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Here is a list of the current most popular social networking sites:
Source: Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia

Registered users Registration Global Alexa Page
Name Description/Focus

Advogato Free and open source software developers 13,575[2] Open 128,340[3]

Amie Street Music Open 24,784[4]

ANobii Books Open 10,734[5]

aSmallWorld European jet set and social elite world-wide 550,000[6] Invite-only 8,583[7]

Athlinks Running, Swimming 68,496[8] Open 73,295[9]

The Auteurs An online movie theater where you watch, discover, and discuss 200,000 Open 25,648[10]
auteur cinema.

Avatars United Online games. Open 294,575[11]

BabyCenter Mothers, Parenting, Pregnancy Open 1,018[12]

Badoo General, Popular in Europe 37,000,000[13] Open to 179[14]

people 18
and older
Bebo General 40,000,000[citation Open to 341[16]
needed] people 13
[15][dead link] and older

Bigadda Indian Social Networking Site. 3,000,000[17] Open to 3,176[18]

people 16
and older
BigTent organization and communication portal for groups Open to 34,047[19]
people 18
and older
Biip Norwegian Community. 13,476[citation Requires 27,415[20]
needed] Norwegian
BlackPlanet African-Americans 20,000,000[21] Open 2,350[22]

Blogster Blogging service that lets users "add friends" or establish business 58,344[23] Open 47,946[24]
connections to their profiles. General Open 111,069[25]

Books iRead All about Books, Reviews, Recommendations and Authors 4,000,000 Open

Buzznet Music and pop-culture 10,000,000[26] Open 736[27]

CafeMom Mothers 1,250,000[28] Open to 4,333[29]

moms and
Cake Financial Investing Open 481,922[30]

Care2 Green living and social activism 9,961,947[31] Open 2,594[32]

Cellufun mMobile social game network, Number 8 US mobile website[33] 3,000,000[34] Open to 118,033[35]
people 14
and older School, college, work and the military 50,000,000[36] Open to 799[38]
people 18
and older[37]
Cloob General. Popular in Iran Open 712[39]

CollegeBlender A social media-based online community for college students, Requires an 553,453[40]
faculty, and alumni. email
ending in
CouchSurfing Worldwide network for making connections between travelers 1,560,459[41] Open 3,711[42]
and the local communities they visit.

DailyBooth Photo-blogging site where users upload a photo every day Open 5,460[43]

DailyStrength Medical & emotional support community - Physical health, Open 22,054[44]
Mental health, Support groups

Decayenne European and American social elite Invite-only 154,733[45]

deviantART Art community 9,040,962[46] Open 97[47] Poets Open to 190[48]

people 14
and older
Disaboom People with disabilities (Amputee, cerebral palsy, MS, and other Open 112,712[49]

Dol2day Politic community, Social network, Internet radio (German- 40,200[50] Open 554,616[51]
speaking countries)

DontStayIn Clubbing (primarily UK) Open 19,022[52] General (primarily LV, LT, HU) 2,400,000[citation Invitation 2,081[53]

needed] only
Elftown Community and wiki around Fantasy and sci-fi. 185,000[54] Open, 17,681[55]
Epernicus For research scientists Open 293,955[56] For baby boomers Open to 27,320[57]

people 13
and older
Experience Project Life experiences Open 3,452[58]

Exploroo Travel Social Networking. Open 209,868[59]

Facebook General. 350,000,000[60] Open 2[61]

Faceparty General. Popular UK. 200,000[62] Invitation 28,760[63]

only to
people 18
and older British teens Open to 120,665[64]
people 13
and older
Fetlife People who are into BDSM 32,500[65] Open to 7,833[66]
people "of
[legal] age
to see adult
Fillos de Galicia Galicia and Galician diaspora 6,772[67] Open 1,630,495[68]

FilmAffinity Movies and TV Series 250,000[69] Open 3,916[70]

