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QUESTIONS (ask better questions get better results

Why I will lose if enter with this hand and position?
What is my strategy if I hit or miss the flop?
Have position?
I' ll be the agresson?
When bot miss the flop. Majority of time the player that bet first is the one wh
o wons the pot.
60% of the both will miss the flop.
-Don't be afraid to three bet.
-Don't bluff a player that never folds
- bluff all the time the player that always fold
often say my style in a short ring game is basically attack, attack, attack; I l
ike forcing
the action, so that when no one has anything, I win, and when someone does, I lo
se small,
Finally, when I have a big hand, I get action, thus completing the cycle. The opt
imal cycle is
therefore: Winning small pots, losing medium sized pots, and finally winning big
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Keynote: 6handed there will not be big hands most of the time either preflop or
post flop. Fewer
hands dealt at a table means less of a chance for there being a big hand out (as
in a big pocket
pair, AK/etc.) how this works into actual play, then Is anytime no one has anythi
ng, you want
to put yourself in the position to win the pot. The EASIEST way to do this is to
be the preflop
raiser, as you get the most respect (and the subsequent continuation bet -> this
is by far where I
make most of my money).
A lot of people forget that the onset of a game, the object is to win the blinds
. If you're playing
NL50, with blinds of .25 and .50, there's 75 cents to begin with. Although you'r
stacks, in the meantime, picking up each pot will be where your true win rate li
As sick as this sounds, forget all postflop play, and stupid preflop play, if I'
m at a certain type of
table, I could tape over my hands, and by just raising preflop and adjusting my
continuation bet
based on my image / the board / etc, I will win money.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rule #1 is position is boss, if you can t have it, most hands aren t worth playing.
Rule #2 is if you can t be the aggressor, give up the hand.
Rule #3 is hands that can make BIG hands are FAR more valuable then hands that c
make subpar hands.

If we do plan on folding. if we do now chose to 3bet. with all those hands except QQ could be made with deep stacks or bad oppon they will play so poorly after the flop). A6o. you aren't playing 86s. getting action is generally bad. KTo. you can flop bigger then A6o . you want to pick up the blinds. If you flop top pair. our hand vs. and we generally have 30%) So now we can 3bet the flop. it s more important what your opponent represents and what in turn you can do to that particular holding. A6o. QQ. 75s gives us a lot more f lexibility and more +EV situations that A6o does not. Basically. Interestingly as well in many situations yo ur cards don t matter. This is known as "stealing equity. it's your pot to win on the flop. you're playing for straight/flush value. 86s. (Although an argument ents that you d rather the opponent call since The second goal is if neither of you lop. Thus. you win the pot on the f actual cards are irrelevant. since we would need 28% equity to make it. the concept is that you represented a big hand.A6o at best can make 2 pair. 75s is a cool spot. and 34s. which hand would you most like to see -and all are definitely playable o n the button!) My rankings QQ. 34s etc to make one pair hands. The third goal is that you can break them if you do both flop something! With 34s and 86s. (It's folded to you on button. the best option may be to just all. 86s. (Since calling the all in was assumed and we get that EV back) Furthermore. rule #3 is hands that have "big hand potential" are more valuab le *unless . you call the last 474 to win ~1650. The first goal is to win the blinds. which may be +EV in isolation (they fold enough) and then call an all in since we ve committed ours elves But we free rolled on the 3bet. (So if you make it 350. we can call an all in since our given equity vs a fair range is approximately ~30%. If you get lucky with 34s. (Up to this poin Basically. to repeat. you're going to only flop bottom pair or such A6o can make top pair however. A6o is irrelevant. Clearly we can set ourselves up to float Or just hit our draw Or perhaps run a bluff w/ outs.. if villain doesn t have enough of a hand to c/r or lead out or c/c. 34s. The beauty of these hands. two flop anything.. Now. and your t to steal ) Pretty much. Ho wever. (w hich any hand can make! :-)) but has no straight or flush potential. your hand may not even be good! So although this hand is playable.What does this mean? Rank these hands: KTo.

ridiculously short stacked* then big card potential. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .