4 ○ n. Derived from "Golah. land.” ● n.” Lit. Given the fact that Alduin and his Dov are directly created by Lorhkan and Akatosh.” "side. golboaan GOLBO1N + n. stubborness. boulder.” Is the verb "to land" and also the noun "landfall.” ○ n. Based on "Golrosik" with the suffix "-uv. golomen GOLOMEN gogil GOGIL ○ n.” "earth. goltosgoriik GOLTOSGOR3K ○ n. gohiv GOHIV golraf GOLRAF — n. means "stubborn. ○ n." Edited from "Vuruun. folly." and "Sik. tapestry. "groundless. opinionated. Related to "Gol. golahzgal GOL4ZGAL ○ n. tablet. Lit.” ● n.” ○ adj. Klov: head. From "Golt. landfall.” Edited from "Hilv.” — n. terrain. gravity. alphabet. refers to a geographic pole. Lit means "earth-mover.” Edited from "Vuruniil. nonsense.” golrosikuv GOLROSIKUV golahreid GOL4R2D ○ adj.

” ○ adj. as they come from the very stones around the dwemer cities.Dovahzul-English golvahrukt GOLV4RUKT — n. commence. tour. youth. stone. heaven. From the Icelandic for "beget. From "Gol" and "Vahrukt. begin. goraaniik GOR1N3K ○ n. "Goraan" with the suffix "-iik. ○ n. gruff. goraan GOR1N ○ n. experiment." "earthen memory. golem. lava. hoarse. markarth. golzaar GOLZ1R — n. Plural is Golzaarre. Edited from "Vuth.” gor GOR golz GOLZ — v. beget. Lit. starter.” — n. timber. it literally means Stone-Servant or Stone-Slave.” got GOT gonah GON4 — v.” gorah GOR4 — n. — v. From "Gon. magma. golzokaaz GOLZOK1Z gornaar GORN1R ○ n.” literally "testing for the truth.” literally "someone who is young. — n." Derived from canon "Goraan. gosis GOSIS golzus GOLZUS — n.” golzewer GOLZEWER ○ n. youngster. Though the concept is hardly known in Tamriel itself. coral.” Edited from "Golzewelkand. Derived from "Test"/"Gor" and "Truth"/"Vahzen.” From "Gon. brass. Compound meaning "Stone of the West. It is derived from the words Govey and Gein. gruffness. wood.” "to begin.” Can also be used as an adjective. start. — v. sunrise. "Golz" with the suffix "-us.” "to begin. conception. Edited from "Gosvaa.” gonaas GON1S gosvern GOSVERN — v. brow.” gov GOV gonahsul GON4SUL — n. From "Golz" and "Okaaz." "getið. cairn. goraag GOR1G ● n. meaning Removed One. lumber. Literally 'stone-voice' or 'stone-voiced.'. outcast. sunup. pariah. though of course certain processes are found in between the basic material and the finished product. test. Composed by the words Golz and Aar." "to begin. ○ n.” roughly "stone of the sea. beginner. sire.” From "Gon. gorvahzen GORV4ZEN golzul GOLZUL ○ n.” govegein GOVEG2N goniik GON3K ○ n. "Gon" with the suffix "-iik. ○ adj.” goraas GOR1S ○ n. — n. titan. young. Remove and one. wooden. trial. stone-servant. inception. it can also apply to the automatons of the Dwemer. "start-day. gosvah GOSV4 gon GON — n. hoarseness.” govend GOVEND gonmaar GONM1R 48 . stony. ● adj.

hack.” grahkun GR4KUN — v. govir GOV7 grah-zeymahzin GR4-Z9M4ZIN ○ v.” "battle." "to destroy.” "stratagem." Edited from "Diskutir. graan GR1N gramus GRAMUS ● v. Edited from "Rulg." "word. From the Icelandic for "crude. belt. cloudy. ○ n. A compound of "Graad" and "Staad. — n.” gravunlom GRAVUNLOM — adj. crude.Dovahzul-English ○ n. waraxe. ruin. strategy. graaz GR1Z 49 . From "Govey. From "Grah. fighter." "grófur.” "battle. grahveysun GR4V9SUN + n. graav GR1V "Grav" with the suffix "-nu.” govoldeim GOVOLD2M grahgeltviing GR4GELTV3NG — n. "Gram" with the suffix "-us.” ● n. ally.” gravnu GRAVNU — adj. devastation. debate.” ○ v. graad GR1D A compound of "Grah" and "Hahkun.” "battle. serious. battleship. graveyard. garden. mount.” Edited from "Grahz. Related to "Grah." with the suffix "end." "battle. effort.” — n. ● n.” "graveplace. — n. riften . grahmin GR4MIN graadnah GR1DN4 ○ n.” — n. greataxe. + n." "to remove. rid. From "Grahmindol. Derived from "Govey" "Remove. A phrase that means "Battle-Companion. gral GRAL graal GR1L ○ n. graak GR1K Literally translated. grave. slash. fortress. disaster. From "Grah.” to strike. Compound of "Grah" and "Staad.” grav GRAV graat GR1T — n. ○ adj. graadstaad GR1DST1D grahmindol GR4MINDOL — n. May be used as either a noun or adjective. or defeat/win against.” graar GR1R — adj.” now based on the canon word for "cloud. remove.” graag GR1G ● n. effortless. govir GOV7 grah GR4 — n. green. rout." and "Rot." From "Al. arena. cloud. ● n. gravel.” ○ v. stratagem . battleaxe. ○ v. battle.” grahstaad GR4ST1D ○ n. Edited from "Grahr" and "Graht. — n. rein.” gram GRAM ● n. goz GOZ "Geltviing" with "Grah.” govey GOV9 gradolv GRADOLV ● v. beat. removal. fighter aircraft or jet.

wolverine. From the Old English word "Grene.” 50 . From "Gro" and "Keitz. cliff. Related to "Tiid. ○ adj. endurance. almost. withstand. henceforth. — v. violence.'. wolf. bound. toad. ethics.” ○ n.” gremak GREMAK — adj. oftentimes. Inspired by "Grohiik. thrust.” Shortened from "Gravuunlom. violent. Can also be used as a verb." "bound list.” "request. oft. griir GR3R grokeitz GROK2TZ — adj. persevere. vulgar. — n. doubt. frequently. bequest. grin GRIN grolah GROL4 ○ n. Compound of "Gro. gravuunus GRAV5NUS From "Griindol" and "Unstiid. bond. morality." "to introduce.” grist GRIST greiz GR2Z ○ v. ● v. grolahnd GROL4ND grind GRIND — n.” grensesille GRENSESILLE ○ n. doubter. album. — adv. perseverance. "Grolah" with the suffix "-nd.” "almost always.” "wolf. raw. hence.” — n.” "flesh.” gro GRO ● adj. From Grind: meet. griid GR3D grohiin GROH3N ○ n. "to doubt.” griindol GR3NDOL grok GROK — adj.” "autumnwaters. moral. — adj. autumn. Diist: first.” — v. Literally "prison of souls.” but with more of a leaning toward comedic sexuality. soul cairn.” — n.” Also related to "Slen. endure.” grik GRIK ○ n. From "Grist." with the suffix "end.” grohiik GROH3K ● n. ethical. meet.” ● adj. gravuun GRAV5N grinstiid GRINST3D ● n. gritiik GRIT3K gren GREN — n.” "bound. — adv.” "Bind. introduction . Related to "Graar.” "time. + n. autumnal.” and "Laan. Bound as in. gristend GRISTEND greizah GR2Z4 ○ n.” "Grit" with suffix "-iik. bawdy. skeptic. From 'Gremak' meaning 'violent.” Edited from "Ren.” grem GREM grit GRIT — n.Dovahzul-English grindol GRINDOL Compound of "Gravuun" and "Lom. such. Referred to "Greiz. "Gravuun" with the suffix "-us.” ○ adj.” grol GROL griiv GR3V — n. "captured and bound. Derived from "Gron. grolaan GROL1N Edited from "Usuul. phase. introduce.” "crude. often.

Lit.” From "Grunvo. trot." "run. betrayal. likeliness. thick. gruin GRUIN gronsuleyk GRONSUL9K — n. Edited from "Gren. "Grozah" with the suffix "-om.” grozah GROZ4 grunvo GRUNVO — adj.” ○ n. gru GRU grunzah GRUNZ4 ○ v.” Pronounced "Groo-een. "Groso" with the suffix "-kei. ○ adj. bind.” grunvom GRUNVOM grozahom GROZ4OM — n. thorough. thickness. ○ adj.” ○ n. captive. suspect.” grundiik GRUND3K grotiin GROT3N — n. hostage.” — n. grudom GRUDOM — n. From "Ru." Edited from "Zodirn.” ● v. fugitive. "bound to sorrow. From "Gron" and "Suleyk. empower.” "thorough. chance. suspicious.” Can also be the verb form. dread. suspicion. Means "bind-voice.” grund GRUND — n.” Can be used as a noun. Derived from "Grozein. boundless." Edited from "Pras. regret. — adj.” gronzul GRONZUL grulus GRULUS ○ v. likely.” "bind. "Gron" with the suffix "-vu. "Grul" with the suffix "-us. muddy.” From "Gron.” grud GRUD grut GRUT — adj. Derived from Old Norse "gruna. jog. cartographer. groso GROSO ○ v. From "Grun. ogre. prisoner. gronvu GRONVU grul GRUL ○ adj. probability. — n. thoroughness. Slightly related to "Ru. From "Gol. sentence. grosokei GROSOK2 grundaar GRUND1R ○ adj. gruhon GRUHON 51 .” ○ n. — adj.” "bind. betray.” "suspect.” with the suffix "-iik. heavily.” grunah GRUN4 groonah GR8N4 ○ v.” Edited from "Prasus." Edited from "Dirn.” grunz GRUNZ grozein GROZ2N ○ n.” From "Gron. ○ v. Derives from Gruth.” The verb "to sentence" as in "deliver a sentence" rather than the grammatical unit. — n. gruth GRUTH "Grud" with the suffix "-om. "Grunr. ○ v.” "heavy." "earth.Dovahzul-English gron GRON — n.” "map. mud. Edited from "Grenzah. map.” Also related to "Gruth.” grotiinar GROT3NAR grunir GRUN7 — adv. Derived from Old Norse. regretful. heavy.” ● n.” Based on "Grotiin." "bind-power.” "to run. From "Grund.” meaning "Chance. prison.” "betrayal. probable. opportunity. mapmaker.

nail.” "earth. Informal. compliment.” it literally means "hand claw.” Derived from "Haal" and "Jusk. H guriid G63D — v. haal-klur H1L-KL6 Means "far-sky. ○ n. american football. — v." "rock. Gut-Lein. inn. haadvohiik H1DVOH3K gut GUT — n. far. outer space." "far-wonder. From "Grind.” From "Gut. "Gun" with the suffix "-iik.” gutzekein GUTZEK2N gul GUL + n. spaceship. gutlokviing GUTLOKV3NG Lit. bye. guur G5R gunaar GUN1R — interj. ● adj. — v. sniper. telegraph. From "Gut. artillery. forsworn. "hand-egg. planet. guarantee.” "far. ○ v. daydream. "far-sky-wing. cave.” + n. — v. smash.” Particularly can be used for native-born population of the Reach.” referring to the shape of the ball being held in the hand. phone. infuse.” — v.” it literally means "who denies his oath. goodbye.” gutvild GUTVILD 52 . haal H1L gutlok GUTLOK ● n. bale. sweat.” gutsiin GUTS3N haaljusk H1LJUSK + n. space. — n." and "Vild.” and "Dinok. guniik GUN3K guvok GUVOK — n.” ○ n.” Lit. crush. A compound of "Haad" and "Voh" with the suffix "-iik.” gutlein GUTL2N haaf H1F ○ n.” "death. From "Gut" and "Siin. visit. to "space out. Lit. Lit.” gutzul GUTZUL gun GUN + n. greet.” ○ n. imbue.” haal-mulrunaz H1L-MULRUNAZ gutom GUTOM + n." "far-sign. hand. + n. "far-voice. spaceshuttle. ○ n.” "hand. distance. football. "farness. Lit. handgun. battery. + n. gurah G64 — n. fingernail." literal adaptation. From "Gol.Dovahzul-English gruz GRUZ + n. gutovok GUTOVOK haalit H1LIT ○ v. handle. visitor.” guzor GUZOR guraad G61D — n. asteroid.” From "Haal" and "Mulrunaz. "far-batter" or "far-assault. telephone.” "meet.” From "Gut" and "Tovok. gutinok GUTINOK + n." "far. literally "Far world. From "Haal." Edited from "Hudin.

" "hand-shoe." From "Haal" and "Kot.” "meditate. From "Hadriid. concrete. hahgolt H4GOLT haar H1R ○ adj. Lokluv: Rain. weave. pillar. haav H1V ○ n. glove. mind. lantern.” and it seems to be the root of it. haalvit H1LVIT Edited from "Daak. poke.” "roar. malachite." From "Haal.” ● n.” — n. "Haalz" with the suffix "-iik. solid. meditate. inherent. Edited from "Hasiiv. Lit.” "hand. Haal: Hand. Edited from "Hjalok.” as in the time you spend alone with your mind i. inherit.” Edited from "Haalkun.” hahkreh H4KREH haas H1S 53 .” hadriid HADR3D ○ v.” ○ v. haavniid H1VN3D haalokluv H1LOKLUV — adj.e. meditation.” and means "Mind-Time. Edited from "Hav. dock. paw. applause / applaud.” hahkel H4KEL haaragelt H1RAGELT — n. "hand. touch.” — n. From "Haalvut. lunch. Related to "Gelt. meditate. health. ○ n. Edited from "Hjamid.” "book." "hand. Inspired by "Haal. clapper. tag. enter.” haalziik H1LZ3K hadroz HADROZ ○ n. clap.” Also the verb "to applaud. From "Haal. hah H4 haamid H1MID ● n. haalvut H1LVUT ● v. meditative. Edited from "Hanzin. "hand-light. heritage.” "animal. pet.” haalkun H1LKUN haavneviis H1VNEV3S ○ n.” — adj." "hand.” "inherit. novel. mind.” and "Raan. hadaak HAD1K ○ n. Edited from "Hjar" and "Hjaar." "grounded in the mind.” haan H1N hahdrim H4DRIM ○ n. specifically with one's hand.” — v.” "hand.” haalniv H1LNIV haavneyz H1VN9Z ○ v. substantial. haalvutir H1LVUT7 hadriidak HADR3DAK ○ v. april / rain's hand." "metal. From "Haal.” — v. Edited from "Nik. caress." Lit. A portmanteau of both "Hadrim" and "Tiid. "Hadriid" with the suffix "-ak.” — n. cheese.” "touch. — n.” — n.” Derived from "Deykel. haaz H1Z haalrein H1LR2N — v." Related to "Hah" and "Golt. Based on "Haavneyz. Synonyms with "Hahdrim. ○ n.Dovahzul-English haalkot H1LKOT ● n.” — v.” haalz H1LZ hadriidav HADR3DAV ○ v.

" "mind-storm.” Edited from "Hasoksegol.” hahsesiin H4SES3N hahmoor H4M8R + n. zoology.” "mind of god.” and "Lor. hahkun H4KUN "Mind of world.” hahlot H4LOT ○ v. "Mind of animals. Edited from "Hasok. Edited to "Hahlor. brainstorm.” ○ n. delusion.” hahsok H4SOK ○ n. practice. sentience. dream. archaeology." "mind. "Mind of the signs.” "Mind of the earth. brain.” hahselokos H4SELOKOS ● n.” "mind. biology. humør.” hahserah H4SER4 ○ n.” Edited from "Hasokselaas. + n. hahnuheim H4NUH2M ○ n. cosmology." "complete-minded.” hahsebom H4SEBOM hahtaar H4T1R + n." Related to "Hah. "Mind of life. physics. Lit.” ○ n. theology.” Edited from "Hasoksewuth. regard. discipline. "Study of the mind.” + n. custom. concern. ○ n." "mind. concern. tradition. "mind-bend.” "mind-great. "mind of voice. revere. Based on "Hah. conscience. mood.” 54 .” hahseraan H4SER1N hahlor H4LOR + n. geology. linguistics. riddle.” ○ n. From "Hah" and "Lot.” + n. vision.” "mind. hahnud H4NUD Lit.” hahnu H4NU hahsezul H4SEZUL ● n. From "Hah" and "Strun. A compound of "Hah" and "Rah.” hahsefil H4SEFIL hahulaan H4UL1N + n." Edited from "Hjumoor. hahleit H4L2T + n.” "mind. astronomy.” Edited from "Hasokseraan.Dovahzul-English hahselein H4SEL2N ○ v. Edited from "Aztiivan.” "to think.” hahselaas H4SEL1S hahvoth H4VOTH + n. field. school. astrology. axe. ○ v. dreamer." Edited from "Hjatir. ○ n. psychology.” Lit. hallucination. meteorology. the study of weather. sentient." "mind.” hahnurov H4N6OV hahstrun H4STRUN ○ n. Related to "Hah. Composed of the words Hahnu and Heim. Lit. "Mind of the old. From "Hah" and "Lokos. it literally means Dream-Forge and refers to the state in which one enters when having visions or hallucinations. From "Hah.” "Mind of Motion.” ○ n. Not the verb "to relate with. From "Hah. venerate. The noun or the verb. ○ n." "mind of weather. "mind of the stars. Slightly inspired by the Norwegian word for mood.” hahsegol H4SEGOL hahvaas H4V1S + n. study." From "Hah" and "Ulaan.” From "Hah. hahsoksehah H4SOKSEH4 + n.” hahsewuth H4SEWUTH + n.

hei H2 hakrim HAKRIM — pron. See "Hei. hefhah HEFH4 — v. henreid HENR2D hefrah HEFR4 — n. Lit. "Forge of Kyne.” hes HES hefsul HEFSUL — adj. imbecile.” and "Voth.” "you all. otherwise.” — n.” Means "five-side." "sweet-cream. blacksmith. yourselves. + n. Speaking to a plural group rather than a singular "you. heimsekaan H2MSEK1N "Haav" with the suffix "-aat. ○ n. Lit. heimiik H2M3K From "Haar. "half-god. forger. ○ n.” Literally. skyforge. dwarf. hefahdon HEF4DON — pron. your/yours. forge. five. helt HELT ○ n.” — n. — n. hel HEL Hef + Hah + -us. tape.” hahvothzuk H4VOTHZUK hefyaav HEFY1V ○ adv.” hef HEF hein H2N — adj.” heinmaar H2NM1R hefahus HEF4US — pron. idiot.” "mind. "Heim" with the suffix "-iik.” "that which is entered." Edited from "Heimselok. nightmare. acquaintance. — n. "Half Day. plural. liver. Compound meaning "half-man." "half-mind.” 55 . midget.” ● n. idiotic. sweet.” havaat HAV1T ○ n. From Hankal 'stick' and Deykraan 'paper'." Edited from "Hjaaris. hahvulon H4VULON From "Hef" and "Yaav." Edited from "Gufahdey. Lit. set.” handeykraan HAND9KR1N heikel H2KEL + n. radius. From "Hef" and "Hah. falter.Dovahzul-English hefvulon HEFVULON Derived from "Hah. Lit.” — v. Literally. sweetroll. smith. half.” — adj. — adj. hefvaak HEFV1K hespaagliik HESP1GL3K ○ v. hefmun HEFMUN hen HEN ○ n. "halfacross. entrance. pentagon. moronic.” hesbrot HESBROT — n. Literally. "Half Night. midday. stammer. midnight. stutter.” Edited from "Hakir. Derived from "Hef" ("Half") and "Tinvaak" ("Speak").” "pillar. you.” ○ n. pudding. entry. From "Hes" and "Paagliik. ○ n.” ○ n. heim H2M hariik HAR3K ● n. frame. plural. "half-friend.” Can only be used as a verb. See "Hei. stop. demigod. mindless. official. halfwit.” Edited from "Havaht.” — n. halt.” "with. "concerning more.

” "soul. formerly known as 56 . rave. ○ n.” "heart. fume. combine. brute." Refers to sound rather than linguistics. heartache." and "Tinvaak. het HET Altered spelling from "Lopghiim." "to combine or fuse. hi HI From "Hilk. major (music). Derived from "Hilk" and "Kiin.” "potato.” "sweet. fusion.” literally "City of Kings. you. heyv H9V ○ n. "Hez" with "Honaat. Edited from "Hiisk. ○ adj. A combination of "Hes.” "to help.” hiis H3S hevkah HEVK4 — adj." lit. hiim H3M — n." Edited ● n. consonance.” "applewater.” Edited from "Hiil" to avoid conflict with "Hil. abrupt. — n.” Edited from "Hespak.” — adj. Based on "Hil" and "Aus.” Edited from "Zahreik. windhelm. — n. — v.” "heart-suffering.” hiiv H3V hevnaar HEVN1R — v.” — n.” Literally." "helping friend. fuse. ivarstead." "speech. Modified from "Hevno. A combination of "Hiim" and "Jun.” and "Hopik. hez HEZ hild HILD — adj. consonant. sweet potato .” hezhonaat HEZHON1T hilk HILK + n. From "Hevno.” hilkiin HILK3N ● pron." "brutal. "Hiif" with the suffix "-nu. "Hez" with "dremhah. combination. reach.” a brutal stop.” Lit "Bright Harmony.” hevnoraak HEVNOR1K hilaus HILAUS ● n. Refers to the musical term. hiimsejun H3MSEJUN hevaak HEV1K ○ n. "mixed-born.” hesvun HESVUN hiik H3K — v. mixture. benefactor. here. clench. brutality.” hiifnu H3FNU — n. apple. From "Hiif.” Edited from "Zahrikaus. mix. A combination of "Hes" (sweet) and "Vun" (tongue). brutal. cider. shrill. heart.” ● n.” "brutal.” ○ v. duty. flatter. helpless. yam. help. "bright sound" or "bright-sounding. hybrid. From "Hevno. hiifahdon H3F4DON hillgrundhofkah HILLGRUNDHOFK4 ○ n.” hevno HEVNO hil HIL ● adj.” A compound of "Hild" and "Lom. bright. hiif H3F ○ n.Dovahzul-English hespik HESPIK from "Hiifarmah. ○ n. — v.” ● adv. hezdremhah HEZDREMH4 hildlom HILDLOM + adj.” "brutal. From "Sil. hilkaan HILK1N — n. city.

hindah HIND4 hirvut H7VUT ○ n. hope. hofkahsejun HOFK4SEJUN hinzaal HINZ1L ● n. homeland. acre .” hindnu HINDNU hiznaar HIZN1R ○ adj. favor. delicate. implication. quadrilateral. "Hind" with the suffix "-nu." The verb "to imply" and the noun "implication." "Stupid fool. Follows the same root as "zirokey" (bicycle) but with the number "hir. — n. ignorant.” — n.” — n. substance. hireid H72D himur HIM6 — n.” lit. dainty. hir H7 57 . Edited from "Hudaal. idiocy. trough. pitchfork. Edited from "Hiskeil. "to ache. ache. — n. Literally "House of (the) King. From Icelandic "heimskur. 'farm-fork. dumb.” — adj. Edited from "Hinskey. hiraak H71K Lit. — n." "wish/hope. yourself." "favor" with the suffix "-aal. Edited from "Hundah" to relate to "Hind. Edited from "Hiriid. your." "animal. Alternate spelling of "Hin. himkah HIMK4 Comes from "Hir. hofkahzof HOFK4ZOF "Hinz" with the suffix "-aal. — n.” hinmaar HINM1R hod HOD ○ pron. stupidity. Lit." Related to "Raan. quad bike. steading / farm.” — v." related to "Hindah. pig. manger.” . hedgehog.Dovahzul-English hillgrund's steading.” hinz HINZ hodraan HODR1N ○ n.” — n. four. Edited from "Hraas." Edited from "Hinskaal.” hiraas H71S himdah HIMD4 — adj. idiot.” hindahraal HIND4R1L hiskol HISKOL ○ adj.” hin HIN + n. land.” — n. palace. your.” hind HIND hirthod H7THOD ● v.” hinz-mey HINZ-M9 hofkah HOFK4 ○ adj. wish. Edited from "Hiznor.” Referred to "Hraak. ● pron. strawberry. — adj. "Hillgrund's stead(ing). "Hir" with "Reid.” him HIM — n. "four-side. ● pron. quadruple. home. hopeless.” Edited from "Hinsk. Edited from "Hodrahn.” hiran H7AN Amended definition to differentiate it from "Hofkiin. imply.” hirokey H7OK9 Edited from "Hjemur.'. yours. exquisite. Also a verb. maze.” — n. stupid.” ○ n. The reflexive singular of "Hi. ignorance. favorable.” ● n. rectangle.

acoustic.” Edited from "Honaht. noise.” "to hear. It is above the hilt." lit.” hokaalvoth HOK1LVOTH — prep. "Hond" with the suffix "-ativ. ○ adj. Edited from "Honfask. aural. hokdeiniik HOKD2N3K ○ n." Edited from "Bodenaar. astray. Hofkiin with the suffix -vu. Derived from the composition of the words "Hokoron" and "Zii. demon.” hok HOK honahlaat HON4L1T — v. owl. sound. crossing. cross-guard. Conjunction of "Hok" and "Deiniik" meaning "Cross" and "Guard. hol HOL hofkiinus HOFK3NUS — n.” ○ adj. Edited from "Hopak." Edited from "Honand." refers to a musical note.” hokaal HOK1L — v.” hofkinaar HOFKIN1R ○ n. note.” ○ v. "Hon" with the suffix "-uv.” hokoron HOKORON ● n. honuv HONUV ○ adj. hear.Dovahzul-English hofkiin HOFK3N "Hokzii" with the suffix "-us. cross.” 58 . Lit. ○ n. Edited from "Hokziil. honaat HON1T — adj." Edited from "Bodeiken" and "Bodeinspaan. tonality. tune." Edited from "Hondiir.” "with which one hears. hond HOND Edited from "Hankal. potato." "away-ward. ○ adj. home. melody.” "house-shield.” ○ n. From "Hon. sense.” honaatmuluv HON1TMULUV ○ adj.” ● n. "Honaat" with "Mul. tonal. From "Hon" and "Lovaas. ear.” honaatmul HON1TMUL hofkinspaan HOFKINSP1N ○ n. steward. "Hofkiin" with the suffix "-us. "Honaatmul" with suffix "-uv. Lit. housekeeper. "sound-strength. shade. sensation. honiir HON3R A place that is crossed. housecarl. enemy / enemies. ghost. demonic.” ○ n. "home-servant. From "Hon.” with the suffix "-niir. From "Honah. ○ n.” hon HON hofkiinvu HOFK3NVU ● v.” hofnaar HOFN1R honah HON4 ○ n." The metal guard that is at the base of the sword." "of or pertaining to hearing or sound.” hokaat HOK1T — n. Hok plus -aat.” demon-like." "house." "that which is sensed." "to hear. hondativ HONDATIV — n.” "sense" with suffix "-aat. "Hon" with the suffix "-aat. adhesive. Derived of the words "Hofkiin" and "Spaan. pass. homely. "of or pertaining to tone. "stick-with. homeless.” "that which is heard. crossway. glue.” ○ n." Edited from "Bodriis. estate. stick. away. honvaas HONV1S hokzii HOKZ3 ○ n.” hopik HOPIK hokziinus HOKZ3NUS — n. Related to "Hofkiin.” lit. tone.

” — v. Expanded definition to include "snare. Related to "Hun.” — adj. iilahkin 3L4KIN Lit.” — v. requirement.” ○ adj. slap. iilah 3L4 hotus HOTUS — n. host HOST — v. ○ n. trap / lure / snare.” ● adj. moon." "Huvut" with the suffix "-aat.” and "Haal. A combination of the words "caution" and "less." "that which is required.” "strike. hun HUN iilahnuv 3L4NUV 59 . distant." Edited from "Hunjah. goose. heroic. horotviing HOROTV3NG Edited from "Hu'um. giant. Expanded definition to include "Ensnare. hunaar HUN1R From "Hiraak. hot HOT iidah 3D4 — n. hearken. gigantic. remote. From "Nos. helicopter. heed.” hos HOS ○ v. giant." Edited from "Hrotey. — adj. hulir HUL7 — n. trophy. "floating wing. Based on the Norse "jotunn.” horaat HOR1T — v. wanton.” "hand. cascade. Verb only. and a noun. flicker. gargantuan. hover. Noun only. hud HUD From "Iilahkun.” Edited from "Iilahaan.” Edited from "Hrot. attack.Dovahzul-English horaak HOR1K ● n.” ○ n. Lit.” ● n. heroism. reckless." "hero. horvut HORVUT Edited from "Koshu'um. — v. moonlit.” — n." Edited from "Hraak. flick. Edited from "Hros. heedless.” huz HUZ ○ v. huge. float. levitate." "to hover.” huzrah HUZR4 ● v." roughly "hero-ness.” iilahkun 3L4KUN — adj." "pig. From "Hun" with the suffix "-aar. require." Edited from "Hjotus.” Edited from "Hjot. horit HORIT hunzah HUNZ4 — v. boar. hungaar HUNG1R From "Horit. hark. — n. "giantly" or "giant-like. careless. A compound of "Iilah" and "Kun. hostov HOSTOV I — v. moonlight.” horos HOROS huvut HUVUT — n. trap / catch / ensnare. horvutah HORVUT4 huznu HUZNU ● v.” huvutaat HUVUT1T + n.” Can be both a verb. hero.

moonstone. A compound of "Iiz" and "Strun. embarrassing . sleet." "slave. picture.” Edited from "Iilahiil. blue giant. ilit ILIT "Iirik" with the suffix "-us. hockey. lead. intense .” — adj.” ilir IL7 iirikus 3RIKUS — n. enslave. "Ice Star. Derived from "Iiz" and "Zii. lunar. likeness.” "game.” "place. ice wraith.” meaning "a piece of ice. iizkred 3ZKRED + n. adapt.” iilahsufol 3L4SUFOL iizus 3ZUS — n. icy. chill.” Literally "Moon Sugar.” + n. "Ice rain.” not an animal's hide.” iliis IL3S ○ n. "Moon Day. conceal. chilly." Ogiim. blue giant star. Related to "Iiz. hide. inhon INHON iizrii 3ZR3 60 .” Edited from "Iizinrii.” ○ n.” ● n. Based on the word for "orc.” — n.” imaaraan IM1R1N ○ adj.” — adj. "to fish. A compound of "Iiz" and "Malur. control. hideout.” and "Staad.” "master-guide.” "ice-souled. direct. — adj. "Iiz" with the suffix "-us. iizlokluv 3ZLOKLUV inaak IN1K ○ n. The verb meaning "to hide. — n.” iilahsul 3L4SUL ikin IKIN ○ n. iinvak 3NVAK iliistaad IL3ST1D — v. moon sugar. fox.” "ice. blizzard.” ○ v.” "to hide. mer. in IN From "Iiz. ○ adj. iim 3M Can also be used as a verb. iirik 3RIK A compound of "Iliis. — v. — adj. ○ n.” "ice-storm. assuming it is equivalent to "Orsimer. ice. monday / morndas. iceberg. iiz 3Z ilos ILOS ● n. to preside over.Dovahzul-English ○ n.” "ice.” ○ v. From "In" and "Aak. From "Aar. iisk 3SK ilkoth ILKOTH — n. awkward.” — n. fang. imaar IM1R lit. Lit.” iizil 3ZIL ○ adj.” — v. image. iizfil 3ZFIL From "Iliis. A compound of "Iiz" and "Sil.” iilahsegol 3L4SEGOL iizstrun 3ZSTRUN ○ n. pitiless. heartless.” and "Kred. Lit. "Iilah" with the suffix "-nuv. enslaved. master.” "to hide. Imaar + -aan suffix. fish.” iizmalur 3ZMAL6 indagriin INDAGR3N ○ n.

titter. ireid 72D — n. inhus INHUS — n. Also a verb. From "Jahfur. iraz 7AZ — n. jeren JEREN jaaril J1RIL ○ adj. willpower. banter. irkbaan 7KB1N — v. Related to "Hah. jaufrah JAUFR4 — n. chortle.” jahfurt J4F6T — n. 61 ." "purple-pink. full. protect. evolve. heliotrope. jahrii J4R3 — adv. jovial.” "knowledge. orchid. gallows. — v. pervert. jah J4 inkoraav INKOR1V ○ n. fulfill. — adj. shop. Based on "Reid. — v. idol. Lit. "master-see. boggle. violet. jolly. jenkazaar JENKAZ1R — n. transformation. giggle. amethyst.” "mind. jer JER Also used as the verb.” — n. oversee.” — adj. aside. — v.” and "Mindah. easterly. camp. lead astray. east. shade. tint. ireik 72K Edited from "Jahr. both a noun and a verb. mastery.” jahdor J4DOR inlok INLOK — n. hatred.Dovahzul-English jag JAG — v. divert. jazbaar JAZB1R — n.” ○ v. headmaster.” "side. ● n.” "master. jahfir J4F7 inmindaar INMIND1R — v.” ● n. J jensoqat JENSOQAT ○ adj. minute. jahkiit J4K3T Refers to the plant/herb. Simplified "Irkbo" and "Irkbaan" into one word. jahfur J4F6 Related to "In. Can also be used as a verb. hate. transform. From "Jen" and "Soqat. mint.” jakah JAK4 — n. + n." Edited from "Jafuurend.” — v. distract. izaak IZ1K jen JEN — n. goffer. inzah INZ4 Edited from "Jafuur. irud 7UD jekah JEK4 — v. habit.” jaald J1LD — n. manage. merry. — n. — adj. irthaas 7TH1S jeh JEH — n. purple. chuckle. will. eastern. develop. Inspired by Icelandic "tjalda.

Related to "Kriist. joy. "to reflect. people." "private work.” "people. obstacle.” "confuse. hurray. jul JUL jonogah JONOG4 ● n. Related to "Jor.” — n. "reflection.” jokaar JOK1R juk JUK — v. queenly. queen. dilemma. texture. jisdeyn JISD9N jud JUD — n.” "person. Expanded definition to include "jaw.” Edited from "Jeer" to "Jir. Related to Jor: Person. crowded.” "mortalmade. maim. populated. shrub. public. or encouragement.” — v. jeykiiv J9K3V ○ n. Yay is an informal word that expresses triumph. individual. ○ adj.” as "ee" isn't used in Dovahzul. quandary. person. manmade. From "Jeyk. joraas JOR1S jifiin JIF3N ○ n. yay. ● n. peopled. maul. man / mankind / humans / — n. jisdeynaan JISD9N1N judus JUDUS — n.” jeyk J9K jor JOR — v. humanity. confusion. ○ n. martyrdom. and Joor: Mortal. jin JIN jot JOT — n. ○ adj. confidential.” "to stand. maw / jaw. "Jud" with the suffix "-us. martyr. Related to "Jor. jeydahk J9D4K joormur J8RM6 — n. sabre cat. A compound of "Jot" and "Kaaz. cone." "berry. and Joor: Mortal. copyright. bush.” Something that stands against or in the way.” and a verb.” joraan JOR1N jeyzok J9ZOK ○ adj. ○ n. jiist J3ST From "Jormaar" and "Kroson. reflection.” Expanded definition to include "humanity. pillow.” + n.” jir J7 jotkaaz JOTK1Z — n. jormaar JORM1R jiik J3K ○ adj. approval. ○ n. jormaar-kroson JORM1R-KROSON — n. A compound of "Joor" and "mur.” ● n. Also used as the adjective. ● n. crew. mulberry. Joy. reflect. Can be used as both a noun.” Edited from "Jeykaal" to "Jeydahk. From Joriin: people.” — n.” Edited from "Joraan.” jormah JORM4 ○ n. private. Related to "Ogah. ○ n. artificial. mortal. Derived from Jiik. joor J8R 62 ." not to be used to refer to an individual human. Edited from "Jii" to "Jiik." Means the collective "all men" or "all humans. jii J3 joriin JOR3N — interj. huzzah.Dovahzul-English "Jer" with the suffix "-en. confuse.” "Maw Cat. mar.

From "Kaag" with the suffix "-uv. kaag K1G — v. kaat K1T juvroh JUVROH ○ v. explosive. score. burst. sag. relief. burst. — n. -iik. disobedient. kaas K1S jusknu JUSKNU — adj. pop. clawless. -er.” emotion.” "pain. carved words. kyne. ● n. kingly. "Kaag" with the suffix "-end.” — n. May be rarely used to refer to "light" or a "guiding light.” kaasendaar K1SEND1R — n. kingship. immoral." The noun from of "Tii. kaal K1L jundein JUND2N ● n.” K julon JULON ○ n. explode. point. challenge. Lit.” kaagrelt K1GRELT jun JUN ○ n. — v. kaagend K1GEND jum JUM — n. carving." Edited from "Keit. cage. — v. shirt.” — n. pang.” — n. kingdom. light.Dovahzul-English For this see "Mun. king.” "queen.” "night. ○ n.” From the Finnish word "Juoma" (liquor). nocturnal. ○ n. challenger. champion.” and "Vulon. droop. guar.” ● n.” — n. kaatoz K1TOZ 63 . jusk JUSK Edited from "Kahr" to avoid association with "Kahriil. elsweyr. wayward. juriik J63K kaap K1P — n.” Refers to the Daedric Prince. count. From "Vaat. jur J6 kaan K1N — v. embossment. Shortened from "Juum. "claw count. Derived from Krelt and Kagaav. cell. ● n. kaam K1M ○ adj. promise. dose. medallion. "Jun" with the suffix "-us. sharp sudden pain or painful "Jusk" with the suffix "-nu.” kaask K1SK ○ n. juskov JUSKOV From "Faaz. jusktii JUSKT3 Short for "desert of Khajiit.” kaaley K1L9 junus JUNUS — n.” kaaguv K1GUV junaar JUN1R — adj. liquor." See also "Kun. — n. unruly. explosion. From Jur: to challenge. blast. Particularly. blast." "to swear. From the words "Jud. kaarn K1RN juros J6OS — adj. Medal and Amulet/Pendant. claw / talon. Derives from "Jun" and the suffix "-dein.

contract.” — v. From "Kagaav.” — v. fable. kagaav KAG1V kahtu K4TU — n.” "self. skin. kahmaariik K4M1R3K Can also be used as a verb. cauldron.” and "-maar. From "Kah.” kahnezah K4NEZ4 karon KARON — n. epic. oil.” to boast. — n. kaazloz K1ZLOZ kahrun K4RUN ○ n. authority. kahmaar K4M1R — n. — n. celestial. kaazegram K1ZEGRAM Based on "Kahriil. fabulous.” kagugoz KAGUGOZ kalah KAL4 — n. swagger.” "sharp. epic. one who boasts. Related to "Karaak.” Plural is Kalumuz. karaak KAR1K ○ v. Based on "Kinzon. pride.” kadul KADUL kahruz K4RUZ — adj. cacophony.” karaas KAR1S ○ n. renown. "to skin. grease." "pride. — adj. baggage. kahest K4EST From "Kaliid. — n.” "pendant. Literally "one who takes pride in themselves.” "pride.” — n. kaliid KAL3D kahforaan K4FOR1N — n." "name. pendant. wear. ox. kitten.” "skin.” so great as to be from fable or myth.Dovahzul-English ○ adj. heavenly. cocoa.” kalul KALUL kahl K4L — n. kagiin KAG3N kalaas KAL1S — n. braggart.” it literally means "Ox-man. — n. From "Kah. minotaur. story.” "chocolate." and "Foraan. poem. leopard. ○ n.” "fable. Referred to "Kahriil. cargo. clannfear. Translated to "cat of the clouds" due its spots. Derived from "Kalul" and "Mun.” "poem.” ○ n. Literally means "cat cub. corner. kahlos K4LOS kalyul KALYUL — n. dress.” See also "Naag. ajar. — n. From "Kahmaar. charm. mythical. Edited from "Kaazsegram. gloat. — n. kahnzon K4NZON kasiil KAS3L 64 .” — adj.” "story. — adj. lash. kah K4 kalidaal KALID1L ● n. — n. chaurus. cat / khajiit. boast. kaaz K1Z kahriik K4R3K ● n.” kahriil K4R3L — n. amulet. verse. — n.” Related to "Elaas. poet. serrated. kalumun KALUMUN kahliir K4L3R ○ n. luggage.” From "Kalah.

” katurah KAT64 — n. list. who (generally without any cavalry of their own) required armament against cavalry. — n. warlike. kav KAV keitz K2TZ — n. kehah KEH4 ● n. Based on "Kein. Also a noun. trapped. bark. an area in the western Scottish Highlands. clash. quartz. ○ n.” kavrot KAVROT keizaal K2Z1L — v. as opposed to the English verb "to pelt. revolution. kathral KATHRAL keinveysun K2NV9SUN — n. keil K2L An animal's bark. rabbit. as the weapon was employed principally by the Scottish highlanders. elder scroll. kel KEL — n. Also the word for "to taste. cotton. first dragon war. An animal pelt. ○ n.” keinus K2NUS kastalir KASTAL7 ○ adj.” Edited from "Sahlok" to avoid confusion with the dragon "Sahloknir. stuck. kazaar KAZ1R ● n. Combines "kein" (war) and "joor" (mortal). From Old Norse "kenna" and a reversal of "Naak. ken KEN keinlahzey K2NL4Z9 ○ n. deliver.” Edited from "Grahveysun. A compound of "Kein" and "Lahzey. battlemage. ○ n. kem KEM — v.” ○ n. ken KEN Edited from "Keir. supernatural. — n. hide. surcoat. taste. revolt. lochaber axe. the Dragons refer to it as "The War of Mortals.” "ship.” "Horvutah" implies being lured or tricked. quarrel. warmage.” "phantom sky hunter.” and "Veysun.” "war. rebellion. floor. Lit.” keilmiiraad K2LM3R1D ○ v. "Kein" with the suffix "-us. consummate. — n. kast KAST — adj. as opposed to the bark of a tree.” kelnat KELNAT — v. kitchen.” kein K2N ● n. keinul K2NUL Differs from "Horvutah. The name of the weapon derives from Lochaber. uncanny. eerie. pelt. fray. taste / flavor / flavour. warship. This means being stuck or trapped in a position without being tricked or lured into that position. hare.Dovahzul-English ○ n.” The Lochaber axe was a Scottish war axe that came into use around 1600. skyrim.” "to eat. Known as the First Dragon War to the Nords.” ○ n.” — adj. unsettling. riot. Related to "Kein. coat. war.” "having the qualities of war. Related to "Hahkun. kaviir KAV3R keiz K2Z — n. "floor door.” "war. trapdoor. Compound of "Kein.” kendaar KEND1R keinsejoorre K2NSEJ8RRE 65 . roof.” — n. kelm KELM ○ n.

warrior. kesaal KES1L — adj. equip.” Plural is "Keymuz.” with the suffix "-us.” "cage. rotate. ○ n.” "circle." "flavor. — v. keyd K9D — n. kesk KESK kenfiir KENF3R — n. ket KET From "Kenlok. kent KENT kethey KETH9 ○ v.” "horse. edge. — adj. Related to "Fent. crone. "taste. Lit.” — n.” From "Tokaan. coin.” ○ adj.” kerluvak KERLUVAK ○ n.Dovahzul-English ○ n.” kenlir KENL7 — v.” — v. — adj. disdain.” From "Kaask.” — n. Related to "Ken. corn. tempestuous.” "Number.” "circle. kenlok KENLOK ketaan KET1N — n. detest. ketak KETAK "Kenlok" with the suffix "-us. steed. equipped. ketokaan KETOK1N kenus KENUS — n. keyhofkiin K9HOFK3N From Old Norse "kerling. paladin. kenlokus KENLOKUS Ket + -aan. Derived from Old Norse "Korn. ○ adj. Edited from "Ken" and "Kend.” "shall.” key K9 kenvu KENVU ● n. kerl KERL ○ n. kestus KESTUS Related to "Kenlok. 66 . equipment. "taste. kendov KENDOV "Kes" with the suffix "-aal. Based on "Key.” Ruvak "raven. loop. round. insipid. centaur. ○ adj.” Edited from "Kend. circle.” with suffix "-vu. keyr K9R kes KES — n.” kest KEST kenlik KENLIK ● n.” — n.” — n. A compound of "Key" and "Mun. — n. circular. tasty. horse. week.” "having the qualities of a circle.” — n.” kern KERN ○ n. hag. marvel. tempest. "Kest" with the suffix "-us. limit. must. abacus. tasteless. keymun K9MUN Kerl "hag. abatis. anvil. From "Ken. limited. "horse home. despise. knight. stable.” — n. From "Ken. awe. tang. cycle.” ● n. Derived from "Kendov" meaning warrior.” keyal K9AL kerf KERF — n.” keyn K9N kervaaz KERV1Z ● n.” "having a limit. rib. Ket + -ak. hagraven.” it literally means "Horse-man.

childlike. childhood. "Key" suffixed with "Rek. A compound of "Kiindah" and "Qaar.” kiihus K3HUS kiiz K3Z — adj. "Kiir" with the suffix "-us. pregnant. young female horse. kiirus K3RUS + n. ash / ashes.” — n.” "wife. Related to "Kiim. Comes from words 'kiir' meaning 'child'.” keyriin K9R3N kiindahqaar K3ND4Q1R ○ n. colt. kiibok K3BOK ● n. kiiraal K3R1L ○ v. mushroom. ashen. "Ash-soil. 67 ." "play.” "with child. filly. From "Kiibok. Uses the same suffix as "Qahnaarin.” keyraan K9R1N kiin K3N ○ n. leader.” kiibokaar K3BOK1R kiird K3RD ○ n.” "horse." "servant. ○ n. birthsign. Lit. acolyte.” "Vanquisher." and "Aar. and 'dreh' meaning 'do'. follow.” Can also be used as a verb. ○ n.” Is its own plural.” — n. stallion. kiidenek K3DENEK ○ n. "Child-do" which loosely means "That which a child would likely do. ○ adj. child / children. pact. bride. play. "Kii" with the suffix "-us. "to awe or to marvel. Derived from "Kiin" and "Noot. keyrek K9REK kiindah K3ND4 ○ n. follower.” keyroon K9R8N kiindahsul K3ND4SUL ○ n. birth. ● v. kiibam K3BAM kiir K3R — n. birthday.” ○ n. From "Kiird. podzol. A compound of "Kiin" and "Dahsul. Lit. ● n. birthright.” ○ adj.” kii K3 kiinoot K3N8T — n.” — adj. talent.” keyrok K9ROK kiindahsiin K3ND4S3N ○ n. childish.” leader. mare. "Kiir" with the suffix "-aal.” ○ n. A compound of "Kiindah" and "Siin. A young horse of either gender.Dovahzul-English kiimah K3M4 Pronounced like "care. wife.” kiirdaas K3RD1S kiid K3D ○ adj. Derived from "Kinbok. kiirmaar K3RM1R . pent.” kiibokin K3BOKIN ○ n. A young male horse. Based on "Key. foal. "Key" suffixed with "Rok. creation.” ○ n. shut in.” ○ v. born." "to follow." meaning "inborn skill. playful. kiim K3M kinbok KINBOK ● n. A modification of "Kiin.

skewer. bin. Based on "Kinzon. circlet. puncture. From "kliiz" and "faak".” Also can be used as a verb. kirt K7T kinbokrot KINBOKROT — v. kinziik KINZ3K klahd KL4D ○ n. sharp.” "war. kliiz KL3Z kirg K7G — v. crib. Refers to "Kip. sharpness. penetrate. hatch. klad KLAD ○ v. ○ v. digest. pierce.” + n.” — n. amputate." "clinging foot scale. leadership.Dovahzul-English kinbokein KINBOK2N — n. siege. hay.” kliif KL3F — v. adhere. digestion.” "sharp. lance. ingenious. ● n. "Kliizfaak" + "-aat".” — v. general. knock. besiege.” and "Kein. gut.” "leader. "Digest. stabber.” "Digestion. can refer to both an amputee or his removed appendage." and "Vrii. impale. food.” "to puncture. kleiro KL2RO kinzonom KINZONOM — n.” From "Kleiro" with the suffix "-us. tap. command. "Nust kirgar Ahrolsedovah. klav KLAV kinzon KINZON — n. coal." See also "Uth. ant. From "Klur" and "Kiin." "Koz. sever. ○ v.” kleirus KL2RUS kinzuk KINZUK — adj.” "sharp. stab. load. Lit. severed limb. faucet. Refers to "Kipah. ○ n. cling.” klaan KL1N kinz KINZ — v. "Kinz" with the suffix "-iik. A compound of "Kinbok.” kleydo KL9DO kip KIP — n. gecko. kipah KIP4 kliifkozvrii KL3FKOZVR3 ○ n. From "Kliif. — n. "leading word. kirkel K7KEL klo KLO 68 . kleyt KL9T kipaar KIP1R — n. cleave. Based on "Kinzon. bowel. intestine.” — v.” kipraan KIPR1N kliin KL3N ● n. Based on "Kinz. fountain. ● adj. ○ n. meal. kliizfaak KL3ZF1K kirgar K7GAR — v.Noun and verb: means both amputation and to amputate. dry. kirod K7OD ○ n. — n. Also is a verb meaning "to lay siege to". ○ n. amputation.” kliizfakaat KL3ZFAK1T kirkah K7K4 — n.” Edited from "Kleir. amputee. — n.” "Food. genius. sustain. church.” kiraav K71V — n.

klus KLUS kohet KOHET ○ n. Compound of "Ko" and "Het. thanks. Based on the canon "Kogaan.” kol KOL ko KO ● n. in. therein.” ○ adj.” "sky. inhabit. percent. often left to context. From "Klo" with the suffix "-us." "in-here.” ○ v. "in. initial. Lit. original. kodiist KOD3ST klohus KLOHUS ○ adj. herein. link. occupy. ● n. From Old Norse "hauss" and "Klov.'. confinement. rasp.” kobiil KOB3L — v. kolahniik KOL4N3K ○ n. airborne. Can be also used as an adjective. A compound of "Klo" and "Strun. egg. bulk." "in-this. confine. headache. reside. — n. — n. rough. narrate. klofraan KLOFR1N kodaav KOD1V ○ adj. Ko: in.” "regret. Not commonly used. sandstorm. wield. From "Fun.” Also can be used as a noun: "Original. to link. crag.” ● n." "to tell.” ● v. coarse. Ben: hundred.” Can be used as a noun. ○ v.” "Primary source.” kogroso KOGROSO klozul KLOZUL ○ v. scratch. "The feeling of sand. repent. "bind within. recount. kod KOD kolok KOLOK ○ adj.” A noun and a verb." Edited from "Huus. bear. The 'r' is rolled more deeply than usual. Literal compound. Derived from "Kos" and "Diist. Lit.” "to live in. sandy. ● prep. "Thanks" is an informal definition. kogur KOG6 klur KL6 — v.” klostrun KLOSTRUN ○ n. kogron KOGRON klovnus KLOVNUS ○ v. kodaar KOD1R kolos KOLOS 69 . kolkir KOLK7 From Norwegian for "connect. kogaan KOG1N klovhod KLOVHOD ● n. kolahn KOL4N ○ v. Lit. blessing." "head. secure. bust. aloft.” it literally means "be first. resident. bless.” klov KLOV ● n. sand. "head-statue.” ○ adv.” See also "Lok.” kog KOG ○ v. ○ n. skull.” ○ n.Dovahzul-English ○ adv.” "blessing. From "Ko" and "Lahney. Compound of "Ko" and "Daar. From "Groso. Literally 'sand-voice.” koben KOBEN ○ n.” klor KLOR kofun KOFUN — v. Adapted from "Ko" and "Lahney. head.

kopraanun KOPR1NUN komeykaan KOM9K1N ○ n.” ● adv. infliction. — n. proclaim. grain. anatomy. Edited from "Mahn. See also "Gaar." Also as a noun.” kolov KOLOV — v. invite. From "Kol. From "Nos." "to decide.” "Body-Strong. 70 .” "to be. declaration." "to proclaim. decide." "proclaiming words. From "Kopraan" and "Mul. issue / issued / let loose.” komandaal KOMAND1L koos K8S — adj. A compound of "Ko" and "Los. .” you would say "kolos .” "like or as. kolzakiiv KOLZAK3V — v. hold.Dovahzul-English ○ n.” "crag.” with "Ko.” "in.” literally "a thing that holds decision. "Koor" with the suffix "-us. arbitrary . Edited from "Frimtiir.” koor K8R komah KOM4 ● n.” "in-fall. grotto. plunge. konaar KON1R — n. wherein. From "Piraan.” komiin KOM3N ○ n." "claim. inflict. From "Kos.” kopiraan KOP71N ○ v.” "to fall into.” komeyt KOM9T ● v." "to strike. koniiyek KON3YEK — n.” komant KOMANT kopirot KOP7OT — n.” — v. design. "Kolov" with the suffix "-end.” ○ n. From "Kopiraan. chief. decision. beseem. girl. conformation.” koorus K8RUS ○ adj. A compound of "Ko" and "Mah.” Edited from "Mahndaal. ○ n. konos KONOS — n.” Doesn't need to be used with the prepositions "Ko" or "Kotin.. " instead of "kolos los . in which. fall (into).” From "Komaan. compliance. komaan KOM1N ○ v. chieftain. .” and "Med. integration. where. A compound of "Ko" and "Lost. Edited from "Framtiirend." and "Rot.” komed KOMED kopraamul KOPR1MUL ○ v. decisive.. summer.” kolost KOLOST ○ v. — n.” To say "where is . persuade. drug. contain." Related to "Komeyt..” ● n. "infliction. From "Mein. ○ v." "to issue. body. kon KON kolovend KOLOVEND — n.” konahrik KON4RIK kolraag KOLR1G ● n. schematic. integrate." Edited from "Mahnd. comply. invitation. conform. ○ n.” komeyk KOM9K kopraan KOPR1N ○ v. "Komaan" with the suffix "-aal.” "to have-in. proclamation. summery.” "plot or plan. warlord.” kongaar KONG1R kolvas KOLVAS — n. adrenaline. declare.

kopraanuv KOPR1NUV

koraazen KOR1ZEN

○ adj. bodily.
"Kopraan" with the suffix "-uv," "of or
pertaining to the body.”

○ n. insight.
Modified version of "see truth.”

korah KOR4

kopraanzii KOPR1NZ3

— v. believe.

○ n. embodiment, incarnation.
Compound of "Kopraan" and "Zii,” "bodyspirit.”

korasaal KORAS1L
— adj. possible.
Based on "Koraas" with the suffix "-aal.”

koprein KOPR2N

kord KORD

○ n. stance.
Derived from the words Kopraan and Dein, lit.
"Body-Keep,” as in holding a certain
defensive/offensive position.

— adj. prime.
koreyth KOR9TH
○ n. trunk.
From "Kopraan" and "Reyth.”

kopruzah KOPRUZ4

koriaan KORI1N

○ adj. positive.
"Pruzah" with "Ko,” being good.

○ adj. witnessed, observed.
"Observe" with the "-aan" suffix.

koraak KOR1K

korii KOR3

— n. belief.
Derived from "Korah,” "believe.”

○ v. witness, observe.
Derived from Koriim, "observer.”

koraaknu KOR1KNU

koriim KOR3M

○ n. atheist.
From "Korah" with the suffix "-nu," "without

○ n. witness, onlooker, observer.
Derives from "Koraav,” "to see.” A noun only.

koraas KOR1S

korin KORIN

— n. possiblity.

○ n. content, composition, constitution.
From "Ko," "in," denoting something that lies
within. Edited from "Puulin.”

koraav KOR1V
● v. see / sight.
Expanded definition to include "sight.”

koris KORIS

koraaveyz KOR1V9Z

○ v. insert, input, infix.
Literal translation: "ko" with "ris,” "in-put.”

○ n. glasses, spectacles, monocle,

koros KOROS

spyglass, any seeing aid made of glass.

○ v. happen, occur, transpire.
Based on "Kos,” an expanded meaning of "to

A compound meaning "seeing-glass.”

koraaviik KOR1V3K
○ n. seer, watcher.
Combines "Koraav" and the suffix "-iik.”

korosend KOROSEND

koraavmed KOR1VMED

— n. event, occurrence, occasion.
"Koros" with the suffix "-end.”

○ v. concur.
Literally, "see like." Expresses that you share the
same view as the speaker.

korosin KOROSIN
— n. ravine.

koraavnu KOR1VNU

korost KOROST

○ adj. blind.
Lit. "sightless." Edited from "Porah.”

— v. encounter.
Both the noun and the verb.

koraavuld KOR1VULD

kortuz KORTUZ

+ n. parallax.

○ n. rapier.

Lit. "seeing shift.”

korvan KORVAN


○ v. behave, function, perform, act.
From "Kos,” "to be.”

— n. alley.
korvanjund KORVANJUND

kosoveyd KOSOV9D

● n. korvanjund.
The final resting place of High King Borgas,
same in the Dragon Tongue as English.

○ n. behavior.

kostaad KOST1D

korvoth KORVOTH

— n. position.

○ n. concert.
From "Voth,” "with.”

Shortened from "Krostaad.”

kostim KOSTIM

kos KOS

— n. spider.

● v. be.

kostir KOST7

kosaan KOS1N

○ v. practice.
From "Kos,” "to be.”

○ v. been (have been).
The verb "kos" with the suffix "-aan.” "Zu'u
kosaan" = "I have been.”

kostiruv KOST7UV
○ adj. practical.
"Kostir" with the suffix "-uv,” "of or pertaining
to practice.” Edited from "Kostiriil.”

kosaat KOS1T
— v. collide.

kosungir KOSUNG7

Edited from "Kesat.”

kosaatak KOS1TAK

— n. jacket.

— n. collision.

Dereived from Old Norse.

kot KOT

"Kosat" with the suffix "-ak.” Edited from

— n. shoe.

kose KOSE

Edited from "Rikoz.”

○ n. origin.
Portmanteau of the words Kos "Be" and Se
"Of,” i.e. Of Dwemer Origin.

kotend KOTEND
— v. congest, clog, congestion.
Derived from "Tend,” "obstruct.” The verb "to
congest or clog" and the noun "congestion.”

koseik KOS2K
— adj. literal, literalness, inner or true

kothrakaas KOTHRAK1S
○ n. intercourse, exchange.
Related to "Ko,” "in,” and "Voth,” "with.”

Related to "Seik," "to mean.”

kosiir KOS3R

kotin KOTIN

— v. beware.

● prep. into.

kosil KOSIL

kotiv KOTIV

● adj. inner, within.
Is a compound of "Ko" and "Sil"; "kosil vokul,"
"an inner evil / an evil in the soul." For
inanimate objects, use "Ko" or "Zuko.”

○ adj. inward.

kotrin KOTRIN
— n. shoelace.

kosilahey KOSIL49

From "Kot" and "Trin," "shoe-string." Edited
from "Rikotrin.”

○ n. animosity.
From "Kosil" and "Lahey," "inner loathing.”

koven KOVEN

kosmey KOSM9

○ adv. somehow / someway.
Lit. "in some wind / by some wind." Edited from

○ v. pretend, feign, feint.
Noun or verb. From "Mey" and "Kos," "to

kovir KOV7

kosov KOSOV

— v. enjoy, indulge.
Edited from "Kujiir.”


kovolkniir KOVOLKN3R

kranasviilon KRANASV3LON

○ n. lid, seal.
Based on "Volk" with the suffix "-niir,”
"something used to hold something in.”

— n. tripwire.
A compound of "Kranas" and "Viilon.”

kranek KRANEK

kovolzah KOVOLZ4

+ n. gram.

○ adj. negative.
"Volzah" with "Ko,” "in-badness.”

Extended from "Kraan.”

krantok KRANTOK

kovon KOVON

— n. advantage, upper-hand.

— v. recite, declaim.

kras KRAS

koz KOZ

● adj. sick.

— n. foot / feet.

krasaar KRAS1R

The unit of measurement rather than the
physical foot. Is its own plural.

● n. sickness.

krasfaal KRASF1L

kozeim KOZ2M

○ n. corruption, virus, anything that

○ prep. throughout.
"Ko" compounded with "Zeim,” "In-Through.”

corrupts health.
From "Kras," "sick.”

koziir KOZ3R

krasliivin KRASL3VIN

○ n. quality.
From "Kos.” A trait or characteristic, rather
than something that is of high quality.

