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Chapter -1 Part 1
He who awake in those that sleep.
The person who fashions desire after desire,
That indeed is the pure. That is Brahma .
That indeed is called the Immortal .
On it all the worlds do rest;
And no one so ever goes beyond it.
( Katho Upanishad : 5.3 )

A brief note about Diamond:

In the year 1893, a new era in the spiritual world has begun when a child was born at Howrah Town near
Kolkata(Calcutta), India. From his very childhood divine realizations began to manifest within his body. At 12
years 4months age Vedic Truth revealed within him with the appearance of God-the-Preceptor in his dream and
thereafter numerous realizations started within his body with ultimate result of visualizing Atman or Divine
Soul or God in him as mentioned in Upanishads.
As a result, according to Upanishads he was being seen in dreams among innumerable people irrespective of
religions, sex and age in many parts of the country though without his knowledge . Afterwards they came,
narrated their dreams and identified him.
Simultaneously, further realizations used to happen within him and the number of people seeing him in dreams,
trances, meditations and even in physical body began to increase.
Such phenomenon, was mentioned in Upanishads, but without citing any proof. But we are quite fortunate to
witness such phenomenon in our life. Seeing such man in dreams the seer gets his body purified, his thinking
and feeling purified, he gets him as his God-the-Preceptor who guides him in the spiritual world in dreams
throughout his life, he sees Gods light, he gets himself transformed into God and finally he sees the descent of
God assuming the form of a man in him. But all these happenings come to pass through sheer grace of God.
Such phenomenon was narrated in Svetasvatar Upanishad like this:
1) Who is the face, the head, the neck of all,/Who dwells in the heart of all things,/All pervading is He and
bountiful,/Therefore Omnipotent and kindly( (Shiva). (3.11)

2) Thou art woman. Thou art man. / Thou art the youth and the maiden too,/ Thou as an old man totterest with a
staff./ Being born, Thou becomest facing in every direction.(4.3)
Again Chandogya Upanishad has mentioned like this:
The seer sees not death,/Nor sickness, nor any distress./The seer sees only the All,/Obtains the All entirely.
And Katha Upanishad has mentioned about this man or Purusha like this:
He who awake in those that sleep. /The Person who fashions desire after desire,/That indeed is the Pure. That is
Brahma. /That indeed is called the Immortal./
On it all the worlds do rest. /And no one so ever goes beyond it. (5.3)
But the most striking feature is this, that even after his demise in 1967, he is still being seen by countless people
not only in our country but in different parts of the world in dreams as well as in physical body either knowingly
or unknowingly.
Katha Upanishad has remarked on such immortality thus:
When are liberated all, /The desires that lodge in ones heart, /Then a mortal becomes immortal, /Therein he
reaches Brahma.(6.14)
The era of Diamond reveals that a man may see all the sportive forms of God with all His attributes in dreams,
and becomes Brahma to be united with each human race bearing Love for each other and be united in a Point
which is the first occurrence of its kind in the world history.

Chapter 1 Part 2
Diamonds version on divine dreams
Both Chandogya and Brihad Aranyaka Upanishads have dealt with divine dreams. They are of opinion that
realizations and manifestations of God in dreams are purer and finer than in an awakened condition of the
Joseph was engaged to interpret the dreams of the Pharao in Egypt. God spoke to Moses, Henceforth I wont
come and talk to you in person, but I will convey my command in dream. In Buddhism the arrival of Buddha in
the world sprout out of a dream dreamed by Maya Devi, the mother of Buddha, who dreamt a white elephant,
coming from the heaven, entered her womb and in normal course Sri Buddha was born.
Sri Ramkrishnas father in the present era also dreamt that Raghubir ,the household deity, appeared and told
him that he would take his birth as a son to him. The Old Testament is full of divine dreams. Mohammed dreamt
that he was carried in a chariot of seven horses to Heaven near Allah and from Him he received instructions and
God is in the inside of the human body. He, out of mercy to man, manifests Himself in words within the man
and thereby He makes him His own chosen man through the words and becomes his guardian and Preceptor.
Somehow or other, to see God and to realize His sportive forms in dreams was a lost chapter. Sri Ramkrishna
has again given life to it(in the nineteenth century) and established it.
Susupti is profound sleep. At the outset, as well as at the end of sleep, realizations appear, but neither during the
sleep, nor in the full awakened condition. Such realizations are reckoned as realizations in Susupti or profound

In all the four states of life,viz: (1) Waking;(2) Dreams;(3)) Profound sleep or Susupti and (4) Turiya or
Supreme conscious existence, there are different realizations of Gods sportive forms in the body. There are
some lucky fellows who see God in all these four states of life. Some again see the sportive forms of God in the
three states; (1) Waking,(2) Dreams and (3) Profound sleep. There are some who see God in the two conditions::
Waking and (2)) Dreams. Some again see God and His sportive form in dreams only. In dreams the seer gets his
body purified, his thinking and feeling purified, he gets his God-the-Preceptor, he sees Gods light, he gets
himself transformed into God and finally he sees the descent of God assuming the form of a man in him. But all
these happenings occur through sheer grace of God.

What is God-the-Preceptor- Jibankrishnas (Diamond) role on human body

Jibankrishna says: God-the-Preceptor assumes human form, appears before you, blesses you and says, you will
attain God-head. God in the body takes this unknown or by gone human form selects you as a bridegroom, in
other words, makes your body a play ground for his blissful and joyous sports.
He teaches you the whole course of Rajyogathe emanation and transformation of God through the five
sheaths or the seven planes into the Supreme Bliss..
Without attainment of God-the-Preceptor, a devotee is not lucky enough to see God in various states in him;
nay, not only this, but he will not get the least response of God in him.
Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) says, Without the bliss of God-the-Preceptor, there cannot be any upward progress.
This upward progress means the upward motion of the life power in a man, that is waking of life power and her
march in the seventh plane without the attainment of God-the-Preceptor, the life power does not wake up. There
cannot be any realization without life power being wakened up.
The attainment of God-the-Preceptor is a kind of transformation into God-with-Form as God in the body
assumes that form out of sheer mercy.

Chapter 2 Part 1
It was the month of March-April,1959. One evening a friend of mine named Nisith took me to a gentleman at
Kadamtala, Howrah (West Bengal,India). Without any hesitation we entered into his room. He was reading a
book, lying on his cot. I was introduced with him by my friend. I realized that my friend was familiar to him
though I never knew about it. The gentleman asked about my whereabouts and after some conversations both of
us came out with great peace in mind unknowingly. I came to know that his name was Jibankrishna (Also
known as Diamond as a writer of the book Religion and Realization).
I was only 18 years old at that time and couldnt fathom who he was, but with an unknown attraction I started
going to him often.
One noon time, along with my friend I was sitting on the cot of Diamond who also sat beside us. During that
time no one was in the room.. After some conversations he suddenly told me, See my boy, for some years you
will be totally engaged with your carrier building and studies and have to face hazards. But later on you will

have to come back to this spiritual world and as days pass on, you will be approaching towards Higher Self and
perfectness. While he was saying these words, he was patting on my back.
It was another days incident. There were many aged devotees in the room. It was about 3p.m,. A conversation
was going on regarding my carrier. Suddenly Jibankrishna told the aged persons indicating me, See, what is the
necessity of having huge amount of money! A mans life is quite sufficient with an earning of Rupees 300/- to
400/- per month (During that period it was sufficient). I am saying that he will be blessed by God in all respects
Yes, I am saying it. While uttering these words, he was in ecstasy.
I was only listening to him but could not understand its significance. I realized after many, many years when my
life was destined as per his forecast.
Meanwhile, a new thing has developed in me. I started dreaming in various ways. During those periods I had no
ideas about the significance of such dreams. But after long years I came to realize that these are divine dreams
which are completely different from Freudian dreams and Upanishads have mentioned about such dreams
thousands of years ago. I realized that these dreams show the progress of austerity of the seer through
spontaneous upward movement of the life power within the body.
So a new era thus started in me revealing a new concept of Religion which is quite different from the traditional
ones dealing with only human being who carries God within his body and nowhere else.


I was born and brought up in a large joint family(As used to be found in our country long time back and still I
live in a joint family though small in volume). I have learnt from my elders how to share a good thing with
I am blessed that in young age I got the blessings of God within me and got Him as my God-the-Preceptor who
has been guiding me as well as controlling my life since my young age. The same mentality is still working and
so I have become restless to share the Truth achieved by me with the whole human race. I feel from the core
of my heart that I am only a human without any race or religion. We have seen and learnt from the Holy Ghost
Jibankrishna or Diamond how people of all religions, casts and races have seen him within them ultimately
being transformed into perfectness achieving the highest degree of divinity which is the birthright of every
human being.
Yes, the whole philosophy of life is changed and so in spite of so many allurements of life, honor and
recognition of my professional life I could ignore all these by the grace of God. We have realized that God is
nowhere else but within our body by seeing Him within us. We have realized that this human body is the
Temple, Church or Mosque.

I have seen and still I am seeing how myriads of people are growing sense of Oneness after getting
Jibankrishna as their God-the-Preceptor in dreams, trances and even in reality. All these incidents and
experiences of innumerable people I have recorded in my fifteen books after compiling from different diaries
numbering nearly twenty thousand pages since 1976.
This is amazing that all these incidents were indicated through my dreams beforehand. Now I have understood
the sayings of Jibankrishna when one day he said, Dreams will control your life. This has become true in my
life and not only with me but this is applicable to all human beings. A man will realize this when he will get Godthe-preceptor as he will control the seer and guide him throughout his life.

Chapter 2 part 2
My Divine Dreams:
My divine dreams started at the age of 18 in 1959 after getting Jibankrishna or Diamond as my God-ThePreceptor in dream. I came in contact with him in 1959, but after 3 years got detached due to my higher studies.
After long 13 years he again appeared in my dream forecasting about my future life which came true in my
waking life in the long run. Since 1959, I have innumerable divine dreams numbering 730 till now which still
continues, covering a wide range of aspects. All these dreams are recorded date wise which may be of great
interest to research workers in future and will be realized how divine dreams change a human life from animal
passion to divinity, transforming a man to Brahmahood ( Supreme Being) which is a birthright of every human


My divine dreams cover the following aspects:

Dreams indicating my own progress of austerity under the guidance of God-the-Preceptor. The numbers of

dreams are above 500.

Divine dreams always indicate how is your progress in austerity within yourselves. The life power is in every
human body. It has always the tendency of going upwards to reach cerebrum or 7th plane to be transformed into
God This is a spontaneous process and is called Rajyoga. No exertion is needed to be transformed into Supreme
One or Brahma. When God-the-Preceptor appears within you by His grace, He will guide your spiritual life.
What progress you have made will be revealed in dream. This may be either symbolic or real which is more


Indication of increase in brain-power through different dreams. Numbers are 40.Increase in brain power is

indicated by seeing innumerable people in dreams, by seeing far future and past, or experiencing advance
science. All these experiences I have in my dream.
3. Annihilation of space. Number of dreams are many. In dreams when the seer goes to another place, it means
that there is annihilation of space. In dreams I have gone to many foreign countries without going there in
reality. This is the example that the whole universe is within a human brain.
4 . Near and after-death experiences, based on spiritual aspects showing esoteric conditions of the body. In
some of my dreams I was on the verge of death or crossed the region of death and again came back to life by the
grace of God-the-Preceptor. Touching death point is called Jada Samadhi and crossing death region is termed as
Sthita Samadhi which means merging in infinity to gain more power (Complete transformation into God).
5. Vision of important persons like international and national politicians, film stars, players etc showing effects
either on them or on waking world.
6. Vision of Hindu gods and goddesses, Great Prophets like Lord Christ, Mohammed, Sri Chaitannya, Sri
Ramkrishna etc. Numbers are above 10. In many of such dreams my previous births were shown, though, this
has the explanation like this - Past, present and future are merged in human brain. As and when necessary, these
may reveal through dreams in pure consciousness. The same character governing genes of Mr X of the past may
dominate in Mr Y of the present, and so, it is seen like that. In Vedanta there is no rebirth.

Out-of-body experiences, though quite different from clinical experience. Actually we explain like this- In

all divine dreams Soul gets separated from the body and shows His sportive forms to the seer in the form of a
person who attained Godhood in his life time. This has been mentioned in Upanishads clearly.

Repetition and narration of previous dreams within a dream. Numbers are above 18. Many times I dreamed

that I was narrating my previous dream to my God-the-Preceptor very distinctly in a dream, either seen long
before or seen recently. This is an indication of advanced brain power.
9. Vision of past through dreams: I have quite a number of such dreams on either far past like Prehistoric age,
Vedic age, scenes of old Testament etc.
10. Vision of far and near future: What will happen within a few days was shown to me in my dreams. For
example, many incidents happened after I dreamed the same scene in my dream. But more amazingly, I have

experienced telepathic conversation with my expired mother, extra-terrestrials, journey by light speed
spaceship, world after 10000 years and strangely, solution of Stephen Hawkings information loss theory in
dream. Besides these I saw many future visions numbering nearly 100.
11. Merging of dream and reality: In my dreams it happens many times that what I was dreaming happened
simultaneously outside whenever I woke up. Sometimes it was vice-versa. This condition is mentioned in



Chapter -3
My first out of body experience
It was an evening in the month of Sept-Oct, 1956. The place was Durgapur of West Bengal
state in India. I was at that time a 14 years boy studying in class-x. I was on the portico of our Quarter. Suddenly
my eyes became closed, I fell into a trance and gradually lost my body sense. It seemed to me that my soul
coming out my body was approaching towards infinite galaxy. Everything including earth, stars etc were out of
my mind and reached a void zone. All on a sudden I got back my sense but could not fathom what it was.
After long 20 years passing through innumerable realizations, I realized that I had a jada Samadhi at that time.
In such a state the seer stands at the junction of death and life. Anybody at this state generally crosses the door
of life and enters death world. But if he has the blessings of God he returns which happens in my case.
Later on I came to know that this was the initiation of my divine life which flourished by the achievement of
God-the-Preceptor who always guided and taught me throughout my life in the spiritual world.
After coming in contact with Diamond my divine dreams started since 1959.

Appearance of Sri Ramkrishna in dream and vision of my previous birth

1) In my first dream in mid 1959 Sri Ramkrishna Deva appeared and seen sitting on a cot in a hut. The dream
then went off. I woke up, slept and dreamt that Sri Ramkrishna was lying on a floor being attacked by cancer( In
reality it happened). The house was a two storied and seemed to be unknown. Sri Ramkrishna was giving his
blessings on numerous devotees and then turned towards me as if with an intention that whatever I would want
he was going to give it. But I wanted nothing and kept silent. All on a sudden I saw the Holy goddess Kali at the

door in place of Sri Ramkrishna and then again was transformed into Sri Ramkrishna. I narrated this dream to
Diamond and he interpreted that It showed my previous birth.
However, the striking feature was that, in the year 1966, when I was posted in Govt service, I had to go to
Kashipur Udyanbati(garden house where Sri Ramkrishna was staying being attacked by cancer and here he
showered his blessings on all devotees) for some advisory work on agriculture. Being there, I got surprised after
seeing the house. The same house with same doors and windows he saw in my dream in 1959.
After long years I realized that as the whole universe including past, present and future is within our brain and
whenever required, it flashes in dreams. Thus annihilation of time and space occurs.
My first achievement of God the Preceptor
2) In the last part of 1959, I saw Diamond first in my dream. He was seated on his cot at his residence. This was
my achievement of God-the-Preceptor in the form of Diamond who guided and taught me numerous lesions on
yoga throughout my life as will be revealed gradually .
My second experience of near-death condition
3) In the year 1964, in my dream, I felt a snake bite and realized that the death was knocking at the door.
Surprisingly, I felt no pain. When I was on the verge of death, suddenly my dream went off and I woke up.
[The meaning of this dream was realized after 10 long years when I understood that this was a touch of Sthita
samadhi when the scattered life-power within a human body gets collected and assembled in the cerebrum and
it gives the touch of death , though, by the grace of God-the Preceptor the seer. Overcomes death to attend a
new and higher spiritual life.
Then there was a long gap for eight years. When I had no realizations except being busy with my service
followed by research work.
Then in the year 1972, one dream completely changed my way of life and this will be an interesting story in the
world of divine dreams.]
Indication of my future
4) It was sometime in February-March, 1972, One night I saw in a dream that one of my uncle I was telling me,
you will make revolution in Agriculture; Here the dream went off .

[Firstly, I couldnt grasp the real meaning. But after four years, the meaning flashed in me like this; in
microcosm Agriculture means to cultivate a human body (land). After cultivation crops are produced. So, after
cultivation of the body by God, innumerable realizations are grown within the body. The inner meaning is that
in future the seer will have numerous divine realizations by the grace of God.]
Then came the day which became the turning point of my life.



Chapter 4
Forecast of God-the-Preceptor about me in dream
5) March 3, 1972. I dreamt that I had gone to one of my friends house at Howrah Town (near Kolkata) to
collect the 2nd and 3rd part of a book Dharma-O-Anubhuti (written by Diamond based on his personal
realizations). But they said that they had not a single book. So I came out and aimlessly roamed here and there
and unmindfully reached the residence of Diamond where; I found Diamond sitting on his cot in his room.
Seeing me he only uttered without asking anything: Hey! You will write the 2 nd and 3rd part of Dharma-OAnubhuti. Then and there the dream went off.
[I gave no importance on it, But within 2-3 days some urge appeared in my mind to find this book. Strangely, I
had no idea that book was already written by Diamond. I thought, I might have to write this book. As days
passed on, some force began to arise within me for Diamond and gradually my mind began to change from the
worldly affairs towards the world of Diamond where I felt that the true religion means the spontaneous
evolution of life power within a human body to be transformed into God.
Thus a new divine life began in me together with my material world and was bloomed with innumerable strange
and unique dreams enriching my mind and thoughts .
After several years when I had undergone & various realizations, I realized what was its real meaning. I realized
that my God-the-Preceptor wanted to say that in future I would have various realizations mentioned in the 2 nd
and 3rd part of Dharma-O-Anubhuti. Because to write; means fixation of the affects of realizations within the

Note: In real life, this actually happened when I had experienced many realizations as mentioned in the 2 nd and
3rd part of the book as will be revealed in many of my dreams later on.]
Vision of the future ascent and descent austerity
6) May2, 1972: I dreamed early in the morning that along with my two-three friends I was swimming in a
pond. I defeated others and reached the other side of the pond and again came back to the starting point. The
dream then went off.
[Five years later after having experiences of lots of ascent and descent realizations, I realized that this dream
revealed that I would have a fast course of austerity of ascent and descent in future. ]
Vision of my future
7) May3, 1972: Early morning dream: A girl was seated in front of me, as if she would be married to me. I felt
very upset. All on a sudden I observed that Sri Ramkrishna was sitting behind the girl with a sweet smiling face
having an affectionate look on me. I had nothing but looking at him helplessly. Suddenly he took a paper and
wrote on it that my marriage would be cancelled. Then the dream went off.
[The dream could not be followed for a long time, but gradually the effect of the dream came in my life in a
way that the feelings for ritualistic marriage was eradicated from my mind and so ultimately remained
Vision of Goddess Saraswati or Deity of Vedic knowledge
8) May 9, 1972, Noontime dream : I was looking at the idol of Goddess Saraswati . All on a sudden to my utter
Surprise she came out of the idol in flesh and blood and sat in front of me. I asked her, Mother, what is called
knowledge? Though she answered but I could not remember after my dream went off.
[ Saraswati is considered in Vedas, the symbol of vedic knowledgeThe knowledge of knowing self
The dream indicated that in future the seer will gain knowledge of own self.]
Forecast of God-the-Preceptor about himself
9) May13, 1972:

Early morning dream: I saw the sky overhead, full of moonbeam light and a flock of illuminating birds flying
beneath the sky. I had been observing these scenes from a 2-storied house. The ocean was seen in front of the
house. Suddenly I observed that Diamond was sitting in front of me, showing me with his finger the scene and
saying, Hey! Look! Look! Then he turned round sitting in a different posture. Within a moment some-body
came to him. I looked at him and found that he was my father, Diamond told me, I am the greatest from Moses
Period. I shall live for another one and half thousand years.
Then my father bowed down to his feet and he gave his blessings putting his hand on my fathers head. The
dream then sent off.
[ Spontaneous revelation appeared in me in the following ways:
(a) The light was seen in the fourth plane of the body.
(b) Sky is seen in the fifth plane during austerity.
(c) Here God-the-Preceptor gave his own introduction; among all the great religious teachers Diamond had
experienced the highest order of austerity though basically all are same in class.
(d) The seers father also received the blessings of God the-the-Preceptor, though indirectly. ]
Appearance of God-the-Preceptor
10) 18th May, 1972, Thursday , Early morning dream ; I have gone to Calcutta University Science College at
Ballygunge, Calcutta. One of my friend gave me an address and said, Sri Jibankrishna (Diamond) is staying
there. Hearing this, I almost rushed to that house and saw Diamond sitting there. Seeing me he asked, Why
have you not come so long? I gave my excuses and then my dream went off.
After a while again I felt asleep and saw in the dream that Diamond was sitting in a room on the 1 st floor. I sat
beside him and he gave me the book Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) and said ,
Read it, I started reading and then the dream went off.
[ Here God-the-Preceptor gave company to the seer for his satisfaction and consolation due to his long
Detachment with Diamond in reality. ].


