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Design process and procedures for Lohas Hill project, consist of three stages. Stage 1 is appraisal
and definition of project. This stage requires the design teams to evaluate and analyze the initial
brief by BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHD. In other word, it is a feasibility study in the
very beginning of the design stage. Next is stage 2 which is the design concept phase. It is a
preliminary design stage. In this stage, design team is required to prepare the first design concept
which meets BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHDs requirements. After that, in stage 3, is
design development phase, which is the detail design stage. This stage is to shape up the design
of the project in as much detail as possible. For this stage, the design must be in accordance with
statutory requirements. The stage ends with the submission of the completed report of stage 3 to
The main design teams involved in design process and procedures are:
1. Architect

Modern Creative Architecture (M) Sdn. Bhd

2. C&S Engineer

TCR Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

3. M&E Engineer

TCR Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

4. Quantity surveyor

MITG Group Sdn. Bhd.

5. Landscape Designer :

IEC Landscape Architecture Consultant (M) Sdn. Bhd.



Stage 1: Appraisal and Definition Of Project

This stage is initiated by a meeting of the consultants concerned and BUMI HIJAU
DEVELOPER SDN BHD's representative. The consultants are united into a design team in
which each plays a crucial part which is subordinate to the whole. During the first stage, the
design team aims to interpret and analyze the initial brief to identify and weigh all factors that
are likely to determine the form of the project and then report to BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER
SDN BHD its evaluation of the project.
Any attempts by BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHD to obtain rough estimates and
superficial conceptions of the project without having the advice of the team as a whole is firmly
resisted. Enough time is allowed for this stage because it lays the foundation for the eventual
success of the mission. It serves to prevent misunderstanding about principles between BUMI
HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHD and the design team and set the pattern for further cooperation between the team members.
Then, the design team submits its preliminary or feasibility report to BUMI HIJAU
DEVELOPER SDN BHD. The report is written for the layman and is summarized but complete.
It contains the design teams evaluation of the implications of the initial brief, including an
appropriate economic viability or cost benefit analysis plus a preliminary estimate of project
costs, and enables BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHD to decide whether to proceed with
the design of the project or to change the brief.
Stage 2: Design Concept - The Preliminary Design Stage
Concept design can be most easily defined by breaking the two words down to their individual
meanings. Concept represents an idea or thought. It usually is a collection of ideas that represent
or solve a problem. Design is the collection of the ideas that help to serve a purpose. Together,
concept design can be best stated as the process of determining which technologies will be used

in production and the product. The concept design phase in the design phase is very important. It
represents the beginning of steps of a project.
The concept design on which this Environmental Assessment is based, is an initial functional
layout developed as part of the concept design development and environmental assessment
phase. It addresses and responds to the constraints and principles identified during the
investigations undertaken to date. The concept design is intended to define a robust and buildable
concept that provides:
1. A definition of property acquisition requirements sufficient to allow acquisition to
2. A clear description of the design principles, extent of impacts and impact management
3. A sound and clear basis for later development of the detailed design to a standard
required to support project delivery.
This stage is initiated by an instruction from BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHD to the
design team to proceed with the preliminary design. The first task of the team, in consultation
with BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHD is to adjust and expand the initial brief on the
basis of their appraisal report from any comments by BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHD.
The design team can now start to prepare the first design concept of the project on the lines of
the brief. Decisions that are taken at this stage form the basis for the design and cannot be
changed in essence later. The team must therefore act very responsibly and with full cooperation. Because of this, the consultants are advised to appoint senior personnel to the team
that authorized to make decisions yet have an aptitude for team work. Stability of representation
is essential to avoid repetition and misunderstanding. The project leader will distinguish clearly
between his functions as designer and manager, both in the team and within his firm.
During this stage the team aims at achieving agreement about the design concepts to be
recommended to the BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHD, from the general to the particular.

During stage 3 the design concept is developed and refined and stage 2 therefore deals mainly
with the direction that is to be taken.
The work is coordinated during this stage by a series of meetings of the team, the first of which
might deals with the following:
1. Appointments of team members are confirmed and revised as necessary.
2. Brief: Team members are informed of amendments to the BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER
SDN BHD's brief.
3. Organization structure: A diagram is prepared to illustrate working relationships and
establish lines and methods of communication.
4. Design concept: Design team members are given specific tasks appropriate to their
disciplines and are made aware and informed of contributions by other team members.
5. Programme: An overall programme setting out all design and construction activities is
established, and later refined and amended as the project progresses.
Minutes of the meetings are retained and later included in the preliminary design report. This
report embodies a number of written documents and a few drawings and other graphic
representations. It contains:
1. The minutes of meetings of the design team
2. Notes of discussions between team members
3. Reports from each team member dealing with the various specialist fields in respect of
design criteria, cost and statutory restraints, user and local authority requirements and
other relevant factors
4. The cost plan, which may include a study and specification notes defining standards;
outline drawings of the project
5. An overall timetable indicating periods for design, documentation, tender action and
6. An explanation of the fees payable to the consultants

The stage ends with the submission of the preliminary design report to BUMI HIJAU
Stage 3: Design Development - The Detailed Design Stage
Detailed design would only be undertaken if the proposed upgrade is approved, and would take
into account the conditions of approval and any other documents incorporated by reference.
Matters raised in submissions to the exhibition of the Environmental Assessment would also be
considered. These could also result in adjustments to the concept design as a condition of
approval for the proposal. In addition, minor changes derived from improved knowledge prior to
detailed design may be proposed in relation to elements of the concept design.
The detailed design phase of the proposed upgrade would involve detailed preconstruction
survey and detailed preconstruction geotechnical investigations, the design activities described
above and any design changes as a result of the investigations.
This stage is initiated by an instruction from BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHD to the
design teams to proceed with the detailed design and to prepare the final design. BUMI HIJAU
DEVELOPER SDN BHD also comments on the preliminary design report. The design team
begins by studying the comments. Each team member then reports the effects of the comments
on his own specialization and accordingly recommends alternative adjustments to the report.
These recommendations are combined into an amended report and submitted for the BUMI
HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHDs approval. The approved report forms part of the brief.
It can easily happen that the amendments invalidate the principles on which the original proposal
was based or cause the various sections of the design to be incompatible. The team therefore
needs to study the new brief very carefully before any further design work is undertaken.
It is the aim of the team during this stage to shape up the design of the project in as much detail
as possible. Any remaining information that is necessary to achieve this objective is collected,
analyzed and consolidated, and the design adjusted accordingly.

Then the design is discussed with Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam to ensure that the final proposals
will be in accordance with statutory requirements. Furthermore, indicative prices for specific
items in the project, such as electrical or mechanical equipment or other specialized components
are obtained from the selected specialist firms. This information enables the team to prepare an
elemental estimate of costs which is compliant with the original cost plan, and viability analyses.
The results of the work in stage 3 are then gathered for submission to BUMI HIJAU
DEVELOPER SDN BHD. Each member of the design team should report on his own discipline
and the project leader combine all the information into one design report to the satisfaction of the
design team. It contains the intensive proposals of the team in connection with the following:
1. The general layout of the project

2. Structural elements
3. Standard of finishes
4. Performance of the project in respect of physical upkeep, operating costs and energy

5. Recommendations on tendering procedure and forms of contracts (the contract plan)

including main contract and domestic nominated subcontractors, independent individual

contracts, supply contracts and similar
6. Elemental cost analysis and revised project cost estimate based on actual measured

7. Programme for further documentation and construction

The stage ends with the submission of the report to BUMI HIJAU DEVELOPER SDN BHD.