○ n. peryite.
A dragon name for Peryite, "Sick Wither

kraak KR1K

krasnovaar KRASNOV1R

— n. chalk.

● n. disease.

kraar KR1R

krasraan KRASR1N

— n. thrash.

○ n. infection.
Derived from the words Kras and Ahraan, lit.

Edited from "Jaar.”

kraaz KR1Z
— n. spite.

krastak KRASTAK

krah KR4

○ v. vomit, puke.
Based on "Kras," "sick.”

● n. cold.

krahoskad KR4OSKAD

krastov KRASTOV

+ n. fridge, refrigerator.

○ adj. vile, gross, disgust.
From "Kras," "sick." The adjective "vile/gross"
and the verb "to disgust.”

Lit. "cold container.”

krahral KR4RAL

krasum KRASUM

— n. kneecap.
krahus KR4US

○ v. snuffle, sniffle, wheeze.
A compound of "Kras" and "Sum,” it literally
means "sick breathing.” Can also be used as a

○ adj. cool.
From "Krah," "cold.”

kramin KRAMIN

kravein KRAV2N

— n. kettle.

— n. nephew.

kran KRAN

krazahd KRAZ4D

— n. tide, tides.

— n. goal, target, aim.

kranas KRANAS

From "Zahd," "point." Edited from "Krazahl.”

kred KRED

— v. trip, stumble, fall over.


— n. game.

● v. break, shatter.
Expanded definition to include "shatter.”

kreh KREH

krenbahlok KRENB4LOK

● v. bend.

○ n. breakfast.
Compound of "Kren,” "break,” and "Bahlok,”

krehlim KREHLIM
○ adj. limber, supple.
From "Kreh,” "bend.”

kreniik KREN3K

krehpaagol KREHP1GOL

○ n. breaker.
"Kren" with the suffix "-iik.”

○ adj. bowlegged .
Lit. "bend,” "walk.”

krenlom KRENLOM

kreidol KR2DOL

○ n. surf.
From "Kren" and "Lom," to describe water
breaking upon the shore.

— n. granite.
krein KR2N

krenlom-viing KRENLOM-V3NG

● n. sun.
See also "Shul.”

+ n. surfboard.

kreinfruk KR2NFRUK

From "Krenlom" and "Viing," "surf-wing.”

krenmah KRENM4

○ n. mango.
From "Krein" and "Fruk," "sun-fruit.”

○ v. crash, crash landing, esp. from

kreintor KR2NTOR


○ n. november / sun's dusk.
Tor: dusk, krein: sun.

From "Kren" and "Mah," "breaking-fall.”

krenok KRENOK

kreinvu KR2NVU

○ v. divide, separate, split, division,

○ n. february, sun's dawn.
Lit. "Sun Dawn.”

separation, schism.
From "Kren,” "break.” The verb "to divide" and
the noun "divide / division / separation.”

kreinvulon KR2NVULON

krent KRENT

○ n. solar eclipse, sun-night.
Composed of the words Krien and Vulon, it
literally means Sun-Night.

● adj. broken, shattered.
Expanded definition to include "shattered.”

krek KREK

krent-hah KRENT-H4

○ n. bend, crook, nook.

+ n. disorder, mental illness or disorder.

krel KREL

Literally "Broken Mind.”

krentaan KRENT1N

○ adj. crooked, bent, curved, curled.
Derived from "Kreh,” "to bend.”

○ v. sunder.
From "Kren" and "Krent," "to break" and

krelt KRELT
○ n. medal.
Derived from Gelt and Kerf, metal and coin.

krentar KRENTAR
— v. surrender.

kreltuz KRELTUZ

kresel KRESEL

○ n. sickle.
Lit. "curved blade.”

— v. sizzle, crackle, sputter.

krelzahkrii KRELZ4KR3

krey KR9

○ n. saber, scimitar, cutlass, any kind of

— n. vine.
kreyn KR9N

curved sword.
A compound of "Krel" and "Zahkrii,” "curved

○ n. blight.
From "Feyn,” "bane.”

kren KREN


krezah KREZ4

kriivah KR3V4

○ n. scythe.
Taken from Kreh meaning bend and Zahkrii
meaning sword.

● n. murder.
Noun or Verb.

kriivahkei KR3V4K2

krif KRIF

○ adj. murderous.
"Kriivah" with the suffix "-kei.”

● v. fight.

krifiik KRIF3K

kriivat KR3VAT

○ n. fighter.
From Krif, "to fight.”

○ v. assassinate, assassination.
Related to "Kriivah,” "murder.” Edited from

krii KR3

kril KRIL

● v. kill.

● adj. brave.

kriid KR3D

krilaan KRIL1N

● n. killer / slayer.

○ n. bravery.
From "Kril,” "brave.”

kriik KR3K
— v. tie.

krilot KRILOT

kriilaanthuz KR3L1NTHUZ

● adj. valiant.

○ n. euthanasia.
Based on "Krii,” "to kill.”

krilzin KRILZIN
○ adj. doughty.
From "Kril," "brave," and "Zin," "honor.”

kriilom KR3LOM
○ v. evaporate.
From "Krii" and "Lom," "to kill water." The
verb "Dir" would be used for "evaporate" as an
intransitive verb; "the water died.”

krimaar KRIM1R
○ n. suicide.
From "Krii," "to kill oneself." Can also be used
as a verb that means "to commit suicide." Edited
from "Veslaad.”

kriin KR3N
● v. slay / slew.

krin KRIN

kriind KR3ND

● adj. courageous.

○ n. slaughter, the act of killing or

krinaan KRIN1N


○ adj. slain, past participle of "kriin.”
"Kriin" with the suffix "-aan.”

The noun from "Krii" with the suffix "-nd.”

kriing KR3NG

krisiiv KRIS3V

— n. bell.

— v. relax.

Edited from "Balah.”

krivaan KRIV1N

kriisjor KR3SJOR

● n. murderer.

— n. archon, magistrate, anyone in high

kriz KRIZ

Refers, to anyone holding a high office or power.

○ v. oppose.
Derived from Krizey: opponent. Krif: to fight;
Zeymah: brother.

kriist KR3ST
● v. stand.

krizaak KRIZ1K

kriitah KR3T4

— n. alternative.

— n. crypt.

Lit. "opposing,” "idea.”

kriithul KR3THUL

krizend KRIZEND

○ n. july / sun's height.
Kriith: height, Shul: sun.

○ n. opposition.
Derived from Kriz: to oppose. Krif: to fight,


” "victory." "sorrow.” ● n. using "sorrow" to express regret. . The word is often used in conversation as a remark. Literally translates into "work leader.'work' and 'bord'.” ○ n. hypothesize. disturbance.” krog KROG krosaan KROS1N — v.” "Krolur" with the suffix "-end." Edited from "Krozah." Edited from "Teklor. labor. krodren KRODREN kropahvok KROP4VOK + n. victorious. Is both the noun and the verb. pardon.” kromaar KROM1R krosik KROSIK ○ n.” ○ v. agreement.” ● n. pry.” "works itself. snoop. interference. From "Kroson. slave kroniid KRON3D master." "sneak. sorrow. krosorun KROSORUN 76 .Dovahzul-English kronlorot KRONLOROT Zeymah: brother. Composed of 'kroson'. Lit. or sympathy. From "Kro. Derived from "Krongrah. krizey KRIZ9 ○ v. . krosilov KROSILOV krongrah KRONGR4 ○ n. "conquer-think. process. assess. opponent. — n. administration. disruption. sorrow." "act/deed. ○ n. Expanded definition to include "victor.” "sorcerer. kron KRON ● v.” krogiir KROG3R — n. krolurend KROL6END krosfahdon KROSF4DON — n. From "Krosis. ○ n. conjecture. management.” based on "Moro.” it literally means "lower leg" .” "glory. desk." and "Dren. championship. + n. ○ n. kro KRO Related to "Ahkrop. From "Kroson" and "Fahdon. associate.” and the suffix from "Morokei. machinery. machine. work. kropah KROP4 — v. kroson KROSON Derived from "Kroson" and "Nimaar. krongrahkei KRONGR4K2 ○ adj.” "glorious.'table.” kroskinbok KROSKINBOK ○ n. krosbord KROSBORD Derived from "Krinil" and "Ogiir. conqueror / victor. Derived from Krosis. to nose. lip/ lips. mechanism. sorry. crouch. meddle.” "work-friend.” kroslen KROSLEN kronimaar KRONIM1R — n. sorcery. From "Krongrah." "victory. procedure.” Mainly refers to dwemer machinery except automatons (for them word "dwinaar" is used). as the meaning is similar. dirge. ● n. colleague. pity.” ● n. victory / conquest. conquer / win. pine. grievance. interfere. shin. — n." "work.” Edited from "Krozahvok. sorceror. yearn. Taken from Krosis and Lovaas to be a song of mourning for the lost. krongrahdein KRONGR4D2N krosis KROSIS ○ n. Stems from the words "Krif" (fight) and "Zeymah" (brother).

” — v.” "to chew." and "Kron.” kroz KROZ kud KUD — v.” kul KUL — n.” krozol KROZOL Shortened from "Kuud. kruziikrah KRUZ3KR4 kunfahliil KUNF4L3L ○ n.” ○ v.” or "good day. chew. script. or privilege. From "Krumon. Literally 'knee-fall'.” From "Kruziik. lamp. kulaanus KUL1NUS krumah KRUM4 ○ adj. throne. "Ancient Light. princessly." "elbow. corrupt. crocodile. ancient vampire. Related to "Krii. job. jealousy. occupation. quasar.” and "Qaar.” — n. kulaan KUL1N krul KRUL ● n.” kruzikaar KRUZIK1R — n.” "right.” "ancient. light. birthright. "Kulaas" with the suffix "-us. krun KRUN kump KUMP ○ v. rend. crunch. intervention. study. rightness. good. Related to "Vokul. ancient right — v. ● adj.Dovahzul-English Lit. munch. kruziikun KRUZ3KUN 'Kroson' with suffix '-orun'. — n.” which literally means "ungood. kneel. princely. kulaas KUL1S krumon KRUMON ● n.” See "Pruzah" for the sense that would be used in "I'm doing good. ancient.” kru KRU kulaad KUL1D — n. princess. "to disgrace or corrupt. volkihar. taffy. prince. son(s). howl.” — n.” Edited from "Krumah.” ○ n. 77 . Based on "Krozu.” "to intervene. workplace.” "warmth. From "Bru. Edited from "Foz. "ancient cold. office. scripture." Shortened from "Krahsek." "conquer.” ● adj. ● n. kulaasus KUL1SUS krumonit KRUMONIT ○ adj. krotz KROTZ Lit. profession. — adj. krozu KROZU kul KUL — v. defile. basil. morally good. intervene .” "light. From "Kun. shy.” "shadow. — v. kun KUN krund KRUND ○ n. Literally 'Place where one works.” krozund KROZUND — n.'.” and "Faad. Reverse derived from "Vokun. + n. Used as a verb. knee." "kill. quell / quench.” + n.” kuld KULD — n. kruziik KRUZ3K kunfaad KUNF1D ○ n. "Kulaan" with the suffix "-us. kroved KROVED ○ n. text.

Based on "Kuz. curiousity.” kusahraal KUS4R1L kung KUNG — adj. kunuk KUNUK kuz KUZ — n. bunch.Dovahzul-English ○ n..” "before. "Kurahiv" with the suffix "-end. achieve. kunriiv KUNR3V "Kuyiz" with the suffix "-aat.. Based on "Kun. clam. ○ n.” "light. lot. raid. journeyman. — n. Can be used as either a noun or verb. drive.” "take.” kunus KUNUS kuzol KUZOL ○ v. 78 . pursuit.” "with or having interest. grapple. hermit. chimer. seize.” — v. interest.” — v. urgent. navigate. torchbug. From "Kunuk. Derived from "Kun. multitude. kurlank K6LANK Noun only. laaf L1F — n.” kuzniir KUZN3R — n. ○ n. A modification of "Kusah" with the suffix "aal.” kurlahmun K6L4MUN ○ n. attainment. propel.” — adj. achievement. lit. imperfect.” Edited from "Kund" and "Kuzd. kusil KUSIL kunmaar KUNM1R — adj. laag L1G kusaar KUS1R — n. — n. sleep.” kunz KUNZ ○ adj.” "that which is launched/projected.” kungah KUNG4 — n." = "I am interested in. kunukin KUNUKIN "Kuz" with the suffix "-niir. hypnosis. anticipate.” The adjective meaning "lit" as in "a lit candle. cluster.” and "Us.” rather than the past tense of "to light. Literal translation. grapnel.” "Zu'u kusahlaan ko. launch.” Edited from "Kunt. — n. prompt. interested.” Means a grappling hook. instant. attain. pearl.” kurahiv K64IV — v. take. firefly. From "Kun" and "Pusojur.” ○ n. not to be confused for the verb "to grapple.” "light." "pearl.” "that which one grabs with. flawed.” kuyizaat KUYIZ1T — n. kusah KUS4 laaghadrim L1GHADRIM — n. delight. projectile. See also "Genaz. Derived from "Kun. kurahivend K64IVEND L — n.” Can also be used as a verb meaning "to interest. kuyiz KUYIZ kunpusojur KUNPUSOJ6 — v.” Edited from "Haanuk. — v.” Edited from "Kuniir. "Light-Elf.

” — v. laakir L1K7 Edited from "Laahey.” "want. ○ adj.” Related to "Laan. request. — v. discern. query. inquire. ○ n." "magicka. ● v.” "mind. Related to "Lah. magician.” The verb "to ask or to question. "Lah" with the suffix "-lun" (on the analogy of "Rahlun"). august / last seed. lahbaas L4B1S laagvaas L1GV1S ○ n.” ● v. live. want. snore. Edited from "Lahbahs. "Laas" with the suffix "-uv.” a general term for anyone who possesses the powers of Magicka. laakis L1KIS From "Fraan. From "Lah" and "Briinah. From Laag (Sleep). inquiry. laagus L1GUS lahan L4AN — adj." Related to "Laag. leek. witch. arcana. larch. sleep. mana. laasagos L1SAGOS lahney L4N9 ○ adj." Edited from "Lahvuun.” laat L1T lahnikaar L4NIK1R ● adj. ask. mystical. yawn." "to sleep.” "to perceive. school of magic. lahlun L4LUN laas L1S ○ n.” and the noun "question/inquiry. mysticism.” lah L4 ● n. lafaan LAF1N laagnu L1GNU — n. suffocate. sleepy. "Sleep. shaman. magicka. A conifer tree.” laagliis L1GL3S ○ n. lahey L49 Edited from "Avlak. — v. mystic. 79 .” ○ adj. Derived from "Laag" ("Sleep") and "Lovaas" ("Song. shamanism.” — v. laavak L1VAK — v. request. "Mystic. sleepless. tired. want. lahk L4K Edited from "Laan. question. — n. From "Lah" with the suffix "-iik.” lahfraan L4FR1N — n. Derived from Old Norse "laukr" ("leek"). scold. From "Laas. lahkmojon L4KMOJON laan L1N — adj. "Laag" with the suffix "-nu. life. conifer.” Edited from "Laasiil." Also a noun. diviner. parent.” "of or pertaining to life. onion. flabbergasted. restless. loathe. Music"). extant. biological . last. lifely. Derived from Laag. Can also be used as a noun. laan L1N ● n. lahbriin L4BR3N laak L1K ○ n.” lahiik L43K — n. ● n.” — v. laasuv L1SUV lahnik L4NIK ○ adj.” ○ n. birch.Dovahzul-English laatmaas L1TM1S Lit. . lullaby. ○ n.

Edited from "Bridask.” lask LASK — v. muster / gather. echelon.” "legion. manager. world. worldly. classic. earn. traditional.” Shortened from "Lahvraanoth. Magicka Shield . "having dress.” leh LEH ● conj. "army (of) horse. A compound of "Laat" and "Tiid. clothed.” ○ n. mimic. lest." Related to "Lahney. leik L2K lahvriiluz L4VR3LUZ — n.” and "Rii." "to ask. simulate. Edited from "Arahed. mundus. army. lahvukey L4VUK9 Based on Leinah + aal. laniid LAN3D leyk L9K ○ n.” leinuv L2NUV ○ n. ○ n.” "lasting through time. — n." "army. dressed. mischief.” Edited from "Leiniil." "servant. läte. legionnaire.” lahniv L4NIV ○ v. lähde. imitate. mage. — v.” lahvirn L4V7N ○ n. copy.” leret LERET — n. wizard. shrug. difficulty. copycat. Derived from "Laniz" with the suffix "-iik. A derived word of the composite "Lahzeymah.” "magic-brother.” "to imitate.” — n.” "gather-with. imitator. lahspaan L4SP1N latiid LAT3D ○ n. ○ v.” — n. From "Lahvirn.” lanrii LANR3 ○ v. laniziik LANIZ3K 80 . From "Lavhu. dress." Can be used for general belief in something supernatural as well as for the Mysticism Magic School." Lit. elk. A compound of "Lahvraan" and "Voth.” ○ adj. overseer.” leinah L2N4 — n. lehet LEHET lahvraan L4VR1N — n. Lah+Spaan. nest. earthly. vegetable. and the Estonian word for source.” lahzey L4Z9 ○ n." "to live.” "of or pertaining to the world. ○ adj. ● v. Edited from "Lahvuunom. assemble. cavalry. Based on "Lahvraan.” legaar LEG1R — n. quiz. level.” and "Aar.” "to gather. — adj. ward . duplicate. leytah L9T4 laniz LANIZ — n.” "essence. legion. From "Laan.” lein L2N lahvroth L4VROTH ● n. lahvirnaar L4V7N1R Derived from Old Norse "elg. lahvu L4VU leinhaal L2NH1L ● n.Dovahzul-English "Lahnik" suffixed with "-aar. rank. universe. Based on the Finnish word for source. thrive. lakif LAKIF lesk LESK — n. grade. everything. From "Laniz. With "-uv. source.

spoil." Edited from "Lingren. rot. It can also be used for the Dovahzul equivalent of the English haha: liisisis. longbow. laughter. solstice. Derived from "Liin.” ○ v. liid L3D Derived from Lingrah. reproductive. ● v. length.” lif LIF liivrah L3VR4 — v.” "passion. "long-eye. "long day. marble.” ○ adj.” liiv L3V — adj. "That which is exited. wither. exit." "beast. long. lingrahbrax LINGR4BRAX liinus L3NUS ○ n. Derives from "Liiv / wither.” ○ adj. leave. It doesn't require prepositions or additional helping verbs. sexy. The way out of a room or building. diminish. bus. van." not the verb "to please. exit. leviathan. liivut L3VUT lifaat LIF1T ○ v. liberty. Derives from "Smoliin. From "Lingrah.” liizuk L3ZUK — n.” — v. lid LID ● v. local.” — v. lingrahmiin LINGR4M3N liinvas L3NVAS ○ n. lingrahtey LINGR4T9 ○ n. sexual. weird. "see long. Liis is a word for vicious hissing.” liisunvaar L3SUNV1R ○ n." "to wither. milk.” — n.” lingrah LINGR4 ● adj. + n.” The adverb "please. statement. lingrahsul LINGR4SUL liis L3S ○ n.Dovahzul-English leyvah L9V4 From "Sunvaar. Lit. You would simply say "Zu'u liin mok/mek. lingraav LINGR1V liin L3N ○ v. party. troop. sex. Lit. or situation.” "sex" and "-us"(-y). hiss. "long tale. "Car. From "Liiv. lingraan LINGR1N liidak L3DAK ○ n. liberate. A compound of "Lingrah" and "Brax. liberation. liivor L3VOR — n. saga. mate. depart.” ○ v. watch. Edited from "Kir" to avoid conflict with canon "Kiir. Exit a room or building (as opposed to the generic "Geyn" (leave). liik L3K — n. "Long" and Geltkey. lig LIG likaan LIK1N — adv. lingraz LINGRAZ 81 . Lit.” — interj. reconnaissance. — adj." "long. lii L3 lingeltkey LINGELTK9 — n. Literally.” likinstah LIKINST4 — n. Derived from Old Norse "lidth. please. band.” Can be used as a noun or a verb.

○ v. 82 .” "bird." "down. "with or having attraction. lingzahkrii LINGZ4KR3 Also the verb "to love. From "Lot. From the words "Lokaal" meaning "love" and "Horvut" meaning "lure. From "Lokraan. lovely. + n. trip. treble. ● v. pole weapon. aloft. spectrum.” ○ adj.” "long. sapphire. meaning Sky and Tear/Tears. blue lokluv LOKLUV gemstone. high.” loah LO4 lokhonaat LOKHON1T — n. worm. deceive. lokaalvut LOK1LVUT lir L7 ○ v. lover. Adjective and noun. From "Lingrah" with the suffix "-us. veteran.” — n.” lo LO lokalvutaal LOKALVUT1L loaan LO1N ○ adj. "lokal" + "-aat. attract. deceiver. lokiin LOK3N logolz LOGOLZ ○ n. few. ○ n. From "Lo. Derived from the composition of the words Lokluv and Golz. that which is loved. From "Lingrah. Already." and "Lum. rain often is seen as the crying of a certain deity.” ● n.” "blade.” "great. — adj. A compound of "Lingrah" and "Zahkrii. Composed of the two words Lok and Luv. overcome.” and "Lingrah. "Lokaalvut" with the suffix "-aal" . its literal meaning is Skytear Stone.” — v. baby bird. attractive. pole-arm." "to deceive. "Lokaal" with the suffix "-in" instead of "-iik" for a gentler sound. waterstone.” lith LITH lokaliin LOKAL3N — adj. lohiim LOH3M lokluvfahin LOKLUVF4IN — n.” ○ n.Dovahzul-English Edited the spelling slightly from "Poghiim.” lodhir LODH7 lokiig LOK3G — n. Loah. litter. From "Lok" and "Honaat.” lokaalus LOK1LUS ○ n. Edited from "Lokalin. lok LOK Based on "Tuz. blush." Based on the analogy of "Tum. lengthy." "low. rain.” Edited from "Lokalus. quart. lirah L74 — n. love. beloved.” — adj.” ● n. longsword. Edited from "Kriis. wide. fledgling. referring to the colour of the gem." Edited from "Lokal." "sky-sound." "long. sky. lingrun LINGRUN lok LOK ○ adj. One quarter of a gallon. chick. town.” lingrus LINGRUS lokaal LOK1L ○ adj.” — n. lit LIT lokalaat LOKAL1T — n.” lofur LOF6 — v.” ○ n.” Edited from "Lokavut. — n. liqos LIQOS Derives from "Lokaal" and the suffix "-us.

wet. "Sky-aura." "sky-breaker." the falling of water.” lomriiv LOMR3V loksilkun LOKSILKUN — n.” and "Amativ. lomiiz LOM3Z Lit.” "steam" with suffix "-us. From "Lomos. weather. That's Imperial -> Tol Lokolteiren.” "Se" and "Staad. Edited from "Lokiil. water. it refers to the Spirits of the Sky.g. paratrooper. towel. aerial. rainbow.” ○ n. watermelon.” lokrem LOKREM — adj. pheasant.” 83 .” Edited from "Lokiv" and "Atlok. ○ n. elevation. also known as 'angels' in certain cultures or religions. From Lokraan (Bird). lokolteiren LOKOLT2REN ○ adj. From "Lom" and "Mah. Derived from "Lokraan. skyward. aurora.” lokom LOKOM lokzii LOKZ3 ○ n.” "water. Could also be interpreted as "Sky Tear Color. Edited from "Kriith. Derived from water(Lom) and heat(Yos). From "Vokun. height. A compound of "Lom" and "Mah. "Lok" with the suffix "-us." "bird. Of or pertaining to the sky. skyscraper. dove.” "onward.” "shadow. lokuv LOKUV Lokoltei with the suffix -ren denoting origin. waterfall. means "sky soldier. drip. lomahan LOM4AN lokrahzun LOKR4ZUN — n. climate.” Combined of Lokluv (Rain) and Fahin (Colour).” it literally means "sky of the place" (on the analogy of "Lokos" ("Sky being") which means "Weather").” loksestaad LOKSEST1D — n.” "sky.” Lit. A compound of "Lok. + n. From "Lok. empire. Literal translation. lomok LOMOK lokreniik LOKREN3K — n. rainy. steam. ○ n. Kos: to be. lomaan LOM1N lokraan LOKR1N ○ v. lofty. "Lokluv" with the suffix "-us. ○ n. angel. From "Lom. ○ adj. Composed of the words Lok and Zii. northern lights.” lokos LOKOS lom LOM ○ n. ○ n. emperor's grounds.” — adj. ○ n. steamy. imperial. ○ adj. Literally means "Sky animal. highness. damp. bird.” Related to "Lom" (Water). lomosus LOMOSUS — adj. From Lok: sky. loom. water vapor.” Edited from "Loksilhaan. "watercloth.” ○ v. He's an Imperial -> Rok Lokolteiren. dribble. — n. E. pool.Dovahzul-English loktiv LOKTIV — n." "Lok" with the suffix "om." "highness" or "skyness. loftiness.” lomos LOMOS From "Lok" and "Kren. + n.” lokoltei LOKOLT2 lokus LOKUS — n.” lomah LOM4 lokraas LOKR1S ○ n.” lokluvus LOKLUVUS lokun LOKUN ○ adj.

smartphone.” ○ n. From "Lot." "thought. assume. toxic. "greatfather. stadium. dye. centurion. lotaar LOT1R loost L8ST ○ n. recollection. "Lot" with the suffix "-aar.” ○ adj. overjoyed. scry. toxin. magnificence. fist. thinker. Lit. A compound of "Lot" and "Dwinaar. Lit." "great. merry. is / are / am. "Lorot" with suffix "-iik.” loraan LOR1N — adj." Edited from "Tek.” "great praise. "thought-charge.” ○ n.” "Lom. "great-king. Lit. grandfather. From "Lot" and "Grahstaad. A more formal version of "Lost. was." "thought/thinking phone. had.” lotah LOT4 lor LOR — n.” losnaar LOSN1R lotkiiv LOTK3V — adj. think.” lorgutzul LORGUTZUL + n. lotgrahstaad LOTGR4ST1D lorotiik LOROT3K ○ n. ○ adj. magnificent. thought. hath.” ● v.Dovahzul-English lomus LOMUS lost LOST — adj. guess.” "deceive. ● adj.” ○ v. ○ adj." Shortened from "Zulotbormah. have. recall. lotaniik LOTAN3K Based on "Lorot. were. lever.” and "Lo. presume." "great. high king. ○ adj.” "water. loniiz LON3Z lotaan LOT1N — adj. lotdwinaar LOTDWIN1R Compound of "Lor" and "Gutzul.” los LOS lotkiin LOTK3N ● v. passive.” loorah L8R4 — n.” "ago. From "Lot" and "Jiik. coliseum. rhetoric. From "Lot" and "Draal. ● v. From "Qostiid. suppose. has.” "prophecy." "greatly-joyed.” lortaan LORT1N lotjiik LOTJ3K — n. loniix LON3X lot LOT — n.” lotdraal LOTDR1L ○ v.” lon LON ○ v. Lit. watery. highborn. lostiid LOST3D From "Lom. recollect. colosseum. A compound of "Lot" and "Kiin.” "to think.” ● n. From "Lot. lorot LOROT — v. commend.” referring to the Dwemer Centurions.” — n." "great-battleplace. great.” lorvod LORVOD lotjun LOTJUN ○ v. greatness. lotbormah LOTBORM4 lorfonaar LORFON1R ○ n.” "water" with suffix "-us." "to charge with thought. "thought. surmise. — n. 84 .” From "Lor.

○ adj. From "Lo. deceitful. overloaded. loziik LOZ3K lovaas LOV1S ○ adj. grandmother. lure." and "Horvut. "close to time. Edited from "Akiiv.” lovtiid LOVT3D lotpaal LOTP1L + v. holiday. lozuk LOZUK lovaasmah LOV1SM4 — adj. update." and "Lovaas." "greatly-weighted. ○ n.” lox LOX lotzahkrii LOTZ4KR3 — n. aetherius. nemesis.” lovuneh LOVUNEH lotsul LOTSUL ○ adv. Derived from the words "Lot" and "Lom. deceit.” ○ adj. deception. Lit. p.” "Aetherius. From "Lovok. prodigy. lu LU 85 .” lovaasuv LOV1SUV lotlahzey LOTL4Z9 ○ n. imga." For the noun see "Horvut. From "Lot" and "Wid." "Trin. "greatmother." "great. near. sour. close. seldom. ○ n. cub." "deceive. greatsword.” lov LOV — v.” lotmuzaar LOTMUZ1R lovokul LOVOKUL ○ n. ○ n. Referred to "Lov. coda. Lit." Edited from "Lovaasiil. "Lovun" with "Neh.” From "Lot.” Lit.” "to deceive.” "to near. overburdened.” lovun LOVUN lotrin-lovaas LOTRIN-LOV1S — adj. ○ n. From "Lo. ultimate.” "music.” Edited from "Lo'om" and "Lohom. web.” ○ n. Based on "Lovaas. A compound of "Lot" and "Day. archnemesis . aetherium." "to deceive.” Compound of "Lovaas" and "Mah. Derived of the words "Lot.” ○ n. 647. "great-mage. From "Lo.” lovariis LOVAR3S lotmonah LOTMON4 — n. Related to "Lot.” "Muz" and "Sunvaar. Prima Official Skyrim Game Guide. cadence." "lure. rarely. + n.” ○ n." "nearly never" or "close to never. loz LOZ lotzu'ul LOTZ5L — n." lit. musician. harpsichord. "songfall.” ● n. Derived from "Lot" and "Paal.Dovahzul-English ○ n. musical.” it literally means "Great Men Beasts" (on the analogy of "Golsemuzaar") .” lozaan LOZ1N ○ n." From "Lot. near." Edited from "Ahtlahzey.” "great. archmage. claymore.” lotlom LOTLOM lovadro LOVADRO ○ n. the great ape. aether.” lovok LOVOK ○ n. ○ n. approach. overencumbered. lake. archenemy.” lovut LOVUT lotwid LOTWID ○ v." "archstring music. allergy. deceptive. From "Vok" and "Lok." Shortened from "Zulotmonah." "great-foe. music / song / voice. "Lovaas" with the suffix "-uv.

” luftnu LUFTNU lus LUS ○ adj. "face-hair. Related to "Laas. turtle.” Possibly from "Naar. fauna.” "image." "down.” As in the natural world. "Luh" with the suffix "-aal. abate.” "of or pertaining to nature. mourner. From the words "Brii" meaning "beauty" and "Lund" meaning "nature. luftom LUFTOM lusvaan LUSV1N ○ n.” — n.” luhaal LUH1L luug L5G ○ adj. face paint. tearful. subside. From "Lum" and "Honaat. lamenter. Related to "Laas. lunbrii LUNBR3 ○ adj.” Edited from "Lundiil. Plural is Lufeykrre instead of Lufeykrooe. it describes the wetness of the environment and the density of the trees.Dovahzul-English ○ n. to aid in pronunciation. anonymous. The verb "to solve" and the noun "solution. valley." "with or having tears. leech." meaning "low-peak. Literally. face. ease. musical bass. griever. luv LUV lul LUL ● n. to shed tears. cry. weep. scenic. jungle. magic." "low. "tear-fall. From "Lum.” luvmahliik LUVM4L3K lumhonaat LUMHON1T ○ n. nature. anonymity.” Shortened from "Luum. ○ n. low. "Luv" with the suffix "-aal. A modification of "Lah" (magicka). Lit.” — adj. tear / tears. lund LUND luftiis LUFT3S — n." Lit.” lumvit LUMVIT ○ v. From "Luft. ● v. bass. solve. Edited from "Lu. Derived from Lokluv and Feykro." Reverse-derived from "Lumnaar. luftilir LUFTIL7 lunduv LUNDUV ○ n.” "life." Edited from "Graatiik.” ○ n. flora.” and "Ilir. From "Luft. — v. Directly from Old Norse.” luftnum LUFTNUM lusoz LUSOZ — adj.” lumnaar LUMN1R luwey LUW9 ● n. rainforest.” lit.” lufeykro LUF9KRO lun LUN ○ n. Edited from "Graat." Possibly also related to "Tum. 86 . crier. magical.” Edited from "Lahaal.” "face.” ○ adj. facet.” luft LUFT ● n. "facelessness. distort.” "face.” + n.” — v.” "life." here meaning "low peak. Edited from "Krinil. natural.” — n. flag. Compound of "Luft.” ○ v. facial hair. luvaal LUV1L ○ n. "Lund" with the suffix "-uv." "low-sound. solution.” lum LUM luvmah LUVM4 ○ adj. mourn. "Faceless.” Shortened from "Luus. "Luvmah" with the suffix "-iik." "face.

+ n. "falling blast." Slightly derived from "Vaat. melon. — n. luzikin LUZIKIN maant M1NT — n. main. resolved. "Mah" with the suffix "-aan"/"-laan. penis. mortar. terrorism. painted. business. "seed receiver.” "terror" with suffix "-un. lit. mahkur M4K6 maan M1N — n. . resolute.” "fish. meteor.” From "Maar. "seed giver.” ○ n. highway. myth. maalz M1LZ Lit." "to swear. nutlike. heap.” Does not have the same connotations as the English "nutty. Based on "Ikin. main road. From "Maas.Dovahzul-English luz LUZ The adjective meaning "resolute or determined. maalutaan M1LUT1N — n. ore. — n. maankir M1NK7 ● adj. maak M1K mahan M4AN — n. used in combination). ● adv.” maar M1R ● n. + n. tattooed. combinated with 'strah' (way/road). vagina. pile. Literally. forever. fallen. ○ n. tattoo.” maag M1G maasofaniik M1SOFAN3K — adj. "Maak" with the suffix "-us. 87 . terror. Edited from "Miknuur. maasofaaliik M1SOF1L3K "Maad" with the suffix "-us. roe. stalk.” — adj. falling star. judge. "self-service. seed. nut. spices. spiced.” — v. spicey. brawl.” maas M1S maadus M1DUS — n. Maalut with suffix -aan. spice. mahkaag M4K1G — adj. 'maag' derived from Old English “mægen-― ("main". primary." not the past tense of "to determine" or "to resolve. Lit.” mahfil M4FIL maalut M1LUT ○ n. determined. fall / fell. — adj. mah M4 ● v.” — n. "main" as used in combination like “main road” ('maagstrah') or “main thing” ('maagtruk') .” "seed. nutty. — n. mahgrii M4GR3 Derived from Icelandic "maluth" ("painted"). maarahmik M1R4MIK M ○ n.” — n. warpaint. diamond. mahlaan M4L1N — n.” maat M1T maagstrah M1GSTR4 ○ v. maakus M1KUS mahfaeraak M4FAER1K — adj. Also a noun. derived from Old English “mægen-―.” maarun M1RUN maad M1D — n.

mal MAL ○ n. From "Fask." "little-bite.” ○ n. From "Mal" and "Fiit. From "Mah" and "Tiid. "little beauty. credit. ○ adj.” ○ v. lecture.” + n. pretty. merit.” with "Mal. see notes. maldriin MALDR3N mahnad M4NAD ○ n. mahrk M4RK — adj. mahtiid M4T3D Lit. From "Yun.” mahlov M4LOV — v.” ○ n.” ○ adj." "falling time. nibble. rather than individual letters such as "A" or "B. short. hatchet. guillotine . glimpse.” mahv M4V malingren MALINGREN ○ v. malmind MALMIND malas MALAS ○ v. peek. white dwarf. embrace. fawn. pistol. "little look. jab.” — v. verge. massive. mahralwahlkei M4RALW4LK2 malfask MALFASK ○ adj. Lit "falling great blade. little. familiarize." Edited from "Vuun.” makil MAKIL malkoraav MALKOR1V — adj. mow.” maleyk MAL9K — n. brink. mahsah M4S4 malfil MALFIL — v. white dwarf star. acquaint.” mahyun M4YUN malkey MALK9 — adj. dictate.” ○ n. "full of fiction. + n. discourse." "little.” . mahralwahl M4RALW4L From "Mal. tremendous." and "Edun. Literally "Little book.” malhahkun MALH4KUN ○ n." "shot.” — v. Edited from "Holmah. mahraan M4R1N — n. "Imagined creation. fictitious. motive. fresh. tomahawk. pony. 88 . Derived from "small horse.” "delicate. dainty." "small-deer. destiny.Dovahzul-English mahlotuz M4LOTUZ Lit. notch. stagnate. "falling point.” — n. letter. Lit.” ● adj.” "short of length. Lit. accredit." From "Mal" and "Driin. fiction.” maldeykel MALD9KEL + n. malbrii MALBR3 ○ adj. From the Old English word "mÄ•wan" and also uses the word "mah" (fall).” ○ n.” mahzahd M4Z4D malkinz MALKINZ ○ n." Edited from "Kuunik. A compound of "Mal" and "Lingren." "new. "little axe. Literally translated to "little stab. immense.” A written letter. stunted ." "to know. maledun MALEDUN Edited from "Mahran. malfiit MALF3T mahruz M4RUZ ○ v.” as opposed to "Maltiid" which means "short of time. From "Mindok. Lit. "Little Star. small.

selflessness.” ○ n." Shortened for phonetic reasons. huckster.” malveydoraak MALV9DOR1K + n. Related to "Mal. "Maltiid" with the suffix "-om. malom MALOM ○ n. Related to "Maar. role. selfish. measure.” ○ adj. pond. not a measure of length or height." lit.” it means "short" as in a period of time. short. marzaan MARZ1N From "Veydo" and "Raak.” — v.” — adj. Based on "Meyar.” then from "Madrahl." "piece-like.” malsezilf MALSEZILF ○ n. undersized. cigarette. A compound of "Mal" and "Naaz. platinum. pigmy. section.” — n. brevity. brief. malzat MALZAT ○ v." Edited from "Runiir.” and "Zaan. briefness. Literally "little song. Literally: "[a] little of silver.” Literally "of or pertaining to oneself. "Marnu" with the suffix "-rom. malovaas MALOV1S marahdaal MAR4D1L ○ n. dialect. peddler.” "littlesized. marnurom MARN6OM Derived from "Mal" and "Tuniik. ("little silver"). selfishness. ○ v. particle. dwindle. A compound of "Mal" and "Tiid.” — n.” "little.” mard MARD maltiidom MALT3DOM — n. "little grassstick" or "little weed-stick.” marnu MARNU maltuniik MALTUN3K ○ adj. shriek. imagine.” malnaaz MALN1Z ○ adj. mammoth.” 89 .” maltiid MALT3D marahld MAR4LD ● adj.” "little. ○ n." "a little known.” Edited from "Mariil. chunk.” malureyd MAL69D maruvom MARUVOM ○ n. From "Malur" and "med. . Edited from "Hjal." "part.” "to imagine" with a shortening of the suffix "-dahk. From "Mal.” Edited from "Mariilom.” "terror. From "Malur.Dovahzul-English malmindok MALMINDOK malz MALZ ○ adj. drum. A modification of "Marahld" with the suffix "aal. "Maruv" with the suffix "-om. A short song.” "small trader. From "Malmind.” malun MALUN marul MARUL ○ n. Altered spelling from "Hadrimwhal. Based on "Marahl.” mamutah MAMUT4 — n. part.” "with imagination. ditty. imagination. selfless. familiar.” mand MAND — n. momentary.” ○ n. vendor. piece. copper." "smallwater. momentariness. squeal. Based on "Meyar" with the suffix "-nu. portion. — n. malur MAL6 maruv MARUV ○ n. Derived from the base Eurasian word for the animal. marahl MAR4L — v. imaginative.” from the literal translation of "platina" from Spanish.

" shortened from the phrase "in a like wind. scream. unaided.” meyarnkei M9ARNK2 mein M2N ○ adj. Lit. From "Med" and "Ven.” mey M9 medkoraav MEDKOR1V ● v.” meyardein M9ARD2N medven MEDVEN ○ adj. likewise..” Also an adverb. — n. — n. like / similar to." "self-wind" or possibly "fool's wind. ○ pron. match. lichen. self- — v. self.” "like or similar.” "last/lasting. Means "like-sexual. fool.” — n. — v. decagon.” masek MASEK — n. Edited from "Ma'are. meneruvos MENERUVOS maz MAZ ○ n. ○ adv. self and anxious and modified to flow better. appease. anxious. her.” "like. resemble. schedule.” Can be used as a verb. men MEN mavirk MAV7K — n. alike.” medliinvas MEDL3NVAS + adj. pint. to look like.” merak MERAK ○ adj. Based on "Med. decade." Could also be used as a noun. ○ v. mast. meintiid M2NT3D Derived from the words. ○ prep.” and related to "Laat.” meyar M9AR ○ n. med-zeymah MED-Z9M4 Means "Ten-side. met MET medaas MED1S ○ v. incarnate.” Edited from "Ososlinvaas. plot. membrah MEMBR4 maunaz MAUNAZ — conj. Compound of "Med" and "Koraav. Derived from the pronoun ending -maar. ten. own. Lit. lime. From "Meyar" and "Ven." "meðan. apron. but separated from "Maar" meaning terror. by oneself or on one's own. "Meyar" with the suffix "-dein. ○ n. meyarven M9ARVEN mek MEK ○ v." "to look like or similar to. "like-brother. insecure. equivalent. Accusative and dative case of "Rek. alone. A compound meaning "ten-year.” — adj. — n. From the Icelandic for "during." referring to something that is related or equivalent. med MED menreid MENR2D ● prep. rope. during. unless. apprehensive. "plan-time." "self-ship. single-handed. plan. fan. marzuh MARZUH melaat MEL1T — v. homosexual. tangible.” ○ adj.” mel MEL 90 . meliis MEL3S matah MAT4 — n. similar. — n.Dovahzul-English "shout. counterpart. From "Med.

The accusative and dative case of "Mu.” "fool. Literally. contradiction. "Mey" with the suffix "-us. ally. Lit. mode. fool." or "come intrude. become. Lit.” meyrothaar M9ROTH1R ○ n.” "foolish. and 'rothaar'. loyalty. midrakmaar MIDRAKM1R "Meyr" with the suffix "-en. continuous. Derived from "Mid" (Loyal). fanatic.” + n. From "Meyz" and "Alok.” and "Meyus. Lit." "come arise." "fool's scroll. fanaticism.” ○ n. assiduous. foolish. From "Meyrothaar" with suffix "-un. meyuz M9UZ midzul MIDZUL ○ n. Reverse-derived from Zahrahmiik. meykrazahd M9KRAZ4D ○ n. bargain. moron. From "Meyz" and "Volaan.” "of or from ancestors. mid MID From "Deykel. fidelity . lealty. Literally "loyal words.” referring to the dragonlings of the Iliac Bay region.” ○ n." and "Geinmaar. offer. "loyal. ● v. dragonling. meykovei M9KOV2 midaav MID1V — adj.” ● adj. decoy. loyal. Name of the Daedric Prince. From "Midrak. brown dwarf. brown dwarf star." "onself. fealty. — prep. "Fool Swear Deceive.” middovah MIDDOV4 ● n. contradictory. Means "loyal dragon." "book.” mii M3 meyvaatlo M9V1TLO ○ pron. miil M3L 91 . "prayer fool. The "fool's dragon. barter. magazine. meykel M9KEL — n. Derived from 'mey'. "fool's Star.” midrot MIDROT ● n.” midsil MIDSIL ○ n. + n.” miik M3K meyz M9Z ○ v. loyalist. lit.” meyrothaarun M9ROTH1RUN ○ n. — n. uprising. come.” meyzvolaan M9ZVOL1N meyfil M9FIL ○ v. an act of spurning. "fool's target.” "soul.” midun MIDUN ● n. meziv MEZIV Can also be the noun. us." "come unwanted. clavicus vile.” meyus M9US ○ adj. spurn. ○ n. trespass. to rise up. meyr M9R — n. prayer.Dovahzul-English meydovah M9DOV4 meyzalok M9ZALOK ○ n. Based on "Mey. against. loyalist. ancestral. ancestor. meter. dummy. "loyal voice. ○ n. meyren M9REN midrak MIDRAK — adj. loyalty.” ○ n." "against.” meyk M9K mezaar MEZ1R — v." Can only be used to refer to a dragon.

scholarship. From "Miin. after. wink.” minak MINAK mindiniv MINDINIV ○ n. institute.” ○ adj. 92 .” mind MIND mindinu MINDINU ○ v. teach. afterwards.” ● n. scholar. mindiir MIND3R miistir M3ST7 ○ v. "Mindaziik" with the suffix "-ein.” Has a more formal sense than "Shanor.” milah MIL4 mindinhefsul MINDINHEFSUL — n. Related to "Mindaziir. From "Miin" and "Ner.” "to know. rather.” "Mind" with the suffix "-aat. Plural form of the word woman. instruction. designate.” ○ n. From "Sinak. pupil. hindsight. mindaziir MINDAZ3R miiraak M3R1K ○ n. miizun M3ZUN mindin MINDIN — v. knowledge.” — v. teaching.” "after.” "after.” "knowledge." "knowledge-word. miilah M3L4 mindaas MIND1S ○ n." "eye-sphere. A combination of "after" and "midday. "eye-hair. "that which is taught.” "to know. toe.” + n. Related to "Mindah. — n. portal. essay.” From Mindok: to know. lesson. miirit M3RIT — n. consider.” ○ n.” "man. door. afternoon. Compound of "Mindin" and "Daar.” mindah MIND4 miinahsul M3N4SUL ○ n. envy. miindin M3NDIN mindahsik MIND4SIK ○ n.” miinz M3NZ mindaziikein MINDAZ3K2N ○ v. ○ n. mindindaar MINDIND1R milaar MIL1R ○ adv. Mindah + -aal. From "Mindah" and "Sik. academy.” "eye.” ○ adv. An alteration of "Mindok. Edited from "Miilaar.” — adv. From "Miin" and "Om. indicate." Refers to the studies of a scholar.” "toe. Lit. From "Mindok. miiraad M3R1D ● n. miin M3N Based on "Mindok. ● prep.” ○ n." "afterthis. women.” "eye. counsel. woman. eyeball.” miinom M3NOM mindaziik MINDAZ3K ○ n. Based on "Miin. eye / eyes. knowledgeable. denote. eyelash. not money that is granted for education." "school. Based "Mindin. blueberry. thereafter.” and "Mindin. Based on the Norwegian misunnelse.” — v." lit. Based on "Mun. doorway. science.Dovahzul-English mindaal MIND1L ○ n. Pronounced "Meend. school.” mindaat MIND1T ● n. miin-ner M3N-NER — n. palm.

intellect.” 93 . ○ n." "eye. mindokah MINDOK4 mintiinon MINT3NON ○ n.” Slightly inspired by "Mith. comprehend. Edited from "Yirtiilaar" to fit the canon "Mindol.” . tutor. minoh MINOH A contraction of "Mindir" and "Dirsul. intelligence.” From "Mindah.” "within.” — n. middle." Edited from "Ahfon.” ○ n.” "deceive. "allegiance mindolaar MINDOL1R guide. the day after tomorrow. From "Mindok.” "know mind. — n.” mindokin MINDOKIN ○ adj.” mirodah M7OD4 — v. hereafter. one who sings. mindokziin MINDOKZ3N miraad M71D ○ n.” mindrus MINDRUS mindirsul MIND7SUL ○ v. secret keeper. "Mirodah" + "-iik".” "to know. renowned. magenta. medium. mediocre. stare. sage.” ○ n. mentor. lorekeeper.” — n. ○ n.” "middle.Dovahzul-English ○ adv. allegiance / alliance. sing. mindopahdein MINDOP4D2N ○ n. tutelage. Edited from "Greindaal. ● n. mindopah MINDOP4 mirodahiik M7OD43K ○ n. see main spelling "Miiraad. savant. dragon priest name. smart.” "trick" and "Lo. + adj. inch. door/doorway. trickery. recognize / recognise. intelligent. ● n.” and "Kosill. infinity.” mirodaat M7OD1T — n.” mirozun M7OZUN — n.” mir M7 ● n. teacher. trick. mindok MINDOK minooka MIN8KA ● v. mindolo MINDOLO "Mirodah" with the suffix "-aat.” mith MITH mindosil MINDOSIL — n. Based on "Mindok. lit. middling. Both the noun and the verb. known. know." "after-now. Alternate spelling. center. mindosaal MINDOS1L ○ adj.” Means "to trick/deceive. overmorrow. "Mindopah" with the suffix "-dein. signature. lyric. minz MINZ ○ v.” mindol MINDOL miraak M71K ● n. scholar. mindoraan MINDOR1N mit MIT ● v. Related to "Mindol. From Old Norse "mithr. ruse. slingshot.” "that which is sung.” "knowledge. tutorship. Compound of "Mindin" and "Nu. — adj.” "aftertoday. Literally 'known-mark'. understand. mirol M7OL Literally translates to (with a slight variation) "Know of all. midst. From "Miin. moderate.” "someone who is known. knowable.” ○ n. halfway. singer. sling. A compound of "Mindok" and "Hah.

rumble. noon." and "rumble. ● n. tremble. midday.” "focus.” ○ n. shudder." Can be used as both a noun and an adjective. moskir MOSK7 moorim M8RIM — v. widow. — v. glory.” "whirlwind. direction . morkon MORKON Edited slightly from "Modokar. moriim MOR3M mithsul MITHSUL ○ n. constrain. Raa: year. motherly. moskirus MOSK7US Edited from "Fahmun. hinder. glorious.” — n.” mor MOR ○ v.” ● v. funny." "wife. "focused-light. shake. "Mor" with the suffix "-iik. Altered from "Hil" to match canon word. Based on The Swedish word "Moll" (Minor). moorus M8RUS "Moskir" with the suffix "-us. From "Kiim. ● n. direct. ravage.” mol MOL mornd MORND — adj. throat of the world. literally Middle Day (Mith-Sul). Mithsul. director. twister. june / mid year. The verb meaning "to like. restraint. focus. From "Mith. maternal.” — adj. morahkun MOR4KUN mithil MITHIL + n. — n. core. concentration.” not the word meaning "as" or "like." "middle. From "Morkon.Dovahzul-English mithan MITHAN morah MOR4 — adj. minor. Intended to be the root of "Morah.” ○ n. Lit.” mon MON moro MORO ● n. like.” ○ adj. corrosive.” moor M8R — n.” — adj. mok MOK morkonin MORKONIN ○ pron. comedy. "Monah" with the suffix "-us.” "to restrain. Based on "Wuld. devastate. morwuld MORWULD monahus MON4US ○ n. motaad MOT1D "Moor" with the suffix "-us. daughter. — n. Accusative and dative case of "Rok.” From "Mith" and "Hil.” mos MOS monahven MON4VEN — v.” Can also be used as an adjective. laser. tornado. ● n. cyclone. median. attention. restrain." "shake. Expanded definition to include "tremble. him. fun. concentrate. tunic.” moriik MOR3K mithraa MITHR1 ○ n. corrode. Mith: middle." "middle-heart.” — v. morokei MOROK2 monah MON4 ● adj. "Mor" with the suffix "-nd. — n. mother. moriis MOR3S modokraan MODOKR1N — n. motaak MOT1K 94 . ● v.

supreme or total power. still. regency. ○ n." Also used to mean "wrong" or "false. Lit. movut MOVUT mul MUL — v. power. From "Mul. fortitude. slip. muldeyto MULD9TO + n. muhonah MUHON4 "Motag" with the suffix "-end.” "shudder.” "sense.” ○ n.” muldreniir MULDREN3R mu'ulaav M5L1V + n. rattle. motagend MOTAGEND muf MUF — n. strong. ruler.” "voice/speech. Can be used as a noun as well.” it literally means "rulers' join" or "joint rule.” "fear.” It is potentially a homophone to "Mul. it shouldn't be hard to figure out which is which in context. the sound of a cow. strength. "without strength.” motaas MOT1S muah MU4 ○ v. council. ● n.” mu'ul M5L ○ v. false. democracy.” ● v.” — v. mu'uliik M5L3K mulimaar MULIM1R ○ n.” "to rule. Expanded definition to include "power. snug. mu'ulsemuz M5LSEMUZ ○ n." "to shudder. mudozaan MUDOZ1N motag MOTAG ○ n.” "strong. irritate. cozy. — n. atronach. motmahus MOTM4US mukaronahs MUKARON4S ● adj." as strength is equivalent to truth and rightness. mosaic.” "to bury.” and "Deyto. low. irritation. Derived from "Mu'ul. "Rule of god.” Compound of Mul 'strength' and Dreniir 'tool'. unchanging. From "Motaad. "Rule of the people.” ○ n.” "strength.” ○ n.” mulhaan MULH1N ● adj. muledil MULEDIL ○ n.” with the prefix "-iik. From "Motaad. strength.” mu MU mulaan MUL1N ● pron. ● adj.” motmah MOTM4 ○ adj. A compound of "Mu'ul" and "Aav. cower. cheer. From "Mu'ul.” but since one is a noun/verb and the other an adjective. we. Literally "strength (of) character. "strong-control. mu'ulsejoriin M5LSEJOR3N Lit. court. supremacy.” mu'ulserah M5LSER4 mulrunaz MULRUNAZ 95 . powerless. rule. From "Honah. slippery. Based primarily off of "Du'ul. wrong. greybeard. integrity. republic. annoy. sensitive. power tool. unmoving. Based on "Mul.” — n. moo. theocracy. moziir MOZ3R mulaag MUL1G — n. Related to "Zaan. elusive.” and "Faas.Dovahzul-English ○ v.” mu'ular M5LAR ○ n.” mulnu MULNU ○ adj. Literally. drill. "rule of men. annoyance. ○ n. — adj.

” muz MUZ ● n. splinter.” not munhraak MUNHR1K "mankind"). make. werewolf.” "mancrocodile" (on the analogy of "Mungrohiik"). men (plural of "man.” muriiv M63V munax MUNAX — v. muscle." "strong.” "manmer. A compound of "Mun" and "Fahliil. alter. government.” "to rule. mun MUN Used as in "to make happy. werelion. opaque. Edited from "Aarthok. muulmarik M5LMARIK ○ n. mulrunaziik MULRUNAZ3K + n. scaffold.” — v. ○ n. mur M6 ○ n. humanoid.” mutahl MUT4L anthropomorphic. munkodaav MUNKOD1V From "Mul. lycanthropy. munfahliil MUNF4L3L muthir MUTH7 ○ n.” ● n. render. werevulture.” mungrohiik MUNGROH3K ○ n. firearm. + n. breton. alteration. A compound of "Mun" and "Kodaav.” ● adj.” and the "Ronaaz" family of words. — adj. — n. ○ n. "Mun" with the suffix "-eyd.” "manelf. opacity.” "to make or render. manmer.” "man-lion" (on the analogy of "Mungrohiik").” "manwolf" (on the analogy of "Mungrohiik"). A compound of "Mun" and "Dilaar.” — n. man. gunner / gunman. werecrocodile." "flesh.” "Mul" and "Vos. A compound of "Mun" and "Am. ○ n. cruel. A combination of "Man" and "Wolf.” "man- 96 . transition. wereboar.” the strength to be able. — n." See "Wahl" for "make" as in "to create. hall. ○ n. werebear. Related to "Mur. ○ adj. progression. — n. blur. Also a verb. Related to "Mu'ul. "Musvey" with the suffix "-om. From "Mur" and "Murahv.” mulvos MULVOS ○ n. gun. capability. Also an adjective. murahv M64V munam MUNAM — n.Dovahzul-English boar" (on the analogy of "Mungrohiik")." and "Slen.” Also can be used as an adjective. mundilaar MUNDIL1R musvey MUSV9 ○ n. munkrozol MUNKROZOL From "Mulrunaz" with the suffix "-iik. A compound of "Mun" and "Krozol. musanrak MUSANRAK mund MUND — n.” "manvulture" (on the analogy of "Mungrohiik"). travesty.” "strength. munralok MUNRALOK mulzen MULZEN — n. A compound of "Mun" and "Hraak. mahogany. anthropomorph. mundaar MUND1R musgiir MUSG3R — n. musveyom MUSV9OM muneyd MUN9D — n. capable. From "Mul.

crazed.” "someone who is alone.Dovahzul-English naariv N1RIV N — adj. A compound of "Naan" and "Gein. — v. — adj. peak. "Fury Yield" could come to mean "diviner" or "charmer" ("mancer").” naar N1R ● n.” Edited from "Nahk" and "Nahz. anywhere.” Edited from "Enarah. naal N1L nadiin NAD3N ● prep.” "any one. rather than a baseball or cricket bat. — n. necromancer.” naak N1K naav N1V ● v.” nahgahzii N4G4Z3 ○ n. black dwarf star. psychic. which may be a combination of Nag (Fury) Gah (Yield) and Dinok (Death) or "Nahgah" and "Dinok.” Either way. — n. mob. summit. fury. oracle. naan N1N charmer. Also the noun. anyone. diviner. naasfil N1SFIL naaf N1F + n. ○ adv. nah N4 naaleniik N1LEN3K ● n. gang. warn. consumer.” naangein N1NG2N ○ n. Expanded definition to include "anything. suave.” Uses the same suffix as "Qahnaarin. naavah N1V4 + n.” naavar N1VAR ○ n. Lit. Related to "Nahgahdinok. crazy.” "Necromancer. naalein N1L2N — n. From "Naal" and "Gein. black dwarf. conceited. From "Naalein. cultivate.” — n. "Lein Naakin. alone / lone / lonely . ● adj. Expanded definition to include "peak. eater. charm. naas N1S naad N1D — n. Based on Nahgahdinok ("necromancer").” "place. channeller. carcass. ○ n. corpse.” nahgah N4G4 ○ n. by. squirrel. loner.” "to grow. eat. naakin N1KIN From "Naag.” — adj. or the verb meaning "to bat (away). Lit. Related to "Nah.” "charm. 97 . nede.” naaz N1Z naako N1KO ○ n.” as opposed to "-iik" because "Naakiik" was awkward to pronounce. anything. "eating-stick.” "by oneself. nagiis NAG3S ○ adj. eaten. "Corpse Star.” "World Eater.” nahgahdinok N4G4DINOK naanstad N1NSTAD ● n.” Edited from "Enariik.” nahgriinos N4GR3NOS — n. bat. outrage. labyrinth. The animal. chopstick. anyplace. naak-oraak N1K-OR1K — v.” naag N1G naat N1T — v. any.” ● v. Loosely based on "Naram. vain.” "fury. From "Naan" and "Staad.