Chapter 5

Shower of blessings of GodFirst experience

on merging of dream and reality Realization of Vedanta
11) May 22, 1972.
Early morning I saw in a dream that there was a heavy shower which continued for a long time. I woke up for a
moment and though that it was really raining outside and so I decided to sleep again. After a while, when I
woke up again saw with surprise that there was no sign of rain outside. The dream was so vivid.
[(a) Here the shower signifies the blessings of God which was showered upon the seer . (b) The seer
experienced the merging of dream and reality. This has a reference in Upanishads that both dream and reality
are identical.]

Realization as per the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti

12) 4th June, 1972, Sunday.
What was felt during my dream was realized after I woke up. I felt that for the whole night God-the-Preceptor
held my hand and both roamed here and there.
[This realization was mentioned by Sri Ramkrishna as, God-the-Preceptor is as if a companion, holding the
hand of the devotee and roam. This is also mentioned in the Bengali book Dharma-O-Anubhuti written by
Diamond like thisGod appears to the devotee as God-the-Preceptor and roam with him holding hand (vide
dream no 5) ]

Realization as per the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti-Dream and Reality are identical Realization of Vedanta
13) 12th June, 1972, Monday, Early morning dream ; I was dwelling on the top floor of a huge building .I was
stepping down from the top floor observing innumerable number of rooms, steps and lanes inside the House
which was beyond imagination. After stepping down for a while I felt that I lost my track to get up. Suddenly I
noticed that an unknown person standing beside me, pointed out my way to the upstairs. I looked up and found
that the steps lead to my dwelling place in the top floor. I then returned to my own room. Here the dream went

After a while, I again had a dream and noticed a beautiful hilly town. People were seen walking on roads.
Suddenly a herd of cows was seen on the road. I stood on one side of the road and surprisingly went on thinking
that I was dreaming but everything seemed so real! Then my dream went off.
[ The revelation of the 1st scene appeared thus : Large building signifies the huge capacity of the seers
cerebrum . Rooms are the brain cells, lanes signify channels from the root of spinal chord to the cerebrum.
Loosing tracks means that during upward movement of the life force towards the 7 th plane of the cerebrum
sometimes gets out of the channel being diverted from the main channel Susumna nerve which is the main
path towards Godhood within the body . At this moment God as unknown person keeps the seer in the right
track which the seer experienced in this dream.
The 2nd scene signifies that the seer had a realization of Vedanta where dream and reality are described as
identical. At the same time the seer experienced the same realization as mentioned in the book Dharma-OAnubhuti No 881 : There is no difference between dream and reality. The devotee who has got pure
consciousness realizes this. (vide dream no 5 ]


Chapter 6
14) 23rd, June, 1972, Friday . Early morning dream: My friend Nisith, younger sister Prakriti and younger
brother Malay and I went out for a walk. While walking, I was narrating my dreams to Nisith and here the
dream went off.
[The dream was revealed to me thus : Prakriti is the symbol of Nature , Malay denotes gentle breeze and Nisith
means nirguna or dark which means infinite . My dreams will remain in dark and in due course of time these
will spread like a gentle breeze in nature or in the world.
After 20 years my dreams are being published in Bengali magazine and after 38years being translated is
published in different websites.]


15) 24th June , 1972 , Saturday , Early morning dream : I had gone to Diamond and saw someone reading
Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna . In between reading conversation was also going on. Devotees were coming and
going . One known lady was also seen in the crowd. She was seated along with others on open corridor outside
the room.
As soon as I saw the lady, it appeared in my mind that when woman folks began to come, Diamond might not
be alive more.
However, Diamond seemed to be very bright. After a while when I bowed down to him with great devotion he
patted my head and body with great affection and here the dream went off.
[In this dream the seer was being blessed by God-the- Preceptor and afterwards a great peace persisted in his
16) July 15, 1972. One early morning when I was just waking up with half consciousness , I felt that someone
was lying on my body longitudinally putting his whole body weight on me, I got a bit chilled as it was so vivid,
but did not move . When ultimately I got back my full consciousness, I was surprised and thought, Ah! It was
Diamond himself who was lying on me and for nothing I got nervous!
[This was a very significant dream indicating my future when many of the qualities of God-the-Preceptor will
penetrate me in future.]
17) July 17, 1972. While traveling in a bus I experienced a realization in a trance --- a one storied building
with a gate on the right side for entry to the house. There I saw a woman standing at the gate with her two hands
kept on the gate as if she was the keeper of the door. She had long hair, complexion not so fair with very large
I was thinking that she might be a tantrik . Suddenly I saw with my surprise that she allowed me to enter the
house. As soon as I entered into a room, I noticed, a 78 years girl with long heirs up to her feet was leaving
that room . Then my trance went off.

[The trance signifies thus : Unless the Holy Mother or this body allows , One cannot enter the 7 th plane to see
God or Atman. There is a possibility that in future the seer may visualize Atman or Self .
18) July 20, 1972.
At noon one day I had a dream. Swami Vivekananda was seated on a cot, His head was clean shaved. I was also
seated in front of him though, without conversation. Meanwhile the dream went off.
[Here Swami Vivekananda means Rajyoga . The dream indicates that the seer will have Rajyoga within him in
(Note- It came true.)
19) 27th August, 1972. Sunday.
Early morning dream --- I was in a room seated on the floor for meditation. A wooden platform of small size
was kept in front of me .I fell in meditation for a while within the dream. The meditation suddenly went off and
I saw a small lump of divine light in the shape of a curved thumb gradually moving upward from the platform
and fixed in air in front of my eyes. Then the scene vanished.
In the next scene I saw myself inside a room adjacent to the previous room seen in the first scene. It was packed
with quite a number of people. One unknown person among them told me You have seen your fathers Atman.
Here the dream went off.
[The divine light in the shape of curved thumb has been mentioned in Upanishads as Atman or Soul, which was
visualized by the seer. Fathers Atman means the Atman seen by the primordial man on earth some thousands
and thousands of years ago. Vedic Rishis used to visualize God in their dreams in the form of their father and so
they always used the term Father. Here unknown person denotes God who is always unknown except His
grace. Plat- form symbolizes the cerebrum where God is seen.
This dream is the confirmation of the previous dream seen on July-August, 1972 (dream no 17). The
visualization of the Soul or Atman or God in the form of light is described in Maitri Upanishad ( 6.38) like thisOf size of thumb or span within the body,

A light of twofold or threefold brightness,

This Brahma who is being praised,
The Great God He has entered in all beings!]



Chapter 7

20) 3rd September , 1972, At noon I had a dreamA known monk of Sri Ramkrishna order had come to our
house .After some conversations he told me, Sri Ramkrishna Deva told me through a dream that after entering
the College, you will have non-addiction of woman and wealth. Here the dream suddenly went off.
[Diamond used to term Atman Visualization as matriculation pass in the spiritual world. Accordingly, the seer,
after visualization of Atman (dream no 20) has passed matriculation examination and is going to enter College
Detachment of woman and wealth means the seer will have no addiction for these two in his future life.]

16th September, 1972.

Early morning dream: I was standing alone on a place. Suddenly a serpent jumped on my back and sticking all
alone my spinal cord gradually opened her fan on my head. Without any fear I stood still. And then the serpent
moved away and jumped on the ground in front of me.
After this incident I went to Diamond and saw a number of devotees seated around him. I felt that I went to him
after a long gap. One of the devotees was reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Diamond was giving
explanations as he used to do in his lifetime.
Diamond was seated on his cot and I also sat on the floor in front of him. After a while Diamond started
conversation with me.
Me See, as I did my Ph. D. course, so I was deprived of your company and missed such a great phenomenon.

DiamondNo, No, my boy! It is good that you have got a footing.

MeWhen I used to come to you long time back, I was a bit immatured. I could not under- stand you and your
DiamondSee, it matters little. You know that you were a teenager at that time and it is a natural habit for that
age. Dont worry for that.
Meanwhile I noticed that everybody was leaving the room one by one. Diamond came down from his cot and
sat on the floor in front of me. He was looking very joyous. I thought that I had been chatting with him for such
a long time, let me tell him that I was incapable of doing meditation. But I felt very uneasy to beg something
from him as this was my natural habit in reality also.
Another thought came in my mind that he had expired 5 years ago, but looking so joyous and rejuvenated!
Moreover I was having him in front of me, so why should I need meditation?
Then I told him, so long I did not come to you, I should never do such mistake. The Puja holiday is knocking at
the doo, I shall come to you at noon and stay full time. He gave a sweet smile and said, Yes you do that. The
dream was then off.
[The first scene indicated that kundalini, in the form of snake is awakened within the seer.
The second scene indicated that all the happenings happened in the real life of the seer are being wiped out by
God-the-Preceptor from the seers mind through consolation.]
22) 6th December, 1972, Wednesday .
Early morning dream : I had gone to Howrah town (adjacent to Calcutta where Diamond used to reside) . But
with a great surprise, I noticed that most of the old buildings had been demolished substituted by new ones.
Everything was looking attractive with lakes, gardens, modern architectural buildings . I went on thinking that
henceforth I should stay here permanently.
However, I also noticed that the lane where one of my friend Nisith (who took me to Diamond in reality) used
to reside became widened and I was sitting in a Doctors Chamber just at the entrance of the lane (in reality it
was so). Suddenly I saw that Diamond came and sat beside me. I began to read Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna so
that he could hear it : I had also some conversations with him in between reading. Diamond looked very joyous
and I felt very happy seeing him after a long gap . But I was feeling guilty for having a long gap of meeting him
(which happened in reality). So I asked him, well, since I left you, you must have forgotten me !
DiamondWhat are you saying! Why should I not remember you!

MeYou have never seen me within you in trance, then I am not your close associate!
DiamondOh, No! No! Who said this to you!
While saying these to me, he continued patting on my body. Meanwhile he went out to the corridor. I kept
sitting holding the book in my hand. Suddenly I noticed that my elder brother was also seated there However, I
thought that before Diamonds departure, I should pay my salute on his feet . But at this moment suddenly I
woke up and thought that the dream remained incomplete. Let me sleep again to see the last part of my dream
and so I slept again and saw in the dream that Diamond again had come to me in the same place as before. This
time he was standing on the corridor (as he did in the previous dream) and continued our conversations.
MeYou know that I had a dream. Diamond came forward and said, Say , what you have dreamt. I narrated
the same dream seen in my first dream and asked, well, is this dream signifying my reflection of mind? With a
smiling face he said, I shall say something to you. But he did not say anything and went away. The dream
went off.
[Firstly, the dream was a corroboration of the serial number 811 of the Bengali book Dharma-O-Anubhuti
written by Diamond based on his personal reflections . (Vide dream no 5).
Secondly, this was the first experience in dream where I narrated the previous scene in the next one.]
23) 9th December, 1972. Saturday. Early morning dream: I had gone to Diamond at Kadamtala, Howrah. He
was then seated on his cot. I entered into the room and sat on the floor. There were many other devotees sitting
on floor. Conversations were going on. Later on all except one went away. That person was unknown to me.
Diamond came down from his cot and sat on the floor in front of me. Then he took a piece of paper and told me
to sign on the paper. It seemed as if he wanted to make a will for the seer. However, I signed on the paper. But it
seemed to be a bit wetly and soft. Diamond asked me, can you take a good dictation? I said, Yes. He then
started giving dictation in English and I also started writing: with a hard pencil . I noticed that the unknown
person was sitting, there as if he was the witness.
I said to Diamond, How wonderful is your English! But I noticed that due to softness of the paper, the writing
seemed to be hazy. Diamond began to scold me for this. So I told him, It is a hard pencil, thats why it is hazy.
Wait, let me bring a pen. But suddenly I woke up and thought, Oh! This is an incomplete dream, let me sleep
again to see the last. So I again slept and said to myself in the dream that I had already completed taking the
dictation with a pen .

Scene changed. I was now seeing that God-the-Preceptor and I was living together in a house and I was taking
advice from him though nothing could be remembered after dream.
At the last moment in the dream I observed that he was going to take a bath. After completing the bath he wore
clothes putting off his towel. I asked him, Have you taken bath? He said, Yes, I told him, then I am now
going to take my bath. And I went to take my bath. Here the dream went off.
[The dream is very significant as this indicates that in future many realizations of Diamond will be experienced
by the seer. Will is given to son by father. It means that all the wealth of father will be enjoyed by his son .Here
wealth means spiritual wealth.]


Chapter -8

24) August. 1973.

Early morning dream: Sitting alone I was thinking to leave my physical body with the thoughts that I have
achieved the truth in my life and so I have no demand in my life. Suddenly Diamond appeared before me and
said, why are you thinking like this my boy? God will perform so many works through you in future? With
these words he disappeared suddenly.
[The dream supports the saying in the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti page 21 God-the-Preceptor gives
blessings to the seer and says, many things will happen in your life.


25) August, 1973.
Early morning dream : Diamond suddenly appeared before me and said, see, they (other devotees who used to
gather in one devotees residence to have spiritual discussions on Diamond) have become diverted . Since now I
often appear before them in their dreams. Here the dream went off.
[Amazingly, a new phase started within the devotees . After a long gap they started dreaming Diamond
frequently and became rejuvenated.]


26) August, 1973 :
Early morning dream : I saw many devotees having spiritual conversations between them . One of the devotee
named Narayan was seen carrying a Bengali magazine (on Diamond) in his hand. Then the dream went off.
[The dream signifies thus: Seeing many devotees in the dream indicates increasing brain power. Another aspect
is that a sense of attractions is growing within the seer for other devotees].
27) August, 1973.
Early morning dream : I saw many devotees sitting in a room with Diamond . I sat in front of Diamond who
was looking pale and thin . Suddenly a lady entered the room and went near the self of the wall to drink water in
the glass kept for Diamond. I noticed that everybody was annoyed. But the lady ignoring all, wanted to drink
water, and at that moment very surprisingly her hand with the whole body started shivering and some water fell
on the body of Diamond. She immediately started popping the water from his body. Diamond wanted to prevent
her, but she didnt listen to him. When Diamond scolded her, I took her out of the room. The dream went off.
[In reality, women folks were not allowed to enter Diamond s room. Whenever anybody wanted to do this, she
had this similar experience. But strangely, the women folks always used to dream Diamond without seeing him
in reality and later on they identified him from outside without his knowledge. ]


28) 16th September, 1973.
Early morning dream: One patient was brought to a hospital for admission accompanied by two men. The
patient was crying due to pain and one of his companion went on weeping putting his head on the patients chest
. Suddenly I saw another devotee Jiten Chatterjee started reading the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti (written by
Diamond). After a while the patient became calm. The companion who was weeping also started listening to
him. Another companion said, How sweet is the name of Sri Ramkrishna ! These words should be announced
by loudspeaker. All troubles and shocks will be vanished .The dream then went off and I woke up.
After a while I again slept and dreamt a nice hilly place . I was standing on the road for a bus.
Marriage ceremonies were going on in two to three places. Hymns were being uttered. Two little girls were
observing the ceremonies from behind. But all these could not touch my mind. Being unconcerned I was
waiting for the bus and then went to the bus terminus. My dream went off and I woke up.

But again I fell asleep and this time dreamt that one of the devotee named Raghunath Sen was playing a tape
recorder listening to devotional songs. When I woke up I felt a great peace and joy in mind.
[ The dream signifies thus :
1st dream : The patient is seer himself who in reality was greatly disturbed in his working place and became
upset. Diamonds book converted his hazards to peace and divine joy.
2nd dream indicates that the seer will be devoid of any ritualism in real life.
The 3rd dream indicates that in future the seer will lead a pure and simple life through continuous spiritual
(Note: In the long run these came true in the seers life).



Chapter 9
29) 27th September, 1973.
Early morning dream: Diamond took me to the topmost room of a house. I observed that the room space had
the capacity for only two persons. Diamond made me sit in front of him and started giving me spiritual
teachings. When I woke up I could not remember anything.
[The dream indicated thus: Top room is the 7 th plane of the cerebrum which is the place of God. During
austerity, God-the-Preceptor comes to the seer and teaches religious aspects. Nothing could be remembered .It
means all the lesions remained within the seer as dormant and in due course of time these will be manifested.]
30) 18th October , 1973 . Early morning dream : I was seated in a room alone having that some ghosts were
present in that house . But I did not show any attention to it . Suddenly a word Narayan( the top deity of
Hindus ) began to emerge from my mouth and noticed that the ghosts disappeared . After a while the name of
Jibankrishna (Diamonds real name ) was uttered from my mouth automatically and then I woke up .

[The meaning of the dream appeared thus: Room - Body; Ghost - old prejudices. They disappeared with the
name of God. It means when a man gets God within him all his old prejudices disappear. Ghost does not exist
outside. It is within each and every human being. They are seen within the body and after projecting outside a
man sees Ghost outside.]

19th October, 1973.

Early morning dream: Diamond and I was living together in a house. I was

sometimes sitting, sometimes lying beside Diamond as if he was so intimate. I was passing my time in this
manner and then at one time I noticed my other three brothers sitting with Diamond. Once he was talking to my
elder brother and I exclaimed, Oh! Diamond already passed away! How and what way they would take him!
At this moment my dream went off.
[The dream indicates thus: Firstly the seer is having a close and continuous company with God-the-Preceptor
and secondly other brothers are having grace of God-the-Preceptor through the seer in an indirect manner.]
32) 26th October , 1973.
Early morning dream: I saw a tall young man of about six feet high and having a very strong built man in front
of me . He were a kaupin (a small piece of cloth as is used by village Indian wrestlers) and stood inside a hut
as if he was going to leave the house after taking Sannyas(monk life ) . It appeared to me, was he Chaitanya
Deva ? Suddenly somebody said within him, He is Sri Chaitanya Deva. I continued looking at him for a long
time and then the dream went off.
The dream revealed thus:
1) To see Chaitanya Deva means visualizing pure consciousness in the loving form;
2) Kaupin indicates detachment from worldly affairs;
3) In one way the seers previous birth was seen.
4) It was annihilation of time. This whole universe is within a human brain including past, present and future.
Any moment these appear in a pure mind of a human being.
Sri Chaitanya Deva was a prophet in Bengal 500 years ago and was the founder of Vaisnaba cult . Actually his
figure was same as seen in the dream as described in books. Traditional sketches do not match his figure.


33) 30th October, 1973.
Early morning dream: I was dwelling in a house with Diamond .Sometimes we were in a gossiping mood,
sometimes he was taking bath. At one time I shared the milk from his glass and drank the whole milk. After
taking bath Diamond entered his room and my dream went off .
This was the second time I spent such a long time with Diamond in my dream.
[This dream has reference in the Bengali book Dharma-O-AnubhutiGod-the-Preceptor teaches. He will be
present in the causal body and it will appear to the seer that God-the-Preceptor is always with him .In the causal
body the realization will appear and the seer witnesses.
Here drinking milk means special knowledge about God will be revealed in the body of the seer. Sharing milk
from Diamonds glass indicates that the seer will share the special knowledge attained by Diamond in future.
Ref : Dharma-O-Anubhuti 705the attainment of special knowledge starts from seeing the universe within
the body and ends with seeing the manikin within the body followed by endless sportive forms of God to
Absolute and vice-versa



Chapter 10
34) 30th November, 1973.
Early morning dream : Diamond was seated on a stage with a packed up auditorium . He had been explaining
Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita book (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna).
The dream then went off.
[The dream indicates that in future Religion and Realisation (Yogic explanation of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna)
will spread all over the world . Here auditorium is the symbol of the world.]




35) 14th December , 1973 .
Early morning dream: Diamond had come to my house passing time with me I was feeling extremely happy. At
night I saw that a big cot was covered with a white cloth and kept ready for both of us .We were having a
continuous conversation. Once it appeared in my mind to ask one question which frequently used to appear in
waking condition that just like a dream Diamond should give me accompaniment in waking life also and
whenever any opportunity would come, I should ask it in my dream .So to-day that opportunity came. But
surprisingly whenever I was going to ask this question, it appeared to me. Oh! Where was the difference
between dream and waking condition! This dream seemed to me same as waking condition! So why should I
ask him such silly question? At this moment the dream went off.
[This is a realization of the merging condition of dream and reality which will be permanent within the seer in
future life. This realization has reference in Upanishads.]


36) 27th January, 1974.
Early morning dream: I was seated somewhere . Suddenly my body began to shake severely and I lost my
control over my body. Then within a moment my body became still. After sometime when I came to a sense, I
realized that my life force moved upwards to the cerebrum with immense force, putting me to Samadhi
condition (Profound meditation merged in God).
But instantly it came in my mind that Diamond discarded Samadhi and all on a sudden the names of
Jibankrishna (Diamonds name) and God used to be recited from my mouth . Gradually I became normal and
thought, when Diamond discarded Samadhi, so why should I accept Samadhi? There are numerous phases
beyond Samadhi. Then I woke up.
[This dream will have its effect on the seer in the long run when he will have innumerable realizations above
Samadhi stage.
Sri Ramkrishna also said to Swami Vivekananda (Naren), Naren, cross the region of Samadhi.]


