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Progressing Unto The Change

As some were told by the great Man of God, our Pastor that we
were getting in at the 11th Hour, this tells us the Midnight Hour
was close at hand. The end of the days of the Gentiles.
William Branham, being a great Prophet of God was the last
messenger to the Gentiles. What would come next was the
Coming of the Lord to receive His Bride, that had made herself
ready via the 7 Church Ages. We see as John the Baptist was the
last messenger to the Jews, after that came the Messiah to
receive His Apostles. The Messiah was also the change over that
manifested what John actually was as to the end of the Jew and
that God was to begin to receive in the Gentile. In our day the last
prophet came to the Gentiles, then came after him The Revelation
of Jesus Christ message or The Coming of The Lord, that came to
receive its Bride into Glory and it hath done so. This being the
same as the first Messiah coming to bring the changeover period,
leaving off with the Gentiles now we see Him returning back to
the Jew.
We seen this in so many ways, but to highlight a one of them we
seen the Prime Minister of Israel come and stand before the
Congress of the US and was well received with standing ovation.
We spoke of how He had won the hearts of the American People,
typical of the Bride and had carried the hearts of the people back
with Him to Israel, or Canaan Land. Showing a type of the
changeover from the Heavenly Perspective back to the Earthly
Perspective. This showing the Change of the Body. This is why
after He spoke before Congress, that it was then that the Pope
would come and do the same thing, showing AntiChrist coming in
after the Change of the Body of the Church. While the Pope was
here, The President of China came also showing the Red Dragon
entering in. In one way we see as the Pope went to Philadelphia,
we see the City of Brotherly Love from where America Started and
now the Pope showing it at its end. The Telescope of Time being
pushed back in leaving America going back to Europe or Rome,
then to return to Israel.

We think of the prophesy concerning America saying, "It began

with a George, it will end with a George". So we seen the last
George come into Office in 2000 and then we seen during that
time the Twin Towers being struck showing the Two Pillars of the
Gentile World coming to an end. We find the Pentagon being
penetrated, and the Pennsylvania Plane going down in a field,
with the famous saying "Lets Roll". Gentiles worshipping 3 Gods
the Planes showing the heavenly perspective being over. Let's
Roll, indicating the rolling away of the Stone in front of the Tomb
being they went down in a field, the place where the dead are
buried. All of the various ways the number "11" was seen. The
day of 9/11 and adding 9+1+1 = 11, the flight 93 showing
9+3=11. The Building themselves being like 1 and 1 or 11. God
showing the 11th Hour was now over. During the time of the
White Gentile President named George. We find the Middle
Eastern perspective coming back in, even with the man Osama
who was not even a nation just a man with deranged followers,
we find him bringing this Woman nation to her knees. The Law
coming back in to subject the unruly woman back to the man. She
being bridled after she has birthed the Man Child.
Now immediately after 9/11 and the going out of George Bush, we
find coming in the black man who is a Harvard Lawyer named
after the Muslim name of Barack Hussein Obama. It was said we
are now an "Obamanation" or "Abomination". So the 11th hour of
light being over, what else could come next but the Midnight Hour
of Darkness. The Bride being spiritually caught up into glory at
The Revelation of Jesus Christ, then that was her "Ascending". The
only that happens next is but her "Descending". Now She will
descend back into her Body from Heaven to bring about the
manifested Change of the Body. She does this during the time of
the Midnight Hour. It was the Cry of Go Ye Out to Meet Him. Our
Body is appearing. The Jew is coming back in.
We spoke of how this Muslim President would show the light side
during his first tenure of four years, saying He was a Christian.
However we spoke of during his 2nd term it would show the dark
side of Him and He would become unruly and more evil and sure

