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The structure of the learning portfolio

1. Title Page
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction
a) Course description
(see syllabus)
1. Description of already existing knowledge with regard to Finance
(see exercise week 1 1.1).
2. Evidence of achievement of course goals
a. The Lecture
1. Insert one of you the abstracts you wrote (Reforming the Raters, For
and For Worse: Three Lending Relationships, Going Private, Another private equity
boom has passed, but the underlying need for the industry has not) Comment on your
achievement, evaluate your answer.
2. Outline one area of Finance you find the most interesting. Explain why.
3. Outline one area of Finance you are not interested in at all. Explain why.
iv. Insert the abstract of your research paper, insert the peer evaluation of your paper.
Comment on your achievement, evaluate your research paper taking comments and
evaluation into account.
b. Company Analysis
4. Introduction of the company (week 2, exercise 1.3)
5. The company in the international environment
1. Rating (week 2, exercise 2.2)
2. Organizational Setup (week 5, exercise 5.1)
3. Strategy (week 6, exercise 6.1)

4. Key Figures (week 9, exercise 9.1)

5. International Financial Activities (week 12, exercise 12.1)
iii. Summary
3. Reflection of Learning Process
a. Learning Process in general
o What were your goals for this lecture? (week 1, exercise 1.1)
o What have your learned or not learned from your work in this class?
(week 13, exercise 13.3)
o Did you have fun working on the exercises? Which exercise did you enjoy
most, which least. Include samples of your work.
o What about the content of the course and your engagement in the course
surprised you?
(week 13, exercise 13.3)
o If you were to do the class all over again, what would you do differently to enhance
your learning?
(week 13, exercise 13.3)
b. Online Learning
o Do you enjoy online learning?
o Your thoughts about online learning at the beginning of the course
Summary References
Evaluation / Grading
(week 1, exercise 1.2)
o Your overall experience with online learning this semester.
(week 13, exercise 13.2)
Create a portfolio of written work to represent your evolving thinking in this course. In
reviewing your paper I will take the following points into account:
Critical analysis of how and why youre thinking about the subject of the course has
changed. Touro College Graduate School of Business International Financial
Management Fall 2015 Prof. Dr. Birgit Wolf 2

1. Evidence of your studying during the weeks after the lecture and the assignments.
Include samples of posts, notes you prepared when studying the presentations in your
learning portfolio.
2. Depth and specificity of reflection.
3. Clear organization of the document and your writing.
4. Engaging and comprehensible style.
5. Application of correct grammar and vocabulary.