March, 1974.

Early morning dream: I saw Diamond standing in-front of me. He was looking very bright saying to me, I
shall appear before you after the monsoon. Then the dream was off.
[The meaning is not clear.]


38) 16th April, 1974.
Early morning dream: I had gone to Diamond. He was telling me to sit down and read Gospel of Sri
Ramkrishna. I noticed that another devotee Arun Ghosh also was seated there beside Diamond. Diamond was
patting on his back and I continued reading Gospel. Then the dream was off.
[ The meaning reveals thus :
(a) The blessings of God-the-Preceptor are showered on Arun Ghosh and the effect is observed soon after this
dream when he will have a number of remarkable realizations through dreams .
(b) During different phases of austerity the seer can see the conditions of other devotees and these are called
the bubbles of Brahmagyan .
Ref : Dharma-O-Anubhuti 758Endless bubbles of Brahmagyansportive forms of Ascent (Agam). (Vide
dream no 5.)]



Chapter 11
39) June, 1974.
Early morning dream: I was looking at the sky. Suddenly a huge image of Jesus Christ up to bust appeared in
the sky covering its major portion. It was so living and wonderful! Then the image disappeared, and the scene
was off.

In the next scene I saw that on the top of a hill there was a plateau and Jesus Christ was seated on an open place.
I had some conversations with him. In the mean time I saw that Arun Ghosh along with some other devotees of
Diamond had gathered there surrounding Jesus. They were listening to His teachings with rapt attention.
After sometime, with great curiosity I asked Arun Ghosh . What a strange thing! How did we come to Jesus
Christ? He said, From era to era we use to come with these prophets. At this moment the dream went off.
[The dream is self-explanatory. During advancement of austerity these previous births are seen, though it can be
explained like this in microcosm: The whole universe including past, present and future is within Atman or
great soul. Atman is within the human body. So the whole universe is within the human brain. At any time this
past or future may reveal in a pure and divine body. Another strange thing happened recently that I saw in a
website a photograph of BEATTITUDE- A hill-top where Jesus gave his sermons to his disciples. And with a
great surprise I noticed that the same scene I saw in my dream so long ago establishing the fact that the whole
universe is within our brain.]



40) 7th July, 1974.

Early morning dream: A huge building with a large room was visible. There was another room inside that large
room. Suddenly I saw that Diamond was entering that room. He wore a Punjabi and bowed to somebody with
folded hands. I also bowed to him with folded hands. Diamond was clean shaved. He came to me putting off his
Punjabi. I noticed that he was looking very strong. He then sat in front of me.
I said to him, see, during my boyhood I used to come to you frequently. Then twelve years had passed and I
completely forgot you. One day I saw in a dream that I went out for searching the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti
2nd and 3rd part and went to my friend Nisiths house, although I did not know that these two parts had already
been published. With a great astonishment Diamond was hearing my narration.
Then I continued, then I went to you at Kadamtala and you said, see, you will write Dharma-O-Anubhuti 2 nd
and 3rd part. After hearing this he expressed his great surprise and told other devotees, see, how strange is it!
How strange!
Thereafter he gave me some papers with some writings on these and said, write all these fairly. I start writing
with a pen but noticed that some writings were not clearly understood, I asked Diamond about these hazy
writings and continued writing after hearing his corrections . The dream went off.

[The dream has a reference in the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti No 969 In the devotees body God-thePreceptor shows his sportive forms and the seer observes it.
The dream has several meanings:
1) In future all the writings about Diamond will be fairly performed by the power of God;
2) Paper means body; Writing means realizations and sportive forms, hazy writings are hazy realizations
which will be corrected by God-the-Preceptor.
Ref: Dharma-o-Anubhuti No 938 The sportive forms which will happen are already described. Here it is
described in the seers body.

In dream the seer narrated the real facts happened in his life and dream seen on, 1972 (dream no 5)

indicating the expansion of the seers brain capacity.]

[After a while, the dream came true when the seer had to take charge of the publication of the magazine on
Diamond and continued for long years.
For next 35 years this came true in the life of the seer with innumerable realizations.]

41) 14th July, 1974.
Early morning dream: I was having a deep conversation about God with some devotees of Diamond. After a
while when I came out on the road I met Diamond . When he heard about my frequent meeting with the
devotees, he said to me, See, this is very good. Continue such meeting as this will create a permanent effect of
your realizations within you. After saying these words, he disappeared.
In the next scene I saw that along with many devotees I was passing time discussing about spiritual aspects in
one our devotees house and thus the whole night was spent. The dream then went off.
The dream reveals thus: God-the-Preceptor is giving power to the seer to spend his whole life with such
spiritual practices and as a result all his realizations through dreams will produce permanent effect on him.]



After the previous dream a peculiar incident happened. Almost every night I used to see in my dreams

different devotees either in a group or single and having spiritual discussions most of the time.
[These dreams signify in both ways:
1) Attraction and fellowship grow up in both sides and thus sense of oneness is subject to grow within us.
2) Seeing so many persons at a time in dream increases the brain power of the seer.]


43) August, 1974.
Afternoon dream: One devotee Arun Ghosh was seen to sing , Worship Jiban Krishna, recite Jibankrishna etc,
while listening, the dream went off.
[Regular spiritual practice through dreams increases the spiritual power of the seer.]


44) The same night I dreamt that I was spending the whole night with devotees.
[ Seeing devotees so frequently in dreams increases the brain power of the devotee . ]


45) September, 1974 .
A realization in waking condition: For 4 to 5 days, a peculiar of bliss had been passing through my mind. Some
tines I used to feel that I was merged into a fog of bliss with soothing light falling into the ocean of divine joy.
[This realization indicates the gradual development of the seer in spiritualism.]



Chapter 12


46) 16th October, 1974.
Early morning dream: I had been sitting with many devotees along with Diamond and listening to his yogic
interpretation with rapt attention. Gradually night came and it was 8-30 p.m. So I was on my way to home. But
after going to a certain distance, I again felt urge for Diamond and through, why I was leaving Diamond! I
should stay with him longer time. So I again started going back to Diamond. When I came nearer to his house . I
noticed that a little girl was following me so long . She told me that should go somewhere and I should
accompany her. But I told her to go away. When she didnt listen to me, I drove her out and reached Diamonds
house. I saw that one devotee Arun Ghosh was coming out and others had already left. Here the dream went off.
[The dream signifies that in future the seers mind will remain concentrated on Diamond and any sorts of
obstacles will be removed from his path towards Truth. ]
47) 25th October, 1974. At mid-day I had a trance and saw that my head had been transformed into Diamonds
head and all on a sudden my head began to jerk like Diamonds Samadhi stage.
The jerk was so severe that my trance went off and even at that stage my head went on jerking. Then I sat on my
bed after being normal.
[This realization corroborated Diamonds saying, you will gradually be transformed into me in the spiritual
48) 1st November, 1974. Time : In between 10 p.m. 10-30 p.m. While I went to bed, I fell in a trance stage.
During this time while I was going to turn from right to left side, I suddenly felt that somebody hit on my head
with a twig full of illuminated leaves and instantly I saw that my brain became full of innumerable number of
illuminated cells for a moment. The whole incident happened in the twinkling of an eye and I jumped up on my
bed still visioning the illuminated brain cells for a few seconds . Ultimately the vision left.
I opened my eyes and was surprised to see that nothing happened in reality . The vision was so realistic.

[ It was a realization mentioned in the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti(Written by Diamond) page 74-vision of

Chaitanya or supreme consciousness Red light suddenly flared up in the cerebrum.

7th November, 1974. Early morning dream: A beautiful hilly area was visible with the river ganges

flowing at the base. On the hill top Diamond and I was seated only. For hours together Diamond continued to
give me spiritual advices.
Then the scene changed and I saw a house. In that house a devotee Arun Ghosh and I was seated in front of
Diamond who had been giving advices to us for a long time. Then we packed up the mat and left.
Again the scene changed. Now I saw that I along with many devotees had gathered in one devotees residence
for spiritual discussions. Arun Ghosh narrated one of his dreams while I narrated the first scene the same dream
to everybody and thereafter the dream went off.
[First and second scenes corroborate the saying of the book Dharama-O-AnubhutiGod-the-Preceptor
teaches the seer Rajyoga. But the teachings could not be remembered it means that these remain dormant within
the brain and in due course of time manifest within the seer.
The third scene signifies that the brain power of the seer is increasing gradually.]


50) 23rd December, 1974. Early morning dream: Diamond was giving me spiritual advices and I was noting
down on a paper. This continued for a long time and then the dream went off.
[This dream is alike that seen on 7th July, 1974 (dream no 41). The meaning is that in future the seer will
experience numerous sportive forms of God-the-Preceptor and these will become permanent within the seers




51) February, 1975. Early morning dream: In a multistoried building the seer was standing on the top floor.
There was a step above it with a narrow hole. I was having a conversation with one of my senior friend named
Biswendra who was on the other side of the hole . I had in my mind to go to the other side of the hole. But it
was so narrow that it would be impossible to go through the hole. I went on thing how to go to the other side.
Suddenly the scene changed and I found myself on the other side of the hole . I couldnt fathom how this strong
incident happened. However, I saw, there was a long corridor and quite a number of people sitting on the floor
were having meals as if due to a ceremonial occasion. When everybody finished their meals I came down and
the dream went off.
[The dream indicates thus: Both sides of the hole indicates individualism and universalism. As the whole
Rajyoga process is spontaneous, the seer was transferred from individualism to universalism where Biswendra
was talking to the seer and numerous people were having meals. Biswendra means universal and taking meals
means realizations.
It is clearly indicated that in future the seer will experience universal realization.]

Chapter 13
52) February, 1975. Early morning dream: In a huge building I get up with a great trouble to the roof top and
then got down through the steps of another side. The dream went off.
[Within a human body during austerity of ascent, the life force progresses from the root of the spinal cord to the
7th plane through Susumna nerve to visualize God and then descent starts when the life force descends from the
7th plane.
Here building means the body; rooftop is the 7 th plane. The dream indicates that the seer had realizations in
ascent and next he will have realizations in descent during austerity.]



February, 1975.

Early morning dream: I was seated in a room. After sometime my look fell on the door

and noticed that so long I was seated, Diamond had been standing near the door with a great affectionate look at
me. And then he went away, His look was so charming, so affectionate that could never be forgotten. I then look
[The dream revealed thus: During the phase of austerity in ascent, the mind and body pass through many
hazards and tough situations as revealed in dreams in many ways. During this phase God-the-Preceptor protects
the devotee and remove the irritations of his body,]


54) March, 1975: Early morning dream : I noticed that the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti was kept in front
of me . As soon as I opened the cover, the first saying Dvaita-Advaita-Bibarjitam (Devoid of Dualism and non
dualism or One) was noticed. While noticing this, I suddenly woke up with an echo Dvaita-AdvaitaBibarjitam inside my brain.
[The dream corroborates the saying No 1063 of Diamonds book Dharma-O-Anubhuti - One - Advaita,
Dualism - Dvaita, No senseDevoid of any sense.
This has manifested in embryo form within the body of the seer and in future may be manifested in reality.
(Vide dream no 5)]


55) April, 1975: Mid-day dream: I was living in a house. I saw that a small elephant was behaving in an
un-restful manner on the ground floor. I went to the top floor and with a pistol I shoot the elephant who
gradually became senseless. The dream then went off.
[Surprisingly the dream had a great effect on the sublimation of the seers un-restful mind persisting for some
days. Here elephant symbolizes mind. The dream also reveals that during different phases of austerity the
supreme power within the body always protects the seer from all hazards through His sportive forms in dream.]



27th April, 1975. At night I had a dream: A huge open field with Paths around it was visible. On one side

on the roof of a house I was standing along with some devotees.

After a while Diamond came and I took my seat with one devotee Ramkrishna Ghosh and Diamond . At this
moment I saw that another devotee Ravi Ganguly was coming with a gorgeous procession from the opposite of
the field. He came to Diamond and started taking to him in a very devotional manner. But it was so showy and
exaggerated that Diamond became greatly annoyed. One time, when it exceeded the limit, Diamond held the
neck of Ravi and dashed him on the ground. Ravi became senseless.
I noticed that Diamond began to slap on his cheeks and the scar marks of the fingers. appeared vividly on Ravis
cheek. I only went on observing these incidents and at the same time one story mentioned in one old religious
book of the Hindus was appearing in my memory. It was also described in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna where
it was described that Sri Jagannath of Puri (India) [God in the form of Jagannath] slapped on

Chapter 14

16th May,1975.

Early morning dream: I noticed that someone at the residence of one devotee khagendra

Ghosh was announcing in a louder voice, Some people who will come here will burst to death, some will face
brain paralysis. But Khagendra was not visible at that moment. After a while I saw an old lady falling
senselessly on me . An automatic recitation of Sri Ramkrishnas name began to come-out of my mouth, and at
this moment my dream went off.
the cheeks of one devotee Pundarik Vidyanidi and the sears appeared on his cheeks.
Jagannath did it for Pundariks lesions. Just at this moment the dream went off.
[The dream indicates three aspects:

The condition of Ravi Ganguly was revealed to the seer, as during the phase of austerity in ascent

others spiritual conditions are revealed to the seer. This is termed as bubbles of Brahmagyan.

Ravi Gangulys previous birth was revealed.


Through the lesson of other God-the-Preceptor is removing the emotional feelings with exaggeration

from the mind of the seer. Religion is not emotion, it is reality with proof.]

[The dream indicated the growing spiritual power of Mr. Ghosh and at the same time of the seer, through
indirectly.The dream corroborates the saying no 758 of Dharma-O-Anubhutithe condition of other devotee
will be revealed to the seer during his phases of ascent.]



17th May,1975.

Early morning dream: Along with Diamond I was drinking tea on the dining table.

Diamond was clean shaved wearing a punjabi. While drinking, he suddenly told me, See, there was a cause that
you were detached from me during your student life (It happened so in reality). I became eager to listen to the
cause from his mouth. But he did not explain anything and at this moment the dream went off.
[* The dream did not reveal anything at that moment. Perhaps in future it will reveal.]
(* After long years , I realized that it happened due to the fact that God will perform His work through me by
recording so many facts .and my research experiences will be useful to perform such work, otherwise my life
would have been like any classmates or Colleagues living a luxurious life .]



2nd July, 1975.

Early morning dream: I was seated face to face with Diamond. Another devotee Arun

Ghosh was also seated beside me. I felt that Diamond again came back to me after he departed. But all of us had
conversation and sat with full concentration of mind.
After a long time the scene changed and again I saw Arun Ghosh whom I told , I have seen you in my first
dream. Here the dream went off.
[ The dream corroborates with saying no 93 of the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti The mind of yogi becomes
concentrated in the body and so with Gyani and also Devotee. Whoever is blessed by God attains this
Another significant aspect of the dream is that by narrating the previous dream within the next one the increased
brain power of the seer is indicated.]




4th July, 1975. Early morning dream: I saw in front of me a tree bearing wood apple like fruits at 1east

3-4 times bigger than the normal one. I immediately picked up one from the tree .And while holding this fruit in
my hand, my dream went off .
[This dream corroborated with the saying of the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti page 24 .
Such type of realization eradicates the ego-consciousness of the seer and is similar to that of Diamond.]

61) 20th July, 1975. Early morning dream: I saw myself in a class room with tables and chairs along with a cot.
The room was packed with students. Diamond was seated there answering the questions of the students. I was
only a spectator.
All on a sudden, a boy whistled intentionally. I thought who made such idiotic job! Then and there Diamond
glaring at the culprit pushed him out of the class being greatly annoyed. While Diamond came inside the class
room, I threw bricks at the boy and drove him out of the field. The class again resumed and I woke up.
[The dream shows that anybody showing deviation will be punished by God-the-Preceptor It is applicable to
the seer at the same time.]



10th August, 1975.

Early morning dream: I was standing on a very beautiful place. The sea was visible

at a far distance. A river was flowing a little bit away from me. A devotee named Indranath was standing in front
of me. I requested him to go there. After a while I noticed a flat boat resting on land in front of me . I stood on it
and it automatically started moving on the land . It carried me to a boggy place and thereafter to the river which
joined the sea. It was really a very exciting experience. The boat gradually carried me to the junction of the river
and the sea . I shouted with joy, The sea! The sea! Then a huge ship was seen in the sea and I boarded up
there. I saw that quite a number of sailors from different Countries of the world were singing a song Hail the

ancient Truth-the jewel man .Jibankrishna . I saw myself conducting the whole music like a bandmaster as
on encouragement to them . The song continued for a long time and then the dream went off.
[The dream carries some meanings:

A boat sails on the water not on dry land-it means impossible things will be possible within the body of the

seer. This is in microcosm. In macrocosm, many impossible things may happen in the world by the action of
Diamond in future.
Here the life force reaches the ocean i.e. cerebrum. This has a reference in Dharma-O-Anubhuti No-258Kundalini Penetrating through the body reaches the ocean of eternal blissthe cerebrum . (Vide dream no 5) .

In the long run the name and action of Diamond will spread throughout the world among different nations,

religions as has happened in India and the seer may have a role in this aspect.]

Chapter 15
63) 11th August, 1975. Early morning dream: At a devotees residence intense spiritual conversations and
reading were going on. Many devotees and I were present there. Then the dream went off.
[Regular spiritual practices both in dream and reality increase the brain power with spiritualism.]


64) 15th August, 1975. Early morning dream: I was walking on a village road along with Diamond and my
school mate Nisith. Diamond wore a dhoti and Punjabi (Bengali common dress) and had a chitchat with me like
a very intimate friend, sometimes joking with me. Once he asked me a question. As my answer was not liked,
he said, No, it is not so. It will be like that. Then he told me the right answer. After I woke up, couldnt
remember the answer.
[In a human life God in the real friend and the seen experienced it. Moreover, long and continuous
accompaniment with God-the-Preceptor is increasing the spiritual power of the seer.]


11th September, 1975. Midnight dream: I felt a peculiar sensation in my brain on the back side as if an
operation was going on. I was paralytic though had a half sense. In this condition a thought came in my mind
that I should not feel nervous and be calm and quite. At this moment a recitation of the name God used to be
uttered from my mouth. Then I woke up.
[ Even after my waking up, the word God; used to continue from my mouth throughout the day. At the same
time a continuous feeling used to persist as if same changes happened in my brain in reality.]

13th November, 1975. Early morning dream: I realized that Diamond again came back to his worldly
life after his demise and I was having a long conversation with him. I came to know that he had become
incapable of giving yogic interpretation on Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna due to his old age and he used to give
accompany to the devotees for a short period. So I decided to leave my present responsible and hectic job to
have a long accompaniment with him. Here my dream went off and immediately I woke up I saw in a great
surprise that I had been transformed into Diamond fully in a half conscious state. Then gradually as I got back
my full consciousness this sense faded away.
[ The dream and the realization has two aspects: * Firstly , I may have to leave the job to devote more time
after Diamonds work and secondly in reality I shall acquire the attributes of God-the-Preceptor . ]
( * After nine months, the dream came true thus : I left my responsible post and took a school reaching which
enabled me to devote more time after editing the magazine and having more spiritual practices with devotees
inspite of having more scopes for teaching in universities and top posts in other organizations . )

14th November, 1975. Early morning dream: Some of the devotees had come to my residence for
lunch on some occasions. There was enough arrangement of meals and everybody relished it . At a certain
moment I observed that one of the devotees Raghunath Sen lied on the floor with great fatigue.I felt very sad
seeing this sight. Here the dream went off.
[The dream indicates two aspects. One is that all the devotees are having their own plenty of realizations now-adays and secondly, Raghunaths present condition is revealed through my dream. And practically he is passing
through great troubles in his real life.
During progress of austerity in ascent (upward movement of life power) others conditions are revealed through
dreams to the seer.]
17th November, 1975. Early morning dream : Maharaj Kumar of Burdwan (West Bengal ) had come
to me for some reason ( In real life he is known to me ) . Though I had seen him twice in dreams having

conversations on the book Dharma-O-Anubhuti, I ignored this matter. This time also I saw him talking on the
same matter but I ignored as before. But within a short while it appeared to me, well! his name is Abhaychand
( He who is devoid of fearlessness ) ! So does it indicate something for name-sake? Immediately I thought that
Diamond had also the same experience in his dreams seeing a devotee Abhay for 4 months. He interpreted it
as his achievement of fearlessness.
Instantly a hymn of Upanishad came in my mind Abhayam Boi Janaka praptosi (Janaka, you have gained
fearlessnesssaying of Rishi Jagyabalka to king Janaka who gained Brahmagyan or knowledge of Supreme
one ).
There continued this recitation from my mouth without my control and after a while I woke up. But throughout
the day during my working hours in the office this hymn continued and gradually faded away.
This dream corroborated the saying 426 of the book Dharma-O-AnubhutiI alone exist and in future it will
be established in the seers body. ] (Vide dream no 5.)