enough during His 2nd term He comes out and does more for the
Muslims than ever, showing His true side and became our nations
forst Gay President by verbally giving them His Support. Jesus
said, if you agree with them, you are one with them. If you are not
for us you are against us. We find during His 2nd term the sudden
onslaught of Christianity and them being killed and beheaded.
This showing the Mind of the Lord or the Spiritual headship of the
Gentiles is gone, the Bride has been translated out of this world.
Light being erased and darkness coming in. Even the True Light of
the Bride now being hidden and veiled from view, because the
veil is returning to her in the form of her body is now coming back
into view for the Change.
Mr. Obama being a mixture of white and black showing the age of
the transitional change over. We see in this a Midnight Hour we
say it is the former day of Light and the dawning of the next day
of the darkness. It is interesting the Gentile Midnight Hour is
12:00 AM but the Jewish one is 6 pm. Kind of makes you think of
"Light in the evening Time". So we see a change over of light
going out and darkness coming. We see Grace ending and Law
returning, the Gentiles going out and the Jew coming in. His name
being Barack or in their language interpreted as "The Rock", we
see the Rock or the Stone or Mountain coming from Heaven to
strike the people or the waters. We see the Law coming back in.
The Law of Adoption. The Bodily Change.
We see the Change of the Body happens during the time of the
Law, not Grace, and in the time of the Jew not the Gentile. The
only men to ever "manifest" the bodily change was always in the
time of the Law and the Jew. Elijah, Enoch, Moses and Jesus. This
also showing why certain men that ran a certain type had to leave
this message of The Revelation of Jesus Christ and return back to
the Message of William Branham. This is why there had to be a
Michael that was to stand for the people at this time. A John and
James "Son" who had to leave Colorado and return to the Ark or
Arkansas because the Ark is where the Thunders take place. His
new bride being from the family of Law Men. A Brother Coones
having do with the translated bride being caught up to glory like a

thief in the night, or the catching away. We see by these 3 men a

Body, Soul and Spirit type. The separating of these 3 bodies
showing the death of the Great Man of God that was given The
Revelation of Jesus Christ. They also show the Ark and the 2
Covering Cherubim. We have spoken of the passing of precious
brethren and what their lives and deaths showed so we will not go
into that now.
Now we see with Mr Obama in off He began his campaign with
what looked to be a communist colored poster of the red and
black and it said "Change". This indicating the time or age of the
Bodily Change was here, also the Poster being red and black or
the dark blue at times was showing the Rock or Mountain and the
Red showing the Fire as it would come in and strike the waters or
people. The Law coming on. Wrath being determined on the
people. We see this also in the sudden bloodshed of the Christians
in the Middle East. What this means is, is that the Spirit is now
descending from the Kingdom within and is entering into the
Body. The Time of this descending is the time of the "30 Minutes
of silence in Heaven". It has been said in the Word of a Time,
Times, and Half a Time. When we say half a time we are speaking
of One half of the whole. 30 Minutes being half of a whole hour,
then during the Midnight Hour we find the first half is coming from
darkness of night to a light of the dawning of the day. However to
the Jew it is the ending of the daylight and moving into the
darkness of night. This means for the saints, we are in the age of
the transitional change over from Quickening Spirits to
manifested glorified Bodies. The Silence in Heaven simply
indicates that The Voice of God is no longer sounding in the
Heavenly Perspective, but is now descending into the Earthly
Perspective, as it did not say the Earth was silent but Heaven was.
As The Voice of God descends into our Earthly Treasures, Heaven
is silent, yet we find it is the unwritten Thunders Sounding. They
are sounding in the Earth. They did sound in Heaven, at The
Revelation of Jesus Christ. We say from 1966 to 1996 being a
period of 30 years, showing a Midnight Hour as well the first half
hour being the perfecting and glorifying and translating of the