"Nahkuz" with the suffix "-iik.” ○ v.” Edited from "Najuliik.” + n.” Edited from "Nahlrii." Edited from "Najul. feed. From "Nahkriin." "stink. From "Nah. being.” ○ n. stifle.” Edited from "Naain." and "Nahlot. lurk.” and "Ven.” "person. organism.” ○ v. society.” nahkip N4KIP nahlimaar N4LIM1R ● v. nahlkopraan N4LKOPR1N From "Nahkiv. nahlaas N4L1S nahyol N4YOL 98 . soil. stain.” "silence." "fury-take.” nahkei N4K2 nahliik N4L3K ○ adj. Based on "nahlon. means "silence shout. community. furious.” "fury.” nahjor N4JOR nahlii N4L3 ○ n.” nahlon N4LON nahkriin N4KR3N ○ adj. paint.” ○ adj. vendetta.” ● n." Can also mean the noun. avenge.” "vengeance.” "Sisterhood.” — n. see "Verilir. typhoon. besmirch. netch. Derived from the verb "Nahlot." "silent. secunda. nahlotzaan N4LOTZ1N nahkrop N4KROP + n. vengeance. "fury-slay. plunder.” nahl N4L nahwan N4WAN ● adj. suppressor. nahled N4LED — n. loot. mute. "someone who is mute. revenge. nahkorah N4KOR4 Lit." Related to "Pook. discovery.” — v." "to sneak or crawl. someone who is mad. nahkiv N4KIV ○ n.Dovahzul-English nahin N4IN ● adj. entity. to kill in revenge. A compound of "Nahl" and "Rii. discover. silencer.” nahpok N4POK nahkuz N4KUZ ○ v.” ● v.” color. sack." The noun "vengeance" and the verb "to kill in revenge. alive. nahkivaar N4KIV1R — n.” — v.” "fury. Related to "Nah.” Edited from "Nahkroz. — v. "living body. nahlok N4LOK Edited from "Akorah. Edited from "Vepok. nahlot N4LOT Lit.” nahrz N4RZ nahkuziik N4KUZ3K — n.” "discover. maniac. nahvenoz N4VENOZ ○ adj. ○ v. sully.” Edited from "Zonah. living. plunderer. A modification of the word "Nahlii" based on "Briinahmaar. From "Ahkrop.” "wind.” ○ n. From "Nahkriin. looter.” "vengeance. silence." "silence. silent.” Lit.” Edited from "Nahlriimaar.” nahkrah N4KR4 ○ n.” and "Jor. "Nah" with the suffix "-kei. Related to "Fahin.” "Living essence. For the verb. From the Swedish "knäled. From "Nah" and "Kuz. dwell.

lit. A compound of "Nah" and "Yol. A compound of "Neben. naramriin NARAMR3N nebenweyt NEBENW9T — n. juvenile. sea fire. sulphur. Derives from "laas / life. neilaasin N2L1SIN neben NEBEN ○ n.” ● adv.” "to survive. cruelty. From Rim (To Gain/To Acquire) and Nau (On).” — adv. nebengol NEBENGOL nalkun NALKUN ○ adj. nebeniit NEBEN3T namok NAMOK — n. cannibal. grow. outdoor/outdoors. "Neben" and "Niit. except. “under (the) — adj. nax NAX ● n. ○ adj. deem. swelling. indoor/indoors .” navik NAVIK neilaasend N2L1SEND — n. naurim NA6IM neilaas N2L1S ○ v.” Edited from "Nowaas. Formed from "Neben" and "Dein. underneath. wildfire.” — n. — v. teenager.” naram NARAM nebenlom NEBENLOM — v. growth. already. nebenaraan NEBENAR1N nekov NEKOV ○ n.” "to eat.” and "Lom. Neilaas with the suffix -end.” nauaas NAU1S — n. cellar. nether. ○ adj.” "earth. Compound of 'neben' and 'kav'. ○ v. — n. underwater. Based on "Neilaas. fast. From "Neben" and "Naraan. trench.” open.” nebendein NEBEND2N nakooriiz NAK8R3Z ○ n.” "under. neh NEH Pronounced "Now-aas. quick. war fire.” "under. teenage. nau NAU negol NEGOL ● prep.Dovahzul-English ○ n.” nebenbex NEBENBEX nel NEL ○ adj. basement. swell. lit. narand NARAND ned NED — n. namas NAMAS — prep." "sub-adult. compund of 'neben' and 'bex'.” naraan NAR1N nebenkav NEBENKAV — n. fern. ○ n.” "Fury-Fire. adult. — n." "to grow. "under (the) roof. puberty.” "to swell or grow.” From "Naram. under-room. naramaan NARAM1N ○ adj. swollen. never. Related to "Naak.” "under-line. underground.” "water. A compound of "Neben.” "Neben" + "Weyt. survivor. hasty. speedy. invoke. sulfur.” — prep. nelom NELOM 99 . under. reckon. A combination of "Neben" and "Gol. From "Naram.” and "Gol. dungeon. on.” — n. survival. breeches. the act of surviving. beneath. survive. regard. lute.” — adj. ditch.

nidrin NIDRIN nep NEP — n. — n. decay. no / none / nothing. fleet. nelru NELRU Combines 'nev' with 'novul' to make 'wasteliquid'.” "basin": "waste-basin. heathen. laughter. speed. neltiid NELT3D neyliinvas N9L3NVAS ○ adj. 100 .” "waste. fastness. default. desolation. — n.” . nevstjorn NEVSTJORN Also can be used as a noun. ● adv. Forming a noun from the verb "Nep" with the suffix "-end. From the Icelandic for "mention.” niforveyk NIFORV9K — n. nen NEN Derived from the words Nok and Tey.” "fast.” + adj. slugish.” . refer. ignore. nii N3 nesiik NES3K ● pron. anymore.” "ease. From "Nenfah. chamber pot. Derived from "Nel" and "Ru. both. Lit." "to fly or move. Alternate spelling for "Nid." "no. niid N3D Edited from "Besak. wasteland. niif N3F Based on "Nev. niidam N3DAM nevonaar NEVON1R — n.” nemiir NEM3R neyrok N9ROK — n. bisexual. urine. — n.” literally "fast run. rapid. conspiracy. — n. Translates to "both sexual. Edited from "Niin" to "Nen" to avoid conflict with the canon "Niin. quickness. unease. ○ v. nenvaar NENV1R nid NID — v. latrine.” ● adv. ballista. sprint. spear.” ● adv.” — v.” — n. it. nonagon.” — n.” ○ n. sphere. ner NER From "Forveyk. From "Bo. nine. nibo NIBO nenfah NENF4 ○ adj. laugh. waste. "waste.” — v. not.” and "stjorn. basic. smile. no.” and "Nor. Edited from "Juuboh. From "Nel.Dovahzul-English nevul NEVUL — n.” "mention." describing someone that is not inclined to move. dash.” "land.” nenreid NENR2D nibor NIBOR — n. mention. urinal. squander. means "no-more. faculty. — n." "nefna. "Nel" with the suffix "-om. allude. toilet. nidzuk NIDZUK nepend NEPEND ○ adv. niigol N3GOL From "nev".” nev NEV — v. pee. lazy. Means "Nine-side. nevermore. ni NI — n.” — v. — v.” ney N9 ● adj.

” used as an adjective but listed here as a pronoun for search reasons." "coward. neither. niney NIN9 Edited from "Mik.” nikron NIKRON nir N7 ○ adj.” From Niiv: ball.” "void. itself. Can also be used as a verb.” nikriin NIKR3N ● n.” ○ conj. From "Nil." "cannot be conquered. — n. nilaad NIL1D 101 . forbidden. discontent. ○ adj.” Can be also a noun and a verb. sting. ○ pron." and "Ni. A compound of "Nid" and "Mun. niivut N3VUT nimah NIM4 — v. purge." "content. nobody.” ○ n. pursue. its.” niist N3ST nilz NILZ ○ pron. niliinvas NIL3NVAS niislah N3SL4 + adj. The precipitation rather than "to call or hail.” "void. representation. them. Literal equivalent. nil NIL nirkaanond N7K1NOND ● n. hunt. void. hailstorm. unconquerable. chase. — n. crab. theirs. From "Nikriin. nimqah NIMQ4 — n. forbid.” niin N3N niliik NIL3K ● pron. From "Ahney." Edited from "Hjani.” Edited from "Nustu. nikrinaar NIKRIN1R ninurah NIN64 ○ adj. blank.Dovahzul-English Derived from the words Nin and Golz." "noteither. none. From "Vinurah. The possessive form of "Nii. Corrected a spelling mistake. nirkaanon N7K1NON — v. "stinging stone. niirah N3R4 — n. nilaadaan NIL1D1N niil N3L — adj. ball. nin NIN nik NIK ● v. From "Nis" and "Kron. "Laan" with the prefix "Ni-. niiz N3Z — adj.” ○ v." "intruder. From "Nil." "either." See also canon "Volaan. cowardice. echo. noone. hail. represent. loose." "not-wanted. flail. nilaan NIL1N ○ adj.” nimaar NIM1R niiv N3V ● pron. lit. Plural possessive pronoun of "Nust. was formerly "Niimaar. nimun NIMUN niizmah N3ZM4 ○ pron.” — adj.” — n. Iiz: ice. — n. — n. teat. their. asexual. Translates to "not sexual. breast.” — v. coward.” ● v. unwanted.

” nivurot NIV6OT niskemaan NISKEM1N ○ v. unforgivable. morbid. Derived from "Korah" combined with "Nis.” "cannot be believed. falsity. From "Frolaaz" and "Nis.” ○ adj. "Viik" with "Nis.” "cannot be forgiven.” — adj.” ○ v. agender. "Nisahraan" with the suffix "-om.” niron N7ON — adj. cannot. themselves. Edited from "Rad. conspire.” "cannot be consoled. plot. hopeless.” "Nirkaanon" with the suffix "-nd. A compound of "Ni" and "Veiliin. falsehood. Compound of "Bo" and "Nis. invincible. inconsolable. fake." "hunt." Means "un-valor words. unavoidable.” Edited from "Niistmaar. From "Nir. nisahraan NIS4R1N nivahzen NIV4ZEN ○ adj." "cannot destroy. nishind NISHIND nivudoz NIVUDOZ ○ n. invulnerability. unamused.” Edited from "Vokorahtok. A compound of "Nid" and "Staad. Lit.” nisfranvoth NISFRANVOTH nivorn NIVORN ○ adj.” nistmaar NISTM1R nis NIS ○ pron.” ● adj.” See also "Ath" and "Hindnu. a "not-truth.” "Se" and "Vild.” nivzah NIVZ4 niskorah NISKOR4 102 . asunder. unbelievable. From "Nis" and "Hind. nivosevild NIVOSEVILD — n. "Nis" and "Al. nowhere.” From "Nis" and "Franvoth.” nivet NIVET nisal NISAL — prep. The reflexive of "Nust.” ○ n. immobile. stalk.” — adj. Edited from "Vofranvothok. nistaad NIST1D nirvot N7VOT ○ adv. poor. crack. nivok NIVOK immovable. indivisible. disposition. versus. "not-amused." "cannot be defeated. "Saad" with the prefix "Ni-. "Vudoz" with the prefix "Ni-. cowardly. — adj. Edited from "Nehahraan.” niviik NIV3K nisbo NISBO ○ adj. Lit. invulnerable. "cannot divide / be divided.” — n.” "cannot hope. clef." Means "cannot be wounded.” ○ adj.Dovahzul-English ○ adj. immobilized.” "cannot-move. despair.” ○ n. inevitable. indestructible. non-canon. crevice.” niveiliin NIV2L3N nisahraanom NIS4R1NOM ○ adj.” it literally means "Split of a rock. ○ adj. nisfrolaaz NISFROL1Z Derived from "Nivosend.” nivosik NIVOSIK — adv. nisaad NIS1D nivahriin NIV4R3N — adj. niskrenok NISKRENOK Edited from "Voron. inseparable.” — adj. Lit.” niroz N7OZ ○ adj.” ● v.

” Edited from "Nexaag. nokorun NOKORUN "Noorend" with the suffix "-aal. nonvulgolz NONVULGOLZ njol NJOL ○ n. important. layer.” nonvuliik NONVUL3K ○ n.” Edited from "Hahjok. aught. nor NOR ○ n.” nizraadom NIZR1DOM — n.” "to "lie. modified. hallucinate.” "noble. blab. From "Nonvul. From "Vahzah." "lair.” noorend N8REND nokin NOKIN — n. Noksenonvul with the "-iik" suffix.” nizeylum NIZ9LUM nonvul NONVUL — v. "Nonvul" with the suffix "-iik.” ○ n. "Nok" with the suffix "-orun. noksenonvul NOKSENONVUL noraas NOR1S ○ n. emote.” nizaag NIZ1G nonaan NON1N — n.” Means "anything at all. charge.” — v.” "approve" with prefix "Ni-. blame.” and the 103 .” Edited from "Nex.” noorendaal N8REND1L — adj.” nol NOL + n. ○ n.” — n. Composed of the words Nonvul and Golz (Stone. nok NOK ● v." Edited from "Okmah. noble stone. From "Nok. ○ n. call out.” ● adj. cemetery. From "Zeylum.” — n. surroundings. land. importance. nobility. accusation. Based on "Nok.” "true. deplore. noblewoman. Literally. country.” noot N8T noksenonviik NOKSENONV3K — n. nivzahmiin NIVZ4M3N Edited from "Nakuur.” — v. from.” ○ n. "lies of the noble. disapprove. camera. saddle." "place of rest. blurt. uncle. accuse.Dovahzul-English nokur NOK6 ○ adj. accuse. The verb "to blame. "Lying dream. politics.” Both the verb "to hallucinate" and the noun "hallucination. it defines the stones that man see as valuable or "noble.” "to lie. Based off of "Naan. nobleman. nix NIX nomah NOM4 — prep. liar. politician.” Edited from "Nonvulom" to avoid association with "Vulom. gemstone. ham. — n. between. false. lie / lay / laid. Related to "Zeymah" and "Bormah. skill. province. Literally 'false eye'. emotional. or charge.” "with or having emotion. significance. area. nizraad NIZR1D nonvulaan NONVUL1N — adj." Not to be confused with "Praav. hallucination. "Noor" with the suffix "-end. Means "to lie down. noble. countable). significant. noor N8R nokiiv NOK3V — v. location. ● prep." "to lay something down. nation. emotion." and "to tell a falsehood. ○ n. ○ pron.” nokhahnu NOKH4NU noolas N8LAS ○ n." "someone who lies.

” "now. Derived from Middle High German 'notten' (move around/shake). diplomat. manifest. patriot. barren.” "seen. num NUM — adj. nos NOS Related to "Ulaz. "to ready. seen. envoy. Can be used as a noun or adjective.” nunal NUNAL nox NOX ○ adj.” norkaal NORK1L nukaas NUK1S ○ n. bareness. "country-champion. gratitude. liquid. For the verb. quail.” and "Sahr.” "seen. thank. now. butcher. naked. charge. thanks. bare.” Edited from "Nunom. unique. thank you." "only.” nurvim N6VIM nuk NUK 104 . mere. strike.” Lengthened to "Noraas. norzaar NORZ1R nul NUL — n. rare. nakedness. Can also be used as a verb. ○ adv. ambassador. nun NUN noton NOTON ○ adj. revelation.” not "offended. ● adv.” — n. ready.” "land. "to ready meat.Dovahzul-English noun "blame. Reverse derived from canon word 'Vonun' meaning 'unseen'.” ● v. nudity. nuksliin NUKSL3N norok NOROK ○ v. — n. bouyancy.” "angle. — v. nudraan NUDR1N nunt NUNT ○ adj. Lit. Lit. Inspired by "Nor. Lit.” "to connect.” nulaz NULAZ — n. nostig NOSTIG Edited from "nun. Lit. nunahst NUN4ST novuldah NOVULD4 ○ v.” ○ adj. nunon NUNON This is the root for the the expression of "thank you.” — v.” Edited from "Viimakuun.” ○ n. . "liquid Push. "Nunt" with the suffix "-om. "striking action. Related to "Nu. see "Brah.” numtaar NUMT1R — n.” In relation to "offense and defense.” Verb: To thank. From "Nun. nu NU nunon NUNON ● adv.” ○ n. nationalist. offense. nunaakun NUN1KUN novul NOVUL ○ n. just.” — n. puppet. or accusation. scarce. modern. From "Nunon. zero. only. use. Edited from "Nun" to avoid conflict with semicanon "Nun.” Edited from "Viimahst. fierce / fiercest.” ● adj.” — adj. nod. From "Nun.” nufost NUFOST nuntom NUNTOM — n.” — n. tract. diagonal. purpose. nuft NUFT — n. Part of the "Cyclone" shout in Dragonborn dlc.

who once ruled those Dragonlands.” "invisible. expensive. nusaanom NUS1NOM "Oben" with the suffix "-aal. it literally means Now-Time. nuvistul NUVISTUL — adj.” nuthaak NUTH1K — n. arcane. "snow-rage. abolish.” something that is "with or having expense. Derived from "Od. present.Dovahzul-English — v.” "to end.” ○ n. attend.” — adj. pervade. absence. oblivion. presence. end. snow demon.” ○ n. annul. kamal.” ○ adj. but.” "to lose. Replaces the non-canon "Uradiin. Composed of the words Nu and Tiid.” literal translation.” From "Oblaan. expense. nor. absent.” nuzuk NUZUK — adj. nuisance. snow. From "Saan. Based on "Uv. Lit. they.” ○ n. nust NUST obliis OBL3S ● pron. apathy. od OD nuv NUV ● n. Composed of the words Od and Fahliil. ○ v. Reverse-derived from "Vonuz. Edited from "Iklan. Means "To be present throughout. Also a verb. nusaan NUS1N obenaal OBEN1L ○ adj.” "Or. Compound of "Od" and "Ogah. visible. destitute. that live in Akaviri and were well known to the Dov. present. statue. It also refers to the entire Falmer-race pre-corruption by the Dwemer. — n. snow elf. it literally means Snow-Elf and refers to the few pre-Falmer elfs that have not degenerated. ● conj. now. nuz NUZ ○ adj. odstrun ODSTRUN 105 . bother. snowberry. arctic. avalanche.” ○ n.” odrahgol ODR4GOL ○ n.” "present. gone. From "Nu. nurzir N6Z7 O — n. retire.” nuviis NUV3S odhokzii ODHOKZ3 ○ v. "Nusaan" with the suffix "-om. nus NUS oben OBEN ● n.” meaning "of the snow. oblivion OBLIVION nutiid NUT3D ● n.” nuvah NUV4 odfahliil ODF4L3L ○ n. odogah ODOG4 nuz NUZ ○ n. oden ODEN ○ conj.” Related to "Nuviis.” "now. From the word "Nuvah. nuvey NUV9 ○ v.” oblaan OBL1N ● n. A denomination that refers to the Kamal-races.” Edited from "Saarkom.” Edited from "Saark.

chord. orsinium. empathy . himself.” ○ n. tribute. orcish. receiver. remark. sea. From "Ofun" and "Sil.Dovahzul-English ○ n. "give joy. ofanix OFANIX okaalah OK1L4 ○ v. "Ofan" with the suffix "-iik.” "Ofan" with the suffix "-aat. bequeath.” ○ v. snowy.” "sea-attack.” "give. "Ogiim" with the suffix "-en.” and "Laan. Variation of the word "Okaaz" which means sea." "give. "give-between. orc. From Ogiim and Nor (Orc and Land/Province). — adj. comment. okaaron OK1RON ofanjiik OFANJ3K ○ n. ogiir OG3R ofanaat OFAN1T — n. trivial. ogiim OG3M ofahnir OF4N7 ● n. Literal equivalent. Directly from Latvian. orichalcum. longboat.” lit. occupied. ○ n. odus ODUS ofunsil OFUNSIL ● adj. receive. leg. ○ n. "Ofaal" with the suffix "-in. the small fruit. "share-thought. — n. ogah OG4 ofaalend OF1LEND — n. busy. Derived from "Ofan" and "Nix. frivolous. offering. gift.” ofaal OF1L ● v. navy. berry. entertain.” Edited from "Ofaaliik.” ok OK ● pron.” okravaaz OKRAV1Z ofunlor OFUNLOR ○ n. share. ○ v. General term for a berry.” ○ pron.” okaaz OK1Z ofir OF7 ● n. ofaalin OF1LIN ogeliim OGEL3M ○ n. ofan OFAN ● v.” — n.” — n. giver. Literally. snowstorm . okaziindah OKAZ3ND4 ofolin OFOLIN + n. reception. his. shark. orsimer. "Ofun" with "lor. The reflexive of "Rok.” ofun OFUN okmaar OKM1R ○ v. From "Okaaz" and "Iindah.” "want/request. ○ n. engaged." Noun or a verb." "shared-soul. ○ v. ofaniik OFAN3K okaadah OK1D4 ○ n. devolve. Derives from "Ofan. 106 . whale. Literally "that which is given. torpedo." Shortened from "Ofuun.” ogiimor OG3MOR ○ n. Portmanteau of "Ofan. — adj. give. exchange. present.” Literally. Taken from Okaaz (primary) meaning sea and Himdah (quaternary) meaning home. ogiimen OG3MEN ofalaan OFAL1N ○ adj.

— n. — n. skeleton. glen. onlaas ONL1S olg OLG — n. Expanded definition to include "enlighten." "tear. solitude. hairy. Uses "-ak" instead of "-dahk" for phonetic reasons. ● n.” omshuniir OMSHUN3R okriim OKR3M + n.” olqein OLQ2N — v. glade. "Olm" and "Gahrot. execution. Lit. — n. oraakan OR1KAN omaar OM1R — n. lo. "hair soap.” "skeleton.” — n. loneliness.” Literally. olak OLAK onikaan ONIK1N — n. "Om" with the suffix "-us. afterlife . isolation. any romantic partner. olakaan OLAK1N onikiv ONIKIV — n. — adj. From "Oraak." Related to "Okaaz. oh. onliin ONL3N olm OLM ○ n.” ● adv. olmgahrot OLMG4ROT ont ONT ○ n. enlightenment / enlighten. dimension. wisdom. — n." lit. 107 .” lit. From "Olm" and "Gefaas. oo 8 olniiv OLN3V — interj. wise. shudder. — n. eagle. "hairless. olqeinaas OLQ2N1S — n.” omnu OMNU oraan OR1N ○ adj. onvok ONVOK olnaav OLN1V — v. girlfriend. crow. horizon. oprotak OPROTAK — n. librarian.” oraak OR1K om OM — n. library. boyfriend. magpie. shampoo. quiver. oprot OPROT Based on "Glen. mate.” "passion. fagot.” "Olnaav. as. once.” "stick. hour." and "Vaaz. stick. shiver. ol OL ond OND ● adv.” onol ONOL ○ n. bald.” oldoz OLDOZ — n. — v. companion. ● n. skeletal. scarecrow. olm-gefaasiik OLM-GEF1S3K From "Smoliin. ● adj. partner. ● interj. execute. turkey. olaak OL1K onik ONIK — n. admit." "sea. "Stealing Crow.” okulom OKULOM omus OMUS ○ adj.Dovahzul-English Edited from "Vaak. "crow-scarer.” — n. hair. ● n. From "Olqein.

— v. "Wahl" with the prefix "Or-. — v. oraas OR1S From "Klad.” — n. orkiin ORK3N "Osul" (Sew) with the suffix "-iik" . flower. reincarnation. dogma. apart.” orfrolok ORFROLOK ○ v.” — v.” Can be used as both a noun and verb. quite. orlaav ORL1V An organ of the body. canon. remind.” Edited from "Orbahlaan. past participle of "orlaav. cabinet. "ris" (place/put) with prefix "or-"(re-). — n. "Balaan" with the prefix "Or-. reunify. — v. rebuild. — n. tailor. jar. redeem. osos OSOS "Rim" with the prefix "Or-. ○ v.” oradgah ORADG4 — n. substitute. "Kiindah" with the prefix "Or-. seamstress. permit. recover.” — n. organ. review. orgevoth ORGEVOTH oskad OSKAD ○ v. osuliik OSUL3K ○ v. repay.Dovahzul-English — adv. ○ n. some. jade. replace. oth OTH ○ adj. From "Gegein.” — v.” — v. osley OSL9 orim ORIM — n. rebirth. osk OSK "Frolok" with the prefix "Or-. deft. "Vorstaal" with the prefix "Or-. consent. orlaavend ORL1VEND A modification of "Hah" with the prefix "Or-. fully. osul OSUL ● adv. tenet.” osvanir OSVAN7 orkiindah ORK3ND4 — n. consent. orah OR4 Derived from Old Norse "orlof. — v. remake. — adj.” orfor ORFOR — v.” orlavaan ORLAV1N — v.” orbiis ORB3S oron ORON — v. creed.” "unify" with prefix "Or-.” ● n.” orbrah ORBR4 ○ v. oris ORIS — v. reborn.” "load" with prefix "Or-.” orwahl ORW4L "For" with the prefix "Or-.” orin ORIN ● pron. orbalaan ORBAL1N Orlaav + end. redemption. permission. sew.” orkopraanzii ORKOPR1NZ3 — n.” "worthy again. drawer. reconnect. container.” ○ adj. reuse. orphan. remade. "Kopraanzii" with the prefix "Or-. regain. even. reload. orvegein ORVEG2N Related to "biis" with the prefix "Or-. orvorstaal ORVORST1L From "Brah" with the prefix "Or-. "Kiin" with the prefix "Or-."one who sews. recreate.” "Connect" with prefix "Or-. From "Gevoth. repurpose. reorganize. rename. orklad ORKLAD ov OV 108 . dearth.

gloss. shame. summary. paazigran P1ZIGRAN ozur OZ6 — n. From "Ozak" and "Vum. ozak OZAK paalus P1LUS — n.” ○ n. ovkod OVKOD ● n.” — n.” ○ v. adversary." "goat's beard. A way of walking." Edited from "Akir. Compound of "Ov" and "Kod. — n.'. "Paaz" with the suffix "-om. walk. paagliik P1GL3K ● adj. Literally 'fair rage. indignant. piano. "Ozinvey" and "Haal. everyone. document. padir PAD7 paag P1G — n. continent.” ○ n. everything. hostile. Lit. goatee. pahel P4EL ○ n. enemy.” "all-write. zenith. smooth.” paagluf P1GLUF — n. enemy." "An enemy soldier. Expanded definition to include "everyone. From "Paal. needle. shamble. cream. not as in shuffling of cards. A combination of "pah" and "pel. paar P1R ozinvey OZINV9 ● n. foe. ○ adj.Dovahzul-English paak P1K ● v. infant." "trustwielding. paal P1L ○ adj. paalikot P1LIKOT ovriil OVR3L ○ n. paaz P1Z ozinveyhaal OZINV9H1L ● adj.” paan P1N ozinkrel OZINKREL — n. Means "fair" as in "just. pahdul P4DUL Literally "fat-milk.” paagol P1GOL pahelrot P4ELROT — v.” ● n. Edited from "Padul. trustworthy.” — n. keyboard. 109 . ivory. fair. ozakvum OZAKVUM adversarial. wreath . fat. trust. baby. padiiz PAD3Z P — n. fairness. goat. pah P4 — adj. influence. ○ n. From "Ozur. Derived from "Paagol" (walk) and the Swedish word "Lufsa" (shamble).” paazrahgol P1ZR4GOL ○ adj.” meaning "ivory hand" in reference to older pianos having ivory keys. "enemy-like. region. shuffle. ambition." and "fair" as in "pleasant" or "beautiful. ● n. all. sleek. aggressive. — adj.” — n. glossy. paazom P1ZOM ozuriiv OZ63V ○ adj. "glossy.” "foe.

"foot-cloth. Lit. catholic. dictator. "all-dominate-master. From "Pah" and "Leinuv. pansexual. confidence. ○ adv. cooperate. altogether. "all-power" or "all-powerful.” "with or having confidence.” pahrk P4RK pahkolos P4KOLOS — n. extermination. Lit.” "all. surety. A compound of "Pah" and "Fos.Dovahzul-English pahrak P4RAK From "Pahel" and "Rot. From "Pahlok. global.” pahvoth P4VOTH pahnim P4NIM ○ adv. dictatorship. overall.” pahsu P4SU pahliinvas P4L3NVAS ○ n.” "all.” "all.” "pertaining to all the world.” pahgein P4G2N pahrelinaar P4RELIN1R ○ n. whenever. ○ n. "all-when.” Edited from "Pahleiniil. general. ○ v. together.” Lit.” pahlok P4LOK pahsuleyk P4SUL9K ● n.” ○ adj. cooperative." "foot-ball. A compound formed from "Pah. assurance. "All-gathering. "Pahsu" with the suffix "-aal. wherever. Literally "all sexual. "Pahlok" with the suffix "-aal. eliminate. From "Pah" and "Kriivah. football." Edited from "Edah.” pahrk-niiv P4RK-N3V pahkriivah P4KR3V4 + n. footstep. to speak to many. A combination of "Pah" (All) and "Saan" (Lose).” "all-what. From "Ulaan. whatever. oneness.” ○ n.” A compound of "Pah.” "all-murder.” "all.” + adj. ○ n. announce. ○ adj. ○ n. arrogant.” and "Mindok. all knowing. "all-where.” Edited from "Parq.” 110 .” From "Pahrk" and "Niiv.” pahsaan P4S1N pahleinuv P4L2NUV ○ v. omnipotence. soccer.” pahlokaal P4LOK1L pahsunaal P4SUN1L ○ adj. pahfos P4FOS pahrelin P4RELIN ○ adv. foot. arrogance. Lit. "foot-fall. to work together. intact. From "Pahrelin." and "Junaar. A compound of "Pah" ("All") and "Gein" ("One"). Lit. "allwith.” and "Pah.” pahmindok P4MINDOK pahvaak P4V1K ○ adj. From "Pah" and "Tinvaak. omniscience." "arrogance." "kingdom.” pahfod P4FOD — v. sure. universal.” "with or having arrogance.” pahrkmah P4RKM4 pahlaan P4L1N ○ n. unity. From "Pah. Lit. "summary word.” Literally.” "to know. or light slipper. confident. genocide. pahrakal P4RAKAL ○ conj.” ○ adj. sock.” "whole.” and "Voth. foot-wrap. omnipotent. omniscient.” pahrkriiv P4RKR3V pahlahvraan P4L4VR1N — n. solidarity.” "with.” Edited from "Edrahaal. assembly. ○ n.” — adj.” ○ adj.

writer. means "to write a point. "Pel" with the suffix "-iik.” — n. . resolve. whoever. swirl. punctuate. pel PEL pentaaz PENT1Z ● v. pencil.” it literally means "writing skill. means "all-voiced. Lit. sanction. quill.” — v. A compound of "Pah" and "Vahl" with teh suffix "-iik. churn.” "someone who writes.” pelniir PELN3R pahwo P4WO ○ n. punishment.” "a place of writing. From "Pah" and "Yaav.” ○ n. scribe." "to write.” "punish. parry. secretary. — v. Lit. pel-deykel PEL-D9KEL Related to "Pentaaz. drink. Both the noun "punishment" and the verb "to punish. — n. — n. write.” "pallur. ● n. diameter. peliik PEL3K ○ n. Lit. pelzahd PELZ4D pas PAS ○ v. punctuation. peh PEH pentaar PENT1R — adv. A compound of "Pel" and "Noot.” pelnoot PELN8T ○ n. define. whomever. Combination of "Pel" and "Mein." or "written point.” "something one writes with. — adj. Lit. Taken from the Icelandic word for "platform. notebook. any writing ○ adv. peyt P9T From "Pel" and "Deykel. "written vow. detail. peil P2L — v. rose. all-maker. "all-across.” A mysterious deity revered as the wellspring of creation by Ancient Atmorans and modern Skaal.” pahyaav P4Y1V ○ n." . scriptorium.” piinaar P3N1R pelgah PELG4 111 .” Literally." "writing-book. pelein PEL2N piin P3N + n.” pelorun PELORUN palaar PAL1R ○ n.” parok PAROK — v. quill. punish. panor PANOR pelvahrot PELV4ROT — v. From "Pel. flap. quite. a scribes 'office'.” — v. "all-who. handwriting. subscribe. A compound of "Pel" ("Write") and "Uft" ("Feather"). describe. diary.Dovahzul-English pahwahliik P4W4L3K ○ n. unanimous .” pahzul P4ZUL ○ adj. pen. scorch. journal.” utensil. "Pel" with the suffix "-niir.” peluft PELUFT palnekaar PALNEK1R ○ n. platform.” + n.” it literally means "All-Creator. "Pel" with the suffix "-orun. pelark PELARK piilo P3LO — v. ○ v. potent.

Refers to a grassland or field. option.” ○ adj. From "Piin. polytheistic.” piinzoliik P3NZOL3K pogaad POG1D ○ adj." "to possess. dense.” it literally means "Many gods. From "Piraan.” "much. possess.” — adj. subjective. piir P3R pogaan POG1N — v. massacre. much of.” A phrase that means "many-faced.” "something one drinks with. claim. rowboat. rather than an adjective describing something that is plain or simple.” Thing. field. much. anything that one drinks from.” "many-killing.” piiv P3V — n.” piniir PIN3R — n. ○ adj. tentacle." "many. pindaar PIND1R ○ adj.” "many. From "Pogaas.” A compound of "Pluz" and "Vaad.” Means "with or having many gods.” pogaav POG1V piraak P71K ○ v. piit P3T pogaan-luft POG1N-LUFT — adj. From "Pogaan. top. pit. ○ v." "πλοκάμι. From "Piraak. plains." "to claim. persnickety.” pikoon PIK8N pogaanraal POG1NR1L — n. pogaanrah POG1NR4 ○ n.” poguk POGUK piraan P71N ○ n. polytheism.” plozkaro PLOZKARO pogukus POGUKUS — n. particular. Derived from "Pogaanrah" with the suffix "aal. box.” pluz PLUZ pok POK — v.” ● n. several. trace.” ● n. possession.” ● v. 112 . jug. piraakt P71KT pogahko POG4KO ○ n. claimant. genitals.” ○ n. milk drinker." "possess. drinker. choosy. choice. horn. From "Pogaan" and "Krii. ○ v. Derived from "Pogaan. mug.” "to drink. — adj. indefinite.” From "Poguk" with the suffix "-us. From "Pogaan. pogaas POG1S "Piin" with the suffix "-niir. fussy. and "Truk. — n. chop. profuse. Derived from "Pogaas. glass.Dovahzul-English — n.” Many." Edited from "Siir. A compound of "Pogaan" and "Rah." Edited from "Piraant. many. multiply. pluzvaad PLUZV1D Pronounce ["poke"]. From "Piraak. genitalia. pik PIK pogaankrii POG1NKR3 — n. debatable. Inspired by the Greek for "tentacle. fastidious. Edited and expanded from "Diskutirok. pogaat POG1T piraad P71D ○ adj. row. property. — n. plain. vessel. ● adj.

need. Edited from "Grim" to relate to canon "Praan. praak PR1K posiil POS3L — v.” ○ adj.” ○ n.” "to rest. Edited from "Norgraz. purify.” "need." "much.” "rest. spruce. caffeinated drink. liter." and the noun "seat. From "Pogaan. abundance." "stink-breath.” "land. — n.Dovahzul-English poltor POLTOR praadnepiin PR1DNEP3N — v. burp.” pozaan POZ1N praav PR1V — n. purification. From "Praan. "Prahk" with the suffix "-end. ○ n. capture.” — n. awake / wake. povortii POVORT3 praanlovaas PR1NLOV1S ○ adj.” and "Lovaas. copious. consciousness. rather than the verb "to pound" or the money. pook P8K A slightly shortened form of 'praadniir piin'. roost. povaan POV1N ○ adj. bountiful. stink. ○ adj. 113 . lit. needed. From "Pook" and "Sum.” ● v. slither. bounty. conscious.” praak-ronaaz PR1K-RON1Z poskur POSK6 + n. stinky.” Expanded from "Prak." Noun or verb. plentiful." lit. belch. isle. plenty. abound. praadonom PR1DONOM — n. portav PORTAV From "Praag. mouse. — n. seat. The measurement of weight. From "Praak" and "Ronaaz. sat. "waking sense. bountiful. rest. From "Pogaas. "Pook" with the suffix "-us. sit. praagek PR1GEK Derived from "Nor. Edited from "Zonorgraz. elixir.” ○ n. slide. print. necessary. cursor. requiem. praal PR1L fertile.” praan PR1N ● v.” povaas POV1S ○ n.” "many. fruitful. — n. tomato.” pozaar POZ1R prahk PR4K — n.” Relates to "Pogaan. coffee." The verb "to sit or seat. Expanded definition to include "seat. "slithering arrow." and "Vortii.” — adj. pozik POZIK — v. island.” "many.” praad PR1D prahm PR4M ○ v.” "song.” — v. "the awakening drink. prahkend PR4KEND — n. — n. Lit." Refers to the cursor or mouse of a computer. fertility.” ● v." "beyond. abundant. A compound of "Praan. praadonah PR1DON4 pooksum P8KSUM ○ adj. pookus P8KUS Alteration of "Praadonah" with the suffix "om. pound. excessive.” praag PR1G por POR — v. lair.

” prem PREM ○ n. president. Derived from "Prodah.” prez PREZ prudaas PRUD1S — n. bench. tame.” "patience. ○ v. dinner. pronah PRON4 — v. evening meal." Possibly related to "Vum.” — n.” and "Prem. prazaak PRAZ1K ○ v. patience. price. "Foretelling Wind. prudil PRUDIL priivum PR3VUM — adj. plumage. praznu PRAZNU prodaz PRODAZ — adj.” "to foretell. token. preen. Related to "Pruzah. ○ n. patient. pravoz PRAVOZ prodahk PROD4K — n.” ○ v. foretell / foretold. park. divination. minor. prakemiil PRAKEM3L — adj. Opposite of "Volg. perk. 'Praz' with suffix '-nu'. . appropriate.” prudaav PRUD1V — adj. sparrow.Dovahzul-English prakem PRAKEM "good. gein prenlon wah siiv must. foresee. — n.” Corrected to semicanon. formal. shallow. snake. Based on Icelandic "prjóna.” "eye.” ● v. Can be noun or adjective. parsley. "Gein prenlon wah mu'ul must pah.” to foreshadow or hint at something. paradise.” and "Miin. Literal translation of Lamia. As in a piece of jewelry. call.” "peace. — n. ring. prolg PROLG prel PREL ○ v. knit. + n. I changed the spelling a bit so it doesn't get confused with the suffix "-rah. supper. suitable. foreshadow. petty." "to summon. 114 . — v." Edited from "Peyl. From "Drem. gein prenlon wah drun must pah ahrk ko vulom gron must. shallowness. proper. prodah PROD4 ○ n. — n. Related to "Proviz.” 'to knit'. lamia.” "wild.” prozeyv PROZ9V — v. — n. priceless. priizah PR3Z4 "Prudil" with the suffix "-om.” "foretell. petite. hunchback. prudilom PRUDILOM Edited from "Priivu'um." "beard. — n. From "Bel." as a word of authority.” prelah PREL4 promiin PROM3N — n.” praz PRAZ prodahven PROD4VEN — n. From "Prodah. foresight. prok PROK prekal PREKAL — n. plume. Can be a noun or a verb. priitor PR3TOR — n. prenlon PRENLON proviz PROVIZ — n.” prin PRIN — n. arch. bonus. "Snake-Woman. migrate.” prukriig PRUKR3G ○ n.

apprentice. prusfil PRUSFIL pun PUN + n. — n. mill. maroon. From "Prun" and "Sahqo.” a lengthier version of "Guur. flash. "Flashing Star. corundum . Opposite of Funt: to fail. From "Prunt.” "best. blink. sentimental.” "good. well. "Prust" with the suffix "_iik. Based on "Pruzaan.” prust PRUST Shortened from "Puun.” ● adj." "brown gem. pruz PRUZ ○ adj.” — v. exemplar.” punah PUN4 — v.” "Farina"). Derived from Unt: to try.” ○ n. success.Dovahzul-English prulogel PRULOGEL pruvosaal PRUVOS1L — n. study.” "man. expert. doughnut. From "Prun" and "Sogaal. donut. virtue.” prunsogaal PRUNSOG1L ○ n. prulos PRULOS "Pruvos" with the suffix "-aal. student. elite. dint.” For the moral sense of "good. good.” ○ v.” Shortened from "Pruustmun.” "study.” and "Mun. prunt PRUNT From "Pruzah. neutron star. epitome. Lit. best.” pruzahguur PRUZ4G5R ○ interj. Shortened from "Pruust.” pruzeim PRUZ2M — n.” see "Kul. pus PUS 115 .” Can be used as an adjective. succeed. — n. From "Kreh. ○ n.” ● adj.” From "Pun" and "Kenlok. feeling." Shortened from "Pruustiik. farina. paragon." Shortened from "Puunkenlok. pulsar. — adj. Related to "Pruzah.” "Good. topaz.” prun PRUN — adj. prus PRUS pukreh PUKREH ○ v. — n. better. A compound of "Pruzah" and "Guur. From "Pruzah/Good" and "Naak/eat.” Referred to "Puun" ("Flour. male. Derived from "pruzaan. goodbye. — adj." "flour-circle. brown.” prunsahqo PRUNS4QO ○ adj. eat well. From "Prust. sentiment. dent. punkenlok PUNKENLOK prustmun PRUSTMUN + n.” "to bend.” and "Pruzah.” "with or having affection. affection. prunaak PRUN1K pruzah PRUZ4 ○ v. affectionate. Pruzah.” pruntaas PRUNT1S pugal PUGAL ○ n. female." Edited from "Pruuq.” "Best. good. dine.” — n. meal.” "to succeed.” prustiik PRUST3K pund PUND — n. pruziig PRUZ3G ○ n. Expanded definition to include "well." "brown-red. pruzaan PRUZ1N Edited from "Brun" to "Prun. flour. olive.” punmak PUNMAK pruvos PRUVOS — adj.

case.” puvah PUV4 qahriil Q4R3L ○ n. mannequin. From "Qah. Means "to vanquish. pot. dagger. cocoon. Armor one would wear to cover the shoulders. fly. powdery. (Literally meaning small sword). thane. vanquisher. entitlement.” Something one has a right to. deserve. From "Pus" meaning "Small. qarah QAR4 qah Q4 ○ n. qalos QALOS ● v. denial. worthless.” From "Pusaas. tiny. insect.Dovahzul-English ○ adj. From "Qah. Loosely based off of "Small" or "Pus" and "Truth" or "Vahzen. Q qahv Q4V qaar Q1R — n. From "Qaar. ○ n. shortsword. champagne. qahsuld Q4SULD ○ n. pauldron. From "Qah. Part of the "Dragon aspect" shout in Dragonborn Dlc.” "powder. chest. Based on "Pus. paltry. right." "Mun. ● n.” General term for any kind of bug or insect." and also "to deny.” qahrus Q4RUS puzaar PUZ1R ○ n. Edited from "Qaar.” pusojur PUSOJ6 qahmunus Q4MUNUS — n.” "right. From "Qarah. ○ n. chestplate.” "armor. small.” pusahkrii PUS4KR3 qahdtus Q4DTUS ○ n. Lit. qahaar Q41R qator QATOR 116 . pusonin PUSONIN — n.” pusrig PUSRIG qahnaarin Q4N1RIN — adj. vanquish.” "armor. knife. Derived from "Qah" an armored container. scorpion." "armored man statue. something someone is entitled to obtain. Derived from "Qah. detail. armor.” "armor. armory. pusaas PUS1S qahd Q4D — n. cuirass. ○ n. touch. Can refer to any sword smaller than a longsword. It's the mixture of pus and zahkrii. beaver. — n. A compound of "Qahd" meaning "Chest" and "Tus" meaning "Plate.” + n." Armor someone would wear to cover the front of their torso.” — adj. ● v. "armor-monster.” — n. qarask QARASK — n. mosquito. deny. pusast PUSAST qahliir Q4L3R — adj. ○ n.” — n. shell. powder.” ● n." "shell.” "small. qaariv Q1RIV qalteyk QALT9K ○ v. armored. qahnaar Q4N1R Derived from Pusojur and Nin to make Stingbug. or somehow they are entitled to act. bug. tank." and "Nus.

swiftness. qiilaanzin Q3L1NZIN qeraat QER1T ○ n. heraldic. submit. "lightning-moving-cat." someone who is 117 . "Lightning-thought. adorable. salute. fever. hut.” "touch. Literally "bone of the back.” ○ adj. morningstar. Related to "Qalos. gargoyle.Dovahzul-English cute or adorable.” qibiik QIB3K qolor QOLOR — adj. fossil. qobo QOBO ○ v. Edited from "Qodeih." "swift-cat. lightning.” ○ n.” ○ adj. Lit.” Draugr is the Icelandic word for Ghost. From "Qiilaan. bow. qethsewuth QETHSEWUTH qolaasuv QOL1SUV ○ n. spine. wit. — n. goblet. qo QO qethkrah QETHKR4 ● n.” "unwanted/intruder. "bow-honor.” Can also be used as a verb. cute. bone chilling. "Bones of Old. — n. cutie.” qiilaak Q3L1K ○ v. obsidian. "Qobo" with suffix "-rom. ○ v. — n. bone. mace. qerisogal QERISOGAL qiiraz Q3RAZ — n.” Used as a verb. nimble. swift.” qolaak QOL1K qethsevulon QETHSEVULON — n. Means "to bow" rather than the weapon. quick wits. baptize. Lit. A compound meaning "bone-cold. For the general word see "Golz.” "Qiib" with the suffix "-iik.” "move.” supposing that it was misspelled in the book "Holdings of Jarl Gjalund.” and "Volaan.” qelek QELEK qiilaan Q3L1N — v." "to bow. draugr. herald.” ○ n.” + n. robe. grail. — n. "lightning. — n. submission. Literally "Bone-Ghost. "Qolaas" with the suffix "-uv. shack.” ● v. stone. Lit. qolaas QOL1S ○ n. qethgaaf QETHG1F qiiv Q3V ○ n. From "Qobo" and "Kaaz. qeth QETH qiistur Q3ST6 ● n.” qethsegol QETHSEGOL qobokaaz QOBOK1Z ● n. nimbleness.” qethsegolahrol QETHSEGOL4ROL qoborom QOBOROM ○ n. granite hill. chalice.” "that is spine-chilling. "Bone of the night. anoint. Often used in reference to Word Walls. rape. spine chilling. cunning. sin. qeln QELN ● v. "Tol qethkrah. endearing. qiib Q3B qavolaan QAVOL1N — adj. cheetah.” qodii QOD3 qethserigir QETHSERIG7 — n. ○ n. — v. Alleged "correct" spelling of "Quethsegolahrol. cabin." Further. salutation. ballad.

” raaviir R1V3R 118 .” raalik R1LIK qostrun QOSTRUN — n. Compound meaning "animal exhibit.” Edited from "Raaniil. A compound of "Raan" and "Om.” "fur." "locking stone. thunderstorm. qoth QOTH raan R1N ● n. "Qostiid" with the suffix "-uv. raaldsevul R1LDSEVUL qostiiduv QOST3DUV ○ n. raanahkoraav R1N4KOR1V ○ n. normal. "Raan" suffixed with "-uv. prophecy.” + n. growl. electric. qor QOR — adj. was a small town in what was later falkreath hold. sphinx. regular.” ○ n. fir.” and "Qulek.” raanom R1NOM ○ n. Referred to "Qoth. As in a locked chest or "this lock is hard to pick.Dovahzul-English qomorah QOMOR4 can also be used as a verb. sovereign . prophet. keystone. "lightning focused. furry. fasten. — v. Part of the shout "Soul Cairn Summon. granite hill. snarl. fur.” ○ n.” qomorahuv QOMOR4UV qurnen Q6NEN + adj. ● n.” Edited from "Gral. digital. electricity. funeral. lockpick.” Possibly misspelled.” "join. qubex QUBEX From "Raan. standard. ○ n. Lit." "animal. Derives from " Qor / Total.” qothaan QOTH1N raanisav R1NISAV ○ n.” raaminsah R1MINS4 — n.” "open. ○ adj. animalistic. prophetic. Literally "Temple of the Dark.” raald R1LD qostiid QOST3D — n.” a shout only the dragon Durnehviir from Dawnguard dlc can use. raal R1L qosaar QOS1R — v." "electricity. total.” ○ v.” ○ adj. "lightning storm. skip. Lit. lock. tomb.” "lock.” "tomb. ● n.” "lock. menagerie.” — n.” raanuv R1NUV qulaav QUL1V ○ adj. From "Qulek. From "Raanom. ○ n.” and "Bex. default. may otherwise be "Qethsegolahrol": "stone hill. From "Aav. From "Qostiid.” qulek QULEK raas R1S — n. vivec city. From "Qulek" and "Golz.” quethsegolahrol QUETHSEGOL4ROL raanomus R1NOMUS ● n. animal. electrical. qulekolz QULEKOLZ + n. zoo. From "Qomorah. temple. qoreyn QOR9N R ○ adj.

” Plural is "Rahmuz. with the "-lun" suffix. pirate. From "Rah" and "Wundun. A compound that means "Godman. gap. gods.” meaning "passage. rahgot R4GOT ○ n.” ● n. rift. 'god-given'. cleric.” See also "Kopraanzii. angry.” — v. compose. ○ n. "god-manifest. ○ adj. hole. clergy. From "Rahgol. access.” rahn R4N 119 . size. — n. covenant.” — n.” ● adj.” ○ n. — v. Either noun or verb.” raf RAF The noun form of "Rahn." "rage. Example: "of large size" .” "necklace.” "sworn to god. rahlodren R4LODREN rahvahriin R4V4R3N ○ n.” Edited from "Rahlostig.” "between. Related to "Nix. Related to "Rahvum. "Rah" with the suffix "-us. "God-hero. Related to "Vul. From "Rah.” rahwundun R4WUNDUN ○ n.” rahvurd R4V6D rahmun R4MUN + n. obligation . godly. godlike.” — n.Dovahzul-English — n. Derived from "Rah" ("God"). "Rahlun" with the suffix "-kei.” or "way." Edited from "Rahkuul. god. saint.” rahnunahst R4NUN4ST ragnavir RAGNAV7 ○ n. — n. Compound of "Rahlo. rahus R4US rahlo R4LO ○ adj. godless. family. pilgrimage.” "Dren.” "action. religious.” — n. consist." "dark.” "access. raaz R1Z rahnd R4ND — n.” "god. Lit.” not a "passage/excerpt" from writing. guru.” "Godmen.” ○ n. rahun R4UN rahgron R4GRON ○ n.” rahnu R4NU ragiinix RAG3NIX ○ n. rahvum R4VUM rahlunkei R4LUNK2 — n. Lit. rah R4 rahofan R4OFAN ● n. Lit.” ○ n. sandwich . frenzy. — n. sanctuary. mask. rage. rahgol R4GOL raholt R4OLT ● n. religion. passage. a sacred or holy place. From Old Norse "rauf." Edited from "Hahgen.” rahvok R4VOK rahlozaan R4LOZ1N — n. menace. raavun R1VUN rahnaar R4N1R ○ n. course.” "course."do saak raaz. miracle. anger. rahvul R4VUL rahlun R4LUN ○ n. lanyard . "Rah" with the suffix "-nu. clerical. avatar. pass. necklace. "God-sworn.

The feminine form of "Drog. edit. Reverse-derived from Sovrahzun. rathol RATHOL reistigaar R2STIG1R ○ n. Based on the dovah words for god and disgrace/defile. rel REL "Teeth" is included for search purposes. — n. razaan RAZ1N Based on "Rel. Based on "Rath.” "Reik" refers more to the magical element of shock and magical lightning. certainty. channel. — n. This word has been inspired from Danish (redigere) and Swedish (redigera). ranemaar RANEM1R rein R2N — n. dominant. not also. mane. slit. river. dry.” "river. rath RATH reistig R2STIG ● n. groove.” ● v. resource. vermin. too. spoiled. rhythm. tsunami/tidal wave. duct. apparel. Sometimes a synonym to "Qo. From "Rah" and "Wunduniik. stale. rahzun R4ZUN reid R2D ○ n. See "Ahk. reik R2K rak RAK — n. toothless. line. definiteness. — n. side.” — n. row. — n. definite / definitive / certain. garment.” reimokur R2MOK6 — n. The plural form can either be "Rax" or "Raxxe.” "with or having dominance. From "Reistig. blasphemy.” renek RENEK — v. rax RAX reken REKEN — n. rediirah RED3R4 To the extent. accident. lady. or courage. — adj. spineless.Dovahzul-English rahwunduniik R4WUNDUN3K reg REG ○ n. — n. — adv. "Rah" and "Kroved. can be used to refer to lack of dominance. she.” raxnu RAXNU — adj. Expanded definition to include "domination" and "dominance. raziir RAZ3R relokriin RELOKR3N — n. roar. teeth. or courage." "definite / certain. shock / lightning. redenteyk REDENT9K rem REM — n.” ○ n. moth. dominance. soldier.” "to dominate. pilgrim. domination. — adj. — adj. reld RELD Can be used as a metaphor for "spineless"/ lacking dominance. strength. ● v. rakroved RAKROVED ○ n. dominate.” rahzaas R4Z1S rei R2 — n. tooth. daggerfall. resh RESH 120 . canal. reldaal RELD1L — n.” — n. strength. ● pron. leather.” rav RAV rek REK — n.

rectal. "aan rezus wor": "a pet walrus. sap. reyliik R9L3K rideykel RID9KEL ● n. "electric mind. rezmor REZMOR revakiiz REVAK3Z — n. "tree-child. cheater.” Can also be the preposition. — n. "Tree blood. customary. + n. cheat. ceremonial.” ribrulost RIBRULOST — n. candelabra.Dovahzul-English reyzan R9ZAN — v. rectum. bramble.” reyziin R9Z3N — n. reymuv R9MUV rigir RIG7 — adj. — n. Derived from Old Norse "hryggr. candlestick. revakaad REVAK1D rez REZ ○ n. rihahdrim RIH4DRIM reythkiir R9THK3R + n. revkoronuv REVKORONUV Lit. reshiik RESH3K From the Old English word "restan. "petly": used to describe something that is a pet. race / races (heritage).” it literally means "Sacred ice. custom. reyth R9TH Based on "Rigir. Based on "Rezmor. — n.” rezmoriiv REZMOR3V — n. remains. ○ n. ceremony. synthesizer.” ● n. "Reym" with suffix "-uv.” The body part. robbery. anal. synthesized sound. backward.” "Honaht" with the prefix "Ri-. heist. remnant. e-book.” — n. racism. flicker.” "electric 121 . computer. Of or relating to ceremony. From "Revak" and "Staad.” rigevoth RIGEVOTH reym R9M + n. Comes from 'Ri-' and from 'gevoth' meaning 'Electric connection. network.” "candle. stalhrim. ritual. — v. digital book. ritual. reynak R9NAK rigirtiv RIG7TIV — n. back.” "back. rob. robber.” "onward.” revkoron REVKORON rezus REZUS — n. "Resh" with the suffix "-iik. pet.'. — adv.” Edited from "Yapur. "of or pertaining to the anus. backpack. "Reylik" with the suffix "-un. sapling. A compound of "Revak" and "Iiz." "electric/digital book.” — n.” and "Amativ. ○ n.” — adj. llama. remain. — adj.” ○ adj. con. Lit. tree. ass. Noun and verb.” rihonaat RIHON1T reythsos R9THSOS + n. reyliikun R9L3KUN "Deykel" with the modern prefix "Ri-. — v. ○ n. candle. revneis REVN2S From the words "Rigir" (back) and "Brulost" (pouch). pet.” Lit. sanctum. revak REVAK reyzir R9Z7 ● adj. sacred. anus." lit. Edited from "Revokoroniil.

"Honiir" with the prefix "Ri-.” rikuth RIKUTH + n. tie.Dovahzul-English sound. riilkei R3LK2 The bark of a tree. riilgaar R3LG1R "Rim" with the suffix "-end. — v. rinidsul RINIDSUL riiv R3V ○ n. riived R3VED rinik RINIK — n.” "electric ear.” rikahtus RIK4TUS rinveiliin RINV2L3N ○ adj. Can mean a noun or a verb "to reek or smell. clothes. rinisur RINIS6 riiz R3Z — n. gain. stench. Using the prefix "Ri-/Rik-.” relating to electricity. Derived from "Rinis. microphone. rinse.” "essence. blog." and "Pel. important. acquisition. monstrous. Derived from "Rik-. cradle. riil R3L rimend RIMEND — n. + n.” — n. ● adv. "equal day. very. "electric thought write. Derived from "Rii.” "same.” "hah. wave. computer program. cisgender. dire.” literally means "the essence of a situation. importance. equal. Part of the "Soul Tear" shout from the Dawnguard dlc. as opposed to a dog's bark. acquire. essential. rinid RINID "Riil" with the suffix "-kei.” — n. rinis RINIS Can also be used as a verb "to clothe.” rindah RIND4 — n. rilahk RIL4K From "Riid. obtainment. and "tus. reek. chicken. draw. — n. equinox.” Fully. riin R3N From "Rinis.” "to write. 122 .” riidom R3DOM — n. download.” riiveis R3V2S — n. electric guitar. fabric. monster." "electric command.” rii R3 rikmah RIKM4 ● n. Related to "Rii. gale. Derived from "Rinis" and "Veiliin.” "important. + n. obtain. same.” ○ adj.” riik R3K rim RIM ● n. "website. — n. cloth. clothing. essence.” "Akwaar" with prefix "Rik-.” — n. masser. — n. — n.” + n.” or "a reek or stench.” ○ adj. Lit. bark. rikofaal RIKOF1L + v.” plate.” Derived Risulor. riig R3G rilorpel RILORPEL — v. rihoniir RIHON3R rikakwaar RIKAKW1R + n. — v. circuit.” — adj. code. computer chip.” mind. riid R3D "Ofaal" with the prefix "Rik-.

From "Rith" and "Wundun.” with or having balance.” rok ROK rith RITH ● pron. very rarely used. Based off the Finnish word "Riippuvainen.” — adj. rod ROD roniik RON3K — n. agree.” ro RO ronaaz RON1Z ● n. he. juniper. ○ n. rohah ROH4 Edited from "Raal." "balance. dependent. From "Ro" and "Dreh.” Pronounced "rode. rok ROK rithwundun RITHWUNDUN ● n. ronax RONAX ● n.” rivun RIVUN rolnah ROLN4 — v. roaal RO1L ronadir RONAD7 ○ adj.” + n.Dovahzul-English ris RIS ○ v. ○ n." Edited from "Nahlok. ○ v. From "Ronaan.” "word. — adj.” Means "balanced mind / balance-minded. prepare." Can be used either as a noun or a verb.” rokah ROK4 rithwunduniik RITHWUNDUN3K — v. place. flare. rely.” Shortened from "Riivun. From "Rok.” "archer. rhyme. Edited from "Kroklur" and "Krolur.” ronaan RON1N rizulvoth RIZULVOTH ● n. — n. Edited from "Zuriim. "Rithwunduniik. cockerel." "reka. "-iik" creating the verb. rokmah ROKM4 — n. teleporter. teleport. vocabulary. cock. wheel. Using the prefix "Ri-.” — v.” "electric air thought. whip. "Rithwundun (teleport)" into a noun.” Meaning a computer server." Related to "Ro.” Related to "Trin. — n. ritrin RITRIN roktorig ROKTORIG — n. sudden. ribbon. ronir RON7 rodraan RODR1N 123 . ○ n. "Rivun" with the suffix "-aal. put." Edited from "Rakah. Derived from Rinis.” rokiiz ROK3Z ritir RIT7 — n. rival." "flash-travel. "ri-" + "zulvoth": "electric communicate. The suffix. From the Icelandic for "drift.” Derived from an old European root word for circle/round. archery.” "string. depend. sane. ronaar RON1R + n. regiment. arrow. + n.” rolur ROL6 rivunaal RIVUN1L ○ v. website. word. having balance. rooster. From "Ro" with the suffix "-aal. balanced. or same. sanity. balance. archer. drift. ● n. server. flash.” risulor RISULOR ○ n. — n. Noun of "Ronit." "having dependency.

From "Rot" and "Tun." "wander. Refers to a spoken or conceptual word. ascetic. runner. when. rud RUD rostaam ROST1M — n.” ruknaar RUKN1R — v.” rot ROT rudvim RUDVIM ● n. Lit. vehicle. wander. — n. cape. residual. 124 .” rozol ROZOL roronaaz RORON1Z — n. word of power. clasp.” — adj. climb / scale.” "wander. calumny. grammar." The verb "to translate" and the noun "translation. word. nun.” Edited from "Rukoriil. rovahaan ROV41N ● v. translator. rorikhofkah RORIKHOFK4 ● n. "Rorik's Stead. Lit.” ○ n.” rul RUL rotuniik ROTUN3K ● adv." Shortened from "Rotuuniik.” "assault.” ru RU ● v. Shortened from "Rovaaniik. ○ v. rotun ROTUN rukoruv RUKORUV ○ v. rival.” "of or pertaining to residue. monk. "balanced punishment. omen. common. slander. From "Rovaan. From "Rot" and "Tuniik. sepal. which is "Sik.” and "Ronaaz.” — v.” "balance." "search. Melding of "Ro. harbinger. rovit ROVIT roodam R8DAM ○ v. From "Ru. root. translate / translation. residue.Dovahzul-English Lit. used only when the word is the first in the sentence.” — n. depth. Special case. rovaniik ROVAN3K ronth RONTH ○ adj.” rovmonah ROVMON4 ○ n. ○ n. nock.” rum RUM rotzekein ROTZEK2N — n. Derived from the words Rovahaan and Monah. ropentaar ROPENT1R ○ n.” and "Tovit." Shortened from "Rotuun.” "arrow. "Thunserot. wax. transport. From "Rovaan.” — n." Alternatively.” "to run." "word-trader. rovaan ROV1N Not gender specific. ronit RONIT ● v. rukaan RUK1N rot-thun ROT-THUN ○ n. ronk RONK ○ n. Meaning to ready an arrow on a bow. clutch. wanderer. rather than a written word . run. browse. ○ n. wisp. rorikstead." "word-trade. "Rukor" with the suffix "-uv. it means Wanderlight Mother. — n. Non-specific. Shortened from "Ruud. rotmulaag ROTMUL1G rukor RUKOR ● n.” — n.” — n. wispmother. cloak. "word. Literally "Word-Law. retribution.

