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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

34 / Tuesday, February 22, 2005 / Proposed Rules 8557

prices are to be calculated on the basis ACTION: Proposed rule. receive adverse comments, no further
of the arm’s-length sales in the field or activity is planned. For further
area. Should MMS revise the rule to use SUMMARY: EPA is proposing to approve information, please see the direct final
arm’s-length reported values for revisions to the Antelope Valley Air action.
production from a reservation or other Quality Management District Please note that if EPA receives
designated area? (AVAQMD) portion of the California adverse comment on an amendment,
3. Should MMS collect information to State Implementation Plan (SIP). These paragraph, or section of this rule and if
use in the major portion calculations to revisions concern the permitting of air that provision may be severed from the
distinguish the quality of the oil (e.g., pollution sources. We are proposing to remainder of the rule, EPA may adopt
sweet crude, sour crude, yellow wax approve local rules under the Clean Air as final those provisions of the rule that
crude, etc.)? The workshops will be Act as amended in 1990 (CAA or the are not the subject of an adverse
open to the public in order to discuss Act). comment.
the valuation of crude oil produced DATES: Any comments on this proposal Dated: January 12, 2005.
from Indian leases. We encourage must arrive by March 24, 2005.
Laura Yoshii,
members of the public to attend these ADDRESSES: Send comments to Gerardo
meetings. Those wishing to make formal Acting Regional Administrator, Region IX.
Rios, Permits Office Chief (AIR–3), U.S.
presentations should sign up to do so [FR Doc. 05–3186 Filed 2–18–05; 8:45 am]
Environmental Protection Agency,
upon arrival. The sign-up sheet will Region IX, 75 Hawthorne Street, San BILLING CODE 6560–50–P
determine the order of speakers. Francisco, CA 94105, or e-mail to
Executive Order 13175 requires the, or submit
Federal Government to consult and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
comments at http://
collaborate with the Indian community AGENCY
(tribes and individual Indian mineral You can inspect a copy of the
owners) in the development of Federal 40 CFR Part 52
submitted SIP revisions and EPA’s
policies that impact the Indian technical support document (TSD) at [CA 307–0460b; FRL–7874–7]
community. The locations of the our Region IX office during normal
workshops were chosen to allow for business hours. You may also see copies Revisions to the California State
increased participation by the Indian of the submitted SIP revisions and TSD Implementation Plan, El Dorado
community. In addition, MMS will send at the following locations: County Air Quality Management
out letters to various leaders in the Environmental Protection Agency, Air District (Mountain Counties Portion),
Indian community advising them of, Docket (6102), Ariel Rios Building, 1200 Imperial County Air Pollution Control
and encouraging them to participate in, Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Washington District, and South Coast Air Quality
the workshops. DC 20460. California Air Resources Management District
The workshops will be open to the Board, Stationary Source Division, Rule
public without advance registration. AGENCY: Environmental Protection
Evaluation Section, 1001 ‘‘I’’ Street, Agency (EPA).
Public attendance may be limited to the Sacramento, CA 95814. Antelope Valley
space available. We encourage a ACTION: Proposed rule.
Air Quality Management District, 43301
workshop atmosphere, and members of Division Street, #206, Lancaster, CA SUMMARY: EPA is proposing to approve
the public are encouraged to participate. 93535. revisions to the El Dorado County Air
We will post the minutes from each A copy of the rule may also be Quality Management District
workshop on our Web site at http:// available via the Internet at http:// (EDCAQMD) (Mountain Counties You may submit portion), Imperial County Air Pollution
written comments to MMS following the Please be advised that this is not an EPA Control District (ICAPCD), and the
workshops by regular mail to P.O. Box Web site and may not contain the same South Coast Air Quality Management
25165, MS 396B2, Denver, Colorado version of the rule that was submitted District (SCAQMD) portions of the
80225–0165, by e-mail to to EPA. California State Implementation Plan, or through our
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: (SIP). The revisions concern an obsolete
Internet public comment system at
Manny Aquitania, Permits Office (AIR– permitting rule and the storage and
3), U.S. Environmental Protection transfer of gasoline at dispensing
Dated: February 9, 2005. Agency, Region IX, (415) 972–3977; facilities. We are proposing to remove
Lucy Querques Denett, an obsolete local permitting rule and are
Associate Director for Minerals Revenue
proposing to approve local rules that
Management. regulate volatile organic compound
proposal addresses the approval of local
[FR Doc. 05–3252 Filed 2–18–05; 8:45 am]
AVAQMD permitting Rules 201, 203, (VOC) emissions under the Clean Air
204, 205, and 217. In the Rules and Act as amended in 1990 (CAA or the
Regulations section of this Federal Act).
Register, we are approving these local DATES: Any comments on this proposal
rules in a direct final action without must arrive by March 24, 2005.
prior proposal because we believe this ADDRESSES: Mail or e-mail comments to
40 CFR Part 52 SIP revision is not controversial. If we Andy Steckel, Rulemaking Office Chief
receive adverse comments, however, we (AIR–4), U.S. Environmental Protection
[CA 207–0435b; FRL–7870–9] will publish a timely withdrawal of the Agency, Region IX, 75 Hawthorne
direct final rule and address the Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, or e-
Revisions to the California State
comments in subsequent action based mail to, or
Implementation Plan, Antelope Valley
on this proposed rule. We do not plan submit comments at http://
Air Quality Management District
to open a second comment period, so
AGENCY: Environmental Protection anyone interested in commenting You can inspect a copy of the
Agency (EPA). should do so at this time. If we do not submitted rule revisions and EPA’s

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