CHRISTMAS TIME & BEST MOMENTS AT CHRISTMAS My best moment at Christmas I'm going to tell you my favourite moment at Christmas.

It is a very important moment for me. I always have a very good time on these days and I am always very happy, but at the same time I am a bit sad. Now you will know why. My favourite day at Christmas time is New Year's Eve, but exactly, my best moment on this day is when we finish the year and we are about to start the next. That is at twelve o'clock at night of the last day of the year and I like it very much. Although this is a happy moment, it's sad too because we leave a year that has given us good and bad times, as it must be, but it will never return. Now I'm going to tell you what I do this day: My family and me always go a few days before New Year's Eve to the supermarket to buy food for that night. We buy a lot of food, because every year that day we are a lot of people in my home: my grandparents, two of my aunts and their husbands with their two sons, my four cousins, my parents, my younger brother and finally, me. Now I am going to tell you about this year. In the afternoon I helped my parents to prepare the dinner from five to eight, when the dinner guests came. We were having dinner very happily when suddenly, we saw the hour: it was ten to twelve. In only ten minutes we were going to change year and we were only in the second course of the dinner. We put quickly twelve grapes on each plate and we turned on the TV. I ate mandarin segments instead of grapes, because I every year choke with the seeds of the grapes. When it was twelve o'clock we threw confetti and spirals ribbons to celebrate the New Year. After that, we got masks, wigs,...and we inflated many globes. We took a lot of photos and we sang a lot of songs. This Christmas time has been wonderful, as all the years. I have had a lot of good moments with my family, friends... But there are some of them that I won’t forget, although I don’t know which was the best one. Maybe when I arrived in Sangüesa, my village, on Christmas´ Eve and I saw all my family: my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents... Some of them live very far from here and I can only see them at Christmas. We started to kiss one another and talk about us and what had happened in the last year. We had a very good time that night. Another fantastic moment was on New Year’s Eve. The dinner was very tasty and after that we ate the grapes to celebrate the New Year, although I couldn’t finish all of them. Then, we put the music and we started to dance and sing Christmas carols. It was very funny. Those were the best two moments of this Christmas! Naiara Irigoyen This was my best moment of that day and it's one of my favourite New Year's Eves memories. Leyre Salvador My best moment at Christmas


I think that the best moment of Christmas time is when all the family join in at home on New Year’s Eve and, after the dinner, they eat the grapes and then they dance, sing… Last year, at Christmas I was with the family of my mother in a rural house. On New Year’s Eve, we joined in the living room and after the dinner we ate the grapes while we watched the bell striking the 12 peals and the New Year started. Then we started to sing and dance and we played different games. This year I’m going to go to other rural house with the family of my mother on New Year’s Eve and I think it’s going to be very funny. Amaia Garacochea The best moment at Christmas time Hi!! At Christmas time there are a lot of good moments but the best for me was on the 5th of January, during the Three Wise Men’s parade. I participated in it so I’m going to tell you why I liked it. I have participated in it other times but all of them I participated playing the trumpet but this year was different, I participated riding

on a carriage with two more friends. We were in the Saba Queen’s float and we threw sweets to all the children that were in the streets of Burlada and we threw confetti too. All the time during the parade we were sitting. All children and their parents asked for sweets and we gave them and immediately there was a smile on their faces. Friends at the school and friends that I meet on the street were also asking for sweets and confetti to throw at them. It was a happy moment because all of the people (young people) were very happy shouting at the kings. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar and asking for sweets. When the parade finished we went very quickly to change clothes and went to Melchor’s carriage and on it we went to Hilarion Eslava’s sports center where our parents were waiting for us. It was the best moment at Christmas and the happiest too. Edurne Urricelqui Goñi The best moment at Christmas Let me tell you about my best moment at Christmas. The day of Christmas Eve I went to Pamplona with my father and my sister to see the cavalcade of the Olentzero. We went

