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The six day war

The six day war has in center the Istrael ,fighting on three diferent
fronts, againt three arab armies,a war won in a sapce of just
three days!
The question is: how did this tiny nation achive one of the most
astoneshing victories in the history of warfear?
In early June 1967 tensions in the middle east wore riseing, and
the egyptions president---------,had called arab nations to distroy
Israel.The war seemed inevitable.Israel had to face a simultanious
invasion from Egypt ,Syria and Jordan,whose armies had a
massive superiority in solders ,tanks and aircrafts.The general
mood in the arab world was that Israel was not that storng and it
could be defeted. But against most aspectations the oposite
heappened,in least then a week the Istrael had defeted its arab
From early 60s Istrael prepaired for a posible war on two different
fronts, angainst Egypt thrgough Sinai desert and Syria from the
Golden Hights!
The main tactic of the wining country was to attack first and to
gain air superiority so the arab planes would be kept on the
First order to do this they tried to desable the runways ,but the
problem was that thay didnt have ehough planes ,bcause
acording to NATO the maxim numbers of missions a plane could
make in a day was 3 flights.In order to achive a higher number of
missions the Israeli started a special traineing 2 years before the
war, in which the ground teams were trained to reload o plane in
just 7 minutes, so the number of flights per day rose to 5!Every
pilot knew exactly what he had to do, they memorized by heart
every location they wore supposed to bomb!

Due to the inteligence toops Istrael knew everything about their

enemy and they could choose the perfect moment for the sttrike !
7:45 am, was the time when the shifts were changing,the
breakfast ,the moment when they had no plane on the sky, and
when they were not prepaired for beeing attaked!
Another smart move was made in the wekend before the
strike,when the troops were sent home to their families!When the
egyptians heard this,they lost their focus, not expecting a strike
Monday early in the morning!
In morning of Monday June 5th were fired the first shoots of what
had been the six day war !Egypt was hit with massive power and
with all its air bases being destroyed , no air plane could take off
to stop the attack!
After air attack, ground troops took the stage. The battle against
Egypt took place in The Sinai Desert, where the Israeli troops had
to advance in order to take by surprise the enemy fortifications!
Because of the desert area, advancing was very hard ,so they
had to find solutions to bring their solders and tanks through the
soft sand to the enemy lines! They did it, using some secret roads
they had establish in the years before the war and with a 4 to 1
tank report against them, they managed to make the Egyptians
pull back .
Another difference in this war, was made by the water supply
assured by the two armies .The arab armies assured less than
enough water per soldier per day but the Istrai army assured one
liter per soldier per hour, a detail which gave them a big
After other two days, Jerusalem was captured , from Jordan, and
the battle moved to Golden Heights, a very important strategic
position, at the Syrian border. Here the victory occurred due to
the fact that they managed to strike the Syrian artillery

positions ,which were marked by trees, due to Eli Cohen the

most famous ---Israeli spy!
By the morning of Saturday June 10th the Syrian positions were
concurred and they were heading back to Damascus. The Six Day
War was over!
In least than a week Israel has deafed first Egypt, then Jordan and
finaly Syria!