Chapter 16
69. 19th November, 1975 . Early morning dream: I was staying at our original residence of Santipur town
on the 1st floor .I felt that some ghosts were also residing there. Suddenly the light became off. I got down to the
ground floor feeling nervousness. But instantly I thought that I should go to the 1st floor to verify the matter . At
the same time the recitation of the name Jibankrishna (Diamonds real name) was coming out of my mouth
spontaneously. All on a sudden the lights were on at the 1st floor. Out of curiosity I went to see what happened
and observed one unknown man sitting in a room. It seemed to me that all the men sitting on the 1st floor were
dead. The continuous recitation of the word God went on and then my dream went off.
[The dream signifies thus: Dead personsold prejudices. With appearance of God within the body all these
prejudices are removed.
It also reveals that in future, this residence will be a place for religious practices about Diamond and it came
true after 9 years. Here Lots of people saw Diamond in dreams.]


70. 20th November, 1975 . Midnight dream: I saw some notorious type boys standing in front of me . I
explained to them many things about Sri Ramkrishna and Diamond. Lastly I told them; God is within your
body. I noticed that all were listening to me with rapt attention. I finished my lecture and instantly realized,
Oh! So long Diamond was giving the lecture instead of me! The dream went off.
[The dream may have the effect in reality within the seer in future, whenever he says these words to anybody,
they may see Diamond within them. But I never felt to experiment it.]


71. 21st November, 1975. Early morning dream: I saw a large crowd sitting in a big room and I was also
seated in front of them with fixed mind within myself. I felt that everybody was looking at me . I realized the
reason. Then a familiar person named Manindra Nath Brahma started explaining to them about my very high
status in the spiritual world. I felt embarrassing and thought why this person suddenly narrated my spiritual
condition to these people! Instantly it became clear to me that the name of this gentleman is Brahma (Supreme
One) and he was confirming that I had achieved Brahmahood (being united with the Supreme One).
The first scene here became off and the next scene opened with a boat carrying many companions of Diamond
including me. I suddenly noticed two to three fishes swimming in the river Ganges just like pets. I was feeling a
divine consciousness in one of the fish and also felt that I was that fish. With a great pleasure I was swimming
in the river. But at the same time I was having this feeling that at the same time how could I swim in the river as
a fish and was present here! How was it possible! Then the dream was off.
[Fish represents Atman or Soul, as in the 3rd plane Atman is seen as Fish . Here the soul is playing in the ocean
of bliss. Here soul and body are separated.]



23rd November, 1975.

In the early morning I had a dream . A bettlenut was placed before me . I took it in my hand and shook. It
sounded like khat-khat. I was surprised hearing such type of sound and instantly it revealed in me that Sri
Ramkrishna had mentioned (in Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) such sound as separation of Soul from the body and
to teach me the bettlenut was kept in front of me. The dream then went off.
[The dream clearly indicates that the seers soulor Atman is separated from the body through Gods sheer
grace . The dream is also self-explanatory.]



24th November, 1975.

At noon in trance I saw a huge monument. Sometimes it seemed to be vertical column, sometimes a monument.
I began to count the number of stories and finished with seven. I realized that this monument was signifying the
seventh plane of the human body and I was visualizing in such a way. At the top I saw the open roof and above
it the clear blue sky. The trance went off.
[The trance is self-explanatory God-the-Preceptor teaches on such a manner within a dream or trance.
The roof signifies the cerebrum and the sky signifies infinity within a human body.]

Chapter 17


25th November, 1975.

Early morning dream: Diamond had come to his ex-dwelling place at Kadamtala, Howrah Town along with 2-3
companions. One unknown person came to me and said that Diamond was in search of me. I promptly got
prepared to go to Diamond and within a very short time started for Diamond. Here the dream went off.
[To start for God-the-Preceptor means advancement of austerity or progress of life-force towards the dwelling
place (i.e., cerebrum) of God.]



5th December, 1975.

Last night dream: I saw someone was playing a khol (An indigenous drum) and I was singing a devotional
song with a Khanjani (An indigenous musical instrument with two small metal discs). At this stage the dream
went off.
[The dream reveals instantly like this; The devotional song by the seer indicates that in future he will have many
realizations in his descent condition of austerity.
Note : In future actually the seer had experienced innumerable realizations in descent.]



7th December, 1975.

Late night dream: I was standing in front of the laboratory of the Agri-Horticultural Society of India at
Calcutta, my ex-working place. Suddenly 3-4 young boys stood in front of me. One of them, a very strongly
built body, came behind me and tore the back side of my shirt. The torn portion was hanging and I charged the
boy. He said, it was already torn, I tore the rest. I caught him with an intention to punish him. But as soon as I
caught him, all my grudge was wiped out and a feeling of love grew in my mind. It seemed to me as if the boy
had long been familiar to me. The dream here went off and just at the moment of awakening, these words
flashed in my brain. Sadhana (austerity) of descent.
[An unnatural feeling of divine joy used to play in me for a long time throughout the day, as an effect of the
dream and realised that this dream was a corroboration of the previous dream.]



8th December, 1975.

Early morning dream: I was spending my time with many companions of Diamond in an unknown place ,
Discussion and reading of Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita were going on there . Sometimes I was roaming
casually here and there . In one place I observed a magician playing magic. From there I went to another place
and saw Anath Mondal and many other companions of Diamond reading books on Diamond (Jibankrishna ). I
sat there and the dream went off.
This dream revealed the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna After achievement of God the seer casually roams around
the town for enjoying amusements.


78. 9th December, 1975.
Early morning dream: I was spending time at Debkumar Choudhurys residence where Kathamrita reading is
going onincluding enjoying snacks. After a while I saw myself in an unknown place and how I was present
there was unknown to me. The place seemed to be of prehistoric age - a boggy place with dense forest.
Suddenly an unknown voice entered into my earthis is a place of prehistoric age. I was surprisingly thinking
I am now in prehistoric age! Then I climbed up a tree and reached a height of 6-7. Suddenly I noticed two
creatureshalf man half monkey, were observing me with great astonishment. Again the unknown voice told
me, These are Ape man. Then all on a sudden the tree carrying me began to fly in the sky. It went on passing
so many houses, places as well as time. I was enjoying this experience with great joy and fun. After some time I
observed that it took me back again to the residence of Debkumar Choudhury.
[The dream revealed the annihilation of time and space to the seer. Revelation of long past also indicates the
powerful brain faculty and at the same time dream indicates one probability that the existence of human race
was present from time immemorial.



11th December, 1975.

Early morning dream: Very forcefully I was saying to one of my friend named Debasishsee, destruction is
comingthis sentence was uttered repeatedly by me without my own consciousness. When I came to
normalcy, it seemed to me that some other force was talking through me. The dream went off.
[The dream revealed that the effect would come internally indicating the destruction of animal passion within
the body of the seer.]

Chapter 18

14th December, 1975.

Early morning dream: The outer lining of my coat was torn, although the inside was alright. I went on thinking
whether this could be repaired.
Meanwhile a tailor came and took me to his shop for repairing the coat. I noticed that the shop was new, very
big and sophisticated. The tailors of the shop saw the bottom portion of the coat and told me that the bottom
portion should be cut up to the waist length and accordingly they took my measurements. One of them then
showed me different types of cloths for lining on the outer surface of the coat. I told them, these are costly and
very glazy. I dont want these cloths. Give me cheap, plain and simple cloths for the outer lining. After saying
this I left the shop. Just at that moment when the dream was going to be off, the figure of Diamond wearing a
Punjabi appeared before my mental eyes.
[Here the tailor means God who takes the measurement of the human body. The coat was to be cut up to waist
level, this means the seer will have realizations in descent up to waist. The cloth for outer lining is plain and
simple and cheapit indicates that there will be no outward shows of the seer in future.The appearance of
Diamond means that he himself was the tailor.]



17th December, 1975.

Early morning dream : I was going out of my house to commit suicide and my mother also was running out of
the house to find me out . After a while I found my dead body lying and my mother was crying. But with a
surprise I found myself alive and here the dream was off.
[This dream revealed that the seer had a feeling of Sthita Samadhi (Death) or Mahakaran as depicted in Tantra
Sastra. This return from death may give the seer in future more spiritual powers as he came back from Nirguna
or infinity.



21st December, 1975.

Early morning dream: I saw a huge and unlimited open space as if there was no end of it. A huge building
was seen in the midst of it .It seemed as if this building belonged to me. There was a good gathering of
Jibankrishna (Diamond) followers inside the building and reading of Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita (The
Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) was going on with discussions. At the end of discussions everybody was prepared to
leave and I went out to see them off . The most prominent figure amongst them seemed to be Indranath
At this moment it seemed as if an attack was going to be performed by robbers on the house . I started going
back to the house to protect my family members and immediately after entering my house I noticed that the
robbers surrounded the house . I took all the members to a zigzag tunnel underneath the house which was
familiar only to me . Then and there the police men came and shoot the robbers to death . The dream went off .
[The dream reveals thus: Robbers mean animalities; PoliceGood brain cells; Big house means the big brain
capacity of the seer . During different stages of austerity animal passions try to attack the seer in different ways,
but the Holy Ghost protects him.



26th December, 1975:

Early morning dream: Many companions of Jibankrishna (Diamond) were seated in a room . Among them
Anath Mondal and Ananda Mohan Ghosh seemed to be prominent . Somebody said, brother Ananda will be
returning to Kanpur to-morrow, so he should read Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita (The Gospel of Sri
Ramkrishna). Thereafter Anath Mondal started singing devotional songs . Here the dream went off and after
waking up with a great surprise I heard that Anath Mondal was singing the same song which was sung by him
in the dream.
[This dream reveals that the feeling will be established in the seer in future when there will be no difference
between the dream and waking conditionthis was a realization of Vadanta.
In the long run the seer has achieved such realization on many occasions.]



3rd January, 1976. Place: The Agri-Horticultural Society of India .

In reality the annual flower show was going on in the Society. At present I had to stay at the garden as incharge of the Society to conduct the Show. At night when I slept, I saw a dream. In the dream the same flower
show was going on, but at the same time spontaneous uttering of the word Jibankrishna was going on in my
body. The whole body was full of joy .At this moment the dream went off . Throughout the day even in the
midst of the show the same joy persisted in my body followed with the same uttering of the word
[Here the same realization was reveled in the seer where there was no difference between dream and waking

Chapter 19
85. 4th January, 1976. Place: The Agri-Horticultural Society of India, Kolkata .In reality during this time the
seer was the in-charge of the Society. The flower show was going on and heavy work pressure was persisting
on me, but in spite of that I had an early morning dream : Someone had come from Jamshedpur accompanied by
another unknown person. That first gentleman was explaining to me about Satchidananda stages and cited the
example of Anandamayee Ma. Losing my patience I said -what bliss,bliss you are talking about? This is Sat,
which is transformed into bliss in the cerebrum through Yoga. We have met such person in our life whom
thousands of people have seen in their dreams. While talking, I realized that I had lost my own sense and had
been transformed into the form of my Holy Ghost (Diamond). At the same time with a jerking of my head I had
fallen into Samadhi. But even at this Samadhi stage I was hearing faintly the conversations and a perpetual bliss
covered my whole body. But very shortly as soon as I got back my consciousness, I realized - Oh! This is

becoming an outward show! But I became incapable of controlling myself. The gentleman with a great
astonishment continued to watch me. Here the dream went off.
[Even after the dream with a heavy work load the seer enjoyed such bliss throughout the day. The blessings of
the Holy Ghost is pouring on the seer]


86. 5th January, 1976. Dream at noon: I had been transformed into a 5-6 years old boy and seen myself
playing cricket with my friends of the same age group.
[The dream indicates that the seers behavior will be like a boy as Sri Ramkrishnadeva says, Iswar is alike a
boy i-e, the attributes of Iswar (God) have become prominent in the seer.

8th January, 1976.

Early morning dream: Someone with folded hands was paying homage to me and my head suddenly began to
jerk due to the exertion of the life force within the body . With this Jerking I woke up and noticed that my head
was still shaking.
[The dream indicates that to the seer there is no difference between dream and waking condition .]



9th January, 1976.

Early morning dream: Some Vaishnabas were seated in a place discussing about Diamond ( Jibankrishna)
among them . I was only listening to them without making any comments. At this moment one companion of
Diamond named Biswanath Chatterjee began to tell them about Diamond and the dream was off.
[The dream gives some indication that in future Jibankrishna philosophy will be spread among the people
irrespective of cast and creed and religions. Though it happened in his life time, now this is spreading recently
to a large extent.]



11th January, 1976.

Early morning dream: A huge building was seen on a vast land and Diamond was seated on its first floor . I was
also seated in front of him. Diamond seemed to be in a very joyous mood and discussion were going on among
us . Suddenly I noticed that many ladies were seated near him for listening to his advices. I took my mouth near
the ear of Diamond and said that lots of ladies were seated nearby. But he did not give any importance to my
remarks and continued to be seated with a smiling face.
I again said, but is it not following the old tradition? He said, It matters nothing.
Then I asked, well, you have discarded the term Netaresam(not for all), but it is seen that this spiritual
development does not follow in every body, although your image is within every human body, but in a dormant
condition. So why this is not manifesting? Then he told me many things, the sum and substance of which
revealed to me that gradually and slowly the brain power of human race would be developed and his image
would bloom accordingly within the human body.
However, after all these conversations, I had in my mind, Oh! When these opportunities have come, I should not
miss it, I should tape all these words uttered by Diamond. So I took a tape recorder kept in my custody and
noticed Sri Indranath Mukherjee (Diamonds companion) sitting nearby. I told him, I shall keep the recorder
behind you and tape all his conversations so that it is not visible to him . With these words I thought that the
batteries should be changed and so I opened the recorder, putting new batteries in proper place . But as soon as I
wanted to tape Diamonds words, the tape did not work. Oh sheet! with these words and with great annoyance
I left that place . Then I went to a known person named Ajit, took meal and again returned to the previous
house, but in another block where Diamond was present. I spent some time with Diamond. Here the dream went
Again I fell asleep and dreamt the same house where I saw many devotees sitting there. When I described my
previous dream to them, one of them made a comment, the dream indicates the condition of Indranath
In the same dream the scene again changed I had gone to my native place, Santipur. There I went near my
house. There were buildings all over, but surprisingly without any human being. It seemed to me that the whole
world was without any human being, and I was the only one person in the whole world. Unmindfully I was
roaming here and there continuously singing on the name of Jibankrishna in the tune of Baul song. The
meaning of the song was thusJibankrishna pervades everywhere and everything. With this song I was
merged into a perpetual bliss and it seemed to me as if the song was enveloping throughout the universe. The
song continued for a long time and then the dream went off. While awakened I noticed that tears were pouring
on my cheeks, the body became half paralyzed. But overcoming all these I got up from the bed.
[The 1st scene indicates that the Holy Ghost removes all the barriers. Second part indicates that many obstacles
may come in future.
The 2nd scene indicates also the future scene of the world, where ultimately the philosophy of Jibankrishna will
dominate everything and also the life of the seer will be dedicated only for Diamond.
(It came true in the long run. The seer recorded Jibankrishnas sayings and many other aspects with publication
of many books and in spite of many obstacles he could overcome all the hazards.)]

Chapter 20



15th January, 1976.

Early morning dream: I saw a huge bird gradually descending below from the sky. Its eyes were glittering with
light and seemed to be a hunting hawk. I. thought, if it would attack me I would resist with a rod. So I took a
rod in my hand. But it did not do anything to me, it only sat on an open place without looking at any direction.
The dream went off.
[ Here the huge bird is the symbol of Atma . It descendsmeans there will be descent in austerity within my
body in future . I have a rod in my handhere, rod symbolizes Kundalini. With the help of Kundalini the
austerity is performed within the body of a human being.]



16th January, 1976.

Early morning dream: A devotee Khagendra Nath Ghosh of Sainthia was talking to me. But Mr Ghosh seemed
to be shorter than the actual height in reality and the face also seemed to be a bit different. What were the
conversations, I could not remember later on. But it seemed to me that the mental abnormal condition which
was prevailing in him in reality was still persisting.
[After some days the seer came to know that still Mr Ghosh was going through some kind of mental
abnormality. During the period of austerity these kinds of realizations reveal in the dream of the seer.]


18th January, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was going somewhere by a plane. An unknown man was accompanying me . After a
long journey a beautiful view of the earth was visible Beautiful houses, roads etc. The unknown man said
This is Japan. I was having a joyous look underneath and was flying here and there, observing the Japanese
people roaming and walking along the roads and paths.
Lastly I noticed myself at Khagendranath Ghosh residence . His sons specially the eldest son offered me some
kind of foods and here the dream went off.
[The dream indicates the annihilation of time and space at the same time.]



20th January, 1976.

Early morning dream: The scene opened with some Vaishnava Vikshu(Monk) with whom II was singing the
song Jai Satyn Sanatana, Manus Ratan Jibankrishna. (Hail the Eternal Truth, the Manikin Jibankrishna.)

But instantly the thought came in my mind Strange! There is so much difference between my social
status and theirs, still I am not feeling any hesitation in singing a song with them! They and I am the same and
one! Here the dream was off.
[After long 2 years the meaning was revealed that this dream indicated about the coming descent in austerity
within the body of the seer.]

26th January, 1976.

The previous night a thought came in my mind well, sometimes the mind becomes downwards, whether it
hampers anything in me! with this thought I went asleep. At dawn at the time of waking up I heard an oracle
Ajo Nitya Swaswata which means Atma or Soul is not destroyed, or harmed, it is eternal etc. The Sanskrit
hymn has been echoed in my brain throughout the day and then disappeared at night.
[The doubt in the mind of the seer thus disappeared by the grace and teaching of the Holy Ghost.]



31st January, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was seated at the Laboratory of the Agri-Horticultural Society of Calcutta. At this time
my research guide Dr. Tarun Bose came and asked me, Are you drinking the cow milk? I nodded my head
with support.
Then I entered into the office room. My friend Debasish who seemed to know about my spiritual life asked me,
Dipak, have you got Katho Upanishada . I want to know about cows milk. I said, Yes, I have got it. Saying
this, I entered into the laboratory and from my locker I took out the Upanishadas. While turning the pages of the
part Katho Upanishada it seemed to me as if I had been changed into another self. Some kind of peculiar
sensations used to play in my body as if the truth of Upanishada was revealing in my body.
Then I said to Debasish, There are Yogic explanations about all these, I shall give you later on. With these
words the dream went off and the Sanskrit hymn used to be echoed in my brain, Yama Baisa brinute tena
lavya (He attains Godhood who is blessed by Atma Kathopnisha). I could not understand its meaning.
[In the morning I opened Upanishada and with great surprise found all these hymns in Katho Upanishada
including cows milk .
Now I have realized that nothing is a bar to anyones spiritual life when he is blessed by Atma or God.
The dream also indicates that everything of this universe is in the human brain, as confirmed by the fact that the
seer did not know that the hymns were in the Katho Upanishada.]

Chapter 21



5th February, 1976.

Late nights dream: Along with other devotees I was seated in a room of Diamond, the Holy Ghost.
Discussions were going on at night it was finished. Everybody was returning home including me. On road
somebody told that Jibankrishna (Diamond)ordered for purchasing something and the balance money had to be
returned to him. I said. Well, I shall go to him, and so I went to Diamond. I saw him putting off his Punjabi
after a short walk for taking rest. I was scared of telling him from taking a rest. So I sat outside and thought how
I would place this fact before him. Suddenly with great hesitation I told him, Someone has returned the balance
5paise to you, so I have brought it. Hearing this he uttered, well done! See, if even 1 paisa or 2 paisa is to be
paid to anybody, never keep it due. Then touching his head on floor I returned home.
[The dream shows that the Holy Ghost always gives teachings to a blessed devotee through dreams.]


97. 8th February, 1076. At night on bed, there was a spontaneous utterance of the word within me
Bhagawan (God) and then automatically it stopped and then continued with the word Jibankrishna,
Jibankrishna. During this time I was in a half conscious state but at the same time it revealed in me - the word
Bhagawan is the traditional and imaginary while Jibankrishna is a man and this is the truth! Thats why his
name is repeatedly .uttered eliminating the prejudices from my mind.
After this incident, I went asleep and dreamt that somebody was threatening me. At this moment the word
Jibankrishna spontaneously continued to be uttered in me. I became fearless and dominated them. After a
while when I woke up, still the word Jibankrishna continued to be uttered in my brain for a long time and then
gradually with the advent of time it disappeared.
[Diamond used to saythe stage of Manus-tatva ( Human cult) is higher than that of Bhagawan
tatvaand the dream indicates that the seer will attain this state in time and in due course he will also attain the
state of Fearlessness.



24th February, 1976.

Early morning dream: Many companions of Diamond were seated in a room . Among them most prominent
figure was Mr. Mrityunjay Roy, while others could not be remembered . Mr. Roy was narrating one of his
dreamHe was converted into a doll of salt and went for measuring a sea, but again came back without being
melted (This has been described by Sri Ramkrishna deva in Kathamrita). While Mr. Roy was narrating this
dream he became very emotional. Then someone bowed down to him.
Throughout this time I was seated and listening to the narration. Here the dream went off.

