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Sir Syed Luqman Hakim Kiran Jawaid Gr # 271026 BBA-V

Demand Marketing
Marketing is about meeting demands, but when we suppose to manage various states of demands, and then we called it as Demand Marketing. Demand Marketing is categories in 7 seven demands:

1. Negative Demand:
To create a demand against some thing negative and it requires paying a specific amount too. Such Demand related to Health Marketing and about social aspects of life: Examples: • Advertising Car Trackers for getting security against thefts. • Promoting Vaccination against Hepatitis B. • Insurance Policies creating demands for secure life against accidents.

2. No Demand:
To create a demand about such things which aren’t known by market. In this category, usually non FMCG products with low demand for daily usage. Examples: • Pakistan Cable’s advertisements • Diabetics Counter Equipment advertisement featuring Waseem Akram. • Availability of Synthetic Lubricant to increase Car’s efficiency.

3. Irregular Demand
Irregular Demand is about the fluctuating demanded products due to season or time factors like monthly, weekly, daily or hourly too. Example: • Bonanza Knitwear’s demand found only in Winter. • RoohAfza’s sales getting high graph in Ramadan. • High Sale of Books found, when the new academic year starts in April.

4. Latent Demand

A Demand for unavailable product, or a demand for unsolved issues. These demands could be entertain in future, or it indicates the upcoming inventions for current desired products. Example: • Demand for Anti-AIDS medicines. • Demand for cure of Cancer • Demand for increasing Height

5. Full Demand
Full Demand occurred, when Supply is equal to demand and achieving the status of equilibrium position by the company in the market. Example: • Availability of Newspaper in Karachi • Availibility of Eggs and Milk in Pakistan • Availability of Cable TV Channels in all areas of Karachi.

6. Over Flowing Demand
When demand exceeds the level of supply, overflow in demand is created in the market. Here we required to reduce the demand, for achieving the full demand position. Example: • High Priced Resorts • High Priced Mushrooms in Karachi • High Priced Imported Beverages

7. Unwholesome Demand
Increasing Demand for negative products is known as unwholesome demand. Such demand usually needs to cut down because the demanded products have negative features. Example: • Demand for Cigarette • Demand for Non Cultural TV Channels • Demand for Imported Frozen Food

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