Edited from "Ru'un. ruvaak RUV1K saagtir S1GT7 ● n. real.” — v. foundation.” Edited from "Haskei.” S ruus R5S saad S1D — n. peril. hoard. said. ruuslid R5SLID From Old Norse "saðr" ("true"). say. throat.” ruvol RUVOL rundak RUNDAK — adj. rup RUP — n. zebra. reality. establish / found. dart. Derived from the words Sah.” ruvuk RUVUK — n. "Rut" with the suffix "-kei. Chapter of a book or organization.” — n. ruzun RUZUN Edited from "Hask. ruvaar RUV1R ○ v. From "Ruvaar" and "Key. saag S1G ruv RUV — v." lit. bolt. realness. a ship's captain. ruuv R5V — n. paleness. Shortened from "Ruund.” rund RUND ○ n. Literally 'say out. ruz RUZ — n.Dovahzul-English ruvaarkey RUV1RK9 Edited from "Arum. pallor. Bolt of a crossbow. 125 . — n." "ship. Edited from "Hruus. ruvolom RUVOLOM Combination of "Rund" and the suffix "-ak. ● n. ruveyzun RUV9ZUN Edited from "Qahlaan. Primarily means "rage. "to dart or bolt. realism.” Can also be used as an interjection. pale. since. threat. "tiger horse. Gah and Sagu (Old English. ruskir RUSK7 ruzaak RUZ1K ○ v. runir RUN7 From "Ruvol. actual. damn. pure.” "pale" with suffix "-om.” rut RUT — n. meaning "curses!" or "damn!.” — n. "Saad" with the suffix "-om.” ruth RUTH — prep. then." Related to "Veysun. a small arrow. lit. perilous. ● adv. chapter. dangerous. "Say").'. crescent. actuality.” Edited from "Stur. exclaim. scamper. raven.” rutkei RUTK2 — adj. captain. saadom S1DOM — n.” runaz RUNAZ ○ n.” Shortened from "Rundak.” — n.” — n. crossbow. rage. scurry.” — adj. — n. neck. danger.” "run. collar. stronghold. — adj. Derived from "Ru. Can also be used as a verb. tiger.

shanty. immune. big. redguard . pitiful. Edited from "Siziik" to fit canon "Saan. feeble.” ○ n. immunity.” — v. Related to "Sahlo.” "weak. sahlojoor S4LOJ8R — n.” saavir S1V7 sahqon S4QON — adj. ○ n.” saan S1N sahlom S4LOM ● v. Music"). — n. pest. — n. sailor. Edited from "Hasah. A compound of "Sahqo" and "Mun.” The plural is "Sahqomuz. scent. Altered to include British English spelling in the definition to make searching easier. sah S4 From "Saak" and "Kaviir.” — n. sahlag S4LAG + n.” saanahaal S1N41L sahlon S4LON — adj. decrepit." Means "phantom tears. a rich land. weakling.” sahlovik S4LOVIK saar S1R ○ adj. sahqonor S4QONOR sadon SADON ○ n.” Edited from "Sojuur.” "with or having dementia. saf SAF saakaviir S1KAV3R — n. lust. rather than to dwell in thought.” "to lose. Refers to a group. camel. weak. From "Saak." and "Om. gray / grey.” ○ n. rich. afro. "Weak-Mortal. pathetic. grove." "large-rabbit. or a rich color. petty.” "Redman. dew. sahlonu S4LONU saanhah S1NH4 ○ adj. "Sahlo" with the suffix "-om. kangaroo. dementia. sail. demented. Derived from "Saatiik" ("Sailor") and "Lovaas" ("Song. saalum S1LUM ● adj. ● adj.” — adj.” sahluv S4LUV saat S1T ○ n. brood.” saakom S1KOM ● n. From "Saan" and "Hah. ○ adj. aroma. lose." "large. ○ n. stupor. Can pertain to money or abundance of something." "weakless. saaltor S1LTOR Based on the Icelandic word "sorglegt. loser. red.” sahlo S4LO — n.” sahlos S4LOS saanin S1NIN — n. Lit. sahmey S4M9 saatiik S1T3K — n. Variation of the dragon word for Mighty. "Sahlo" with the suffix "-nu. sahqo S4QO "Saat" with the suffix "-iik. loss. Sahrot. 126 . smell. sahqomun S4QOMUN ○ n. phantom. An alteration of "Saan. large.” saatvaas S1TV1S ● adj. weakness." "hair. hammerfell. ○ n. crimson.” "lost-mind. From "Saanhah" and the suffix "-aal.Dovahzul-English saak S1K ● n. ○ n.

reaper.” ● n. From "Sahvot.” "faith. sahto S4TO sarodaalen SAROD1LEN ○ v. of. faithless.” From "Sahvot. faith. Related to "Sah." "faith.” "red.” with the suffix "-iik" to modify it into "Savior. ● n. pommel. scarlet. Derived from "Sahqo. lettuce. Used rarely in sentence structure. sahrok S4ROK saluk SALUK ○ n. From "Sahvot. villager. sahsunaar S4SUN1R The dragon name for "Cyrodiil. or anything from Cyrodiil.” "phantom. salvation. sahvotei S4VOT2 sed SED ○ adj.” sath SATH sahvaas S4V1S — n. save. From "Sav" with the suffix "-end. faithful. temptation. village. "Sahvot" with the suffix "-nu.” ○ adj. From "Saraan. tempt. "Red Land. sarein SAR2N sahsir S4S7 ○ v.” borrowed with alterations to spelling.” — v. hesitate.” "to wait. The verb "to excuse.” sahvotnu S4VOTNU sahqos S4QOS ○ adj. — n. excuse.” — v.” ○ n.” sav SAV sahvaat S4V1T ○ v. perish. Derives from "Saviik. excuse.” This can mean the Cyrodiilic/English language. might.” "mighty. Edited from "Siirodiilen.” — adj.” "faith.” Edited from "Peksein. mighty. mostly used in compound words. cyrodiil. sahrelend S4RELEND salaat SAL1T — n. saraan SAR1N sahrot S4ROT ● v. savior. salat. ○ adj.Dovahzul-English From Sahqo (Red) and Nor (Land/Province). bowl. Possibly related to "Sahlo. — n. sahsun S4SUN sarodaal SAROD1L ● n.” savend SAVEND sahviir S4V3R — n. Edited from "Siirodiil.” Based on the Norwegian name for lettuce.” See "Sahviir" for the noun. "Sahrel" with the suffix "-end. 127 . ● adj. quit. english.” "slow. ● n. se SE sahvot S4VOT ● prep. await. — n. coil.” "weak. zealous.” and "Sein.” sahvoz S4VOZ sahrel S4REL ○ n.” sahtul S4TUL — n.” — n. zealot. Edited from "Satuul.” sahvol S4VOL saviik SAV3K — v. cyrodiilic. "Sarodaal" with the origin suffix "-en. wait. From "Sahrot.

From "Sein. mean. devout. seirak S2RAK — v. From "Seirak" and "Mun.” sent SENT seilhei S2LH2 — v. adorn. — n. boy.” — adj.” "devout. experience. adept.” "experienced man." "three-spirit. tribunal." "slow. — n. "Light wind. museum. setkiir SETK3R ○ n. three.” "child. selrak SELRAK sedmet SEDMET — v. Literally "Three-headed Crown. decoration. Edited from suk to seik to avoid a homonym. Formed from "Sendaar" and "Ahrol.” setjahl SETJ4L seinraan S2NR1N — n. bedside. dune.” — adj." and "Raan. bill. sloth. triple. — n. triangle. trilogy. ○ n. sedklov-du'ul SEDKLOV-D5L selor SELOR ○ n. zephyr. From Sed. ○ n. ○ n. sekmir SEKM7 From the words "Baas" and "Sed" meaning "art" and "three. trio. dedicate. seiluz S2LUZ serk SERK — v. — n." "animal.” Related to "Selor. seik S2K Edited from Klopindaar. trinity. From "Sed" and "Zii. sedig SEDIG sekreid SEKR2D — n. triad.” selvakor SELVAKOR seh SEH — v. fathom. adornment. ornament.” sendaar SEND1R — n.” as opposed to visual light. ○ n. — adj. Also a noun. sen SEN — adj. shepherd. "Three-match. Based on "kiir. From Old Norse "seinn. seirakmun S2RAKMUN sedan SEDAN ○ n." Refers only to the animal. toy. Lit. — v.Dovahzul-English Can be used as a noun also. rat. desert. sek SEK sedbaas SEDB1S — n. sendahrol SEND4ROL To mean something. ecstasy. ○ n. Meaning "light in weight. devote. — n. rather than being mean/rude. decorate. slow. sein S2N setjah SETJ4 — adj. light. bed. senah SEN4 sehven SEHVEN — n. 128 .” selvaas SELV1S sedzii SEDZ3 — n. three. — v. soft. — n.” Used exclusively to refer to a child's toy. deal.” To imply three works of art.

soap. sundown." "day. ● n. dear.” — n. "Shar" with the suffix "-om. restroom. shuniir SHUN3R Based on "Shiirukaar.” "chancellor.” shar SHAR shuluv SHULUV — adj. manganese. See also "Krein. A combination of "Shul" and "Kun. sunshine. Part of the "Battle Fury" shout in the Dragonborn dlc.” shaal SH1L shulmah SHULM4 — n. seyrt S9RT — v. chancellor. and fire. paralyze.” ○ adj. — n. shiirukaar SH3RUK1R "Shun" with the suffix "-niir. jam. candy. — adj. shulrod SHULROD + n. — n. inspire. From "Shaan.” sevmah SEVM4 — n. chancellery. sunlight. + n. From "Shul. bathroom. ○ n. carpet. sway.” "sun" with suffix "-us. "sun-apple. loud. seyl S9L shul SHUL — v. sweet. sunny. Possibly related to "Sul. shik SHIK shunstaad SHUNST1D — v. lotion.” shaan SH1N ● v. rock. shon SHON sevuryuv SEV6YUV — adj. Pronounced "sheen. shiraav SH71V From "Setkiir" and "Jor. solar. From "Seyvuzos. waltz. splutter. doll.” shulus SHULUS ○ n. lavatory.Dovahzul-English setkiirjor SETK3RJOR shir SH7 — n. rug.” "something you clean or wash with. daylight. loudness. waver. sun." "to inspire. sholatz SHOLATZ sevnov SEVNOV — n. washroom. Lit. nectarine. marmalade.” which has more of a fierce or animalistic connotation. stun. wash. sunset.” shun SHUN shiirugrah SH3RUGR4 — v. paralysis.” edited from "Kreinhaan.” "of or pertaining to the sun. solar system.” Edited from "Kreiniil.” — v. — n. More informal or casual than "Liis.” — n. shulhild SHULHILD seyvuz S9VUZ ○ n.” — n. heave. — n. "Shul" with "mah" meaning "sun-fall. ○ adj. clean. nice. sputter." Connotations may be more strongly related to daylight. shovok SHOVOK Derived from "Sevnov" and "Bizuryuv.” 129 . jelly. "toy person. spit." A Word of Power. card. "Shul" suffixed with "-uv. cleanse. heat. shanaar SHAN1R Lit. hiss. seyvuzos S9VUZOS shulkun SHULKUN ○ n.” — n.” sharom SHAROM — n. inspiration. "sun wheel.” lit.

own.” — adj. ownership. Old Norse corruption of "Sifjar" meaning "Affinity" as well. seal. dish.” siison S3SON — n.” siigonis S3GONIS ● n. argonian. lizard. With more benevolent connotations than "Gaaf" or "Hokzii.” sijum SIJUM siifur S3F6 — n." "symbol. siivahzen S3V4ZEN sii S3 ○ v. soul. siith S3TH sigolz SIGOLZ — n. From "Jum.” siifurdein S3F6D2N sik SIK — n. it refers to the Falmer. and the Norwegian "Segl.” and "Staad. go. signless. "sign of honor. dictionary. reminder. falmer. inspect. third. investigate. ● n. lost elf.” — n. Derived from "Sik" and "Golz" (by the analogy of "Dovahgolz").” ○ n. means "sign. — v. Extension of the word "Siin" (sign). sifahliil SIF4L3L — v. rune. lit.” — n.” and "Truth" or "Vahzen. apparition.” "remind. sifyaar SIFY1R "Siin" suffixed with "-vu.” sil SIL ● n. "Siifur" with the suffix "-dein. find / found.” shur SH6 siinsezin S3NSEZIN — v.” "more. ○ n.” From "Shun. Edited from "Siinda.” "liquor. sign. not "Rot" which means more of a spoken word.” "place. "soul-steel. emblem. Related to "Zuk. see "Odfahliil. Verb "to signify or signal. sikdeykel SIKD9KEL siigren S3GREN ○ n. python. signal. page. — n. Lit.” siindah S3ND4 ○ n.” Edited from "Siiruum. A compound of "Find" or "Siiv. runestone. charge. additional. extra. as they exist postenslavement.” sileyz SIL9Z — n.Dovahzul-English ○ n. analyze." and noun "signal or beacon. ○ n. From "Sik" and "Deykel. Derived from "Siin" (Sign). Derived from Siin. badge.” meaning "Seal. Literally.” siinvu S3NVU — adj. affinity. mettle.” shuv SHUV siintul S3NTUL — n. symbol. word. siin S3N sildwiin SILDW3N — n. sigil.” siizuk S3ZUK siid S3D ○ adv. Ordinal of "Sed.” "to clean or wash. beacon. Derived from the composite Sizaan-Fahliil. siiv S3V ● v.” siinorah S3NOR4 silfo SILFO 130 . From "Siindah. ○ n. Strin. Means a written word. For Snow Elf. rum. sprite. signify.

silnu SILNU From "Ag. ○ adj. ● adv. Combination of Sil (Soul) and Liin (Mate). gear. unrequited love. ○ n. "soul prison.” "wield. Lit. sirvein S7V2N 131 . skem SKEM ○ v. demolish." To destroy. Literally. skar SKAR sindugahvon SINDUG4VON — n. gash. lose. gouge. niece. skein SK2N sinkod SINKOD — n." "burn. obliterate. From "Kod. mournhold. See also "Sunvaar.” ○ n. annihilate. sken-worax SKEN-WORAX sirn S7N + n. Related to "Kravein. chain." "saw.” silkun SILKUN siz SIZ ○ n. From "Sken. ● n. skeever." Connotations may be more benign and nature-oriented. slam.” sir S7 sken SKEN — v. silliin SILL3N skaam SK1M ○ n. As in one reaps what one sows. unyielding. heartbeat.” Not to be confused with the mechanical type of gear. merchant/clerk/seller. finger / fingers. scourge." and "Worax.” "soul-light. ● v. soulless.” Edited from "Silhaan. "soul frost. sell. ○ n. Yol: Fire. smite. instead.” "nephew.” "soul. september / heart fire. sow. Derived from "Sizaan. skemaan SKEM1N sinon SINON — adj." The opposite of the warmth in one's soul felt when one is in love.Dovahzul-English ○ n. skaan SK1N silmand SILMAND — v. aura. "Skem" with the suffix "-aan. — n. taint.” ○ v. — n.” ○ v. soul gem. From Sirn (Sell).” "drum. amuse. mortal souls.” and "Mand. From "Sil" and "Kun. lost. amused. — n. — n. the souls of mortals. chainsaw. Can also be used as a verb "to taint. deep wound. skag SKAG A compound of "Sil. "Sil" with the suffix "-nu." "chain.” sivaas SIV1S silgren SILGREN ● n.” skahnov SK4NOV sinak SINAK — n. — n. ● adj. scar. laceration. beast.” sirnaaz S7N1Z skeniir SKEN3R ○ n. soulmate. hawk. — v. Sil: Soul. closer in meaning to "animal" than "monster. particularly by fire.” skah SK4 silyol SILYOL — n.” "have lost.” sillesejoor SILLESEJ8R sizaan SIZ1N ● n.

uphold. flesh.” and "Dezahrel. Edited from "Skiilan.” — n. a cumulative series of bets. rogue. skew. cheater. slenaak SLEN1K — v.” skilaan SKIL1N ● n. blister. carnivore. From the words "Sken" meaning "Chain" and "Por" meaning "Island.Dovahzul-English skenpor SKENPOR "gamble. slen SLEN To tilt.” skozriin SKOZR3N — n. guile. cleaver. skin SKIN — v. pinch. sarcophagus.” skobov SKOBOV ○ n. slenselok SLENSELOK Also can be used as a noun. meat. Like flesh. tilt. "flesh eater. From "Skoz. skirt. — n. cheat. kilt.” skuld SKULD skeyz SK9Z — n. skoboviik SKOBOV3K ○ n. — v. collect. counterfeiter. constrain." "skirt.” ○ n.” based on the English etymology. — v. skoz SKOZ sliin SL3N — v. — n. slenaakin SLEN1KIN ○ n. derogatory. swindle. A compound of "Slen" or "Flesh" and "Blade" or "Tuz. Lit. gate. — n. Based on Old English "blegen" and "Slen. belly. skozahrel SKOZ4REL — n.” — adj. bargain. gateway." Also can be used as a noun. ○ n. compel. support. grin. Based on "Flesh.” skovaas SKOV1S ○ n. maintain. mer. archipelago. just more for edible purposes.” skildir SKILD7 — v. necessitate. elf. beetle. A compound meaning "flesh of the sky. Derived from English word "skew.” and "Ghost. oblige. slesgen SLESGEN From "Skovaas. stomach. ghoul.” — v. hull.” skerah SKER4 skraav SKR1V — n. poultry.” "Devour. slendugaaf SLENDUG1F Pronounced "Skeen. slentuz SLENTUZ "Skobov" with the suffix "-iik.” "flesh.” — n. scamp. parlay. greave. skunvar SKUNVAR skiif SK3F — n. trickster.” ○ n. skur SK6 From "Niif" meaning "to smile.” "collect. slaag SL1G skiiv SK3V — n.” 132 . skevur SKEV6 skras SKRAS — n. — n. A combination of "flesh" and "eat.” literally means "flesh-blade. collective. sliinbrot SL3NBROT From "Skoz.” skovaan SKOV1N + n. Shortened from "Skevuur.

"So" with the suffix "-kei. silky.” smaal SM1L sol SOL ○ n. — n. Edited from "Hormun. and "om. see "Naat.” — n. garnet. sorrowful.” Compound of "Sol" and "Fruk. Edited from "Krahl. For the animal. woe. meatloaf. barkeep.” "passion.” — n.” smahlu SM4LU solfruk SOLFRUK — n." "meat-bread. — n. orange. barman. sokaaz SOK1Z From "Sliin" and "Brot." Lit. passionate." . doleful. brawn. Melding a "Sol" and "Qahd. robin. dragonfly.” "orange-fruit.” sluv SLUV sokoh SOKOH — n. sloog SL8G sokei SOK2 — v.” "orange-chest. bar. jewel.” Edited from "Smahl.” Related to "Smoliin. vigor. "having vigor.” Refers to the sound made by horse's hooves.” smoliin SMOL3N solkiig SOLK3G ● n. sod SOD ● n.” — n. solqahd SOLQ4D snuk SNUK ○ n. silk.” — adj. etc).” sliit SL3T ○ n. snoldein SNOLD2N sologaal SOLOG1L ○ n. tragedy. . bay. pub. tavern. bat. From "smahl.” ○ n. sorrow.” hair.g. desire. snap. sok SOK 133 . sheep. Edited from "Su'uld. orange. For the fruit. silken. bartender. vigorous. six. Derived from Old Norse "sol" ("sun"). see "Solfruk. knot. mournful.” solog SOLOG — n. The metal "lead. Expanded definition to include "Woe. — adj. smolinaal SMOLIN1L Refers to physical strength. "sorrowfall. clatter. exploit. sluvus SLUVUS sokreid SOKR2D — adj. somah SOM4 sogaal SOG1L ○ n.” Means "Six-Side. "barkeep. Lit. snol SNOL — n. gulf.” — n.Dovahzul-English + n. woeful. solemn. — v. ○ adj. — n. so SO som SOM ● n. Can also be used as the noun. Only the color. lead.” Also a verb. hexagon.” — v. wool. snaad SN1D Literally. gem. Derived from the words "So" and "Okaaz.” sheep. deed. strength. solkiigaal SOLK3G1L ○ adj. From "Smoliin" with the suffix "-aal. Could also likely be generalized to refer to any type of wool (e. melancholy. clop. — n. "Sluv" with the suffix "-us. From Old Norse "smali.” See "Inaak" for the verb "to lead. passion. alpaca.

bleed.” and "Tinvaak. From "Sosin" and using "Kroson. sosaal SOS1L sosmah SOSM4 ● v. sont SONT sosin SOSIN — adv. irregular. red giant star. Literal.” "blood-fall. "blood-stone. gore. sandstone. sosnaak SOSN1K 134 . "Somah" with the suffix "-us. witchcraft. pink.” ○ n.” "bard. sonaan SON1N ● n." as a partial suffix to make "works or deeds of a witch.” "three. Reverse-derived from "Ensosin. carnage. A compound of "Sos" and "Frin. A combination of "Sonaan. bloodthirst.Dovahzul-English somahus SOM4US sosdiin SOSD3N ○ adj.” somit SOMIT sosfil SOSFIL ○ n. sanguinary . ○ n." . Oron: canon.” it literally means "blood-hot" (on the analogy of "Sosdiin. hyperthermia. bard. yarn. poetry. blood.” sosinkros SOSINKROS sonziik SONZ3K ○ n. sosfrin SOSFRIN The word itself. less. Melding of "Sos. spin. From "Sos" and "Mah.” "bewitch. "Blood Star.” — n.” sook S8K — v.” sosforaan SOSFOR1N son SON ○ n." "witchhood.” "bloodmaster.” ● n. sibling.” — adj.” "speech.” — adj.” "blood" and "Slen. "Sosin" with "-maar.” — adv. as opposed to the prefix "So-.” soskren SOSKREN soron SORON ○ n. semi-canon. + n.” This has a more vile connotation than "Lahbriin. So: less.” Edited from "Senkjoor.” Based on "Sed. ○ n. Based on "som. Combination of "Sot" and "Saqho. Mixed of 3 different sounds: english "queer. soskiin SOSK3N soqat SOQAT — n.” sosinmaar SOSINM1R ○ n. surname. red giant. carrot.” "once. ○ adj. bloodlust. witch.” A compound of "blood" and "born. "Sos" and "kren. peculiar. sosgol SOSGOL sonesk SONESK ○ n. Lit.” sonaak SON1K ○ n.” "wool. "blood-name." "work." Could also be seen as "witch-terror. thrice.” german "seltsam" and russian "странный. hypothermia. coven. Lit.” "blood-freeze").” sonvaak SONV1K ○ n.” "blood break.” and "Ont. incest.” Possibly a compound of "Sos" and "In. bloodshed. Lit. queer. A compound meaning "blood-freeze.” sosahlos SOS4LOS ○ n. tragic.” "flesh. from "Sos" and "Sahlos.” but can refer to any yarn. soslen SOSLEN sos SOS ○ n. ● n. priest.

Also the noun "shelter/safeguard. The dragon language does not have a separate name for Sovngarde. spek SPEK sotiivend SOT3VEND — v.” "Sotiiv" with the suffix "-end. spiir SP3R — v.” ● n. From "Sosnaak." "shield. site.” soven SOVEN staadnau ST1DNAU — adj. draw. sovaar SOV1R Edited from "Svok. — n. shield." "beak.” — n. vampirism. "to protect or shield as with a screen. — v.” literally.” "Spaan" should be used over this in cases where the direct translation is "shield.” spiin SP3N sotlaakir SOTL1K7 ○ n. Also an adjective. location. hidden. artery. "Blood-Eat. mound." "vampire. excitation. shield. — n. late. Derived from "Sos" and "Strah. garlic. Sot: white. — n. peck. pull. splash. sovngarde SOVNGARDE staak ST1K ● n. — n.Dovahzul-English sovrahzun SOVR4ZUN ○ n.” it means literally "blood's way. staad ST1D As in. sov SOV spok SPOK ● v." "Vampire-Curse.” sot SOT ● adj. excitement. clockwork. sosnaak-dur SOSN1K-D6 soz SOZ ○ n. soziik SOZ3K sossedov SOSSEDOV ○ adj. area. sovit SOVIT staag ST1G — v.” "that which is spent. screen.” as opposed to the verb "Raal" which means "to place or put. sostrah SOSTR4 sozkul SOZKUL ○ n. blood of dragonkind. denizen. safeguard. shelter. From "Spaan. Laakir: leek.” — n. From "So. a plane of existence. "white leek"). white. dragonblood. Lit. sovaat SOV1T The noun meaning "a place. "Sov" with the suffix "-aht. spend / spent. excite. From "Spok. Derived from the base Scandinavian "vit-lok" ("garlic. — v. spein SP2N sotiiv SOT3V — adj. barrow. sothah SOTH4 spaan SP1N — n. Referred to "Staad. spaal SP1L ○ v. yard." Also usable as a verb.” ○ n.” Can be used to mean either a vein or an artery. — n. vampire. beak.” Added to the definition to clear confusion between it and "Raal. compensation. plane. mercenary. scrub. unbound. secret. sovngarde. ● n. payment.” ● n. place.” staal ST1L 135 . bring out. inhabitant. grave / gravely." "sorrow. vein.” — n. spray. ● adj. realm.

” "Stiild" with the suffix "-us" to form an adjective. miss / long for. Inspired by Norwegian word for "roast. free. boot.” steg STEG stov STOV — v.” strah STR4 ster STER — n. step. innocence. stillness. stair / stairs / ladder / stepladder. Edited from "Stinun. steer. stiildus ST3LDUS staaz ST1Z — n. port. meander. straag STR1G stegniir STEGN3R — v. quiet. stiild ST3LD staavek ST1VEK — v." "storm. "Free Blade. rather than the monetary sense.. The noun meaning "quietness/stillness. spill. Edited from "Hjier.” stek STEK ○ n. Based on "Stav.” stiilah ST3L4 — n. slight. Longing for someone/something that is absent. stahr ST4R stin STIN — n. From "Strun.” stintuz STINTUZ starak STARAK ○ n. quiet. freelancer. kick. turn.” stavek STAVEK — n. staalzer ST1LZER From "Ster" and "Niiv. Can be a verb or a noun. Refers to a sink of water.” "with innocence. etc. ● adj. longshoreman. not the verb meaning "to sink. shed. ● n. Lit. freelance. holy symbol. — n. "free-wander. to cast or use a spell. strahn STR4N ster-niiv STER-N3V 136 . someone who loads and unloads ships at port. kickball. — v. stahduk ST4DUK stin STIN — n. — n. holy. divine. — n." literally "kick-ball. freedom. "that which is stepped. stahraal ST4R1L stinrovaan STINROV1N — adj. subtle.” Edited from "Styorn" and "Stjorn. bail. way. — n. calm.Dovahzul-English — n. especially blood. basin. innocent. not to miss a target. straan STR1N Based on steg (to step). sink.” "spell. road. Literally. calm. harbor. — n. — adj. spell. + n. stahdim ST4DIM stiis ST3S — adj. not the verb "to spell.” . beef. strife. totem." indicating harsh conflict. storn STORN A magic spell. docker. ○ v. A bail of hay.” — v.” "Stahr" with the suffix "-aal. still. stiz STIZ stav STAV — v. — v. — adj.” — n.” not an adjective.

” and "Roodam. south.” — adj. strahtafiir STR4TAF3R strunmah STRUNM4 ○ n. "storm-summit. stunden STUNDEN strov STROV ○ adj.” — adj.” Mainly means "stormy" but can also mean "angry.” "road-thief. Alteration of "Mukaronahs" (Atronach). concision. A basic principle or item." "down. Edited from "Srinmiin. — adj. mountainous. From "Strilor. stormcrown. mountain.” not the adjective meaning "close" or "near.” Edited from "Srin. strundaam STRUND1M su SU ○ n.” "concise" with suffix "-end.” stroh STROH — n. Miin: eyes. strilorend STRILOREND strunus STRUNUS ○ adj. From "Strah" and "Tafiir. — v. ford. gas.” styorngol STYORNGOL ○ n." "storm.” something difficult to reach.” ○ n.” — n. ● n. strun STRUN sturon ST6ON ● n. Lit. marsh. suf SUF strungir STRUNG7 ○ n. strevind STREVIND strunmahus STRUNM4US ○ adj. gossamer. Lit. storm atronach. southerly. To blink your eyes. "a staple of the fantasy genre. bog. breath. Combination of "Strun" and the suffix "-us. strunsul STRUNSUL strilor STRILOR ○ n. saturday / loredas. agitate. — n. wade. close. excellent. A compound of "Styorn" (sink) and "Gol" (earth). From "Tum. milestone. "Strunmah" + "-us. angry.” strimiin STRIM3N ○ v. turbulent.” "storm. ritual. strum. breakthrough. stool. highwayman. shut. ○ adj.” sufask SUFASK — adj. Vodinok: Undead. From "Stum" with the suffix "-en. "Storm Day.” ● n.” Edited from "Sedinen. Based on "Strun." not referring to the "stapler" tool. tremulous. concise.” "cloak. strunkaronahs STRUNKARON4S 137 . su'um S5M strundu'ul STRUND5L ● n. storm. staple. Based on "Strun.” — v. stormy." Edited from "Sedin. nap.Dovahzul-English ○ n. excellence. air. — v. swamp. vapor. stormcloak. stum STUM The verb meaning "to close. strovodinok STROVODINOK stur ST6 ○ n. seal.” studaar STUD1R — n.” ● n. Stroh: Ritual. strunaar STRUN1R Inspired from the Old english word "styrian. necromancy. southern. inner spirit. strin STRIN studen STUDEN — v. — n. Strin: shut.

” "delicate. — n. sulak SULAK ○ n. breathe. dazzle.” sulovaas SULOV1S sujir SUJ7 + comfort someone. suleykaar SUL9K1R — n. nose.” sul SUL sumaar SUM1R ● n. "Suldaan" with the suffix "-uv. day.” "most.” and "Lovaas.” is its own plural. The verb form of "Su'um.” sumah SUM4 suldaanuv SULD1NUV 138 . comfortable. ○ n. From "Su. apocalyptic. From "Zuk.” Also used as an adjective. lungs. choke.” "power. minimum. or to find comfort in something.” sukah SUK4 sulvekaal SULVEK1L — v. Based on "Sukah. realm. cookie. intend. "Sufol" with the suffix "-us. sum SUM ○ n. Inspired by "Sul" and "Oblaan. doomsday.) Edited from "Suhlvek. sugar.” + n. hierarchy. cake. A variation of "Sum.” Edited from "Suldaniil." "nose-cloth.” also derived from "Su.” sufolus SUFOLUS — adj. "power of the king.” Meaning "something delicate.” "song. solace. sukiv SUKIV ○ adj.” "sugar-crown. comfort.” Can also be a verb "to coat/crown with sugar." lit. sugary. "Sul" with the suffix "-us.” "to breathe.” Also used as a noun. astonish.” suk SUK sulus SULUS ○ adj.” From "Fask.” ● adj.” ○ n. Lit. least.” "least. tissue paper.” suliiv SUL3V ○ v. Derived from "Suk.” suleyksejun SUL9KSEJUN sufolduul SUFOLD5L ● adj. glaze/frosting.” Edited from "Sukahnd. — n. From "Sufol" and "Brot.” — adj. Based on "Suleyk. Refers to "Sum. power.” "to intend. lung. daily. Edited from "Drend.” suldaan SULD1N sumaas SUM1S — n. strangle. From "Sufol" and "Du'ul. — v. suleykoz SUL9KOZ sufolbrot SUFOLBROT ○ n.” For both noun and verb -. nostril. sufol SUFOL suleyk SUL9K — n. From "Sumaar" and "Riiv." From "Su" and "Liiv. A compound of "Sufol" and "Brot. intention. apocalypse. shoulder. casual. sufolbrot SUFOLBROT ● n.Dovahzul-English ○ adj.” sukaat SUK1T sulvek SULVEK — n. intent.” "sugar bread. ○ v. armageddon. nonchalant. sumaariiv SUM1R3V suld SULD + n.” "air. powerful." "air-wither. dominion.” ○ adj. "sugar bread. aria.

” svin SVIN — v. taargu T1RGU — adv.” "air. suraas S61S svistak SVISTAK — n. reed. svaan SV1N Referred to "Su" ("Air"). closer in meaning to "monster" than "animal. especially. sprinkle. spritz. Related to "Su. From Old Norse "svima. sus SUS taavoz T1VOZ ○ adj.” ○ v. Edited from "Bos.” with the suffix "-us.” svenjir SVENJ7 sunvaar SUNV1R — n. swimmer. — n. Derived from "Sum. suvulaan SUVUL1N tahdoor T4D8R 139 .” "breathe. ○ v.” contracted to form an easier-to-pronounce word.” rather than a person "figure. sunah SUN4 — adj. — n." "air. See also "Sivaas. pack. tafiir TAF3R suth SUTH ● n. ○ n. ○ v. Related to "Su. ouch!/ow!. Related to "aar. gust." Connotations may be more wild or savage. Derived from "Sos. sigh.” tah T4 ● n. elaborate. tamriel. figure. specifically. wheat. svaangein SV1NG2N sunu SUNU ○ pron. Svin and -iik. savanna. — v. particularly. sunaak SUN1K The verb meaning "to figure. debase. everyone. ● n. A compound of "Su" and "Rahgol. refuse.Dovahzul-English ○ v. flurry.” "air. beast / beasts.” "air. yellow.” "servant/slave. velocity. murmur.” sviniik SVIN3K sur S6 — n. hurricane. — n. — v. bloody / bloodied. woodwind. suyah SUY4 sun SUN — v. From "Su. See also "Pah. swim. ankle. breeze. surge. twilight. blow.” "air rage. pipe. suraath S61TH ○ n. hug.” — n.” suril S6IL taavin T1VIN — n. estimate.” ● n." Related to "Su. to blow air.” T surahgol S64GOL ○ n. taazokaan T1ZOK1N sutah SUT4 ● n. degrade. abase. whisper.” suz SUZ — v. debris. ○ adj. draft. lance. every.” taak T1K suranmiik S6ANM3K — interj. thief.

tend TEND From "Tal" and "Deykraan. reaction. title. — adj. epithet. Lit. ○ v." "report paper.” Based of the Finnish "Taantumus" (Reaction). tegalrotak TEGALROTAK tahvir T4V7 ○ n. tarvokus TARVOKUS — n.” tasnah TASN4 ● n. tahzos T4ZOS teivo T2VO — n. "pack (of the) sky. broth. tahlon T4LON tavus TAVUS — v. tarukun TARUKUN Rhymes with "air. toll. increase. haggard. stable. ○ n. gabble. align.” Edited from "Tjer.” taumir TAUM7 — n. make many of. suck. obstruct. intoxicated. greed. badger.” — adj. tale.Dovahzul-English — n. inebriated.” — v. tan. newspaper. — n. tahmus T4MUS tefsu TEFSU — v. talaav TAL1V tekarom TEKAROM — n. gibber.” terag TERAG — v. hoof. compassion. — adj.” "Barrier/Obstruction. hideous. bridle. ugly. objection. beige. report. bar. account. counter.” — v. — adj.” — adj. "Tahmus" with the suffix "-end.” tegalrot TEGALROT tahrodiis T4ROD3S ○ v. 140 . add. produce. tarvok TARVOK — v. obstruction. tauliis TAUL3S Edited from "Hamrak. ugliness. tanz TANZ Based on "Tendrok. tahmusend T4MUSEND tegal TEGAL — n.” "air. From the word "Tegalrot" meaning "Object" and the suffix "-ak. taldeykraan TALD9KR1N "Tekar" with the suffix "-om. straight. treacherous. — n. drunk. — n. harass. Inspired by Scandinavian terms for "title. "pull. — adj. straighten.” + n. augment. tahrovin T4ROVIN ● n. tey T9 "Tarvok" with the suffix "-us. — v. tendrok TENDROK tarim TARIM — n. hideousness. greedy. tal TAL tekar TEKAR — n.” ● adj. talisman.” tahlok T4LOK — n. steady. react. disagree. From the words "Tegal" meaning "counter" and the word "Rot" meaning "word. Lit. tet TET — n. jabber. barrel. order. amplify. ter TER tarn TARN — v. barrier. treachery. object. dance. harry. flock.

disarray. disobedient. From "Tey" and "Fun.” "dirty. turmoil.” thul THUL thalabrot THALABROT — n. square. dirt. thulkei THULK2 From "Brot. thunder. thaar TH1R thu'um TH5M ○ v.” Shortened from "Thu'ulkei.” thaal TH1L — v.” tholaar THOL1R teymaak T9M1K — n.” — n. The verb form of "Thaarn.” — v. voice. teyx T9X Derived from Old Norse. thunuv THUNUV Literally 'dirt-cloth'. pineapple. judge.” thokaz THOKAZ thunuth THUNUTH — v. artefact. ○ n. thaarnu TH1RNU ○ adj. Derived from "Teyx. police.” From "Thok" with the suffix "-us. teyxah T9X4 — n. From "Thun" and "Uth. thunderous. dirty. ○ adj. implying someone is incapable of the Voice. leap. From Old Norse "othokku. center. thon THON — adj. artifact. policeman. + n.” thok THOK thunkodiik THUNKOD3K — n. synonymous with "Vozothaarn. despite. From "Tey. Slightly derived from "Thral. thokus THOKUS 141 . From "Thur. thrinmah THRINM4 — v.” From "Thun" and "Kod. obedience. A slur or curse. From "Thokus. dragon shout. storyteller. front. bangs. obey. thraat THR1T — n. tolerate.” — n. pastry." "overlord. ton. "Thaarn" + "-nu": "without obedience".” ther THER — adj." "þrátt. Shortened from "Thu'ul. voiceless. law. not regular speech.” — n. tholah THOL4 ○ n.” thokriiv THOKR3V — n.” From Icelandic "sothaskapur.” — n. thral THRAL Literally "Front hair." "law-wielder. thaarn TH1RN thu'umnu TH5MNU ● n. thesk THESK thun THUN — n." someone who commands law. frontier. This refers to the power of the Voice. chronicle. ○ n." "jump. ○ n.” ● n. pollute.” "bread.” — prep. soil. rag.” "tale. legal. relic. jump. ○ adj. "Thul" with the suffix "-kei. mess. teyxom T9XOM From the Icelandic word for "despite.Dovahzul-English teyfuniik T9FUN3K — adj.

absolutness." "portal. wormhole.” A compound meaning "overlord word.” tiindo T3NDO tiid-staadnau T3D-ST1DNAU ○ n. thus.” tyranny. house. To count time or items.” tiiduv T3DUV ○ adj.Dovahzul-English ○ n.” Edited from "Tuus" to avoid homophone with "Tus. Related to "Briinah. lawless. ● n. timelessness. calendar. flashback. "time-unbound. "time" with suffix "-us.” tiidus T3DUS tii T3 ○ adj. temporal.” Edited from "Thuniil.” "time. metronome.” tiidnul T3DNUL ○ n. Lit. "Tiid" with the suffix "-uv. timely. "time-clapper. "time-remember. Like "Krii. time travel. An adjective that means "lawless. Lit. hang." and "Miiraak." . outlaw.” thur TH6 tiidmah T3DM4 ● n. "time-fall. line. timeless." "sister.” + n.” ○ n. lineage. Edited from "Ahgul.” "of or pertaining to the law. From "Tiid" and "Haalziik. Lit. existing outside of time. thurot TH6OT From "Tiid.” — adj. tiinu T3NU Primarily in reference to the Elder Scrolls. thoughts of "Thun" with the suffix "-uv. absolute. time wound.” "then. recollection.” as well as a noun that means "bandit" or "outlaw. overlord. countless. count.” The adjective "absolute" and a noun meaning "an absolute truth." "time. permanent.” tiid T3D ● n. weary. — n. Related to "Ruz. tiik T3K tiid-ahraan T3D-4R1N — v. also as a tiinah T3N4 verb.” ○ adj.” Altered from "Tuuz" to avoid homophone with "Tuz.” tiidmiiraak T3DM3R1K + n. time.” Edited from "Tiidiil. bandit. "time-track.” ○ adv. an absolute tiidnavir T3DNAV7 truth.” tiidfar T3DFAR ○ n. ○ n. steadfast." Edited from "Vruun. or not bound to the laws of time." Edited from "Miirney. to fly through time. shore. thuz THUZ immutability. Expanded definition to include "lordship" and "overlordship. lordship. vintage.” 142 . aunt. From "Tiid. From "Tiid. thunvu THUNVU Lit. the past. destine." lit.” tiidnu T3DNU thus THUS ○ adj. tiidahmaan T3D4M1N "Tii" with the suffix "-nu. Based on "Tiid" and "Ragnavir.” ○ v. permanence.” its past form is "Tiaan. therefore." Edited from "Borbrii. tiid-haalziik T3D-H1LZ3K ○ n. tiin T3N tiid-bo T3D-BO — adj. time-flight. overlordship. tyrant.” ○ n. ○ n. Edited from "Ahgulom. immutable. ○ v.

safe. tik TIK tir T7 — n. ● v. Tik + -gaar. Edited from "Araak. foreign. discuss / speech. mumble. chat. — n. clover. "Tir" with the suffix "-tiv. upkeep. talk. tinvaakuv TINV1KUV ○ adj. Based on "Tinvaak. tinvaatey TINV1T9 to TO ○ n. speaker. tirsum T7SUM conversation. — adj.” or "out of the finite time. timak TIMAK tirahkom T74KOM — v.” "speech.” "speech.” tivoz TIVOZ — n.” tingrol TINGROL tirn T7N — n.” ○ n. discussion. ○ adj. — n. speechless. Lit. syntax. out. sage. play. safety.” tirvah T7V4 tinvaaknu TINV1KNU — n." Edited from "Maatel.Dovahzul-English tiiraaz T3R1Z ○ n. mongrel. sad." "speech. Corrected from "Tiraaz.” — conj. casual form of "Tinvaak.” — n. From "Tinvaak. tirzahtiid T7Z4T3D ○ adj.” til TIL tirahk T74K ● adv.” tinviis TINV3S 143 . conversational. orator. obsolete. safeness. mutter.” Corrected from "Tiraazom. outward. there. cistern. although. ○ n.” and a noun meaning "talk. though. — adj. month. Compound meaning "out-breathe. Shortened from "Tirduun. social. monthly." "speech. Pronounced like "toe. — adv. Based on "Tir.” Can be used as both a verb. an oral story.” — n. From "Tinvaak" and "Tey. — n. ware / wares. "Tiraaz" with suffix "-om.” or "conversation.” tinvok TINVOK tiizak T3ZAK ○ n. sadness.” tinvirlaan TINV7L1N tiiraazom T3R1ZOM ○ n. A shortened. language. speak.” "spoken tale. This was created from "Tinvaak" (speech) and "Virlaan" (order). border. "to talk/speak.” ● adj. tinvaak TINV1K Is its own plural. Based on "Tinvaak. "out of time.” tirtiv T7TIV tinvaakin TINV1KIN ○ adj.” . ○ v. accent. calligraphy. tind TIND tiran T7AN ○ v.” "out. tirdun T7DUN tindey TIND9 — n. exhale." Related to "Tinvaak. tikaar TIK1R tirah T74 — adv.

ton TON — adj. tovok TOVOK Edited from "Barlaas. Can also be used as a verb. millennium.” tolal TOLAL — n.” tonmezaar TONMEZ1R tozeinvu TOZ2NVU — n.Dovahzul-English todol TODOL "Pozaar" compounded with "Ton. torsul TORSUL — n.” ○ v. flaw. err. math. buck. — v. tovit TOVIT tolaak TOL1K ● v.” toor T8R — n. toorus T8RUS ● v. kilogram. calculator. tovokei TOVOK2 — n. kilometer.” Related to "Toriig. advise/advice.” tol TOL ● pron. — n. grief. A compound meaning "thousand-year. flawless. A compound of "Kranek" and "Ton.” — adj.” Extended from "Tonkraan.” toz TOZ tonkranek TONKRANEK — adj. flexible.” toraas TOR1S tokaasiik TOK1S3K + n.” — n. suggestion. mathematics. search. "Dusk Day. — n. mistake.” Edited from "Tooriil.” tokingrah TOKINGR4 tovaak TOV1K ○ adj. ○ n. stag. Lit." Related to "Tinvaak. organization. tokaas TOK1S tor TOR — n. club. — n. Edited from "Dokahl. dusk. tozein TOZ2N + n. inferno.” and "mezaar. league. error. — n. kiloliter.” ○ n. doe.” "meter. tovos TOVOS toneruvos TONERUVOS — n. "Tozein" with the suffix "-vu. From "Tokaan. that. infernal. Edited from "Bardur. perfect. thyme. "able to make long. suggest. "Tokaas" with the suffix "-iik. due. 144 .” tonpozaar TONPOZ1R traas TR1S — n. seeker.” "thousand. A compound of "ton. tovitaan TOVIT1N tolaas TOL1S ● n.” — n. error. thursday / turdas. number. "to err. faultless. "Toor" with the suffix "-us. searcher. guild. mistake." "talk. gait. tokaan TOK1N ○ adj.” toriig TOR3G tokah TOK4 — n. fault." "that which does math. thousand. wondrous. Loosely translated. fault.” "thousand. twist.” — n. honey. attempt. wonder." "number. togaat TOG1T ● n. From "Tovok" with the suffix "-kei.

snatch. Informal. From "Tum" and "Mah. Edited from "Wernek." "when.Dovahzul-English traaskei TR1SK2 — n. collapse. From "Kiin." in a sense of spinning." "down.” "oppress. Edited from "Hiitir. traaz TR1Z truk TRUK — n. trir TR7 ○ conj.” tum TUM trog TROG ● prep. cannon .” trok TROK — n.” an inborn quality. tuknokin TUKNOKIN trimal TRIMAL ○ n.” — n. Wares and Trinkets are used interchangeably in the cases of some shop keepers and traders. trinket. Used to mean both "still" and "yet. tip. tu TU tren TREN ● n. From "Tum. stagger. crumble. suppress. tukuz TUKUZ — v. tropic. trahkiin TR4K3N ○ n.” Also a verb.” — v.” — n." not the noun. A variation of 'truk' meaning 'thing'. string.” from "Tuk" and "Nok.” Means "of or originating from the tropics. stuff. Based mostly on a small ware. hammer. — n. trof TROF tuld TULD — v. wrist." "whirlwind. grievous. "Traas" with the suffix "-kei.” triik TR3K tuk TUK — n. tudren TUDREN treymoz TR9MOZ — n. Edited from "Deh.” "full of grief. tumbo TUMBO troz TROZ 145 . down. grieve. — v. any procession of travelers. — v.” ○ n. or have a downfall. shred.” tul TUL — n. case. trin TRIN Related to "Ukuz. matter. tumah TUM4 Edited from "Vork. still. — n. sink. sty. — n. trah TR4 trum TRUM — v. trug TRUG — adj. snag. train. attribute.” "born. "bricklayer. ○ v.” From the Welsh for "sty. brick. beach." From "Rul." The verb "to sink. yet.” — n. downfall." Edited from "Maht. ○ v. Literally. thing." "twlc. thorn. mile. trofiren TROF7EN tulk TULK — adj. "to collapse. caravan. bricklayer. crumble. — n. affair. grab. a small thing. trofir TROF7 — adj. trun TRUN treiyun TR2YUN — n. tumble. trait. ordeal. Based on "Wuld. ambush. tropical.

” From "Tus" and "Niiv. sprint. Related to "Hahkun. feather. uful UFUL The noun "tursaal" with the suffix "ein/dein. tus TUS — n. tumbonaar TUMBON1R ○ v. base. mule. invent. tursaaluv T6S1LUV — v.” "down. tunihah TUNIH4 ufiik UF3K ○ n. oppression. + n. Based of the Norwegian word "oppfinnelse. decency. Based on "Uft" and "Dwiin." "plate-ball. .” ukuziik UKUZ3K tusron TUSRON 146 . Edited from "Ukund. descend. doloire .” Edited from "Ufiinseh. ufiinsah UF3NS4 — n. uftdwiin UFTDW3N — n. citizenship. race. inventor.” uft UFT — n. From "Tum. It was probably used as both a tool and a weapon and many are found in various armories around the world. civilian. blade. Can be used as a noun or a verb.Dovahzul-English ○ v. trader. decent. mithril.” and "Bonaar.” — n. From the words "Tum" meaning "Down" and "Bo" meaning "Move. "Tun" with the suffix "-iik. respectable. turog T6OG From "Ufir. caper. It is known that axes of this type were carried with the wagon trains supporting medieval and Renaissance armies. tursaaldein T6S1LD2N ○ n. antic. baseball. trade. bucket. ● n. prostrate. citizen.” — v. troll. ufiin UF3N — v. ukiir UK3R "Tursaal" with the suffix "-uv. — n. buckler.” This type of axe is sometimes called a Wagoner’s Axe. — adj.” — n. — adj.” "humble. to move at full speed. tursaal T6S1L — n. ukuz UKUZ tus-niiv TUS-N3V — v. — n.” turguld T6GULD ufir UF7 — n. worry.” tuniik TUN3K ufiinsiik UF3NS3K — n. collapse.” tursak T6SAK — n. ukust UKUST — v.” Based on "Ufiinsah" with the suffix "-iik. invention. Edited from "Ukun.” "feather-steel. civil. Can also be a Verb. oppress.” "decent. plate. station.” U tun TUN ubaak UB1K — n. — n. crumble. turgun T6GUN ufirzah UF7Z4 — n. tuz TUZ ● n.

” 147 . patron. happiness.” Derived from "Unaz" with the suffix "-om. uluthan ULUTHAN "Undoro" with the suffix "-iik.” ulanhimdah ULANHIMD4 — adj. — n. "Ulaak" with the suffix "-nu. unagein UNAG2N Lit.” ● adj. ulaaknu UL1KNU un UN — adj. national. — n. happy. around. — n. precise. carelessness.” Can be used as a noun or a verb. behind. — n. hilt.” ulaz ULAZ — n. — adj.” ulm ULM undaar UND1R — n. record. uloz ULOZ undoriik UNDOR3K — v. um UM "Ukuz" with the suffix "-iik. elm.” ulaan UL1N unadaan UNAD1N — adj. — adj. — prep. — n. — adj. ulaak UL1K Can also be used as a verb.” Is also the present perfect form of "Unad. unending / ceaseless / eternal (less common than unslaad).” "have chosen.” uliidom UL3DOM unazom UNAZOM — n.” not the noun meaning "strength/power. complete.” Edited from "Ukuniik.” — prep. final. careful.” ○ n. "whole-home.” — v. log. — n. oregano. Edited to "Unad" so it doesn't conflict with the verb suffix "-iin. whole. creature.” "Ulaaknu" with the suffix "-rom. "to log/record.” unad UNAD ulaaknurom UL1KN6OM — v. happily. emperor. careless. oppressor. adventurer. angle. uld ULD unahzaal UN4Z1L ○ v. Based on "Unad" and "Gein. eternity. unaziin UNAZ3N uliid UL3D — adv. Based on "Aal. "chosen one. care. unaz UNAZ ulfah ULF4 — adj. ul UL umaak UM1K ● n. ulokuun ULOK5N undin UNDIN — n. An alteration of "Unaziin. ulaakei UL1K2 umriid UMR3D — adj.” "Unad" with "-aan. umdaal UMD1L Also a noun.” literally. treasure. — n. chosen. wreck. precision. empress. our. Edited from "Ulan. ● pron. "Uliid" with the suffix "-om. entire. — n. choose. "Ulaak" with the suffix "-kei. might. ours.” The verb "might.Dovahzul-English — n. preciseness.

” — adj. Edited from "Nirah.” Can be used as an adjective or an adverb. Compound of "Us. Based on the Norwegian and Finnish language. prelude.” and "Koros. Lit. clock. oar. broad. unslaad UNSL1D ● adj. usnutiid USNUT3D urah 64 148 . before. recipe. Related to "Aar.” the act of trying. uraan 61N ○ adj. The reflexive of "Mu. "Undoro" with the suffix "-kei. "Unt" with the suffix "-ak. or broad understanding perhaps even. servile. unon UNON — n. adventure. trial. abject.” Norwish "unnvike" and Danish "undvige. reward. might need revision. evermore. undorokei UNDOROK2 uraniik 6AN3K — adj.” "before. unslaar UNSL1R ○ adv.reward. — n. everlastingly. Related to "Unslaad. precedent. From "Us" and "Naan. always.Dovahzul-English undoro UNDORO — n. derived from German “Uhr” and from Latin “hÅ•ra” (“hour―). unmaar UNM1R urik 6IK ○ pron. — n. Slightly related to 'Urid' . splendor.” uriif 63F — n. ourselves. award. "fore-song. or broad sword (urik zahkrii). try. uslovaas USLOV1S From Swedish "undvika. epidemic.” "slave/servant. ○ adv.” unen UNEN urid 6ID — n.” .” — n.” ○ n. term. marauder. radiance. unending / ceaseless / eternal. conclude. — adj. determine. Not sure how well it would combine with a word though. forevermore. billion. brilliant. choose. forever. uniid UN3D Can also be used as a noun. splendid. urikras 6IKRAS everlasting.” ur 6 usnaan USN1N — n. dodge.” "event. uskoros USKOROS ○ adj. Derives from "Unslaad" and "tiid. million. From the words "Tiid" meaning "Time" and "Unad" meaning "Choose. adventurous. ○ n. prize. — v. reaver. Urik "broad" + Kras "sick.” untak UNTAK ○ n. — v. foremost. brilliance.” "unending." "before any.” urzun 6ZUN unt UNT — v. us US ● v. untaar UNT1R ● prep. Used to describe like a broad scale(urik vrii). uskriif USKR3F unviig UNV3G — n. radiant.” ○ n.” uroksvaal 6OKSV1L unstiid UNST3D — n. once "understanding" or "knowledge" would be added to the dictionary.

overtake. sturdy." lit. absurdity. vaaril V1RIL ○ n." "fore-intend.” From "Uzgrolein. order. campaign.” ustiid UST3D V ○ n. uth UTH vaal V1L ● v. torment. hypocrite.” uznahgaar UZN4G1R vaarnurel V1RN6EL ● adj.” "earth. "before-time. uzur UZ6 149 ." Edited from "Yevul" and "Vulfaaz. vaard V1RD — n. From "Vaalt" and "Spiin. unbridled.” — v. history. ○ v. uzgroleinuv UZGROL2NUV vaarnufaaz V1RNUF1Z ○ adj. — n. bay. "unrelenting pain. agony. enforcer.Dovahzul-English ○ n. convert. Compound of "Uth" and "Thaarn. crusade. enforce. glide. vaagol V1GOL usul USUL ○ adj. Lit. ○ v. uthaarn UTH1RN ○ v. or.” "to hold at bay. historian. ustidaan USTID1N ○ n. Lit. canoe/boat.' Vis 'can.” vaalt V1LT — v. fjord. inconsistency. command. "Uthaarn" with suffix "-iik.” + n. afar. Edited from "Joviin. unassailable. paradoxical.” Means "not bound to the world. From Uznahgaar 'unbridled.” — n.' and Nos 'to strike. ruthless. fold. anomaly.” This word previously meant "past. uthaarniik UTH1RN3K vaaltspiin V1LTSP3N ○ n. Edited from "Jovein. laptop.” uthim UTHIM vaan V1N — n. ● n.” usukah USUK4 vaad V1D ○ v. abroad. A compound of "Us" and "Sul.” "sturdy or stout as earth. sturdiness. "fold-screen.” ○ n. stalwart. premeditate. Lit.” "paradox. uzvinos UZVINOS ○ adj." From "Viing. relent." "command obedience. stout. Edited from "Vond. Related to "Gol. overwhelm. ram. uvokriin UVOKR3N — v.” "before-day.” rather than the body of water. past.” uv UV vaar V1R ● conj. anguish.” vaarnu V1RNU — adj.'. Edited from "Rotusnutiidel. unrelenting.” utan UTAN vaak V1K — adv. soar. — v.” ○ n. yesterday." "wing. paradox.” Was previously "Usnutiid. colony. "before the present time. From "Sukah" and "Us. uzgrolein UZGROL2N — n. absurd. "To keep at bay.

vaarun V1RUN vahlok V4LOK — n. Lit. Tear rip.” — n. swear / swore. vahlogolz V4LOGOLZ vaaruk V1RUK ○ n. From "Vah. — n." "to dominate unrelenting. A compound of "Vaaz" ("to tear") and "Kein" ("war"). torn. compromise. poleaxe. vaazkein V1ZK2N ○ n.” "of or pertaining to spring. vahliind V4L3ND vahnuv V4NUV — n.” refers to a water or mineral spring. vahladyuld V4LADYULD vahnis V4NIS — n. From the "Soul Tear" shout in the Dawnguard dlc. susceptible. tear. majesty." Edited from "Vahkunmiir. spring." "axe. "manage-money.” "corrupt. "guardian duties. finance. "Vaaz" with the suffix "-aan.” Edited from "Vahiil. Derived from "Vahlok" and "Golz" (by the analogy of "Dovahgolz"). Also a verb. ● n. responsibility. ● n. as opposed to the past tense of leave. From "Hahkun. "Vahlii. seduction.” and "Lomok.” ● v. spring.” "easy. A compound of "Vah" and "Lom. maiden. seduce. — n.” Also. guardian. vahlt V4LT — adj. enthrall. member. vahlii V4L3 vahnuk V4NUK — v.Dovahzul-English From "Vaarnu" and "Rel. gossip.” vahmaan V4M1N vahkunz V4KUNZ — n. scoundrel.” "spring. vaaz V1Z charge. "have torn. not Tear cry. Based on the word "Vahden" which means maiden. vahlukad V4LUKAD vahdin V4DIN — n. — v. left. ○ adj. maid.” vaazaan V1Z1N ○ adj.” and "Kroved. Lit. standing stone. commission . vahlom V4LOM ○ n. guardianship. easy. simple.” "pool.” — n.” vahlomok V4LOMOK ○ n. vahkroved V4KROVED vahlusendaar V4LUSEND1R — adj. commissioner. Can be also used as a verb.” "springwater.” vahlin V4LIN 150 . rumor. vaat V1T vahlokeyv V4LOK9V ● v. vahk V4K vahlusend V4LUSEND — adj.” ○ n.” "seduce" with suffix "-nd. vah V4 The direction left. civil war. fascinate. spa. vahn V4N ○ n. halberd. A combination of "Vahk. ○ n. ● n. — n. vernal. "Vah" with the suffix "-nuv. blemish. freshwater.