[ The dream indicates that in future the seer will thrive after the experience of Ascent and have the experience
of descent.]



29th February, 1976.

Early morning dream: An old companion Mr. Indranath Mukherjee, and I was going somewhere, but with a
very unconcerned manner.
As soon as the dream went off and I woke up, the Sanskrit hymn Brahmanandang paramasukhodang continued
to be echoed within my brain making me plunged into joy. Afterwards even on road the same state continued.
This gradually faded away during working hours.
[The dream reveals that the condition of bliss has become permanent in the body of the seer.].

3rd March, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was seated in a room where Jibankrishna had come back to me after his previous life. I
was overwhelmed with joy for his coming after a long gap and was not willing at all to leave him. He was
seated in front of me. Mr. Arun Ghosh was also seen sitting among us.
Jibankrishna was reading his Bengali book Dharma O Anubhuti(Religion and Realization) loudly and was
falling frequently into Samadhi. Seeing this Mr. Ghosh and I became alert and went sitting straight as
because we were listening to Jibankrishna in a half lying posture. Suddenly I noticed someone pointing us not
to be alert and be relaxed as we were before.
Then I saw my youngest cousin sister named Prakriti (Nature) wanting to read an essay on Sri Ramkrishna
Deva . But astonishingly she seemed to be a male to me. Then I said, No, it is not needed as because he is
reading Dharma O Anubhuti and the reading will be disturbed.
After this incident still Jibankrishna stayed with me for a longtime. Then the dream went off.
[(a) The first seen indicates the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna when one is blessed with the Holy Ghost, he gets a
pillow to have a comfort---Here the seer has got that pillow; (b) The second scene indicates like thisin
future the femaleness may disappear from the seers body, but it may be conditional and lastly, within the seer
only Dharma O Anubhuti will persist and there will be no need of Sri Ramkrishna Devas Kathamrita or The
Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

Chapter 22


101). 8th March, 1976. Early morning dream : I had reached a distant past agesa period of Buddhists,
with Buddhist caves and temples. I was roaming here and there aimlessly.
The scene changednow I was sitting with Mr. Bhabani Bandyopadhaya, a companion of Jibankrishna in a
room. He was asking me, well, do you weep in a dream? I answered, I have a special stage in a dreamthat
is a condition of samadhi.As soon as I uttered this, instantly I fell into Samadhi - a condition of fully
Godhood with a divine joy. After returning from this condition I wanted to say the same thing and again I fell
into the same condition. At last being in a normal condition, I said, yes, I shed tears but that is completely
differentthat is the shedding of tears of love.
The scene again changednow I was approaching to my previous agricultural school at Vidyanagar of 24Parganas (South) via Diamond Harbor Road by Bus. There I saw Mr. Indranath Mukherjee, a companion of
Jibankrishna in my previous quarter where I used to stay long time back for my research work on Horticulture.
It seemed to me as if Mr. Mukherjee had been staying there since time before. He was seen cooking something.
I took chapattis from him and ate.
After a while I was roaming here and there and went on thinkingoh! Jibankrishna had spent some days here
and Mr. Mukherjee also enjoyed with him! It would have been a great pleasure to me had I accompany him
Again the scene changedI was now present at Mr. Mukherjees house at Makardah, Howrah. There I met
many of my relatives who had recently come to the house . Suddenly I noticed that Jibankrishna had come
there as if he would spend days with me . A feeling was also persisting within my mind, as if Jibankrishna had
come back to stay with me after his demise. I became overwhelmed with joy and was intending not to leave
him. Jibankrishna was seated near me along with my father. After some time Jibankrishna had gone somewhere
for a work and I noticed that my father was seated with meditation.
After Jibankrishna came back he went on discussing with me on many spiritual topics. By the way he suddenly
told the seer, see, before I leave my previous physical body, you flashed in my mind. With great surprise I
asked him, How is it possible? For so many years I am off from you (From 1962 onwards till his demise), and
how you can remember me! Besides, there is a similar incident when for when for months Dilip (Mr. Dilip
Mitra, a devotee) could not come to you and when he came to you, you couldnt remember him. With a smiling
face he answeredNo, No, it is not like that.
Then I asked him, well, now you are appearing before us in dream after your demise, can it be possible in
future that you would appear before us in physical body as because this strange phenomenon never happened
before in the spiritual world! He answeredYes it is possible.
After a while, he gave me an enamel cup saying, Give me water in this cup.
I went outside with the cup and noticed that it was dirty. I took another glass, washed it thoroughly and filled
with water, entered the room and handed it over to Jibankrishna with a posture of kneel-down . He, with his
hands shivering just like he used to take water in his life-time. I wanted to take it from his hand, but he told,
No, I myself is going. But when he came out again I told him to hand over the glass to me. Then he handed it
over to me.
Jibankrishna then entered the room along with me. Then I observed that Jibankrishna was playing cards with
my father and uncles, but in an unconcerned manner . After a while I sat with his mouth shut. Meanwhile
somebody entered the room. He began talking to Sri Jibankrishna, but when he became a bit rough during
talking I became furious and told the gentleman, what he did, it is right. When he gentleman turned his head to
see who made these comments, I angrily said, I have told it, who else would say!

After a while Jibankrishna gave me a dose of hoemeopathic globules saying, Tell your mother to take this
medicine. Meanwhile my mother entered the room and Jibankrishna told her, Mother, I have given you this
medicine, take it into your mouth.
After this I had a long accompaniment with Jibankrishna though nothing could be remembered after the dream
went off.
[Throughout the day it seemed to me as if I had a long accompaniment with the Holy Ghost in flesh and blood,
the dream was so realistic!
The dream indicated many aspects:
(a) The seer had an experience of Samadhi in the causal body;
(b) The Holy Ghost gave the seer a long accompaniment removing all his grievances;
(c) He showered his blessings upon the relatives of the seer through him ;
(d) The Holy Ghost is forecasting and confirming that in future the human race will see him in flesh and blood.
In recent years remarkable changes are observed in my mind whenever I say something on Jibankrishna, his
existence is felt within the body, as if he is talking, not I. This seems to be the after effect of innumerous dreams
happening within my body.
Many incidences are happening after a long time where people are meeting him in flesh and blood body.]

Chapter 23
102. After the previous dream I saw a statue of Napoleon and thoughtoh! What a brave hero he was! He
could not care any sort of obstacles in his life!
[After this dream, a new feeling came in meNothing seemed to be obstacles to me. Perhaps the attributes of
Napoleon were stamped into me as because to see somebody in dream means his attributes also falls on the seer.
As days passed, there were many changes in methe feelings of irritations were removed and a sense of
calmness was coming.]



Mid week of March, 1976.

The day Mr. Dhiren Mondal, a companion of Diamond came back from the residence (Sainthia, Birbhum
District) of Mr. Khagendra Nath Ghosh, another companion of Diamond, I had a dream at night I was going to
Mr. Ghoshs residence and as soon as I went nearer to his residence, I was in ecstasy and the words Bhagawan
Bhagawan(God) used to be uttered spontaneously from my mouth . As soon as I entered the house of Mr.
Ghosh, I said to myself, Oh! I have not brought anything with me. I have come with only one cloth! Hearing
this Mr. Ghosh began laughing and said, Dont worry it doesnt matter. Then what happened, I couldnt
remember after the dream went off.

[Here the dream indicates that the seer is reaching a superior stage in the spiritual world where he is becoming
devoid of any materialistic matters and his sense of God is persisting in his body always.]
104. 31st March, 1976 . Early morning dream : Mr. Indranath Mukherjee, a companion of Diamond, during
discussions with me, was saying, I shall only eat and sleep, then let anything be happened (in the spiritual
world) . Dream went off .
[ The dream shows the condition of Mr. Mukherjee confirming the effect of the saying of Sri Ramkrishna
Deva .I shall eat and sleep ------- .It means the spiritual manifestation will come automatically, nothing to do .
The effect also may come to the seer .]


105 . 3rd April , 1976 . Early morning dream : Mr. Dhiren Mondal, Diamonds companion, was standing
in front of me and his left cheek swelled with Bhava; (ecstasy) . The dream went off.
The dream indicates the stage of another devotee which is generally seen by a seer during his period of
austerity---as the past, present and futureeverything is within the human body . As and when necessary
anything can be seen in dream or realization .
106 . 4th April , 1976 . Before going to bed at night, I was seated on my bed with legs hanging from the bed .
A song appeared in my brain Banophool Dole (a devotional song ) and continued. Gradually symptoms of
ecstasy with body hairs straightening and divine joy appeared in my body . The body began to swing with
emotion, eyes closed and the existence of the Holy Ghost Jibankrishna became prominent , This stage persisted
for a long time and then I went on sleep . Even after the night this condition persisted for two more days and
then disappeared .
[This condition seemed to be the after-effect of the dream seen on the previous day where a symptom of ecstasy
appeared in Mr. Dhiren Mondal . It explains that attributes of a person seen in the dream may appear within the
seer provided his body is pure and receptive .]


107. 5th April, 1976. Dream at mid night: Along with Mr. Ramkrishna Ghosh, a companion of Diamond I had
gone to the residence of Mr. Ghagendra Nath Ghosh at Sainthia, Birbhum District. Then all of us came together
to Kolkata . Mr. Khagendra Nath Ghosh accompanied by Mr. Ramkrishna Ghosh went out somewhere . After a
while they came back to me. The dream went off.
[In dream this type of accompany with other devotees off and on has got some good effects on the seer, as, long
time back, in a dream such accompany pleased Jibankrishna and he said to the seer, Look, you are mixing

with the devotees (in the dream) in such waythis will be good to you and the effect of dreams will be
permanent within your body].
108. 9th April, 1976.
Early morning dream: Mr. Indranath Mukherjee and I were going to the residence of Mr. Khagendra Nath
Ghosh at Sainthia. Mr. Dhiren Mondal said, I shall also go. So I waited for him at the time of their departure .
But ultimately news came that he would not be able to go as he fell in an accident. Hearing this I became
gloomy. But after a while he came and said, It is nothing, the accident is not serious. In spite of that he was
unable to accompany us and the dream went off .
[The same thing happened in realityMr. Mondal, due to some unavoidable circumstances couldnt
accompany us for Sainthia, although I was completely unaware that Mr, Mondal decided to go with us to
This phenomenon, i.e., seeing the past or future in a dream is possible because the whole universe is within a
human brain including past, present and future. Whenever necessary, this can be seen in dreams.]

Chapter 24
109. 14th April , 1976.
In reality Mr. Indranath Mukherjee and I were staying at Mr. Ghagendra Nath Ghoshs house at Saintha. At
noon Mr. Mukherjee was reading the book Dharma O Anubhuti(the Bengali version of the book Religion and
Realisation by Diamond picked up in the Street). I was listening with great attention, and fell in trance. Then
suddenly the face of my youngest aunt appeared hazily in front of my eyes, and it became gradually distinct.
Then the trance was off.
[The name of Aunt is Kalyani which means who creates goodness. This means the seer will have the blessings
always by the body or Adya Sakti(The oldest power or another form of the goddess Kali). Here the figure of
a human face appeared before the seer, which means the seer is devoid of any prejudices of old religious


110. 16th April, 1976. Place: Sainthia (Birbhum Dist).
Early morning dream: Khagendra Nath Ghosh was saying --For sometime nobody will see him ( Jibankrishna)
in dream. I said, how is it possible? Still he said, No, that will happen. Here ended the dream.

[In recent days, Khagen Ghosh was being frequently seen in dream by the seer . Khagendra means Garura,(a
mythological hero of the Vedic era and his great activities have been described in Purana mythology.Ultimately
he got the boon of Narayana or Bhagaban Vishnu to become his Sarathi and was placed on the top of his
Chariot) . The dream indicates that there is a possibility in future that the seer may achieve the attributes of
In reality after 17 years, in a dream(21/9/93) the seer was really transformed into Garura and was announced by
an oracle that the seer had become Garura. This means that the seer will achieve the attributes of Garura.]


111. 18th April , 1976 . After returning from Khagendra Nath Ghosh s house at Sainthia, I had a dream at
nightDifferent types of figures of woman folks were passing by in front of my eyes. I was observing all
these with thoughts that during the period of austerity these types of allurements come to the life of a seer! But
immediately I ignored all these and thought. let these come and hang it!
Thereafter he began to have discussions with one of my friend named Siddhartha and then went to a house to
see a known person named Bimala Kinkar whom I saw being trapped in some women folks . I was in a hurry to
go to Taltala to meet Jibankrishnas companions, so I started and went to a far-off house where I found
Jibankrishna living in that house. I complained to him about the annoyance made to me by woman folks.
Hearing this he came out of the house with a glaring and hard looking eyes. This expression revealed to me that
he took charge of me with protection against all allurements. With a great relief I started for Taltala and here the
dream went off.
[The dream reveals that during the period of austerity many such allurements will come but by the grace of the
Holy Ghost all will be removed. The same condition came in the life of Gautam Buddha during his period
austerity when he was known as Siddhartha In dream the friend Siddhartha explains the name-sake.]


112. 22nd April, 1976.
Early in the morning when I was in a condition of waking up, suddenly the figure of Mrityunjay Roy appeared
before me in trance and then disappeared . Before this vision in the dream I had been to Arun Ghoshs
residence where Dhiren Mondal was also present.
[Here the trance indicates that the form of the seers figure may retain forever.]
In recent days some realizations in reality appeared in me:
One day I had gone to Taltala. The day was cloudy. After sitting in the room for a while. I fell in a
drowsy condition, my eyes began to close from time to time and it seemed to me as if something was happening
in my brain, as if my brain was covering the whole outer world and everything was within my brain. This
condition became clear when I came outside and was walking on the road. In a place some people were
quarreling with each other and the seer with the same condition prevailing in the room felt as if they were
quarreling within his brainboth outside and inside became simultaneous to him . This condition persisted for
two more days and then became normal.

[After about two years of this realization the seer realized that this condition was described in Upanishadthe
universe is within Atma orSoul. Whatever happens inside, simultaneously it occurs outside being projected by
the seer. The seer had the same realization.]
I had another realization in another day in realityAfter waking up in one morning, I felt that the name
Jibankrishna was automatically coming out of my mouth. After a while the name Jibankrishna began to come
out of my body like flowers pouring everywhere. A feeling of great calmness came in my mind. The previous
realization was also experienced by Jibankrishna in his early years.]

Chapter 25

24th April, 1976.

Today again I had a realization in reality. After waking up, I felt that my eyes had become the eyes of
Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost. This condition persisted for a long time.
[This realization indicates that in future the seer will see everything in the eyes of Diamond.]


114, 26th April, 1976.
Early morning dream : I got the information that Diamond had come again after his demise to his residence at
Kadamtala. Many people were going to meet him. My father had already gone to him and made comments after
returning, Oh! What I saw! I never thought of it! Saying this he was about to go for another work, but I
prevented him and started talking about God to him. I also noticed that my friend Nisith Bairagi,(who took me
to Jibankrishna in early life had also gone to Diamond. I asked him, Were there any of his companions? He
said, all new people. I asked, Had he recognized you. As because he had returned after so long years? He
said, Yes he recognized me. Again I asked. How did you see him? He answered, Just like a boy, there was
no sign of old age.
After this conversation, I thought whether Arun Ghosh had gone to him, because he was supposed to go . But
immediately some thoughts came in my mindIf I go to him, I shall remain there forever, I shall not go
anywhere. But again I thoughtOh! Afterall Jibankrishna is our own man, of course I have to go to him, but I
have to go to office to-day! But instantly I said to myselfHang it! Let everything be left, I shall go to him
and remain forever. While thinking all these, a sense of hilarity was playing in my mind and body, as because
Jibankrishna had again come back after his demise, just like the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But ultimately I
could not see him. The dream went off.
[ Here the dream indicates that the seer, in future may lead a life with Jibankrishna only Furthermore such long
lasting and frequent accompaniment of the Holy Ghost is giving new spiritual energy to the seer and a feeling is
always playing in his mind a sound Jibankrishna is emerging not only from his body but also from the

whole universe. This type of feeling along with a continuous hilarity persisted for a month and then subsided


115. 27th April, 1976.
Early morning dream: I saw a very peculiar scene: A Marwari lady residing in a house in front of our residence
came at the edge of their roof and suddenly dived with her head downwards. Then and there I heard a cracking
sound of her head and body. Many people witnessed this incident but I sat unconcerned and emotionless. Here
the dream went off. I woke up. But for a long period this cracking sound persisted in my ear.
[ Here the Marwari lady represents money which is detrimental to Yoga . Therefore, the Holy Ghost will
eliminate these hazards from the life of the seer so that he may have scopes for more spiritual realizations.]


116. 29th April, 1976.
Early morning dream: I had gone to Khagendra Nath Ghoshs ( Diamonds companion) house . In the next
scene I observed a huge mound. I went to the top of the mound and then through the other side I began to get
down and reached a point from where the place was very steep. I did not dare to get down with a fear that I
might slip down. I waited for a few moments and saw many young boys at the base. Suddenly I noticed that a
path for going down was automatically made and I went down immediately.
[The dream indicates that the passage for descent (Nigam) becomes automatically clear for the seer for which
he will have more and more realizations in descent during his austerity.]


117. 1st May, 1976.
Early morning dream: I was severely undergoing vomiting and loose motion. Some people took me to hospital.
I am surprised why did they take me to hospital! It seemed that I was attacked by Cholera. The Doctor came and
gave injection. Thereafter I was released from the hospital. Here the dream was off.
[In reality also I had loose motion and feared about Cholera. But afterwards the condition became normal.
When new spiritual phases come this condition comes as it came in the life of Jibankrishna on 3rd June, 1958,
when the individualism entered into universalism in him . Here in the seer there may be a change in his spiritual
condition and moreover his restless condition gradually comes down to calmness.]

Chapter 26
118. 3rd May, 1976.
Early morning dream: I am scolding a familiar person as he is giving a wrong interpretation on religion. My
facial appearance was completely changed, My entity seemed to be like God. Meanwhile an unknown person
came and said to me, You have become God, still why are you saying in this manner? But I did not listen to
this and continued to scold that person and then the dream was off.
[The dream indicates the condition of the seer that he has achieved the God
hood as is confirmed by an unknown person or God Himself.]



6th May, 1976.

Early morning dream: A very huge building was seen. I used to reside at the top floor of that building . Some
people came carrying a locker for me to keep in that room. When I was going to enter the room, I felt the
existence of a ghost in the room. At the first instance I became a little bit frightened, but ultimately I overcame
it and entering the room began to scold the ghost to get out of the room. While scolding spontaneous uttering of
the word Jibankrishna use to occur within my body. Then the ghost gets out of the room. Here the dream is off.
[The dream indicates that all the past prejudices which are symbols of ghost are
eliminated from my mind and more and more new realizations will occur in future ]



7th May, 1976.

Early morning dream: I got the news that Diamond (Jibankrishna) had come again to his residence at
Kadamtala, Howrah. It seemed even within the dream that the Holy Ghost appeared again after his demise. I
was living in my old residence at Kadamtala (When I used to reside from 1953 to 1962 when Diamond was
alive and used to reside near our house). As soon as the news came I prepared myself for going to Kadamtala.At
the time of going out it seems to meOh! It was out of my knowledge that Diamond has come! Otherwise I
would have gone earlier. However at about 5-45 p.m. I had gone out for Diamond. As after long years I was
going to his place, I cannot just remember where was the exact lane, but notice that the road is blocked in front.
So I again came back and as soon as came near the lane, as if somebody pull me inside the lane and put me in
front of Diamonds room. There I saw Sudhindra Nath Sinha and Indranath Mukherjee sitting inside the room .
There were no other devotees. Mr. Mukherjee was reading Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita and Diamond was
sitting on the floor near the door. I noticed that still then no arrangement was made for the cot and even his
luggage did not reach. I was thinking that after so long years he had come, would he recognize me! But as soon

as I reached the balcony and stood on the lane, Diamond exclaimed, Oh! Come, come! Mr. Mukherjee said to
Diamond indicating me, He is having plenty of realizations. Hearing this Diamond said, Oh! It is quite
obvious that he is having plenty of realizations. He will have more and more realizations in futureHe will
have more! Hearing this my body sparkled. At this moment I noticed that Diamonds body became much
stronger. When, standing on the lane I touched my head on the balcony, with great affection Diamond touched
his hand on my head and poured his blessings upon me. Mr. Mukherjee then made me a place to sit. Both of
them then had gone inside the house for some purposes. After taking Kathamrita (The Gospel of Sri
Ramkrishna) I was going to start reading but failed to find out the same chapter which had so long been read by
Mr. Mukherjee . Diamond said, Well, let it be. Then he started telling spiritual conditions of others. At the first
instance he told me about Sudhindra Nath SinhaWell , you look after Sudhin. I informed him about his
family trouble going on at present (In reality it was so). I said, See, brother Abala (Mr. Abala Kanta Dutta)
sometimes becomes depressed and then again becomes alright. He said, He is not supposed to be in such
condition! Then he spoke about Mr. Khagendra Nath Ghosh of Sainthia, Birbhum, Once I told him to come to
Calcutta, but he did not do (In reality he said to Mr. Ghosh to reside at Calcutta). I became more curious about
hearing many others spiritual conditions from his mouth, but suddenly the dream was off.
[In this dream the spiritual conditions of some devotees are revealed to the seer by the grace of God-thePreceptor and at the same time the blessings of the Holy Ghost pour upon the seer indicating his achievement of
more and more realizations in future.]