FledgeWing Entrepreneural community targeted towards worldwide university Open to 1,793,990[71]

students university
Flixster Movies 63,000,000[72] Open to 1,018[73]
people 13
and older
Flickr Photo sharing, commenting, photography related networking, 32,000,000[74] Open to 33[75]
worldwide people 13
and older

Fotolog Photoblogging. Popular in South America and Spain 20,000,000[76] Open 227[77]

Foursquare Location based mobile social network 170,000[78] Open 4,539[79]

Friends Reunited UK based. School, college, work, sport and streets 19,000,000[80] Open to 10,231[81]
people 13
and older
Friendster General. Popular in Southeast Asia. No longer popular in 90,000,000[82] Open to 146[83]
the western world people 16
and older.
No children
Frühstückstreff General 14,800[citation Open 1,253,155[84]
Fubar dating, an "online bar" for 18 and older 1,200,000[85] Open 9,476[86]

Gaia Online Anime and games Open to 1,071[87]

people 13
and older
GamerDNA Computer and video games 310,000[88] Open 22,887[89] Article, picture, and video sharing, as well as group discussions 465,000[90] Open 3,974[91] Social network for LGBT community, Guide for LGBT bars, 100,000[92] Open. 74,664[93]
restaurants, clubs, shopping Global Families, genealogy 15,000,000[94] Open 5,815[95]

Gogoyoko Fair play in Music - Social networking site for musicians and Invite only 119,272[96]
music lovers while in beta

Goodreads Library cataloging, book lovers Open 2,543[97]

Google Buzz General Open Anonymous gossip Open to 1,245,494[98]

people 16
and older Poland 2,000,000[citation Open 2,958[99]
Habbo General for teens. Over 31 communities worldwide. Chat 117,000,000 Open to 6,545[103]
Room and user profiles. people 13
and older

hi5 General. Popular 80,000,000[104] Open to 51[105]

in India,Portugal, Mongolia, Thailand, Romania, Jamaica, Central people 13
Africa and Latin America. Not popular in the USA. and older.
No children

Hospitality Club Hospitality 328,629[106] Open 38,258[107]

Hyves General, Most popular in the Netherlands. 9,000,000[108] Open 225[109]

Ibibo Talent based social networking site that allows to promote one's self 3,500,000[110] Open 695[111]
and also discover new talent. Most popular in India.
imeem Music, Video, Photos, Blogs 24,000,000[112] Open 407[113]

Indaba Music Online collaboration for musicians, remix contests, and 350,000[114] Open and 55,062[115]
networking. Global

IRC-Galleria Finland 505,000[116] Open to 3,302[117]

people 12
and older Language learning social network. 100+ languages. 450,000[citation Open. 14,610[118]
needed] Global.
InterNations International community Invite-only 26,688[119]

Itsmy Mobile community worldwide, blogging, friends, personal TV- 2,500,000[120] 206,437[121]

iWiW Hungary 4,000,000[122] Invite-only 532[123]

Jaiku General. Owned by Google Open to 15,661[124]

people 13
and older Creative resource website Open to the 930,958[125]
kaioo General, nonprofit 30,000[126] 386,200[127]

Kaixin001 General. In Simplified Chinese; caters for mainland China users Open to the 61[128]

Kiwibox General. For the users, by the users, a social network that is 2,400,000[129] Open to 104,563[130]
more than a community. people 13
and older Music 30,000,000[131] Open to any 310[132]

age or
LibraryThing Book lovers 400,000[133] Open to 4,529[134]
people 13
and older
lifeknot Shared interests, hobbies Open to 602,117[135]
people 18
and older
LinkedIn Business and professional networking 60,000,000[136] Open to 35[137]
people 18
and older
Listography Lists. Autobiography Open 197,009[138]

LiveJournal Blogging 17,564,977[139] Open 81[140]

Livemocha Online language learning - dynamic online courses in 22 3,000,000[141] Open 4,079[142]
languages - world’s largest community of native language

LunarStorm Sweden 1,200,000[143] Open 65,874[144]

MEETin General Open 173,717[145] General. Used to plan offline meetings for people interested in Open to 739[146]
various activities people 18
and older

