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Lesson Plan Phase 1

By Fernanda Gonçalves

1. Duration: 50 minutes

2. Target learners, institutional context, and level: 40 fifth-grade EFL Ss at a public school at a low beginner level. They are 11 to 13 years old and these are their very first two
English classes they are attending.
3. Materials/Equipment/Technology components: textbook, flashcards, video (link), projector, laptop, speakers and blackboard.
4a. Terminal Objectives: Introduce themselves and others using verb to be, personal pronouns and demonstrative pronouns
4b. Enabling Objectives: a) Introduce themselves as famous characters using the personal pronoun ‘I’ and the verb to be ‘am.’
b) Recall others’ famous character names.
c) ask some information about a specific person


Type of
or activity

Description of Procedure

1. T greets Ss and asks how they are doing. T tells Ss that today they will learn how to introduce themselves and others in

Materials needed

2. T gives each S a card with a famous character on it. T shows her card to the class and writes the sentence on the board: I
am Wonder Woman/Superman. T practices the sentence with Ss
10 min


3. T explains that Ss will stand up one by one and introduce themselves as the famous character they got in the card they are
4. Ss stand up one by one and introduce themselves as the famous character in their cards.
5. T writes the following sentences on the board: He/João is_____; She/Carla is_____. T practices with Ss and tells them
that now they have to try to remember who was which character choosing a classmate and telling the sentence on the board.
6. Ss start trying to guess/remember who was which character and if they are right, they get the card from the person who
they remembered/guessed correctly. The student with the biggest number of cards is the winner or the student with the best
memory in the classroom.

25 min


7. T shows the video “Are you…? Nice to meet you?
8. T writes the prompt below on the board and rehearses with students as many times as he/she thinks it is necessary.
- Are you______? - No! I’m_______.
- Are you______? - Yes, I am. – Are you_____? – Yes, I am.
- Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too!
9. T shows the second part of the video in which the dialogue above and activity below is being performed. T gives each
student a card and tells them:
Now, you are the first character in the card you got. Do the same as in the video. Go around the room and find the
character using the dialogue on the board without showing your card.”
10. After finding their partners, Ss should sit down next to each other and introduce themselves again, but this time, with
their real names.
11. T shows the fourth part of the video “Alternative/Optional ending #3” and practices it with Ss.
12. Then, each pair, one by one, stands up and introduces one another to the whole class by their real names saying: “This


*If the T does not have
Internet connection, the
video can be downloaded
from the following Goog
Drive folder:

Thus. what I could call a kind of semi-realia material. 16. it had the purpose to be used in the classroom. use the username hooray an password 1234hooray . I can say that this video is also a semi-authentic material because although it has real people doing it. but this time. 5 min Homework 17. T asks Ss to open their textbooks to page 15 and answer exercise 1 in which they fill in the gaps in some balloons in order to introduce themselves to a new classmate.ed nvill7/ Reflection In this lesson plan. the semi-authentic materials and the pairing techniques I used are appropriate to the target Ss because they are real beginners.10 min Practice 13. I think the choices I have made for this class meet my Ss’ needs. Ss answer page 24/exercise 1 (exercise 2-3 can be used as a warm-up for next class) Textbook *Optional online homework: . it would be very hard to use authentic material in class and it would also be very hard to group them into bigger groups. 15. T asks Ss to find a partner. I start by using flashcards of famous people.T tells Ss to log in on the ANVILL site. Following the conversation in the balloons.. Ss do activities: “Nice to meet you” & “This is. So. Then. Then I give Ss some cards and I tell them they should find their partners. open their books to page 23 and Ss answer exercise 1 in which they fill in the gaps in the question and answer balloons.Once logged in. I believe this lesson plan.Blackboard 14. they will do it with any S who is sitting next to him/her. I used the cards to pair them. they should call their T who will give them some on-the-spot feedback . T corrects on the blackboard.” https://anvill.Textbook . If their answers are different. So. they are having their first English class and I have 40 fifth-grader Ss in the class.. Ss answer exercise 2 in which they will introduce themselves to a classmate next to them. I also have Ss work in pairs again. Then. I use a video I recorded with some friends in which we perform an activity that demonstrates how Ss should introduce themselves.uoregon. T asks Ss to turn to a classmate next to them and exchange books to see if they have done the same thing. .