Chapter 27
Increase of spiritual power
121. 9th May , 1976. Early morning dream: In the first scene Mr. Khitish Roychoudhury and Mr. Arun
Ghosh were seen. Discussions on spiritual aspects were going on with them. Nothing more were remembered.
In the second scene, I saw myself walking with Mr. Arun Ghosh at Dalhousie square area on their way of
returning from the Raghunath Sens house at Taltala, Calcutta. Thereafter I became alone and stood at a place.
Suddenly I saw a very fine thing coming out of my body and fell on the ground. I went on observing the thing
and thought that this was a poison and came out of my body. Suddenly a voice was heard saying This is also
called metal poison. Then the scene changed.
In the third scene it was observed as if I ordered for my pajama (loose trouser made of thin cloth) in a tailors
shop, and so I went to the tailors shop whether it was made. But the tailor showed me a very colorful pajama. I
said, this is not my pajama. At this time my elder brother came there followed by the owner of the shop. I told
the tailor about this matter but at the same time thoughtoh! I have not given them the order for a pajama,
then why should I come here! So I came out.
The scene again changed and in the fourth scene I was hearing the voice of my elder brother saying that I ate
hot chilies. Then and there elder brother said, It is not enough, Hearing this I woke up.
Every scene has got meaning: The first scene indicates that the seer has got continuous practices on spiritualism;
the second scene indicates that factors detrimental to spiritual advancement are being removed from the body of
the seer; the third scene shows that the body of the seer is not yet ready for realizations under the waist; the last
scene indicates that the spiritual power although has been increased within the seer, yet more realizations will
occur within him as is said by his elder brother or God . Jibankrishna depicted elder brother as symbol of God
as mentioned in the book The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

Fixation of spontaneous recitation of

Jibankrishnas name in the brain

10th May, 1976.

To-day as soon as I woke up early morning, spontaneous recitation of the name Jibankrishna (Diamond) used
to occur in my mind. During work it used to be stopped temporarily but as soon as I was off from the work, it
used to continue and lasted for the whole day even during conversations with others. It stopped before going to
bed at night.
This condition shows that the seer need not do anything with self exertion. Everything is spontaneous.
Accompany with devotees and spontaneous
spiritual practices
14th May, 1976. Early morning dream: Many devotees have come to my house. The prominent figures
were Anath Nath Mondal and Arun Mukherjee. Both of them could not come during a gathering in reality and
so I was a bit worried. After a while the dream went off.
The lacking in reality is thus fulfilled in dream, of course in the spiritual world.
Indication of achieving new realizations

15th May, 1976.

Early morning dream: During sleeping I turned from left side to right side. At the moment I fell into a half
awakened condition, suddenly I felt a bursting sound inside my head as if the cork of a soda water bottle was
opened. For a moment I felt a slight nervousness, but immediately controlled myself. Thereafter two to three
consecutive sounds were heard. Then I fell asleep.
The dream signifies that some new cells in the brain have opened up for future realizations.
Indication of high potentiality of brain power
and realizations in Ascent during Austerity

17th May, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was climbing up a hill top by a vehicle pulled by a number of horses. After travelling
for a long distance I reached the hill top. That place was covered with fog. The vehicle stopped there. Then I
climbed down to the other side and reached a house. But the owner of the house was unknown to me.
Everything there was unknown to me. The dream went off.
The dream shows that the potentiality of the seers brain power has become very high as indicated by the horsepower. The fog indicates Paramatma or Supreme Being and climbing down indicates that the seer in future
will have the austerity in Ascent.
Accompaniment with devotees and spiritual practices


24th May, 1976.

Early morning dream: Many devotees e,g, Khitish Roy Choudhury . Arun Ghosh, Dilip Ghosh etc. had come to
my house. All of them were on the roof . Dilip Ghosh seemed to be highly delighted. Everybody was enjoying
with devotional songs and reading of the books Kathamrita etc. Here the dream went off.
The seer is enjoying the spiritual practices even in dream as in reality.

Chapter 28
Indication of Mass Austerity and Realizations

25th May, 1976.

In the early morning just at the moment of awakening the face of Sri Khitish Chandra Roychoudhury appeared
in front of me and then vanished.
The realization indicates that in future the seer may have the experience of universal austerity as Khitish
means universalism.
Allurement of women folks
128 . 26th May, 1976.
Early morning dream: I was traveling on a bus. Suddenly a married woman sat beside me very intimately. I felt
very uneasy. She was talking to another man. Then when she was going to talk to me, she felt that I was not her
husband. So she suddenly got up and went away. With a sense of relief I sat quietly. The dream went off. .
The dream shows the future life of the seer when there will be many allurements in his life but by the grace of
the Holy Ghost all will be removed. [In fact, the dream came true in the life of the seer.]
Receiving the blessings of the Holy Ghost

27th May, 1976,

Early morning dream: First I saw Dhirendra Nath Roy and many other devotees. Then I saw that my Holy
Ghost stood beside me. I was realizing that this was the second life of the Holy Ghost after his demise.
The place was my working place in the garden of the Agri-Horticultural Society of India, Kolkata. The Holy
Ghost was saying to me so many things and I went on listening to him fixing my eyes on the earth. We were on
a very easy mood. Suddenly I felt, oh! Why I had fixed my eyes on the earth! I should fix my eyes on the Holy
Ghost and listen to his sayings and this would serve the purpose if I only looked at him. Realizing this I went on
looking at the Holy Ghost and listening to his words. The Holy Ghost was saying all about yogas and I was
asking questions now and then, though nothing I could remember after the dream.

After a while the Holy Ghost came to my house. Near a door of a room he was half lying resting one of his hand
on the cheek. I was also seated near his lap. Once my legs unintentionally touched the Holy ghosts body but I
did not mind for it as I was feeling myself like a child to him and his dearest one. At this moment one of my
uncles came inside the room and then left the room taking something in his hand. I felt hurt thinking why my
uncle remained emotionless even after seeing Jibankrishna! Thereafter one of my aunty entered the room and I
noticed that a thin net cover blocked the eyes of the Holy Ghost (In reality the Holy Ghost used to describe this
phenomenon that whenever any woman folk used to come before him his eyes used to be covered with a very
thin net cover). Then my aunty left the room.
After a while the Holy Ghost expressed his willingness to accompany me for lunch. I saw that my mother
entered the room with a plate full of food and the Holy Ghost said something to her. Then he sat for eating. I
said to my mother that I also would take some food. My mother gave me a bowl of paios (a sweet dish made
with rice, sugar and milk). But surprisingly the Holy Ghost took the bowl from the seer and started eating the
paios. I observed that he was cherishing paios along with bread. After finishing the dish he said to me, I shall
sleep with you. I went on thinking that this is a blocked room, how he would sleep with me! But the Holy
Ghost did not listen to me and decided to sleep with me and here the dream went off.
The long dream shows that the Holy Ghost has a great fascination for the seer and continues to teach the seer all
about yogas.
Merging of dream into reality

30th May, 1976. Place: Makardah, Howrah.

It was 4A.M. Mr. Indranath Mukherjee was reading the Bengali book Dharma-O-Anubhuti (Written by
Jibankrishna or Diamond)), 3rd part after finishing Sri Ramkrishna-Kathamrita. Sometimes I was falling into
sleep and sometimes I was in the awakening condition . During this time I was hearing the reading of Mr.
Mukherjee. Then once he fell into a deep sleep and had a dreamI went out of Mr. Raghunath Sens residence
at Taltala after long discussions with many other devotees as usual practice and came towards Esplanade. Mr.
Mukherjee was accompanying me and reading very loudly Dharma-O-Anubhuti. I was hearing this loud
sound and thoughtOh! Why he is reading all these things so loudly among so much crowd ! But Mr.
Mukherjee continued reading near my ears. When I again woke up, I was hearing the reading of Mr. Mukherjee
inside the room. Again I slept and again I had the same experience as before and wherever I was going Mr.
Mukherjee continued reading near my ears. At last when I woke up finally, I heard that Mr. Mukherjee still was
continuing reading the book Dharma O Anubhuti.
I realized that what Mr. Mukherjee was reading in reality the same thing I was hearing even in dream.
Thus both dream and reality merged inside me which is a symptom of a very highly powerful brain power.

Chapter 29
Indication of Realizations in Descent state of austerity

4th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: A very high water tank was seen and from the top a chain of innumerable human beings
both known and unknown was hanging with heads down, just like the bats hang . Each man is holding the legs

of another one and so on. The end of the chain is not traceable. Standing on the ground I became astonished
seeing this peculiar thing The dream then was off.
After 2-3 days the meaning flashes in my mind well, does it not show that the traditional religion of human
race is just opposite to our new concept of religion? Again after a long time another meaning came
automatically that this might indicate that in future the seer will have austerity in Descent.

Blessing of Dasmahavidya (Ten forms of goddess Kali) and

conversation with goddess chamunda

6th June, 1976.

At night I had a trance. Suddenly I heard the voice of an old woman, although she was out of vision. It seemed
as if she was saying, Jibankrishna (Diamond) saw me as Chamunda (Another form of the goddess Kali). It
appeared to my mind, then why Jibankrishna could not trace her through his mind focusing in every direction
within the brain ?( It happened in reality. In 1960, Diamond or Jibankrishna had a vision of Chamunda).
Suddenly it seemed she was telling, my origin was not in the seventh plane but from the lingasarir ( Annyamay
kosha or 1st, 2nd and 3rd plane as it seemed to the seer within the dream). I have different forms. Which of these
you want to see? I answered through my thoughts (Telepathic language)I shall see the figure of Kalyani( the
last figure of Dasamahavidya). Here the trance was off. It was noteworthy that all the conversations were
through telepathic language.
After 8-10 days I saw in a letter of the late Dhirendra Nath Roy on the occasion of Jibankrishnas vision of
Dakshayani (Dakini) that in Lakshmi Tantra different forms of the goddess Kali are described and their origin is
in Annyamaya Kosha(Sheath) or 1st, 2nd and 3rd plane and the last form is Kamala which denotes goodness. This
vision makes the seer to achieve control over five elements.
Here in the trance of the seer the goddess Kali in the form of an old woman was pleased with the seer and gave
him a boon to see the last form, which according to Lakshmi Tantra might be fruitful in his life in future in any
way .

Vision of others condition


10th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: I had gone somewhere at Sainthia of Birbhum District where Mr. Khagendra Nath
Ghosh, a devotee of Jibankrishna. It seemed as if Mr. Indra Nath Mukherjee was also accompanying me. As
soon as I went to the house, Mr. Ghosh opened the door himself. I noticed that Mr. Ghosh had become very
normal . Dhiren Mondal and Debkumar Choudhury, other two devotees were also present there. After a long
conversation I came back and the dream went off.
[In reality Mr. Ghosh was passing through some brain abnormalities and became normal at present which was
unknown to me. Through dream the real condition was revealed to the seer.]
Stability of Dharma O Anubhuti in the body

16th June, 1976.

Just in the pre-awakening condition from sleep in the early morning I was hearing someones voice uttering
continuously the sound Dharma O Anubhuti. While hearing this sound I woke up.
[The realization indicates that the effect of the sayings of the book Dharma O Anubhut is going to be stable
within the seer (as per dream no 5)].

Stability of the Realizations in Ascent state of Austerity


17th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was climbing up on a hill through a hilly path . Nobody was found anywhere. The path
was rough and muddy. After a distance it was pitched. I crossed that part and reached the hill top. At this
moment I noticed that a married woman was standing beside me. It seemed as if somebody was with her. She
told somebody pointing meHe has come to such a long distance place! It seemed that she had accompanied
me up to this place just to help me, but I did not notice her and ignoring her I looked at the top and saw the path
was very inaccessible. In spite of that I began to climb up with great difficulty and near the peak through a
passage I at last reached the peak. I saw the sky only and felt a great pleasure. Looking on the other side of the
hill I noticed a paved platform and a temple-like house.
The scene changed and saw myself talking to one of my friend named Debasish. At that moment I received a
photo and with great astonishment I said to my friend, look, this is the photo of the scene! Which I experienced
a little while ago in my dream! Saying this I looked and looked on the photo with great surprise and went on
thinkingWell, this is that path, then pitch road and then the stiff slope!
Just at the moment of awakening, it flashed in my mindOh! This was the path which I saw in a dream on 17th
May, 1976! That was the same scene; only I went by a cart pulled by many horses.
[ After many days the seer realized that this scene denoted the internal condition of the seerthe path and
roads indicating different spiritual nerves, the hill top indicating the seventh plane or Sahashrar, then climbing
down meaning the descent of ascent and photo indicated that this was established in him and now he will have
the experience of descent as he climbed down through another side of the hill.

Chapter 30
Accompany with devotees

19th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: I saw myself spending my days at a place like Makardah, Howrah with Ananda Mohan
Ghosh and Anath Nath Mondal, two companions of Jibankrishna. Then the dream went off.
[The dream again signifies that the seer is continuously having regular spiritual practices even in dream.]

Indication of controlling the spiritual world in

future through the Holy Ghost


20th June, 1976.

Noon time dream: I was going on sayingIn future the days will come when we shall control the spiritual
world through any of his (Jibankrishna) sayings being either transformed into him or having his entity. While
saying this I noticed the same scene happening before me and I saw myself wearing a necktie and doing the
same thing. The dream ended here.
[It is not known how this dream will be effective in future.]

Indications of merging of Atma or Soul and Paramatma


21st June, 1976.

Early morning dream: In the first scene the inside and outside reproductive organ of a woman were visible.
In the second scene I saw Arun Ghosh, a devotee telling me, Do you analyze your dreams? I answered, I only
think of my dream and it will serve the purpose.
In the third scene I saw Abala Kanta Dutta. In the fourth scene one of my relatives seeing my palms said, within
a year you will be married. The dream went off.
[The first scene indicates that the mystery of nature may be exposed to the seer in future ; the second scene
indicates that the effects of the dreams may be established in the body of the seer; the third scene signifies the
establishment of the entity of Shiva or oneness in the seer and the fourth scene means that in future the seer
may have the experience of the unification of Atma and Paramatma within him as marriage means the
unification of Atma and Paramarma according to Jibankrishna.

Accompaniment with the devotees


22nd June, 1976.

Early morning dream: I saw Sourindra Bhattacharjee, a companion of Jibankrishna having a conversation with
me at the edge of a pond for a prolonged period and then the dream went off .
[The seer is having continuous spiritual practices both in reality and dream.]

Extinction of the consequences of previous

actions and gaining the entity of the Holy Ghost

24th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: our house was attacked by robbers. But I put everybody in a safe place and through a
tunnel underneath the house I reached the Police headquarter, took the police officer on a car to the house and
here the scene is changed.

In the next scene the voice of Jibankrishna was heard in a tape recorder. But after a while I was astonished that
the voice of Jibankrishna was changed into my own voice. Here the dream went off.
The first scene signifies as such : Robbers mean the consequences of previous actions ; Police means the
extinction of the effect of work. The seer will achieve the effect of dream.
The second scene signifies that there is no separate entity of anybodyonly Jibankrishnas existence is there in
the spiritual world. In future there is a possibility that the seer may achieve the entity of jibankrishna in the
spiritual world.

Vision of others condition


26th June, 1976.

Early morning dream: A very sickly and thin person is seen lying on the flooras if on the verge of death
point. Everybody feels sorry after seeing him. But after a while I was feeling -Oh! This man is Raghunath Sen!
(A close companion of Jibankrishna), I was going on thinkingOh !He was so healthy previously and now he
is in such a pathetic condition! After a while the patient has become free of disease as if has returned from the
death point, and then has turned his face. I also had a sigh of relief and here ends the dream.
[Here in the dream the present condition of the devotee has been revealed and in reality he has been passing
through a very miserable condition both financially and mentally . But the next part shows that I shall be
relieved from all these conditions and this really happened in my life within a very few years.]
Future indication of publicity of the seers dream.

26th June, 1976.

Early morning: Dhiren Mondal, a companion was reading my dreams very loudly and then the dream went
off .
[The dream corroborates a dream as seen by the seer on 23.6.72 which indicated that once the dreams of the
seer would be gaining publicity in future.
This dream came true after ten years when the dreams are published regularly in a magazine and then since
2010 these dreams are regularly published in different websites.]

Chapter 31
Achievement of dispassionate condition

3rd July, 1976.

Early morning dream: I had gone to Jamshedpur and roam here and there. Then I went to a house full of many
persons. I sat among them. My bag was kept in front of me. It was full of many articles amongst which some

were for hobby. After a while the meeting was closed and while I was going to take my bag I noticed that it was
stolen. A known person named Nirmalya was found in front of me. I told him to search for my bag but he did
not pay any attention to this matter. Then I saw Dilip Mitra, a companion of Jibankrishn (Diamond). I took him
to be accompanied. I had the feeling in my mind that those fellows (Nirmalya etc) had no intimate relation to
me, they never bothered for me, but on the contrary these persons (Dilip etc) were my own. Then while going
out, one of my shoes was stuck to the mud. I took out that shoe, but instantly thoughtOh! What am I going to
search for! We can have nor anybody neither any wealth! That is why the bag was stolen!
In the next scene I saw Dwijendranath Roy of Ghatshila, a senior companion of Jibankrishna. After a while I
saw a child sitting on the shoulder of a man was paying his homage to me with folded hands. With
astonishment I was thinkingsuch a small child, how could he learn to pay homage in such a way! There after
the dream went off.
[The dream signifies thus: The first scene shows the dispassionate condition of the seer; the second and third
scene signify the Dwijatwa(The state of Supreme Cult) and Debatya(The state of Divinity) conditions of the
Blessings of the Holy Ghost poured upon

4th July, 1976.

Noon time dream: I was standing on a bus stand waiting for the bus. At this moment I noticed that Anannda
Mohan Ghosh, Diamond or Jibankrishnas companion was seated on the bus . I opened a paper to read what
Jibankrishna had said in dreams to the seer. After the dream was off I forgot the sayings.
[The dream indicates that the blessings are always showered upon the seer from the Holy Ghost.]
Vision of the Universe and experience on origin of life

On 4th July,1976, after the previous dream in the evening in trance I had the following experience:

I started approaching towards the outer space. I crossed different spheres and then the blue color earth was seen,
which ultimately disappeared. Then I reached a void zone. Gradually I reached a zone just like a condensed fog.
At that time I lost my body sense and felt myself like a point merged in that dense fog. A feeling was playing in
me like this This is the place for the origin of life! It is called Ether!
Then gradually I began to gain full sensation, feeling for the earth. Coming back to full sensation, I began to
thinkwas it an imagination or was it a realization?
I was in confusion for some moments and then at night before going to bed it flashed in my mind that it was the
realization of Viswarup(Universe in God)I saw the whole universe in me and had the experience of Jara
Samadhia condition when the seer becomes a point only. The dense fog was the fathers semen which is the
place of origin of lifeIt is in microcosm. In macrocosm Scientists opine that ether in the outer space is the
origin of life.

Realization of Paramatma

10th July, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was going with Dhiren Mondal (A companion of Jibankrishna) by train to his town
Bangaon. But in the dream I felt that the town was Basirhat instead of Bangaon. After traveling for a long time
we reached Basirhat. The town seemed very beautiful with nice houses. We came to a spot with buildings on
both sides of the road. Looking on the left side I noticed that through the gaps of the buildings there were steps
sloping down to a very distant place. I also observed that the steps merged into a dense, endless inaccessible
foggy area with a non traceable base. Its top was also sky high. The scene was beyond any imagination. I was
thinkingsuch an ocean of fog! Then thoughts came in my mindHow will it be, if I go inside this! Suddenly
I felt, I had already gone inside that zone, but simultaneously I also saw myself standing on the road. It seemed
to me as if I had fallen in a very unearthly situation with no sign of life anywhere and only my sense was
roaming inside that zone. After a while I gained my full sense and went to another place. The dream continued
but nothing was remembered later on.
As predicted in a previous dream seen on 21st June, 1976 that within a year the seer would get married which in
yoga meant that there might be a possibility for the seer to have the realization of unification of Atma with
Paramatma, this dream confirmed the same. Here in yoga fog means Paramatma with whom the seer got

Chapter 32
Revelation of others condition and indication
of numerous realizations
147. 12th July,1976.
Early morning dream: The religious master Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath was seated in a house. On the basis of a
question on some realizations he tried to find out its explanation in a religious book drastically. I was seated
enjoying his helplessness in this matter. Ultimately he could not find it out.
After a while somebody gave him food and he put these in a cloth bag just like the priest do during worships.
In the next scene I saw brinjal plants yielding plenty of brinjals and I began to harvest the brinjals and filled the
baskets. There were both large and small size brinjals, although big sizes were more. Iltimately I completed
harvesting and the dream went off.
[The first scene shows the status of the so-called religious masters proving their very poor knowledge on
spiritualism and also their greediness on earthly affairs .
The second scene indicates that in future the seer will have numerous realizations.]