CHRISTMAS TIME & BEST MOMENTS AT CHRISTMAS to Pamplona at seven in the evening by bus, we saw the cavalcade of Olentzero and, when it finished, we went down to Burlada walking because the bus was jammed and it was almost impossible to get on it. When I arrived in Burlada I went with my father, my sister, my mum and a friend of my parents to a bar near my house to drink something. Me only soft drinks, of course!! At nine o'clock we went to our house and had lots of presents. There were presents that I was not expecting, I liked them a lot. I opened the presents and there was a Puma sports sweatshirt of rams 23, the game ‘Al pie de la letra’, the sims 2 game for the computer, two jackets, two shirts and a pink phone, I loved all of them. My sister and my parents also had many presents. At ten o’clock I went to the home of my uncles and my cousin, there was also the aunt of my father, she is Andrea. My uncle gave me money to buy something. We dinned together and we had a great time. Josune Ciriza Christmas time! relax of the abundant exams and the long first quarter of the long course that we have to pass. At Christmas my family come to my house to have dinner, all of it! My aunts, my uncles and my cousins, and that is fantastic because they are very funny and we enjoy it a lot. My mother is who makes the dinner, frequently meat and fish, and I and my sister María set the table, and then we have dinner. I also put the Christmas ornaments with my family in all the house, and at the end it is very beautiful. We put the crib in the hall and the Christmas tree in the living room. But we don’t sing any Christmas song because here in Spain there aren’t a lot of good singers. In my family we don’t make Christmas cards, we only make presents, but good presents, they can be very expensive and are very special. I think that they aren’t the most important of the Christmas time as some guys think, I think that it’s the family gathering, but the presents aren’t bad… He, He, He. The best present that I have ever received for Christmas is a kind of Teddy bear that “Santa Claus” gave me when I was a child. Actually, it was a beautiful and enormous dog that I called Santa, but one day my sister, who was angry at me, broke it with a knife. We organise the invisible friend at home on 6th of January, it is very exciting because your present is a surprise and your invisible friend too, it is fantastic! I love it! So this is Christmas in Spain, at least in my house, and I hope that you like it, for me it is a fantastic Christmas! Bye! Hello Primitivo, I’m going to tell you about my fantastic Christmas that I have here, in Spain, and about things linking with it. All the years when Christmas arrive, we are very nervous because all of we were waiting a lot of time to it and it is a fantastic time to Your Spanish friend Alberto Aragón

CHRISTMAS TIME & BEST MOMENTS AT CHRISTMAS The best moment at christmas For me, the best moment in this Christmas is really difficult to choose, because I had a lot of great moments... At first I wanted to write about an afternoon in Pamplona with Claudia, Nerea and Leire, some friends, when we went to see how shop windows looked at Christmas and then we ate hot chocolate in Estafeta street... But there’s a moment that I prefer: the invisible friend at Irene’s home. In the middle of November we (my friends and I) distributed the papers to make the invisible friend. We were very nervous because at first we didn’t know what to buy, for this reason we distributed the papers one month before. We were very excited and for me it was very difficult to choose Loire’s presents, but finally I foud the perfect present (with Marina and Irene’s help) Finally the invisible friend day arrived. We celebrated it on 29th of December at Irene’s home, like last year, because she has a really big house and when we are on the last floor we don’t disturb her parents. So we arrived at her home and we prepared the things to eat, like the chips, and the drinks. When all was prepared we had to wait for Marina Tiscar, because she was doing something with her horse, so we started playing "Tabú" until she arrived. The "Tabú" was really funny: in pairs you must take a card with four words, then you must choose one of them and you say other words and your partner’s work is to get right the word. But you have a fixed time and some other words that you can’t say. We laughed a lot, and we had a nice time until Marina arrived. Then we all were sitting down on the floor, the chairs and in the sofa: Leire, Claudia, Josune, Nerea, Marina.T, Marina.P, Amaia, Silvia, Itziar, Maitane, Edurne, Irene and I, and we started to give the presents with Irene’s little sister, Marina´s help. As ever, she started with the presents distribution. When everyone had her present, we opened it and I think that is the first time that everydody was happy with her present. Then we ate the chips and drank the coca cola and played "Tabú" again and we helped to clear Irene’s home. I think that this is the best moment at Christmas because in my friends team we’re always arguing. That day was the best not for the presents, it was the best because we were all of us closer and we didn’t argue. We remembered that we are really good friends. The best moment at Christmas Christmas of 2009-10 have been great, all the days the family was united and happy. The best moment at Christmas was on 24th of December, it’s the day of my birthday so I had a lot of presents. At 8 o’clock we went to my grandparents´ home and we waited at the table to start the dinner. When all was ready and my grandmother was on her chair -she was all the night in the kitchen working-, she said the grace over the food and all the family started to eat. There was a lot of food, so nobody could eat the dessert. When we finished all the dinner my grandmother and my uncle sang typical Christmas carols with the piano. Finally all the family was singing. It was a very beautiful moment. Leyre Asurmendi