” ○ n. memorial." The verb "to heal" and the noun "healing/treatment. — n. testimony." "to heal.” "Destroy." Edited from "Tolsek. wretched. Shortened variation of "Vakron" with the -om suffix. medicine. true. healing. vahranim V4RANIM vahzah V4Z4 ○ n. From the words "Vahzen. commemorate / commemoration. testify. From "Vahrukt" with the suffix "-nu. physical. sworn. martinet.” — n. oath. Modified from "true and good.” — n.” of wounds.” and "Tinvaak. coast. ● v. From "Vahriin" and "Rot. Literally. truth. heir.” discipline or rule.” valdrekaan VALDREK1N — adj. — adj. banner.” "without memory. aphorism. harsh. "Vald" with suffix "-ak. "Harsh. Lit.” "sworn word. vahrskin V4RSKIN vald VALD ○ n. rather than the verb "to coast (along). vahyarak V4YARAK From "Vahraan" with the suffix "-iik.” — n.” ○ n. treatment. memory. valid. wretch. treat.” Edited from "Defahn. vahriz V4RIZ A geographic coast.” valdak VALDAK vahrugrii V4RUGR3 ○ n. or otherwise. vahriik V4R3K vahzensaag V4ZENS1G — n.” vahriin V4R3N vaknor VAKNOR ● adj. wretchedness.” valdrek VALDREK vahrukiv V4RUKIV — n.” vahraniik V4RAN3K vahtinvah V4TINV4 ○ n. amnesia. ● n.” ○ n.” "memory. chastity. "truth-saying. ○ n. decimation. legitimate." Edited from "Tulsekin.” "master. From "Vo-Ahraan. bile. healer. Expanded definition to include "commemoration.” ● adj. Based on "Vahrukt. vow. valdrekaanom VALDREK1NOM vahrukt V4RUKT — n. any kind of healer or treater ○ n. heal.” Edited from "Kesmah." Edited from "Tolsekiin. mental. vahrsk V4RSK vakron VAKRON — adj. vahzen V4ZEN ● n.Dovahzul-English vahpruzah V4PRUZ4 vahruktnu V4RUKTNU ○ adj.” "truth. mnemonic. proverb. Derived from "Ald.” "speech/speak." "un-wound. chaste. decimate. a person who maintains strict ○ v. monument.” vahraan V4R1N vahruktuv V4RUKTUV ○ v. From "Vahraan. vahrot V4ROT vakrom VAKROM ○ n. valinaar VALIN1R 151 ." "pertaining to memory. "Mnemonic" with the suffix "-uv.

welcome. type.” "meet. prattle. pitch black. or space that is thin. black. Literally "Black sickness. vath VATH — adj. babble. passage.” vanras VANRAS — n. nervousness. — n. ○ n. window. veinaar V2N1R vanvaak VANV1K — n. giddish. early. treaty.” vankar VANKAR veiliin V2L3N — v. acidic. Similar to "Yal" but refers more to an object that is thin. — adj. meadow.” "having the qualities of acid.” — n. nervous. thin. lack. renegade. An alternate form of "Vax" with the suffix "kei. version. veikus V2KUS vandulwahl VANDULW4L — adj.” valkom VALKOM — adj.” "Veik" with the suffix "-us. fenestration. Edited from "Auf" to "Vau. ● adj.” "delegate. wicked. Lit. valk VALK — n. ○ adj. rebel. vile. pestilence. Related to "Liin. From "Valkralin.” — adj. vax VAX The noun form of "Valk. lavender. — v.” valkralin VALKRALIN ved VED — n. — n. majestic. — n. off. staff. "window-raising. compact. pasture.” "Nervous. flagon. sex. traitorous. vasik VASIK — v. "nervous joy. Edited from 'Vuthuul' to 'Vath'. vanah VAN4 ○ n. veirey V2R9 vasaar VAS1R — adj. plague. vau VAU Lit. hit. Based off is "Ved / Black.” valzapor VALZAPOR vedkrasom VEDKRASOM — n.” with the suffix "-om. valkragrind VALKRAGRIND vaxei VAX2 ○ n. veklin VEKLIN Also an adjective. summerset isle. valokein VALOK2N vedaak VED1K — interj. veal. impact. rebellious. congress. gender. treacherous. skinny. — n.” — n. veik V2K vandul VANDUL — n. ○ n. valkjiik VALKJ3K — adj. vek VEK vaslahl VASL4L — v. drain. delegate.” and "Grind.Dovahzul-English vasmiir VASM3R — adj. acid. 152 . totally dark. traitor. whereas "Yal" refers more to an opening.” — n. veistul V2STUL vaskin VASKIN — adj.

wind. the currents of time. drinking song. focus. Literally. path. Literally. venzoriik VENZOR3K Derives from "Lokraan."Iizinrii" .” Edited from "Zenselaas. style. draw. velvaas VELV1S From "Ven" and "Zoriik. archetype. kite. hummingbird. strive. fashion. Edited from "Lorozen.” Edited from "Verbahsiik. condition. verinrii VERINR3 ○ n.” vendus VENDUS ○ adj. disciple.” literally means "fearmaking.” venselor VENSELOR verkeiniik VERK2N3K ○ n. ● n. friday / fredas.” velokraan VELOKR1N — n. demeanor. paint. A compound of "Verin" and "Rii. state. element. artist. warmonger. technique.” "to make an effort.” "bird. to make a picture. windstorm. vensekos VENSEKOS verin VERIN ○ n. endeavor. From "Ven" and "Ro. fearsome.Dovahzul-English ○ n. "artmaker." Lit. windy. Edited from "Nemel. cartography. "Ven" with the suffix "-us. paradigm. method. Lit. "Faas" with the prefix "Ver-." Means "wind-seeker. Derived from "Velaaz" ("Feast") and "Lovaas" ("Song." Expanded definition to also mean "path" or "way. A compound formed from "Ven" and "Tiid. — v.” ● n. "the act of map-making. "someone who makes war. care for. banquet. "Kein" with the prefix "Ver-" and the suffix "iik.” velaaz VEL1Z ventovitaan VENTOVIT1N — n. venselaas VENSEL1S ○ n. vel VEL vensul VENSUL — v. manner. Lit. adjust. "Wind Day. lifestyle.” — n. "wind/way of doing. "wind/way of being." .” pattern.” venro VENRO vergrundak VERGRUNDAK ○ adj.” Edited from "Zensekos. ○ n. . verbaasiik VERB1S3K — n.” lit. to make an effort.” "Element essence. handsome.” Edited from "Zensedreh. — v. way. nurture. ○ n. current.” + n.elemental of ice and snow).” Refers to ethereal spirits of elements (for example. ○ n. "wind/way of life. tend." "wind-rider.” ○ n. Primarily means "wind." "wind's balance. vensedren VENSEDREN Literally.” "someone who makes art. A non-specific term for a method of creating an image.” "Grav" with the prefix "Ver-. Ice Wraith .” verfaas VERF1S ○ adj.” — n.” venstrun VENSTRUN verkiir VERK3R 153 . aspect. Music"). feast. elemental .” verilir VERIL7 ○ n. Literal equivalent. ven VEN "Bahs" with the prefix "Ver-" and the suffix "iik.” Literally.” As in "To tend a farm. model.” vergrav VERGRAV vennesetiid VENNESET3D — v. "wind of thought.

" "to make music. party. Lit." Should be used as an intransitive verb. file. inscribe. music-making. reproduce.” veydar V9DAR verotiik VEROT3K — n. weed. pee.” Shortened for phonetic reasons. vetgar VETGAR — n. the Dovahzul word "vet" means "to hone or file. write. scene. — v.” ○ n. "To make fantasy.” — v. "Nevul" with prefix "Ver-": lit. "to make celebration. instrument. musical instrument. shop. ○ n." lit. play. report.” Edited from "Verhask.” "vettvangur." Edited from "Jiid.” vervisk VERVISK veydoz V9DOZ — v. Edited from "Kigrath.” "grass. coerce. piss. impregnate.” verut VERUT From "Veydo" and "Raak." "black. verlovaasniir VERLOV1SN3R This word was created using the Icelandic word for "scene.” Edited from "Vermiir. vernenfah VERNENF4 vey V9 — v. "word-maker. author.” verwahsar VERW4SAR veydusaas V9DUS1S — v. "to make mention. ○ v. Lit. "grasspowder" or "weed-powder. + n. — n. cut. locksmith.” Means the artistic "to draw" rather than "to draw a sword.” veydo V9DO ● n. kiss.” "to make danger or threats towards.” fully meaning "something one makes music with. reference.” verluz VERLUZ vex VEX — v. daydream. since a scene is a honed or concentrated section of an act (as in a play). "Rek verlovaas. endanger." "grass. ● v. "make-urine. verqulekin VERQULEKIN veydol V9DOL — n.” — v. seaweed. + n." In a happy accident. onyx. "lockmaker.” Shortened for verziik VERZ3K 154 . "Lovaas" with the prefix "Ver-" and suffix "niir. to Edited from "Besey.” veyd V9D vernevul VERNEVUL ○ adj. Lit.” — v. "to make a report or account. veydosebriin V9DOSEBR3N "Rut" with the prefix "Ver-. draw. tobacco. threaten." "she is making music. ○ n. moss. Kiir: child. bleak. ○ n. From "Ved. vesey VES9 verlovaas VERLOV1S — v.” "Wahsar" with the prefix "Ver-. store. "Ziik" with the prefix "Ver-. intimidate. As opposed to Liin (mate/sex) which doesn't necessarily have the purpose of breeding.” lit. Related to "Veydo. grass. celebrate.” Literally. procreate.” vet VET perform or play a song. record. Ver: to make." From "Veydo. perform. breed.” From "Veydo" and "Pusaas. "grass-stick" or "weed-stick." lit." which works. refine.” vertal VERTAL veydoraak V9DOR1K — v.” "to make a mark. "grass of the sea. fantasize. hone. Lit. cigar. grim.Dovahzul-English ○ v. ○ n. "Lovaas" with the prefix "Ver-. urinate.” The verb from "Visk.

thin rope.” veyko V9KO viik V3K ○ v. right.” 155 .”"Se" and "Nor. portrait. "Viing" with the suffix "-aal. viing V3NG Ment to sound similar to bizaar. veysenor V9SENOR glow." Edited from "Hindiis. compound of 'Vith' and 'Jun'. shine.” it literally means "cut of land. quicksilver.” viintaas V3NT1S viigah V3G4 ● adj. shining. but it was sundered from the rest of Skyrim as a result of the battle between Dragon Priests Vahlok and Miraak. From "Viin. Lit. ○ n. Lit. bloom.” and "Sed. veysun V9SUN viin V3N ● n. wire. venom. From "Vey. aquatic. forth. gut. glint. wing. ship. viimuz V3MUZ ○ n.” viinglingren V3NGLINGREN viidost V3DOST ○ n. veyl V9L viil V3L — prep. amphibian. The directional right.Dovahzul-English phonetic reasons. solstheim. Alduin says it. blossom. flourish. tsaesci. viingaal V3NG1L — adj. — n. viilt V3LT veyr V9R — adj.” ● n. glisten. glimmer. poison. wingless. shimmer.” — adj.” "three.” "cut." "shine. serpent-men. vezar VEZAR — n. basilisk. — n. its literal meaning is Serpent-Men and refers to the serpent-folk of Akavir. animus.” Solstheim was a part of mainland.” — n.” ○ v.” "shine.” "with or having wings. "Viid" with the suffix "-en. viinun V3NUN viijun V3JUN + n. veyz V9Z viinazil V3NAZIL — n. cockatrice. "show-bare. winged. "wing-length. From "Viid" and "Sivaas. glass. eviscerate. disembowel. pornography. A compound of "Vey. Edited from "Volt. viilon V3LON As in "He comes forth. viid V3D ● n. — n. Derived from the composition of the words Vith and Muz.” ○ n. “Serpent King. trident. billow. lit. — v." "aqua beast. "Viing" with the suffix "-nu. as opposed to just/fair or correct. viingnu V3NGNU viidsivaas V3DSIV1S ○ adj. porn. aqua. snake-men. From "Vey. viiden V3DEN ○ n. market. wingspan. sparkle. defeat.” veysed V9SED viim V3M ○ n.” ● v.” ○ n.” veyloz V9LOZ — n. ● v." "to cut. Somewhat derived from "Viin.” "originating or of water.

vinurah VIN64 vikaarom VIK1ROM — adj. twitch. Related to "Inaak. erasable. ceasing. accomplishment.” vinalend VINALEND viiruh V3RUH — n. vipiin VIP3N "Vikaar" with the suffix "-om.” "Vinal" with the suffix "-aan." "defeat. damnation.” From "Aagis" and vinal VINAL 156 ." The verb "to damn" and the noun "damnation. traversable.” — n. vinaak VIN1K ○ v. potable. vinevuld VINEVULD vik VIK — adj.” and "Vis." Preferably pronounced with a short "i. Edited from "Lokaaltok.” vikit VIKIT ○ adj. content.” virpal V7PAL vilt VILT — n. streak. drinkable. pleased.” passable. coffin. Based on the Finnish word "Viiru" for "streak.” "Nix" and "Vuld" along with the prefix "Vi-" to make "able of being swapped between" or "interchangeable. lovable. From Old English word for twitch. ○ v. dust. ○ v.” ● adj.” visaagis VIS1GIS ○ adj. accomplish. 'Twiccan'. — n. virahn V74N vildhahkun VILDH4KUN ○ adj. Derived from "Rot.Dovahzul-English viir V3R — v.” vindo VINDO viiz V3Z — adj. rock. damn. interchangeable. — adj.” "Vinal" with the suffix "-end.” "to pass. accessible. mild. Edited from "Piintok. vis VIS Directly from Norwegian. From "Viir" and "Praan. pickaxe.” — v. vicious.” vilokaal VILOK1L virlaan V7L1N ○ adj. — n. Has influences from ancient norse word for accomplish. ○ adj. — n. From "Lost" and "Vis. Derives from 'nis' .” "can be drunk." "dying rest. scheme.” "can. navigable.” vint VINT vikaar VIK1R — n.” "can be loved. Conjunction of "Vild" and "Hahkun" meaning "Rock" and "Axe. Edited from "Aagistok. ○ n. quote. program.” "to lead. dying. — n. misdirect. As a verb. ○ n.” From "Piin" and "Vis. can.” Can also be used as a verb. how. wine. vir V7 vild VILD — adv. accomplished. venison. viciousness. virot V7OT vilost VILOST ○ n. system. From "Viik. — adj." "can be had.'cannot' . which is "vinna. "to die or cease.” vinalaan VINAL1N viirpraan V3RPR1N — adj.” "can be passed. mislead. From "Rahn.” From "Lokaal" and "Vis. availability. ink. available.

could be used for any anti-air weapon. defrost. serpent.” ● n. exhume.” "can be broken. unworthy.” ○ adj. unsullied. to dig up.” vobozun VOBOZUN visiinvak VIS3NVAK + n.” "Unremember.” — adj. "Korah" combined with "Vis.” vodiin VOD3N vith VITH ○ v.” "peace. "un-peace. turmoil." "wither.” "can be believed.” ○ n.” Lit.” "can be justified. From "Liiv. viskren VISKREN vodein VOD2N ○ adj. divorce. Lit. breakable. unrest. vo VO ● v. disturb.” Edited from "Vodren.” ○ v.” visgezeyd VISGEZ9D vobok VOBOK ○ adj. uncouth.” Edited from "Korahtok. "unmarry" or "undo marriage. Edited from "Gezeydahtok. flak. From the word "Bavir" meaning "Couth" with the prefix "Vo-.” "able to adapt. A mutation of "Drem.” "Digol" with the prefix "Vo-. "unfreeze. vodahmaan VOD4M1N Derived from Old Norse "viss.” vodremt VODREMT ○ v. desirable. ageless. ○ adj.” vodeyto VOD9TO visliiv VISL3V ○ v. A compound of "Eim" and "Vis.” Literally "un-keep. "Bok" with the prefix "Vo-. justifiable. festival. vodrem VODREM vo-aavlaas VO-1VL1S ○ n. Compound of "Vis" and "Iinvak.Dovahzul-English "Vis.” ○ v. Edited from "Keyaam. adaptable.” vodahmin VOD4MIN ● adj. acceptable.” viseim VIS2M vobavir VOBAV7 ○ adj.” "can be desired. celebration. "Frozaal" with "Vis. "Deyto" with the prefix "Vo. forsake. discord. "anti-flying weapon.” lit. unfreeze.” visfrozaal VISFROZ1L vobein VOB2N ○ adj. forget. ○ adj.” vobalaan VOBAL1N ● adj. undo. party.” viskorah VISKOR4 ○ adj. decrypt. "Balaan" with the prefix "Vo-.” Changed from 157 .” with the prefix "Vo-. ago.and Diin.” ○ adj. thaw.” "can be forgiven.” incorrect "Vobahlaan. — n." lit.” vodigol VODIGOL vismaal VISM1L — v. disconcert. unsoiled. Combination of the prefix Vo. believable.” From "Vis" and "Gezeydah. adaptability. From "Aavlaas" "Marry/Marriage" and "Vo-. lit.” From "Smaal" and "Vis.” vod VOD visk VISK ● adj.” "can accept.” Edited from "Eimtok. From "Dahmaan" with the prefix "Vo-.” "Vis" and "Kren." "can wither.” "can be erased. untarnished. "to make something not a mystery. abandon. decipher. unremembered / forgotten.” ○ adj. "Bein" with the prefix "Vo-. Edited from "Krahltok. Edited from "Krentok. perishable. abandonment." "un-fouled. forgivable.

unfriendly.” vogluus VOGL5S vofrul VOFRUL — n. "Gevoth" with the prefix "Vo-. "Gelah" with the prefix "Vo-. deter. untold. usurp. disconnect. thrall. disconnection.” Edited from "Gemah. 158 . discourage. disk.” unseat.” vogahriin VOG4R3N ○ n. ungracious. From "Vogahvon.” — n. dethrone. From "Genun" with the prefix "Vo-. disgrace.” vofun VOFUN vogoz VOGOZ ○ adj. unafraid.” ○ n. ○ v. ○ adj. "Faas" with the prefix "Vo-. syncopate. misfortune.” Translates as "unfill. disenchant. Edited from "Ahgulaar. "Gahvon" with the prefix "Vo-. "Dun" with the prefix "Vo-.” vogelah VOGEL4 vofahdonus VOF4DONUS ○ v.” ○ adj. disappear. resistance. "Goz" with the prefxi "Vo-.” literally "un-crown.” vog VOG — adj.” vogevothend VOGEVOTHEND ○ n.” "Gluuskei" with the prefix "Vo-.Dovahzul-English vodremtvulz VODREMTVULZ Edited from "Voq.” vogevoth VOGEVOTH ○ v. unsheathe. stomp. vogrozah VOGROZ4 A compound of "Vofun" and "Vul." Edited from "Vofrini. "Frit" with the prefix "Vo-. permanent. unspoken.” vofrit VOFRIT vogil VOGIL — v.meaning "un-" and "fahdonus" meaning "friendly. syncopation.” vogejahrend VOGEJ4REND vodun VODUN — n.” "permanentservant. penumbra. "Grozah" with the prefix "Vo-. From "vo. vacate. "Vogevoth" with the suffix "-end. Lit. unlikely. resist. Derived from "Gekrin" with the prefix "Vo-.” vogekrin VOGEKRIN vofaas VOF1S ○ v. perpetual. uneager. ○ adj.” — v. defy. "un-temporary. "Vodrem" with "Vulz. overthrow. improbable.” Edited from "Vogah. unfortunate. defiance.” "to defy. Derived from "Vofrul" and "Aar.” vofrin VOFRIN ○ adj. ○ n. vanish. dissuade.” vognun VOGNUN ○ v. — n.” vodul VODUL vogahvon VOG4VON ○ v." "disturbed pulse" or "to disturb a pulse.” literally "unyield. ○ n. dismount." Edited from "Vogejahr. vofunvul VOFUNVUL — v. "Frin" with the suffix "Vo-." Edited from "Vulfriim. depose.” ○ adj.” referring to the Conjuration spells.” vogejahrii VOGEJ4R3 vodunkei VODUNK2 — v. "Dunkei" with the prefix "Vo-.” "Vogejahr" with the suffix "-end. unlucky." Edited from "Vodahvur. From "Du'ul.” "Gluus" with the prefix "Vo-. vacation.” vogluuskei VOGL5SK2 vofrulaar VOFRUL1R — adj.

inhuman. discouraged. amend. vacant. unhappy.” with the prefix "Vo-.” voj VOJ vokorasaal VOKORAS1L — adj.” — adj.” Also "Kriid" with the prefix "Vo-. ○ v.” "Klov" with the prefix "Vo-. Lit. resurrectionist. restoration.” vokrotz VOKROTZ voklov VOKLOV — adj. vojahrii VOJ4R3 "Korasaal" with the prefix "Vo-. deaf. Formed from "Krii" and the prefix "Vo-. From "Lok. Referred to "Vokul" ("Evil"). Based on "Ahkrin. From "klad. villain. "Jul" with the prefix "Vo-." Also a noun. From "Vokrii. "un-break.” vohunaz VOHUNAZ vokorah VOKOR4 — adj. Verb only. up.” vokiir VOK3R ○ n.” vokendaar VOKEND1R vokriid VOKR3D ○ n.” "to revive.” vok VOK vokrii VOKR3 ○ prep. disbelief." "sky. vokren VOKREN Translates as "unfullness" (noun).” ○ adj. mend. abstract.” Edited from "Yahnd" to match canon. "unhead. vojul VOJUL ○ v.” 159 . unemployed.” vokras VOKRAS vojahrom VOJ4ROM ○ n.” "load" with prefix "Vo-. A literal combination of "Vok" and "nau. "Kendaar" with the prefix "Vo-.” "Evil-Mind. "someone who is — n. repair." Edited from "Vojahr. impossible. dispirited.” vokesaal VOKES1L vokriind VOKR3ND — adj. upon. malevolent. node.” "courage. ○ adj. evil. unload.” ○ v. vacancy. vampire child. "Vokrii" combined with the suffix "-nd. — v. unlimited." "undo sickness.Dovahzul-English vohahgolt VOH4GOLT vokoraav VOKOR1V ○ adj. revive / restore. ○ n. A combination of "Unaz" with the prefix "Vo.” vokoraak VOKOR1K vokulin VOKULIN ○ n. unreal.” Edited from "Vohasiiv. Lit.” voklad VOKLAD — v.” vokrin VOKRIN ○ adj. voknau VOKNAU vokulhah VOKULH4 ○ prep. Opposite of "Hahgolt.” A contracted version of this word is "Von. Derived from "Koraak" with the prefix "Vo-. behead. "Koraav" with prefix "vo-. "un-child. dremora. From "Kras. — adj.” vokraaz VOKR1Z — adj.” vokul VOKUL ● adj.” ● v." Edited from "Zifahl.” Derived from "Korah" with the prefix "Vo. cure. From "Vokul" and "Hah. — n. "Kesaal" with the prefix "Vo-.” ○ n. Lit. decapitate. blind. Directly translates as "unfull.” "un-see" or "de-sight.” "concrete. disbelieve.

From "Vol.” "horror. Can also be used as a verb. unnatural. — v. ● n. disorder.” volor VOLOR volbur VOLB6 ○ v. clear.” volrokei VOLROK2 volein VOL2N — adj. rejection. chaotic. undress. voluk VOLUK — adj. volunruud.” Edited from "Volundiil. definitive word.” "to grant. From "Vol. named the same in the Dragon Tongue as English.” "Life. vokulom VOKULOM "Volg" with the suffix "-om. wildness.” "horror.” volkaan VOLK1N vol VOL — n. "un-world. Lit. volrog VOLROG volburaal VOLB61L ○ n. ● n. obstruction. A place in Skyrim.” volaan VOL1N volkon VOLKON ● n. disorderly. — adj.” volg VOLG — n. From "Volg. Opposite of "Bolaav. "Vokul" with the suffix "-om. unclothe. hell.” "with or having chaos. "un-sky. underworld. wildlife. dam. elect.” ○ n.” ○ n. change. reject. volaav VOL1V volok VOLOK ○ v.” "un-light. From "Vol.” — n. free. hold.” volglaas VOLGL1S volz VOLZ ○ n. aetherius.” "someone who is wild. volganor VOLGANOR — v. evilness. volsung VOLSUNG voleinah VOL2N4 ○ adj. wild. Edited from "Vol" to "Volz" to avoid conflict with the canon "Vol. refusal. untame. From "Volrog. oblivion. disrobe. Conjunction of "Volg. change. chaos.” "horror. voltolam VOLTOLAM "Lienah" with the prefix "Vo-.” — v. "Kun" with the prefix "Vo-. "Hold. ● n. "Lunduv" with the prefix "Vo-. abhor.” — adj. shadow.” "Wild" and "Laas. wildling.” — adj. refuse." refers to any realm outside of Mundus. disorder.” volgom VOLGOM 160 .” — n. can refer to anything that holds something back." with the suffix "kei. "Volbur" with the suffix "-aal.Dovahzul-English evil.” Is the verb "to refuse or reject" and the noun "refusal or rejection.” "atrocity. intruder. worse.” — n. Lit. tumultuous. atrocity. horrible. wilderness. Volg + Nor. barbarian.” volgin VOLGIN volunruud VOLUNR5D — n. wildlands Edited from "Feykrovolg" since "wilderness" can refer to more than just forest. choose. otherworld. appoint. atrocious.” volk VOLK ○ n. vokun VOKUN A harsh-sounding. wipe. grasp. Based on Volk. octopus. grip. volunduv VOLUNDUV — n. horror.

— adj. Structured following Pruzah. edited from "vonun. changing. unknown. dislike.” Literally "non rare. spy. from "Ov" with the prefix "Vo. Also an adjective.” "tame." "punishment. invisible.” "best. common. "Vonum" with the suffix "-iik. "Praagek" with the prefix "Vo-. dispossess.” ○ adj. inconceivable.” with prefix 'Vo-.” "hidden weapon. ○ adj.” vomindoraan VOMINDOR1N vonuz VONUZ ● n. upon.” vonahl VON4L vopraagek VOPR1GEK ○ adj.” von VON vopiraak VOP71K ○ prep. ● adj. worst.” more casual and conversational than "Voknau. "Prem" with the prefix "Vo-." "unseen.” "worst. shroud. From "Prolg.” ○ adj.” ○ n. incomprehensible.” "Mun" with the prefix "Vo-. unalike. Based on "Volz.” vonum VONUM volzah VOLZ4 — adj.” Vo-: non. inconceivable. dynamic. drone. different.” ○ v. "Mulhaan" with the prefix "Vo-. impatient.” ○ v. commmoner. A contraction of "Vok" and "Nau. farewell. Edited from "Volah" to avoid conflict with the canon "Vol. an incomprehensible idea. unliving. bad." with the prefix "Vo-. vomindok VOMINDOK vonuntiv VONUNTIV ● adj.” vonmindoraan VONMINDOR1N voprolg VOPROLG ● n.Dovahzul-English volzaan VOLZ1N ○ v. ○ n. unfair. "Mos" with the prefix "Vo-. unnecessary. ○ adj. Num: rare. inanimate. Derived from Volz: worse. vomedaas VOMED1S vonun VONUN ○ adj.” vomun VOMUN vopent VOPENT + n.” voniir VON3R voprem VOPREM — adj.” and "Pruzaan. better. plain. unseen. Edited from "Suuvan. From "Pentaar.” vonumiik VONUM3K — n. best). veil.” ● adj.” vonzun VONZUN vomos VOMOS ○ n.” — adj. From "Vonun. commonplace." Also a noun.” vonok VONOK voprudaav VOPRUD1V — interj.” Can also be spelled "Vomindoraan. unsuitable. "Paaz" with the prefix "Vo-. Pruz. "Mindok" with the prefix "Vo-. moving. ○ n. Edited from "Vorpaal. "Piraak" with the prefix "Vo-. untamed. an incomprehensible idea. distrust. Derived from "Vonun" and "Zun. dissimilar. inappropriate. "Nahl" with the prefix "Vo-. uncaring. Can also be spelled "Vonmindoraan. Pruzaan (good. vonov VONOV 161 . incomprehensible. emotionless.” vomulhaan VOMULH1N vopaaz VOP1Z ○ adj. unmanned." someone who is common. impunity. detached.

"other-born. independent. Edited from "Hren.” vorul VORUL — n. — v. displace. voreykiin VOR9K3N vortii VORT3 + n. Combines "Vo" (Un-) and "Ro" (Balance)." Edited from "Vonalgask. "Prudaav" with the prefix "Vo-.” ○ n.” "beyondskies" as a metaphor for being beyond normal. "Ronit" with the prefix "Vo-.” Can also used be used as a verb.” and the noun "madness or insanity.” vorstaald VORST1LD — adj. vorlaav VORL1V 162 . dissent. "un-virtue. Edited from "Vokrolur.” Means "unbalanced-mind / unbalancedminded.” voris VORIS From the Icelandic for "past.” "different." "Rolur" with the prefix "Vo-. — adj. voreistig VOR2STIG vorolur VOROL6 — adj. — n. organization.” vorliz VORLIZ voqalos VOQALOS — n. arrangement.” Also a verb. parasite. beyond. A compound of "Vorey" and "Naak. vorey VOR9 Can also be used as an adjective." Replaces the former word "On. vorliinvas VORL3NVAS "Prus" with the prefix "Vo-. disagree. uncertain. insane. Lit. admonish.” — n.” voronit VORONIT ○ adj. extraordinary. vormung VORMUNG voqurnen VOQ6NEN — v. vorivunaal VORIVUN1L — adj.” — v. vice.” "other" and "eat.” ○ n. irregular. Literally meaning "untouched. ○ adj. disguise.” ○ adj. — adj.” vorenaak VOREN1K ○ n. vortiilok VORT3LOK "Ris" with the prefix "Vo-. vorohah VOROH4 vordaas VORD1S ○ adj. Compound of "Vortii" and "Lok. class. madness. voro VORO "Qurnen" with the prefix "Vo-. virgin.” + adj. otherkin. insanity.Dovahzul-English improper. "organized.” Vo + orlaav. "un-sacred. voraak VOR1K — v. ladle." "fortÃð. organize. ○ v.” vorevak VOREVAK vorstaal VORST1L ○ v. informal. From "Vorpaal.” "Reistig" with the prefix "Vo-. mad. From "Rivun" with the prefix "Vo-" and the suffix "-aal. — prep. Can also be used as noun. unblinking. orient. past. other. reign. Lit. imbalance. From "Vorey" and "Kiin. desecrate. heterosexual. vorlem VORLEM voprus VOPRUS — n. vopruziig VOPRUZ3G Combines the first part of "different" and the word "sexual." "not having dependence. abnormal. unrivaled." lit.” — v.” The adjective "mad or insane.

umbra. undesirable. dispell. drop.” voshun VOSHUN vothaarn VOTH1RN — adj.” "touch. vosmah VOSM4 vothlo VOTHLO ○ v. From "Jur." lit." "unexcitement.” ○ n. From "Voth. bore.” — adj. able. Edited from "Tok. vothaalvut VOTH1LVUT ○ n. impure.” vostahdim VOST4DIM 163 . From "Sav. let.” and "Voth.” Also the noun. "unexcite.” Edited from "Tokmaar. unholy.” vosotiiv VOSOT3V vothlorot VOTHLOROT — v." and the now also the verb "to enable / allow / let." Edited from "Zaknom. vostavek VOSTAVEK "Ruv" with the prefix "Vo-. mutton. From "Voth.” "to think with/together. ability. disobey. vosmaar VOSM1R Derived from "Voth. compare.” "Stavek" with the prefix "Vo-. teetotal. Lit." Edited from "Zaknah. disobedience.” vos VOS — v. "Smaal" with the prefix "Vo-.” "with.” "Sotiiv" with the prefix "vo-. allow." Edited from "Ilmah. interact. ○ v. A combination of "Voth" with the suffix "-ni.” ● n. chamber.” "challenge-together. "Shun" with prefix "Vo." The adjective "able.” "can." "not desired." "to let fall. ○ adj.” Not to be confused with the imperative meaning "don't save. contend.” — n. with. "un-sun. without.” voteivo VOT2VO — adj.” vothni VOTHNI ○ prep. enable.” ○ v.” "strength. Edited from "Nost" to avoid conflict with the name "Lodunost. vosig VOSIG vothdreh VOTHDREH — n. "Teivo" with the prefix "Vo-.” "Save" with prefix "Vo-. From "Haalvut. undesired.” ● prep. boredom. unclean.Dovahzul-English voruv VORUV ○ adj. contest. Compound of "Vos" and "Mah. From "Voth" and "Lorot. Compound of "Voth" and "Dreh.” "with.” vothjur VOTHJ6 ○ n. sober. unsaved. ○ v. confess. consult.” and "Lo.” Related to "Vis.” voshul VOSHUL vothaar VOTH1R ○ n.” vosmaal VOSM1L vothiz VOTHIZ ○ adj.” "deceive.” "with. Based on the root word "Vos. involve.” vosav VOSAV voth VOTH ○ adj.” vosotiivend VOSOT3VEND vothmul VOTHMUL — n. "Thaar" with the prefix "Vo-. contact. From "Voth" and "Mul. ○ v.” From "Sotiiv." "with.” — v. "Stahdim" with the prefix "Vo-.” — v." "do with.” vothnaar VOTHN1R vost VOST ○ v.

Lit.” ○ n. regress. Means "with or having dishonor.” "un-obedient. "Zah" with the prefix "Vo-.” "unwith. vrii VR3 "Vo-" + "yel. "Vo-" + "zothaarn. "Thunuv" with the prefix "Vo-. vozah VOZ4 — n. immortal. search engine.” — v. recede." See also "Nid. disorganized.” "organize" with prefix "Vo-.” votirahk VOT74K — adj. — adj. nothingness. — adj. ○ adj.” vozinaal VOZIN1L votivut VOTIVUT ○ adj.” "Vriid" with the suffix "-uv.” "Mintiinon. "infinite (elder) scroll. uneven.” "something that has scales. Literally "without horse.” — adv.” voviidost VOV3DOST — n. disgraceful. "infinite void. illegal. reptile.” Translates to "internet searcher. vreyviis VR9V3S voyel VOYEL — v.” ○ adj. infinite. infinity.” voz VOZ — n. reptilian.” vozahrom VOZ4ROM votiidus VOT3DUS ○ n.” To move backward or away. retreat. "Zokoraav" with the prefix "Vo-. "Vozah" with the suffix "-rom. cherry.” "timely" with prefix "Vo-. else. unwary. "Vo-" with "Tirahk. horseless. vozriis VOZR3S From "Vorstaal. impress." See also "Bilbus. untimely. ○ adj. complex. "Infinite Life. contrary. widthraw.” vroz VROZ vozahkel-tovitaan VOZ4KEL- TOVIT1N — n. "Ativut" with the prefix "Vo-. unsafe. "Voth" with the prefix "Vo-. complicated.” Edited from "Vothuniil.” "unpoison.” vovorstaal VOVORST1L — adj. compensate. vozothaarn VOZOTH1RN "Viidost" with the prefix "Vo-.Dovahzul-English vothnikey VOTHNIK9 + n. vozokoraav VOZOKOR1V Related to "Voth.” From "Vrii" with the suffix "-iid.” There is already a word for "infinity. ○ adj. internet. 164 .” "with. unorganized.” votrul VOTRUL — adj." from "Vozahkel" and "Tovitaan.” vozahlaas VOZ4L1S vothoris VOTHORIS ○ adj. vothunuv VOTHUNUV vozahnil VOZ4NIL ○ adj.” vriiduv VR3DUV vozahkel VOZ4KEL + n. vriid VR3D — adv. From "Tiidus. scale.” but this is derived from primary canon along with our "rom" suffix (to form a noun from an adjective). immortality. vulnerable. linen.” ○ v. vozodun VOZODUN ○ adj. vovoth VOVOTH vrah VR4 ○ adj. unaware. disobedient. Lit. dishonorable. antidote. indeed.” ○ adj. "Zodun" with the suffix "Vo-.” — n.

darkness. COmpound of "Vulon" and "Riived. Vul-Dark. vuldak VULDAK — n. nocturnal.” vukahmiin VUK4M3N — n. combat. From "Vug.” ● n. volatile. Lit.” From "Vul. vudeym VUD9M vulom VULOM — v. sleepwear. ○ adj. dark elf.Dovahzul-English vu VU vulfahliil VULF4L3L ○ n." Edited from "Mu'ur. "Vulzid" with the suffix "-en. ○ adj. dunmer. dawnguard. avoid. changeable. ebony. vulz-siin VULZ-S3N + n. subject. vuld VULD vulsoven VULSOVEN — v. topic. ○ n.” vuldit VULDIT vulziden VULZIDEN — v. morrowind. Combines "Vul" (Dark). "Vuld" with the suffix "-us. december / evening star.” vuldrus VULDRUS vum VUM — adj. changer. vukein VUK2N From "Vulon.” vulonriived VULONR3VED ○ n.” From "Vuld.” "dark. change. Volun: night.” "Vuld" with the suffix "-iik.” Can also be used as a verb.” "night. force of change.” vuldakbuld VULDAKBULD — v. From "Vul" and "Sik. and "Fahliil" (Elf). shift." "curve. code. pulse. vudeinmaar VUD2NM1R vulok VULOK ○ n.” "nightclothes. vulz VULZ From "Vuld" with the noun suffix "-ak. metamorphosis . ● n.” and "Lovaas." "to change.” meaning "from an abyss.” — n.” ○ n. cipher." and "Zahd. Lok-Sky. dawn. 165 . Shortened from "Vuug. "Dark Sorrow Wind. vulsik VULSIK vul VUL ○ n. tamper. ● n. vudoz VUDOZ vulon VULON — v.” ● n.” + n. modifier. vuldiik VULD3K vulzid VULZID — n.” Edited from "Fruunen. ● n. elude." Edited from "Vuuzahd. hook. nocturne. transfer. vulovaas VULOV1S Derived from "Item/Object" + "Attention. change. modification. vugzahd VUGZ4D ○ n. "Dawnkeepers. ○ n. night. abyss. A combination of "Laas" and "Vulon. Fil: star. eclipse.” "form. beard. stumble." "darkened runes. modify. dark.” vugel VUGEL vulonfil VULONFIL — n. The adjective rather than the Daedric Prince. abyssal. Lit.” + n. Edited from "Fruun. vug VUG vulonaas VULON1S — n.” "song. means "change." "point. time-signature. curve.” ● adj.

vumaal VUM1L

vusoven VUSOVEN

○ adj. bearded.
"Vum" (Beard) with the suffix "-aal.”

○ n. nightingale.
From "Vulon,” "night,” and "Soven,” "secret.”

vun VUN

vust VUST

○ n. tongue.
From Bethesda's old word for "voice,” related to
"Zun,” "weapon.”

○ v. could.
Based on "Vis,” "can.” Edited from "Vus" to
avoid conflict with the canon word "Vus,”

vund VUND

vusul VUSUL

— n. wall.

○ n. tuesday / tirdas.
Lit. "Dawn Day.”

vundonin VUNDONIN
— n. curtain, drape.

vutharaak VUTHAR1K

From "Vund" and "Donin,” "wall-sheet.”

○ adv. however.
Slightly based on "Mahfaeraak,” "forever.”

vunek VUNEK
— adj. futile.

vuuk V5K

vungol VUNGOL

— n. item, object.

○ n. mine.
Related to "Gol,” "earth.” Edited from "Ungol.”

vuukeitz V5K2TZ
— n. inventory.

vunonhaal VUNONH1L

Lit. "item-list.”

○ n. pickpocket, sleight of hand.
Can be used as a verb, "to pickpocket.”

vunut VUNUT


○ v. lick.
Edited from "Dahv" and "Todaas." Related to
"Haalvut," "to touch.”

vur V6

waan W1N

● n. valor.
From the "Battle Fury" shout in the Dragonborn

— conj. if.
waarth W1RTH
— n. amount.

vuril V6IL

Inspired from the Old English word "weorð.”

— n. well.

wadren WADREN

A compound of "Gol" and "Lom,” meaning

— v. block.
The verb meaning "to block/obstruct" or the
equivalent noun, not something "block-shaped,”
or "to shape something like a block.”

vuro V6O
— n. bliss.
vurul V6UL

wah W4

— n. pocket.

● prep. to.
"Wah" can be used as both a preposition and to
make infinitive verbs ("to wander,” " to fight,”

vus VUS
● n. nirn.

vusarum VUSARUM

wahl W4L

○ n. nirnroot.
A compound of "Vus" and "Arum.”

● v. build, create, make, raise, construct.
Used to describe the creation of something. For
the sense of "to cause something to become," as
in "to make happy," see "Mur.”

vusiin VUS3N
— v. assign.

wahlaan W4L1N

Related to "Siin,” "sign.”


welon WELON

● v. built / created / raised.

wahlaaran W4L1RAN

— n. daisy.
weltir WELT7

○ adj. creative.
From "Wahl.”

— v. elope.

wahlaat W4L1T

wen WEN

○ n. building, structure, creation,

● pron. whose.


wer WER

"Wahl" with the suffix "-aat,” "that which is
built or created.”

○ n. west.
From "Jer," "east." Edited from "Welkand.”

wahliig W4L3G

werden WERDEN

○ n. creativity.
Related to "Wahl" (Create).

○ adj. western, westerly.
"Wer" with the suffix "-en.” Edited from

wahliik W4L3K
○ n. founder, builder, creator, maker.
"Wahl" with the suffix "-iik.”

werid WERID
● n. praise.

wahlom W4LOM

weridaas WERID1S

○ n. reservoir.
From "Wahl" and "Lom,” "built-water,”
artificial water.

○ n. hymn, anthem.
Derived from "Werid" ("Praise") and "Lovaas"
("Song, Music").

wahlzul W4LZUL

wern WERN

+ n. conlang, constructed language.

○ n. ode.
Referred to "Werid,”"to praise.”

"Wahl" and "Zul," "created voice.”

wahrok W4ROK

werzon WERZON

— n. tail.

— adj. frugal.

wahsar W4SAR

weyt W9T

— n. fantasy.

— n. room.

wahsaruv W4SARUV

wid WID

— adj. fantastical.

— n. load, haul, capacity, weight.

Meaning "of, like, or pertaining to fantasy.”
Edited from "Wahrasiil.”

Also a verb, "to haul or to load.”

wiif W3F

wahzil W4ZIL

— v. mock, deride.

— n. waffle.

wiigokel W3GOKEL

wasek WASEK

— n. brothel.

○ v. bathe.

wiil W3L

wazahl WAZ4L

— n. spiral.

— adj. exact, specific, accurate.

wiistel W3STEL

wazahlom WAZ4LOM

— adj. sincere, earnest, genuine.

— n. exactness, specificity, accuracy.

wiistelom W3STELOM

"Wazahl" with the suffix "-om.”

wazul WAZUL

— n. sincerity, earnestness,

— v. afford.

"Wiistel" with the suffix "-om.”

wel WEL

wiizaan W3Z1N

— conj. whether.



— n. whore, slut, prostitute.

wundaak WUND1K

win WIN

○ n. journey.
From "Wundun," "travel." Edited from

● v. wage.
To wage war, rather than a worker's wage.

wo WO

wundokaaz WUNDOK1Z

● pron. who / whom.
Expanded definition to include "Whom.”

○ n. voyage, journey, particularly by


wol WOL

From "Wundun," "travel," and "Okaaz," "sea."
Edited from "Ozakur.”

● n. oak.

wolov WOLOV

wundun WUNDUN

— n. spouse.

● v. travel.
Also a noun.

wook W8K

wunduniik WUNDUN3K

— conj. nevermind, never mind.
Edited from "Wooq.”

● n. traveler.

wor WOR

wursk W6SK

— n. walrus.

— n. bath, bathtub.

worah WOR4

Refers to the act of bathing, and the place in
which one bathes.

— n. chorus, choir.

wuth WUTH

worax WORAX

● adj. old.

— n. saw.

wuthrahnuv WUTHR4NUV

The tool, not the past tense form of "to see.” Also
can be used as a verb.

○ n. pagan.
Derived from "Wuth,” "Rah,” and the suffix "nuv,” "of old gods.” Edited from "Wuthrahiil.”

woraxpund WORAXPUND
— n. sawmill.

wuthsoskiin WUTHSOSK3N

A compound of "Worax" ("Saw") and "Pund"

○ n. older sibling.
Compound of "Wuth" and "Soskiin.”

wox WOX

wuthsul WUTHSUL

— n. gnat.
wuld WULD

○ n. wednesday / middas .
Lit. "Old Day.”

● n. whirlwind.

wuldsetiid WULDSET3D
● n. vortex of time.
Lit. means "Vortex/whirlwind of time.” Related
to "Vennesetiid,” "winds of time,” but with a
more wild or chaotic connotation.

yaav Y1V

wult WULT

— prep. across.

— n. crime.

Edited from "Yahv.”

wultriin WULTR3N

yah Y4

— n. criminal.

● v. seek, sought.

wund WUND

yahjol Y4JOL

○ n. quest.
Derives from "Wundun" ("travel"), implying
that a "traveler" is seeking their "quest" or

— n. harp.
yahnol Y4NOL


From "Yiil" and "Kun," literal equivalent.

— v. cook.

yiir Y3R

yahnoliik Y4NOL3K
— n. cook, cooker, chef.

— v. gaze.

"Yahnol" + "-iik"; one who cooks.

Can also be a noun.

yin YIN

yal YAL

— v. dare, confront, challenge, risk.

— adj. thin, tight, narrow.

yinok YINOK

Similar to "Veirey" but refers more to an
opening, passage, or space that is thin. "Veirey"
refers to an object that is thin.

○ v. bluff.
From "Nok,” "lie.”

yalzahkrii YALZ4KR3

yirgul Y7GUL

○ n. katana.
A compound of "Yal" and "Zahkrii,”literally
means "narrow sword.”

— n. vest.
yirt Y7T

yein Y2N

— v. joke, jest, to kid.
yirtaar Y7T1R

○ v. hail.
The verb meaning "to call or hail,” rather than
the precipitation. Related to "Rein," "roar."
Edited from "Hein.”

— n. wile.
Related to "Yirt,” "to joke or jest.”

yirtah Y7T4

yel YEL

— n. prank.

— adj. flat, level, even.

From "Yirt,” "joke.”

yelbrot YELBROT

yirtiik Y7T3K

— n. flatbread, tortilla.

— n. jester, joker.

Literally adapted.

From "Yirt" with the suffix "-iik.”

yeldah YELD4

yirtlovaas Y7TLOV1S

— n. plateau.

+ n. scherzo.

Related to "Yel,” "flat.”

From "Yirt,” "jest,” and "Lovaas,” "song.”

yelsliin YELSL3N

yol YOL

+ n. burger, hamburger, patty.

● n. fire.

From "Yel" and "Sliin,” "flat-meat.”

yolangaar YOLANG1R

yem YEM

○ n. lighthouse.
A compound of "Yol" and "Angaar,” "fire
tower.” Edited from "Yolangar.”

— n. blaze.
yen YEN

yolein YOL2N

— n. arm.

○ v. erupt, eruption.
A compound of "Yol" and "Lein,” "fire of the
world.” Can mean both the verb "to erupt" and
the noun "eruption.”

Can also be used as a verb, "to arm.”

yendruk YENDRUK
— n. armchair.
From "Yen" and "Druk," literal equivalent.

yolfuskiik YOLFUSK3K

yezin YEZIN

+ n. flamethrower.

— n. zest, zeal, gusto.

From "Yol" and "Fuskiik," "fire-thrower.”

yiil Y3L

yolget YOLGET

— n. torch.

○ adj. molten.
From "Yol,” "fire,” and "Gelt,” "metal.”

Can also be used as a verb, "to torch.”

yiilkun Y3LKUN

yolgonis YOLGONIS

○ n. torchlight.


○ n. salamander.
From "Siigonis," "lizard," and "Yol," "firelizard.”

vulcano can also be called a Dovastrun or
Dovahstrunmah, referring to the shared trait fire.

yolstrunor YOLSTRUNOR

yolgosvaa YOLGOSV1

○ n. vvardenfell.
Derived of the words "Yolstrunmah" and "Nor,”
it literally means "Land of the Volcano.”

○ n. firewood.
Derived from primary canon "Yol" and partially
quarternary canon "Gosvaa.”

yoltaas YOLT1S

yolgram YOLGRAM

○ adj. flaming, ablaze, aflame, blazing.
Shortened version of "Yolostaas.” Not to be
confused for "firing.”

○ n. fireball .
Lit. "fire-cloud.”

yolir YOL7

yolunslaad YOLUNSL1D

— v. regenerate, regrow, renew.

+ n. napalm.

Connected to the word "Yol" ("fire"), something
"rising from the ashes.”

Lit. "fire unending.”

yolus YOLUS

yolirend YOL7END

○ adj. fiery.
"Yol" with the suffix "-us.”

— n. regeneration, renewal, regrowth.
yolkaronahs YOLKARON4S

yolzii YOLZ3

— n. fire atronach.

○ n. fervor, fervorous, fervent, fervid.
Literally "Fire Spirit.” A bright, driving,
motivating passion, usually constructive. See
also "Agzii" and "Frinzii.”

Alteration of "Mukaronahs" (Atronach).

yolkern YOLKERN
+ n. popcorn.
Lit. "fire corn.”

yolzoor YOLZ8R

yolkezil YOLKEZIL

○ n. phoenix.
From the words "Yol" meaning "Fire" and
"Zoor" meaning "Legend.”

○ n. hot sauce.
From "Yol" and "Ezil,” "fire-sauce.”

yolkun YOLKUN

yoriik YOR3K

○ n. firelight.
Literal equivalent.

● v. march.

yoritiiv YORIT3V

yolmah YOLM4

— adj. intimate.

+ n. bomb.

yormud YORMUD

Lit. "fire-fell.”

— v. tease.

yolom YOLOM

Shortened from "Yormuud.”

○ n. whiskey.
Lit. "firewater.”

yoro YORO
— n. lore.

yolos YOLOS

yos YOS

● n. flame.

○ n. heat.
Derived from Yol, meaning fire and Su meaning
air. Edited to "Yos" to prevent a vowel ending.

yolskein YOLSK2N
○ v. brand.
Lit. "fire,” "scar.”

yosel YOSEL

yolstrunmah YOLSTRUNM4

○ n. degree, temperature.
From "Yos,” "heat,” also related to "Yol,”

○ n. volcano.
Composed by the words Yol and Strunmah, it
literally means Fire-Mountain and refers to the
most obvious element of a vulcano. Alternately, a

yostrah YOSTR4
— n. crystal.


guest. A generic word for any kind of money or currency. — adj. ○ n. "Yosnol" comes from "Yos" and "Yahnol" wich mean "Heat" and "cooking" To make it more distinguishable from "Yahnol." Edited from "Yostvahruv. Edited from "Kriisfahliil." Means "golden elf. currency. new. money.” ○ n.” yulduv YULDUV yuvol YUVOL ○ adj. modest." "crystal-like. bake.” the "O" from "Yos" became an "U. economy. — v. crystalline. Edited from "Yor. yusgriim YUSGR3M yuld YULD — n. — n. From "Yuvon.” "gold. idea.Dovahzul-English yunok YUNOK Edited from "Yostvah. yuldik YULDIK To Bake. tidings. yun YUN zaag Z1G — adj. "Yostrah" with the suffix "-uv.” "Dragon Cult.” yunaar YUN1R zaagin Z1GIN — n. ideal. condemnation.” Edited from "Yuldiil. nectar. 171 . A combination of Yuld." Only refers to lizards or other creatures. butter. newborn. high elf. prism. From "Yun" and "Rot. — n.” "Dovahzaag. — n. Edited from "Yoriin. boil. yuvon YUVON yulmey YULM9 ● adj.” ○ n. purse. notion. zaal Z1L ○ n. yuvonfahliil YUVONF4L3L ○ n. pyrite. yunrot YUNROT — adj.” yulvid YULVID ○ n. gold. ○ n. slave. yuniik YUN3K zaak Z1K — n.” yumaas YUM1S Z — n. newcomer. cult.” a person or thing that is new.” yoz YOZ yusgri YUSGRI ○ v.” yusnol YUSNOL — v. news.” "gold. "Zaal" with the suffix "-ak. Lit. monetary. — n. cultist. concept. From "Yun. modesty. "Yuld" with the suffix "-uv.” — n. and Mey. market.” yostrahuv YOSTR4UV — n. "new-hatch. yunkliin YUNKL3N zaalak Z1LAK ○ adj. Edited from "Yuulid. From "Yuld. Literal compound. altmer.” An alteration of "Yusgri. gold / golden. hatchling. gold.” zaam Z1M ● n. septim. condemn." "new-word. fool. From Yos (Heat).” zaakan Z1KAN yunkiin YUNK3N — adj. cannot be used to refer to dragons in any sense.

horn. point.” "time." Edited from "Zahkriimundein. "finite origin. not the Voice. "finite. forgetfulness. hollowness. Somewhat based on Zahkrii (Sword).” zahkrii Z4KR3 zahrid Z4RID ● n. Derived from the words Dez and Gah. shock. "Zahnir" with the suffix "-uv. Edited from "Zaar. conservative. Lit.” Edited from "Zegranom" and "Zahgraanom." "war. Edited from "Zokrani" and "Zahgraan.” zahtiid Z4T3D ○ n. bayonet. reserve. date. Particularly as said of a vista. meaning "point"). "sword grace. emptiness. cheek." "to conquer. view.” "side. lit. lit.” "finite.” ● v. finite." Edited from "Zekein. preserve.” zahraanom Z4R1NOM zahkaaron Z4K1RON — n. based on the words Ende and Gad (Old-English.” Edited from "Zahrid. ○ adj.” a shout only the dragon Durnehviir Can use in the Dawnguard Dlc.” zahkriidun Z4KR3DUN ○ n. narwhale. From "Kein. period. This refers to actual speech. "finite-life." "empty mind" or "empty-minded.” Edited from "Zahniriil. scene. — n. sacrifice. Related to "Zah. narwhal. zaarax Z1RAX zahlaas Z4L1S — n. From "Kron. Lit. zahnir Z4N7 zahd Z4D — v. sword. Lit.” Lit. zaan Z1N A small knife at the end of a rifle used for stabbing.” zahniruv Z4N7UV ○ adj.” zah Z4 ● adj. "sword- 172 . ○ n. ○ n. From "Zahr. horn of plenty.” "mouth. mortal. league. assault. zahrak Z4RAK zahkose Z4KOSE — v.” zahgraan-hah Z4GR1N-H4 ○ n. ● v.. especially an admirable one. From "Reik.” zahkein Z4K2N zahrahmiik Z4R4M3K ○ v. dragon priest name.” zahr Z4R — n. + n.Dovahzul-English From the shout "Soul Cairn Summon. hollow. conserve. From "Zahgraan" and "Hah.” More general than "Reik. zahkron Z4KRON zaar Z1R ○ n. empty. Is also its own plural. — v. etc.” "shock. "Zahraan" with the suffix "-om. cornucopia. batter.” and "Reid. amnesia. zahksenorgraz Z4KSENORGRAZ — n. attack.” zahkriisos Z4KR3SOS zahvos Z4VOS ● n." bloodied sword. shout. blood. tactic. swordsmanship. Horns are sharp a large majority of the time. zahkriizon Z4KR3ZON + n. mouth.” — v. Literally means horn-whale.” zahk Z4K zahraan Z4R1N ○ n. atom.

○ n. potential.
Related to "Vos,” "able.” Edited from "Zahtok.”

"Zent" with the suffix "-aal,” "with or having

zereim ZER2M

zal ZAL

— n. lexicon.

— n. salt.

zereis ZER2S

zalk ZALK

— v. slit.

— v. utter, mouth.
zey Z9

zalus ZALUS

○ pron. me.
The accusative and dative case of "Zu'u.”

— adj. salty.
"Zal,” "Salt,” with suffix "-us.”

zeydaan Z9D1N

zamak ZAMAK

— n. justice.

— n. mammal.

Derived from Zeydo: "just.”

zanos ZANOS

zeydo Z9DO

— n. marsh.

— adj. just.

The "a" is emphasized. Prounounciation may
vary with dialect, of course.

Just or morally right. For the adverb, see
"Nunon.” Edited from "Zeyda.”

zarok ZAROK

zeyliik Z9L3K

— n. misery.

○ n. brethren.
From "Zeymah,” "brother,” "Reyliik,” "race.”

This is based on the elven word for misery from
the Inheritance Cycle book series.

zeylum Z9LUM

zaunig ZAUNIG

— v. approve.

— n. devil.

zeymah Z9M4

zauniglom ZAUNIGLOM

● n. brother / brothers.

— n. vodka.

zeymahmaar Z9M4M1R

Literally "devil-water.”

zegur ZEG6

○ n. brotherhood.
A modification of the word "Zeymah" based on
"Briinahmaar,” "sisterhood.” Altered from
"Zeymahdein" to align more with canon.

— n. pebble.
zeik Z2K
○ n. spike.

zeymahus Z9M4US

zeim Z2M

○ adj. brotherly.
"Zeymah" with the suffix "-us.”

● prep. through.

zein Z2N

zeymahzin Z9M4ZIN

● v. worship.

● n. companion.
Expanded definition to include "cohort" and

zeinsuleyk Z2NSUL9K
○ n. sacrament.
From "worship" and "power." Edited from

zeymahzinmaar Z9M4ZINM1R
○ n. companionship.
Edited from "Koriidein.”

zemqulek ZEMQULEK
zii Z3

— v. pick, (to pick a lock).
Based on "Qulek,” "lock.”

● n. spirit.

zent ZENT

ziidol Z3DOL

— v. expect.

— v. goad, urge, insist.

zentaal ZENT1L

ziig Z3G

— adj. expectant.


— v. thrill, rouse.

— adj. silver.

ziik Z3K

From Old Norse "silfr.”

zilfyuld ZILFYULD

○ n. mark.
From "Sik," "rune." Edited from "Miir.”

— n. electrum.

ziiklah Z3KL4

Combination of "Silver" and "Gold,” just like

— n. syndrome, malady, symptom.

zin ZIN

ziikol Z3KOL

● n. honor / honour.

○ n. morale.
Related to "Zii,” "spirit.”

zinaal ZIN1L
○ adj. honorable / honourable.
"Zin" with the suffix "-aal,” "with or having

ziilun Z3LUN
○ n. animism.
"Zii" with the suffix "-lun.”

zind ZIND

ziin Z3N

● n. triumph.

— n. two.

zindaal ZIND1L

Edited from "Zein.”

○ adj. triumphant.
"Zind" with the suffix "-aal," "having

ziinahl Z3N4L
— n. appeal, allure.
ziinan Z3NAN

zinthro ZINTHRO

— adj. double.

○ n. chivalry.
Based on "Zin,” "honor.”

From "Ziin,” "two.” Edited from "Zeinan.”

ziinhaal Z3NH1L

zinul ZINUL

○ adj. two-handed.
A compound of "Ziin" and "Haal,” "two-hand.”

— adj. super.
Used only as "super,” not as "very.”

ziinin Z3NIN

zinuljoor ZINULJ8R

— n. twin.

○ adj. superhuman.
From "Zinul" and "Joor,” "super-mortal.”

From "Ziin,” "two,” and "Kiin,” "born.” Edited
from "Zeinin.”

zir Z7

ziinkeyal Z3NK9AL

— v. craft.

— n. fortnight.

Can be used as both a noun and a verb.

Means "Two-week.”

zirokey Z7OK9

ziinmet Z3NMET

+ n. bicycle, bike.

○ n. pair, duo.
Lit. "two-match.”

From Ziin 'two', Ro 'balance', and Key 'horse'.

zixiir ZIX3R

ziinuv Z3NUV

— adj. random.

○ adj. spiritual.
"Zii" with the suffix "-nuv.” Edited from

zixiirom ZIX3ROM
— n. randomness.

ziist Z3ST

"Zixiir" with the suffix "-om.”

zobaas ZOB1S

— adj. second.

— adj. plentiful.

Ordinal of "Ziin.”

ziistmaas Z3STM1S

"Baas" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zobah ZOB4

○ n. may / second seed.

○ adj. wroth, wrathful.
"Bah" with the prefix "Zo-,” "full of wrath.”

zilf ZILF


zobahlaas ZOB4L1S

zogrit ZOGRIT

○ adj. thirsty.
"Bahlaas" with the prefix "Zo-," "thirstful."
Edited from "Grentus.”

— adj. doubtful, dubious.
"Grit" with the prefix "Zo-,” means "with or
full of doubt.” Edited from "Zoren.”

zodrem ZODREM

zogut ZOGUT

○ adj. peaceful.
A combination of "Drem" with the prefix "Zo-.”

○ adj. farthest, extreme.
Literally, "most far.”

zodremhah ZODREMH4

zogutiik ZOGUT3K

○ n. serene, harmonious, tranquil.
From "Dremhah," "full of serenity.”

