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On top of your game - Ch1 Performing under

*Stressors - Physiological / Psychological (& potential Psych.)
- Situations : your Perception of the Situation & your Assessment of your
Ability to Handle the Situation determine whether you see them as
"Stressful" (= Stressor)
-eg: Competitor A may miss a Free-throw and it doesn't affect them
Competitor B misses & then fear making more mistakes (affects rest of
their performance)
=> So, the Same Situation occurred to both Players - but B's Perception
turned it into a stressor
==> When there is a Discrepency between a Demand and your Perception of
whether or not you can meet that Demand, you feel Stress
*Stress-Response (Physiological Response - or "Fight or Flight")
= Biochemical changes to the body
*Fear (Alerts you to Immediate Threat) vs
Anxiet y (concern about the Potential of a Future Threat) =
=> Anxiety is WORRY , Fear is REAL
*Anxiety : can make us
A. Avoid

B. Over-Prepare C. Adequately-Prepare OR

D. Under-Prepare (Deliberately so it can be used as an Excuse if play
- People aren't good at calculating the actual possibility of an unfavourable
outcome (= they overestimate this possibility)

in charge of Emotional Memories & Meaning .New Situation (& don't know what to expect) .the Amygdala assesses the Situation before our Rational Mind (Frontal Lobes) can Override it .your brain can exacerbate or alleviate Stress Response .in charge of Stress Response B. *Nervous System A.*Athletes experience the most Anxiety in these situations: .FEAR OF FAILURE = a Threat to your Ego . Para-Sympathetic (for Calming us).However the Rational Mind is not always Rational (it may spin "What-ifs") **Chapter 1 .take aways:  It's Normal to feel Nerves before Competition .if the Amygdala Detects a Threat it can Immediately Activate the StressResponse to prepare to address the threat .Unpredictable Situation . They never know what was possible for them because they were too afraid to take the Risk & finish every race feeling like they could have pushed harder.if you put too much Importance on the Outcome = Fear of Losing/Making Mistakes is very Detremental to Performance .Feel they have No Control .Experiencing Life Stress = can Bleed into Athletic pursuits .The Outcome is Important to them .Performing under Pressure is part of Sport  Your Mind can create Stressors . Sympathetic Division (for Pumping us up).in charge of Relaxation Response *Amygdala .Analogy = Cyclists holding back from going All Out because of Fear of not having enough in the Tank for the Final Sprint.

the Goal is to manage it . Anxiety isn't Bad .but when you put a Bad "Stamp" on it .this is Unrealistic . it makes the Situation worse  The Goal isn't to erase your Anxiety .