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November, 2013

Northern Province.20 years lease contract Ownership Owned by: NSHIMIYIMANA Adrien  VALUATION SUMMARY Established value for completed works Ninety Two Million Four Hundred Forty Three Thousand Rwandan Francs (92.443.000 Rwf) Prepared by Ir.  Lease contract documents have been issued to this property. Butaro Sector.  Land is surrounding by Residential & commercial properties. Burera District. The property is in the following conditions Physical conditions of the property The property is located in Butaro center near sector’s ofice. Jean Pierre NDAYISENGA . Photos are attached.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Valuation report no: NDJP/EG/Bra/21/11/2013 Property Identification Date: 21/11/2013 Category of Property Medium Standing The intended use Residential Plot number: 5360 Location Plot Area: 1247 sqm Location: Rusumo Cell. Ownership is by Title deed.

Therefore this valuation report establishes:   The Current Value of Land The current value of Residential Houses THE VALUER Name: Eng. certified Valuer assisted by Eng. NSHIMIYIMANA Adrien. NSHIMIYIMANA Adrien needs to know the current value for this Property. after expressing the idea he assigned me to prepare for him the valuation report. Jean Pierre NDAYISENGA Professional status: Certified Valuer Institute of Real Property Valuers registration number: IRPV/084/2012 Registration number in Certified Valuers Register: RC/IRPV/ IRPV/084/2012 Address: Tel: + (250)783544255 Email: jpinday@gmail. Vianney NTIBAZIYAREMYE conducted the site/field survey to gather with the client for data collection leading to this final report. in Rusumo Cell.INTRODUCTION Aim of valuation As requested by Mr. to carry out survey/Valuation of his property in plot no 5360. 2013. On 22th November. Northern Province. Eng. Butaro Sector. Jean Pierre . Burera District.

Burera District. ANALYSIS Materials - Foundation in rubble stone with cement - Brick walls with cement mortar - Timber roof truss and corrugated iron sheets - Tiled floor and bath room appliances in ceramic materials - Metal doors and exterior windows - Plywood ceiling boards - Paint on cement plastered walls - 5 bed rooms. Plot number: 5360 Plot Area: 1. sitting. Northern Province. Butaro Sector. . dinning and 2 bath rooms with 2 verandah - 3 small houses and septic tank - Sanitary fittings - Water and electricity/ EWSA - Flower garden - Concrete paved parking and drying yard - Concrete columns and lintel.PROPERTY DETAILS Name of property owner: NSHIMIYIMANA Adrien Location: Rusumo Cell.247 sqm Ownership papers: 20 years lease contract.

Valuation methods This valuation is governed by gazette law N°17/2010 of 12/05/2010 which establishes and organizes the profession of real property valuation in Rwanda. Argument As above Conclusion As above .  Comparison of land values countrywide as an alternative land valuation method. However there are enough comparable sales records for the last 6 months. Adopting the valuation methods stipulated in the law the relevance of each method is tested in favor of the property in question as follows:  Comparable prices method Argument Many plots have similar physical conditions similarities. Conclusion Comparable prices method suits the aim of this valuation.

Are there tertiary tarmac roads √ 3. hotel. Is there accessible secondary school in the area √ 13. Is there fiber optic line √ 9. Is there storm water drainage facility in the interior of the area √ 4. Is there accessible nursery school in the area √ 12. Is public transport adequate √ 10.) √ 16. Is there a shopping center √ 11. Is there waste water drainage facility in the area √ 5. Is there a modern market √ √ . Is there big number job provider (factory. Is there tarmac main road √ 2. Are there sporting/ exercises facilities (gym etc. Is there water supply line √ 7.) √ 15. Are there fire hydrant terminals √ 8. Is there children play ground 17.THE FOLLOWING IS THE ACTUAL SITUATION: № Development determinant Yes No 1. Is there accessible university in the area √ 14. market etc. Is there power supply line √ 6.

MAIN HOUSE 1 Built year 2 Built area 3 Unit Price/Sqm 4 Actual Value 5 Depreciation Current Venal Value 2.000 58.000 58.235.013 180 70.318.VALUATION I.000 12.000 15.000 Rwf 6.332.000 1. Plot/ Land 1 Parcellar Area 2 Unit Price/Sqm Current Value 1.247 Sqm 5.600. FENCE AND RETAINING WALLS 1 Built year 2 Built area 3 Unit Price/Sqm 4 Actual Value 5 Depreciation Current Venal Value 2.000 12.000 Rwf .600.000 16.290.000 year Sqm Rwf Rwf Rwf Rwf IV.000 year Sqm Rwf Rwf Rwf Rwf II.650.013 370 45.290. SMALL HOUSES 1 Built year 2 Built area 3 Unit Price/Sqm 4 Actual Value 5 Depreciation Current Venal Value III.013 291 200.000 year Sqm Rwf Rwf Rwf Rwf 2.

443.000 Rwf 92.318. SUMMARY 1 MAIN HOUSE SMALL HOUSES & WASTE WATER 2 DRAINS 58.290.000 Rwf 4 LAND Current Value 6.000 Rwf 12.000 Rwf Total value in words: Ninety Two Million Four Hundred Forty Three Thousand Rwandan Francs (92.V.600.000 Rwf 3 BRICK FENCE AND RETAINING WALLS 15.443.235.000 Rwf) .