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Date: 20-10-2015.

This statement is a voice from Rohingya Organizations and Communities residing in different
countries. Logos are presented in this statement to prove our solidarity, we urge all the embassies
and Inter-Governmental Organizations to accelerate their international obligations and act according
the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, As per Article 3
and Article 4 the genocidal acts shall be punishable, Peacekeeping Operation either Humanitarian
Intervention under the Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.
Rohingya are the native of Arakan state. Arakan was invaded by Burma in 1784, and then in 1948
Arakan become part of newly independent Burma. During the period Rohingya was recognized as
one of the indigenous of the soil and fought for the freedom of Burma. Moreover, Rohingya enjoyed
equal rights under the law of Burma and live peacefully until military General Ne Win coup the
presidency and mobilized Burmanization, which had resulted violence against Rohingya such as by
raping Rohingya women, exterminating and confiscating our lands. Furthermore, they formed a new
agenda to clean Rohingya from Arakan; therefore, the Government of Burma have changed the name
of the state as Rakhine state in 1973. Afterwards, Arakan become state of the Socialist Republic of
the Union of Burma, designated as the homeland of Rakhine people.
The Government of Burma success to divide Rakhine and Rohingya, to carry their agenda of
ethnic cleansing. Flowingly, inexorable persecution and felonious homicides continuous without
end. They have been expanding their agenda to Genocide Rohingya, continuing without any fear to
the International Law or International Justice systems. Moreover, due to the crimes they have
implemented since 1962, about 2 millions of Rohingya already become refugees and more than
98% of them remaining without resettlement and living without basic rights in many countries.
Therefore, Rohingya Communities around the world urge the United Nations and all the InterGovernmental Organizations to review all the following major crimes have been carried on since
1. Operation Naga Min launched in 1978 which resulted above 250,000 Rohingya fled to
Bangladesh from Arakan, due to wide spread massacres, tortures and widespread rapes.
2. Rohingya citizenship denied since 1982 as the Burmese nationality law was enacted even
though Rohingya already recognized as Indigenous and eligible citizens. The freedom of Rohingya
movement continuously on restrictions. We are also subjected to various forms of extortion and
arbitrary taxation; land confiscation, forced eviction and house destruction.
3. In 1991, they launched operation called Pyi Thaya means "Operation Clean and Beautiful
Nation", with the same purpose. Approximately 200,000 fled from the Arakan due to the massive
destructions, raping, restrictions and physical torture.

4. In 1994, the citizenship of total population of Rohingya were confiscated and replaced with
White Cards (Temporary Residency).
5. In 2005, Rohingya were restricted to born more than two child and some were restricted to
6. In 2006, Rohingya were restricted to use mobile and imprisoned the users, flowingly, this
restrictions still continues.
7. In 2009, a senior Burmese envoy to Hong Kong branded Rohingya "Ugly as Ogre" and people
that alien to Burma.
8. Since 2012, approximately 140,000 Rohingya detained in the IDP camps after the systematic
violence conducted by the Rakhine and Government. Consequently, above 100,000 of Rohingya
fled from Burma. Many mosque were exterminated and remaining mosque still locked. Exact
number of people killed are still unknown as no investigations implemented by InterGovernmental Organizations or United Nations.
9. In 2012, satellite images obtained by Human Rights Watch from just 5 to 13 township that
experience 4,862 zones of destructions covering 348 acres of mostly Rohingya Muslim-owned
residential property.
10. In 2013, Burma anti-Muslim riots were a series of conflict in various cities throughout central
and eastern Burma. Primarily in Meikthila, a large mob formed and began to destroy many Muslim
shops and mosques. Rohingya were also targeted in Arakan state and many killed by false
medicine given by doctors.
11. In 2014 census Burma breach the agreement with donors (countries) to accept Rohingya and
conducted major crimes by giving poison instead of medicines to the Rohingya patient. Massacred
Rohingya in Kiladoung and conducted widespread rape because Rohingya denied to accepting
themselves as Bengali. Moreover, many pregnant women and children were also targeted and
killed during the year.
12. In 2015 Rohingya politicians are banned to stand for the election. In this case we predict the
future of Rohingya seems to be more dangerous in Burma as National League for Democracy
(NLD) and Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) reject Rohingya citizenship rights
and basic rights to vote and stand as a political candidate for election.
To conclude our demand, we believe the Government already traverses 8 stages of Genocide on
Rohingya due to Classification, Symbolization, Dehumanization, Organization, Polarization,
Preparation, Extermination and Denial. It is transparency that the Burma Government failed to
bring perpetrators of human rights violations to justice and, as such, it constitutes a denial of the
Rohingya rights to justice and readdress.

Burmese Rohingya Association

In Japan.

World Rohingya Organization


Rohingya Federation
of Aarakan, Burma.

Australian Burmese Rohingya

Association, Sydney.

Rohingya Youth Foundation

In Saudi Arab.

Rohingya Community
In Ireland.

Arakan Muslim Council,

In Saudi Arab.

Rohingya Patriotic Association

In Pakistan.

Burmese Rohingya Action

Organization UK.

Madina Rohingya Center

In Saudi Arab.

Rohingya Youth Union

Of India.

Rohingya Jamiat Ul Ulama

North Arakan, Burma.

Australian Burmese Rohingya

Organization, Melbourne.

Rohingya Student Union


Rohingya Muslim Welfare Myanmar Rohingya Refugee

Association, Saudi Arab.
Committee Jammu & Kashmir
State, India.

Rohingya Society Association

In Thailand.

Rohingya Foundation
In Pakistan.

International Rohingya
Trust, Saudi Arab.

Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya

Human Rights Organization

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