CHRISTMAS TIME & BEST MOMENTS AT CHRISTMAS Christmas Time Christmas is a wonderful celebration in the end of the year when we don’t have school and we can join with all our family to celebrate the birth December). decorate it all together. On Christmas´ Eve, we always go to Sangüesa. Both the parents of my mother and the parents of my father live there. So, on the 24th of December we have dinner with the family of my father, and on the 25th we have a meal with the family of my mother. of Jesus (25 of In enjoy staying in both places and both meals are very tasty. But I prefer staying with the family of my father because they live in Vitoria and Tarragona and I hardly ever see them. My mother’s family live in Navarre and I can see them more often. On New Year’s Eve some of my aunts and uncles come to my house. My mother prepared the dinner last year so this year my uncle will prepare it. Moreover, he is an excellent chef. After the dinner we eat the grapes to celebrate the New Year and then we have a big party. I have had a very good time all the years, and I hope that this year it will be as good as the others. Naiara Irigoyen Family traditions at Christmas time Hello!! I’m going to talk about the traditions of my family at Christmas time. I like this holiday time because we don’t go to school and because I do a lot of things. One tradition of that I always do is put the Christmas tree and the crib. When I was younger I put them one week before Christmas but now I put them one day before Christmas’ Eve or on this same day in the morning. The Christmas tree is very beautiful and under it is where the Three Wise Men put the presents on the night of January 5th. The crib hasn’t got a lot of

All years, some days before Christmas time starts, my family and I prepare the Christmas tree and the other things of decoration, because we like it. Last year on New Year’s Eve we ate a lot and during the dinner we spoke and at twelve o’clock we turned on the TV and we watched the peals while we ate the grapes. And at Christmas time we always give and receive the presents, I like those moments. This year I’m going to go with all my family, on the side of my mother, to a rural house and we are going to stay there for one week, we are going to prepare the decoration and we are going to eat the grapes on New Year’s Eve and then we are going to dance, sing… The rural house is in the north of Navarre and we are going to play in the fronton, walk around the mountain, and play with the snow. I like joining with my family because I have many uncles, cousins, aunts… and I enjoy a lot with them. I like Christmas time. Amaia Garacochea Christmas time Christmas time is wonderful. During this time all the streets are full of bright lights and decoration. In my home, we put the Christmas tree and we

CHRISTMAS TIME & BEST MOMENTS AT CHRISTMAS things only the Virgin Maria, José, Jesus and the two animals and the Three Wise Men who are in other place because the don’t at the crib until the night of January 5. Now I am going to talk about the dinner we celebrate in my house on Christmas’ Eve, but before it I go to the Olentzero. The Olentzero is a celebrity of the Basque Country and Navarre that means that is Christmas time and he comes down from the mountain to give us the presents. The dinner on Christmas’ Day in my uncle’s house. The dinner on New Years’ Eve is in my grandparents’ house and it’s there because is the birthday of my grandfather. All years before going there I go to Pamplona to see San Silvestre’s race, it is a popular race of Pamplona where the people usually run with a costume. I ran it some years but the children run without costume. New Year’s dinner in my house and that’s all about Christmas dinners. Other tradition is to participate in the Three Wise Men parade. I have participated in it for four or five years. The first time I participated as a dwarf but the rest of the years I have participated playing the trumpet. After the parade some friends join to make a “supper”. And these are the traditions of my family at Christmas. Edurne Urricelqui Goñi

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