○ n. extremist.
"Zugut" with the suffix "-iik,” "someone who is

zodun ZODUN

zoh ZOH

○ adj. graceful.
The put-together combination of grace and -ful.

— n. sir, ma'am.

zodunos ZODUNOS

A gender-neutral title of respect.

zohaas ZOH1S

○ n. martial art.
A compound of "Zodun" and "Nos.”

○ adj. healthy, healthful.
From "Haas" with the prefix "zo-," "full of

zof ZOF
— n. fork.

zohah ZOH4

Edited from "Zofk.”

○ adj. mindful.
Edited from "Kosah." "Hah" with the prefix

zofaas ZOF1S
● adj. fearful, scared, afraid.

zofan ZOFAN

zoheyv ZOH9V

○ adj. generous.
Based on "Ofan,” "to give,” with the prefix "Zo,” "full of giving.”

○ adj. dutiful.
"Heyv" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zohiif ZOH3F

zofanaar ZOFAN1R

— adj. helpful.

○ n. generosity.
"Zofan" with the suffix "-aar.”

"Hiif" with the prefix "zo-.”

zohind ZOHIND

zofenahk ZOFEN4K

○ adj. hopeful, wishful.
"Hind" with the prefix "Zo-.”

+ n. spork.
From "zof"; "fork,” and "enahk"; "spoon.”

zohungaar ZOHUNG1R

zofir ZOF7

● adv. heroically.

— adj. respectful.

zoirkbaan ZO7KB1N

"Fir" with the prefix "Zo-.”

— adj. hateful.

zoglimrel ZOGLIMREL

Combination of "Irkbaan" with the prefix "Zo-.”

— adj. energetic.

zojah ZOJ4

"Glimrel" with the prefix "Zo-.”

○ adj. willful.
"Jah" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zograv ZOGRAV
— adj. effortful, arduous, rigorous.

zojiik ZOJ3K

"Grav" with the prefix "Zo-.”

— adj. joyful.

zogravaar ZOGRAV1R

zok ZOK

— adv. effortfully, arduously,

● adj. most.

zokah ZOK4

A modified "Zograv" with the suffix "-gaar.”


○ adj. proud, prideful.
"Kah" with the prefix "Zo-.”

— adj. corrupt, defiled.
"Kroved" with the prefix "Zo-," "full of

zokeyr ZOK9R

zoktir ZOKT7

— adj. awesome, marvelous.

— adj. outermost.

"Keyr" with the prefix "Zo-.” Much different
connotation than English's meaning of "cool.”
"Zokeyr" implies being grand or awe-striking.

"Tir" with the prefix "Zok-.”

zokulaad ZOKUL1D

zokeyrom ZOK9ROM

— adj. jealous.

— n. awesomeness.

"Kulaad" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zokvul ZOKVUL

"Zokeyr" with the suffix "-om.”

zokhil ZOKHIL

○ adj. darkest.
"Vul" combined with "Zok," "most dark.”

○ adj. favorite.
From "Zok," "most." Edited from "Baklah.”

zol ZOL

zokiv ZOKIV

● n. zombie.

○ adj. maximum.
Derived from "Zok,” "most.” Can be used as an
noun and an adverb.

zolaaf ZOL1F
— adj. delightful, enjoyable, appealing.
zolaas ZOL1S

zoklot ZOKLOT

○ adj. lively.
From "Laas,” "full of life.”

○ adj. greatest, grand.
Compound of "Zok" and "Lot," "most-great.”

zom ZOM

zoknu ZOKNU

— n. itch.

○ adj. immediate.
Zok: most, Nu: now.

Can be both noun and verb.

zomaar ZOM1R

zoko ZOKO

○ adj. terrible, horrible, terrifying,

○ adj. innermost.
"Ko" with the prefix "Zok-.”

"Maar" with the prefix "Zo-,” something "full of

zokoraav ZOKOR1V
○ adj. watchful, wary.
Combines "Koraav" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zomovut ZOMOVUT
— adj. cheerful.

zokraaz ZOKR1Z

"Movut" with the prefix "Zo-.”

— adj. spiteful.

zomulaag ZOMUL1G

"Kraaz" with the prefix "Zo-.”

○ adj. formidable.
From "Mulaag," "strength.”

zokro ZOKRO
— adj. solid.

zonahkriin ZON4KR3N

Edited to "Zokro.”

○ adj. vengeful, vindictive.
"Nahkriin" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zokromaar ZOKROM1R
○ adj. sorcerous.
"Kromaar" with the prefix "zo-," "full of

zonev ZONEV
— adj. wasteful.
"Nev" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zokrosis ZOKROSIS

zonevom ZONEVOM

○ adj. sorrowful, sorry.
"Krosis" with the prefix "Zo-." Used as the
adjective "sorry," "a sorry affair.”

— n. wastefulness.
"Zonev" with the suffix "-om.”

zoniiz ZON3Z

zokroved ZOKROVED

○ n. icicle.


From "Iiz,” "ice.”

From "Zor,” "to ride,” with the suffix "-iik.”

zonox ZONOX

zorox ZOROX

— adj. thankful, grateful.

— v. create.
zos ZOS

"Nox" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zont ZONT

— n. seven.

— adv. twice.

zosovah ZOSOV4

Based on "Zein,” "two,” and "Ont,” "once.”

+ n. surgeon.

zonuft ZONUFT

Based on "Zosoviis.”

— adj. purposeful, useful.

zosoviis ZOSOV3S

"Nuft" with the prefix "Zo-.”

+ n. surgery, to perform surgery.

zonuthaak ZONUTH1K

Slightly related to "Sos,” "blood.”

— adj. bothersome.

zosoviis-tuz ZOSOV3S-TUZ

"Nuthaak" with the prefix "Zo-,” "full of

+ n. scalpel.
Lit. "surgery blade.”

zoor Z8R

zosreid ZOSR2D

● n. legend.

— n. heptagon.

zoortah Z8RT4

Means "seven-side.”

○ n. legacy.
From "Zoor,” "legend.”

zothaarn ZOTH1RN
○ adj. obedient.
"Zo-" + "Thaarn"; full of obedience.

zooruv Z8RUV
— adj. legendary.

zothun ZOTHUN

From "Zoor" with the suffix "-uv.” Edited from

○ adj. lawful.
"Thun" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zopaak ZOP1K

zothunrot ZOTHUNROT

○ adj. shameful, ashamed.
"Paak" with the suffix "Zo-," full of shame.

○ n. verdict, decree.
Lit. "lawful word.”

zopaar ZOP1R

zovahzen ZOV4ZEN

○ adj. ambitious.
"Paar" with the prefix "Zo-,” literally "full of

○ adj. truthful.
"Vahzen" with the prefix "Zo-,” "full of truth.”

zoviidost ZOV3DOST

zor ZOR

○ adj. poisonous, venomous.
"Viidost" with the prefix "Zo-,” literally
"poisonful,” "venomful'.

— v. ride.
zoraax ZOR1X
— adj. harmful.

zovodahmaan ZOVOD4M1N

From "Aax" with the prefix "Zo-." Edited from

○ adj. forgetful.
"Vodahmiin" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zorahem ZOR4EM

zoyen ZOYEN

— n. passenger.

— n. armful.

Related to "Zoriik,” "rider.”

"Yen" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zorahzaas ZOR4Z1S

zu'u Z5

— adj. resourceful.

● pron. i.

"Rahzaas" with the prefix "Zo-.”

zud ZUD

zoriik ZOR3K

— n. net.

— n. rider.


○ n. A combination of "Zurun" (Odd/Strange) and "Jusk" (Claw/Talon). odd. zuloraan ZULOR1N zutir ZUT7 — adj. From "Zok. grindstone. zunrod ZUNROD ○ adj. 178 .” zun ZUN a adj.” zuko ZUKO zuplaar ZUPL1R ○ adj. larynx." Edited from "Kiilaar." "voiced bird. "Gut" with the prefix "Zu-.” Derived from zurun with the suffix -iik. ketokaan.” Used for inanimate objects.” "voice-box.” — v. zurgah Z6G4 — n. communicate / communication.” "most. "Wuth" combined with the prefix "Zu-.” zuthiir ZUTH3R — v. -taas. thumb. zurunjusk Z6UNJUSK zulkronimaar ZULKRONIM1R — n. radio. aan. maelstrom. forthright. elder/older.” — v. voice.” "Spein" with the prefix "Zu-. stranger." See also "Kosil. Compound of "Zul" and "Lokraan. From "Zul. supplant." "voice. "Loraan" with the prefix "Zu-. more." "voiced machine.” "whirlwind. Related to "Wuld. abacus n.” "Tir" with the prefix "Zu-. weapon. helm. repeat. "an inner edge. blunt. Can also be used as a noun. abandon v. vodein.” — v. not the power of Shouting ("Thu'um"). zuruniik Z6UN3K zuld ZULD — n." "more far. board. The actual mortal voice. persist. ● n. strange." Means "to voice with. speaker. parrot.” ○ n. outer. merrier. inner. zuk ZUK To board a ship.” zulpok ZULPOK zuvir ZUV7 ○ n. zulvoth ZULVOTH zuwuth ZUWUTH ○ v. further. From "Zul" and "Kronimaar. A -ing suf. whirlpool.Dovahzul-English zugut ZUGUT ● n. rather than a wooden board. — adj. "weapon wheel. zulaan ZUL1N zurun Z6UN ○ n. Both the verb "to communicate" and the noun "communication. zurdon Z6DON zul ZUL — adj.” zuspein ZUSP2N zulokraan ZULOKR1N — adj. "Ko" with the prefix "Zu-. farther.” — adj. zund ZUND ○ adv. ○ n. eccentric. + n. later. someone who is strange.” ○ adj. Lit. A compound of "Zul" and "Pok. helmet.

adaptability adj. duraal. mahnad. saad. abatis n. himkah. accident n. ablaze adj. kosov. abject adj. viseim. abomination n. hefahdon. abolish v. vinal. abase v. wazahl. noraas. aboriginal n. vosmaar. avodalend. povaan. wazahlom. genuld. above prep. abominable adj. gahnosend. acquire v. abound adj. ahvakaar. abrupt adj. abbot n. act n. accompany v. vulzid. yaav. nusaanom. ter. diistaak. acknowledge v. abhor v. absolute adj. abortion n. accomplished adj. actual adj. accurate adj. voqurnen. absurd adj. accuse v. veik. across prep. ahvakiid. kethey. mindaziir. gahnos. action n. acidic adj. tal. kurahivend. acid n. acquaint v. utan. ability n. addict n. abate v. ahkrol. absorption n. abundance n. virahn. achievement n. account n. veikus. abnormal adj. brutsal. accustom v. honuv. dren. access n. accuracy n. tinviis. 179 . absolution n. abroad adv. yoltaas. accessible adj. rim. genul. able adj. adapt v. acceptance n. about prep. accomplishment n. rimend. accredit v. povaas. absorb v. abstain v. abrade v. iinvak. eim. accomplish v. thurot. taargu. do. eimend. abyss n. hevkah. ahkriis. abridge v. abode n. noraas. posiil. absoluteness n. obliis. eimindak. abdicate v. abundant adj. lumvit. avok. kurahiv. accent n. absent adj. vodein. absurdity n. ache n. drenaal. visiinvak.English-Dovahzul abandonment n. volor. malmind. accept v. eimindah. brutul. avodal. acolyte n. visiinvak. acre n. droliik. vinalend. abduct v. add v. abort v. actuality n. kiibokaar. untaar. boden. eftiir. vinalaan. active adj. deyvaaz. acquisition n. actor n. acoustic adj. acknowledgement n. achieve v. accursed adj. hod. uzgrolein. accumulate v. abstract adj. dren. acquaintance n. acceptable adj. absolve v. gemalingren. bahwun. absence n. act v. forgen. dulgahvon. nusaan. redenteyk. enlahvraan. vulziden. duvaat. vohahgolt. abjure v. aas. brodiir. saadom. academy n. rahnd. abyssal adj. uzgroleinuv. acute adj. acorn n. accord v. adaptable adj. vos. accusation n. fusaav. thurot. addiction n.

onlaas. faast. align v. agent n. aggression n. sifyaar. affirm v. einzuk. akavir n. kliif. adornment n. gaarfaz. utan. folhet. adhesive n. nahlaas. bok. ah interj. agender adj. zofaas. tolaas. airplane n. ago adj. mindin. kolok. ahvaruz. paalikot. vaarnufaaz. aedric adj. adrenaline n. affinity n. alertness n. veklin. vod. aid n. su. 180 . krolurend. adult n. boriigaar. eyra. ajar adj. folhetiik. adhere v. tahlon. adversarial adj. alienate v. ale n. undoriik. geltviing. lokuv. vormung. geikaal. saakom. akatosh n. affair n. wazul. paalus. aether n. setjahl. alikr. alchemy n. aflame adj. administration n. advancement n. lovok. adept n. alcohol n. pruvosaal. afternoon n. aid v. dovahnor. siizuk. alive adj. afro n. balaas. agility n. against prep. age n. aggressive adj. rolur. advance v. adore v. adventurer n. niveiliin. adultery n. mindinhefsul. agree v. eyren. naraan. ahmiin. onvok. afford v. admonish v. aedra n. alert adj. afloat adj. droz. agriculture n. agreement n. advice n. midrak. admit v. volein. paalus. undorokei. alas interj. all-maker n. kopraamul. affection n. airborne adj. vobok. qiib. tolaas. aircraft n. pahwahliik. bormah. mindiniv. ahmiin. affectionate adj. grokeitz. asaar. amvit. lovokul. dahtiris. elskah. gevoth. advantage n. kadul. adjacent adj. aetherium n. affect n. admire v. adjust v. alik'r n. geltviing. kroskinbok. trun. ageless adj. aetherius n. afterlife n. geinfahliil. pruvos. agitate v. agony n. adventurous adj. agonize v. pah. fahluzok. setjah. alike adj. affiliate v. daazrii. again adv. geikaal. adventure n.English-Dovahzul additional adv. balaas. adorn v. after prep. aerial adj. ativut. all adj. ahead prep. admiration v. krantok. lovok. air n. freyend. afterwards adv. undoro. avokdil. sturon. frey. eh. afraid adj. hokaalvoth. drensepaal. aas. yoltaas. advise n. bovitaan. ahrii. afar adv. agile adj. aldmer n. ativut. alchemist n. seirakmun. bovit. adorable adj. droliik. album n. adversary n. medaas. alarm n.

already adv. forhah. angle n. unstiid. vaarnufaaz. ample adj. angry adj. lok. anger n. obliis. ziilun. animosity n. amputation v. bek. belur. kolok. muriiv. an adj. middovah. los.English-Dovahzul allegiance n. raan. drezig. animate v. aloft adj. ambitious adj. eliir. anchor n. treymoz. alloy n. vahruktnu. allude v. anthropomorph n. muneyd. annex v. kruziik. benix. ulaz. burkaar. animism n. ambition n. pahvoth. animus n. amputate v. ancestor n. waarth. anoint v. ambassador n. ant n. kliizfaak. amplify v. motag. always adv. norzaar. nenvaar. motagend. answer v. muneyd. fahral. altar n. driinod. golomen. svistak. ahtamun. alteration n. rahgron. also adv. ukiir. alliance n. vos. antic n. golsez. animal n. amulet n. alley n. announce v. ambush v. luftnum. although conj. ziinahl. ancient adj. alone adj. and conj. kopraanun. weridaas. asamit. allure n. korvan. qelek. forhah. ancestral adj. griindol. altogether adv. almost adj. klav. anniversary n. daazun. golrosikuv. animalistic adj. skemaan. altmer n. answer n. murahv. anonymous adj. allusion v. am v. allergy n. angel n. kliizfakaat. anatomy n. alright interj. reymuv. amethyst n. fahrald. amidst prep. anger v. 181 . anomaly n. another adj. vokren. gerahgron. amateur n. zahgraan-hah. raanuv. among prep. krizaak. aloud adj. golrosik. angry n. aan. ahrk. amaze v. meyren. amble v. jenkazaar. analyze v. eruvus. mir. alphabet adj. amphibian n. annual adj. amuse v. benix. skem. alphabetical adj. anal adj. zopaar. paar. yuvonfahliil. ally n. amputee n. uzgrolein. anguish n. luftnu. amid prep. viidsivaas. kliizfaak. alternative n. enshar. aanvorey. anthem n. to. strunus. nalkun. rahgot. ahk. grah-zeymahzin. eizurik. kosilahey. annoyance n. meyr. mir. meyardein. benix. amount n. anthropomorphic n. ankle n. lokzii. anonymity adj. ankid. skag. pahvaak. lovariis. siivahzen. viil. amend v. naalein. annul v. along prep. annihilate v. amber n. kagaav. annoy v. doruvos. amnesia n. amused adj. ter. allow v. alter v.

verbaasiik. volkon. apocalypse n. anyplace adv. archmage n. apprehensive adj. apathy n. ronaaz. apprentice n. naanstad. artifact n. arrival n. devaak. baasus. artificial adj. army n. maunaz. aroma n. antler n. ronaar. naan. anxious adj. dilah. art n. aquatic adj. zolaaf. artillery n. keyn. argonian n. arosend. anxiety n. arrogance n. baas. voviidost. archipelago n. artefact n. around prep. area n. armageddon n. antidote n. venselor. archon n. archer n. aqua adj. array n. zograv. archnemesis n. april n. baar. appear v. fussekein. qahaar. armada n. armory n. lahbaas. zogravaar. ronaan. meyarnkei. arduously adv. staad. approach v. archaeology n. armchair n. apple n. hahsewuth. armor n. anvil n. aank. prok. reken. lotpaal. oden. arduous adj. siigonis. friik. apron n. lotlahzey. arbitrary n. viiden. vahraniik.English-Dovahzul anticipate v. qah. ziinahl. meliis. appeal n. arouse v. sostrah. apparent adj. prudaav. genun. yendruk. sahlon. are v. haalrein. nuzuk. oraan. suldaan. sii. arcana n. andag. appealing adj. friikir. arena n. anything adj. apparel n. naanstad. vahzensaag. nurzir. appease v. bo. lov. apology n. aros. reym. pahlok. dograan. joormur. approve v. yen. applause n. apart adv. um. kongaar. genund. vorstaald. apparition n. armored adj. prustmun. artery n. lotpaal. haalokluv. arrange v. alok. faak. arrangement n. arctic adj. apologize v. los. aria n. artist n. argue v. appropriate adj. viid. nidzuk. flaar. kriisjor. grahstaad. appreciate v. appoint v. haalrein. arrogant adj. zeylum. pahlokaal. anywhere adv. hild. arrive v. aphorism n. zoyen. artistic adj. nizaag. any adj. naan. anus n. archery n. argument n. naangein. archenemy n. arise v. qahliir. archetype n. kunus. tholaar. applaud v. arch n. apothecary n. dilah. tholaar. sulovaas. appendage n. lahvu. arm n. arrow n. gutzekein. ahreyn. appearance n. anyone n. anymore adv. suldaanuv. armful n. suldaan. aankei. skenpor. 182 . apocalyptic adj. eliir. arcane adj.

augment v. meykovei. odrahgol. asunder adv. awesome adj. aware adj. lokalvutaal. zokeyrom. nuviis. attribute n. autumn n. awkward adj. attempt v. ascend v. reym. attractive adj. assassinate v. kurahiv. filuv. ilkoth. zopaak. kriivat. daazun. at prep. lokaalvut. as adv. awe n. astrology n. attentive adj. atronach n. niliinvas. ashes n. vilost. awake v. aside adv. laatmaas. associate n. ter. august n. avatar n. atmora. praad. aunt n. kurahivend. zahkose. volrog. attract v. ahmiin. envok. aura n. assume v. availability adj. assault v. automaton n. nahlok. attention n. gekahl. ask v. awareness n. awesomeness n. keyr. assembly n. atom n. lorfonaar. togaat. axe n. loksilkun. aural adj. authorize v. kiihus. author n. urid. audacity n. trahkiin. honuv. ronir. assassination n. avail n. kii. associate v. asexual adj. astray adj. atmosphere n. kriivat. sujir. morah. laan. ol. award v. attain v. avenge v. freyiik. hahsefil. astral adj. gevoth. rahnunahst. await v. asteroid n. avalanche n. balaar. gekahlend. gutvild. authorization n. assist v. atheist n. kahl. aspect n. mukaronahs. lahvroth. pahlahvraan. gravuun. kronlorot. ass n. vilost. dwinaar. authority n. B 183 .English-Dovahzul artsy adj. ahmiin. available adj. verotiik. assurance n. ascetic n. ireid. ahmiin. attainment n. krosfahdon. ashamed adj. atrocious adj. zokeyr. ayleid n. ashen adj. atmora n. aurora n. assistance n. kii. zahkein. volrokei. astronomy n. enlaag. assassin n. vudoz. away prep. ahvulon. assess v. silkun. frey. pahsu. asleep adj. astound v. hondativ. nonaan. attend v. assiduous adj. astonish v. vensekos. atrocity n. assistant n. assign v. nivosik. attack v. hond. ahmiin. hahsesiin. geltkey. koraaknu. automobile n. zahkein. saraan. aught pron. ahst. baasus. gravuunus. tiinah. autumnal adj. assemble v. freyend. avoid v. iidah. ash n. hahkun. gekenlokin. vusiin. dolok. filkiir.

184 . beast n. bat v. barrow n. backward adv. shunstaad. bahsam. balsam n. bathroom n. bat n. batter v. balance n. barn n. banish v. barren adj. bar n. grahkun. beam n. qolaak. bale n. tahdoor. banquet n. battlemage n. omnu. badge n. ro. banter n. nunt. backpack n. bartender n. bag n. ahraandon. snoldein. sunvaar. ban v. bang v. biirzah. skunvar. beach n. battleaxe n. frod. bank n. spok. baptize v. siinsezin. miik. ball n. bar v. vahyarak. basilisk n. bail n. kem. basketball n. vanvaak. bathtub n. basket n. bayonet n. barter v. storn. ballista n. grah. fustir. bare adj. wursk. bandit n. be like v. bastard n. bake v. pahdul. thunvu. barrage v. wasek. bargain n. snol. sivaas. bathe v. bay n. brud. band n. rigirtiv. balanced adj. kos. battlefield n. kahlos. keinlahzey. battleship n. beak n. flesk. bandage n. lumhonaat. volgin. ballad n. staag. grahveysun. gutzekein. banner n. bargain v. bear n. battery n. yusnol. bearded adj. sloog. zahkriizon. ribrulost. kodaav. badger v. sonaan. volzah. bark n. starak. firok. feyn. banana n. bass n. niiv. nunt. basement n. doskad-niiv. bear v. bau. fruksethok. bane n. baggage n. tend. wursk. bastion n. naat. tendrok. gaard. barrier n. miik. tus-niiv. dahzunt. basil n. beacon n. barkeep n. bard n. beard n.English-Dovahzul babble v. rindah. breyl. roaal. vumaal. doskad. bean n. qelek. bacon n. terag. bahsam. bad adj. bareness n. baseball n. niidam. izaak. gurah. back n. fon. griir. kump. banaan. basin n. zahkein. teyxom. barbarian n. velaaz. snoldein. bawdy adj. ahpaan. base n. baby n. vum. battle n. bald adj. ubaak. brenhof. fustir. bark v. siintul. nuntom. sokaaz. viijun. bangs n. bokun. nebenweyt. barrel n. traaz. be v. bead n. lid. rigir. bath n. snoldein. vaal. barman n. balm n.

kiindah. neyliinvas. birthday n. beehive n. biology n. kosoveyd. qalteyk. begone interj. between prep. dahik. bile n. brii. bike n. enmindok. become v. biological adj. pruzaan. bulned. gejeykaant. kreh. beneath prep. beetle n. ogah. bind v. grolaan. besiege v. nahpok. benefactor n. gon. zirokey. buruvaan. belt n. kruzikaar. billion n. betrayal n. emronk. benevolent adj. 185 . bewilder v. bisexual adj. enmah. bin n. birch n. neben. unen. vahriz. nahlii. bahnu. believe v. stek. benefit n. behavior n. fiit. enfan. ensosin. kleyt. birthright n. beggar n. bell n. viskorah. better adj. beginner n. enmindokin. beer n. billow n. hiifahdon. beeswax n. voklov. laasuv. korah. bench n. beget v. sek. bestow v. bitter adj. braag. bite v. beautiful adj. beseem v. belong v. belch n. because conj. beaver n. grut. embodein. birthright n. vortii. being n. hahselaas. belittle v. krek. areid. nix. ahzid. meyz. gejeykaan. govir. bonu. bee n. bird n. beloved adj. saak. dorok. beckon v. benign adj. kriing. besmirch v. krel. tavus. frahdin. got. behind prep. below prep. beyond prep. undin. behead v. goniik. bicycle n. bequeath v. berate v. bed n. dremsil. braag. geikaal. lokraan. atum. em. beside adj. ofalaan. gron. brit. beauty n.English-Dovahzul beat v. kiindahsiin. bent adj. kosov. lokalaat. kiindahsul. koraak. lahan. been v. beige adj. best adj. beverage n. befriend v. viigah. komed. zirokey. behold v. pooksum. bid v. betray v. bend v. sekreid. pravoz. begin v. graal. bewitch v. bill n. kiindahqaar. senah. skerah. birth n. beholder n. bequest n. belief n. behave v. beware v. kosiir. bolog. birthsign n. big adj. believable adj. bedside adj. gemal. before prep. gruth. beef n. denaak. bewilderment n. bend n. kirgar. pruz. befall v. skeyz. beg v. belly n. berry n. us. engein. billiards n. kosaan. bologin. bord-niiv.

sosmah. botikah. boundless adj. kiin. boutique n. zund. kahmaar. blush v. vaad. bloodshed n. yoltaas. blast v. bleach v. njol. boss n. heimiik. mutahl. botikah. both adj. sossedov. book n. dovahdaan. ahzidhes. sus. bore v. sosnaak. bondage n. rilorpel. geved. goldrah. kopraan. aargron. blank adj. borrow v. bolt n. blue adj. sosaal. bloom v. ruzaak. slesgen. priizah. lofur. bounce v. blind adj. kopraanuv. bomb n. yinok. bliss n. boil v. blades n. gro. blessing n. styorngol. ahlek. bountiful adj. kog. bond n. blanket n. vosotiivend. baakrit. tiran. blink v. blight n.English-Dovahzul bittersweet adj. bonfire n. donin. wadren. galiko. povaas. blemish n. nuthaak. sosahlos. sun. tuz. koraavnu. ahmiliik. grin. blast n. boldly adj. 186 . prus. yem. blazing adj. alunrinis. bouyancy n. blew v. veyd. bless v. kreyn. deykel. blood of dragonkind n. gronvu. boredom n. zonuthaak. blab v. board v. bosmer n. blueberry n. blow v. bloody v. povaan. novuldah. bloodlust n. horaak. bunzit. blur n. bone n. veyr. blossom v. bleak adj. blurt v. bloody adj. kaagend. blunt adj. vosotiiv. sus. sos. boreal n. bother n. stov. posiil. boziik. bii. bold adj. blister n. blood n. booth n. veyr. vokoraav. bozikaar. blaze n. bombard v. iizstrun. bottom n. boulder n. boring adj. border n. blasphemy n. niliik. gesot. qeth. boggle v. noraas. sun. bleed v. bloodied adj. rakroved. born v. blind v. boast v. bodily adj. boar n. blizzard n. boot n. boldness n. blade n. block v. blog n. bottle n. njol. vuro. sosahlos. bonus n. bog n. vahnis. bothersome adj. jekah. ved. boziik. miirit. ney. zurdon. kaag. gesus. bir. bound adj. bex-yol. blacken v. bodiis. boat n. bloodeater n. blame v. blacksmith n. dahzunt. bluff v. yoz. yolmah. feyfahliil. bought v. black adj. kogaan. body n. bloodthirst n. bounty n.

maltiidom. hevno. briik. bull n. solkiig. krenbahlok. kreniik. wahlaat. andel. brilliance n. frin-zeymah. brotherly adj. brook n. brother-in-law n. dahrm. maltiid. su'um. tuk. brudaat. brotor. bridge n. bramble n. bubbly adj. kahmaariik. drun. briefness n. sath. brainstorm n. brutal adj. pusojur. brave adj. burden n. breakable adj. break v. breakfast n. uraniik. brink n. bowl n. build v. bunker n. bump v. zeymah. bowlegged adj. brief adj. golgevild. bow v. navik. brot. bronze n. brown adj. broken adj. bringer n. kiimah. onliin. druniik. bring v.English-Dovahzul bovine adj. boy n. broth n. wahlaan. builder n. golboaan. brawl v. hahlor. bahyek. verkiir. hevnaar. kren. gov. bridle n. bronjunaar. building n. wahl. tahzos. breeches n. taumir. brethren n. uraan. gerik. brow n. breeze n. bilbus. drun. breed n. suth. brute n. breath n. brevity n. breathe v. breed v. bravely adv. kril. sen. turgun. breast n. brutality n. breaker n. bozok. bucket n. bravery n. bracelet n. geikalstaad. brewery n. breadstick n. bricklayer n. braggart n. browse v. brother n. brand v. brass n. bubble n. boyfriend n. broaden v. breakthrough n. urik. turguld. bumpy adj. eylok. ahkt. niislah. buckler n. bug n. bride n. ahkril. bulldozer n. brax. krehpaagol. rovit. kolkir. munfahliil. brought v. bow n. bunch n. bowel n. built v. 187 . maalz. broom n. brenaak. brawn n. diipahus. prun. brotherhood n. brace v. gosis. buck n. burdah. brain n. zeymahmaar. wiigokel. tuknokin. brood n. fost. pok. brick n. mahzahd. wahliik. diipah. box n. kipaar. zeyliik. toriig. bozuv. hez. bulk n. qiilaan. zeymahus. maltiidom. bread n. broad adj. breach v. sum. branch n. kung. brush v. viskren. bromjunaar n. biin. hahstrun. brothel n. hevnoraak. bright adj. yolskein. brim n. strunaar. froiim. brilliant adj. krilaan. saalum. revneis. krent. bil. breton n.

caress v. capital n. bury v. cartographer n. borodon. call v. genul. calumny n. vis. lovaasmah. carrier n. can v. cacophony n. butcher v. huznu. cancer n. cabinet n. soslen. card n. carriage n. cargo n. carrot n. campaign n. C cabbage n. ukiir. carry v. cake n. ahkriim. cannot v. canoe n. nuksliin. ruveyzun. bush n. oron. jin. cancellation n. careful adj. kaagend. by prep. qahd. ulaaknu. canon n. tindey. klovnus. butter n. capture v. capable adj. capability n. jaald. geltkey. bex-yol. yuvol. cancel v. golvahrukt. camp n. ulaaknurom. burrow v. mulvos. captain n. casino n. sevmah. mulvos. dunarand. car n. stiildus. sufolbrot. rezmoriiv. calf n. vaad. trun. burst n. cartography n. donth. ag. saaltor. deyto. caravan n. cabin n. vergrundak. ulaakei. guur. batak. busy adj. care v. cairn n. naas. candy n. camera n. genuld. kagugoz. candelabra n. carnivore n. nis. hulir.English-Dovahzul burger n. bus n. capacity n. slenaak. deytaan. candlestick n. vaaril. calculator n. rezmor. kaask. burst v. ofir. campfire n. roodam. bol. carpet n. wid. stiild. kahlos. cannon n. cart n. cage n. business n. oskad. carve v. canal n. dwiirok. calligraphy n. yelsliin. prel. poltor. grunzah. candle n. qiiv. nuz. calm adj. case n. nekov. for. maarahmik. calm n. blad. dezahrelstaad. ulaak. tokaasiik. tiidfar. sonesk. cadence n. shaal. caper n. canteen n. 188 . carcass n. haalniv. ahlek. carelessness n. captive n. rathol. cannibal n. button n. cape n. treiyun. brud. bust n. burial n. rotzekein. carving n. rezmoriiv. demdriik. buy v. nivzahmiin. cascade v. naal. deyvut. juskov. kaag. butterfly n. pooksum. burn v. careless adj. burp n. brudmun. shiraav. but conj. bye interj. lingeltkey. grundiik. camel n. carnage n. triik. calendar n. bir.

vervisk. chaotic adj. tind. kahliir. fustum. kahest. child n. visk. charm n. cauldron n. kaal. lahvukey. childlike adj. cause v.English-Dovahzul cast v. qahdtus. ahvit. chair n. vomulhaan. damdriik. lokiin. chapter n. challenge v. nahgah. challenger n. volbur. bentmezaar. chamber n. volburaal. vahlokeyv. sulak. chastity n. qodii. chieftain n. vakron. ahkol. cease v. chainsaw n. beneruvos. charmer n. chew v. drun. chant v. ceremonial adj. pahleinuv. elskah. edil. mith. sken-worax. celebrate v. rup. charm v. cheat v. frolk. certainty n. jur. cellar n. siigren. viir. ahgrun. channel n. qahd. century n. chat v. center n. ceremony n. gevild. charge v. naag. kahruz. kraak. chamber pot n. cheese n. golgraad. certain adj. unahzaal. catapult n. resh. cheerful adj. change n. channeller n. grozein. kiir. chainmail n. vuldrus. changeable adj. cherry n. druk. revkoron. kiirus. qobokaaz. vuldiik. change v. cavalry n. catch v. dirunkei. 189 . krumon. zahrid. nahgah. krongrahdein. reistig. changer n. qarask. catacomb n. unslaad. vroz. chaos n. konaar. centaur n. check v. chance n. movut. juriik. vost. geyt. chase v. cheek n. cell n. driinuv. cervine n. cheetah n. skoboviik. champion n. shiirugrah. childish adj. centurion n. champagne n. konaar. chick n. chestplate n. championship n. chicken n. ther. kaaz. chest n. changing adj. viir. noraas. chasm n. chalk n. reshiik. zomovut. cat n. chain n. casual adj. celebration n. fusk. ceasing adj. biirn. shiirukaar. lotdwinaar. keymun. reistigaar. cemetery n. castle n. catholic adj. cherish v. ceaseless adj. chancellery n. yin. caution n. celestial adj. vakrom. nebenweyt. haamid. kaask. cautious adj. vuld. chaste adj. niivut. revkoronuv. vuldak. rathol. kiir. character n. charcoal n. kiirmaar. cave n. sken. children n. chief n. nevstjorn. chancellor n. rikmah. gul. cheer v. childhood n. chaurus n. cheater n. horvutah. centimeter n. charge n. kagiin. skobov. yahnoliik. chef n. nokorun. chalice n. fonaar. kiirus. dirun.

chocolate n. riiv. chosen adj. choosy adj. sokoh. suliiv. jeh. keinul. chronicle n. circuit n. kunukin. sothah. civil war n. hiik. chop v. clever adj. clavicus vile n. clothing n. class n. urzun. iirikus. cleaver n. chortle v. clench v. circlet n. slentuz. buush. worah. close adj. chunk n. nivosevild. poguk. teymaak. grindol. rinveiliin. church n. clear v. urah. meyvaatlo. sirnaaz. clap v. clash n. chopstick n. loksestaad. claimant n. cloak n. chord n. clean v. cling v. clock n. city n. clothed adj. ofahnir. claw n. circular adj. worah. clatter v. choke v. gelaarend. clam n. cisgender adj. clash v. jusknu. tiizak. malur. hildlom. clarification n. clockwork n. clear adj. churn v. cloud n. cipher n. cloudy adj. circle n. cigarette n. close v. draknah. tursaaluv. vaazkein. rikahtus. unadaan. gelaar. malveydoraak. chivalry n. claim v. leinhaal. clover n. clerk n. baar. tirvah. 190 . kliif. clang v. civil adj. naak-oraak. haalz. clannfear n. clergy n. choose v. classic adj. choir n. cistern n. rahmun. latiid. citizenship n. zinthro. fax. jusk. rudvim. kenlok. gram. clarify v. clamor v. pogukus. cigar n. elaas. tursaal. tursaal. vulsik. ahgil. jeh. anhiim. ahstiir. shun. rahlunkei. riived. tokah. froloktiid. civilian n. clawless adj. buush. clasp v. lotzahkrii. chuckle v. cleric n. buush. piraad. tursaaldein. club n. piraan. rahmun. peil. chimer n. hiim. climb v. circumstance n. cloth n. citizen n. kahnezah. cleave v. brod. sokoh. veydoraak. climate n. clef n. haalziik. fiikmeyar. citadel n. roodam. clerical adj. clone n. clan n. shun. choice n. cider n. iirik. strin. clop v. clothes n. kliiz. birvog. clairvoyance n. clay n. claymore n. kenlokus. unad. kotend. riived.English-Dovahzul chill n. kirkel. baarom. chilly adj. ruknaar. vorul. clarity n. kirkah. cliff n. chorus n. gramus. voluk. clog v. lovun. cleanse v. piir. clapper n. kunfahliil.

meyz. cold n. vanras. klofraan. rikahtus. commonplace adj. kalaas. cluster n. hilkaan. rokmah. cocoon n. competition n. computer chip n. come v. hilk. vahrukiv. compliment v. verluz. coal n. compensate v. complain v. vonum. compassion n. vonum. coarse adj. drezujah. cocoa n. coil n. collision n. lovaasmah. compare v. compose v. vothoris. skozriin. color n. command n. moorim. compendium n. vahlusend. kosaatak. rokmah. coin n. uthim. fantiik. galv. skoz. communion n. dremet. complement n. coerce v. rihahdrim. tursak. compete v. vaknor. clumsy adj. kinbokrot. drah. 191 . faantak. tasnah. zeymahzinmaar. communication n. lotgrahstaad. combination n. raavun. combat n. vahlusendaar. kelm. comfortable adj. coaster n. composition n. krosfahdon. coliseum n. zulvoth. bruz. collide v. alunlaag. companion n. compliance n. compromise n. feluk. colleague n. commodity n. collapse n. clueless adj. coffee n. collar n. kerf. common adj. colony n. bromaak. compound n. colosseum n. comely adj. sovaat. coffin n. collect v. praadnepiin. communicate v. complex adj. fahin. kungah. qahrus. uth. zeymahzin. kirg. skildir. rudvim. comedy n. nahlimaar. kolov. sahsir. votrul. geblaan. collective adj. geind. collection n. buldus. community n. companionship n. daarznu. zulvoth. computer n. votrul. tumah. code n. krah. commmoner n. ofunlor. complicated adj. comply v. viirpraan. mindoraan. cockatrice n. gonaas. onliin. vahlukad. comprehend v. kolovend. commemoration n. cockerel n. colt n. competitor n. vukein. comment v. ruuslid. comissioner n. compact n. faant. commit v. complete adj. edrah. viijun. vahrukiv. banlak. clutch v. coast n. vonumiik. cock n. guriid. korin. complete v. kosaat. commence v. vothnaar. commemorate v. daarz. sulvek. commission n. fomus. comfort n. ahleksevmah. geind. keyraan. vulsik. coma n. college n. command v. compel v. coda n. lotgrahstaad. coconut n. lotdraal. commend v. fahin. sulvekaal. compass n. compensation n. combine v. ulaan. coat n.English-Dovahzul clue n. collapse v. rikuth. colour n.

computer program n. rikuth.
con v. resh.
conceal v. ilos.
concentrate v. morah.
concentration n. morah.
concept n. zaak.
conception n. gonmaar.
concern v. hahvoth.
concern n. hahvaas.
concert n. korvoth.
concise adj. strilor.
concision adj. strilorend.
conclude v. urzun.
concrete adj. hahgolt.
concur v. koraavmed.
condemn v. zaal.
condemnation n. zaalak.
condition n. vensekos.
condolence n. aavrosii.
conduct n. drelaaz.
conductor n. dolkeyin.
cone n. jeyzok.
confess v. vothlo.
confidence n. pahsu.
confident adj. pahsunaal.
confidential adj. jormaar.
confine v. kogron.
confinement v. kogron.
confirm v. daazrii.
conflict n. brothuz.
conform v. kolov.
conformation n. kolovend.
confront v. yin.
confuse v. jeyk.
confusion n. jeydahk.
congest v. kotend.
congestion n. kotend.
congratulate v. forun.
congratulation n. foruniis.
congratulations n. foruniis.
congress n. valkragrind.
conifer n. laakis.
coniferous n. galiko.
conjecture v. kronlorot.
conjoin v. gevoth, gevoth.
conjuration n. belend.
conjure v. belvut.
conjurer n. beliik.

conlang n. wahlzul.
connect v. gevoth.
connection n. gevothend.
conquer v. kron.
conqueror n. kroniid.
conquest n. krongrah.
conscience n. hahleit.
conscious adj. praadonah.
consciousness n. praadonom.
consecrate v. gerevak.
consecutive adj. boriigaar.
consent v. orlaav.
consent n. orlaavend.
conservative adj. zahniruv.
conserve v. zahnir.
consider v. miinahsul.
consist v. raavun.
console v. franvoth.
consonance n. hezhonaat.
consonant n. hezhonaat.
conspiracy n. neyrok.
conspire v. nivurot.
constant adj. bestandii.
constellation n. filsiin.
constitution n. korin.
constrain v. skildir, morkon.
construct v. wahl.
construct n. wahlaat.
constructed language n. wahlzul.
consult v. vothlorot.
consume v. naak.
consumer n. naakin.
consumerism n. birbahlok.
consummate v. kavrot.
contact n. vothaalvut.
contain v. kolost.
container n. oskad.
contend v. vothmul.
content adj. vinurah.
content n. korin.
contest v. vothjur.
continent n. ozinkrel.
continue v. fahbo.
continuous adj. meykovei.
contract n. kalyul.
contradiction n. midrakmaar.
contradictory n. midrakmaar.
contrary adj. vovoth.


contribute v. enfavoth.
control v. imaar.
controversy n. ahstiroz.
conversation v. tinvaak.
conversational adj. tinvaakuv.
converse v. tinvaak.
convert v. uzur.
convey v. fumrii.
cook n. yahnoliik.
cook v. yahnol.
cooker n. yahnoliik.
cookie n. sufolbrot.
cool adj. krahus.
cooper n. beyliir.
cooperate v. pahrak.
cooperative adj. pahrakal.
copious adj. posiil.
copper n. mard.
copy v. laniz.
copycat n. laniziik.
copyright n. jormaar-kroson.
coral n. golzokaaz.
core n. mithil.
corn n. kern.
corner n. kahtu.
cornucopia n. zahksenorgraz.
corpse n. naas.
correct v. folov.
corrode v. moskir.
corrosive adj. moskirus.
corrupt adj. zokroved.
corrupt v. kroved.
corruption n. krasfaal.
corundum n. prulogel.
coruscate v. dortiis.
cosmology n. hahselein.
cotton n. kathral.
couch n. faskpravoz.
cough v. aaksu.
could v. vust.
council n. mu'ulaav.
counsel v. mindiir.
count v. tii.
count n. jusktii.
counter v. tegal.
counterfeiter n. skoboviik.
counterpart adj. med-zeymah.
countless adj. tiinu.

country n. nor.
courage n. ahkrin.
courageous adj. krin.
course n. rahlo.
court n. mu'ular.
cousin n. erkriin.
couth adj. bavir.
cove n. gaal.
coven n. sosinmaar.
covenant n. rahvahriin.
cover v. dunaak.
cow n. boz.
coward n. nikriin.
cowardice adj. nikrinaar.
cowardly adj. nivahriin.
cower v. motaas.
cowl n. dahral.
cozy adj. muf.
crab n. nik.
crack n. nivosevild.
crackle v. kresel.
cradle n. riiveis.
craft v. zir.
crag n. kol.
crap n. draaf.
crappy adj. draafus.
crash v. krenmah.
crater n. golraf.
crave v. frilin.
crawl v. ahkrop.
crazed adj. naariv.
crazy adj. naariv.
cream n. paagliik.
create v. wahl.
created v. wahlaan.
creation n. kiindah, wahlaat.
creative adj. wahlaaran.
creativity n. wahliig.
creator n. wahliik.
creature n. ulfah.
credit v. mahnad.
creed n. oron.
creek n. bahyek.
creep v. ahkrop.
crescent n. ruvuk.
crevice n. nivosevild.
crew n. joraas.
crib n. kleyt.


crier n. luvmahliik.
crime n. wult.
criminal n. wultriin.
crimson adj. sahqon.
crisis n. faastiid.
criticism n. bulnedak.
criticize v. bulned.
crocodile n. krozol.
crone n. kerl.
crook n. krek.
crooked adj. krel.
crop n. bes.
cross v. hok.
cross-guard n. hokdeiniik.
crossbow n. runaz.
crossing n. hokaat.
crossway n. hokaat.
crouch v. krog.
crow n. olm.
crowd n. feyal.
crowded adj. joraan.
crown n. du'ul.
crude adj. graar.
cruel adj. munax.
cruelty n. nax.
crumble v. tursak.
crumble v. tumah.
crunch v. krumon.
crusade n. vaaril.
crush v. gunaar.
crust n. daput.
cry v. luvmah.
crypt n. kriitah, golgraad.
cryptic adj. digol.
crystal n. yostrah.
crystalline adj. yostrahuv.
cub n. loz.
cuddle v. fadaav.
cudgel n. birvog.
cuirass n. qahdtus.
cult n. zaag.
cultist n. zaagin.
cultivate v. naavar.
cunning n. qolor.
cup n. beyl.
cure n. vokras.
curious adj. ferviit.
curiousity n. kusaar.

curled adj. krel.
currency n. yuld.
current adj. fautiid.
current n. ven.
curse n. dur.
cursed adj. duraal.
cursor n. praak-ronaaz.
curtain n. vundonin.
curve n. vug.
curved adj. krel.
custom n. hahtaar, revkoron.
customary adj. revkoronuv, brahnuv.
cut v. vey.
cute adj. qiib.
cutie adj. qibiik.
cutlass n. krelzahkrii.
cyborg n. geltlaas-mun.
cycle n. kenlik.
cyclone n. morwuld.
cyrodiil n. sarodaal.
cyrodiilic adj. sarodaalen.

daedra n. deyra.
daedric adj. deyren.
dagger n. pusahkrii.
daggerfall n. ranemaar.
daily adj. sulus.
dainty adj. hiraas, malfask.
daisy n. welon.
dam n. volkaan.
damage v. aax.
damn v. vik.
damn interj. ruth.
damnation n. vik.
damp adj. lomiiz.
dance v. tanz.
danger n. rut.
dangerous adj. rutkei.
dare v. yin.
dark adj. vul.
dark elf n. vulfahliil.
darken v. gevul.
darkest adj. zokvul.
darkness n. vulom.


dart n. ruzaak.
dash v. nelru.
date n. zahtiid.
daughter n. mon.
daunt v. bovoz.
dawn n. vu.
dawnguard n. vudeinmaar.
dawnstar n. bromlom.
day n. sul.
daydream v. verwahsar, feylhahnu, gutovok.
daylight n. shulkun.
dazzle v. sujir.
dead adj. dilon.
deadly adj. dilos.
deaf adj. voj.
deafen v. gevoj.
deal v. sent.
dear adj. shir.
dearth n. oraas.
death n. dinok.
debase v. taargu.
debatable adj. pogaan-luft.
debate v. graat, grah, krif, vukein.
debris n. taavin.
debt n. fozir.
decade n. meneruvos.
decagon n. menreid.
decapitate v. voklov.
decay v. nev.
deceit n. lozaan.
deceitful adj. loziik.
deceive v. lo.
deceiver n. loaan.
december n. vulonfil.
decency n. ufirzah.
decent adj. ufir.
deception n. lo.
deceptive adj. loziik.
decide v. komaan.
decimate v. vald.
decimation n. valdak.
decipher v. vodigol.
decision n. komant.
decisive adj. komandaal.
deck n. brek.
declaim v. kovon.
declaration n. kopirot.
declare v. kopiraan.

decline v. denos.
decorate v. setjah.
decoration n. setjahl.
decoy n. meykrazahd.
decrease v. geson.
decree n. zothunrot.
decrepit adj. sahlovik.
decrypt v. vodigol.
dedicate v. selvakor.
deed n. sod.
deem v. ned.
deep adj. dil.
deer n. driin.
deface v. aldwiirok.
default adj. nesiik.
default n. qurnen.
defeat v. viik.
defend v. bild.
defender n. bildiik.
defense n. bildrun.
defiance n. vogahriin.
defile v. kroved.
defiled adj. zokroved.
define v. pelark.
definite adj. reistig.
definiteness n. reistigaar.
definitive adj. reistig.
deft adj. osk.
defy v. vogahvon.
degrade v. taargu.
degree n. yosel.
dejected adj. duyiiv.
delay v. gespein.
delegate n. valkralin.
delicate adj. fask, hiraas.
delicateness adj. faskom.
delicious adj. duliig.
delight n. laaf.
delight v. genaz.
delightful adj. zolaaf.
deliver v. kelnat.
dell n. feykros.
delusion n. hahnurov.
demand v. fusrot.
demeanor n. vensedren.
demented adj. saanahaal.
dementia n. saanhah.
demigod n. hefrah.


demise n. dukiin.
democracy n. mu'ulsejoriin.
demolish v. skag.
demon n. hokzii.
demonic adj. hokziinus.
denial n. qahnaar.
denizen n. staak.
denote v. miistir.
dense adj. pogaad.
dent v. pukreh.
deny v. qahnaar.
depart v. lif.
depend v. rivun.
dependent adj. rivunaal.
depict v. fosrik.
deplore v. nizeylum.
depose v. vodul.
depress v. gedrok.
depressed adj. gedrokaan.
depression n. gedrokend.
deprive v. dumor.
depth n. rud.
deride v. wiif.
descend v. tumbo.
describe v. pelark.
desecrate v. vorevak.
desert n. sendaar.
deserve v. qaariv.
design n. komiin.
designate v. miistir.
desirable adj. vismaal.
desire n. smaal.
desk n. krosbord.
desolate adj. duvoziir.
desolation n. nevonaar.
despair n. ath, nishind.
desperate adj. athaal.
desperation n. athend.
despise v. kervaaz, dumos.
despite prep. thraat.
despoil v. dustraan.
destine v. tiidmah.
destiny n. mahtiid.
destitute adj. nuvistul.
destroy v. al.
destroyer n. al.
destruction n. alt.
detached adj. voniir.

detail v. pelark.
detail n. puvah.
deter v. vogekrin.
determine v. urzun.
determined adj. maankir.
detest v. kervaaz.
dethrone v. vodul.
devastate v. modokraan.
devastation n. gral.
develop v. jahfir.
device n. drahvut.
devil n. zaunig.
devious adj. fax.
devise n. drahvut.
devolve v. ofalaan.
devote v. selrak.
devour v. du.
devourer n. duaan.
devout adj. selor.
dew n. sahluv.
dexterity n. asaar.
dexterous adj. aas.
diagonal n. nulaz.
dialect n. marul.
diameter n. pahyaav.
diamond n. maant.
diary n. pelgah.
dice n. dirkah.
dictate v. malas.
dictator n. pahrelin.
dictatorship n. pahrelinaar.
dictionary n. sikdeykel.
did v. drey.
die v. dir, viir.
die n. dirkah.
differ v. dumed.
difference n. dumedak.
different adj. vomedaas.
difficult adj. buruk.
difficulty n. leik.
dig v. deyvut.
digest n. kipah.
digestion n. kipah.
digit n. diitak.
digital adj. qomorahuv.
digital book n. rideykel.
dilemma n. jeykiiv.
dimension n. olaak.


disperse v. diplomat n. vozodun. krent-hah. display v. discovery n. dissipate v. disenchant v. nahkivaar. disaster n. disarm v. vostavek. kropahvok. krenok. dukaan. vogoz. dishonor n. vogekrin. distance n. fusond. prazaak. irud. nahgah. vogekrin. dishonorable adj. vodremt. diviner n. disuputer n. dissonance n. discipline v. norzaar. prodahk. kaarn. eyfur. thaarnu. delah. volbur. discussion n. ahzidhonaat. vomedaas. director n. geivah. dissonant n. vogevothend. dinner n. direct v. eyfur. disk n. vodremt. vopiraak. disconcert v. mahruz. dissent v. hud. thesk. gral. duzun. pukreh. disgrace n. irud. dislike v. voris. dilahiik. disembowel v. tinvaak. krastov. discord n. discipline n. disbelieve v. kervaaz. nahkiv. dispirited adj. vovorstaal. disciple n. disorganized adj. ditty n. vokrin. dirge n. divert v. lahiik. distant adj. dismount v. dispute v. ninurah. dispossess v. disposition n. disrobe v. vothaarn. prunaak. tinvaak. shuv. vonov. volburaal. discover v. vognun. nizeylum. direction n. disguise n. riid. fusond. divination n. discourage v. disappear v. mor. liivrah. vomos. vokrin. disputant n. distrust v. disavow v. duvaat. dishonored adj. vordaas. disgraceful adj. thok. vodun. discourse n. disconnect v. genun. disorderly adj. hahsok. krasnovaar. disclose v. dint v. disease n. dire adj. vothaar. dispell v. nebeniit. vogevoth. displace v. kropahvok. disturbance n. divide v. dissuade v. disrupt v. vorolur. vodrem. veyko. stahdim. dish n. disapprove v. discard v. dissimilar adj. 197 . dip v. dismiss v. disarray n. dirt n. vozinaal. disagree v. disturb v. gemindok. gutom. vokoraak. discontent adj. voleinah. thokus. distract v. vozothaarn. dilah.English-Dovahzul diminish v. vogelah. disobey n. inaak. dukaan. divine adj. distort v. krosilov. disorder n. disgust adj. luwey. ditch n. dine v. disobedient adj. lahfraan. vokorah. mornd. moriik. bovut. malovaas. discern v. vogil. disdain v. ventovitaan. ahzidhonaat. discouraged adj. dirty adj. disbelief n. dive v. disruption n. disobedience n. tegalrot. dilahiik. diinek. disconnection n. discuss v. vorlaav. nivorn. endil.

drone n. drunk adj. dragon slayer n. dragon speaker n. draw n. toz. divulge v. drum n. dread n. drake n. double adj. dovahik. dome n. kaaley. qethgaaf. drawer n. draw v. dogma n. dragon n. dress n. drift v. drown v. leinah. drehlaan. snuk. kuyiz. drive v. vomun. duct n. dok.English-Dovahzul division v. donkey n. dominion adj. miraad. doloire n. dremora n. dragonling n. due adj. piin. punkenlok. drill n. hahnu. doorway n. bormah-kren. doe n. gruin. dov. krilzin. rel. dock n. dovah. dreh. dragonblood n. dreh. dovahdaan. meydovah. vundonin. tunihah. tum. dominant adj. drape n. sovit. juros. doomsday n. vasik. setkiirjor. eyron. dream n. leinhaal. sokei. dough n. punkenlok. unviig. gritiik. karaas. lomaan. drain v. done v. reldaal. drip v. suleyksejun. doughty adj. kirt. aand. dragonstone n. down prep. druid n. mand. hahnud. drop v. zogrit. dove n. drug n. vipiin. rikofaal. dragonborn n. dumb adj. krenok. pahelrot. dreugh n. draak. docker n. doom v. vokendaar. dose n. toraas. dragonguard n. kolvas. dominate v. dribble v. zogrit. vo-aavlaas. draconic adj. dog n. rokah. beylund. miiraad. dovahsos. dress v. downfall n. dragon language n. domination n. brothal. drinkable adj. dragonfly n. doomed adj. driivoh. dovahzul. droop v. duck n. doleful adj. rel. vosmah. dodge v. rel. doll n. tumah. dressed adj. dovahzulaan. doubter n. daniik. daan. lokrem. hinzaal. thu'um. donut n. dry v. staalzer. doubt n. miraad. dominance n. doughnut n. document n. do v. domain n. dovahren. download v. dull adj. dovahgolz. verziik. rinisur. suldaan. rathol. dragonkind n. dovahkiin. draft n. verilir. dubious adj. dry adj. drink v. deylok. oskad. gemindok. drinker n. dreyvgir. daanik. doubtful adj. lomaan. miiraad. dragon break n. 198 . divorce n. renek. dragon shout n. piinaar. hadaak. draugr n. door n. suth. oron. grit. muldeyto. teivo. alunrinis. dovahkriid. does v. dreamer n. sossedov. ziinan.

early adj. elect v. earn v. elaborate v. delahiik. eat v. vomulhaan. effigy n. electricity n. elevation n. niirah. dilfahliil. duty n. elbow n. gol. lask. aalzon. kel. rideykel. E e-book n. kes. earthly adj. elixir n. tor. volkon. echo n. earth n. leinuv. ellipse n. dwell v. dying adj. during prep. 199 . hefmun. vulok. beznaneyd. elephant n. funol. rikakwaar. pahsaan. jeren. beznan. okriim. edgy adj. edit v. elevate v. heyv. gravnu. vulfahliil. effort n. ease n. eln. eerie adj. elk n. rediirah. bru. droz. electrical adj. honiir. electrum n. ziinmet. naako. qomorah. eliminate v. elevator n. wiistel. zogravaar. beznanus. qomorah. educator n. dwindle v. frin. firig. earlier adj. delah. zograv. either conj. dunmer n. qomorah. ahney. effect n. dust n. melaat. enook. elf n. grav. loorah. effortless adj. dwemer n. eclipse n. elder scroll n. klur. duplicate v. elite n. slaag. eject v. eager adj. sendahrol. earthquake n. balkus. lokom. taavoz. vugel. kasiil. ellipsoid n. eight n. laniz. dwarf n. elemental n. educate v. jeren. effortfully adv. verinrii. nebendein. dye n. element n. vahk. genaz. economy n. seilhei. eagle n. gelokaat. each adj. elm n. zuwuth. zoheyv. eccentric adj. malzat. easterly adj. verin. earnest adj. earnestness n. forveyk. fahliil. electric adj. ear n. zilfyuld. duo n. ebony n. easy adj. egg n. nahwan. meykrazahd. ecstasy n. naak. forveyk. wiistelom. ulm. yuldik. gelok. dune n. zurun. east n. elate v. eater n. dungeon n. golahzgal. eagerness n. effortful adj. pozaan. viiz. leyk. edge n. dusk n. easiness n. pruzeim. elder adj.English-Dovahzul dummy n. jer. elliptical adj. eaten v. dutiful adj. vath. eastern adj. echelon n. viir. fril. electric guitar n. fotiid. dynamic adj. ease v. legaar. naakin. lumvit. dilfahliil.