Revelation of own and others spiritual status


30th July, 1976.

Early morning dream: In a huge and open hall Mr. Iswariprasad Goenka, a well known Industrialist (very much
known to me) was seen seated. Conversations with me were going on. Meanwhile it was noted that some other
persons were also seated in front . Looking properly at them they were identified as some devotees like
Indranath Mukherjee, Arun ghosh, Abala kanta Dutta etc . One of them was explaining something about
Jibankrishna to Mr Goenka and his body was jumping . At first he seemed to be Arun Ghosh, but then I realized

that he was not Arun Ghosh but Indranath Mukherjee and I was surprised to see him in such a condition which
was beyond imagination.
Meanwhile seeing an aeroplane in the sky Mr. Abala Dutta was going to say something about the plane, but Mr.
Ghosh said, let it go. I also said, we cannot withstand such type of talks. Saying this I sat with full ecstacy.
After a while when I got back my full sense, I saw everybody lying on floor except Mr. Goenka who was
massaging the legs of Arun Ghosh . Then while Mr. Goenka wanted to massage my legs, with folded hands I
said, I am poorest of the poor, why massaging my legs? Here the dream went off.
[The dream indicates the esoteric conditions of everybody.]

Stability of Brahmagyan or Supreme Cult within the body


3rd August, 1976.

Early morning dream: I went somewhere with some of my students. There one unknown boy gave me a ripe
mango of huge size. I began to eat it and went on eating as if there was no end of it. Then ultimately I threw out
the very thin stone.Then I got a custard apple. I ate a portion of it and then distributed to others. The dream was
[The dream indicated that Individualistic Brahmagyan has become stable in the seers body . Huge mango
means the huge intensity of Brahmagyan(Supreme cult) ; very thin stone means the minimum ego sense of the
seerthat means the livelihood will be as minimum as required in future ( Sri Ramkrishna said).
Custard apple contains many seeds which in future, through the seer many people will gain spiritualism.

Accompaniment with the Holy Ghost and Devotees


9th August, 1976.

Early morning dream: The dream opened with the scene of Jibnakrishnas room at Kadamtala, Howrah . He
was seated on his cot reading a book. Some other devotees were also present in the room amongst whom only
Indranath Mukherjee was recognized. I was feeling a great enjoyment seeing Jibankrishna. Even after the
dream this sense of enjoyment persisted for a long time.
[The dream was an indication of increasing brain capacity of the seer as well as growing sense of oneness with
Descent of Divine Consciousness up to the waist

12th August, 1976.

Early morning dream: In the first scene I saw a huge endless open space and I kept on walking through that
space to an unknown place.
In the second scene I saw myself going to Jitendra nath Chatterjees house (a devotee), but it was situated at
Shyambazar unlike the reality.

Suddenly I observed that the narrow canal existing near Shyambazar became full of Ganges water up to the
brim and was converted into a much wider canal. The Ganges water running from Bagbazar Ganges river filled
it up. Seeing this beautiful scene I became overwhelmed with joy saying Oh! How nice!
In the last scene I saw a room where some devotees e.g., Ananda Mohan Ghosh, Raghunath Sen and I was
seated. Brother Raghu was saying on the basis of a dream of Dhiren Mondal in which he saw God, As we are
mixing with each other, otherwise except Anath (Mondal) and Arun (Mukherjee) others would have been
diverted, Here the dream went off.
[The first scene indicated the huge capacity of the seers spiritual brain power as symbolized by a huge open
The second scene means thusthe capacity of the seers Susumna has become increased where the divine
consciousness in the form of Ganges water has come down to the waist as Shyambazar depicts Shyam or Lord
Krishna whose divine consciousness came down from Sahasrar or cerebrum to the waist. Here water cools the
body. In a previous dream divine consciousness was seen in the cerebrum in the form of sparkling light.
The last scene is coincided with the reality as there goes on a regular assembly of many devotees at the
residence of Raghunath Sen.]

Chapter 33
Avatar Lila (Sportive forms of Avatar)

13st August, 1976.

Early morning dream: Just before awakening from sleep I noticed that somebody held a white paper in front of
me. On it I noticed a number 888 along with a sentence which I could not remember. Then I again fell asleep.
After rising from the bed. I could only remember the number but not the sentence.
Thereafter I thoughtwell let me check the book Dharma O Anubhuti and let me see what is written against
888! As soon as I opened the book, strangely I found at the first instance the same number where it was
writtenfrom Nitya to Lila and Lila to Nitya and this short sentence, I could remember was written on the
paper seen in the dream (Nitya Absolute; Lila Sportive forms of God).
The explanation is given in the book in the following waythese realizations are seen after Avatar Lila . The
seer realized that he passed through various realizations of Avatar Lila in dreams and it is the confirmation .
Stability of previous austerity

15th August, 1976.

Early morning dream: First I saw a devotee named Bhabani Bandyopadhyaya and began to describe to him
about some of my own dreams. Meanwhile Arun Ghosh, another devotee came there and described to Mr.
Banerjee about a dream of mine dreamt on 8.3.76 in which I had the experience of Samadhi. I also described
about my another dream in which I had an experience of Sacchidananda (Eternal bliss) condition and then the
dream went off.

This type of dream confirms the stability of the condition gained in previous dreams as those are being
corroborated by narrations in later dream.
Stability of preaching capability in seer

16th August, 1976.

Early morning dream: The scene opened with a huge hall which was filled up with many young ones and a
Christian Monk was supposed to deliver a lecture. I was also present there. The Father, looking at me started
saying We can only preach, what you have got to preach? Hearing this I became agitated and said, Who are
you to preach? Who preaches? God preaches. God is within you. You are a man. So man becomes God. While
saying this to him, I observed that he could not talk at all. When I repeated these sentences, the Father became
depressed and saying good bye left the hall. With a great joy I left the hall.
The dream indicated the future of the seer, when he will utter God is in the body to anyone, even he is
oppositionist, he will not say a single word against the seer, and on the contrary, he will be converted . In
addition, the Christian world may, in future take the cult of Jibankrishna i.e., they will realize that God is not in
heaven in the sky but within the human body.
The future indication of gaining the entity of Jibankrishna .

16th August, 1976.

After the previous early morning dream, it was 6-30 A.M, I was seated on my bed and the words Entity of
Jibankrishna suddenly flashed in my brain. I was seated with closed eyes, gradually fell into trance and heard
the voice of j
Jibankrishna from a far distance You will get my entity, you will get my entity. These words were repeated
several times and then I got back my sense. Even the whole day my mind did not come down from the
Company with the devotees and spiritual practices

17th August, 1976.

Early morning dream: One old well reputed Doctor named Kripanath, very much known to me with great
affection hugged me and then took me to his residence entertaining me with delicious dishes.
The scene changed . I saw myself in Raghunath Sens house at Taltala, Kolkata where many devotees were
present. Khagen Ghosh with bearded face was also seen there, but did not utter a single word. Then he began to
read his own exercise book written with his dreams. After he finished reading, I asked him, Where will you
take your food? He said, I shall take my food at Hotel. I cannot take it in anybodys house now. The dream
went off.
The first scene indicates that God has His best blessings bestowed on the seer as Kripanath means who poures
His blessings i.e., God.
The second scene shows that the seer is continuing regular spiritual practices even in dream like reality through
constant accompaniment with devotees.

Gaining the power of preaching


18th August, 1976.

Early morning dream: I met Jibankrishna, but how I did met, could not remember although the residual effects
of joy lasted long.
After a while I saw myself saying some words on Sri Ramkrishna Deva to somebody from the core of my heart
and with the sweetest voice. After I woke up from sleep, went on thinking with great surpriseHow strange, I
cannot say like this in reality!
However, the dream indicates that the seer will have the power of speaking of God and preaching in future,
though the seer has not any intention of taking all these achieved in dream.

Chapter 34
Accompany with devotees and spiritual practices

19th August - 9th September, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was going towards the residence of Raghunath Sens residence at Taltala. After
reaching there I saw a room outside and another inside unlike the reality. In the outside room Debkumar
Chowdhury, a devotee was reading Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita. There I saw Arun Ghosh and many others .
From there I entered the inside room which was the original one like reality. There I saw many old devotees
who used to go to Jibankrishna regularly at Kadamtala, Howrah . The dream then went off.
The dream establishes the continuous spiritual practices of the seer.
(b) I was having accompaniment with two devotees named Anath Nath Mondal and Arun Mukherjee at the
residence of Indranath Mukherjee at Makardah, Howrah. While having conversation with them, another
devotee, named Arun Ghosh entered the room with vegetables in a bag after shopping. The dream went off.
These regular accompaniment with various devotees both in dream and reality increases the spiritual power of
the seer, as said by Jibankrishna long time back.
Gaining the blessings of the Holy Ghost - Continuity of dream

5th September, 1976.

Early morning dream: Within the dream it seemed to me that Jibankrishna had again come back to life after his
demise and was residing at his previous residence at Kadamtala, Howrah. I was having a sense of great joy.
Finishing my works very fast I started for Jibankrishna . The time was 9A.M. After reaching in front of
Jibankrishnas house, I noticed that cleaning operations were going on after Jibankrishna;s fresh arrival . Dilip
Mitra was cleaning the floor with a broom . As soon as I entered the room, Jibankrishna, with a very happy
mood said to me, Oh, you have come! After so many years you have come!

With my head placing on floor paid his regard to Jibankrishna and placing his hand on my head poured his
blessings . After a while jokingly he said to me, For so many years you have forgotten me, how do you feel
now! In the same manner i answered, Now I am feeling how difficult task it is! However, Jibankrishna was
looking very strong and robust. After this nothing was remembered and the dream temporarily went off.
I again fell asleep and had this dreamThis was the second day after the first days visit to Jibankrishna by me
and this time the visit would not be temporary but permanently to stay with Jibankrishna. A bed was ready in his
room. Meanwhile I noticed that my next brother Asit and eldest nephew Sanjay were present on the verandah. I
thought whether I would bring them to Jibnakrishna, but instantly it came in my mind, he might be disturbed,
because this was his bed time . Again it appeared in my mind, that they had come to him and this would serve
the purpose. The scene changed.
In the next scene I saw Khagendra Nath Ghosh, a devotee, but this time he was without beard and moustache
and was seated. Seeing him I went on thinking Oh! Ultimately he had been here! Good grief ! Then I said to
him, at last you have come to us, it is good, otherwise you have gone through so much austerity. Had you not
come to us , You would have some defects. Besides this in one of my previous dream Jibankrishna said to me
with a great disappointmentI told Khagen to come to Calcutta, but he didnt (In reality he said it long time
back to Mr. Ghosh to come and settle at Calcutta for his service, although Mr. Ghosh was already had his family
at Sainthia of Birbhum District) . After this the dream ended.

Attack of animal passion


7th September, 1976.

Early morning dream: In the first scene I saw myself lecturing to an unknown person about Jibankrishna
In the next scene, I saw as if I would go to a house. It seemed to be a boys hostel. When I started for the house,
thought that I should take some milk. But somebody said, there was no necessity as plenty of milk were
available there. Still I started with a glass of milk, when I covered a little bit distance, saw a clock of goats came
over me. I began to drive them out with blows on them. One of them suddenly bite on my buttock. I dropped the
glass and tried to get rid of the goat and with blazing sensation on my buttock I woke up.
In reality the same feeling of animal passion revealed in the dream. It was a very tough experience to tolerate
this kind of feelings, but with the grace of God-the-Preceptor all these hazards are being removed.
The first scene of the dream indicates the growing power of the seer to tell anybody about Jibankrishna ,
although the seer has no attraction for this power.

Chapter 35
Attaining the power for preaching and
editing Manikya magazine

10th September, 1976.

Early morning dream: The scene opened with a place alike Bagbazar area of Kolkata. After traveling in many
places I reached there. I was carrying a book on Jibankrishna on my hand. I saw two boys there and being asked

explained about the existence of God in human body and then narrating about Jibankrishna. The boys
understood everything.
Next scene: Thereafter I had gone to a devotee Raghunath Sens house at Taltala of Central Kolkata, although
the house seemed to be a different type. There I saw the room was full of Jibankrishnas devotees. Jibankrishna
was seated on the cot with some devotees. I also sat on the floor. I had in my hand the manuscripts of the
coming issue (10th year 2nd issue) of the tri-monthly magazine Manikya. One by one I handed over each topic
of the magazine to Jibankrishna and after scrutinizing he returned the topics to me and I also kept the
manuscripts with proper arrangements . Once when Jibankrishna was scrutinizing the topic Vision and
Realization written by Amar Bose of Bagbazar, someone from my backside told me to sit on the cot . I said, If
I sit on the floor. I shall see him face to face and it will be convenient for me.
However, after a while, the meeting came to an end. I had in my hand the whole bunch of manuscripts corrected
by Jibnakrishna. Everybody was going out . I asked Indranath Mukherjee, Will you go to Makardah (one of
his residence where many devotees assemble and spend nights from time to time)? He answered that he would
not go there but spend the night at Raghunath Sens residence at Taltala.
Thereafter when I came outside, a Marwari boy and his wife repeatedly request me to go to their house, but
what I said could not be remembered later on.
From outside I could see Jibankrishna. I thought, when to-morrow is Sunday (even in reality this was so), I shall
not go to Makardah, specially when Jibankrishna is here . I can come to him to-morrow also. At last when I
came on the road, I heard that Raghunath Sen was playing Jibankrishnas voice on a tape recorder and the
dream went off.
The 1st scene again revealed that in future the seer might have the capacity for preaching about Jibankrishna,
though the seer has no attraction on these powers.
The second scene indicated that the seer has gained the power of editing the magazine Manikya through his
God-the preceptor and whoever will read this magazine spiritual power will be bestowed on him.
Teaching of the Holy Ghost

11th September, 1976.

In reality today was Saturday. I had to go to my school before 10A.M. as the students had their examination.
I had an early morning dreamI had gone to one of my friend Debasishs quarter at Alipore where I saw the
meals were being ready for me. But as it might be late, so I started for my own house. There was no Bus, so I
went on walking and reached a house near a lake at Lake Town. This was slightly a distant area from our own
house. Jibankrishna used to dwell at that house. So I went inside that house and observed that the room was full
of devotees. I was seated near Jibankrishna. Only two were new persons, the rest were his old devotees .While
Jibankrishna was saying something, one of the new person began to say something but instantly his body
responded due to awakening of Kundalini within him . But Jibankrishna did not say anything. I observed that
due to shaking of his body the mat became a bit dislodged. So I wanted to rearrange it properly . Seeing this
Jibankrishna also gave a hand to it. There was a pillow on my left side, I kept it beside Jibankrishna .
After some time one devotee said, one nun of Sri Sarada Math came here once.
Hearing this Jibankrishna got annoyed and said, Who, a woman? I also got annoyed and angrily said. What, a
women in this room? Another devotee said. She was brought through a letter and she was also interested.
Hearing this Jibankrishna said to me, They will get nothing, all are the den of prejudices.
At this time I noticed that the time was11-30 A.M. I thought Oh! I am late for the school! So with a little bit
hesitation I said to Jibankrishna, I am late for going to school. Hearing this he hastily said, Go, go quickly!

But I said, No, no, I am not so much late and so I started for my home . But then I thought, Already I have
become late, so what is the use of going to school now! With these thoughts I went home, had my lunch and
again started for Jibankrishna . It was noon time then and reaching there I observed that Jibankrishna was
sleeping at the room of the top floor and so I went on waiting for him . The dream went off.
Here God-the-Preceptor was teaching the seer and at the same time, it was an indication of his future when he
would live a life only on Jibankrishna or the Holy Ghost.

Chapter 36
First time confirmation of visualization of God

15th September, 1976.

Early morning dream: First I saw Bhabani Prasad Bandyopadhyaya, a devotee, who was describing to me
some of his dreams.
In the next scene I saw myself at Lake Town but without any buildings. There were only open spaces and water
bodies. I felt a great joy seeing these open spaces and saying to myselfI have seen God and I have kept
myself seated! With these in mind with great joy I uttered continuously the word Bhagawan(God),
Bhagawan and went on walking and walking without any outward sense.
Even after waking up the word Bhagawan used to be uttered internally for a long period and my body and
mind became full of joy. The dream indicated that this was an automatic confirmation about the seers seeing of
God so that he has no doubt in his mind.
Accompaniment with the Holy Ghost and devotees

21st September, 1967.

Early morning dream: It was raining and I stood beside a wall somewhere. It seemed that Deb kumar
Chowdhury, a devotee was also standing beside me. I had an umbrella in my hand and opened it. I noticed one
old person standing beside Mr. Chowdhury. After some time giving proper attention I realized that the old
gentleman was Jibankrishna himself. When the rain stopped I closed the umbrella and noticed that Jibankrishna
was no longer there. The dream ended.
In dream also the seer is undergoing the accompaniment with the Holy Ghost and his devotee.

The Holy Ghost with blessings


22nd September, 1976.

Early morning dream: A huge auditorium was seen where a function would be held. I was present there along
with a large number of audience. Suddenly an unknown boy asked me about religion, but instantly I noticed
that. Jibankrishna from behind came forward, wrote something on a paper, and gave it to the boy and then told
me, Do you understand, I wrote it. Then nothing was remembered and the dream went off.

The dream indicates that whenever the seer will say anything about religion to anybody, he will be guided by
the Holy Ghost and there will be spiritual development within the listener.
Accompaniment with the Holy Ghost

23rd September, 1976.

Early morning dream: For a long l time I had a company with God-the-Preceptor although I could not
recapitulate the conversations. Only the effect of joy retained for a long time.
In dream such long accompaniment with God-the-Preceptor is increasing the brain faculty of the seer for more
and more realizations in future .

Blessings of the Holy Ghost for achievement

of austerity on Manustatwa or human cult

25th September, 1976.

Early morning dream: I had a prolonged accompaniment with God-the-Preceptor. A part of that time was only
remembered In a room Jibankrishna was seated with a book kept in front of him. Some other people were
also seated though they could not be remembered. I was seated in front of him. Jibankrishna was explaining
something from that book. Then pointing out a portion of the book asked me, will you say what does it mean?
Instantly I answered, This means Manus(Human being). As soon as he heard, he roared with an expression
Ah and then with a very affectionate tone said, Well my boy, did God give His blessings upon you without
any cause? He would do something though you in future, thats why you have such realizations and conception .
After this he again started explaining, but all explanations were concentrated only on human beings. The dream
then went off.
The dream indicates that the seer has attained the highest stage of the austerity which is even higher than the
Godhood as because human being is the Supreme One and the Truth and nothing else.
One thing is being clear now to the seer, that such long company in dream with the Holy Ghost is increasing the
conception as well as brain faculty day by day changing thus the mental world of the seer.
Increase of the spiritual power

28th September, 1976. Place: Makardah, Howrah.

Early morning dream: Just at the awakening condition from night sleep I heard an oracle Paramau Briddhi,
Paramau Briddhi(lingering of longevity).
It is an indication that the seer will have increasing spiritual power day by day as this is correlated with
longevity according to Jibankrishna, who had almost similar oracle while he was at Puri during 1962-63. The
oracle was thus, Paramau lombi Ho gaya(Hindi), that means the longevity has become increased.

Chapter 37
Experience of Lila to Nitya---Nitya to Lila (From sportive forms to
Absolute and vice versa)

2nd October, 1976.

Early morning dream: The scene started with my school compound which had become much larger than it was
in reality as if a huge palace and having multi-stories. I was practicing up and down on the staircases. Once I
saw myself going upwards, not through the staircases, but with the help of the retaining wall of the staircases
just like a monkey and ultimately I reached the room at the top floor. There I saw a photo hung against the wall.
I went nearby and noticed that the photo was of an old man sitting and with a child on his lap. I went on
watching the photo and it came in my mind that this was the photo of Jibankrishna and at the same time the
child was also Jibankrishna. But again I went on thinking that I had never seen such a photo of Jibankrishna of
his childhood, although there was a young age photo . Just at this moment the dream left and I woke up and
simultaneously it flashed in my mind that both the figures of the photo were of Jibankrishna.
The dream reveals thus: To go up to the rooftop means from Lila to NityaAscent; Child Jibankrishna on the
lap of old Jibankrishna means from Nitya to Lila as he explained of child Lord Krishna on the lap of Mother
Joshoda in his Bengali book Dharma O Anubhuti.
Retaining of Mahabayu in the cerebrum or seventh plain

4th October, 1976.

Early morning dream: I reached the roof top of a house and saw a huge Monkey seated there. Then I got down
keeping the monkey on the roof top after closing the door from inside and the dream went off.
The dream indicates that some high-pitched mind may come in near future.
Attaining the power of editing Manikya magazine .

5th October, 1976.

