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By The Venerable Dr I. U. Ibeme

The confusing common usages of “Heaven” and “Hell” today actually mean different things in the Scripture. A careful study of the Scripture shows there are FOUR phases of the THREE spiritual netherworld destinations. Here are the THREE netherworlds (called sheol hades hell! of departed spirits which are" • the #departed$ disem%odied souls of the godly (i.e. Sheol of &omfort'commonly called Abraham’s Bosom or Paradise-of-Hell Below! not (nown in the Old Testament %ut re)ealed %y &hrist and ta(en to Paradise-of-Heaven at &hrist*s resurrection+ • the #departed$ disem%odied souls of the ungodly (i.e. Sheol of Torment'commonly called Fire-of-Hell! not (nown in the Old Testament %ut re)ealed %y &hrist as #gehennah$ or #outer-darkness$+ and • the #%anished$ detained demons of e,treme e)il that operated %eyond their permitted estates (i.e. Abyss-Tartarus -"/+ 0ud 1"2 of 3ncarceration'commonly called Pit-of-Hell! (nown in the Old Testament and other 4entile cultures also re)ealed %y &hrist as # chasmof-hell$ or #outer-darkness$. 5OTE that e)entually" • Fire-of-Hell and Pit-of-Hell with all in them shall %e cast into the eternal Lake-of-Fire (prepared originally for Satan and demons 6at -7"/1! that %urns with sulphur and %rimstone at the final 8udgement (Re) -9"19:1/:17!+ and • Those in Paradise-of-Heaven with &hrist shall %e resurrected to %e in the descended Heavenly-Jerusalem when &hrist comes for His 6illennial Reign and shall %e in the ternal-Bliss (prepared originally for the Angels! at the final 8udgement. ;efore &hrist*s first coming: the godly %elie)ed in 4od: o%eyed His <ord and expected 4od*s 6essiah for their eternal sal)ation (0o% 1="-7 ->!. Today the godly %elie)e in 4od: o%ey His <ord and accept 0esus &hrist as the long awaited 6essiah Sa)iour who had come in redeeming grace %ut will come again in reigning glory (0oh 1/"1 /!. ;efore His e,altation: 0esus &hrist ga)e the most detailed and lucid description of the nature of the spirit netherworld ( Hades-Sheol! in ?u(e 12"12 @1. After &hrist*s death on the &ross: He went down to .aradise (?u( -@"/9 /@! which was then in Hades-Sheol: preached His ?ordship to all the spirits in

Hades-Sheol ( @"1A --!. At His e,altation: the souls of Old Testament saints waiting in Sheol*s .aradise ;elow were ta(en up %y &hrist into .aradise A%o)e of 4od*s hea)enly presence: while He ga)e Bingdom Beys and Spiritual 4ifts to His 5ew Testament &hurch (6at ->"79 7/+ Eph /"> 11! and chained the rec(lessly destructi)e demons of Abaddon inside Sheol*s Abyss-Tartarus pending the times of the tri%ulation (-Th -"@ =+ Re) ="11+ Re) 11">+ Re) 1>"A+ Re) -9"1 @! and the final 8udgment ( -"/+ 0ud 1"2+ Re) 1>"A+ .ro 17"11!. Since then: &hrist holds the (eys of the netherworld (Re) 1"1A! and those who die in &hrist %ecome %odilessly present with Him and rest in His hea)enly .aradise pending their glorious resurrection (-&or 7"2 A+ .hp 1"-1 -@+ Re) 2"= 11+ Re) 1/"1@!. For more details see" http"'''doc'-@//9>=/'<HAT HA..E5S TO THE HU6A5 S.3R3T SOU? AFTER CEATH The FOUR phases of these netherworld destinations: in relation to the redem!tive work and the rei"nin" !ower of #hrist are" 1. BEFORE 0HRIST1S FIRST 0OMING From the fall of Adam after the creation: all three netherworld destinations were in Hades-$heol %elow (also commonly called Hell!: howe)er the Paradise Below/Abraham’s Bosom though )isi%le to the ungodly in the $heol of Torment: was (ept inaccessi%le to them. In the Old Testament times when people died, the souls of the godly went down to Sheol of Comfort !aradise "elow# within Hades-Sheol, while those of the ungodly went down to Sheol of Torment within Hades-Sheol (?u( 12"-- -2!$ 2. AFTER 0HRIST2S RESURRE0TION The Pit-of-Hell and Hell-fire remained together in the spirit netherworld of Hades-Sheol %elow: while the risen &hrist too( the Abraham’s Paradise Below along with Him to the presence of 4od a%o)e to %ecome Christ’s Paradise Above (most commonly called Heaven! Eph /"> 19+ Re) 2"= 11. Today under the %ew Testament, when people die, the souls of the godly are %arried u! in &od’s favour to !aradise Abo&e to be with Christ in 'od(s presence, awaiting the glorious resurrection at Christ(s return to reign on the earth) but the souls of the ungodly are %ast away in &od’s disfavour to the Sheol of Torment in Hades-Sheol to be away from 'od(s presence, awaiting final condemnation on the *udgment day$ 3. AFTER THE 3REMILLENIAL RESURRE0TION OF THE SAINTS ;odiless souls of the Saints with &hrist will lea)e the .aradise A%o)e to resurrect and reign with &hrist on the earth for #1999yrs$. They will e,ercise their dominion from the Bridal Heavenly Jer salem City !for "ternal Bliss# also commonly called Heaven: which will descend from a%o)e to %e the


