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Sharjah Waterfront City

Sharjah Overview
Sharjah is the third largest Emirate in the UAE with an area of around 2,590 Sq. km.
Sharjah which is one of the seven Emirates that make up the UAE, produced a GDP of
more than 80 bn AED in 2014.

Sharjah is the leading industrial and manufacturing capital of UAE accounting for about
40% of the GDP from industrial and manufacturing sectors of the Emirates.

Sharjah Economy
Sharjah is an attractive investment destination and has what is considered the most
secure and business-friendly environment within the region.

According to estimates of S&P; the growth rate of GDP per capita during the period from
2007 to 2016 is estimated to be around 3.3%.



Sharjah Real Estate Market

Real Estate


Research conducted by Colliers International suggests

that high end developments with sea views enjoy high
occupancy and high rental rates and there is also a good
demand for residential units; in particular high quality units
with sea views.
Sharjah enjoys comparatively better yield as compared to Dubai
and Abu Dhabi, thanks to the competitive edge provided by
lower land prices.
As per the statistics released by the Sharjah Commerce and
Tourism Development Authority, the hotel occupancy in
Emirate remained around 74% along with an encouraging

6% increase in the guest nights in hotels in the first half of


Occupancy levels in retail space remain high in Sharjah due

to limited supply. Retail supply has remained stable over
the recent years, and has not responded to the increased
demand due to population growth.

According to Colliers International; business owners/

service providers prefer good quality buildings supported
by the fact that prime quality office space buildings offering
sea views enjoys high occupancy rate of 80%.




Sharjah Waterfront City, built on the belief that the outside is

as important as the inside is nestled amidst lush greenery.
The city will be pollution-free with world-class facilities for
elite living.
With its beautiful beaches, moderate year-long weather,
leisure and shopping opportunities; Sharjah Waterfront City
presents itself as a complete and attractive holiday destination
for European and GCC families.
Sharjah Waterfront City is designed to ensure the maximum

comfort for the families, provide them privacy while

enjoying the scenic beach view of the Sharjah Waterfront.
Views outside the villas & the apartments with beach, open
spaces and greenery spread all around will be breathtaking.
Sharjah Waterfront City is environment friendly and is
based on hydro mechanic design. Sharjah Waterfront City
will follow the international standards of green environment
which will reflect in the comfort & benefit of the residents.


Sharjah Waterfront City is strategically located with Arabian Gulf lying on its
western border and Umm Al Quwain lying directly on its north. Sharjah WFC site
is located in proximity from Hamriyah free zone, airport and other key attractions.
Sharjah WFC is easily accessible from the Ittihad Road, Emirates Road and Al
Aber Road.



Distance (Km.)
Km 15

Umm Al Quwain

Km 15

Sharjah International Airport

Km 30

Dubai International Airport

Km 35


Km 46

Ras Al Khaimah

Km 58


Km 131

Abu Dhabi

Km 193


Sharjah Waterfront City

Phase 1 Components



Sharjah Waterfront City


Sharjah Waterfront City (Sharjah WFC) is a series of ten islands

interconnected by canals made by nature and spread across 36
Km of coastal land on the northeastern coast of Sharjah.
Sharjah WFC is expected to be the largest commercial, residential
and tourism development project in the Emirate of Sharjah upon
completion with total area of around 60 million Sq. ft.
Sharjah WFC is projected to be the forefront of the ultra-luxury
development in the rapidly developing Emirates of Sharjah which
is quickly becoming the cultural capital of the UAE.

Our objective is to develop Sharjah WFC as an epitome

of privacy, luxury and status. Sharjah Waterfront City is
a destination that accommodate your dreams perfectly.
It promises a lifestyle thats worth living and flaunting
too. We will ensure that Sharjah WFC would add a new
dimension to the residents lifestyle.

Sharjah WFC is expected to be built over several phases and the overall concept involves:
1. 200 towers for residential and commercial purposes

6. World Class Water Theme Park

2. 95 apartment buildings

7. One large shopping mall and various commercial centers

3. Many multi-level hotels and service apartments

4. More than 1,100 water-front and park-side villas

spread across the Sharjah Waterfront City

8. Two main entertainment centers

5. Marine clubs

Further, Sharjah Waterfront City also includes several mosques, schools, banks, stores, coffee shops and restaurants and will
have potential to accommodate over 200,000 residents.