Early morning dream: In a room Mr. Binay Mukherjee, a devotee was arranging the matters for me to publice
in the magazine Manikya. But after a while I noticed that Mr. Mukherjee was transformed into Jibankrishna
and he was arranging innumerable matters for Manikya. Amongst them besides the diary of Mr. Mukherjee
Binay Satak there were other matters which he kept separately and the rest suitable matters for publication he
handed over to me. The dream went off.
This is the third dream in which I saw Jibankrishna relating to the magazine Manikya. This means that in
future under suitable conditions Jibankrishnas power will be acting through the seer for publication of
Another significant matter happened in this aspect; After a long gap the diary of Mr. Mukherjee had begun to be
published in the magazine. Not only so, many new matters also were added for the magazine.

Afterwards this was corroborated by the sayings of Jibankrishna, recorded in a diary, where he described the
trance as a yogic condition.
Accompaniment with devotees
Accompaniment with the devotees and gaining the sense of oneness
After the previous dream (5th October, 1976) for 4-5 days every day I had dreams in which I had the
accompaniment with a number of devotees of Jibankrishna.
This signifies thus: On one side the seer has been gaining the attractions for the devotees with growing sense of
oneness and on the other hand he is gaining increasing brainpower by seeing so many persons inside his
cerebrum as explained by Jibankrishna.
Second time confirmation of seeing God

10th October. 1976.

Early morning dream: I was narrating to Arun Ghosh, a devotee of Diamond about my visualizing God and at
the same time its process also. After waking up I could not remember how I saw God.
On 15th September, 1976, I had the 1st confirmation of seeing God in a dream and this has become the second
time. The process was not remembered, that means it is not required by the seer.
Revelation of Oneness

12th October, 1976 .

Early morning dream: I saw Abala Kanta Dutta, sitting in front of me . He went on saying I am being
transformed into JibankrishnaI am being transformed into Jibankrishna; Saying this he actually was
transformed into Jibankrishna and the dream went off.
Once Jibankrishna said, one day will come when you will see any human being who has seen me in realization,
instead of him you will see me and the reciprocal will happen and this will bring oneness in the world. His
saying reveals thus in the dream and it means Jibankrishnas forecast may come true in the seer in future.

Chapter 38
Revelation of others condition

13th October, 1976.

Early morning dream Abala Kanta Dutta, was having his bath in the river Ganges and saying something to
Arun Ghosh . From a distant place I was hearing this . I was realizing that Mr. Dutta was having Ecstasy. I

was thinking whether I would request Mr. Ghosh to stop him Meanwhile Mr. Ghosh said, Well, Anath(Mondal
a devotee)was asking whether you are now relieved from sexual feelings . I answered, no, still now it is
persisting to some extent. The dream here went off.
The dream reveals again to the seer the conditions of other devotees as well as himself and shows that during
the period of austerity many obstacles come as it came in the life of Lord Buddha, but ultimately these are
removed by God-the-Preceptor.
Achievement of Eternal Bliss

15th October, 1976.

Just at the moment of waking up in the early morning my fathers face (Amrita) appeared before during my half
sense condition and then faded away.
This visualization reveals that the seer will achieve Amritatva or spiritual immortality.
Removal of mental accusation

16th October, 1976.

Early morning dream: I had sores on my body due to Chicken Pox and all were on the way of drying. Some
were beginning to be detached from the body. At this moment the dream went off.
The dream indicates that all the mental accusations are thus removed from the body. During these days some
changes are observedAs soon as the name of Jibankrishna appears in mind, the whole body becomes
horripilated with delight. The mind gradually becomes introvert but with a great joy.
In addition, a continuous recitation of the name Manus(Man) is appearing in mind frequently . Is it the
physical effect of the dream seen on 25-9-1976?
Achievement of apathetic condition

18th October, 1976.

Early morning dream: I saw Mr. Jiten Bairagi, a devotee in front of me. This was the second time I saw Mr.
Bairagi means apathetic to worldly interests. So to see Mr. Bariragi means the seer is having this condition of
apathy.It confirms the present mental condition of the seer which he is passing through, i.e., he actually has no
worldly interests and sometimes is having a state to leave the body through yoga . This condition was described
by Jibankrishna as an apathetic condition which may come to the seer having austerity through different
Having lessons about the condition of yoga

20th October, 1976.

I had a question in my mindwhether trance is a condition of yoga.

I had a sleep in noon time and I had a trance. At this moment I myself was announcing, This condition is
included in yogathis is yoga, and then my trance went off.
The question is thus solved and revealed automatically within the seer through realization.

21st October, 1976.

Early morning dream: I had gone to Makardah, Howrah (Where many devotees assemble from time to time to
discuss about sayings of Jibankrishna) and reading his book. There I saw many devotees like Deb Kumar
Chudhury, Ramkrishna Ghosh etc having spiritual discussions. Here ended the dream.
Due to illness I could not go to Makardah along with other devotees in reality. But in dream I experienced the
same accompaniment with devotees.
This kind of accompaniment with devotees increases the brain power of the seer and at the same time injects the
feeling of oneness with others.
Vision of unnatural scene and advanced science

22nd October, 1976.

To-day is Dewali. In the night I had a dream. The scene opened with a vast open space. There I was seated with
some devotees like Dhiren Mondal, Arun Ghosh, Abala Kanta Dutta etc. It was complete dark at night. While I
looked at the sky, it was deep dark without any stars . Suddenly an unusual scene was seen in the sky as if it had
been turned into a screen just like movie screen and the figures of the seated persons were observed in the sky
covering the whole sky. It seemed to me as if I had been visualizing a movie in the sky. Whatever they had been
acting beneath, the same picture were flashing in the sky i.e., the same scene of moving hands & talking to each
other, laughing of Mr. Dhiren Mondal had been observed in the sky . While with great surprise I was observing
this scene in the sky, Arun Ghosh asked me, What are you seeing?
I pointed out the scene in the sky to him, but nobody could see this. I became surprised and asked, strange! You
are not seeing anything?
After a while I observed that the whole scene suddenly vanished and the sky was glittering with innumerable
stars. Here the dream went off. This dream remained hazy to me.
[After a long time it flashed in mind that this dream indicated my increased brain capacity quite different from
others and showing possibility of advanced science in future when human being will be able to discover such
machine producing such effect.]

Chapter 39
Reality and dream are identical

23rd October, 1976.

Early morning dream: Arun Ghosh brought the cream of milk for feeding me. I told him to keep it as I would
eat it after sometime due to my hastiness for going to Mr. Raghunath Sens house at Taltala where many
devotees used to gather frequently for spiritual discussion.
In the mean time Mr. Ghosh asked me what was the reason for my absence at Makardh on 21st October, where
many devotees gathered. I answered that due to illness I could not go there (In reality the same thing happened).
Then the dream went off.
Here the dream and reality all became identical which is the realization of Vedanta.
Hints for removal of Natures obstacle

25th October, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was saying something about Jibankrishna to my father and a great force was coming
out from my inside. Suddenly one of my sister named Prakriti (Nature), who had been standing beside
unnoticed, was about to say something and my lecture was obstructed. I got furious and with a great snub, blew
on her face loosening some of her teeth . I then said, While saying anything about Jibankrishna such type of
obstructions would result such consequences. After a while when again I met his sister said to her, you should
not make such type of obstructions and if this happens I would even kill you, although there was no anger in
my mind during that time.
The dream indicates that no obstructions will come during my austerity in future.
Vision of Future and elimination of doubt
about previous dream with narration

26th October, 1976.

Early morning dream: The first scene was Mr. Raghunath Sens room at Taltala, (where regular spiritual
discussions are being held among the devotees) Kolkata .At this moment one of my old school mate(1956 A.D)
Atulesh by name came and was seated and with a great respect began to listen to Jibankrishnas sayings. I
became too much astonished and then watched that many of my College mates also had come there and
listening with great regard to the discussions about Jibankrishna, and then I woke up.
I again felt asleep and this time saw in dream discussing with many devotees about Jibankrishna and narrating
to someone about the vision in trance seen on 4th July,1976 in which my life was transformed into a point . The
listener asked, How did you feel at that time? I answered, I was transformed into a point without any bodysense. There was no world and nothing else in the sense. The dream then went off.
In reality I had a doubt about my previous vision in trance about Viswarup Darshan (The whole Universe in the
body) whether it was an imagination or real spiritual visualization, but in dream God eliminated my doubt . This
is the way the Holy Ghost teaches the seer.
The dream also indicates that in future the philosophy and influence of Jibankrishna will spread among school
and college students.
[ It happened when innumerable students at Bolpur, Birbhum District began to see Jibankrishna in dreams .]

Visualisation of Future

31st October, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was going somewhere by bus. Meanwhile one unknown fellow sat on a sit after 2-3
passengers beside me and began to recite the name of Jibankrishna. Hearing this I became astonished and
went on thinkingHe is a quite unknown person, how he could know the name of Jibankrishna! Then again it
came in my mindno! There are so many persons unknown to us, where Jibankrishna has become manifested
without our knowledge.
With these thoughts I had in my mind to talk to the person, but the fellow got down from the bus and the dream
went off.
This dream indicates that in reality this may happen in future. [In the long run it happened in many occasions.]

Accompaniment with devotees and spiritual practice


2nd November, 1976, Tuesday.

Early morning dream: I had gone to the residence of Khagendra Nath Ghosh at Sainthia, Birbhum,
District(West Bengal) accompanied by Dhiren Mondal, a devotee and my next brother Asit, But very few
conversations were held between Mr. Ghosh and me . Once he said, he saw in one of his dream that my elder
brothers wife was licking something in a bowl. I said that he saw the same dream. However I told Mr. Mondal
that I would return the next day and he also agreed. Then I woke up.
[In dream the seer has in this way regular practice about spiritualism].

Chapter 40
Atma is devoid of any crime

3rd November, 1976. Wednesday,

Before going to bed at night, I had one question in my mindwhat will happen if I do any crime? With this
thought I went into a trance and saw that different types of crimes were coming to touch me. Instantly I went on
thinkingwell all these cannot touch me! Then and there I felt that my life force in concentrated form had
reached my cerebrum and I had no body sense. During that period I realized that no such crime would touch me
and then suddenly with a great jerk of my head I woke up.
[This realization taught me a lesson that no crime could touch me].
Achievement of the state of beyond attributes

5th November, 1976. Friday,

Early morning dream: I was observing a good number of bunches of big white brinjals (Egg plants) and
thinking with admirationoh! What lovely brinjals! I also intended to pick up those brinjals.
Then I saw that Madan Koley, a devotee of Jibankrishna was limping and going somewhere with injured legs.
Then the dream went off.
[The first scene indicates that the seer has attained the condition of a pure soul . The second scene shows that
the seer is going to have a minimum physical attachment. Here white brinjal means beyond all attributes and
Madan, according to Hindu religion is the God of lust].
Realization on sense of oneness and blessing
of Holy mother Mother or Adya Sakti

7th November, 1976. Sunday.

Early morning dream: I had gone to the residence of Jitendra Nath Bairagi, a devotee at Howrah. His brother
told me that his elder brother fell sick some days back. I noticed Mr. Bairagi lying on bed and began to weep
after seeing his condition . Mr. Bairagi also began to weep. I started passing my hand on Mr. Bairagis legs. He
narrated many of his dreams to the seer. As I was patting my hands on the legs, it seemed to me as if I was
patting my hand on the legs of Jibankrishna.
After a while I saw my mother who told me to put off the dresses as Mr. Bairagi had an infectious disease. So in
spite of my unwillingness I had to put on new dresses and then I woke up.
[This was the third time I saw Mr. Bairagi in dream and a great attraction for him grew up in me for which I
went to Mr. Bairagi in reality and got his article on his first meeting with Jibankrishna with realizations .
Besides this the dream indicates my future picture when I shall feel other devotees as Jibankrishna in reality .
jibankrishna once said, A day will come when you will meet any of my devotees or any other persons who has
seen me within themselves, you will see me instead of them.
The next scene indicates that I will have more and more new realizations by the blessings of Adya Sakti in
Indication of Descent below waste

10th November, 1976. Wednesday.

Early morning dream: A huge and a very high rise building l was seeing. I was going upwards inside the
building as if I would take a class of the students, but could not find the room. Then I reached the top floor, but
could not find anybody. From there I looked up and saw the blue sky and then noticed that in the opposite
direction the steps went down. I saw a student named Kanai standing at the bottom. I went down and after a
conversation with him again went up. While going up, looking down my head whirled due to the extreme
height. After a while I crossed Kanai and stepping down to a lower zone saw a floor where I found the class
room full of students and entered there to take the class. The dream then went off.
The dream is an indication that the austerity of the descent within the seer happened in embryo . The huge house
is a symbol of the body of the seer with great spiritual capacity. Kanai is the name of Lord Krishna who had
austerity in descent up to his waste. Here the seer crossed down Kanai which means the seer had the descent up
to waste and will have further austerity. Through him the student community will have spiritual manifestation
according to their body capacity.

Chapter 41
Experience on feeling of Oneness

12th November, 1976. Friday.

Early morning dream: I was going somewhere accompanied by 2-3 devotees, talking with each other .
Suddenly a middle-aged lady was noticed and looking around it was noticed that the place was like the market
area of Kadamtala, Howrah. Then after reaching near Bantra Public Library, I noticed more devotees
accompanying me. I got the news that Jibankrishna again came back to Kadamtala after his demise. However,
hastily I was going to Jibankrishnas house, and noticed that the Lady was still following me talking with 2-3
unknown persons. I walked advance and with surprice noticed that now I was going on a very big flat vanriksaw full of all the devotees of Jibankrishna. could not understand how all the devotees were accommodated
on the rikshaw! Among the devotees I could only remember the faces of Hirendra Chattopadhyaya and Bhola
Mukherjee and besides the devotees there were so many unknown persons on rikshaw. Just reaching at the
entrance of Kedar Deuti Lane where Jibankrishna used to live, all the devotees got down from the rikshaw . My
heart was palpitating with great excitement and joy and when I wanted to pay the rikshaw-van fare, Arun
Ghosh wanted to prevent me from paying, but without listening to him I was going to pay 4 nos of 10 paise
coins hastily but as one coin dropped down I handed over the three coins to Mr. Ghosh for payment. Just at this
moment the dream went off as I woke up suddenly.
The dream means thus: To go to the Holy Ghost means the austerity is continuing; to carry all the devotees and
unknown persons indicates the spiritual capacity of the seer; to pay 30 paise for fare means the devotees and
innumerable people seeing Jibankrishna within them will have austerity of 30% capacity and in future and
through me Jibankrishna may manifest in innumerable people. The lady is Adyasakti or Holy Mother with the
help of whom the effect may come.
Forecast about the future of the seer

15th November, 1976. Monday.

Early morning dream: I saw in front of me one of my friend named Siddhartha and Sudhindra Nath Sinha a
senior devotee of Jibankrishna. Siddhartha was asking Mr. Sinha, Can we take wine with food? But Mr. Sinha
addressing me said, No! No! So many things will happen in future through you. Hearing this I thoughtwhat
are so many things? With these thoughts I woke up.
The dream indicates the future about the seer.
Vision of Future about the seer

16th November, 1976. Tuesday,

Early morning dream: I was distributing curd among many people including my elder brother and then the
dream went off.

The dream indicates the future of the seer that through him lots of work of Jibankrishna may be done for the
benefit of human being.
Spiritual practices through company of devotees

17th November, 1976. Wednesday.

Early morning dream: I had a long accompaniment with Ashim Biswas, a devotee, although no facts were
remembered later on after waking up.
It means that such frequent accompaniment with devotees in dreams will have an infinite effect within the seer
in future. Jibankrishna once said in his previous dream long time ago. See, this is very good that you are
having such company with devotees. The more you will have such company, the more you will get practical
effects of your dream.
Here Ashim means infinite.
Rule with an iron hand by the Holy Ghost

19th November, 1976. Friday.

Early morning dream: A room was seen, almost alike the room of Sri Jibankrishna at Kadamtala, Howrah, but
much bigger than it and full of so many devotees. It was four or 5 oclock in the afternoon. Jibankrishna was
seated there. At this moment Khitish Roychoudhury entered the room. Seeing him Jibankrishna said, Oh
Khitish, you have come ! come, come, let us sit at the Verandha! Saying this he started coming to door, Khitish
was still standing near the door. Seeing the motive of Jibankrishna it seemed to the seer as if he intended to do
Saakti(spiritual hypnotism by touching the body) on Khitish. But he said, no, no! I dont need it! Then
Jibankrishna was seated at the Verandah. Many other devotees including me were seated inside the room and
some in the Verandah. Jibankrishna was looking very strong and bright without any sign of old age as he would
be now 83 (In reality he would be so), which seemed to me in the dream. After a while he was in deep
meditation and sitting near the door two devotees began to chat with each other, sometimes having jokes also.
Seeing this I was becoming irritated thinking whether I would say something. Jibankrishnas meditation was off
and with a great anger he slapped on the back of one of those two devotees who was joking much virulently.
That devotee immediately left that place getting frightened and another one shivering with a great fear was
seated like a good boy with shedding tears. At this time I was awakened.
Here the dream indicated two aspects: the condition of Khitish was revealed that he is beyond emotion and
devotion. The condition of the seer was revealed through another one that under any condition the seer will be
controlled under the stern rule of the Holy Ghost.

Chapter 42
Indication of the publicity of the seers dreams

22nd November, 1976. Monday,

Early morning dream: Indranath Mukherjee, a Jibankrishnas companion, sitting inside a room was reading
very loudly the manuscript of my dreams and Dhiren Mondal, another companion, was listening to it. At this
moment the dream went off.
This was the third time that the indications about the publicity of the seers dream were revealed through
dreams . The first one was on 23.6.72 and the second one on 26.6.76.
Elimination of the consequences of karma(actions)

23rd November, 1976. Tuesday,

Early morning dream : A room similar to that of Raghunath Sen at Taltala, Kolkata was seen where many
devotees were seated. Dilip Ghosh, a devotee was saying to someone, Blessings of God are bestowed after
elimination of the consequences of action. Hearing this I said,what is this! The blessing of God is first and
after that comes elimination of action. this theory was prevelant in the previous Hindu religion. , but in the era
of Jibankrishna this has become the reverse, as like Induction and Deduction. Mr. Ghosh kept silent and
continued to listen to me. Here the dream ended.
The dream indicated the condition of the seer that he has achieved this condition.
Accompaniment with devotees and indication
of the seers future

25th November, 1976. Thursday.

Early morning dream: A big pond inside a park was seen. Indranath Mukherjee and I was standing on one side
of the pond. A number of fishermen were catching fishes with their nets and quite a number of fishes were
trapped in their nets. I noticed myself standing in the water on one side of the pond where the depth of the water
was a bit low, though the water was dirty. As I had my shoes it was not touching my feet . But suddenly a little
bit water entered into my mouth and I vomited all the water instantly .From there both of us went to Raghunath
Sens house, had our meals and then I found myself alone . However, from their I went to the house of Iswari
Prasad Goenka, an Industrialist and well known to me. He was a very religious minded man. There I had my
meal and Mr. Goenka was seated in an adjacent room waiting for me. I had a bunch of exercise books which
contained the matters about Jibankrishna, as if I had gone there to read these before Mr. Goenka . After finishing
the meal I went to Mr. Goenkas room where he was waiting . But what a wonder! As soon as I opened the
pocket, it was noticed that there were no exercise books, instead of that it was full of the seeds of varieties of
season flowers . So I said to Mr. Goenka, what to do! Take out the Bengali book Dharma O Anubhuti, let me
read it. He said, I have read it already((In reality he took from me the Bengali book Dharma-o-Anubhuti
written by Jibankrishna based on his personal realizations). But I said, leave it, yet I shall read it, and I read it
every day. Saying this I woke up.
The dream indicated that in course of austerity the seer may have many obstacles, but all will be eliminated by
the grace of God . Besides, to eat means to have many realizationsHere Iswari Prasad means the grace of
Almighty GodHe had offered mealsmeans the seer will have innumerable realizations during his austerity .
Varieties of seeds also denote varieties of realizations which are in seed form within the body of the seer and
may in future be manifested within him.
Attaining the power of preaching


26th November, 1976. Friday.

Early morning dream: I saw myself in a very large open field, full of quite a number of people, where some
blackboards were kept. I was explaining to them on realizations and the next steps and so on by writing on the
blackboards. Then the dream went off.
Writing means the realizations will be permanently settled within the body of the seer. Another meaning of the
dream is that the seer is having the power of preaching, although the seer does not want to accept it.
Spiritual practices with accompaniment of devotees

29th November, 1976. Monday.

Early morning dream: The dream opened with the room of Jibankrishna at Kadamtala, Howrah, where many
devotees like Indranath Mukherjee, Khagendra Nath Ghosh, Dhiren Mondal etc.were present.
In the next scene I saw that I had gone to Khagendra Nath Ghoshs residence at Sainthia of Birbhum District
and had long conversations with him. After a while I woke up.
Seeing so many devotees in the dream the brain power of the seer is also increasing with regular spiritual