Meettheboss Business and Finance community, worldwide. Open 107,180[147]

Mixi Japan 24,323,160[148] Invite-only 85[149]

mobikade mobile community, UK only Open to 1,851,728[150]

people 18
and older
MocoSpace mobile community, worldwide 3,000,000[151] Open to 3,685[152]
people 14
and older
MOG Music Open to 4,221[153]
people 14
and older Social Network, social media, consumer reviews Open 2,545[154]

Multiply "Real world" relationships. Popular in Asia. Not popular in 10,000,000[155] Open to 246[156]
the western world people 13
and older.
No children
Muxlim Muslim portal site 50,000[157] Open to 59,099[158]
people 13
and older
MyAnimeList Anime themed social community 160,000[159] Open to 6,096[160]
people 13
and older
MyChurch Christian Churches 144,295[161] Open 94,510[162]

MyHeritage family-oriented social network service 30,000,000 [163] Open 2,953[164]

MyLife Locating friends and family, keeping in touch (formerly 51,000,000[165] Open 1,481[166]

MyLOL General. Popular in the United States, Europe and Australia 32,000[167] Open to 152,787[168]
ages 13 and

MyPraize Christian Social Network. Popular in the United States, Australia 140,852[169] Open to 524,299[170]
and the United Kingdom. ages 13 and

My Opera Blogging, mobile blogging, sharing photos, connecting with 3,000,000[171] Open NA (Alexa only records
friends. Global data for second-level

MySpace General. HTML based site. 130,000,000[172] Open to 11[173]

ages 13 and
myYearbook General 20,000,000[174] Open to age 851[175]
13 and up &
Grades 9
and up School, college and friends. Popular in Poland 11,000,000[176] Open 110[177]

Netlog General. Popular in Europe, Turkey, the Arab World and Canada's 59,000,000[179] Open to 130[180]
Québec province. Formerly known as Facebox and Redbox.[178] people 13
and older

Nettby Norwegian Community Open 2,719[181]

Nexopia Canada 1,400,000[182] Open to 24,071[184]

people 13
older [183]
NGO Post Non-Profit news sharing and networking, mainly in India 15,000[185] Open 70,134[186]

Ning Users create their own social websites and social networks Open to 132[187]
people 13
and older

Odnoklassniki Connect with old classmates. Popular in Russia and former 45,000,000[188] Open 92[189]
Soviet republics

OneClimate Not for Profit Social networking and Climate Change Open to 307,773[190]
People of all
ages and
OneWorldTV Not for Profit Video sharing and social networking aimed at people Open 27,434,227[191]
interested in social issues, development, environment, etc.

Open Diary First online blogging community, founded in 1998 5,000,000[192] Open to 39,290[193]
people 13
and older
Orkut General. Owned by Google Inc. Popular in Brazil and 180,000,000[195] Open to 43[196]
decreasingly, in India. people 18
and older,
PartnerUp Social networking site for entrepreneurs and small business 150,000[citation Open and 29,221[197]
owners needed] Free

Passportstamp Travel Open 366,598[198]

Pingsta Collaborative platform for the world's Internetwork Experts Invite-only, 1,668,955[199]
only Internet

Plaxo Aggregator 15,000,000[200] Open 1,533[201]

Playahead Swedish, Danish,Norwegian teenagers Open 63,081[202]

Playboy U Online college community Open to 433,970[203]

with .edu e-
mail address
Plurk Micro-blogging, RSS, updates. Very popular in Taiwan Open 1,072[204] Enterprise social networking and micro-blogging Open 4,893,711[205]

Qapacity A a business-oriented social networking site and a business Open to 96,847[206]

directory people 16
and older

quarterlife A social network for artists, filmmakers, musicians, and creative Open to 88,516[207]
people people 14
and older

Qzone General. In Simplified Chinese; caters for mainland China users 200,000,000[208] Open to the NA (Alexa only records
General data for second-level
Public domains)

Ravelry Knitting and crochet 331,000[209] Invite- 7,811[210]

only while in
Renren Significant site in China. Was known as 校内 (Xiaonei) until 15,000,000[211] Open 103[212]
August 2009.