200 . voz. ember n. gekenlokin. enjoy v. imaar. sileyz. elxir n. ensorcel v. noor. genil. ahmilaat. gekrin. faziigolz. emblem n. entrance n. zahraanom. havaat. vudoz. enliven v. epic n. epic adj. juskov. qiib. gekenlok. lokoltei. miizun. elsweyr n. elusive adj. noorendaal. emptiness n. forokir. haav. qaar. onikiv. encircle v. eloquent adj. enslaved adj. enkii. enable v. end times n. digoliik. fahliilen. empty v. gelahaan. verut. gronsuleyk. enemy adj. endeavor v. deykelsemindah. engage v. embrace v. emphasize v. voniir. motmahus. gerahgol. enjoyable adj. faastiid. bovun. geqoth. else adv. weltir. nahlii. enchantment n. entry n. zoglimrel. enlightenment n. engulf v. gelah. enlarge v. enemy n. galgur. gekrin. enthrall v. entomb v. bovun. elven adj. elude v. enthusiasm n. embossment n. grolah. paal. english adj. enigma n. gekrintiil. enter v. energetic adj. paalus. empress n. environment n. entitlement n. energy n. envelop v. horvutah. endure v. fahliilen. ephemeral adj. dinoksetiid. enlighten v. aaskraan. ulokuun. encounter v. engaged adj. eloquence n. enforce v. end n. ofunsil. emotion n. elves n. sarodaalen. hokoron. employee n. noorend. uthaarn. gesaak. gekenlok. enervate v. zahraan. emperor n. emerald n. ensnare v. entire adj. gelah. ulaan. gelahiik. entertain v. encouragement n. kaasendaar. kopraanzii. enrage v. embodiment n. empower v. empire n. envy v. ofir. driik. gelahuz. endearing adj. urikras. enchant v. encyclopedia n. kovir. frul. encourage v. emergency n. vahnuk. onikiv. endurance n. gelaag. ulokuun. enforcer n. mahlov. fahliil. ahmiliik. havaat. ofanjiik. employer n. dunaak. employ v. feinrolt. enchanter n. emotional adj. ganog. epidemic n. ahstaadvoz. vos. zolaaf. norzaar. emote v. empathy n. oblaan. vergrav. enchanted adj. enslave v. entity n. emphasis v. endanger v.English-Dovahzul elope v. genaz. elvish adj. email n. envoy n. kahriil. feinrolt. embolden v. grolahnd. kahrun. imaaraan. enough adv. korost. elsewhere adv. emotionless adj. glimrel. ahmil. uthaarniik.

ul. ever adv. example n. evilness n. sotiiv. fusond. 201 . essential adj. aagis. even adj. expand v. vulonfil. zent. err v. era n. lein. dahtiris. filok. everything n. wazahlom. experience v. exhume v. hofnaar. balaas. et'ada n. erupt v. tirsum. kriilaanthuz. bovortii. kothrakaas. execute v. suranmiik. yolein. equal adj. everlastingly adv. explain v. greizah. gorvahzen. essence n. saagtir. evil adj. escape v. estrange v. vokul. except prep. riilgaar. seirak. gelaag. unslaad. feln. especially adv. exclaim v. existence n. erotic adj. eternal adj. rinidsul.English-Dovahzul epithet n. vokulom. gesaak. evaporate v. diistzii. korosend. ahsod. yolein. unslaar. fustir. evening n. pah. exhaust v. alun. jahfir. namas. mindahsik. pruzeim. sotiivend. ofanix. exhale v. tozein. wazahl. ethical adj. suz. essay n. rinid. excellent adj. esteem v. evening star n. experiment n. rii. studaar. fustiroz. execution n. oprot. enookstaad. errand n. expectant adj. every adj. vodeyto. visaagis. exemplar n. excessive adj. event n. zentaal. gelaar. obenaal. oben. everyone pron. exchange v. eternity n. everything adj. lif. excuse n. euthanasia n. eruption v. estate n. equip v. evermore adv. ethereal adj. equipment n. equipped adj. erasable adj. establish v. ketak. everlasting adv. everywhere adv. exact adj. ahkos. ket. exit v. kriilom. ahdinaak. error n. unslaar. equivalent adj. oprotak. rund. eliiruk. exile v. expensive adj. pah. greiz. studen. ahkoraav. exist v. ahtiid. exhibition n. aakit. svaangein. expel v. giwahdaal. expense n. excite v. sotiivend. exceed v. excellence n. giwahdil. prulos. feimaan. evolve v. sahviir. exchange n. expert n. excuse v. ethics n. exit n. yel. povortii. equinox n. ahkoraav. exhibit v. evidence n. sahvol. ketaan. even adv. erode v. eviscerate v. orin. excitation n. lifaat. unahzaal. avond. enook. veyko. exceptional adj. ahkos. med-zeymah. epitome n. tet. estimate v. exactness n. excitement n. tozein. expect v. escort v. erase v. pruzeim. unslaar.

vensedren. oraakan. fallen adj. fateful adj. laasagos. vahnuk. face paint n. false adj. feim. fabulous adj. zugut. mahlaan. fang n. explode v. ragnavir. extermination n. sifahliil. pahkriivah. fact n. fathom v. faultless adj. luftom. facial hair n. miin. eyelash n. nemiir. zogut. pun. kaagend. far adj. falcon n. familiar adj. farewell interj. meyrothaarun. exploit n. eyeball n. farther adv. hiraas. gut. farthest adj. malmindok. 202 . meyarven. fantasy n. dilos. falter v. mulnu. falsity n. miin. dez. fancy v. extinguish v. extinct adj. farmer n. fasten v. explosion n. eyebrow n. extend v. gesaak. luft. faithless adj. farina n. fault n. lus. gebahlok. tozein. fascinate v. malmind. riiv. luftiis. avokmiin. gemindok. falmer n. nivahzen. exquisite adj. wahsaruv. faith n. paazom. faculty n. fanaticism n. bonu. father n. kaag. meyrothaar. miinom. fat adj. facet n. falsehood n. fashion n. tozeinvu.English-Dovahzul explanation n. expose v. faan. klahd. sahvotnu. nivzah. frah. funtaas. freik. extraordinary adj. fabric n. explosive adj. iisk. explore v. famish v. fair adj. kaliid. sahvotei. fast adj. verwahsar. fade v. bormah. zogutiik. dezmi. frum. gelaarend. extremist n. frahraam. fantastic adj. fare v. failure n. paag. vonok. fatal adj. seiluz. fauna n. sahvot. fake adj. face n. eiziid. kalidaal. faithful adj. familiarize v. kaaguv. faucet n. F fable n. vortiilok. frondinok. qulaav. famous adj. frahkei. extra adv. fame n. hofkah. funt. extant adj. fantastical adj. fagot n. extreme adj. eyes n. extinction adj. fairness adj. pogukus. gahrik. mah. miin-ner. farm n. evenaar. fate n. fanatic n. nel. luftilir. zogut. fatherly adj. fan v. faint v. fastness n. fantasize v. paaz. fail v. fall v. frondinok. fastidious adj. elskah. nisaad. siizuk. family n. nivahzen. eye n. nelom. wahsar. hefvaak. bormahus. sod.

fawn n. dren. braan. keyriin. kosmey. yolkaronahs. qarah. fear n. dostoz. filly n. first adj. pindaar. favorable adj. frinzii. feud n. fiery adj. fire v. yolkun. mahralwahlkei. agzii. five n. mah. fever n. flag n. fervorous n. finger n. feet n. vaard. norok. feather n. frinzii. kunpusojur. fidelity n. hen. fiend n. felaan. ikin. midaav. fjord n. zah. undaar. fearless adj. agzii. vahladyuld. fighter n. flamethrower n. midsil. 203 . feign v. fine adj. feeble adj. flank n. fiction n. finish v. lahkmojon. fellowship n. pruvos. flabbergasted adj. krifiik. geyolkah. haaljusk. vandulwahl. figure v. fel. yolzii. fearful adj. feast n. fire atronach n. punah. yolfuskiik. brothuz. sahlovik. flagon n. film n. fertility n. maldriin. bodilir. fireball n. zokhil. flaming adj. fig n. fearsome adj. feed v. feat n. hahsok. fervid n. firstborn n. kreinvu. mulrunaz. grahgeltviing. find v. faas. feint v. firefly n. fill v. diistmaas. fir n. braandein. frinzii. nahkip. festival n. fellow adj. yol. mahralwahl. feral adj. namok. final adj. hindahraal. hindah. zofaas. luug. yolus. fingernail n. ferocity n. dostozuv. fetish n. fiercest adj. flak n. firework n. fist n. norok. first dragon war n. feeling n. first seed n. nimqah. ediin. vaskin. uft. fraan. fireplace n. sinak. velaaz. keinsejoorre. yolos. verfaas. agzii. kosmey. flogah. firelight n. suz. povaas. field n. female adj. krif. filthy adj. flail n. vobozun. yolzii. yolgram. feid. filter v. yolzii. koz. diist. fell v. file v. fierce adj. finance n. lon. few adj. fight v. yolgosvaa. fish n. firewood n. mahralwahlkei. diistkiin. fiendish adj. fraad. fikon. fook.English-Dovahzul favor n. fealty n. fervor n. bozeim. feeling n. yoltaas. flame n. vet. fictional adj. frinzii. agzii. faasnu. finite adj. firearm n. fertile adj. gaas. fenestration n. lith. yolzii. povaan. fire n. frod. visk. gejahrii. fervent n. siiv. fern n. geblaan. mahralwahlkei. fictitious adj. february n. qiistur. raalik. favorite adj. feel v.

prodah. foremost adj. vaalt. mulaan. pahrkmah. paal. strahn. flat adj. pas. goltnu. forsworn n. keyroon. lul. flash n. fly v. prodahven. govoldeim. bozul. pun. fortune n. flexible adj. forgive v. hostov. bozul. fleet n. heim. fluent adj. pahrk-niiv. vodahmaan. yelbrot. bovul. forgiveness n. gluus. flaw n. forth prep. reyzir. zof. feykro. flatbread n. forest n. pusojur. pahrk. mahfaeraak. ken. fled v. tozeinvu. flock n. tirah. haadvohiik. buld. zovodahmaan. tahlok. ken. flicker v. forge n. footstep n. forgotten adj. formal adj. forevermore adv. form n. flesh n. forbidden adj. veyr. visfrozaal. follow v. yel. ford v. promiin. folly n. morah. foggy adj. fortunate adj. forgetful adj. unslaar. foreboding adj. focus v. fus. forgetfulness n. gebild. kiibok. lokiin. flight n. follower n. prodah. kip. foe n. usnaan. flower n. firig. faraan. foresight v. forceful adj. flavor n. flora n. fifiik. kiibokin. nilaadaan. tiidahmaan. foretold v. neltiid. vodein. rith. slen. flaar. forever adv. buld. flood n. tokingrah. bod. 204 . forbid v. forgivable adj. foot n. koz. football n. ven. bo. foal n. rith. bo. prudaav. fluency n. fortress n. food n. keil. faskah. force n.English-Dovahzul flap v. foresee v. zahgraan-hah. horit. flourish v. flatter v. flow n. fluff n. foreshadow v. flavour n. fledgling n. foretell v. haal-klur. fortify v. dezmi. fah. flare n. forsake v. foreign adj. zurdon. hesvun. ziinkeyal. nilaad. float v. frolaaz. promiin. heimiik. fold v. host. vergrav. forget v. foolish adj. fork n. formation n. fly n. fog n. osley. flute n. flow v. flick v. forthright adj. flour n. faath. unstiid. flash v. bovul. fortnight n. forger n. flawless adj. fleet adj. suraas. zomulaag. fortitude n. bruhus. former adj. prus. vodahmin. flee v. veyl. bruh. tozein. meyus. fool v. flurry n. formidable adj. floor n. frolaaz. for prep. flashback n. mey. fuskei. gluuskei.

hir. krahoskad. povaan. gardener n. amativ. volg. dahstin. freeze v. diin. game n. funny adj. filrod. gallant adj. fur n. grinstiid. gestin. bruzah. gallantry n. frozen adj. hakrim. frost fall n. fuse v. vensul. gargoyle n. fulfill v. fomah. gang n. G gabble v. raf. frenzy n. freshwater n. hevaak. furious adj. pogukus. 205 . frame n. foundation n. gizan. vensul. four n. fruitful adj. fahdonus. ahzuk. full adj. gait n. galaxy n. kosov. gale n. fuzzy adj. vahlom. function v. frivolous adj. riik. kiraav. gruhon. rundak. jahrii. fountain n. raholt. friday n. ahzukus. fusion n. qethsewuth. found v. gerah. faskiis. futile adj. bein. ahkrinaal. fahdonmaar. jahdor. free adj. gap n. frosty adj. zugut. fruit n. fruk. todol. teyxah. ofolin. fundiir. qerisogal. hilk. freakish adj. sotlaakir. qothaan. founder n. frost atronach n. frustrate v. furl v. ahkrinaar. gefaas. gargantuan adj. folus. moor. fahdon. nahkei. functional adj. jakah. frighten v. gain v. fredas n. fresh adj. ilit. freedom n. frostbite n. freaky adj. mahyun. fahlu. fridge n. gallows n. free v. future n. gamble v. frost n. rim. nah. tarukun. fiivut. futuristic adj. dezahrelin. stin. foul adj. folag. front adj. frequently adv. reken. friendly adj. raanomus. frugal adj. friend n. gallon n. fussy adj. furry adj. fahluaan. nol. hotus. ahzukus. kred. stin. siiv. from prep. fury n. graadnah. garment n. hilkaan. rund. vunek. drenaal. fume v. fry v. funeral n. freelance n. garbage n. gambler n. fossil n. teyx. stintuz. diinaan. garden n. raanom. aluntiid. fray n. moorus. werzon. fugitive n. frontier n. frosting n. fo. friis. dezahrel. further adv. fun n. nagiis. sufolduul. freak n.English-Dovahzul forward adv. aluntiiduv. fragment n. wahliik. fokaronahs. fox n. friendship n. keinul. frown v. garlic n.

frund. gladly adv. general n. gloat v. onliin. sufolduul. olniiv. ozak. gloss n. gather v. goad v. goblin n. pahkriivah. gateway n. yuvon. good adj. glossy adj. pikoon. gore n. wiistel. global adj. glen n. gossip n. glaze n. slendugaaf. hot. skuld. hotus. girlfriend n. geology n. yuvon. faskom. gem n. gas n. genitalia n. yiir. glad adj. athus. giant n. olnaav. kinbokein. fask. gear n. gemstone n. veyz. ekrah. glint v. rahus. ghostly adj. godly adj. generosity n. glean v. gasving. viim. horos. hotus. sinkod. golem n. glimmer v. shur. morokei. generous adj. dimbakey. gahvraan. kliifkozvrii. beyl. hahsegol. gibber v. hokzii. goat n. ghost n. genuineness n. glove n. yuld. gods n. glacier n. kul. gemoro. glory n. glakel. gash n. goatee n. giggle v. kahmaar. sologaal. goblet n. wox. frundiin. goddess n. soslen. sufask. ziidol. gogil. skeniir. 206 . suf. ghoul n. vaaruk. giddish adj. tarukun. gentleness adj. rahus. glue n. goffer n. ath. glorify v. viim. zofanaar. krazahd. ofaniik. giraffe n. rah. kleiro. golzaar. jeh. moro. pahleinuv. viim. goal n. ozur. ofan. giver n. glasses n. gentle adj. hokaalvoth. gauntlet n. jaufrah. golden adj. gold adj.English-Dovahzul garnet n. glade n. feyal. glorious adj. god n. genius n. gaze v. glass n. general adj. gloomy adj. gesture v. gate n. genuine adj. koraaveyz. ozuriiv. valkjiik. sogaal. giant adj. pikoon. genitals n. gender n. wiistelom. gigantic adj. frinvahwuld. gold n. qodii. goodbye interj. zofan. godless n. rah. rahnu. geyser n. gift n. haalkot. gloom n. pahnim. skuld. kon. veiliin. piniir. pruzah. guur. gaav. girl n. glow v. bomas. gather n. gnat n. gecko n. godlike adj. pruzahguur. give v. ofanaat. malkoraav. ozakvum. glisten v. ahsod. glimpse n. gaaf. viim. get v. bo. go v. vaan. glide v. gaafus. nonvulgolz. lahvraan. goose n. genocide n. gossamer adj.

greatness n. goltefend. guardian n. growl v. gratitude v. gray n. groan v. qodii. grain n. greed n. skras. karon. grassland n. gravely adj. guilty adj. great adj. guess v. graceful adj. graadstaad. muulmarik. soziik. grave n. graag. kuzniir. dunkei. kreidol. leik. grab v. zonox. gravity n. grass n. zodun. quethsegolahrol. lotaar. goltosgoriik. narand. grim adj. mahlotuz. lotbormah. grenade n. grasp v. gryphon n. qethsegolahrol. griffin n. gloz. gruz. groom n. tokah. grievance n. grace n. naram. grave adj. saf. soziik. grieve v. lotzahkrii. grievous adj. zoklot. dein. dun. golzul. gouge n. grudge n. grape n. kranek. skiif. graad. 207 . grade n. gram n. sadon. grotto n. volk. guar n. gaav. ground n. grandfather n. grahkun. veyd. grail n. government n. bolaav. griffon n. green n. tarvok. granite hill n. group n. guile n. veydo. grind v. vahlokeyv. akwaar. granite n. grapefruit n. gruff adj. greet v. greatest adj. drem yol lok. aak. zoklot. gradolv. greataxe n. krastov. guidance n. dopaan. drufruk. greatsword n. greetings n. koos. dum. grid n. amokriin. guide v. amokriin. fuh. fahinbo. fuskaag. grapple n. beyrovin. guilt n. traaskei. greater adj. grapnel n. gravel n. juvroh. gruffness adj. aak. kuzniir. guraad. skevur. grey n. griever n. grindstone n. ahmun. grease n. greave n. grand adj. grammar n. grip n. golzul. nox. golt. krosaan. groundhog n. groove n. grunt v. avokei. grow v.English-Dovahzul got v. tarvokus. grin v. grant v. raal. guitar n. growth n. grief n. skeniir. amokriin. trog. vahlok. graveyard n. gross adj. gracious adj. guardianship n. lot. guild n. druf. traas. guest n. grove n. gradient n. lorfonaar. trah. greybeard n. galv. greedy adj. yunaar. dograan. luvmahliik. sadon. rav. lotmonah. rot-thun. evenik. beyraal. guillotine n. mudozaan. grateful adj. zunrod. grandmother n. kolraag. guarantee v. guard v. volk.

vahraniik. happy adj. haggard adj. unaz. gust n. hag n. hear v. vahkunz. zohaas. folook. lost. yelsliin. malhahkun. ireik. yezin. mund. he pron. zoirkbaan. staaz. hail n. harmonious n. omus. hasten v. happen v. rok. helt. rozol. hallow v. harm v. have v. genel. guru n. haunt v. irkbaan. gut n. haal-mulrunaz. headache n. koros. gunman n. hard adj. haal. folookaal. hatch v. om. halfway n. klov. heap n. niizmah. headmaster n. hand n. harbinger n. tekar. 208 . hat n. haul n. hailstorm n. hare n. kipaar. mulrunaziik. hail v. unaziin. veyko. girvestir. inmindaar. tiik. kliin. gunner n. happily adv. hammerfell n. dremhah. sahqonor. folokaan. gut v. kleydo. hon. hay n. suraas. hawk n. happiness n. gestahdim. zoraax. hagraven n. hef. niiz. zodremhah. half adj. sokaaz. handgun n. noolas. klovhod. hath v. vahrsk. lost. harmony n. hatchet n. habit n. yein. haas. haven n. handle n. hate n. tu. healthful adj. mahkur. mulrunaz. had v. haunted adj. zohaas. halberd n. harsh adj. hamburger n. hammer n. rahlozaan. lotrin-lovaas. hairy adj. pelnoot. graaz. nokhahnu. hamster n. handwriting n. hahnuheim. harpsichord n. harbor n. irkbaan. hall n. hallucination n. skar. hatchling adj. ham n. harp n. wid. terag. yahjol. heal v. hateful adj. ahvos. aax. terag. harry v. healthy adj. hasty adj. kerluvak. health n. handsome adj. ahroldan. gusto n. head n. hatred n. dahral. halt v. hazard n. hair n. hack v. halfwit n. gaard. hallucinate n.English-Dovahzul gulf n. hefhah. nel. loost. buruk. H h'roldan n. gun n. harass v. yunkliin. harvest v. lost. mith. kaviir. venro. drezig. mulrunaziik. nokhahnu. unazom. hang v. vahraan. daak. haalit. harmful adj. healer n. haunter n. huz. kerl. hark v. has v.

highwayman n. miindin. his pron. ahnok. hire v. highness n. hiss v. zohiif. hun. ok. heritage n. drogsenir. hers pron. heartache n. hircine n. arov. helper n. historian n. hoard n. ausul. hearthstone n. ek. heedless adj. daarz. iliis. grok. higher adj. morkon. hesitate v. hiif. huz. volok. hillgrundhofkah. heroic adj. heavy adj. height n. helpful adj. ahrol. mindinu. nidrin. heraldic adj. hungaar. qolaasuv. fraadgolz. ruuv. heart n. hermit n. helmet n. heartless adj. heaven n. fraad. herself pron. heterosexual adj. fodiiz. qolaas. suleykoz. freyiik. huznu. hint n. sokreid. usnutiid. aronuv. iliistaad. gosvern. liis. highborn adj. history n. hiifnu. help n. heat n. hexagon n. hereafter adv. heart fire n. hidden adj. zohungaar. high adj. heptagon n. heir n. here adv. hirthod. zosreid. high elf n. okmaar. tekar. maagstrah. jensoqat. hoar n. heroically adv. kahliir. tekarom. 209 . hiss interj. heliotrope adj. herbivore n. herald v. hideousness n. hearth n. sarein. hello interj. iizil. avokei. frin. hist n. vek. helpless adj. heighten v. zurgah. seyrt. hilt n. hill n. hide v. kunmaar. soven. him pron. heroism n. heartbeat n. lokom. heathen n. heist n. ekmaar. heavenly adj. hindsight n. gelok. hirvut. fren. kohet. hirvut n. geingolslen. henceforth adv. freyend. grotiin. hibernate v. herbal adj. strahtafiir. umdaal. herb n. ahnok. mek. ek. horotviing. lotjun. heel n. yuvonfahliil. hierarchy n. heavily adv. silyol. hunaar. felaag. mok. seyl. daarmindin. hilaus. huzrah. help v. her pron. hence adv. hell n.English-Dovahzul hearken v. hide n. hideous adj. kelm. hillgrund's steading n. heed v. resh. grok. silmand. hideout n. vahriik. het. ustidaan. hinder v. lokom. helm n. grotiinar. zurgah. herein adv. hereafter prep. hearty adj. hero n. hit v. high king n. helicopter n. lok. heave v. ahvusnaak. hi interj. hil. yos. hedgehog n. ahmil. drezig. lotkiin. vorliinvas. highway n. haavneviis. himself pron. frey.

bonaarom. hostage n. hurry v. horit. homeless adj. gahgort. honey n. hoax v. piniir. lotsul. horse n. hoof n. tiidnavir. himdah. hurricane n. howl n. vir. medliinvas. himdah. hopeless adj.English-Dovahzul hoarfrost n. holiday n. hofkiinvu. hypocrite n. weridaas. huge adj. hungry adj. gaafilir. hurtful adj. hollowness n. es. omaar. tolal. hysteria n. 210 . stahdim. zohind. horn n. hindnu. kolost. bahlokus. dubah. bonaar. honor n. hilkiin. vol. sosfrin. hofkiin. grunzah. eyzan. dahral. hummingbird n. skraav. ahmul. hug v. qiiv. zin. honest adj. huff v. prukriig. hold n. laaghadrim. nishind. home n. horrid adj. gaas. gevild. hostile adj. hound n. krul. volk. drensepaal. zinaal. horizon n. horker n. vugzahd. hover v. mun. vothnikey. ahraan. faast. hofkinaar. zinaal. holy adj. hull n. hour n. hunger n. jul. horror n. horde n. housekeeper n. golzul. raf. horrifying adj. hush interj. hurt v. hook n. nir. fiizkei. huddle v. oldoz. jii. hoarse adj. honourable adj. humility n. husk n. maltuniik. homosexual adj. hot adj. hologram n. ben. huckster n. muneyd. however adv. hostility n. velokraan. zahraanom. humans n. hundred n. paalus. talaav. husband n. hind. hut n. human n. horseless adj. surahgol. hopeful adj. feyalvoth. zahk. housecarl n. iizkred. sosdiin. hot spring n. hymn n. boden. hunt v. humbleness n. del. zahraan. boden. hofkiinus. zin. vutharaak. hyperthermia n. zomaar. hone v. kronlorot. delaal. homeland n. bahlok. fodiiz. ah. hybrid n. fusk. hotus. humble adj. hunchback n. fiiz. zomaar. horrible adj. hope v. hole n. how adv. frin. hypnosis n. humanity n. dok. fuh. feyal. hunter n. homely adj. bonaarom. hypothermia n. humanoid n. hofkinspaan. house n. golzul. uvokriin. huzzah interj. hoarseness adj. honorable adj. hurl v. hypothesize v. honour n. hurray interj. hockey n. hood n. honesty n. key. asnir. vet. hold v. hollow v. frinvahwuld. jii. suyah. hopeless n. jul.

ignore v. kaarn. ilir. illegal adj. idiotic adj. vonahl. ill adj. impunity n. vozahlaas. incarnation n. vonmindoraan. voruv. imperfect adj. ignorant adj. important adj. zu'u. improper adj. vokorasaal. improve v. impel v. ter. ahrot. impale v. imprison v. hinzaal. gerev. image n. impure adj. immobilized adj. zoniiz. voprem. incident n. nisbo. minoh. andiir. hinz. zaak. ahgreld. imminent adj. voro. impulse n. ko. I i pron. impose v. laniziik. riidom. incomprehensible adj. implement n. iiz. lokolteiren. immutability n. inception n. imga n. zoknu. indefinite adj. icy adj. icicle n. idea n. kunriiv. inconsistency n. waan. hirvut. imbalance n. increase v. inconsolable adj. improbable adj. immerse v.English-Dovahzul immovable adj. vothunuv. importance n. if conj. tiidnul. incest n. imitate v. inappropriate adj. kinzuk. inch n. incarnate adj. fiikath. imperial adj. kopraanzii. inzah. kras. imaginary adj. verkiir. marahdaal. lotmuzaar. idiot adj. 211 . deytaak. hinz-mey. hefhah. dasmah. icon n. pogaan-luft. mel. vogrozah. illness n. immediate adj. marahl. vopent. gonmaar. ignite v. gegrun. deytaak. voprudaav. nibor. idol n. enriik. makil. imagination n. voprudaav. vomindoraan. implore v. in prep. nizraad. tiidnu. iizus. fotiid. krasaar. hinz. sahlonu. impossible adj. hefhah. gepruz. immortal adj. imbue v. imagine v. nizraadom. marahld. impact v. vek. immutable adj. inconceivable adj. dreniir. imply v. impart v. indent v. immortality n. imbecile n. nisfranvoth. immunity adj. impress v. illusion n. uzgrolein. immoral adj. iizmalur. nisbo. idiot n. gesein. vomindoraan. vozahlaas. immersion v. iceberg n. draknah. guvok. ideal adj. immobile adj. nisbo. ahfiz. sahlonu. ignorance n. hefahus. vrah. imitator n. geyol. immense adj. idiocy n. riid. laniz. immune adj. ice n. impatient n. vreyviis. zaakan. impregnate v. soskren. athlaan. vonmindoraan. gezuk. gemindok. inanimate adj. impede v. imaginative adj. indeed adv. mahralwahlkei.

inspect v. intense adj. stahraal. kusah. integration n. interest n. inscription n. ziidol. ingot n. voprudaav. gerev. infect v. muledil. pahlaan. insight n. laan. atumei. goltin. kusahraal. niskrenok. infant n. nebenkav. shaan. instead adv. paazrahgol. ahraan. insipid adj. ko. sinon. insect n. vinevuld. guvok. insanity n. ahraan. inner adj. verziik. kenvu. konos. stahr. koris. indigo adj. indoor adj. kolov. inspire v. kothrakaas. indagriin. inside adj. indivisible adj. indignant adj. shanaar. koris. insert v. instinct n. inseparable adj. toor. interfere v. laan. dufrah. ingenious adj. instill v. initial adj. biijen. haavneyz. infuse v. krasraan. 212 . individual adj. vojul. inhabit v. infinite adj. frahzogin. drenkiin. input v. beinoz. sukah. diistaak. inhabitant n. inferior adj. shaan. kosil. kolahn. meyarnkei. inspirational adj. intend v. sukaat. vorivunaal. intent n. pahdul. insult v. faazrot. haavniid. vozahrom. intercourse n. infection n. integrity n. indestructible adj. kovir. instrument n. nivudoz. instance n. vothdreh. intention n. interact v. inebriated adj. dufrahkei. nebenkav. inferno n. haaf. infamy n. influence n. intact adj. infernal adj. vorohah. institute n. niskrenok. innocent adj. siivahzen. vorohah. instant adj. insane adj. inhuman adj. dreniir. insist v. kropah. mindosaal. indulge v. intelligence n. mintiinon. zuko. kusil. insolent adj. information n. getiid. staak. teivo. koraazen. interested adj. ink n. indoors adj. inherit v. geivah. interchangeable adj. inn n. inquiry n. insolence n. infinity n. infliction v. kolovend. inquire v. duziirah. zoko. injure v. vozah.English-Dovahzul independent adj. virpal. gekrastok. intellect n. inherent adj. inflict v. dwiisinda. mindosil. inevitable adj. infamous adj. koris. injury n. jormaar. informal adj. miistir. inscribe v. pusojur. instruction n. index n. inform v. sukaat. innocence n. inspiration n. infectious adj. foraankeitz. innermost adj. indigenous n. mindosil. intelligent adj. integrate v. mindaziir. kleirus. gesiigor. kodiist. infix v. paazigran. insecure adj. toorus. indicate v. nisal. duziir. konos. verlovaasniir. mindaat.

invade v. bodoraas. isolation n. journey n. okulom. invader n. judge v. kosungir. island n. jester n. bodoraal. jaw n. jealous adj. alzit. ufiinsiik. jaguar n. kriithul. issued v. iron n. pelgah. yirtiik. grist. invasion n. invention n. invulnerable adj. vuukeitz. jarl n. por. it pron. oskad. wundaak. intoxicated adj. fust. yoritiiv. inventor n. join v. J jab v. january n. vozahkel. jam n. irony n. intervene v. joker n. itch n. jovial adj. sogaal. eviin. aadak. inlok. jog v. jot. intestine n. joy n. internet n. judge n. brigelt. komeyt. zokulaad. thunuth. frukilom. sonziik. krozu. journeyman n. jug n. joint n. invincible adj. piniir. vonuz. irregular adj. komeyk. invulnerability n. kropahvok. yirtiik. jelly n. niviik. gru. jolly adj. brigelt. itself pron. juice n. ironic adj. journal n. diinek. irregular adj. dubah. ufiinsah. bronjun. komeyt. jealousy v. dol. jacket n. vuuk. zom. osvanir. krozund. motag. isle n. ozinvey. intervention n. aad. verluz.English-Dovahzul interference n. kulaad. jewelry n. kotin. vothiz. sevnov. interrupt v. kotiv. naurim. javelin n. fahmeykaaz. involve v. jest v. jiik. invitation n. kipaar. irritate v. ivarstead n. issue v. joke v. invoke v. is v. siivahzen. invisible adj. teivo. yirt. nii. komeykaan. los. aavin. aadiik. jerk v. wundokaaz. nimaar. jar n. kurlahmun. july n. nisahraanom. sevnov. motagend. joust v. maat. gahfustum. ivory n. por. niil. introduction n. gahrk. voqurnen. josh v. item n. intimidate v. inventory n. zojiik. malkinz. ufiin. krotz. gristend. job n. investigate v. jewel n. jabber v. volaan. inlok. invite v. 213 . aav. its pron. feylil. yirt. nisahraan. jade n. intruder n. into prep. jagged adj. irritation n. intimate adj. introduce v. inward adj. tarukun. hillgrundhofkah. ivy n. joyful adj. invent v.

lady n. kind n. kidney n. korvanjund. kitten n. tonpozaar. korvanjund n. kroson. fron. fusaav. jungle n. junaar. tinvok. ozinveyhaal. zeydaan. kinship n. K kamal n. kick v. knee n. knowledge n. kaan. justify v. key n. gezeydah. prakemiil. kriid. snaad. killer n. kilt n. saakaviir. fronmaar. himdah. lamenter n. kilometer n. lufeykro. king n. dein. skovaan. vankar. lance n. qulekolz. sunah. deinmaar. kin adj. juvenile n. ronadir. kitchen n. krahral. odhokzii. juncture n. thral. dremsil. nor. golmah. kyne n. brijaal. kiss v. lack v. khajiit n. mindah. kickball n. junction n. kind adj. known v. knight n. just adv. L labor n. venzoriik. klaan. kangaroo n. keep v. know v. lotlom. visgezeyd. lamp n. anhiim. kettle n. lair n. junk n. fron. kiloliter n. golmah. ster-niiv. praav. keystone n. kilogram n. laid v. land n. nunon. kinzuk. knowledgeable adj. ladder n. kneel v. freydaan. june n. ladle n. kindred n. katurah. freydaan. kunfaad. kingship n. knock v. keeper n. fron. land v. laceration n. kill v. lamia n. geyol. dahstin. labyrinth n. kaaz. kindle v. tonmezaar. knot n. mindok. just adj. mindok. lamentation n. krumah. lake n. zeydo. luvmahliik. ster. jun. landfall v.English-Dovahzul jump v. fron. drokpeliik. mithraa. krii. 214 . pronah. tonkranek. mindaal. kidnap v. knife n. pusahkrii. kite n. keyboard n. freydah. vesey. nebenaraan. vorlem. mindok. gaat. lance v. junus. kingly adj. justifiable adj. knowable v. nahgriinos. kendaar. aavin. jundein. juniper n. lament n. language n. kru. justice n. kramin. knit v. aavin. yalzahkrii. keep n. kneecap n. eylok. katana n. reg. kinsman n. stegniir. kingdom n. kinsmen n. skeniir. nok. kaazloz.

mindaat. saak. leg n. geyol.English-Dovahzul lantern n. salaat. lazy adj. vos. furgaan. nevstjorn. late adj. leviathan n. left adj. kaatoz. nok. biivild. geson. life n. laasuv. nibo. lawless n. lotah. yel. lingraan. biivild. laughter n. kinbokrot. lest conj. lingrus. lever n. lazurite n. mavirk. leave v. legendary adj. zothun. zereim. larynx n. lanyard n. goraag. leopard n. liberty n. lighten v. nepend. librarian n. laptop n. leap v. leech v. eytaag. olak. light n. tokah. solog. vahpruzah. morahkun. lettuce n. lifely adj. less adv. lay v. large adj. lun. law n. lealty n. kovolkniir. laugh v. lif. nokiiv. zaarax. lies v. kaazegram. fuhil. seh. lick v. lavender n. letter n. layer n. ogiir. thun. zoor. laakis. legal adj. least adj. kun. gefask. zulpok. level n. bodiir. later adj. learn v. vahlt. leadership n. laud v. shunstaad. lead v. liisunvaar. nok. kuyiz. lapis lazuli n. legitimate adj. liar n. leh. light v. laakir. zuspein. lexicon n. leek n. lii. length n. midaav. lethal adj. suk. liegeman n. let v. lahvirnaar. last seed n. rahvurd. lemon n. lich n. legion n. zoortah. son. lead n. vunut. lend v. lesson n. aarzul. lahvirn. launch v. thaal. leather n. level adj. nokin. larch n. lifestyle n. vaaltspiin. legacy n. lift v. vaslahl. legionnaire n. leik. liis. venselaas. inaak. kinbok. liid. dilos. library n. reld. leader n. liberate v. lengthen v. lavatory n. lie v. lecture n. olakaan. zooruv. laatmaas. maldeykel. larceny n. lava n. ahzur. libel n. nep. jun. lichen n. thunuv. levitate v. lesser adj. haalkun. forun. liberation v. latrine n. lash v. light adj. laser n. gelingrah. lessen v. lid n. dinokaar. lengthy adj. thunvu. 215 . last adj. gelok. leaf n. laat. lawful adj. legend n. liidak. horaat. atumei. gahritaar. laas. league n. mahruz. spein. nok. doj.

loftiness n. lordly adj. loose v. loathe v. kes. look like v. liquor n. loser n. yolangaar. longbow n. likeliness n. lum. nimah. low n. lockpick n. lot n. lively adj. load v. logic n. krehlim. lit adj. qulek. lone adj. reynak. litter v. loose adj. mal. rei. loud adj. verqulekin. nizaag. lose v. siigonis. limber adj. driinod. loop n. likewise adv. loner n. lo interj. literalness adj. loneliness n. naalein. atumei. frolok. lower adj. klad. living adj. long adj. low adj. linen n. livestock n. lingrahbrax. link v. long for v. loredas n. loiter v. lovely adj. listen v. shar. kobiil. muah. gestin. yoro. grozah. likeness n. masek. lime n. am. lotion n. reik. keitz. loom v. saanin. lingzahkrii. koseik. literal adj. lineage n. loan v. loot v. lisp n. lost v. drogus. ahreyt. location n. look v. staalzer. faak. logical adj. leyvah. log n. lover n. sharom. load n. lovable adj. lion n. liter n. nahl. okaadah. longboat n. list n. gelum. loss n. lahey. qo. nahkuziik. baansir. koseik. ilir. staavek. liquify v. lord n.English-Dovahzul lighthouse n. like prep. kesaal. lokun. thur. saan. geid. lokus. limb n. wid. drog. line n. jum. lokaalus. tiidnavir. little adj. naalein. ond. med. umaak. medven. grozahom. liquid n. gir. tiidnavir. pozaar. longsword n. vozriis. staad. 216 . saar. qubex. shuniir. sizaan. gahziinuv. lokom. novul. kung. kunz. lokaal. linguistics n. longshoreman n. love n. lingrah. zolaas. like v. vilokaal. liqos. lore n. likely adj. lonely adj. lokaliin. mos. lofty adj. llama n. sifahliil. liver n. heikel. hahsezul. buf. loudness n. local adj. looter adj. limit n. siz. lower v. naaleniik. fon. kenlok. live v. okulom. lordship n. limited adj. lahney. lightning n. gahziin. lock n. strunsul. lost elf n. locksmith n. lip n. lily n. kroslen. nahkuz. lizard n. genovul.

vahlin. kahlos. jul. marauder n. malevolent adj. mid. malady n. magician n. lucky adj. uroksvaal. magma n. raziir. manifest v. lyric n. man n. maelstrom n. nahjor. gluuskei. fusrot. majestic adj. maintain v. malachite n. mage n. mirodaat. maag. lumber n. manager n. mapmaker n. magnificent adj. musanrak. manganese n. lure v. lunar adj. lust n. manmade adj. kroskinbok. magpie n. middovah. lahvriiluz. march v. loyalty n. 217 . iilahnuv. mammoth n. wahliik. meykel. qahmunus. maker n. lah. mace n. liizuk. mammal n. march n. zamak. manual n. mur. vezar. nunahst. kriisjor. yoriik. mark n. lotaniik. major adj. manner n. ahzulkei. mandate v. vorohah. zoh. qator. kreinfruk. market n. drezujah. magenta adj. maim v. mar v. munralok. yuldik. munfahliil. lotaan. lung n. joormur. sholatz. grund. kronimaar. sevuryuv. many adj. magical adj. malicious adj. mane n. manmer n. mannequin n. luck n. magicka n. lunch v. juk. lullaby n. minooka. majesty n. sahlos. maid n. mun. gluus. mankind n. machinery n. inkoraav. gosvah. M ma'am n. lovut. midrot. goraag. maiden n. management n. madness n. haaz. main adj. lahiik. bexnauaas. map n. mail n. maniac n. luhaal. vensedren. make v. maormer n. banaak. valinaar. hodraan. luggage n. diistmaas. skilaan.English-Dovahzul lowlife n. loyal adj. marmalade n. mare n. lycanthropy n. lure n. lyre n. mana n. haaragelt. mamutah. lu. juk. loyalist n. vahn. pogaan. laagvaas. vokulhah. mad adj. marble n. magnificence adj. horvut. malice n. kronimaar. markarth n. briinfahliil. ziik. mahogany n. lah. midzul. hezdremhah. manger n. manage v. keyrek. lahzey. biirn. male adj. magistrate n. grundiik. ziiklah. lurk v. ahzul. nauaas. vorohah. punmak. mango n. vahdin. lute n. nahkrop. olmgahrot. zuld. midun. magazine n. sumaas. jul. wahl. magic n. machine n. golzewer.

mithraa. mahfil. marvelous adj. stinrovaan. aaz. tokaas. mindopah. sliin. domiit. merciless adj. may n. funrahiik. filmah. medicine n. in. merge v. marriage n. liin. sovrahzun. meddle v. maleyk. sirnaaz. so. keyr. meteor n. kipraan. hadriidak. member n. vuldakbuld. hiznaar. monahus. nunal. honvaas. massacre v. pun. men n. sliinbrot. zuloraan. mit. mess n. mask n. method n. merry adj. nenfah. meteorology n. mend v. feyal. matter n. meanwhile adv. funrah. vensedren. vahmaan. kropah. feluk. match v. met v. gaansevah. meditation n. sildwiin. krelt. mate v. mention v. mid year n. aal. aaznu. tokaas. melancholy n. aavlaas. maternal adj. mead n. loraan. jisdeynaan. mechanism n. meat n. mit. marry v. meter n. vahrugrii. makil. messenger n. martyrdom n. merrier adj. mettle n. metronome n. merit n. mathematics n. may v. zokiv. meantime n. mentality n. fiid. maybe adv. medium adj. mediocre adj. median adj. menace n. rilahk. mass n. melody n. iim. jisdeyn. merchant n. styorngol. aazaal. martial art n. memory n. message n. maul v. master n. vahrukt. meteorshower n. muz. marsh n. aavlaas. grind. melon n. pogaankrii. mezaar. hahselokos. juk. medal n. vasaar. aalkos. fiid. frein. masser n. metamorphosis n. measure v. mastery n. raanahkoraav. rihoniir. maximum adj. inlok. meatloaf n. geikaal. mahan. martinet n. mithan. mercy n. vokren. 218 . mer n. merciful adj. prunsahqo. zokeyr.English-Dovahzul maroon adj. me pron. memorial n. maz. inhus. maze n. medallion n. hadriidav. trun. thesk. meditate v. gelt. ziistmaas. metal n. seik. meal n. mercenary n. kaagrelt. menagerie n. material n. mast n. mere adj. vahrskin. mate n. onliin. microphone n. massive adj. melt v. grind. tiid-haalziik. meadow n. malz. zey. met. math n. meditative adj. rahvul. mentor n. marvel n. maw n. kronimaar. martyr n. jot. rahvok. hadriid. mean v. meet v. vahranim. zanos. zodunos. slaag. meander v.

faadhalriiv. yolget. hefsul. miss v. galv. modifier n. liik. moonlit adj. fiik. mill n. wiif. millennium n. modification n. modesty n. monetary adj. tikaar. nudraan. momentariness n. moon n. meziv. vuld. yusgri. moat n. vogluus. mimic n. venselor. moderate adj. iilahkin. zarok. milestone n. hilkaan. million n. yuld. migrate v. iraz. mislead v. mitten n. hahmoor. milk n. mode n. mol. ahsod. mindful adj. geinmu'ul. midnight n. muah. mnemonic n. toneruvos. lakif. mint n. rahofan. unon. iilahsufol. militia n. 219 . vuldak. bruh. momentary adj. moon sugar n. gemal. mood n. feyal. middle n. jazbaar. gekenlokin. uftdwiin. mock v. minute n. frulahvu. laniziik. mit. ziikol. milieu n. misfortune n. prin. monstrous n. moose n. fussekein. vungol. budiik. modify v. mith. hahdrim. hilk. military n. moonstone n. might n. mongrel n. modern adj. monolith n. minimum n. moan v. hefmun. sukiv. mith. modest adj. sahrot. elz. misty adj. mile n. hefvulon. middling adj. moment n. pund. bodein. moonlight n. misdirect v. might v. wuthsul. mine n. frulahzun. misery n. monarchy n. monitor v. vahruktuv. mild adj. monotonous adj. mirror n. yulduv. maltiidom. hefahus. mixture n. uld. iilah. staavek. ronir. gekenlom. minimize v. vinaak. mind n. bruhus. monotheistic adj. hah. geinrah. iilahsegol. sahrok. minor adj. fiikath. vahrugrii. month n. monthly adv. money n. midday n. dii. iilahkun. riil. mighty adj. tik. mine pron. kalumun. vindo. koraaveyz. vuldiik. mischief n. mithsul. mit. getiid. tozein. iilahsul. monk n. riilkei. mistake n. monday n. monument n. miracle n. zohah. morale n. monotheism n. vinaak. alunrinis. mithril n. mirage n. tingrol. model n. ahzidremhah. geinraal. moo n. mist n. mission n. monocle n. strunaar. molten adj. mindless adj. moral adj. minotaur n. nagiis. mix v. militiaman n. midst n. maltiid. mob n. greiz. yusgriim. prodaz. monster n. midget n. tren.English-Dovahzul middas n.

bodilir. movie n. pusojur. mortar n. dimaar. mystery n. strunmahus. bod. mahkaag. haaljusk. goz. greizah. digoliik. much n. motherly adj. nahliik. morning n. geyal. moziir. moronic adj. mow v. muscle n. mysticism n. zok. feylil. piniir. my pron. mystic adj. veydol. kent. mahraan. 220 . moth n. mourner n. mortal n. kriivahkei. myself pron. zahlaas. mustache n. murmur v. must v. feyl. monah. nor. music n. more adj. murderer n. name v. ulanhimdah. monahus. mumble v. name n. iilahsul. lahnik. krivaan. bemahraan. mystical adj. morndas n. nakedness n. narrow adj. deytonik. moron n. nation n. lahnik. strimiin. niroz. mushroom n. motive n. digol. vomulhaan. maan. mountain n. bemahraan. nasty adj. zuk. mythical adj. murderous adj. mosquito n. vulsoven. nap v. foraan. mundus n. myth n. muster v. moving adj. kiibam. zahkaaron. mournful adj. mudcrab n. vosig. timak. morning star n. nuntom. sokei. yolunslaad. selvaas. muddy adj. kung. zalk. mound n. museum n. mournhold n. timak. mutter v. moss n. narwhal n. mutton n. mute adj. murder n. yal. multitude n. mourn v. mother n. grul. nunt. bod. lahnik. dosk. jonogah. mouse n. luvmah. luvmahliik. musical n. lein. meyuz. for. sumah. lovadro. morrowind n. bo. diwaan. mulberry n. mahv. national adj. rak. mud n. movement n. narrow v. mule n. mountainous adj. krumon. dii. turog. zahkaaron. morbid adj. gaas.English-Dovahzul morality n. munch v. musician n. mount v. mulzen. lahnikaar. kofun. N nail n. naked adj. motivation n. staag. mysterious adj. narwhale n. most adj. napalm n. strunmah. kalidaal. narrate v. mortal adj. motivate v. lovaas. zahr. mouth v. mouth n. lahvraan. kriivah. skahnov. hefahus. lovaasuv. praak-ronaaz. grulus. joor. multiply v. beylsaak. pogaas. motion n. move v. mosaic n. mug n. pogaav.

nectarine n. notice v. nidzuk. non-canon adj. noblewoman n. neglect v. virahn. navigate v. lovun. never adv. beymur. nether adj. praag. nahgahdinok. newborn n. navy n. near adj. nervous adj. yunkiin. nid. need v. nothingness n. vokraaz. niron. pel-deykel. zud. netch n. night n. nonvulaan. nice adj. nocturne n. yuniik. kravein. none pron. leret. julon. notebook n. next adj. northerly adj. nightingale n. vo. nephew n. noose n. yun. naad. nervousness n. nightmare n. nevermore adv. necessitate v. brom. vus. new adj. yunrot. nonsense n. rahvum. none adv. filgaaf. noone pron. nonchalant adj. nonvuliik. nimbleness n. qobo. nature n. nchardark n. nenreid. native n. roronaaz. newspaper n. nonagon n. ni. nen. nock v. nobility n. negate v. bron. valk. nemesis n. taldeykraan. qoborom. nimun. qurnen. 221 . negative adj. necromancer n. krek. nothing adv. valkom. lund.English-Dovahzul nationalist n. wook. neck n. borii. rigevoth. sulak. nimun. ruus. vulovaas. noon n. news n. edil. yumaas. duzrah. praagek. nirnroot n. natural adj. nor conj. sirvein. needle n. vozahnil. nid. benangaar. nook n. shon. norkaal. negol. normal n. no adv. nest n. nimble adj. nobody pron. kurlank. niney. vo. ahmin. nonvuliik. nectar n. newcomer n. nose n. nocturnal adj. nevermind conj. shulhild. vusarum. near v. alok-dilon. okaalah. necklace n. lotpaal. mithsul. kovolzah. niid. negotiate v. noble adj. nobleman n. necessary adj. bromen. nordic adj. net n. bronen. diistaak. neh. nirn n. malfiit. sumaar. nuv. honaat. lunduv. lov. nid. north n. not adv. sumaar. nocturnal n. honvaas. padir. northern adj. noton. node n. noise n. navigable adj. nebula n. nibble v. necromancy n. nine n. notch adj. nimun. mahrk. niece n. nostril n. note n. nonvul. nord n. neither conj. nod v. negation n. vulon. skildir. hahvulon. nede n. nahrz. vulonaas. strovodinok. bromen. dremyah. network n. vusoven. goltnu.

object v. ominous adj. omnipotence n. oh interj. oil n. oar n. rahlodren. thaarn. dukaag. karon. obey v. onlooker n. nu. rozol. oft adv. obtainment n. nuntom. faazrot. dezmi. omen n. vahrot. korosend. voltolam. obsidian n. number n. koriaan. ahroldan. zurun. rim. nau. obstruction n. fomah. vau. tend. nostig.English-Dovahzul noticeable adj. of prep. offend v. elnreid. novel n. obsolete adj. notion n. volein. ahminaal. omniscient adj. geinmaar. skag. hahkel. omnipotent adj. vel. pugal. offer v. nistaad. obedience n. nutty adj. olive n. now adv. one n. vuuk. oblivion n. grinstiid. tegalrot. once adv. occupation n. nuzzle v. numb adj. obvious adj. obtain v. nuthaak. nowhere adv. observed adj. on prep. odd adj. ur. november n. ont. old adj. novice n. korosend. occasion n. kreintor. occurrence n. ocean n. baarkei. obligation n. zuwuth. ocarina n. octopus n. offering n. oblivion. maadus. ogre n. obedient adj. nudity n. oo. obstacle n. ofir. nova n. koriim. thaar. koros. object n. occupy v. korii. pahsuleyk. O oak n. gein. pahsuleyk. nurture v. now n. nunon. rimend. older adj. occupied adj. krotz. dukaag. oneself n. nuclear n. jiist. obliterate v. official adj. zothaarn. filkaagend. ahtamun. oblige v. volkaan. oneness n. often adv. do. pahgein. nullify v. october n. objection n. observe v. off adj. nun n. ofanaat. oftentimes adv. maad. genul. bek. skildir. ronir. ode n. onion n. grinstiid. 222 . tirzahtiid. nutiid. grinstiid. nut n. wol. krosorun. obstruct v. se. omniscience n. okay interj. wuth. tegalrotak. zaak. kolahn. pahmindok. only adv. qethsevulon. tokaan. hariik. offense n. koriim. groonah. miik. laakir. octagon n. tendrok. nuke n. pahmindok. observer n. oath n. nuisance n. fadaav. friist. wern. old hroldan inn n. briin. fahfiik. occur v. office n.

sol. uluthan. outcast n. ownership n. otherkin n. elkroz. lotjiik. thur. open v. oracle n. outer adj. inkoraav. tahlon. vex. zutir. thur. nahlkopraan. dremiik. gakrizar. oth. orient v. krizey. ore n. avok. oppression n. outlaw n. lahvriiluz. ordeal n. wuthrahnuv. kiid. tir. pacify v. zoktir. oversee v. musveyom. pact n. opponent n. orcish adj. or conj. siifur. pack n. onward adv. organize v. ox n. overburdened adj. outdoors adj. organization n. kose. hol. voraak. naaz. voreykiin. ukust. orchid n. opposition n. tinvaakin. organism n. opportunity n. ornament n. kodiist. nebenbex. oppress v. irthaas. overmorrow n. uth. overloaded adj. organ n. orichalcum n. poguk. opinionated adj. option n. bex. opinion n. ours pron. volein. musvey. oppose v. beznan. govegein. oval n. lokiig. pacifist n. setjahl. ogiim. orator n. gekose. orsimer n. operative adj. ukuz. kriz. opal n. other adj. originate v. overall adj. overencumbered adj. mahgrii. otherwise adv. unmaar. owl n. orange adj. ourselves pron. vaarnurel. overseer n. overlord n. nebenbex. oradgah. kalul. mindirsul. lotwid. vorey. alzah. lotwid. outside adj. tirtiv. overthrow v. overlordship n. solfruk. amiv. taak. vodul. outward adj. taak. un. krizend. vaarnurel. overtake v. siifurdein. our pron. ogiimor. trun. meyar. grozein. hahvothzuk. gedrem. opacity n. oppressor n. P pacification n. un. ouch! interj. order v. lotwid. orsinium n. tah. uv. amativ. thunvu. outermost adj. ogiimen. tokah. pagan n. overcome v. tir. orphan n. ogiim.English-Dovahzul onto prep. orc n. own v. gedremend. oregano n. golahreid. over prep. drahlun. onyx n. ukuziik. ounce n. ow! interj. pahnim. 223 . vorstaald. out adv. ogeliim. own adj. outrage n. otherworld n. original adj. outdoor adj. opaque adj. origin n. vorstaal. overjoyed adj. opposite adj. drenaal. overwhelm v. orange n. nahgahzii.

haan. part n. pasture n. pendulum n. patriot n. pee n. seyvuzos. zulokraan. pencil n. milah. kinz. parallax n. friisgelt. malkoraav. nevul. ruvolom. rahn. paltry adj. passable adj. qahsuld. krosis. pause n. passive adj. pariah n. paragon n. pent adj. nahin. zegur. zorahem. sovaat. pastry n. peace n. patty n. venselor. particular adj. yelsliin. pen n. painted adj. parent n. pruzeim. pants n. parchment n. parsley n. prem. seyvuz. uzgroleinuv. bosgolz. skozahrel. bormahus. vervisk. passenger n. particularly adv. maalutaan. bizur. paint v. hofkahsejun. passionate adj. passage n. ven.English-Dovahzul page n. parrot n. parry v. pear n. 224 . party n. pelniir. malureyd. peddler n. pattern n. patient adj. unagein. pardon n. kendaar. kagaav. paternal adj. koraavuld. virahn. pang n. pendant n. spek. vorenaak. maasofaniik. smolinaal. faazaal. parasite n. pale adj. ruvol. pay v. pass v. maltuniik. penis n. ruvolom. passion n. kaas. patrol v. faast. pusrig. naar. prez. pansexual adj. malur. paradigm n. ziinmet. pain n. thalabrot. paralysis n. govegein. pentagon n. palace n. vortii. party v. gaatrot. patron n. avmaad. panor. lafaan. paradise n. hok. kiiz. prem. drem. palm n. deykraan. kelm. losnaar. pearl n. paratrooper n. friisgeltbrot. vasaar. vernevul. past prep. painful adj. feliig. pallor n. peak n. lid. panic n. suranmiik. biis. past n. password n. lokrahzun. pelt n. partner n. priitor. zodrem. pogukus. gohiv. peck v. paw n. payment n. norkaal. peek n. paradoxical adj. rahnd. pair n. paint n. sahlag. smoliin. penetrate v. verilir. sonziik. peaceful adj. onliin. pebble n. boviir. bodein. pelniir. kunuk. park n. peculiar adj. paleness n. paralyze v. paladin n. visk. pee v. particle n. faaz. pauldron n. peanut n. henreid. pancake n. paper n. parlay n. paradox n. uzgrolein. pathetic adj. pahliinvas. patience n. deykraan. path n. ustiid. venselor. pan n. siith. prudaas.

persist v. skin. yeldah. plate n. pet n. hiraak. pitiless adj. palaar. pilgrimage n. priizah. phone n. zuthiir. philosophy n. piss v. plateau n. peryite n. mahkur. perform v. orlaavend. saluk. pioneer n. tiidnul. pilgrim n. orlaav. percolate v. rahwundun. ilir. pie n. joriin. petty adj. maledun. fiilos. jor. haar. percent n. pineapple n. kosov. vonum. pervade v. plant n. perceive v. yolzoor. zemqulek. deykrilir. tozeinvu. phase n. pistol n. phoenix n. philosophical adj. kinz. picture n. malsezilf. plague n. griid. pervert v.English-Dovahzul penumbra n. platform n. pheasant n. person n. brilaas. prin. pillage v. sahlag. phantom n. place n. pestilence n. vofrul. edil. bozeim. vildhahkun. koben. pet adj. raaviir. piece n. sah. lokraas. persuade v. permeate v. pindaar. pitiful adj. pogukus. rut. pitch n. perishable adj. pet v. pig n. vedkrasom. pigmy adj. grolah. people n. rez. pine n. krasliivin. perilous adj. perhaps adv. pile n. plain adj. plain n. pine v. nuvey. pest n. mein. vofrul. sahlojoor. period n. aalkos. geltviing. perception n. pickpocket n. malnaaz. permit v. vernevul. peril n. fraanend. planet n. zahtiid. sahlag. pinch v. joraan. soqat. malur. fiilosuv. sovaar. petite adj. iizil. pierce v. picturesque adj. perpetual adj. photograph n. hofkahzof. draazog. vedkrasom. vunonhaal. diistiik. pit n. perfect adj. krosik. rahwunduniik. thrinmah. pickaxe n. inhon. 225 . vofunvul. permanence n. place v. platinum n. aazrii. gutlein. persnickety adj. hahsebom. plane n. permission n. prin. brotumkip. piano n. staad. ozinveyhaal. pillow n. ahvus. perk n. pick v. beku. bozeim. visliiv. pillar n. jir. perseverance n. tus. sunaak. haalniv. grolahnd. permanent adj. koniiyek. peopled adj. pity n. pitchfork n. rezus. brak. pint n. pipe n. plan v. persevere v. tiidnu. gutzul. pepper n. verlovaas. pirate n. perish v. physics n. ris. piiv. pink adj. fraan. galik. rutkei. personality n. merak.

nivok. kostaad. prayer n. noksenonviik. kiirdaas. polish v. nivurot. poop n. pusaas. qahv. pony n. pocket n. muldreniir. pleasure n. yolkern. draal. noksenonvul. prairie n. pregnant adj. dezmah. kaap. deziirukt. portion n. precious adj. kostir. brulost. kostiruv. porter n. practice v. uliid. pop v. suleykaar. popcorn n. slenselok. egnah. genazaal. powerful adj. powerless adj. kahriik. koraas. fariik. hopik. power n. prefer v. precise adj. suleyk. plunge v. plot v. predator n. positive adj. potential n. 226 . poke v.English-Dovahzul play v. playful adj. plunderer adj. kiidenek. police n. zoviidost. zahd. diipahlom. verlovaas. pleasurable adj. joraan. prozeyv. draaf. polytheistic adj. politician n. play n. thunkodiik. uliidom. poetry n. viidost. malur. komah. thunkodiik. plight n. viinun. politics n. pond n. powdery adj. viinun. potable adj. pray v. geviin. practical adj. precision n. uliidom. pornography n. plumage n. poultry n. precedent n. poet n. hahtaar. possiblity n. thokaz. possible adj. yirtah. pogaanrah. potion n. korasaal. predicament n. sonvaak. brudmun. pop n. populated adj. golklov. possession n. tinvaatey. doriik. prattle v. veyloz. pool n. geivah. proviz. polytheism n. plenty n. vahkunz. preciseness n. miiraak. prank n. preen v. portrait n. nahkuz. piraak. possess v. lig. kiiraal. policeman n. player n. zahvos. please v. vanvaak. haalvit. vurul. malkey. kahriil. position n. vipiin. staal. sahtul. povaan. potato n. pozik. malom. pot n. poor adj. potent adj. point n. pole n. werid. portal n. pouch n. povaas. kiird. port n. lig. poisonous adj. poison n. lomok. poleaxe n. plume n. poem n. powder n. plunder v. mein. mulaag. podzol n. draan. nahkuziik. jusktii. porn n. piilo. mulnu. point v. proviz. praise n. evenik. piraakt. pollute v. galgur. genaz. power tool n. dezmah. pound n. droliik. genazend. practice n. pleasant adj. poker n. plentiful adj. pusast. pommel n. pogaanraal. please adv. uskoros. kopruzah.