Sixty percent area of Sharjah WFC is planned to be landscaped

with beaches, gardens, parks and roads whilst the remaining
forty percent will contain main structures thus increasing the
attractiveness of the Sharjah WFC and ensuring a scenic view
from most of the villas, apartments and offices built in the City.

Sharjah Waterfront City is going to have its own tram to

be developed by the main developer to facilitate the better
interconnectivity for the project.

Reclamation of land, canals interconnecting ten islands

& piling has been completed.
Drawings for the roads & utilities and full infrastructure
design is complete.
Major prerequisite required for infrastructure is in place.
Construction work for two Sub Stations for electricity
to support the City needs and remaining infrastructure
work for the whole project is going on in full swing.

Construction work for interconnecting islands through bridges has started.

Infrastructure design services for Electricity, Water, Roads, Bridges, Drainage, Telecommunication and others for the Sharjah Waterfront
City is in progress.


Sharjah WFC Phase 1 consists of a total of 298 plots planned to be developed for mixed use, hospitality, residential and commercial
use while the complete development of Phase 1 will take place in 3 years.

Sharjah WFC Phase 1 will be spread across two Islands of Sharjah Waterfront City. Residential segment of Sharjah WFC Phase 1 will
be located in Sun Island while the mixed use, commercial and hospitality segment will be located in Sector 2 Island.

According to our research and estimates, Sharjah WFC Phase 1 is expected to generate an average annual return on investment
between 27% to 34%.



Sharjah WFC Phase 1

Sharjah WFC Phase 1

Phase 1

Phase 1 of Sharjah WFC is spread across plot area of around 3,053,557 Sq. ft. and have construction area of around 15,220,292 Sq. ft.
with total project cost of approximately 9.35 billion AED. Development for the Phase 1 will be completed in time frame of three years.

Sharjah Waterfront City Phase 1 comprises:

Mixed Use Segment


Hospitality Segment

Commercial Segment


No. of Buildings/ Towers

Total Plot Area in Sq. ft.

Total Construction Area in Sq. ft

Mixed Use Segment




Hospitality Segment



Commercial Segment



Residential Segment


8 .1,028,664






Sharjah Waterfront City Phase 1 is categorized into five following Zones:

Zone A
Zone B

Zone C
Zone D

Zone E

Residential Segment


Sharjah WFC Phase 1

Mixed Use


Sharjah Waterfront City Phase I will develop 25 plots overall, under Mixed Use segment.
Mixed Use property will be comprised of Commercial and residential developments.
Downtown Retail will be developed on one big plot, few plots will be developed as offices while the rest of the plots will be developed as
residential apartments.
Mixed Use segment will have spectacular 1, 2 & 3 bedroom residences which will be rich in design and finish, as well as advanced in
automation and security while the offices will be equipped with cutting edge technologies.
Some of the towers will have smart features where all apartments will be developed as smart apartments. You can connect the
devices and appliances in your smart apartments to your smart devices and put them at your command. It enables you to control
all devices and appliances while you are not home.

Phase 1
Mixed Use Segment

The total constructed area will be around 7,819,795.4 Sq. ft. over plot size of 1,182,398.6 Sq. ft.


Phase 1 Mixed Use



Sharjah WFC Phase 1



Sharjah Waterfront City Phase 1 have three plots under the hospitality segment where multi-level hotels and service apartments
will be developed.
The Hotels and Service Apartments to be developed in Phase 1 will be a contemporary luxury development that will embody height,
light and space. They will offer magnificent views of the Sharjah Waterfront from most of the rooms, with a large shopping mall and a
world class Water Theme Park located within its vicinity.
The hotels will have spacious and luxurious rooms & suites with the latest cutting edge technology conveying a warm and welcoming
ambience. The hotels will feature ballroom, business center, swimming pool, gym, spa, coffee, retail shops and multi-cuisine restaurants.
The service apartments will comprise elegantly designed furnished apartments featuring modern decor. Service apartments will be
comprised of numerous facilities including business center, gym, spa, restaurants, coffee shop, swimming pool, kids play area and
other amenities.
Our main objective is to develop iconic hotels and service apartments offering its guests world class services with gracious Sharjah

Phase 1
Hospitality Segment

The total constructed area to be developed under hotel segment will be around 5,477,145.8 Sq. ft. over plot size of 330,369.4 Sq. ft.