Spirit and the 2nd half hour being the Descending of the Spirit
into the Body to perfect and glorify and transfigure the Body.
As the Thunders sounded in Heaven, they must also sound in the
Earth. And they are. This is why Mr. Obama was shown on various
magazine covers, with a rainbow about His head. Then they made
the rainbow colors at the White House. This showing the return of
the Pillar of Fire and the God of Israel remembering His Covenant
with them. The US Supreme Court or SCOTUS making the decision
that Gay Marriage is now legal in the US, showing the anti type
that God was saying it is now legal with the coming in of the Law
for the Body to be adopted back in and the Change to take place.
Remember Obama a black man, with a white mother and a
rainbow about His head and his slogan called The Change! His
Wife Michelle being the feminine form of Michael. Even the way
the conspiracy folks claim she is actually a man. See we appear
as women as to our flesh, but we are actually men as we are
quickening spirits. God saying to His people, by the wicked
passing of the SCOTUS Gay Marriage Enforcing that He has
allowed the Saints to Lawfully Adopt their Bodies for the Change
at this time.
Our Pastor spoke of the Black Man being raised up by God for a
short time to show a type of the Jew coming in. Then He said,
after that, God would not use the black man as a type of the Jew
any longer but would literally bring back in the Jew itself. Bringing
in the Jew means the Tribulation Period beginning. So is it possible
after Obama's reign God will bring in the Jew? It was spoken
through the grape vine that a brother who ran a beautiful type of
the Change of the Body Gerald Whitlow. That He had made the
statement that He asked Our Pastor one time about when the end
of the world would be. It was said our pastor spoke and said From
what the Lord has showed me or what I have seen, I cannot see it
go past 2016. So if these things be true, then it would certainly
line up with a Tribulation beginning near the end of 2016 and
early 2017. I do know we are in the age of the change of the body.
We can say it like this for an example, if it took our Pastor 30
years to bring the message that translated us into glory, then

what if after that it took 30 years for the message of the Change
of the Body to change the body? It has been 19 years since His
passing. Now if we view it this way, as to a day with the Lord is as
a Thousand Years, then we break that down to see how long an
hour of the day would be then a half hour, we find an hour is 40
years and a half hour is 20 years. So if this be true, then next year
would be the 20th year of 2016. Something could also be said
concerning our Pastor making the statement in one of His
Sermons in Macon Ga. In 1975, called The Stone of Thy Birth. He
spoke in that lil building of how that very night, right then, as He
was preaching was the beginning of the vision He had while in
Hialeah Fla. We have spoken of this concerning how it was a
twofold meaning to the vision. The first part having to do with the
Spiritual Perfecting and capstoning, the 2nd part had to do with
the Law coming in and the Resurrection. Even Him standing
between two caskets, one being light and one being dark, we see
this in Obama being the fulfillment of what Martin Luther King
visioned as to the ultimate place for the black man, being the
President. We have spoken of what the Angel "dropped on
purpose". What and where and even WHO that it had to do with
and them returning back to a former place showing a death burial
and a resurrection. SO we see if we count from that point of 1975
we have roughly about 20 years till our Pastors passing. It has
certainly been during the past 19 Years the Lord has been
revealing so very much concerning the Change of the Body.
Entering the darkness, removing the veil from Calvary, entering
the Body or the Outer Man. Showing the death period of the body
to be over and life is now returning to it, it is receiving its
revelation of redemption.
We are so close to the change and tribulation, you can reach out
and touch it. The Generation that seen Israel become a nation
would also see the Coming of the Lord. SO how late of an hour we
are in. Since 1948. If we just count those born in that year, they
are now 67 Years old. The same age our Pastor was at His
passing. A Black President showing the rule of the Jew coming
back in, the Body having obtained to the Place of Glory and

Power. Obama showing the anti type of the Man Child, like a
Benjamin of sorts or the double portion, having both Spirit and
Body, or Light and Darkness in Him, with a White Mom from
America's heart land and His Father from Kenya, the heart of
Africa. He is a Lawyer and comes from Chicago Illinois, showing
death and remember the Night Chicago died from the massive fire
that began in a manger or a barn from a cow kicking the lantern.
See the pillar of fire. See the anti type of a Pentecost. See death
to the city. See the golden calf typified by the cow. It is astounding
my brethren. God has been speaking expressly for years now
showing in utter perfect detail the secret of the change of the
body. This is how close it is. So very much more could be said.
God is moving on and is non stop, exacting His Will, bringing
about the change. Whether anyone see's it or not is irrelevant,
those predestined to see it are seeing it, the rest see nothing.
So what has the Lord been doing the past 19 Years? Revealing the
Secret of the Bodily Change! Thundering into our Outer Man.
Turning the Moon to shine as bright as the Sun. Removing the
night time and shadows from the earth, so it is lit up all the time.
A glorified earth, a glorified body. It is here and it is almost
complete, the final pieces are being revealed now and then it will
be a manifested thing. May God Bless You.
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