prism n. zahnir. progress v. prostrate v. punctuation v. ofanaat. prize n. proud adj. pretty adj. pronoun n. punctuate v. program n. verkiir. produce v. pogahko. provision n. protrude v. gahfus. presently adv. press v. punch v. profession n. prey n. pudding n. princess n. provide v. ativut. dor. prove v. premeditate v. firig. kosmey. kusil. prudaav. virlaan. prepare v. kuyiz. property n. puberty n. prostitute n. hespaagliik. probable adj. zokah. kord. zokah. nutiid. punishment v. procreate v. budlaak. projectile n. usukah. prisoner n. das. punish v. prevail v. preside v. jormah. pub n. proper adj. price n. grunz. pulsar n. protect v. pull n. public n. lorfonaar. pressure n. bix. pride n. prime adj. problem n. praznu. gelingrah. jormaar. pry v. kropah. qostiiduv. pull v. ter. ativaal. murahv. birgahniir. profuse adj. process n. maag. prusfil. rodraan. ativut. propel v. prison n. baag. sonaak. print n. kah. kulaanus. province n. grozahom. puncture v. psychology n. nuvah. diron. gevahzen. proclamation n. princessly adj. jaaril. psychic n. birgah. krastak. proceed v. promise v. uriif. lotkiiv. uslovaas. problematic adj. ahkron. pelzahd. proverb n. sovit. prompt adj. present n. pulse v. sonaak. giiriz. snol. krodren. praz. piraakt. kopiraan.English-Dovahzul prelude n. malbrii. pentaar. nuvah. diistus. private adj. inaak. previous adj. print v. probability n. princely adj. prodigy n. promote v. prideful adj. prince n. proclaim v. drok. puke v. kuyizaat. prophetic adj. prophecy n. kulaan. prahm. nor. dironzaar. priority n. kaat. priestess n. president n. qostiid. pumpkin n. yunok. wiizaan. vahzensaag. pelzahd. pretend v. qosaar. pump v. dikinz. krotz. grozah. nahgah. presence n. primary adj. vulz. priest n. preserve v. kopirot. grunzah. 227 . kulaasus. presume v. priceless adj. kinz. progression n. donth. pentaar. naramriin. prophet n. kulaas. prolong v. krodren. foraan-rot. procedure n. priivum. hahsoksehah. deykrilir. tumbonaar.

quart n. rahgol. laan. pursue v. pure adj. quiver v. felhah. purge v. quince n. stiild. radiant adj. rank n. nuft. kruziikun. kuzol. purification n. nukaas. reyliikun. faan. wahlaan. Q quad bike n. sahto. pursuit n. quicken v. purify v. nelom. yulvid. randomness n. yulmey. kazaar. bu'ul. quite adv. ruv. put v. racism adj. leyk. burzah. radio n. bir. question n. dokraas. random adj. push v. ram v. pyrite n. hirokey. raised v. rain's hand n. jud. quit v. ruth. lit. radius n. vaak. raid v. railroad n. quasar n. range v. hiran. queen n. rage n. raise v. lufeykro. nel. uraniik. zixiirom. queer adj. rainy adj. quicksilver n. dolkeyven. siison. prahk. dah. race v. rainforest n. keinul. 228 . laniid. genel. quiet adj. zixiir. pyre n. reyliik. prahkend. lokluvus. kaviir. radiation n. quality n. zonuft. viinazil. haalokluv. hireid. rag v. rain n. wahl. python n. dubah. agnaar. quest n. quote n. bodukaag. lokluvfahin. jeykiiv. judus. queenly adj. query n. rainbow n. quiet n. mindaziik. quandary n. purple adj. rabid adj. draaklo. purposeful adj. koziir.English-Dovahzul pup n. peh. quill n. race n. ranger n. purpose n. bizuryuv. nufost. purchase v. hefyaav. virot. gelok. rabies n. raccoon n. pelniir. lokluv. uraan. kusah. quick adj. radiance n. radioactive adj. quench v. godaan. puppy n. R rabbit n. quadrilateral n. quadruple adj. laan. dokraas. quiz n. puzzle n. quickness n. tusron. pupil n. quell v. wund. krun. niivut. nilz. quartz n. zulkronimaar. faaniik. puppet n. felhahlun. jen. thokriiv. quicksand n. stiildus. bodukagaal. races n. olg. peluft. quail n. purse n. ris. rag n. reyliik. sonziik. quarrel n. krun. pyramid n.

fautiid. recognise v. regard v. rattle v. refugee n. record n. reaper n. regency n. refrain v. lorvod. refuse n. duvaat. redeem v. keiz. reek v. orbalaan. receive v. reborn adj. milaar. gesahqo. qavolaan. reconnaissance n. refuse v. kofun. regain v. orwahl. reymuv. mindrus. lorvod. 229 . volaav. recite v. orwahl. sovaar. rarely adv. emtiind. taavin. huznu. raze v. dro. ravage v. rapid adj. react v. kortuz. sahvoz. votivut. ned. realm adj. real adj. reasonable adj. recipe n. record v. orim. realize v. redemption n. reach v. bokun. redoubt n. forhah. hireid. rectify v. saadom. redo v. refusal n. folov. dunahkei. reflection v. uskriif. reception n. recant v. reckless adj. ofaalin. ofaal. recognize v. daaltun. saadom. kovon. ravenous adj. reciprocity v. hahlot. daaltun. saadom. umaak. reed n. reference v. reaver n. rebel n. vaxei. rebuild v. modokraan. receiver n. reason n. jokaar. rave v. gren. recede v. emtiin. recover v. recount v.English-Dovahzul rape v. rectum n. rapier n. frulrunir. mindrus. rasp v. raven n. rebirth adj. dremjaar. raw adj. mulimaar. rare adj. refine v. recall v. reconnect v. refrigerator n. bovultiin. rectal adj. sahqo. saad. ready adj. lingrahmiin. recollection v. orkiin. dahrin. reciprocation v. vet. motaak. vernenfah. rather adv. neltiid. razor adj. realness n. sahqomun. red adj. reym. recollection n. sunaak. tahmusend. krahoskad. read v. deylok. orgevoth. reaction n. ofaalend. daaltun. recollect v. orkiindah. hiiv. nenvaar. serk. redden v. vax. riig. rebellion n. reflect v. refuge n. recent adj. ray n. realm n. forhah. akor. reciprocate v. tahmus. uroksvaal. tiidahmaan. rear n. num. orbalaan. rat n. forgen. ruvaak. korosin. dahrinaal. recreate v. realization n. klozul. aldol. reality n. rebellious adj. lovuneh. ravine n. orim. redguard n. realism n. vertal. hevaak. volaav. reckon v. alzit. refer v. suleyksejun. rectangle n. nuk. jokaar. etaak. ned. lorvod.

research n. reservoir n. requiem n. residence n. daalnos. nirkaanon. liinvas. vriid. renew v. reject v. rukoruv. paan. rahlunkei. tal. orbiis. renowned adj. kogroso. mur. relish v. yolir. reserve v. reload v. medkoraav. remind v. relax v. yolirend. kahforaan. rivun. regeneration n. ahlondein. represent v. remade adj. remain v. remake v. repent v. verkiir. vogahriin. folov. remembrance n. relations n. oris. relate v. yolir. region n. rescue v. reproduction n. govend. kolahniik. juskov. related adj. rejection n. vriiduv. republic n. yolirend. orfor. remembered adj. reincarnation n. praanlovaas. ahlon. bahvit. relative adj. fotiid. reyziin. representation n. qurnen. reminder n. orkiin. repeat v. resist v. religious adj. removal n. duvaat. renounce v. reptilian adj. kroz. remember v. reign n. requirement n. palnekaar. repurpose v. orwahl. fahral. renewal n. reply v. genaas. regrow v. votivut. reyziin. repay v. rein n. 230 . laan. grosokei. resemble v. release v. kolahn. ahlond. reorganize v. regretful adj. remnant n. relation n. ofunlor. zahnir. vertal. dojuk. rend v.English-Dovahzul regenerate v. relic n. render v. resistance n. regret v. krisiiv. vax. relief n. reproduce v. graak. reprisal v. vogahvon. renown n. renegade n. wahlom. remark v. request n. reptile n. huvutaat. maankir. resolve n. remove v. folov. mu'ulsemuz. nirkaanond. reyzan. vaar. request v. yolirend. yolir. dahmaan. regular adj. groso. gaar. rahlun. vokren. report n. report v. laan. rename v. duyiiv. rukor. ahlond. regress v. resident n. rely v. orkopraanzii. religion n. mindokin. remedy v. fron. replace v. siinorah. reproductive adj. dahmaar. volaav. regrowth n. govey. huvut. zuvir. orklad. relationship n. remains n. relent v. vorliz. ronax. fron. fraajik. residue n. orvorstaal. resolute adj. fahrald. dahmin. tholaar. repair v. rejoice v. remote adj. require v. orbrah. regiment n. volaav. reply n. orah. reside v. rejected adj. hud. boden. residual adj.

rogue n. ride v. keiz. right adj. revelation n. qaar. fir. resh. geltlaas. seyl. response n. roll v. rhythm n. revolution n. orfrolok. rigorously adv. ritual n. rival n. roniik. rip v. riften n. kruzikaar. yahn. rorikstead n. respond v. orbrah. riddle v. rock v. ropentaar. rightness n. resume v. ripeness n. retribution n. skoboviik. result n. restless adj. resh. genun. saavir. fuskah. daalnos. room n. retaliate v. responsibility n. reuse v. kav. resurrectionist n. praan. frist. restoration n. urid. review v. resource n. nurvim. zofir. restroom n. reward v. roar v. right n. fahbo. ring n. rhyme n. brothuz. ronit. stroh. morkon. respectful adj. raf. revkoron. alok. rift n. matah. govir. zogravaar. rigorous adj. robot n. retake v. rope n. rum. fahrald. restrain v. rim n. viilt. risk n. rokmah. riiz. yin. vokriind. solqahd. burdah. droz. respectable adj. risk v. roast v. revere v. nahkriin. hahkreh. rid v. malun. razaan. ufir. orim. roe n. vahlokeyv. ridge n. weyt. vokrii. ahkaan. retire v. rival v. hahlot. reunify v. drul. rise v. strah. robin n. vokrii. rooster n. rich adj. respect v. keiz. rib n. revive v. revenge n. shunstaad. fol. restore v. daak. nunaakun. 231 . keiz.English-Dovahzul resolved adj. orvegein. rivalry n. roof n. rinse v. luzikin. reveal v. zoriik. genaas. prenlon. laagnu. ritir. vokriid. qiiraz. rest v. reshiik. folom. daal. restraint n. daalnos. ritrin. root n. rorikhofkah. gravunlom. rhetoric n. robe n. zograv. return v. lortaan. maankir. votivut. folul. folov. rock n. rath. ribbon n. zorahzaas. riot n. river n. retreat v. rob v. revkoronuv. kesk. robber n. restrict v. right v. zor. vild. rider n. begron. fahral. ritual adj. revolt n. ripe adj. rein. role n. revel v. resourceful adj. road n. retaliation v. rahzaas. ripple n. robbery n. morkonin.

row n. sanction n. sat v. sabre cat n. praal. doliiv. S saber n. sik. rowboat n. pluz. saint n. brunikaar. graan. salvation n. sack v. safety n. fahludraal. savant n. rouse v. svenjir. rug n. saturday n. tirahkom. sausage n. sake n. rule v. royalty n. sacrifice v. brotaan. savanna n. sijum. dulsos. brunikaar. ziig. strunsul. reythkiir. rune n. satisfactory adj. rotate v. rough adj. sanctuary n. kenlir. mindokah. sandy adj. tiiraazom. nahkuz. sadden v. revak. sosahlos. slenaakin. rohah. sav. saat. tirdun. motaad. nokur. bruniik. sail v. avtoknun. klohus. qiilaanzin. rukaan. safe adj. mu'uliik. getiiraaz. rinis. yolgonis.English-Dovahzul rosary n. zeinsuleyk. asnir. saviik. sarcophagus n. rush v. runestone n. zalus. sanity n. saw n. krelzahkrii. savageness n. rumor n. sanctum n. mindolo. rum n. sap n. sandstorm n. savagery n. savior n. ruse n. sandstone n. pentaaz. qiilaanzin. rose n. ragiinix. zahrahmiik. pluzvaad. sadness n. sand n. gaard. zal. sawmill n. sauce n. gemogur. sacrament n. sevmah. sag v. ruby n. mu'ul. sailor n. tirahk. sapphire n. sage n. reythsos. klofraan. rahnaar. rusty adj. liivor. gral. row v. klo. gerevak. run v. ruler n. same n. rohah. saag. rumble v. sandwich n. saatiik. ru. salamander n. sigolz. sanctify v. satisfy v. vaaruk. sane adj. klostrun. salute n. peyt. spaal. dulsosaal. lingrahtey. revakaad. tirahkom. dovahmiin. rust n. vaarnu. saga n. say v. rot v. rahun. juros. logolz. jotkaaz. ruthless adj. saag. salt n. save v. savend. kenlokus. sacred adj. 232 . savage adj. worax. tiiraaz. runner n. rei. ezil. royal adj. saddle n. round adj. doliivus. gemoguraal. sanguinary n. sad adj. ruin n. rout v. sosgol. safeness n. safeguard v. woraxpund. sapling n. salutation n. said v. giif. salty adj.

search engine n. sell v. scare v. faan. scrub v. score n. scoundrel n. okaaz. zosoviis-tuz. zofaas. jusktii. praal. dahstin. vetgar. seduce v. scholar n. seamstress n. scar n. ziist. seer n. skur. skein. scatter v. school n. vahliind. baasegolz. mindaziir. kolzakiiv. marzuh. scry v. search v. scent n. second seed n. eyfur. scorn v. selfishness n. schism v. scowl v. mindokah. sahlon. draaz. sirn. secretion n. secure v. scriptorium n. scrap v. vahlii. secunda n. self n. selflessness n. see v. secret adj. scorned v. seeker n. frit. script n. hahsok. lovuneh. deykel. scribe n. nahkorah. tovitaan. seize v. searcher n. sea n. meintiid. koraaviik. scold v. scholarship n. scream v. seal n. scroll n. lunbrii. tovit. scythe n. veydosebriin. screen n. klor. sahqos. dortiis. peliik. seduction n. maruvom. soven. bosmoliin. section n. sozkul. domor. pelorun. schematic n. siigren. musgiir. beyn. schedule n. seem v. pelein. fahzon. nun. scratch v. scherzo n. scarce num. lahk. olm-gefaasiik. seasonal adj. scientist n. yirtlovaas. gefaas. scintillate v. scurry v. ruskir. seen adj. beyn. scamp n. ziistmaas. strin. evgiruv. krelzahkrii. scale n. malur. dahst. selfless adj. lostiid. second adj. krenok. mindaas. scimitar n. osuliik. season n. seaweed n. banaak. kogur. scamper v. 233 . skah. scene n. fon. koraav. science n. scarecrow n. selfish adj. evgir. fiivut. ruskir. scrape v. kovolkniir. scared adj. meyar. seldom adv. virlaan. ruknaar. mindaziik. seller n. second n. pusonin. kuz. scale v. ahkrol. scum n. mindokah. scout v. seat v. seed n. vozahkel-tovitaan. sculpture n. vaarun. mindaziikein. vrii. maas. scorch v. spiin. scheme n. secretary n. marnu. seek v. scripture n. seethe v. krezah. kuld. scaffold n. parok. scenery n. yah. scenic adj. marnurom.English-Dovahzul scabbard n. kuld. scourge n. scorpion n. tovitaan. scrap n. scarlet adj. scalpel n. maruv. seal v. sirnaaz.

pruvosaal. serpent n. gevul. buld. shapely adj. sentiment n. goltnu. shampoo n. shepherd n. shade v. sew v. sexual adj. shall v. kot. pruvos. zodremhah. shadow n. shark n. graav. separation v. lahiik. zahrak. kaam. shield v. shirt n. vith. feymah. sexy adj. viin. she pron. sharpen v. vuld. sex n. shore n. fid. sentence v. krenok. muhonah. ship n. lahlun. shattered adj. set v. gronzul. bruzah. servitude n. shop n. viim. vokun. krenok. rizulvoth. hahulaan. qarah. serious adj. gekinzon. septim n. jahkiit. sensitive adj. jag.English-Dovahzul semi-canon adj. serenity n. serrated adj. rostaam. seven n. untaar. stiis. shelter v. shock v. senseless adj. shack n. liinvas. krent. olg. shaman n. kinzonom. omshuniir. serenade n. frit. osul. fent. shave v. maltiid. kotrin. servile adj. malingren. send v. fridirlovaas. zos. veysun. sex v. separate adj. smahlu. separate v. shade n. shield n. aarot. sharpness n. shape n. share v. kliiz. kinzon. ahkrol. shift v. draafus. spaan. paak. shit n. silyol. rek. ahmik. sekmir. shamble v. qiiv. spaal. das. aam. sever v. shortly adv. shallowness n. brenok. sheet n. sheath n. sheathe v. saatvaas. aar. shake v. veiliin. shine v. thus. ofun. shoe n. shame n. yuld. set n. kahnzon. shallow adj. servant n. serve v. det. shanty n. shiver v. pogaat. shin n. soron. service n. shed v. shoot v. sentimental adj. donin. september n. sheep n. server n. paagluf. sharp adj. ediin. honah. shitty adj. sense v. buldus. short adj. ahtiv. shock n. honahlaat. motaad. shining adj. shimmer v. friim. 234 . zopaak. kren. shameful adj. krogiir. hel. shockwave n. dremhah. reik. okravaaz. veydar. prudilom. several adj. prudil. sepal n. settle v. liinus. spaal. liin. shard n. viintaas. serene n. shamanism n. fusriin. shatter v. sentient adj. hokzii. draaf. shoelace n. sensation n. shell n.

trof. kras. nahlot. shrink v. sky n. noot. significant adj. skinny adj. simple adj. sin v. deytoniir. dahvol.English-Dovahzul shortsword n. nahlon. sit v. sincerity n. skirt n. briinahus. situation n. klus. skillet n. sisterhood n. karaak. lanrii. shred v. shout v. kud. kreltuz. sink v. sick adj. mindokziin. siintul. motaad. sluv. wiistelom. single-handed adj. shroud n. simplify v. meyardein. zaan. vahk. silence v. shuffle v. shudder v. zoh. wiistelom. skyscraper n. skiiv. balkus. silent adj. simulate v. sickle n. marzaan. similar adj. skyforge n. shy adj. silencer n. singer n. lok. signify v. lokreniik. hiis. sibling n. friisgelt. siin. skew v. signature n. siintul. single adj. sluvus. praal. gevul. got. staad. site n. skittish adj. zilf. sing v. skies n. sickness n. show v. skovaas. kinzuk. skeptic n. shriek v. shut v. skaam. shroud v. shovel n. skyrim n. skeleton n. shot n. 235 . briinah. dezmi. nizraad. lok. sincere adj. amriis. olqein. gevahk. gritiik. siinvu. silky adj. suld. side n. kirgar. sunu. sign n. kresel. gekras. krasaar. vonuntiv. briinahmaar. significance n. siege n. shoulder n. skeletal adj. olg. should v. skewer v. olqeinaas. sicken v. sluvus. heimsekaan. reid. trum. geinan. nizraadom. slain adj. nahlotzaan. signless adj. skill n. similar (to) prep. six n. skyward adj. belur. fend. storn. raaz. silk n. ahstiir. mirodah. sight n. jin. veirey. shrine n. strin. shrill adj. keizaal. slam v. krinaan. motaad. med. lehet. silver adj. signal v. shuddered v. skeever n. ruzun. sink n. edun. sigh v. silt n. wiistel. loktiv. medaas. size n. mirodahiik. skin n. shrug n. sizzle v. pusahkrii. paagluf. skip v. sok. soskiin. skaan. genun. sisterly adj. raas. sire v. siigren. skull n. qeln. shrub n. silken adj. shun v. sister n. sigil n. since prep. sinister adj. sir n. gemal. koraav.

slippery adj. praak. seh. slip v. rotzekein. faskom. solace n. sahlon. slaughter n. vaan. sock n. snow n. nahlimaar. smile v. sled n. niif. snap v. muf. slut n. odfahliil. solar eclipse n. snare n. snack n. freind. soil v. kriin. soften v. snort v. bremaan. softness adj. slugish adj. smoke n. slug n. snore v. gesein. sulvek. sniff v. kropah. slavery n. odstrun. slight adj. andraas. faazrot. smack v. kreinvulon. ahkrop. andraas. trog. slew v. diipahlom. slit v. snowberry n. smartphone n. gunaar. iizlokluv. zaam. denaak. kriid. mirozun. smirk v. zereis. snow elf n. wiizaan. slender adj. laak. shuniir. bremaf. sleepy adj. motmahus. slyness adj. snuggle v. fadaav. slither v. pus. sloth n. laagnu. smart adj. snuffle v. praak. slow v. graaz. sleep n. skag. smith n. 236 . slayer n. slit n. snug adj. gutinok. sleek adj. prakem. kriin. slingshot n. slave n. fuh. solar adj. pahrkriiv. ahniif. ful. sein. sleepwear n. egiis. dilosikin. soil n. malingren. snoop v. sload n. kriind. slap v. aarot. slide v. snake n. soccer n. ozur. gel. krasum. soap n. snatch v. laagus. hos. nahpok. sleepless adj. thok. smoky adj. smooth adj. sniper n. gelus. sneeze n. slash v. ahniif. slaver n. pahrk-niiv. smash v. fahrax. trog. laag. nibo. mindosaal. fax. slow adj. aariik. eytik. seinraan. kroskinbok. lorgutzul. stiilah. raal. tinvaakuv. snowstorm n. small adj. soft adj. heimiik. ozur. slay v. sling n. slave master n. smelt v. snag v. krasum. sleigh n. rav. od. society n. smite v. aakfus. shuluv. sliit. slander v. vulonriived. snowy adj. slaughterfish n. voteivo. sneer v. slice n. bonaak. sober adj. so adv. sneak v.English-Dovahzul slander n. eitah. odogah. soda n. motmah. gefask. horvut. aar. mirol. smell n. odus. fuh. fask. snarl v. sly adj. denek. sniffle v. sleet n. social adj. soar v.

sphinx n. sparkle v. ginun. soulmate n. hahgolt. eylok. solar system n. sorcery n. stunden. koraaveyz. okulom. spectrum n. leytah. soon adv. spiral n. tinvaakin. qoreyn. soldier n. sokei. speed n. zokro. suranmiik. sov. kro. shik. solve v. spell n. sound n. tinvaak. sorrowful adj. solstheim n. solidarity n. spiteful adj. someone pron. so. spaceship n. specifically adv. ahstiid. aanwo. ahsul. loah. soup n. solid adj. yah. nelom. spit v. tinvaak. sovngarde. vahlomok. koven. solstice n. lingrahsul. sort n. stunden. sook. zulaan. rahzun. soulless adj. sow v. shulrod. zokrosis. speechless adj. stiis. speedy adj. gazviik. lovaas. lusvaan. raaminsah. sov. soul gem n. gutlokviing. solution n. spineless adj. das. specific adj. speech v. spent v. sorry adj. kul. south n. krosis. wazahl. spicey adj. sphere n. pahgein. koven. stav. spectral adj. speckle n. soul cairn n. spark v. veysenor. ziinuv. gutlokviing. brendon. maakus. osos. filrith. wazahlom. spirit n. spider n. son n. spectacles n. ner. spa n. deytoniir. sought v. sokei. spine n. someday adv. ahstaad. soul n. qethserigir. spices n. ahloriiv. spiritual adj. raxnu. fahmey. sparrow n. krosis. specter n. sir. tinvaaknu. somewhere adv. sour adj. spin v. somebody pron. 237 . spade n. zeik. speaker n. zokraaz. aanwo. nel. solitude n. silgren. sorry adj. sovngarde n. something pron. ahdinaak. zokrosis. someway adv. spice n. brendonus. spigot n. southern adj. space n. eylok. southerly adj. spend v. solid adj. spill v. bros. honaat. spike n. wiil. speak v. sometime n. specificity n. some pron. soothe v. somehow adv. sil. solemn adj. sorrow n. lozuk.English-Dovahzul solar flare n. spiced adj. sorceror n. zokromaar. species n. spaceshuttle n. gutlok. spite n. grensesille. maakus. silliin. prekal. geyol. kostim. atruk. niigol. spear n. special adj. song n. maak. viim. kraaz. bromgrindol . sorcerous adj. kromaar. stum. zii. lusvaan. maak. source n. silnu. sovereign adj.

steel n. qurnen. spriggan n. stegniir. statement n. faantak. stable n. strevind. luz. vahlogolz. spruce n. gaan. starter n. stagnate v. gahlot. stadium n. fil. sutah. baat. sutah. tarn. zofenahk. steg. stammer v. ther. nadiin. dwiin. steadfast adj. stand v. splatter v. stagger v. stalwart adj. vahlomok. lomos. stalemate n. spiir. likinstah. mahsah. spot n. uraan. stabber n. stepladder n. stay v. gebahlok. filkun. steed n. sputter v. stain v. keyrok. renek. tiidnu. stalhrim n. fey. station n. vonzun. stamina n. keyhofkiin. spritz v. stale adj. gahrot. vasmiir. diingrah. stalk v. staff n. spouse n. lomosus. hofkah. sprinkle v. standard n. standing stone n. tusron. spurn v. starboard n. stick n. staple n. spoon n. square n. riig. nirvot. feykroziis. gespein. stegniir. stench v. spring n. filreid. vaagol. splat v. uraniik. stank v. sprite n. statue n. liivut. standard adj. squid n. split v. splinter n. steady adj. pook. sport n. filmah. spread v. vah. gonah. filklo. spyglass n. fahmey. steal v. baviid. trug. spiir. kinziik. stall n. stab v. splendor n. starve v. hofkinaar. sportsmanship n. shik. toriig. step v. stampede n. poskur. stance n. koraaveyz. start v.English-Dovahzul splash v. baat. squeal v. stern n. steer v. botikah. kinz. nahpok. akor. vensekos. stegniir. spoiled adj. spy n. spoil v. stardust n. enahk. stealth n. shik. stag n. stare v. steam n. kresel. gahlaak. hefvaak. steward n. spray v. steamy adj. star n. stiz. nelru. koprein. nus. lotgrahstaad. splendid adj. revakiiz. renek. kriist. wolov. ubaak. marzaan. sprint v. fantiikzin. meyk. state n. stair n. filuv. stable adj. nesiik. starfall n. steading n. stallion n. stall v. stellar adj. tarn. muthir. 238 . keyd. nev. sii. stalk n. gerik. krenok. squander v. stairs n. spork n. goniik. minz. squirrel n. splutter v. starlight n. oraak.

strike v. sahmey. sturdiness n. qiilaak. strange adj. suffocate v. zuruniik. hahsok. sufol. golz. tul. subway n. vensedren. grahmindol. suck v. kranas. hinz. storm atronach n. strov. stupid adj. gelingrah. gahrot. tulk. stretch v. pogaan-luft. struggle v. sty n. straight adj. subject n. aus. enkron. eliir. straighten v. gemulaag. brenok. veydar. aank. study n. enkron. strife n. vaagol. sting v. qiilaak. strong adj. golahrom. submission v. strunus. dulmah. style n. strive v. pruntaas. stranger n. hinzaal. stink v. hiskol. nahled. gol. strengthen v. baliis. himur. stood v. vaagol. stratagem n. stur. stimulate v. student n. stiildus. stun v. kalah. stillness n. substance n. strength n. sugary adj. mulaag. stole v. tefsu. submit v. kriist. string n. storyteller n. pelvahrot. stiilah. stronghold n. stupor n. strunkaronahs. suggest v. stomach n. pookus. strundu'ul. 239 . stubborness n. krosorun. feyz. stiild. runir. tovaak. laavak. wahlaat. sudden adj. sugar n. substantial adj. stress n. grahmin. botikah. mul. vergrav. ausiik. street n. vog. stumble v. stuck adj. sturdy adj. solkiig. hokaal. stormy n. succeed v. succession v. store n. success n. fastrah. study v. vukahmiin. helt. structure n. naavah. grik. strun. prunt. stomp v. stunted adj. stormcrown n. strundaam. sufolus. suffer v. storm n. stuff n. prustiik. tahlon. bruleyk. malingren. mul. straan. nos. subtle adj. trok. suliiv. strain v. struck v. vaagol. lumvit. strangle v. skerah. story n. stream n. hahgolt. kast. golzus. sublime adj. vudeym. strum v. stormcloak n. viiruh. stifle v. mulhaan. nin. seyvuz. prust. golah. stony adj. zurun. such adj. hefvaak. feyz. streak n. stutter v. suave adj. still adj. strip v. subscribe v. tahvir. sufferer n. strawberry n. rolnah. stone n. stubborn adj. pook. stop v. stool n. subjective adj. teyfuniik. stupidity n. subjugate v. strategy n. qethsegol. oris. trin. subside v. bahyek. substitute v. nos. stinky adj. brolor.English-Dovahzul stick v. dulmah. stout adj.

supply n. peil. skilaan. shulkun. gonahsul. kasiil. bek. surcoat n. sweet n. grunah. summerset isle n. nizaag.English-Dovahzul suggestion n. baliis. neilaasend. neilaas. superhuman adj. swap v. filsul. eldraag. vahkroved. guzor. switch v. bonit. krentaan. super adj. skobov. krentar. birgah. swallow v. suppress v. hespik. sunset n. summit n. sure interj. sword n. sundown n. birgahniir. sosforaan. summary n. surface n. swoon v. supernova n. zinul. swordsmanship n. narand. survivor n. summoner n. sure adj. fildinok. support v. zuplaar. swear v. superior adj. braat. lorfonaar. surname n. swift adj. zinuljoor. kreintor. sunday n. swollen adj. surprise v. suppose v. tovaak. naram. swoop v. suitable adj. swindle v. kastalir. zosoviis. krein. krenlom-viing. sully v. surpass v. nahpok. sun's dusk n. sweet potato n. pahsu. swagger v. sunrise n. shulkun. superb adj. sweep v. kirod. supremacy n. surroundings n. switch n. avokei. shulus. sustain v. swirl v. sweet adj. surrender v. mulimaar. styorngol. krimaar. prazaak. surround v. surf n. grunir. shulmah. krenlom. sway v. neilaasin. sunder v. swimmer n. hesbrot. branaat. grundaar. koor. prudaav. sun's height n. sunlight n. filsul. swing v. frum. supernatural adj. swamp n. nakooriiz. koorus. ahmol. suspicious adj. kahmaar. sweetroll n. seyl. qobo. supply v. surgeon n. beliik. diivon. zahkrii. sulphur n. naramaan. summon v. sviniik. supplant v. bosit. bonit. nahlotzaan. swan n. supple adj. surge n. kriithul. krehlim. pahel. susceptible adj. hes. sun n. surgery n. summer n. kreinvu. summery adj. tukuz. sundas n. zahkriidun. gekenlok. swelling n. surmise v. naar. sweat n. daasin. sunny adj. braat. survival n. swim v. sunshine n. swell v. sun's dawn n. shiraav. 240 . suppressor n. nakooriiz. survive v. zosovah. svin. bel. surfboard n. sulfur n. supper n. shulmah. bovortii. suraas. pahsunaal. qoborom. lorfonaar. valzapor. shul. surety n. vaat. suspect v. suicide n. suspicion n. swiftness n.

symptom n. talent n. tallness n. mel. temporal adj. tempest n. talisman n. yormud. gutsiin. teaching n. tinvaak. tap n. vodremtvulz. taste n. zomaar. teleporter n. fuhilpiin. telegraph n. syncopation n. tinvirlaan. tactic n. vaat. terrifying adj. taste v. faarom. term n. tenet n. tempt v. terrify v. vodremtvulz. tearful adj. terrible adj. tempestuous adj. talk v. golstaad. rithwunduniik. tentacle n. prolg. beylsaak. jusk. tasteless adj. sympathy n. vaaz. rihonaat. vahriin. teenager n. tauliis. maalut. tame v. system n. kuz. symbol n. klahd. tell v. deylok. zomaar. tan adj. temporary adj. teenage n. oron. taazokaan. syndrome n. raald. teach v. telephone n. task n. ahsod. tiiduv. tail n. technique n. teetotal adj. maalutaan. niislah. sahrelend. nebenaraan. tamriel n. kestus. taffy n. bodilirpok. yosel. krumonit. gutzul. krazahd. vuldit. fun. kenfiir. duviin. tears n. vensedren. osuliik. wahrok. golgaaz. gemaar. tang n. tear n. virlaan. zahkron. tattooed adj. ken. snol. tea n. haalvutir. territory n. tamper v. tey. terror n. tasty adj. T table n. syntax n. synthesizer n. qahriil. luvaal. maar. tend v. teacher n. temper n. syncopate n. temptation n. forvoth-rot. gobahron. temperature n.English-Dovahzul swore v. skah. luv. target n. plozkaro. uniid. voteivo. ziiklah. mindopah. nebenaraan. ten n. forahgol. luv. television n. tailor n. tale n. bord. tavern n. tattoo n. rax. tent n. sahrel. kiinoot. tag v. men. handeykraan. mind. tavus. 241 . rithwundun. tank n. kenus. kest. teeth n. tease v. tape n. tankard n. teleport v. siindah. faar. vel. kenvu. taint n. tarnish v. temple n. bodzah. ken. synonym n. tear v. tapestry n. tablet n. take v. tall adj. tangible adj. mindaat. sworn adj. terrain n. talon n. teat n. frul. aavrosii. ziiklah.

texture n. kodaar. yal. tie v. tire v. thirst n. tiidus. thrash n. yal. grunvo. timeless adj. those pron. rut. thulkei. tiny adj. laagus. threat n. think v. grunvom. puzaar. vahtinvah. theology n. tie n. kran. bahlaas. kraar. thorn n. theocracy n. gor. lorot. niin. tiid. thumb n. thus adv. test v. thing n. pus. testify v. jahkiit. niist. tirdas n. to. mindindaar. their pron. thoroughness n. throw v. lahniv. these pron. thuz. vulz-siin. thane n. zurunjusk. three n. thunderous adj. throat of the world n. thunder n. nox. grud. daar. jifiin. thankful adj. vusul. nox. kriik. tile n. thanks v. skiiv. that pron. tidings n. thul. theory n. text n. nox. themselves pron. tides n. thousand n. zobahlaas. lor. kogaan. time n. drendiir. thank you v. tiidnul. vahtinvah. thank v. thick adj. kozeim. veirey. sont. tol. siid. though conj. them pron. zonox. thunderstorm n. hahserah. tight adj. grudom. thirsty adj. tiidnu. gorah. maarun. fusk. gelaag. thin adj. tissue paper n. time-signature n. mu'ulserah.English-Dovahzul terrorism n. geyal. thickness n. truk. 242 . nistmaar. tint n. ton. timelessness n. tovos. gosvah. throne n. daar. kran. trir. tilt v. faal. krund. third adj. then adv. thuz. til. fley. vofrulaar. monahven. lorotiik. tiid-ahraan. throat n. thin v. kuld. thrust v. tafiir. ruz. torsul. time wound n. troz. daazrii. tighten v. tired adj. niist. ruvaar. verut. ruus. thrall n. they pron. titan n. thinker n. timber n. thereafter adv. thrive v. daar. qostrun. than conj. thyme n. thrill v. testimony n. griiv. therein adv. sumaariiv. testify n. fein. fustum. thursday n. ziig. nust. thaw v. sed. timely adj. tide n. tip n. there adv. thrice adv. thought n. thorough adj. geyal. theirs pron. threaten v. tiger n. thief n. yunrot. through prep. throughout prep. the adj. fin. zeim. this pron. vodiin. rinisur. therefore adv.

trader n. tun. setkiir. tranquil n. torchlight n. trade n. jeh. stahduk. tool n. transformation n. traditional adj. horvutah. drovaz. torn adj. qoth. ronth. torture n. piit. torso n. wundun. tet. kunpusojur. ativ. loniiz. toilet n. token n. trash n. tonight n. honaatmul. travesty n. vuld. tract n. somah. track v. dirsul. gaarfaz. traitorous adj. veydusaas. pik. toll n. to prep. ahnaar. koros. tuniik. tornado n. ahk. trace n. pahvoth. together adv. transport n. topic n. translation n. traveler n. grol. trap n. rotun. train n. lohiim. train v. minak. murahv. tonality n. nevstjorn. tomahawk n. transition n. travel v. vax. mundaar. honaatmuluv. honaatmul. towel n. too adv. vaaz. vun. numtaar. trainer n. vaarnufaaz. toss v. tongue n. dolkey. qalos. fusvok. total adj. angaar. fun. loniix. jahfur. top adj. transpire v. morwuld. kuz. raxnu. delahiik. delah. dreniir. kast. dremhah. torment n. lomriiv. tradition n. toy n. toxic adj. torment v. tholah. zodremhah. vaazaan. trapped adj. tore v. toxin n. toad n. draat. trashcan n. wah. 243 . gornaar. tahrodiis. hahtaar. told v. transcribe v. tooth n. touch v. rax. yiilkun. yiil. prunsogaal. today n. torpedo n. tragic adj. haalvut. trait n. dahvulon. dahstoskad. brotaag. pelnix. torch n. town n. prelah. yelbrot. tobacco n. trapdoor n. triik. tour n. translate v. torchbug n. rem. tolerate v. virahn. trample v. tomorrow n. geyt. traitor n. okaziindah. qor. titter v. toothless adj. tranquility n. portav. transfer v. dahstin. rotuniik. totem n. tragedy n. tarim. far. treacherous adj. trahkiin. traversable adj.English-Dovahzul title n. transform v. vaxei. toe n. jahfurt. toward adv. tonic n. wunduniik. galgur. took v. tower n. tomato n. thon. trap v. somahus. topaz n. tomb n. vaxei. latiid. malhahkun. dahsul. keilmiiraad. rotun. tone n. horvut. tonal adj. toast n. ton n. tortilla n. vukahmiin. translator n.

mindopahdein. boviirey. trofiren. trial n. sedmet. U ugliness n. lusoz. ofolin. vusul. tropical adj. straag. dunarand. trophy n. koreyth. twist v. vahzah. treble n. tekar. ziin. morwuld. sedklov-du'ul. try v. zont. makil. brodaanuv. tremulous adj. unt. thesk. kranasviilon. lokhonaat. ugly adj. tremendous adj. motaad. tumble v. trinket n. relokriin. two n. ofanaat. tahrovin. turbulent adj. sedan. lid. tunnel v. truth n. hodraan. tumultuous adj. trust v. trough n. typewriter n. trident n. trustworthy adj. turmoil n. turn v. zindaal. gorvahzen. vanras. turkey n. thur. trickster n. triple adj. tune n. dremyah. treaty n. trot v. turdas n. untak. honvaas. tutelage n. tribute n. trivial adj. onol. umriid. donth. reyth. mindopah. tribal adj. unt. tried v. trip n. brodaan. zovahzen. trip v. trio n. tundra n. ufiik. zind. truck n. tekarom. mindol. trench n. trunk n. triangle n. treat v. kranas. triumphant adj. voshul. vahzen. mindopahdein. triumph n. twice adv. truthful adj. tribe n. vahraan. typhoon n. tutorship n. tumor n. ahkon. strungir. troop n. treatment n. umbra n. deyvut. turtle n. true adj. tyrant n. tsaesci n.English-Dovahzul treachery n. unafraid adj. tunic n. vofaas. ultimate adj. ov. trick n. turnip n. mindolaar. tolaak. tsunami n. trespass v. vikit. nebeniit. trilogy n. veysed. vodrem. vahraan. doruz. tuesday n. hunzah. thur. ziinin. twilight n. freka. tremble v. trim v. ovkod. meyzvolaan. type n. torsul. moriis. sedbaas. tree n. suvulaan. nahvenoz. tropic adj. skoboviik. tyranny n. sedmet. gru. twin n. treasure n. sedig. troll n. volburaal. strungir. twister n. viimuz. ahsit. trickery n. tribunal n. lirah. trofir. drokpeliik. tripwire n. trimal. trouble n. triad n. sedzii. 244 . lotzu'ul. twitch v. tutor n. trinity n. trousers n. vanah. tuld.

sindugahvon. vomedaas. diil. untame adj. unfurled v. vosmaal. vobalaan. unease n. nomah. unblinking adj. unrest n. vohunaz. gegend. voyel. vodunkei. unbelievable adj. pahleinuv. genun. unreal adj. voronit. unknown adj. untamed adj. geinrokey. uncouth adj. unsheathe v. unworthy adj. vovorstaal. unsullied adj. mindoraan. vozokoraav. unslaad. vonun. unsettling adj. vobavir. unanimous adj. untold adj. uneven adj. unicorn n. unseat v. unmoving adj. vofrit. unfortunate adj. vogluuskei. unamused adj. voshun. vaarnu. geind. vo. vogluuskei. vosmaal. unrelenting adj. unholy adj. kasiil. gegein. nikron. fundein. unify v. vofun. university n. uzvinos. unique adj. votirahk. unspoken adj. unruly adj. undo v. vodul. kaarn. vokesaal. vohahgolt. erei. pahgein. under prep. unlimited adj. unchanging adj. voprolg . nisfrolaaz. unwanted adj. unhappy adj. pahzul. vobein. vopraagek. vosav. vostahdim. gaar. unalike adj. unbound adj. unveil v. unleash v. nebenlom. universe n. unsaved adj. unyielding adj. voleinah. volg. underground adj. unfair adj. unsafe adj. vofun. nebengol. underwater adj. neben. underneath prep. unbridled adj. voprus. voklad. undesired adj. geind. undersized adj. unload v. kasiil. unity n. voleinah. nivudoz. staadnau. voreistig. unsuitable adj. nilaan. lein. volunduv. unwary adj. amiv. mulhaan. unsoiled adj. untimely adj. unification n. niskorah. niskemaan. unahzaal. unto prep. voprudaav. ungracious adj. aank. neben. unseen adj. understand v. geinzahkey. vokrotz. uncanny adj. unfriendly adj. unemployed adj. unassailable adj. votiidus. unclothe v. undesirable adj. vobein. niforveyk. meyardein. undress v. bruz. unclean adj. unorganized adj. num. unnatural adj. volok. unlucky adj. vodrem. vozokoraav. gegein. underworld n. unremembered adj. unite v. unaware adj. unending adj. fundein. alunrinis. unmanned n. unicycle n. vogrozah. vomindok. uneager adj. unavoidable adj.English-Dovahzul unaided adj. universal adj. unforgivable adj. vomun. unnecessary adj. undead adj. vopaaz. until conj. 245 . membrah. malnaaz. mulhaan. unfurl v. union n. vodahmin. vobein. unrivaled adj. unconquerable adj. untarnished adj. uncle n. vofahdonus. unlikely adj. uncertain adj. vofrin. uznahgaar. unless conj.

vehicle n. vacation n. usurp v. vacant adj. upon prep. vikaar. vanguard n. girvoh. vain adj. piniir. vahpruzah. urge v. ahreyn. view n. vahnuv. vanquisher n. suf. dinaak. variance n. krongrah. vessel n. girvoh. very adv. nahkrah. uprising n. venture v. vein n. vognun. gesuf. veal n. version n. nevstjorn. vacate v. viidost. dreniir. dumedak. venomous adj. lovtiid. zonuft. kusil. urinal n. bovit. vojahrom. vodul. vicious adj. sosnaak. zothunrot. versus prep. vagina n. fahzon. ronth. krongrahkei. von. vermin n. meyzalok. valley n. andiiv. V vacancy adj. usual adj. qahnaar. diirz. aarzul. vanah. brahnu. lingeltkey. venture n. urgent adj. useless adj. vanquish v. value v. utensil n. mii. krilot. use v. nivet. verge n. mahzahd. vegetable n. zaar. zoviidost. vest n. venison n. vassal n. vendor n. reimokur. zonahkriin. victor n. vaporize v. utmost adj. vernevul. vanish v. vokiir. dumed. urinate v. veinaar. vault n. maltuniik. us pron. vojahrii. vendetta n. valid adj. maasofaaliik. lumnaar. vengeance n. victory n. fozok. nevul.English-Dovahzul up prep. rinik. vonuntiv. brah. utter v. uphold v. victorious adj. qahnaarin. vagabond n. fariik. zalk. kahriil. vice n. tivoz. nuft. lesk. usher v. vengeful adj. vampire n. skilaan. vogejahrii. video n. suraath. vampire child n. veil n. use n. bodilir. urn n. venom n. useful adj. view v. valuable adj. kroniid. bovit. video game n. ziidol. verse n. bodilirkred. sosnaak-dur. vernal adj. valor n. upkeep n. valenwood n. brahnuv. vary v. lodhir. van n. viciousness adj. update v. victim n. hahlot. veteran n. naaf. drun. verify v. yirgul. sostrah. voknau. 246 . urine n. alunrovaan. ahgraat. vikaarom. nahkriin. frolk. vampirism n. vur. valiant adj. vopruziig. vase n. velocity n. venerate v. faareyth. vilt. vogejahrend. vok. verdict n. vapor n.

nevonaar. nuz. vigilant adj. wastefulness n. nev. vile adj. walrus n. bost. gremak. waffle n. warn v. rovaniik. wuld. voiceless adj. ward n. waltz n. volcano n. virus n. lost. thu'umnu. wasteful adj. wander v. kruziikrah. griir. wundokaaz. vulture n. kein. vvardenfell n. zul. lingraav. visit v. wahzil. keinlahzey. roktorig. vahrot. vulgar adj. warrior n. keinveysun. yolstrunmah. warmonger n. voqalos. vintage n. vuldrus. ware n. waist n. wanton adj. lahspaan. shun. vocabulary n. borod. waste v. vow n. tirn. wanderer adj. faad. hahnuheim. waver v. sahsun. waraxe n. wares n. giigel. want v. wave n. faadus. pruziig. zauniglom. dilaar. warpaint n. watery adj. warmage n. zokoraav. thu'um. volunruud. solkiigaal. nil. vodka n. wake v. volkihar n. solkiig. 247 . voice n. wagon n. villain n. koraaviik. virgin adj. volunruud n. was v. water n. vomit v. sahsunaar. void n. votirahk. volume n. vindictive adj. yolstrunor. verkeiniik. lomahan. huznu. grem. violet adj.English-Dovahzul vigil v. lom. violent adj. laan. wor. waterfall n. wash v. warm adj. voyage n. vision n. void v. villager n. edrah. vista n. veistul. vine n. rovaan. saraan. vigor n. naav. visitor n. zonev. vokulin. guniik. krastak. warship n. wait v. vigorous adj. krasfaal. want n. seyl. bodein. violence n. paagol. walk v. fahzon. warble v. shovok. riin. volatile adj. wall n. watermelon n. lovaas. wary adj. vortex n. shunstaad. virtue n. jen. gun. konahrik. washroom n. krey. keinus. watch v. visible adj. zonevom. watchful adj. lomus. warlike adj. village n. laan. ahmiin. ahmiin. tirn. praad. vulnerable adj. kendov. genil. krastov. wasteland n. warmth n. W wade v. lomah. tiindo. strahn. warlord n. maalut. war n. wage v. zonahkriin. grahkun. win. watcher n. zokoraav. vund. vigilance n.

wid. rul. fos. suril. fruskah. fod. mungrohiik. wicked adj. wife n. ulaan. whore n. whomever adv. wheeze v. we pron. wen. pahwo. valokein. weak adj. wherein adv. ahtiid. weakness n. wo. website n. which adv. galv. westerly adj. pahfos. wereboar n. pahwo. wide adj. gerik. well adv. wayward adj. gesahlo. willful adj. veydoz. west n. moriim. whip n. munhraak. kolos. lost. wildness n. ronk. risulor. whirlwind n. whatever adv. weird adj. web n. wilderness n. pahkolos. weed n. pahfod. wile n. whale n. who pron. wer. whom pron. ahrolsedovah. whoever adv. whiten v. wildlife n. sahlojoor. tiin. gesaak. vandul. munam. wherever adv. gesot. kiim. sahlo. wheel n. wedding v. weaken v. fos. yolom. volganor. wuld. whisper v. where adv. ahtiid. werebear n. weather v. werelion n. well n. wear v. rokiiz. weep v. munkodaav. zun. wind n. mu. weather n. zuld. fod. week n. likaan. whenever conj. whirlpool n. aavlaas. faraanus. volglaas. hiimsejun. beyzol. widow n. kod. window n. 248 . zojah. okaaron. volgin. karaas. kolos. munkrozol. whiskey n. will n. weapon n. wildling n. whose pron. lomiiz. sahlom. fod. strah. were v. keyal. ven. sot. whether conj. win v. wed v. why adv. kaarn. wuthsul. windstorm n. weave v. lokos. pruzah. lingrun. werecrocodile n. kron. wealth n. while adv. ven. when adv. weakling n. werevulture n. wheat n. way n. whine v. wel. fen. widen v. vuril. western adj. will v. werden. fahvos. weary adj. veistul. jah. hadroz. white adj. rod. wild adj. wednesday n. venstrun . fifah. whisky n. aavlaas. willow n. wield v. fifah. yirtaar. volgom. what adv. mundilaar. whiterun n. whiffle v. wiizaan. werewolf n.English-Dovahzul wax n. faraan. whole adj. krasum. windhelm n. volg. whilst adv. wo. whistle v. lox. luvmah. sumah. wealthy adj. welcome interj. weight n. wet adj. werden.

wintry adj. rovmonah. peliik. wrist n. onik. worthless adj. wish v. wrong adj. kriinaan. gosvah. rovahaan. wreck v. yawn v. witchcraft n.English-Dovahzul windy adj. wishful adj. genik. wreath n. worry v. wrap v. lahbriin. valdrekaan. witness n. miinz. bal. grolah. wonder n. wise adj. qolor. uful. wound n. viingaal. yarn n. tiidmiiraak. onikaan. koriim. writer n. witnessed adj. woman n. som. worth n. vendus. work n. written v. worship v. jii. verziik. voluk. viingnu. wither v. witch n. sunaak. rotmulaag. wit n. koriaan. rok. Y yam n. wingspan n. wispmother n. grohiik. wood n. valdrek. women n. worker n. gahrk. wrathful adj. vint. winter n. krosorun. yank v. word of power n. worm n. worthy adj. grohiin. bahlaan. gevolz. wipe v. yay interj. sosinkros. felniirus. kosil. sosin. wretched adj. wisen v. wire n. mulnu. zein. uloz. lein. so. miilah. within adj. worldly adj. yard n. felniir. wizard n. viinglingren. laagliis. withstand v. witness v. worse adj. liiv. 249 . somit. fund. wondrous adj. soz. woe n. woeful adj. diiv. voth. valdrekaanom. wormhole n. wretch n. gevildseod. viing. worsen v. vothni. worst adj. votivut. sokei. wretchedness n. pusrig. zobah. tovok. pel. world n. grohiik. lir. volzaan. woodwind n. geltom. ko. hespik. rot. sik. feyfahliil. kroson. word n. wine n. written word n. wisp n. withdraw v. without prep. wooden adj. zobah. wisdom n. tovokei. gosvah. with prep. miil. fundol. hind. viilon. ovriil. lahzey. bah. ahmilaat. tudren. winterhold n. leinuv. wolf n. zohind. ahraan. wroth adj. folaas. korii. wool n. wink v. wing n. would v. volz. write v. deykel. wrath n. wingless adj. winged n. wood elf n. wolverine n. workplace n. wyrm n. wolves n.

hei. young adj. youngster n. hein. zebra n. youth n. yearn v. heinmaar. eruvus. raanisav. boraas. yearly adj. zenith n. krosik. zombie n. sur. yourselves pron. zealot n. your pron. nul. zealous adj. geh. yelp n. yourself pron. goraas. hein. sahvaat. usul. yezin. zoo n. zest n. zephyr n. padiiz. goraan. eruvos. hin. ruvaarkey. you pron. Z zeal n. sahvaas. yet adv. gahvon. sehven. drik. hin. zero n. zone n. hahseraan. yesterday n. zoology n. yew n. goraaniik. hinmaar. yours pron. yield v. him. 250 .English-Dovahzul year n. tul. zol. hi. yes adv. furah. yezin. yellow adj.

" "Viikaan paal. -ni -NI ○ suf. Used in "Briinahmaar" to form the word "sisterhood. Edited from "-aht. Used to turn certain verbs into negative forms. "-tion. forms nouns. creates an noun from a verb." See also "-om. ○ suf. based on "Moro" ("glory"). Forms a noun from verbs or adjectives.” -dein / -ein -D2N / -2N — suf.” "Can't. 251 .” For example. an English example would be "Isn't.” as in "Kriid.” "Wunduniik.” "-ak" is used instead. to describe where something came from. Rok grahliin dovahhe.” "youngster.” "Goraaniik. To turn a word into an origin.” "-meyd" is used for words that end in vowels. see notes. see notes." "I have fought.” Equivalent to the English "-ship" that transforms a noun or verb into a noun of higher meaning. Creates a noun from a verb meaning "one or that which is [verb]. to denote origin. It is This suffix makes nouns from verbs with the meaning of "something one ___ with.” "Won't.” etc. not. as in "Wanderer" from "Wander. forms an adjective (see notes). forms a noun from an — suf. Bron -> Bronen (Nord -> Nordic) Dovah -> Dovahren (Dragon -> Draconic). -oid.” -maar -M1R ○ suf. adjective. Implies "will." becomes "Mahlaan" or "Grahlaan. Indicates state or condition. — suf. If the word ends with a "d.g. Used to form present perfect tense and past participles.” It can also be used to make nouns out of adjectives: "Zuruniik. Used to form an adjective as well as noun. like or resembling. see notes.” If the word ends in a vowel. "-ship. E." "a defeated foe." an equivalent suffix. Meaning "possessing of" or "full of. or its type. "Dein" is used if the letter "D" is absent from the last syllable of the word. -ous/ -ious.” "stranger. Battle = Grah He will battle dragons. see notes. -en for non vowel ending words. Similar to").g. i. Antropomorph(ic). -ness. future tense suffix. -kei -K2 -aat -1T ○ suf.g. the suffix is "-d. a burden (Brudaat) is that which is carried or bared. "Zu'u krifaan. engl." "Zu'u mindokaan." "sickness. A defendee (bildaat) is one who is defended (bildaan) or subject to defend (bild). -eyd/-meyd -9D/-M9D -niir -N3R — suf. — suf. see notes.” E. "Sulvekaal" (comfortable) literally means something "with comfort" or that "has comfort. -en / -ren -EN / -REN — suf. "-er" (see notes).” ex. turns verbs into nouns.Prefixes & Suffixes -aal -1L equivalent to "-oid" or "-morph/-morphic.” -nd / -end / -ak -ND / -END / -AK — suf. From "Krasaar. present perfect suffix. An example is "Morokei" ("glorious"). and -ren for words that end in vowel sounds." "I have known. Meaning "with" or "having" something. Used in "Geinmaar" and "Nimaar" to refer to the reflexive self. — suf. E. Like -tion or -ment in English.” Very rarely used." When a word ends with "ah.” used turn a verb into a noun.” -iik/ -d -3K/ -D -aan / -laan -1N / -L1N ○ suf. Referred to "Med" ("Like.” "someone who is young.” meaning "someone who is strange. Imagine -> Imagination "-end" is used in cases where "-nd" doesn't. "Muneyd" is "Humanoid.” modifies a noun to an adjective.” -aar -1R -iin / -liin -3N / -L3N ○ suf.e." Used in "Deinmaar" to form "keeper. "-ein" if it contains a "D.

"Make [noun]. Turns an adjective into a noun.” the act of creating the noun applied. in which case "-lun" is used instead. ○ suf.” Replaces the old suffix -von. which requires an object. forms a verb (see notes)." "onward.” "-nuv" if the noun ends in a vowel.” etc.” and the Dragon "Zofaas" and "Zojiik. — suf.” seen in "fearful" and "joyful. Very rarely used to mean "more ___. The resulting verb is a transitive verb.ZU- Means "of. "-ful.” "slippery. "Amativ.” "Orwahl" = "rebuild. see notes. Edited from "-iil / -riil" to avoid conflict with canon possessive suffix. Verkein. The prefix form of "Ni.” "bravest. -om / -rom -OM / -ROM ni. -ness."Legendary.” "heroically. "Ordreh" = "redo. like. "-y. denotes relation to electricity. un.” Edited to "-om" from "-ah"/"-rah" to match canon words. zo. forms a verb (see notes).VO● pref. most.” Means "to make or render."Pelniir." "Kotiv.” "Gekahl" means "authorize. "Vulom" = "Darkness. Means "without or absence of." "shock.” etc. ○ pref. -ism. re-.” + pref. toward(s). see notes. or pertaining to" something. -uv / -nuv -UV / -NUV — suf. present participle suffix. to make war. -tiv -TIV ○ suf. -ward. — suf.” modifies a noun into an adjective. -taas -T1S ○ suf. (opposite of.ZO- Forms a condition noun from a verb. -un / -lun -UN / -LUN unkind." "inward.” -vu -VU ○ suf. to make peace. unlikeable).” "-un" is used unless the verb ends in a vowel. "Faasnu" = "fearless.VER— pref.” "Pelorun.” and the Dragon "Odus" and "Motmahus.” "a place where one writes.prefix. ri-/rik.” This isn't always the case. changes a verb to noun.” Means "having the qualities of. — pref. -less. It is also seen in "Zohungaar.” etc. ver.” ge. Verdrem. this is equivalent to the English "-est. see notes. electric. "Zooruv" .” To be used with words that end with "n.” or.” -us -US ○ suf.” "Scriptorium. e.OR- -orun -ORUN — pref. however ("Brii" is "beauty" and "Brit" is "beautiful").” means "something one writes with.” "a shining blade.” "Rik-" is used if word begins with a vowel. more.” in "fastest.” "Gemulaag" means "strengthen.RI-/RIK- Makes a noun meaning "place where one ___.GE- -nu -NU — pref.” vo.” zok.” "Laasnu" = "lifeless. -less. Used as a prefix. "Hunun" = "Heroism.” the word for "pen" or "quill.ZOK○ pref.” "shining. Derived from "Viintaas. non-. Seen in the English "snowy.” "of/pertaining to legend. and is equivalent to the English "-ful.” The prefix is used to modify a noun to an adjective. zu. Derived from "reik.g.” "Nekovun" = "Cannibalism. ○ pref.” etc.NI- ○ suf.” Used to make present participles such as "viintaas tuz. forms an adjective from a noun. 252 .

zii “spirit” > ziihe “spirits. they 3rd p. he 3rd p. Faal is formal and used for proper nouns.Grammar Cheat Sheet Articles Compound Words Aan is often cut and left to context. n. Adverbs Possessive Suffixes Adjectives may also be used as adverbs. sing.” Adjectives may precede or follow the noun they describe. we 1st p. use a noun with the appropriate preposition: -i -ii -iil -u “my” “his/her/its” “your” “our” Voth ahkrin “with courage / bravely” Voth krosis “with sorrow / sorrowfully” Ko vahzen “in truth / truly” Pronouns I 1st p. sing. sing. pl. add -he. sing. pl. dovah “dragon” > dovahhe “dragons. Form compounds or show possession with se. m. sossedov “the blood of dragonkind. boziik “bold/boldly. she 3rd p. you 2nd p. Subject Object Possessive Reflexive zu'u mu hi rok rek nii nust ○ zey dii un hin ok ek ○ niil ○ niist ○ dimaar ○ mii hi ○ mok ○ mek nii niin 253 ○ unmaar ○ hinmaar ○ okmaar ○ ekmaar nimaar ○ nistmaar . f. it 3rd p.” Plural Nouns Adjectives Repeat the last letter and add -e. Fin is often cut and left to context. sing. pl. ○ Zuk mul “more strong / stronger” Zok mul “most strong / strongest” All nouns can be their own plural.” For nouns that end in a vowel.” Alternatively.

* future tense maha mah mah / drey mah mahlaan mahtaas fen mah boha bo bo / drey bo boaan botaas fen bo kriiha krii krii / drey krii kriaan kritaas / kriitaas fen krii Conjugations for diin “to freeze”: to-infinitive present t. present perfect present prog. past t. present perfect present prog. future tense to-infinitive present t. past t.* future tense Conjugations for bo “to fly”: to-infinitive present t.Verbs Conjugations for mah “to fall”: -a/-ha to-infinitive -aan past participle -taas present participle to-infinitive present tense past tense present perfect present prog.* future tense “to ____” “____” “____ed” “have____ed” “is ____ing” “will ____” Conjugations for krii “to kill”: to-infinitive present t. present perfect present prog. present perfect present prog.” 254 . past t. past t.* future tense diina diin diin / drey diin dinaan / diinaan dintaas / diintaas fen diin *Present progressive is typically expressed as simple present. zu’u bo “I fly / I am flying.

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