Phase 1 Hospitality Segment



Sharjah WFC Phase 1


Sharjah Waterfront City Phase 1 will develop overall two plot as Retail & Commercial Centre under Commercial segment.

One plot will be designed as a full fledged commercial mall with kids entertainment zone, cinema multiplex, food court, multi cuisine
restaurants, fashion and retail while another plot will be developed as open-air retail.


Phase 1
Commercial Segment

The total constructed area to be developed under commercial segment will be around 894,685.5 Sq. ft. over plot size of 512,124.2 Sq. ft.


Commercial Segment

Sharjah WFC Phase 1



Sharjah Waterfront City Phase I will develop overall 268 Villas under the residential segment. These 268 Villas are located in Sun Island;
one of the ten Islands in Sharjah Waterfront City.

Villas in Sun Island will be designed tastefully and adorned with all the modern amenities necessary for a comfortable living, where life
will bloom in all its manifestations.

The spacious villas here will boast of all the lifestyle features that make life hugely satiating. The villas will be aesthetically designed to
flaunt a unique style.



Sharjah WFC Phase 1


Sun Island total area is around 2,212,984 Sq. ft. While 268 villas will be developed over plot size of 1,028,664.8 Sq. ft.; the rest of the area
will be developed as beach, road, parks, mosque and retail.

The villas have been conceived, designed & built with a single-minded mission: to make life a truly relaxing, refreshing & invigorating

You could connect the devices and appliances in your home to your smart devices and put them at your command. Whether you give
that command by tablet or smartphone, the home reacts.


There will be three types of Villas
in Sun Island:

Attached Villas

Semi Attached Villas

Detached Villas


Residential Segment



Project Highlights


Sharjah Waterfront City is located in proximity to Hamriyah

free zone, Citys airport and other key locations.
Master plan for all the ten Islands is completed; all the required
approvals has been obtained and the project is ready to start
Sharjah Waterfront City is environment friendly and is based
on hydro mechanic design.
Sharjah WFC will have a world class Water Theme Park
Crystal Lagoon spread across a large area of around
1.5 million Sq. ft. with state of the art facilities and having
numerous rides matching with the latest trends to make it
a one stop destination for the family entertainment. Worlds

renowned designer firm Jack Rouse Associates is

preparing the Master Plan and Preliminary Concept
Design for the Crystal Lagoon Water Theme Park.
According to our research and estimates, Sharjah WFC
Phase I is expected to generate an average annual
return on investment between 27% to 34%.
Sixty percent area of the City is planned to be
landscaped with beaches, gardens, parks, and roads.
Sharjah Waterfront City is going to have its own tram
to be developed by the main developer to facilitate the
better interconnectivity for the project.


About the Developer

About the Developer

Sharjah Oasis is a UAE based corporation with

impeccable real estate development credentials.

The company is a premier developer of integrated

lifestyle communities featuring world-class residential
and commercial properties, shopping malls, retail
assets, high-end hospitality and leisure attractions.
Our first-class designs, superior quality, superb
finishes and a wide range of lifestyle amenities
distinguish our master-planned projects.


Sharjah Oasis is led by a team of passionate

professionals who are ready to challenge conventions

and achieve results. With our wide experience in property
management and maintenance we are reaching new
heights of success.

The company is starting a series of successes with

the launch of the iconic Sharjah Waterfront City project
which is set to change the face of Northern Emirates
tourism landscape. Building an innovation that will inspire
generations to come, Sharjah Oasis aims to connect
Societies & Cities and create a world class destination for
living, business and tourism.


Renderings are for illustration purposes only. Actual usable floor space may vary from the value stated.
The developer reserves the right to make revisions.

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