encampment for the reigning: resurrected: re em%odied souls of the Saints (Re) -9"/ =!. ;eastly antichristian demons will %e thrown into the $econd %eath & rnace/'a(e of &ire !for "ternal %oom# also commonly called Hell-Fire (Re) 1="-9+ Re) -9"19!. 4. FROM THE FINAL 4UDGMENT <hen &hrist sits for His Final 0udgment: the whole physical uni)erse shall %e conflagrated and )anish from His presence in an e,plosi)e heat: lea)ing all spiritual realms %ehind to face 8udgment ( @"A 12+ Re) -9"11!. Another incorrupti%le 5ew Hea)en and 5ew Earth will %e created in place of this old uni)erse for the Saints in the Heavenly Jer salem to rest and worship eternally in 4od*s presence (i.e. "ternal Bliss also commonly called Heaven! Re) /"1 11+ Re) >"= 1-+ Re) 1="1 A+ Re) -1"1 2. The Ungodly souls (e,posed after the )anishing of the physical uni)erse!: the Ce)il and his Cemons: e)en Ceath and Hades-Sheol: shall all %e condemned and cast into the Second Ceath of ultimate torment in the #sulphur and %rimstone$ ?a(e of Fire (Re) -9"19 17!: away from 4od*s presence (i.e. "ternal %oom also commonly called Hell-Fire! -Thes 1"A =. A LITTLE GLIM3SE OF THE GLORIES OF HEAVEN
From what &hrist re)ealed to His %elo)ed Apostle 0ohn: we ha)e this picture of Hea)en. A)*+,% Christ’s Throne in Hea)en*s Throne or <orship Room we ha)e" @7 Special Angelic ;eings which include" • / si, winged many eyed Throne &reatures and • -/ enthroned Elders (Re)elation /!: plus • > special starry E,ecuti)e Angels (Re) A"-+ 12"1!. The other Angels are innumera%le ministering Spirits that worship 4od (Re) 7"11 1-+ >"11! and e,ecute 4od*s commands for the good of the Saints (He% 1">: 1/+ 1-"--!. The Throne Room also has Se)en Fiery Spirits golden ?amps (Re) 1"@ 2+ /"7! and a golden 3ncense Altar (Re) 2"=+ A"@ 7! B"&*)" Christ’s Throne: there shall %e resurrected Saints redeemed through &hrist who worship 4od %lissfully. These who shall %e raised and gathered'raptured unto &hrist as One ;ride when &hrist comes (1Thes /"12 1>+ Re) 1">! include" • the 1//:999 faithful Saints of the 1- Tri%es of 3srael (Re) >"1 A+ 1/"1 7! and • 3nnumera%le o)ercoming Saints from E)ery Tri%e and Tongue %oth great and small (Re) >"= 1>!. '() that for now *before #hrist %omes in "lory to raise His $aints+, all unresurre%ted disembodied souls of trium!hant slee!in" $aints *s!irits of -ust men made !erfe%t Heb ./0//-/1+ %on"re"ate under the "olden altar before the )hrone *2ev 304+ and -oin the #hur%h in !rayers of the $aints5 )he An"els burn these !rayers of the $aints with in%ense on the heavenly altar to "ive it "reat !ower *2ev 607-8+5


*+T$-%" the Throne .orship )oom: is the nightless golden hea)enly &ity (Re) -1"= ->! with its Ri)er of ?ife issuing from &hrist*s Throne (Re) --"1 7! and many mansions prepared for all redeemed %elie)ers (0ohn 1/"1 /! who ha)e %een registered in the ?am%*s %oo( of ?ife since the %eginning of the world (Re) -1"->!. These registered redeemed %elie)ers who %ecome indigenised in the celestial ornamental &ity include" • the ./ )ribes of 9srael as the #ity’s !earl &ates Re) -1"= 1@, Re) -1"-1#, • the ./ A!ostles as the #ity’s !re%ious-stone wall foundations:!illars Re) -1"1/ -9#, and • the $aved *i5e5 ;in"s:Priests +e& ,-./) 0/-1+ of all 'ations as %ontributors to the #ity’s "lory and honour and beneficiaries of the #ity’s illumination Re) -1"-/ ->#. Curing the 1999years reign of the Saints on earth (Re) 7"19! %efore the 4reat &onflagration and Final 0udgment: this celestial %ridal &ity shall %e foreshadowed as the #Camp of the $aints$ or ;elo)ed &ity (Re) -9"=! sanctified %y &hrist*s presence (Re) -9"/! as the capital territory for the Saints to sit on thrones to reign and 8udge (for the 4reat Su%8ugation of! the world (Re) -9"1 19!. B"/*,% the Heavenly City is the #5ew Hea)en and 5ew Earth$ for the heritage of the Saints who o)ercome in &hrist unto the end ( @"1@+ Re) -1"1 A!.

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