ResearchGATE Social network for scientific researchers 140,000[citation Open 51,885[213]

needed] Social network for musician and bands 25,000[citation Open to 6,187[214]
needed] people 16
and older
Ryze Business 500,000[215] Open 19,839[216]

ScienceStage Science-oriented multimedia platform and network for scientists Open 36,537[217] Collaborative network site for scientists By invitation, 1,231,795[218]

but can
request an
ShareTheMusic Music Community. Sharing and listening to music for free and Open 471,712[219]

Shelfari Books Open 19,681[220]

Skyrock Social Network in French-speaking world 22,000,000[221] Open 111[222]

SocialVibe Social Network for Charity 435,000[citation Open 41,927[223]

[224][225] General. Popular in Latin America and Spanish and Portuguese 17,000,000 Open to 507[226]
speaking regions. people 13
and older

Stickam Live video streaming and chat. 2,000,000[227] Open 2,742[228]

StudiVZ University students, mostly in the German-speaking countries. 15,000,000[229] Open 195[230]
School students and those out of education sign up via its
partner sites schülerVZ and meinVZ.

StumbleUpon Stumble through websites that match your selected intrests 8,822,921[citation Open 255[231]

Tagged General. Subject to quite some controversy about its e-mail marketing 70,000,000[232] Open 117[233]
and privacy policy

TalentTrove Online Talent Network Open 21,177[234]

Talkbiznow Business networking Open 283,770[235]

Taltopia Online artistic community Open 52,759[236]

Taringa! General 350,000[237] Open to 126[238]

people 13
and older
TeachStreet Education / Learning / Teaching - More than 400 subjects Open 61,492[239] Travel 1,588,000[240] Open to 11,789[241]

people 18
and older
Travellerspoint Travel Open 13,731[242] General Open 5,706[243] French subsidiary of 4,400,000[244] 7,283[245]

Tuenti Spanish-based university and High School social network. Very Popular 4,500,000[citation Invite-only 291[246]
in Spain needed]

Tumblr General. Micro-blogging, RSS Open 245[247]

Twitter General. Micro-blogging, RSS, updates 75,000,000[248] Open 14[249]

Vkontakte Social Network for Russian-speaking world including former 66,265,591[250] Open 182[251]
Soviet republics. Biggest site in Russia Gothic and industrial subculture 1,931,049[252] Open to 7,577[253]

users 13
and over
Viadeo European Social Networking and Campus Networking in Seven 6,000,000[254] Open 1,724[255]
Vox Blogging Open 1,319[256]

Wakoopa For computer fans that want to discover new software and 100,000[citation Open 9,420[257]
games needed]

Wasabi General Open 95,188[258]

WAYN Travel and lifestyle 10,000,000[259] Open to 2,974[260]

people 18
and older
WebBiographies Genealogy and biography Open 734,214[261]

WeOurFamily General with emphasis on privacy and security Open, 685,337[262]

Wer-kennt-wen General, largest German Social Network General 7,500,000[263]

Windows Live Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces) 120,000,000[264] Open NA (Alexa only records
Spaces data for second-level

WiserEarth Online community space for the social justice and environmental 34,240[266] Open to 77,143[267]
movement[265] people 16
and older

Xanga Blogs and "metro" areas 27,000,000[268] Open 768[269]

XING Business (primarily Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and 8,000,000[270] Open 269[271]

Xt3 Catholic social networking, created after World Youth Day 2008 Open 459,914[272]

Yahoo! 360°plus Owned by Yahoo!. General & blogging. Popular in Vietnam. 1,500,000 Open NA (Alexa only records
Vietnam (Yahoo! login) data for second-level

Yammer Social networking for office colleagues Must have 32,993[273]

Yelp, Inc. Local Business Review and Talk Open 343[274]

Youmeo UK Social Network (focus on data portability) Open 1,680,191[275] Greek Web Meeting point 890,000[276] Open 8,057[277]