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Easy Way to learn English Vocabulary

For Competitive Exams

1. ACUMEN (N) [uh-kyoo-muhn]
Meaning:- the ability to understand and decide things quickly and
Verb:- Acuminate
Adjective:- Acuminate
Mind Tricks:Acumen Sounds like IQ man. A man who has best I.Q can do any
things very quickly and well.
Acumen sounds like Accurate man and an accurate man has
the ability to understand and decide things quickly and well.
Acumen means someone who has acute mind .
Usage1. He has great financial acumen.
2. Mr. Singh is respected for his economic acumen.

2. ABORTIVE (Adj.) [uh-bawr-tiv]

Meaning:- try but fail, not successful, fail to do something

Noun:- Abortion, Abortiveness
Verb:- Abort
Adverb:- Abortively
Mind Tricks:Word abortive from ab- away, from and oriri- be born.
Abortive sounds like abortion. And abortion means failure
of pregnancy.
An abort action is called abortive

Abortive sounds like A bore relative. So a bore relative has

always a abortive or unsuccessful life.
Usage1. Abortive attempts by Government to remove poverty.
2. He tried all his plan but all his plan got abortive.
3. ACE (V/Adj./N) [eys]
a person who is very good at doing something

a playing card
Mind Tricks:Ace sounds like Race. So mind trick, boys are ace(very good)
Ace sounds like 1 in hindi, that means number one .
Usage1. I am an ace in playing football.
2. Education makes a simple person to an ace person.
ANIMOSITY (N) [an-uh-mos-i-tee]
Meaning:- a strong feeling of opposition, anger or hatred
Mind Tricks:Animosity sounds like Enemys city, so be careful in enemy city.
Animosity sounds like Animals city i.e. Jungle, we all know that in
jungle carnivorous animals have strong feeling of anger for
herbivorous animals.
Usage- He felt no animosity towards his critics
5. ANNUL (V) [uh-nuhl]
cancel officially, declare invalid

to state officially that something is no longer legally valid

Noun:- Annulment
Mind Tricks:Annul sounds like Annual.We
should cancel or annul our annual meeting.

Annul sounds and looks like A None Law (L for law) means not
any such law is valid now.
Government should annul the old rule and regulation of the
2. Their marriage was annulled after just six months
ARID (Adj.) [ar-id]
lacking sufficient water or rainfall

lifeless, not interesting

Noun:- Aridness, aridity
Adverb:- Aridly
Mind Tricks:Arid looks like A rigid. Nothing can be happened on a rigid things.
Arid looks and sounds like Area + d for dry. Soarea
dry means arid.
Usage:1. Nothing grows in these arid area.
2. The arid belt expanded and moved over the next few thousand

7. ADORE (V) [uh-dawr]

to love somebody very much

to like something very much

Noun:- Adorer, adoration
Adjective:- Adorable, adoring, adored
Adverb:- Adoringly
Mind Tricks:Adore sounds like A Door . A door of heaven where God
would stand to welcome and love you very much.

Adore sounds like Ek Dor. Ek dor ka rishtaa meaning so much

love. (Hindi)
Usages:1. We adore pleasant music.
2. She adores working with children.

8. AGILITY (N) [uh-jil-i-tee]

able to move quickly and easily

the gracefulness of a person

Adjective:- Agile
Mind Tricks:Agility sounds like ability to move. Athlete has great ability to
Usages:1. She has great agility.
2. One should have agility to play football match.

9. ATROCITY (N) [uh-tros-i-tee]

being cruel and inhumane

a cruel and violent act, especially in a war

Adjective:- Atrocious
Mind Tricks:Atrocity sounds like Metro city. Our Metro City -Delhi
is full of Atrocities such as rape, murder, kidnapping, etc.
Atrocity looks like A trial and city. They are facing A trial for
committing cruelty in the city.
Usages:1. In the war, both sides committed atrocites.
2. Generally cruel atrocities are committed on the basis of

10. APOGEE (N) [ap-uh-jee]

the highest point of something, where it is greatest or most

a final climactic stage

Adjective:- Apogean
Mind Tricks:Apogee sounds like A PO Gee (PO for Probationary Officer). We all
know that PO is a very prestigious or highest job position in the
Banks, so whenever we see or meet a PO we call them in respect A
PO Gee
because A PO is on Apogee.
Usages:1. In our country crimes and criminals are at apogee.
2. Today there are so many social networking sites on net but
Facebook one of them is on apogee.