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Atlas Copco Hydraulic booms

BUT 28

Coverage area with parallel holes

1750 kg
1250 mm
1250 mm
360 degrees
48 m2

A heavy duty hydraulic boom with ability to handle

powerful hydraulic rock drills.

170-210 bar
700 kg
480 x 690 mm

BUT 28



Weight, boom only

Feed extension
Boom extension
Feed roll-over
Coverage area
Hydraulic system pressure
Max. weight of feed and
rock drill to be mounted
Boom mounting plate, w x h

The BUT 28 booms can be used together with the

following equipment:
Rock drills: COP 1838, COP 1432, COP 1238
Feeds: BMH 2000, BMHT 2600, BMHE 2000,
BMHS 2000
Scale 1:150












Centre of gravity

The manufacturer reserves the right to make

modifications without prior notice.




9851 2123 01

BUT 28 is a heavy duty hydraulic

boom with unique features for
efficient and trouble-free operation. BUT 28 has a coverage area
of 48 m2. It is intended for use
in mining and tunnelling, and
designed for operation within
medium-size drifts and underground openings. The excellent
stability and accuracy of movement give fast positioning, low
drill steel costs and straight

Main features

With the direct positioning system, the boom can be moved

straight to the next collaring location.

Double tripod suspension gives accurate parallel holding in all


360 degrees feed roll-over gives full coverage of the tunnel face

without any blind spots and with no change in parallelity.

Feed tilt cylinder rotates the feed into vertical position with the
rock drill facing the operator. This gives fast and simple roof
drilling and good supervision of the drilling sequence.
Main boom joints have axial bearings and bushings, and boom
joints for the cylinders are fitted with adjustable expanding shafts
all maintaining the accuracy and operational precision of the
BUT 28 booms are compact and capable of carrying powerful
hydraulic rock drills.

BUT 28 direct positioning boom with accurate, fast and

simple manoeuvering.
Featuring rapid and exact boom positioning with easy and logical joystick
manoeuvring, the Atlas Copco Boomer rigs equipped with BUT 28
booms give you optimum effective drilling. Roof-drilling and crosscuts are
as easy as face drifting.
Adjustable wear plates
on feed holder

Easy and logical operation

The shortest way is the fastest. Lift and swing movements of the boom
and feed are all controlled with only one joystick lever, which provides
swift movements of the boom from one hole straight to the next. The
speed at which the boom moves is propotional to the movement of the
lever. This means that the boom can be moved smoothly and precisely
when needed.
A colour coding system is used, where each cylinder and its control lever
are marked with a specific colour. This simplifies learning and makes it
easier to select the correct lever.

Feed extension cylinder

Feed extension 1250 mm

Feed tilt cylinder 90

Boom extension 1250 mm
Feed rotation 360

The robust and stable structure of
BUT 28 allows the feed to be
firmly braced against the face with
a force of up to 17.5 kN. This
provides for stable and straight
collaring of the hole, a prerequisite
for correct hole alignment.

Pressure and return hoses

for rock drill precussion are

Hydraulic hoses

Accurate parallel holding

The boom has hydraulic parallel
holding of the feed due to a unique
double tripod suspension system,
which provides precise parallel
holding during all movements of
the boom, resulting in improved
blasting effect and longer advances per round.
The parallel holding will also help
to maintain a proper lock-out on
perimeter holes, therefore reducing the risk of overbreak or

The boom has standard hose

lengths with bulkhead at the rear
boom end that facilitate maintenance (fewer hose lengths to be
kept in stock). Pressure and return
hoses for rock drill percussion are
separated to reduce wear and
facilitate maintenance (easier and
faster to change hoses).

Automatic boom
lubrication (option)

The BUT 28 boom can align and
position the feed to meet all
drilling angles and drilling patterns.
With a rotation angle of 360, the
feed can be rolled to position the
rock drill extremely close to the
tunnel wall for drilling of contour
holes. Look-out angles are set
with the tilt cylinder and the feed
returned to parallel alignment with
the control lever. This enables
precision drilling of contour holes
with a minimum of overbreak.
For roof drilling the feed is directly
swung into vertical position using
the tilt cylinder. This then orients
the rockdrill towards the operator,

simplifying positioning and supervision of the drilling sequence.

With 90 feed tilt and 90 feed
rotation, the feed can be positioned for cross-cut drilling. Hole
positioning occurs through raising
or lowering the boom, and with
the boom and feed extension.

Coverage area
The boom features the horse-shoe
type of coverage area without
blind spots, easily adaptable to the
tunnel profile.


Expanding shafts
Boom joints for the cylinders are
fitted with adjustable expanding
shafts. Boom accuracy and operational precision can be maintained
throughout the entire service life of
the equipment, simply by tightening a nut.

New main boom joints

Double tripod suspension gives

accurate parallel holding in all

The main boom ends are provided

with new type of joints with fixed
shafts, axial bearings and bushings.
The joints are prepared for installation of sensors to monitor the
movements of the boom.



Main boom joint

Boom control system

The boom is prepared for installation of angle reading sensors
and length meusuring sensors
for monitoring of the boom and
feed position. The information is
displayed on a colour monitor on
the rig.
Boom lubrication system
The rear part of the boom can be
equipped with an automatic
lubrication system which serves
a number of lubpoints.

Sensors function for boom control system

1. Sensors for boom swing angle
2. Sensors for boom lift angle
3. Sensor for feed rotation angle
4. Sensor for feed tilt angle
5. Sensor for boom extension
6. Sensor for feed extension
7. Sensor for hole depth
8. Gravimeter

Optional angle reading sensor

6. Senor, 7. Flexible shaft,
8. Quick joint, 9. Adapter


1. Cover, 2. Locking pin, 3. Axial

bearing, 4. Bushing, 5. Shaft